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tv   News  RT  January 6, 2022 12:00am-12:31am EST

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ah ah, who storm with breaking news 0 now to international reports of a shoot down between security forces and armed protesters and as it stands, largest city, our marty, that after the government lost an anti terror operation in a deadly rights part by storing the fuel price stands busiest airport us in our marketing is one of the sites that was stolen by pro to schools. we must travel disruption. we've spoken to a russian citizen who is not the hub. when brian has broken the military and police left the airport in a hurry, not really trying to evacuate care. we were just trying to stick together and run out of the air for desperate measures in desperate times. france reportedly allows
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covey infected medic no. of the symptoms to work amid major hospital staff shortages and also emitter heated debate in parliament of whether or not to roll out vaccine pass. hello there. thanks for joining us. very good morning. this is t internet 1st is how the car back city of al marty has lost. what is cooling a can to terror operation in order to qual, deadly unrest which was sparked by fuel price searches, were getting reports that the security forces have been circled the square in the center of the city, where the mayor's office was stored by protesters on wednesday the shootouts being reported between security forces and protesters. that is the situation remained tense overnight with looting violence rampant in the city. ah
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ah ah. the airport in all marty, which is the busiest in the country, was overrun by protesters overnight. security forces did manage to re take the airport, but if there was damage inflicted flights, they'd remain grounded another's left traveler stranded. we spoke to a russian citizen who was on the hub during the distance. not more than one right now. we are in a safe place, and this is the most important right now. but before the situation was quite dangerous,
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we were in the airport building and realized that there was no security cordon around the airport. although it had been there before, the military and employees left the airport in a hurry, not really trying to evacuate us. one airport worker told us to urgently leave that terminal. we had protested, had broken inside. and we have left through the gate with access to the runway. there was so many people running across the field and some about work as directed us to some people stayed wait and on the plane, we were running through the field and ended up on the road where someone drove us to a hostile. it's carmen quiet. we're waiting for the russian foreign ministry to tell us what to do as and standard some are, but workers are still trapped in the airport. and the situation there is currently very difficult. you just have to protect your life and not panic when people are running around screaming, it's cares. we were just trying to stick together and run out of the airport. the internet outage makes it worse because we haven't been to get information on what's happening. we have only been able to phone relatives for that because external
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appeal for help to a military block to which it belongs the collective security treaty organization. and this has agreed to send a peacekeeping mission to the country about colleagues, peter scott, and danielle armstrong. discuss what led to that play for help. this is a situation that has got progressively worse since it all kicked off on a new year. we're not price cap was done away with over liquefied petroleum gas in the country. we've seen people looting in our marty the country's largest city and former capital. we've seen people disarming security forces, soldiers, police, now a dead. as a result of these protests, we've seen the airport in our marty, the main travel and cargo hope in the city being taken over by protest is we've seen people wandering around aimlessly with their suitcases, looking for
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a way out of the country, but seemingly stranded the apple has since been taken over back over by the government. i was speaking to catholic emigrate today. he told me that he wants to get on the 1st plane over to cause it's time to talk to these protest is to prevent any violence escalating. as we've already seen. the violence has gotten out of hand . we've seen protests is robbing banks. well, buildings are on fire and handing out 10 days of contract currency to people saying is for a rainy day and those rainy days in marty and over major cities in catholic found well on the way it would seem. now to guy of the president has called the people who have brought about this unrest major international terrorist gangs who are well trained. there is an anti terrorist operation underway in el monte, a they called an act of aggression and something that goes against the safety of
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catholic stand. as a result of that, he is called upon something called the collective security treaty organization between 6 ex soviet states. to help bring in peace keepers to bring about order in el monte and over the country, we can get what the car has said. exactly right now, fish, theresa this season, buildings and infrastructure including sites housing, firearms. they've also captured the airports and 5 planes, including foreign one, this evelyn forces, and i'm fighting them outside almighty. these terrorists gangs are essentially international. they've undergone serious training abroad. their attack on catholics, on must be viewed as an active aggression. therefore, on the basis of the collective security, tracy, i have today appealed to the heads of the c s t o states to assist catholic stone and overcoming this terrorist threat. in fact, this is no longer a threat. it is undermining the integrity of the states. is an attack on our citizens who asked me,
