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tv   News  RT  January 6, 2022 1:00am-1:31am EST

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the the and starting with breaking news here on all the international because of florida, teasing cars, extern blondie city, marty, say the doesn't, the people are dead after a shootout between security forces rises, t terrorism operation was launched, a nation wide unrest spoke by soaring fuel prices cuz it sounds busiest airport in law is one of the songs that we sold by protest, this closing mass travel disruption. we spoke to a russian citizen who was at the hub when rises broke in the military. and then please left the airport in a hurry, not really trying to evacuate us. we were just trying to stick together and run out of the airport. the desperate measures in desperate times france reportedly allows
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covey infected medics. we'd know a few symptoms to work. major hospital shortages. so the heated debate in parliament of whether or not roland vaccine passed the by the very good morning, appreciate company here. this is ash doesn't the protesters have died while attaching police stations in the kansas city or marty. this is according to local authorities. now will the government and lord stuart called a counter terror operation in order to call deadly unrest, spoke by a few pri search. we're getting report security forces and circled a square in the central marty where the mass office was stormed by protest as on wednesday that reportedly amid a shootout with our protest of security for half now left the square. ah, please, couldn't have been said of our own government buildings in the capital,
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nor so town large cuza formed as cash machines with banks of suspended operations. and that was the situation remains tense overnight with looting violence rampant across other cities. ah ah well the airport in o my thing which is the busiest in the country was over run overnight by protesters . security forces did manage to retake the airport,
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but there was damage and flights remain grounded, leaving many travelers stranded. we spoke to a russian citizen who was on the hub during the disturb not with him right now. we are in a safe place. and this is the most important right now. but before the situation was quite dangerous, we were in the airport building and realized that there was no security cordon around the airport. although it had been there before, the military and m police left the airport in a hurry, not really trying to evacuate us one air, but work. it told us to urgently leave that terminal. we had protested, had broken inside and we have left through the gate with access to the runway. there was so many people running across the field and some about work as directed us to some people stayed waiting on the plane. we were running through the field and ended up on the road where someone drove us to a hostile it's carmen quiet. we are waiting for the russian foreign ministry to tell us what to do as an the standard some are, but we're because there's still trapped in the airport. and this situation there is
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currently very difficult. you just have to protect your life and not panic when people are running around screaming. it's carrie was just trying to stick together and run out of the airport. just the internet outage makes it worse because we haven't been able to get information on what's happening. we have only been able to phone relatives of the protests and because we found 1st, the rupture on sunday after been a spike in the price of liquified gas is a recap of how things have since unfolded. ah, ah ah.
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ah group of unidentified people attack the mere tv and radio studios and l. mati. the attackers destroy the tv production complex and workplaces of journals.
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because extern is situated in central asia. it has a large border with both russia and china. it's considered one of the key parts of china's belt road initiative and one of the main drivers of post soviet countries, economic integration. well, it's just sold. i can easily be found on the map because it's done. it's one of the world's largest countries. also the 2nd largest economy among post soviet states behind russia come to possess a vast range of natural resources and is one of the world's most important oil produces independent journalist not in summer, says that the views of the writers may not be shared by most of the cars or population has been very stable for very long time. and then of course, because of the stability in the, of the regime over many decades now, accumulated social problems that can take a spark in the way that we've seen. but obviously it's
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a very fast developing situation, and it's very hard to know what the real, you know, feelings, ordinary people are in the demonstrate zones and very far it up. but a lot of what they're doing is probably quite alarming. html, law abiding citizens. if some people are determined to regime change than, than not scoring to be a bit difficult to, to mediate, isn't it? i'm ultimately that things should be decided by elections, but it doesn't necessarily the reuters do not necessarily represent everybody's views um on i really don't know which way could jump is obviously, you know, in any society that was the authorities. i'm not going to allow people to burn down public property, etc. and we'll be hearing from our correspondent to viet live in the has on capital a little later this mountain. for more on what's going on in casks on a white matter so much, the russian said, tell websites in front of the details,
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my clicking adult, eat them. ok, let's talk friends now because the countries heatedly debating the vaccine passes being pushed for by the macaroni government and it's now being reported. the country is resorting to desperate measures to deal with a shortage of doctors and nurses. amid the pandemic, apparently allowing medic infected with covey, but showing fuel no symptoms to carry on working with patients. if the system becomes very strained and 50 percent 1st off a positive, the lesson domestic will come to work because the patients will still need to be cared for life to paris. now, charlotte dubin skis across this one for us. a few couple of things to talk about here. charlotte just mentioned the doctor's nurse is allowed to work with co. but if you told me the other day or 2 ago to said you'd gone crazy, but apparently not tell us more. yes, that's right. this new idea from the government comes is frances,
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facing new record levels of cove. it 19 positive cases, some 330000 registered. in the last 24 hours that comes as more than 20000 people are in hospital with coven 19. and around 3700 of those are in critical care. what this will mean, this special exemption that the government has reportedly said will be allowed for health work is, is that those who have a covey 19, but with very mild symptoms, will be able to work to plug gaps in the health systems. so that would be in hospitals and doctors surgeries or even in residential care homes, meaning that they would be able to care for patients even though they had the virus . and now what's really interesting about this is the, until now there has been a 3 line whip from the government that the key to catching or when you get cove in 1000 is isolation, isolation, isolation. so this is
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a huge deviation from what we've been told in the past. and there are health workers that are concerned about what that would mean in terms of whether they would then be transmitting. potentially kofi, pointing to the patients the people they supposed to be carrying for. so some big questions to be asked and raised about this particular measure, which will only be used as a last resort. we understand from the government. this comes at the same time as parliamentarians have just approved this controversial vaccine pass. it's been a debate that's been ongoing now in the national assembly for the last few days. suspended not once, but twice the 2nd time after an exclusive interview by president mack on that is shocked. many people here in france, this is what he said, and the reaction to that all the unvaccinated, i really want to them off. and so we're going to continue doing so until the end.
