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tv   News  RT  January 6, 2022 7:00am-7:31am EST

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ah ah, would you stop this hour here? one hour to international with breaking news has protesters together again and catholics. don's largest city automatic including in front of local hospitals, reportedly barring access. central asian nations been rocked by days of unrest, ultimately triggered by increased fuel prices. as we understand, an antique terra operation has now been launched in our mathy to the reports of shootouts between security forces and protesters. authority said thousands of rises and the teen officers were killed with 3 of them report really having been beheaded here on the program. we did speak with the local journalist. now everything is broken. the money was taking the window, smashed military helmets are lying on the ground. there's lots of rubbish. also
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desperate measures in desperate time. france reportedly allows cove with infected medics, with no will few symptoms to work, to limit major hospital staff shortages that have made a heated debate ongoing in parliament on whether or not to roll out vaccine pos, with a very good afternoon to you from all of us here at auto international, it's now a just after 3 pm here at moscow and 6 pm in al mattie cause it's don, it's where we continue our coverage hero. nazi protesters are once again gathering and the country's largest city. as we understand police at the time, around 2000 people, the countries been gripped by riots for days. that 1st ultimately started over a high fuel prices, but since turned deadly, more than a 1000 people have been injured so far. and the following video proposed to show protection on thursday blocking access to
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a hospital in alameda report suggests that demanding the ride, police not receive treatment. now local media sites, law enforcement, se 14 officers have been killed in the city with 3 disturbingly set. having been beheaded, how the government has lost what it's called a counter terror operation. mattie residents were informed about it by text message and being asked to stay in a safe place for them to report on thursday. security forces encircled the main square in a near where the mayor's office was stormed by. protest is just the day before. apparently there was a shoot out with armed protest. in the meantime, dozens of demonstrators were killed over night while attacking police stations and government buildings. and all that, and now that is old according to local authorities, but we got some more details as well. local journalists, another channel who works and he described for us the past 24 hours. are you are the protestors ransacked banks and charles. now everything is broken. the money
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was taken, the windows smashed for military helmets are lying on the ground. there is lots of rubbish. at night the internet was turned on for several hours to inform people about the anti terrorist operation. there are no police officers on the streets. there are very few people about the traffic lights don't work if people are at last . the trigger was the gas prices, but now only political demands are being hurt. there is scarce in people's hats, you know, they don't know the latest developments and they have no access to the internet. and yet do that as well as some of the layers of elements include police setting up cordons around or them. some of the government buildings in the capital north south turn, also large shoes of people who informing at the cash machines. as banks have been suspending a suspended operations, i say all across chasms done. meanwhile, officials have asked for assistance from a mutual military block that of the collective security treaty organization, which is sending hays keepers with russia among those also making deployments. as
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his correspond with eagles, donald now reports from the catholic capitol. it's of each 2nd wave of violence that's happening all across kazakhstan, all across the country. according to the official information are more than a 1000 people have been injured during the protests, and some 400 of them are in hospitals, mainly the most may. hm. we've seen a did happen in the city of al martine, basically, right there we are getting reports over protesters clashing with police outside one of the hospitals. basically they're saying that those injured policemen that they should not receive any treatment. this has been their argument. and this is what they're fighting for right now. so the behavior is really flying high than now. this as hundreds of people have been gathering on the main square there as well, despite all attempts of the law enforcement to break up the protest and to disperse the crowd. here is just a bit of a taste of some of some of the action that the city has seen in the past 24 hours
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or so. ah ah ah well there you have it and among just what happened there basically there, right? as they managed to disarm certain policeman, they got access to firearms with live ammunition. they said a blaze, a media center completely burning down several bureaus of media outlets including mir, for example, are the studio of which we are using right now to wealth to go live for you are
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also also they have burned down the former residents of the president and they basically looted shopping malls, banks or egg cm's. and so won't be effectively managed to completely drive out the police of from the city from the premises. so it was completely, well, absolutely lawless. it was lawless there, as well. mobs were allowed to run a mock rampantly armed again with guns and with that live ammunition as well, even us journalists. we have to live in an absolute information vacuum because it's a state of emergency, a country wide state of emergency and the internet is down completely. there's no way to access the web or not via a wire, not via anything. so our communications have been reduced to text messages and occasional calls. so it's very hard to verify any sort of information that we're getting beat from the government or from the source is on the ground. so every bit
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of information has to be treated very cautiously while the response definitely has changed in the past 24 hours. basically, in the, initially the government seemed very understanding and try to make steps to woods or the towards the demands of the demonstrators back when these demands were centered around, well, economy and the initial causes of the protest like a, a hike in prices on a liquid gas on the fuel or so they brought the prices down when they demanded political changes. president archive disbanded the government under well, but that wasn't enough of the protesters. and so when all this violence happened, basically according to the president, that was the red line. so he changed his rhetoric quite drastically, and he promised a much more hard line response to any violence. have a listen. jury's their season buildings in infrastructure, including sites, housing, firearms. they've also captured the airports and 5 planes, including foreign ones, ebelin forces, and are fighting them outside almighty. these terrorist gangs are essentially