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is the head of state to urgently help them. i consider the appeal to the c. s to states to be absolutely appropriate and timely. so they need to kind of the remaining defiant, despite the pressure on the street calling for him to resign. the cabinet, of course, has resigned. so kind of has accepted the reneged a little bit as regards the imposing of the price camp on liquefy petroleum gas. but that did nothing to calm the protesters in the streets, the kind of cold on the collective security, treat your organization a little bit about that also known as the c s t o. it is made up of 6, ex soviet state of them. russia has extend, does she stand bella ruth menia and could stand making up the rest of them there around about 3 and a half 1000 troops making up their forces. moscow has cold for a peaceful resolution to what is going on in canada, extend that, hoping to make that a reality by sending peacekeepers over to basically make sure true steals are
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observed to assist security forces over in catholics down to keep a watchful eye over infrastructure making sure protesters don't been any more buildings now. the situation have got out of control in the last few days. but we're hopeful of it being brought on control by the peacekeepers going into cause exam. the protestant catholic style 1st bro, can't sunday after a spike in the price of liquefied gas, his a recap of how things of unfolded since ah ah ah.
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with unidentified people attack the mere tv and radio studios and l much. the attackers destroy the tv production complex and workplaces of journalists. ah
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okay, let's go like nancy gets done of reporting from the chasm capital lug. good morning t ega. we've seen a lot of unrest, some unpleasant looking scenes on the ground. that how would you describe the situation in the country now? well, neil, this situation here, i mean it's weird and a 21st century when the whole country goes into an information block out or rather blackout, i should say. because, well, we are completely left in a power vacuum in a vacuum of information, and we do get some scarce reports as to what's going on in the former capital of kazakhstan. that being said, will al my t and basically today kicked off with more violence. there, i mean, yesterday it was a very hectic and a chaotic good day. the city has seen a lot of absolute may. hm. there. and it continued into this morning. we were getting reports that about 200 people who the government branded as radicals,
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extremists and even terrorists. they were surrounded on the main square of al marty by the military as they were trying to disperse them as they were trying to design them as well. because according to the, to them to the reports, these people, those will protest has turned well, terrorists in the eyes of government, they are armed with, they were armed with actual firearms with that live bullet. so according to the latest information that we have here, right now, the military, they have left the square, but it is unclear as to why it is unclear is as to if they succeeded in clearing the square over those well, elements of those people or if in fact are, those are 200 people were victorious. now again, are we are in a bit of an information vacuum here again, there is no internet connection whatsoever. everything has been reduced to just well text messaging and even phone calls do often do not work or so we did get
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a few hours of internet connection or overnight, but well, this is over now again, it's a state of emergency, a country wide state of emergency mainly due to yesterday's events, as i said in the former capital over, i'll marty bra, testers, tens of thousands of people showed up. and essentially they, yesterday, they managed to completely read the city of any presence of law enforcement. so when i say that, i mean that there were angry mobs armed with will actual firearms with live bullets, and not a single police policeman or police woman to keep them out well to keep them and check to keep them are within the law to uphold the rule of law, they ransacked trade centers. they are burned down at the local mayor's office. they burned down the form of presidents residency. ah, so, so it was a very well, it was a very chaotic day, which ended up in angry mobs, just looting banks. speaking of banks here in the capital,
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the situation is rather well, it's rather tense as well. it's so old. i mean there is no protest so far here today, but for example, it's a daily struggle now for people to just withdraw money cards don't work. you can't use your phone, you can't use apple pay, google pay again. you can't pay by your physical card, so you need all you have is cash it, sir. well, it says city wide and 80 m's or they don't tell. basically the daily limits are among the those 80 i'm that work and there are very few of those is just over $20.00 per 24 hours per person. so yeah, this is, this is very little. you can, of course, you can so far you can withdraw money through, through banks or with a through, you know, through a clerk, but cues there are. well, there horrendous snaking through whole offices and peoples can spend whole hours without any guarantees of withdrawing the money. eventually, so it is,
