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tv   News  RT  January 5, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm EST

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ah ah, here rapidly escalates in situation in cause actually done with gunshot, heard in the biggest city as the deadly on best buy a fuel costs by continue huge crowds of passengers the left stranded in the city of alma the opposite is made up or to shut down following destructive riot, we speak with a russian who is up. yeah. port when protest, the building. we were in the apple building and realized that there was no security calling to run the airport. although it had been there before the military and then police left the airport in a hurry, not really trying to evacuate the scale. we were just trying to stick together and run out of the airport. on a military alliance of ex,
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soviet states pledges to send peacekeeping troops to catholics. don, it's in response to please from the country president who denounced the mass rest as part of aggression organized by quote, terrorist guy. i'm pretty sure is this, these terrorist guns are essentially international. they've undergone serious training, brought their attack on catholic star, must be viewed as an act progression. ah, it's just gone 5 am here in the russian capsule you're watching are the international. my name is peter scott. and thank you for joining us. we start this hour in kazakhstan where deadly unrest over fuel price. this shows no sign of letting up. among the latest developments, 8 police military personnel have reportedly been killed and hundreds injured. on verified which is our social media shows multiple gunshot been fired in the country's biggest city. the
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really, really, really, really, really well as you can see in the video, it really shows the intensity of the situation on the ground with people running and screaming amid the chaos. since then, catholic or florida has run to the curfew with demands now broadcast loud speak as we try to clear the know when i joined life by our c corresponded duddy armstrong, his closely be following those events and cause i've done done the thanks to join him in the studio and moscow was the latest. well, yes, this is a situation that has got progressively worse since it all kicked off on new year. we're not price cap was done away with over liquefy petroleum gas in the country. we've seen people looting in our marty the country's largest city and former capital. we've seen people disarming security forces, soldiers, police,
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now a dead. as a result of these protest, we've seen the airport in marty the main travel and cargo hope in the city. been taken over by protest this. we've seen people wandering around aimlessly with their suitcases, looking for a way out of the country, but seemingly stranded the apple has since been taken over back over by the government. i was speaking to catholic emigrate today. he told me that he wants to get on the 1st plane over to catholic stanford. talk to these protest is to prevent any violence escalating. as we've already seen. the violence has gotten out of hand . we've seen protest is robbing banks. well, the buildings are on fire and handing out 10 gay the cars, a currency to people saying is for a rainy day and those rainy days in marty and over major cities and cars external
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well on the way it would seem now to guy of the president has called the people who have brought about this unrest major international terrorist gangs who are well trained. there is an anti terrorist operation underway in almighty. they've called an act of aggression and something that goes against the safety of catholic sand. as a result of that, he is called upon something called the collective security treaty organization between 6 ex soviet states. to help bring in peacekeepers to bring about order in almighty and over the country, we can get what the car has said. exactly right now. the fish generation, their season buildings in infrastructure, including sites housing, firearms. they've also captured the airports and 5 planes, including foreign ones. evelyn forces and are fighting them outside almighty these terrorists gangs are essentially international. they've undergoing serious training
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abroad. their attack on catholics, on must be viewed as an active aggression. therefore, on the basis of the collective security tracy i have today appealed to the heads of the c s t o states to assist catholic stone and overcoming this terrorist threat. in fact, this is no longer a threat, it is undermining the integrity of the states. is an attack on our citizens who asked me is the head of state to urgently help them. i consider the appeal to the c . s. 2 states to be absolutely appropriate and timely says you need to kind of the remaining define despite the pressure on the street calling for him to resign. the cabinet, of course, has resigned. so kind of has accepted the reneged a little bit as regards the imposing of the price camp on liquefy petroleum gas. but that did nothing to calm the protesters in the streets, the kind of cold on the collective security, treat your organization a little bit about that also known as the c t o is made up of 6,