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international. they've undergone serious training abroad. their attack and kazakhstan must be viewed as an act of aggression. therefore, on the basis of the collective security treaty i have today appealed to the heads of the c s t o states to assist kazakhstan and overcoming this terrorist threat. in fact, this is no longer threat, it is undermining the integrity of the states. is an attack on our citizens who us me is the head of state to urgently health am i considered the appeal to the c s. j states to be absolutely appropriate and timely? well, so you heard the president. so the fact that the protest is that the armed themselves with military grade weapons and that they have been killing people. this is what tipped the balance enough for the president to announce a much more hard line approach. in fact, the, the very, the very thing that he reached out to the collective security treaty organization, a military block between cassock, stan and 5 other possible nations including russia, is already
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a huge development. and apparently, a lead peacekeeping units of this block are already here. they have already arrived to kazakhstan and the, well, their mission is to help load the local law enforcement world to restore law and order something that they have frankly failed to do in the past 24 hours. because i did, has appeared to me, it does appear to me that the situation has been spiraling a well, a vehemently out of control, especially in the city of al marty. but basically, so the conflict here in kazakhstan, it's no longer local, and it has already in a way spilled over the borders and the, those tried to flee and not having much luck at the airport in our mattie the busiest and the whole country was over run by protesters overnight, security forces managed to retake it, but it was damaged flights remain grounded, and travellers remains stranded well. and we were at the capitol notice of tom as also seen a number of flights either canceled or delayed due to the unrest. and we spoke to
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one woman whose parents are stuck at the hub and with whom she is lost. contact made a decision. if she ran out yesterday, my parents were going to leave no sultan for saint petersburg and arrived the same day in the evening. first, they were told their flight had been delayed, then around 10 p. m. local time, they were allowed to board the plane. then they were ordered to leave the aircraft until to leave the airport as well that the flight had been cancelled my these time . they had passed through customs and that's where they are currently, the currently 8 russians, they're already the rest managed to leave. they're getting no further information and they can't reach to them. they arrived in casks tying me december to celebrate new year, with our grandparents leave in a small city near the capital. they managed to get to know sultan. as far as i know, some acquaintances gave them a lift. they weren't able to stay because they had to get back to their work and st . petersburg. you have been trying to reach the russian consulate in kazakhstan, but so far to no avail. the last time that katerina couples spoke to her father was
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on wednesday evening and she recorded the conversation. in fact, in that he described the plight for himself and his wife. with movers, she didn't remember. there are 8 of us sitting here. they don't say anything to us, they just tell us to leave them. but where will we go? if there is an emergency here, they don't give us water. they don't provide us with a hotel room, nothing. and there is no mobile connection. luckily, we were given a chance to make a call from a contact number, but there is no internet and no connection at all. the protesters have also gathering context on the city of tao, and they apparently aren't making any additional political demands. as far as we know right now, but locals were among the 1st to hit the streets when the fuel price protests started. previously, a crown to try to storm government buildings and more than a 100 were actually arrested. now the protest in cuz exxon 1st broke out on sunday after a spike and the price of liquified gas, that software, a priced cap was lifted. now this has since been re imposed by the president and
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his government has actually resigned over the whole crisis. however, the unrest kept growing with a state of emergency imposed nationwide. now, just for a moment on the program, a quick recap of how all these things unfolded. ah, ah, a tooth,
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a group of unidentified people attack the mere tv and radio studios and l mighty. the attackers destroy the tv production complex and workplaces of journals, ah or let her bring up a map for you right now. give you an idea of exactly where all of this is going down. because exxon is situated in central asia. it has a big border with both russia and china is considered one of the key parts of china's belt and roger narrative. and one of the main drivers of economic integration among
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a post soviet countries. so as we just so ultimately cause exxon can be pretty easily found on a map, it's one of the world's largest countries. it also has the 2nd largest economy among former soviet states, off to russia. and the country does possess a vast range of natural resources and is one of the world's most important oil producers. now, according to independent journalist martin summers, the views of the writers may not be entirely shed by that of the catholic population has been very stable for very long time. but then of course, because of the stability in the mood, the, the, of the regime over many decades now accumulated social problems can take a spoke in the way that we've seen. but obviously it's a very fust developing situation. and it's very hard to know what the real, you know, feelings of old and re, people on the demonstrate zone seem very far up. but a lot of what they're doing is probably quite alarming to more law abiding citizens
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. if some people off determined to regime change than, than that's going to be a bit difficult to, to mediate, isn't it? i'm ultimately that things should be decided by elections, but it doesn't necessarily the right is do not necessarily represent everybody's views. i'm on i really don't know which way could jump, because obviously, you know, in any society, the authorities are not going to allow people to burn down public property, et cetera. and half an hour context on coverage does continue online at ocoee dot com for the meantime. though still to come on the program one year on from the capitol hill right and new polls a shang most most americans are worried that democracy is in deep trouble at story animal. we're back in about an ah,