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it is situation, it's a country in a state of emergency, very just short of a will of a military, you know, of a multi are locked down and the government is right now conducting an anti terrorist operation. this is what they're calling it yet. tell us bit more about that. clearly it's a crisis that the government is due, is gonna have to take some really drastic action to try and turn this around. what, what is the plan? do we know well the government's messaging i h, i have to say it has changed quite drastically over the pastor over the of the per, over the previous day. initially the government seemed to be very understanding and they try to make steps towards the protesters towards fulfilling their demands. but after yesterday's events or the president, cassandra mac, i've i, he a, well, he essentially took a very hard core stars. he started of by announcing that from that moment on the government and the military, they will where they will approach
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a very they will adopt a very hard coolant hard line approach to any kind of descent. and he essentially blamed all the chaos. so even well, tens of thousands of people showed up to protest all across the country. he blamed most he put been most of the blame for the may him and for the destruction. honor a handful of what he called radicals and terrorists. he a said in an address to the nation, he said that they were essentially trained, they received training and that the were engaging in fights with well, with the military, with special forces in actual one in actual firefights. so here's the, what the president had to say was there she juries this season buildings in infrastructure including sites housing, firearms. they've also captured the airports and 5 planes, including foreign ones, ebelin forces, and are fighting them outside almighty these terrace gangs are essentially international. they've undergone serious training abroad. their attack on
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kazakhstan must be viewed as an act of aggression. therefore, on the basis of the collective security treaty i have today appealed to the heads of the c. s. t o states to assist kazakhstan and overcoming this terrorist threat. in fact, this is no longer threat, it is undermining the integrity of the states. is an attack on our citizens who asked me as the head of state urgently health am. i considered the appeal to the c s 2 states to be absolutely appropriate and timely this appeal to will foreign powers that you've just heard. a being announced by the catholic president is important. this appeal is essentially to a military block led by russia that unites under its umbrella, a number of former of a number of post soviet states including catholics, danville arose, russia, menia, tajikistan, and so on. and so essentially, according to this agreement, that according to the supreme, we have already, it has already been confirmed that other nations that other members of this military block will be sending its peacekeepers to temporarily. well,
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to temporarily a stay in kazakhstan, stay here, and we'll help the catholic authorities to restore law and order on it's a soil. so it is a rather crucial development, because now it looks there will be foreign involvement in this crisis and it has spilled way, way over the chasm borders. ag, it was initially reported this unrest and her from dissatisfaction with arise in fuel prices. as understand as i stand is very wealthy when it comes to natural resources, the oil gas, and mineral se, which doesn't seem to kind of match up with, with this rise in prices. how did it get to the situation? well can extend is wealthy when it comes to natural resources, but a well this wealth, if you listen to protest as it has been so far seeping through the well through the fingers of the general population because these protest they have been going on for
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the past couple of days and they started basically they were kick started, ignited by our, basically the government and our, the re sellers, i should say, retailers hiking the price of liquid gas. basically it was, it was a dub, they doubled the price of liquid gas. this is what ignited the protest. this is how they started off and the authorities, they tried to cap this unrest very quickly as they are, while they retracted this decision or they base, they brought the gas prices down even though they, if they made them even lower than they had been before the year before the double hike and there, but that wasn't enough for the protest is or the, the action this, these demonstrations. they quickly while they quickly outgrew that initial cause, ando the protest as they went from demanding, well, better, better, well, better prices. and though they quickly went from those economical, our demands economic demands, they leaped towards