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that's the strategy. the budget club quadruple is not appropriate for president of the republic to say this. the fact that he says such words which seem to be disrespectful of his own nation gives a bad impression on france. illness should not be santa wanted. of people who are on vaccinated to not be vaccinated is a choice. i was obligated to have the vaccine because i'm a health worker, but if i had had the choice, i would have not been vaccinated. we've got to 2nd so body. and number one should make their own decision on whether they want to take the jap, he can not speak like that. he cannot make people do it in that into the macro also described those who remain and vaccinated as being irresponsible. and he said, irresponsible people would not citizens without sent shock waves through a parliament as well. however, the national assembly has now decided to pass this law, which means it will go to the senate with the government looking to bring it into force by january 15th. so what will the vaccine passport mean?
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well, it will essentially by anybody who's not vaccinated from accessing venues like cinemas, cafes, bars, restaurants, even long distance strains. and there is a sense for many people, but this will create a, a tier of 2nd class citizen. there is concern as well as that comes at a time when obviously they're all these changes being a muted for those who are health workers in giving them this special at past to work if they test positive for co vig 19. now, during the heated debates of the last few days, there were also accusations that the government just hadn't done enough in the face of knowing about the omnicom variant months ago. now, to be able to stop the current issues at frances, facing a senior, one more signal visibility to anticipates, organize, and control events. we have known since around mid november that the compare into circulation. now the majority of people are vaccinated in france,
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but they remain around 5000000 individuals who haven't gone to have any form of vaccine. so far. we know that the passport is already pushing people to decide to say, actually, maybe now i'll have the vaccine with some 66000 new appointments in the last day with people having their 1st injection. however, possibly bad news for those who've decided now is the time to get the vaccine. with this passport, it will mean that you have to be fully vaccinated and to be fully vaccinated in france from the end of next week. that will mean having the original doses of the vaccine plus a booster given that they're all months in between each of those injections being administered. that could mean even those. now who decides that getting vaccination is the thing for them to do? they could spend months without being able to access those venue, like cafes and restaurants,
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meaning for them that they are potentially on citizens for at least the next few months, which is apparently how present my phone already views them. never seen anybody who successfully put both feet in their mouth at the same time, just like macro and having a pretty good run at it though the moment shall a dubious sky with the lightest they're from parish. thank you. right, let's get back to our top story. the rusnick has extern. dozens of protesters have been killed while attacking police station and administer 2 buildings in the country's largest city. marcy, that's according to the authorities. let's get on this developing situation. all correspondent is in the catholic capital as he gets the on off the welcome back iga . what's the situation as you would describe it right now? while there's been more violence here to day in kazakhstan and they are the epicenter of it, is that the former capital of al marty again, we are living in a bit of an information vacuum here because there's no internet connection. we
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can't access any independent and new sources, but according to the information that we're getting, ah, basically all our communications have been reduced to regular text messages and occasional calls. but according to the information that we're getting deed, dozens of protesters have been killed overnight, as, according to the latest information from the government, they tried to attack the local are the local law enforcement or office basically the local interior ministry. so and in general, the night has been very, very chaotic in the former capital of the country, the city of almighty, because of many protest as the managed to get access to guns with live ammunition as they disarmed law enforcement and the police are so so are the government is calling them terrorists and are there is an anti terrorist operation according to the authorities going on in the country and in particular, in the city of alma t. ah, now we know that hundreds of people are still in the main square of the city, and more people keep coming in there have been attempts made by the law enforcement
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to quell to stop that protest. but well, are so far it seems evident that they have so far failed to do so. as new people keep coming in and no police presence or is being reported her over there in on that day in the care in that city. you've touched upon some of the things that are happening. gern, kind of a communications clamped down. some of the financial institutions are affected. give us more detail on how the government's responding to the crisis. well, oh, all over the country there have been violent protests sir. in almighty people ransacked and looted banks, shopping malls and so on. they have been beating up people. they have been attack and they're up killed among the police officers. and when that violence broke out for the government, it was a red line that they had crossed. so they changed their rhetoric from being understanding about the per well the, the plight of the people to very hard line have a listen. who's there?