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very critical time. time to sit down and talk join me every thursday on the alex simon, sure. and i'll be speaking to guess with the world politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then you know, we recorded this episode in the past and this was our future. when are we recorded in an hour ago to predict what's gonna happen in 2022. so it's a real time warp
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ah ah, was godaddy with us today for this phyllis day program to france now where officials are heatedly debating the vaccine passes that are being pushed by the macro government. now being reported that the country is resorting to a desperate measures to deal with its shortage of doctors and nurses. amid covert, apparently allowing infected medic showing fuel no symptoms to carry on working with patients. if the system becomes very strained and 50 percent 1st off, a positive, the less intimacy will come to work because the patients will still need to be careful. this, a new idea from the government comes as france is facing new record levels of cove
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. it 19 positive cases, some 330000 registered in the last 24 hours. what this will mean, especially exemption is that those who have a covey 19, but with very mild symptoms, would be able to care for patients even though they had the virus. and now what's really interesting about this is the, until now there has been a 3 line whip from the government that the key to catching or when you get code 19 is isolation, isolation, isolation. so this is a huge deviation from what we've been told in the past. and there are health workers that are concerned about what that would mean in terms of, at whether they would then be transmitting potentially coping 19 to the patients. this comes at the same time as parliamentarians had approved this controversial vaccine pass. it's been a debate that's been ongoing now in the national assembly for the last few days. suspended not once,
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but twice the 2nd time after an explosive intervene by president mack on that. a shocked many people here in france, v, unvaccinated. i really want to them off. and so we're going to continue doing so until the end. that's the strategy. the budget club club, it is not appropriate for a president of the republic to say this. the fact that he says such words which seem to be disrespectful of his own nation gives a bad impression on france. illness should not be st. i want to. people who are on vaccinated to not be vaccinated is a choice. i was obligated to have the vaccine because i'm a health worker. but if i had had the choice, i would have not been vaccinated. let go 2nd. so body and number one should make their own decision on whether they want to take the jap, he can not speak like that. he cannot make people do it. however, the national assembly has now decided to pass this law, which means it will go to the senate with the government looking to bring it into force by january 15th. so what will the vaccine passport mean?
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well, it will essentially by anybody who's not vaccinated from accessing venues like cinemas, cafes, bars, restaurants, even long distance strains. and there is a sense for many people, but this will create a tier of 2nd class citizen. now, during the heated debates of the last few days, there were also accusations that the government just hadn't done enough in the face of knowing about the omnicom variant months ago now to be able to stop. the current issues at france is facing a senior one more signal of his inability to anticipate organizing control events. we have known since around mid november that the omicron variance is circulating. now the majority of people all vaccinated in france, but there remained around 5000000 individuals who haven't gone to have any form of vaccine. so folk possibly bad news for those who've decided, now's the time to get the vaccine. with this passport,
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it will mean that you have to be fully vaccinated and to be fully vaccinated in france from at the end of next week. that will mean having the original doses of the vaccine plus a booster. that could mean even those. now who decide that getting vaccination is the thing for them to do? they could spend months without being able to access those venues, like cafes and restaurants, meaning for them that they are potentially and citizens for at least the next few months, which is apparently how present micron already views them. we got the views of one, a french lawyer told us about the government's treatment of the unbox noted what i think you see. it's in responsible. it's so the brutality of the government to, to check the people who are not back connected is bad because you are making aggression between the fact that the people on the people i have to remind you that it's a, it's a right it's,
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it's in the low that you have to choose the way if you want to be vaccinated or not by step that has part was already something difficult to use, but i don't think vaccination press part will be useful against contamination on most of the people that are back united. this is not the fault on not, not the vaccine that people is the fault of the virus. i'm not against recognition, but i am against the fight to check people who are not vaccinated. ah, i'd stayed side now where apparently most americans thing that democracy is in danger. new paul puts the figure at 83 percent. now it was conducted a year on from the capitol hill riot, where more than $700.00 people were charged over that questions do remain still, however many of them remain incarcerated. so i think our response, caleb martin now takes a bit of a closer look over the past year. the rhetoric surrounding the infamous january 6th capital riot has become more and more exaggerated. the protesters who heart
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dissipated are now being referred to as domestic terrorists. they were a riotous mob. ensure rec shoes, domestic terrors, they were domestic terrorist extremist storm the united states capital. he thought you were going to be right. yeah. yeah. i thought it was the foaming at the mouth from the democrats has gotten so intense, and the public has gotten so divided that some are saying that not only the protesters themselves, but anyone who might agree with them is an enemy of the state. work to combat legitimate national security threats now entails calling a politician support his enemies of the state. the fact is that getting rid of trump is the easy part, cleansing the movement, he commands, or getting rid of what he represents to. so many americans is going to be something else. now, many of the more extreme statements that have been made have been retracted or gotten somebody fired. however, it still reveals how extreme the divisions are beneath the surface.