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a political demands and they were very brother blunt. they demanded a re shuffle of power to even despite the president completely dismantling out the government and doub. beginning the process of installing a new of and aid in an interim government. so that wasn't enough for the protesters as well. so they were demanding an end to corruption and, and to oligarchy. those were there, those were there a chance. and what is kind of strange, not strange, but rather unusual about this protest so far, it doesn't seem to have any leaders. so there isn't one figure that they, that they may have chosen to speak or to speak for, for the general protest. no, it's just it just action in the streets, just looting, it's marauding and well, well when it comes to the more medical elements and while other people just venting their disenchantment here with their life here in kazakhstan and so from so this is how it started. but how it's going is very differently, because apparently, well,
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when, when protest is started to maroon when they started to lose banks, when they started to lose and break into shopping malls and even well journalists got their share of facial violence yesterday as well to 2 channels 2 euros in al monte, the former capital, were ransacked and destroyed by the angry mob. and that was that that was when the government said enough's enough. and that's when they announced a hard core, a hard line response to, well, to completely smash are the, to stomp on the protests are. and then that's when they reached out to their allies, to the peacekeeping force to, while to get additional to get additional support. so far it is unclear as to how successful they will be in this, but we have seen a very much beefed up military presence. he on the streets of the capital as well. so far we haven't, there haven't been well, the scale of the protest here. the well, it pales in comparison to what we've seen in other towns and cities. but again,
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it looks like the capital braces itself for some action in the nearest future as well. because after all, the president announced yesterday that he is not leaving the country. he will be staying here in the capital no matter what. and so it is quite likely that the angry that the angry mob might take their protest to the doorstep of its actual residence here in nozzles on. okay, sir. fascinating to see how this one develops, but clearly things very volatile there in cuz it's than reporting live from the country english down of is. i'm on the spot now because extern, if you're not too well acquainted, situated in central asia, has a large border with both russia and china. as we can show you here, considering the key parts of china's belt and road trade initiative, one of the main drivers of post soviet countries, economic integration as a country that can easily be found on the map,
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one of the world's largest countries. if you didn't realize it's also the has the 2nd largest economy among post soviet states behind russia, the country possesses a vast range of natural resources. one of the world's most important oil produces independent journalist martin summer says that the views at the roaches may not be shared by most of the cars like population has been very stable for very long time . but then of course, because of the stability in the, of the regime over many decades now, accumulated social problems can take a spark in the way that we see. but obviously it's a very fast developing situation. and it's very hard to know what the real feelings of ordinary people are. i mean, the demonstrate is obviously very far it up. but a lot of what they're doing is probably quite alarming. html, law abiding citizens. if some people are determined to regime change than, than not scoring to be a bit difficult to mediate, isn't it?
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i'm ultimately that things should be decided by elections, but it doesn't necessarily, you know, the reuters do not necessarily represent everybody's views from what i really don't know which way could jump is obviously, you know, in any society this, the authorities are not going to allow people to burn down public property, etc. and for more what's happening in kazakhstan and why that matters to russia had to our websites is explained around now with france heatedly debating the vaccine past is being pushed for by the mac. wrong government is now being reported. the country's resorting to desperate measures to deal with it. shortage of doctors and nurses. amid the pandemic, apparently allowing medics infected with cove it, but showing few or no symptoms to carry on working. if the system becomes very strained and 50 percent of a stuff, a positive,
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the less symptomatic will come to work because the patients will still need to be careful. ok, we spoke yesterday. let's get an update this morning from charlotte davis case in paris for us. very good monte charlotte. we know a little bit about this isn't like a drastic measures. bring us that the latest on the situation. yes, that's right. this extraordinary measure has been reportedly approved by the government and it comes at a time where france is experiencing new daily record rates of co, vic, positive infections in the last 24 hours. that was now above $330000.00 infections at the same time. there were more than 20000 people in hospital with cove at 19 around 3700 of those are said to be in critical care. now this new special exemption would apply to health workers in essential services of those who work in hospitals, in doctors offices,