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ex soviet phase of them. russia has extend. does he stand, bella ruth menia and gets done making up the rest of them there around about 3 and a half 1000 troops making up their forces. moscow has called for a peaceful resolution to what is going on in cons extend. they're hoping to make that a reality by sending peacekeepers over to basically make sure true steals, are observed to assist security forces over in catholics down to keep a watchful eye over infrastructure. making sure protesters don't been any more buildings now. the situation have got out of control in the last few days, but we're hopeful of it being brought under control by the peacekeepers going into consequence. yes. was hoped as a peaceful resolution to those dramatic events. and because i've done done a thank you for the update, especially so early the morning here in moscow. thanks me well, covers tons of busiest or hope all marci international airports has reportedly been taken back by security forces after it was overrun by rights as early in the day
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over has been significantly significantly damaged and flights of not resumes so far, leaving scores of people trying to leave stranded oxy spoke exclusively, it's one of the russian citizens doc anal, marty? no, hold on one right now we're in a safe place and this is the most important right now. but before the situation was quite dangerous, we were in the airport building and realized that there was no security cordon around the airport. although it had been there before, the military and employees left the airport in a hurry, not really trying to evacuate us. one air put worker told us to urgently leave the terminal. we had protested, had broken inside and we have left through the gate with access to the runway. there was so many people running across the field and some airport workers directed us. some people stayed waiting on the plane. we were running through the field and ended up on the road where someone drove us to a hostile it's carmen quiet. we are waiting for the russian foreign ministry to
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tell us what to do as an standard. some are but work as a still trapped in the airport and the situation there is currently very difficult . you just have to protect your life and not panic when people are running around screaming, it scares we were just trying to stick together and run out of the airport. the internet outage makes it worse because we haven't been able to get information on what's happening. we have only been able to phone relatives or earlier we spoke with our correspondence, eager to dan of, and he had this to say in his report from kazakhstan, but almost every major city here in kazakhstan has become a scene to absolute, may ham and chaos. to day, basically tens of thousands of people took to the streets in an action against the government, against the authorities and one of the cities that so most action where things get completely out of control is the former capital, the city of alma tave. basically there, the protest as they apparently managed to completely drive out all law enforcement,
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be the police or national guard. it's a state of lawlessness there. they attacked and designed the police while they were still present in the city. so now they have access to guns with live ammunition, that's also as some of them stormed and ransacked and completely looted a local, a weapons shop. that's as they also, they completely burned to the ground. at least they attempted to burn to the ground, the local mayor's office, and as, as the also stormed and also set ablaze, the former residents are of the president. now we are right now in the capitol in the city of north fulton and the current residents for the president is right behind me. things here have been are quite quiet, i should say r g throughout the day. but it does feel like a low before the storm. for instance, we weren't allowed to get any closer to this residence because it has been completely cordoned off because, well, our, the law enforcement seeing was been going all elsewhere around the country. well,
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they are preparing for some action here as well. and scenes of chaos. they also, they plague the streets of other smaller towns as well as protest is also clashed with police and demanded for the government to step down for the president, i should say to step down because the president had disbanded the government the night before. in some cities, for example, the police even joined the protest as and took that side. now as for the demands, they're all very blunt, basically, and, and to corruption, an end to oligarchy and a change of power. basically, a complete change in over hulu, of leadership and how the country operates. and so far, the government and the law enforcement, they have made attempts to quell to quench that this protest but well are wherever they made these attempts, thee utterly failed. and so right now, given that the government's response has in the past few hours, been very timid. i mean, one of the larger cities in the countries right now,
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apparently, completely without any it has, it has fallen to the protest as the government does not hold any control over the city. apparently, it's unclear if for the local authorities, if the authorities of the country will be able to contain and stop this pendulum of protest from swinging even further and swinging out of control in one town demonstrated tore down a statue of the former president's nozzle tongue as a, by, if you still a powerful force in casa politics, i'm has been building since the government lifted a fuel price cap, a new year, which cent price is soaring. the cabinets has since resigned, and the president has reinstated the price limits. but that did little to calm down the situation. in this video, you can see a crowd surrounding a police officer in al marty and seizing his firearm. there are also reports across the trying to capture at the local interior ministry building earlier processed as