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she carries their season buildings in infrastructure, including sites, housing, firearms. they've also captured the airports and 5 planes, including foreign ones, airborne forces, and our fighting them outside almighty these terrace gangs are essentially international. they've undergone serious training abroad. their attack on kazakhstan must be viewed as an act of aggression. therefore, on the basis of the collective security treaty i have today appealed to the heads of the c s t o states to assist kazakhstan and overcoming this terrorist threat. in fact, this is no longer threat, it is undermining the integrity of the states. is an attack on our citizens who asked me as the head of state to urgently help them. i consider the appeal to the c su states to be absolutely appropriate and timely. now again, it is very difficult to verify information that is coming from the government or when it's coming from other sources. like when we talk to people in the streets who have for example, relatives of friends in the upper centers of violence. again,
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information information here has to be taken very cautiously, but there, we do know for a fact that the government of kazakhstan, that the president of cas extend, has appealed to the military block. that includes some of the are well, some of the post posts of yet states 6 of them, including like armenia, bill a, rooster g kissed on kazakhstan, russia. and they're basically, it has of appeal to them and requested help from that military block. and apparently, there has already been a confirmation that aid that some sort of a peacekeeping force. this is how they put it, will be on its way to cassock sand to help restore law and order. here. where did we get to this sir? point ego violence on the streets and people out in fairly large numbers seems like that. the government's on the back foot. how did this or begin while it all began as an, as well as a protest about economy began over the prices are over,
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well petrol. and in particular, liquefied gas because they were doubled over night. and this is what ignited these protests. the government quickly tried to respond, bringing the price is back down and making them even lower than before. but that wasn't enough. the protest quickly surpassed that demand and turned very political . the president disbanded the government under well served set of approaches over setting up a new of an interim government that wasn't enough either. and so basically, when the clash has broke out, when absolute violence and mayhem broke out, that was the red line basically, or the government has her said enough's enough and that they will be very tougher on anybody who keeps her well, keep so being violent and on any sort of angry and violent and armed mob, but so far, given the information that we're getting from our other cities, a so fights unclear as to how successful are because a government and the catholic law enforcement is ad doing so. and if the idol capable of restoring this on its own,
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as well as if circumstantial evidence may suggest that the world may very much need the help of our neighbors and of them wild military allies, given that they have already requested it from that military block. seeing is none of revolting with the ladies from the concert capital of their thank you. most americans think that their democracy is in danger. a new poll puts the figure at 83 percent. now. this was kind of to the year on from the capitol hill riot, more than 700 people have been charged over that, but questions remain not a scalable ben takes a closer look over the past year. the rhetoric surrounding the infamous january 6th capital riot has become more and more exaggerated. the protesters who participated are now being referred to as domestic terrorists. they were a riotous mob. ensure rec shoes, domestic terrors, they were domestic terrorist extremist storm,
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the united states capital. he thought you were going to be right. yeah. yeah. i thought it was the foaming at the mouth from the democrats has gotten so intense and the public has gotten so divided that some are saying that not only the protestors themselves, but anyone who might agree with them is an enemy of the state. work to combat legitimate national security threats now entails calling a politician support his enemies of the state. the fact is that getting rid of trump is the easy part, cleansing the movement, he commands, or getting rid of what he represents to. so many americans is going to be something else. now, many of the more extreme statements that have been made have been retracted or gotten somebody fired. however, it still reveals how extreme the divisions are beneath the surface. so what might the f b i ask you to do snitch on your relatives. family members and peers are often best position to witness signs of mobilization to violence. help prevent home grown violent extremist visit. go dot usa dot gov to learn how to spot suspicious
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behaviors and report them to the f b i. now, the capitol police who are excluded from the freedom of information act due to a loophole, have expanded their surveillance operations and upgraded to military great equipment. this technology will be integrated with existing u. s. c. p camera infrastructure, providing greater high definition surveillance capacity to meet steady state mission requirements and help identify emerging threats. now you can recall how after the january 60 vance tramp and many of his supporters were banned from social media outlets, including facebook and twitter. european voices spoke up about the increasing power of big tax and how it can be used to serve partisan agendas. the fundamental right to freedom of opinion is fundamental, right, elementary importance. and this fundamental right can be interfered with, but through the law and within the framework defined by the legislature,