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so what might the f b i ask you to do snitch on your relatives. family members and peers are often best position to witness signs of mobilization to violence, help prevent homegrown violent extremist visit go dod usa dot. gov to learn how to spot suspicious behaviors and report them to the f b i. now the capitol police who are excluded from the freedom of information act due to a loophole, have expanded their surveillance operations and upgraded to military great equipment. this technology will be integrated with existing u. s. c. p camera infrastructure, providing greater high definition surveillance capacity to meet steady state mission requirements and help identify emerging threats. now you can recall how after the january 6th, the vance tromp and many of his supporters were banned from social media outlets, including facebook and twitter. european voices spoke up about the increasing power
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of big tax and how it can be used to serve partisan agendas. the fundamental right to freedom of opinion is fundamental, right? a fellow, mentoring importance. and this fundamental right can be interfere with, but through the law and within the framework defined by the legislature. not according to the decision of the management of social media platforms. the fact that a c o can pull the plug on president of the united states loudspeaker without any checks and balances is perplexing. digital regulation should not be done by the digital oligarchy itself. regulation of the digital sphere is a matter for sovereign people, governments and the judiciary that more than $700.00 people had been charged with offences stemming from the riot. however, some people seem to be immune. for example, this individual who can be seen in video urging people to enter the capital has faced no charges. he's been identified as arizona resident re,
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apps are going to be arrested with us and we need we need to know how soon we need to go in the cap. oh, apps was listed as suspect. 16 on the f. b, i's most wanted list following the riots, but now he has disappeared from the list. if re apps had been arrested, his image would still be up on the f. b i's website, just with arrested listed next to it. however, instead he's just vanished. you have to go to the archive dot org way back machine . to find out that aps was even ever on the list. the department of justice is refusing to give answers about what's really going on here. this individual has not been charged with anything. can you tell us without talking about particular incidents or particular videos, how many agents or assets of the federal government were present on january 6, whether they agitated to go into the capital and if any of them did a so i'm not going to violate this normal of the rule of law,
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i'm not going to comment on an investigation that's ongoing. now, despite the democrats promises to bring healing and unity to the country, there are still partisan attempts to investigate the january 6th events. and furthermore, to prosecute donald trump and his allies plus jo biden's, popularity numbers are sinking. all of this is raising fear among democrats, that a possible attempt to run by donald trump in 2024 could lead to even further discord in the united states or possibly civil war. 40000000 people right now who are ready to take up arms. you put that together with what the president, the former president, i should say in his allies are doing the political realm, state houses, state legislatures, good. and the party apparatus to be able to engineer a situation where they are in a stronger position to pull off a coup in 2024 than they were in 2020. and that's not hyperbolic at all. those are all facts. i think that could be the end of our democracy, not to be to, you know, pointed about it, but i want people to understand that this is
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a make or break point. the events of january 6. there's certainly worth investigating. the countries deserves to know the whole story, but that is not what is taking place on capitol hill. key questions are not being asked. the actual facts of what took place on the ground remains somewhat a mystery. however, the rhetoric from democrats regarding trump supporters has just gotten more and more shrill. if the goal is to bring the country together and make sure events like what happened on january 6, never happen again. over the past year we've seen anything but that i think any time that we see a riot or any kind of massive disturbance or anything like that in american society, authoritarians in government use it as an excuse for more control, more laws, more enforcement powers. basically more government, i think that anytime that something happens that one party can use against another the other political party. i think that they're going to,
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to do that. they're going to exploited as much as they can. anytime that republican can find an incident or an issue or something that they can use as a wedge against the democratic party, they will do so. and anytime that the democrats can find something like they found with january 6 that they can use against the republicans, they will. that's the endless good cop bad cop routine that they play against the american public in order to distract those from the fact that they're working together to rob, all of the white or dropping out the program with that legacy poll from the united states. thanks for joining us. aeronautics international up as you program today with big stories out of the united states. france as well. and of course we're keeping our eyes very closely focused on cast on my so being with us today. we're back soon with more of you with
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good and bad. as in a dares sinks we dare to ask.


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