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mr. storm the city administration we spoke with local journalists who worked near the administration building in al marty, which was attacked by the protest as they described the chaos this been unfolding over the past few days. alicia gotcha, we're the, we're clashes between protesters and police in al mattie at night. our working day began very early in the morning. it's about 5 am. we filmed the aftermath of the protests. the cities at central square was the epi center of the unrest. we saw many police officers at 1st. the protesters were quiet, but then flashed grenades went off. we saw a fire start on the side of the administration building, which was then seized by protesters. people then began approaching our neighbouring tv station. we were evacuated from there. half of the traffic lights do not work, and al martino and internet blackouts have begun. the protests are clearly organized. they began in several cities at once,
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which has never happened in kazakhstan before. leaflets are handed out to the protesters. there are demands for social and political change about 10 demands. it's difficult to say who is behind them, but the organisation of the protests is very clear. good. other than that, which the journalists are avoiding the square with the clashes had taken place because there is apparently shooting with life fire. one armory was destroyed, weapons were taken. some people are behaving aggressively using sticks and battens . they took helmets and bullet proof vests from the military. that's just a few troublemakers. but the main crowd of protesters is condemning their actions and trying to prevent violence. the even snatch sticks and battens from the guys near by said that they do not attack anyone. there is a heavy security presence in the city, police, and military. they're trying to move the crowd away from the square, but it's not working. the crowd retreats than advances. yeah. police shooting rubber, bullets, stun grenades,
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sometimes his hand to hand crashes with protesters. we tried a couple of hours ago to get to the mayor's office, which will cease to day. we were told there is shooting going on the military. his already we taken the residence and they are trying to push back the protesters. this mood has been building out for a long time. the gas price was just to trigger all the problems. social, economic, political, it's accumulated, in my opinion. first, they started to make demands about gas, and then they realize they could demand other things. a lot of independent journalist martin summers thinks the views of the riots is may not necessarily be shared by most of the catholic population has been very stable for very long time. but then of course, because of the stability in the, of the regime over many decades now, accumulated social problems can take a spark in the way that we've seen. but obviously it's a very fast developing situation. but it's very hard to know what the real,
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you know, feelings of ordinary people on the demonstrate is also very far above. but a lot of what they're doing is probably quite alarming. html, law abiding citizens. if some people are determined to regime change than, than, that's going to be a bit difficult to, to mediate, isn't it? ultimately, things should be decided by elections, but it doesn't, this is, you know, the writers do not necessarily represent everybody's views on, i really don't know which way could jump is obviously, you know, in any society this, the authorities are not going to allow people to burn down public property, et cetera. now in some of the news, the french president has said he wants to irritate the unvaccinated result into the use of some quite crude language to make his point, his remark came as the national assembly,
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heatedly debates bunny vaccine hesitant people from bars, cafes, and cinemas opponents have rounded on a manual micron for his choice of words at present and shit and say that manual electron is unwise and his office is unworthy and irresponsible, remarked by the president. you shouldn't insult people when you're trying to get them to agree with you. 7000000 french people have to far from medical care and access to vaccines and them to an astonishing confession from across. it is clear, the vaccine pass is a collective punishment against individual freedom was an extraordinary couple of days here in france. this is a bill that was supposed to glide through the parliament without a hiccup, but 1st on monday night, the debate was suspended. and that was simply because the majority party, this is president mack, one's own party, simply couldn't get enough bodies in the chamber for a show of hands to support
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a motion for the debate to continue into the wee hours of the morning. the debates resumed on tuesday, but following that extraordinary intervention by president mack and people were gaston shocked as you saw there at his words so much. so they demanded that the french prime minister at get straight to the chamber to explain what the president had said. there was a fiery opposition already to this new measure here in france. covert measures of already seen massive divisions within society. and since 2020 windows restrictions 1st started, there have been mass protests in the country. ah.