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not according to the decision of the management of social media platforms. the fact that a c o can pull the plug on president of the united states loud speaker without any checks and balances is perplexing. digital regulation should not be done by the digital oligarchy itself. regulation of the digital sphere is a massive for sovereign people, governments and the judiciary that more than $700.00 people had been charged with offences stemming from the riot. however, some people seem to be immune. for example, this individual who can be seen in video urging people to enter the capital as face no charges. he's been identified as arizona resident re, apps are going to be a resident with us and we need we need to know how soon we need to go in the cap. oh, apps was listed as suspect. 16 on the f. b i's most wanted list. following the
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riots, but now he has disappeared from the list. if re apps had been arrested, his image would still be up on the f. b. i's website, just with arrested listed next to it. however, instead he's just vanished. you have to go to the archive dot org way back machine . to find out that aps was even ever on the list. the department of justice is refusing to give answers about what's really going on here. this individual has not been charged with anything. can you tell us without talking about particular incidents or particular videos, how many agents or assets of the federal government were present on january 6, whether they agitated to go into the capital and if any of them did a so i'm not going to violate this norman of the rule of law, i'm not going to comment on investigation that's ongoing. now, despite the democrats promises to bring healing and unity to the country, there are still partisan attempts to investigate the january 6th events. and furthermore, to prosecute donald trump and his allies plus jo biden's, popularity numbers are sinking. all of this is raising fear among democrats, that
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a possible attempt to run by donald trump in 2024 could lead to even further discord in the united states or possibly civil war. 40000000 people right now who are ready to take up arms. you put that together with what the president, the former president should say, and his allies are doing the political realm. state houses, state legislatures, good. and the party apparatus to be able to engineer a situation where they are in a stronger position to pull off a coup in 2024 than they were in 2020. and that's not hyperbolic at all. those are all facts. i think that could be the end of our democracy, not to be to, you know, pointed about it, but i want people to understand that this is a make or break point. the events of january 6. there's certainly worth investigating. the countries deserves to know the whole story, but that is not what is taking place on capitol hill. key questions are not being asked. the actual facts of what took place on the ground remains somewhat a mystery. however,
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the rhetoric from democrats regarding trump supporters has just gotten more and more shrill. if the goal is to bring the country together and make sure events like what happened on january 6, never happen again. over the past year we've seen anything but that i think any time that we see a riot or any kind of massive disturbance or anything like that in american society, authoritarians in government use it as an excuse for more control, more laws, more enforcement powers. basically more government, i think that anytime that something happens that one party can use again another to the other political party. i think that they're going to, to do that. they're going to exploited that much and they can, anytime that republicans can find an incident or an issue or something that they can use as a wedge against the democratic party, they will do so. and anytime that the democrats can find something like they've done with january 6 that they can use against the republicans, they will, that's the endless good cop bad cop routine that they play against the american
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public in order to distract those from the fact that they're working together to rob, all of the white tell us quickly recap our breaking you story for you this. our authorities same catholic sons, largest city, alma t say the dozens of brightest have been killed while storming police stations and administrative buildings. here is on verified video of an earlier security operation in the city. now, this centered around the almighty's main square, near where the mayor's office was stormed by protesters on wednesday. apparently there was a shootout with right is the security forces have now left that's were government launched what it was cooling, it can deter operation in order to quell deadly unrest, sparked by a fuel price. that's how the world of new stands right now. thanks for your company here in our international. i'll be back with updates on our top stories in 13
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ah ah. who are all those driven by dream shaped banks? concur some of those with
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there's sinks, we dare to ask, in no way recorded this episode in the past. and this was our future. when are we record it in an hour? gonna predict what's gonna happen in 2022. so it's a real time war. ah, any of this by running on a platform of law and order. the newly formed in mayor eric adam, endorsement, the attorney general only prosecuting violent crimes, has some concern. the crime spree in new york city will continue. we will discuss this with a shocking report about the largest county in texas, but i see more than
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a 150 citizens killed last year by suspects who are out on bomb. and we will discuss the a gallery of this decision. and if it's in the best interest of the law abiding citizen, then it is a showdown and it's been has chuck schumer vow he will change the roles i've just been busy doing so just so he can also change voting was more to his party favor. we're going to give you the 30 to you and something you actually don't want to. $360.00 view of congresswoman alexandria acacia, cortez boyfriends feet, and yet she purposely shared an outpost picture as a response to what she feels is heat from sexually frustrated. republicans who want to date her, we're going to bring you this very bizarre story and why it actually is revealing about how both parties, criticism guy now use this and many more topics we have to cover on today's news with you. so let's get started. ah.


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