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or even in elderly residential care homes. and this would mean that they would be allowed to work if there was such a shortage of staff that they needed to be a plugging of the gaps. but given that the government's 3 line whip so far has been isolation, isolation, isolation, this idea that people who tested positive for coven 19, even if they are only showing mild symptoms, would be allowed in to work, is spark to concern here with some health workers suggesting that what they would be concerned about is that if they're tested positive for cove, it 19, would they then transmit that to the people that they were carrying for in those health care settings. now all of this comes at the same time that the national assembly here in france is just in the last few hours pushed through a new bill that would see that a vaccine passport being introduced here. this is something that the government
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wants to put in place in just over a week's time by january 15th. this was a vote that was to most she was a debate that we saw over the last few days in france that saw the at debates being cut off. not just once the suspension on monday night, but also suspended again on tuesday night after some extraordinary words from the french president himself, which is sort of went through our parliament. i back firing there with many people shouting fiercely that they were against. what president mack on had to say, let's just take a look at that interview and exactly what he said that caused such a fury v unvaccinated. i really want to them off. and so we're going to continue doing so until the end. that's the strategy. will m p 's through a here see fit over that? i know microphone in the interview. also i later on turned round and said that and
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vaccinated people were irresponsible and irresponsible people were no longer citizen. so you can imagine how much anger there has been over these sort of words coming from the president many saying, you know, this is not what you expect from a leader of a country particular leader who has just said recently that he is there to try and heal divisions in the country. now, a reaction filled in the parliamentarians, but also people in the public to one poll showing that around 53 percent of people were shocked by those words from president micron. and that was the view on the streets of paris to, with many people just saying they could not believe that this came from melita to budget club. people is not appropriate for a president of the republic to say this because he's a person who's supposed to represent every one in the country. so the fact that he says such words which seem to be disrespectful of his own nation is not something
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positive. and even gives a bad impression on france. not to say ok so far. no, it is absolutely not appropriate for the president of the republic. you should not be saying i want to of people who are on vaccinated to not be vaccinated is a choice. above all, we don't know enough about the vaccine is where i was obligated to have the vaccine because i'm a health worker. but if i had had the choice, i would have not been vaccinated. no, i don't think it is a good idea for a president to speak like that. it's not fright. it shouldn't be the choice of the french to be vaccinated. i'm not it. so body and memory one should make the wrong decision on one of the one to take the jap, he can not speak like that. he cannot make people do it. well. vaccine passport idea now has to go to the senate where is expected to be passed next week that the government is pushing for this to be enforced by january 15th. and it will make big changes for those in france who remain and vaccinated essentially, barring them overnight from being able to access hospitality. venues to places like
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cafes, bars, restaurants. it would also stop them from using long distance strains. and there is a real fee that this will create a sense of 2nd class citizen here in france. now, the majority people are vaccinated. there's a rate of around 90 percent here in france. but that still means that around 5000000 people have refused so far to have the job. and this exclusion is raising many eyebrows, particularly in that context of this idea that essentially we could see cove it 19 positive health work is actually being called in to care for people in hospitals. now the debate went on for a few days and during that debate, the government was accused of essentially not taking action quick enough, particularly against the omnicom variant to ensure that there was control and that france didn't see the wave, but it's currently experiencing good is eligible to be as in yankee,
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one more signal of his inability to anticipate organizing control of us. we have known since around mid november that the on the chrome very in to circulate was quite interesting is since we've had this idea that this faxing passport was going to come into play. moving around to 66000 people, signed up for the 1st time vaccine injections in the last day or so. but what would be bad news, potentially for those individuals who've decided now is the time to have a vaccine, is that this new vaccine past will mean the need to fully vaccinate it will be able to access those venues, like bars and restaurants and to be fully vaccinated from next week, you will need to have had not just the original doses, but also the booster shot given that they're meant to be months in between each of these injections that could essentially bore those who decide to get vaccinated. now still for many, many months to come, making them truly known citizens.


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