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so what is this vaccine pass warden? why is it perhaps so different to the health passport that is currently in place in france and is already controversial? well, just give you an idea. if you're on vaccinated in france right now, you can pay to go and have a test if it's negative will be valid for 24 hours, meaning you can go to cafes or restaurants. this vaccine passport will change all of that substantially. it will mean if it's passed that those who are in vaccine it will no longer have the right to access any of these venues. it will even deny them access to long distance trains. the majority people have vaccinated in france, but they remain around 5000000 people, age 12 and over, who are on vaccinate. and as you can imagine, this is very divisive on the streets of paris. there was mixed reaction. i'm against the vaccine pass because it will not prevent the virus from spreading. freedom is restricted and it's affecting everyone. i don't trust the government
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very much. i think it's enough. if people take care and behave responsibly to care, i'm against it. i don't find it all right, that they take us from a health path to vaccination pass. each individual should have a right to do with their body. what they think is right for them in natural immunity works. i am for it. it's of my opinion that i am protected and i can go where i want and do what i want. so long as i present the past to also, i don't think vaccine passports are a good idea because it infringes on our freedom. and i think that there is insufficient information to make an informed decision. as a young person, i'm left wondering what to do. i did get vaccinated because the alternative would mean i'd have certain freedoms taken away. now from the government's point of view, it says this vaccine passport is needed to stop the rapid increase in cobit cases that countries experiencing at the moment, mainly due to the new only con variant. however,
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given that intervention from macro, and there is a sense that those who may have been persuaded to vote for this bill in the past might be looking to change that mind. and it's not clear now whether this will pass at all precedent. mack, on his man who's been squire, is an arrogant president by many people over the last few years. something he himself addressed really in an interview where he tried to humble himself in front of the french saying that he learned the lessons. his mistakes, the way he had spoken to french people and to the french citizens in the past, but it does seem from this latest outburst. the thought is a lesson. he truly has not yet learned. ah, well, across the channel, it's bad news for earners in the u. k. as a majority of economists think people's wages will be out paced by inflation. that's according to a financial time study. inflation is already at the 10 year high in the u. k. and combined with new tax hikes is all hits in britain's heart with experts wanting of
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a coming cost of living catastrophe. arts he's been looking at the impacts of rapidly rising prices already having it's not so happy new year haven, britain. if the eat or heat dilemma means households could find themselves $1200.00 pounds a year was off in 2022. according to a leading think tank. sterling wages plus soaring energy bills and taxes will cause a cost of living catastrophe. 2022 said to the year of the squeeze was real wages said to be no higher next christmas than to day. and families face a typical income head of around $1200.00 pounds a year from april as a result of tax rises and sorry, energy bills come april, the new energy price cap will be sec. meaning bills will jump by $600.00 pounds and the same amount will have to be coughed up due to tax changes all the while real wages will only grow by 0 point one percent. the result,
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particularly for low income families who already struggle to make ends meet, will be devastating or not. people are now turning up the food banks in general. and just see can help who ordinarily would not have even considered a possibility by me 6 months ago a year ago. but most people are not showing up food banks and asking for no cook policy, which means that they literally make the decision between heating. anything you know, that missing hands decide between getting code and having the main is to essentially beat it. so that obviously gave me the impression that things were a lot more dire than most people. first of all, the cost of living is continuing to rise. the government don't or capital costs that it's going to cause a loss of di, a hardship, 100000 death. that within the next 12 months, the hard associated but will be the elderly, the vulnerable disabled with
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a lot of low income, single parent families, feeling the strain and the squeeze. where in my opinion, he called forth a lot of people into criminal justice. survive as if all that isn't bad enough. inflation is through the roof, leaping to a 10 year high of 5 point one percent. the bank of england is predicting that it will reach around 6 percent by spring. so versus wages are falling in real times, at least. but this current on income in the words of boris johnson is a change in direction lower that you towards a high wage high scale economy. there is no tentative. the u. k. has got to. we can do much, much better by becoming a higher wage, high productivity equality. so technically, we were warned but not everyone is buying it, including politicians on both sides of the spectrum. heating bills are going
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through the roof. punishing tax rises on the way. wages are stagnating, universal credit cuts have hit struggling families hard. all world prices in the shops are rising and inflation risks, eroding the value of savings and pensions. rising wages are great unless prices rise faster. inflation matters is about what we can afford and how families make ends meet in a tough month. and it's not just those in the house of commons that are calling for a policy change. the trade party entity u. k has demanded reducing the a t to cut the cost of bills instead, while others say the government should for the bill. so large this overnight cost of living catastrophe. that is hard to see how the government avoids stepping in top of the government's new year resolutions should be addressing a pulls energy bills hike, particularly for the poorest households who will be hardest hit by rising gas and electricity bills. if there isn't a u turn soon, 2022 will be
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a tough fear for many whose bouts of already been squeezed by the pandemic, empty, and people's pockets. so it's struggling families that are likely to bear the brunt does not looking at the reality. the reality is that they can reduce energy places . they through comb with the warm home this summer. but they've got a lot of the individual people, me, individual families. they've got to look up the cost of living. the cost of living is way above the cost of income. now that's coming in, the price rises and the way to arrive is not coming through quick. if you put way job, going to rise inflation by going to raise interest rates. you've got to look up the only option to reduce the price of living cost, the cost of the, the cost of the cost of the few needs to be use to come back and with the income
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people in this country is going to go back. well that's it for now. you've been up the day with the latest world news. i'll be back again in just over half an hour with one of the headlines. thank you for watching with both what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be in arms. race is on often very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk waller officers are facing an increasingly dangerous environment. we are seeing
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a growing debate about so called warrior cops the term that i've heard in the militarization of police. this is an admirable vehicle we acquired through the 1033 program, very free program with the government program that funnels military property that is no longer use to local law enforcement. we're building an army over here and i can't believe the people. i see 1st thing an agency elder conflict here. yeah. thing of terrorism here because it began a feeling that hey, you have to deal with our practice who you putting in a uniform cover bands is a powerful thing. and sometimes like money in play tricks and people mind they think they gun. the bad know is the walk is out the door very bad. john dot com and good news is that you have job security because the world desperately needs what you have. mm hm.
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in ah, i'm ashen retents in you're watching going underground the team and i will be back for a brand new season on wednesday, the 12th of january. but until then, we'll be showing some of your favorite shows from this season coming up in the show 48 hours after another court hearing. in the case of julian, a son, jesse on the verge of being freed from belmont prison. we ask the un repertoire of torture who continues to allege the world's most famous publisher, is being tortured by u. k. authorities and is called 26 gets underway in glasgow. why did you k p. m lawrence johnson's x, goldman sachs chancellor, just slashed taxes on fossil fuels and champagne in a country where one in 4 children live in poverty. all the small coming up in
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today's going underground. but 1st, let's go straight to the case of the world's most famous publisher. joining me now from switzerland at this pivotal moment is the un router and torture. neil's meltzer as evidence has been used in julian sanchez defense. thank you so much, niels for coming back on you have been told by british politicians, i understand no to interfere with our court system in this specific case. we now know that the joe biden administration's a crown prosecution lawyer here proxy lloyd here at james louis ques. he says, julian assange, his health is fine. he can be expedited to face a possible 175 years in, in the united states in jail. as you are traveling you back on the show, i'm, you know, obviously you would expect to say that, right? and they're appealing be versus this decision by control. you know, based on extensive medical evidence that by the way, corresponds exactly to the findings, stats. you know, we can to,
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with my own medical cheap, any visitor julian sandra, bell, martian banker to possibly buy cheese. she said no, because to be expedited to a prison system or, you know, as the one in the us. and you know, i just like to take a step back here. the actual discussion is that he should not even be in prison. why? why is he being, you know, and neither in the 1st place, given that he's not committed any crime was, you know, this is what is better. uh, better as you know, he's a flight risk because he sought to political asylum and gained it in london. and all his journalism, as it were, does not protect him from the u. s. espionage act. that's what judgment separates or said, that's why it's only his health. that's a consideration. i'm really glad you mentioned that because that's the scandal in the states. if you look at that 1st instance judgement, that was, that's not a victory for the julie massage or, you know, camp or for during the fans himself or for press freedom. and for that matter it is a.


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