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to guess in the world, the politics sport business, i'm show business. i'll see you then in the we would not be controlled by christ. while this sounds like the right thing for a politician like the new mayor of new york to say in their 1st speech, the reality is the last 2 years american life has been controlled by crisis. and it's obvious. we are not happy with how things are going. in fact, the events of the past year, how come to the same conclusion? americans are beyond not being happy. in fact, they're downright angry. i'm scared now hughes, and on my 1st show of the new year, i'm going to look at the angry american and what is happening or not happening to drive their anger. now we're going to discuss the continue to confusion around the
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corner of virus and why america is the thing, the highest numbers of positive cases. all today, we're going to look at the surge of us workers rising up against working restrictions. and nothing actually makes people more angry than more of their hard earned dollars. going to the government, a government which just in the last 24 hours has reminded americans, especially those here on the east coast, just how badly they do their job when they are needed the most. ah, welcome to any year were unfortunately, the plagues of years past did not dissolve at the stroke of midnight. i'm not saying americans are known for being the kindest people in the world, but at least in the past there were some level decorum, even during the civil war. when families were often split on different sides.
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stories of kindness being shown to a person opposite fighting lines have been journaled. however, today, america had turn into a country of narcs, where one individual feels empowered to control another's life and failure to comply can result in a public display of disapproval. at the very least of the consequences. so as you can imagine, living and working and such environments have caused stress to ride at the frustration of the lack of control. people are allowed to have over their own lives, which after 2 years has created a society filled with not only the mentally exhausted, but also a society of angry people. this all brings us to the most recent source of anger, especially if you are in the northeast. and it seems that the government has, once again failed to prepare for something which happens every year. it's called winter and this is where we find our newest addition to the rti america team.
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paxton boyd, who tells us all about i $95.00, which despite a 36 hour warning for meteorologist of the impending winter storm, had drivers stranded from his 24 hours, all leading to demand for the public for the national guard to actually be activated all the help scotty, what you're seeing here is what's left of the winter storm that hit the d. c. metro area on monday afternoon. and what we're seeing now, this snow this water, these what surfaces froze overnight and they are causing chaos on. i 95, shutting down a nearly 50 mile stretch from richmond to washington. d. c. this after a crash involving 6 tractor trailers. among the people stuck in this mess, a 90 year old man, a 6 month old baby families with young children and pets. and even us senator tim cain of virginia. kane says he's been stuck for 19 hours after starting his drive on monday, trying to make his way here to the u. s. capital building. the sen taking the
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twitter this morning, posting this picture, saying i started my normal 2 hour drive to d. c at 1 pm yesterday, 900 hours later on. still not near the capital. the senator says his office was in touch with the virginia department of transportation in an effort to help other virginians in the same predicament. meanwhile, governor ralph northam looked into sending the national guard to help rescue drivers who were stuck in their cars, but ultimately chose not to do so was the situation began to sort itself out. now here is a look at exactly what drivers were facing early monday morning. that winter storm pounding parts of the area dumping more than a foot of snow in some places. more than $300000.00 more without power in virginia and maryland, and at least 3 dead across 3 states. the virginia department of transportation tweeted that it closed. they're roughly 50 mile stretch near fredericksburg. try to get semi trucks that are stuck off the highway and redirect drivers off the interstate. again, many of these drivers have been stuck on the interstate for hours now nearly
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a full day, no food, no water, no where to go. many of them without a full gas tank, having to turn off their engines and restart their cars just to stay warm for news views. hughes on paxton boy. well that is approval of the vitamin st ration of the economy is actually, is so bad, even the mainstream media is having a hard time covering. and the latest cnbc change poll president biden's approval rating has hit an all time low at 60 percent of americans who disapprove of his handling of the economy. and i want to give you some perspective that's even lower if you can believe at the present trumps lowest approval rating on the economy at 53 percent, which happened in june of 2020. okay. during the initial effects of economy from the shut down the krona virus. so why is president biden so unpopular? we have angela ceo and founder of sloan financial group, alongside steve kil,
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farmer, ustr official, and under bush and clint, thanks for joining me. thanks guys. good to be here. ok, so steve, i'm going to start off with you. do you think the average american is angry at the current state of the economy and if they are, who exactly are they blaming? well, i think everybody is i agree there on edge because they're not only feeling the pinch with the higher prices of everything at the grocery store, higher prices of you know, everything they need to buy for their kids at school. but then when they drive around town, they're reminded constantly of how much higher gas prices are. i mean, bread prices may go up, other food prices may go up, but there aren't big signs all over town broadcasts every day. and when people see that the price is picking up $0.20 a gallon, and that's raising the cost of everything. it is just a constant in your face. reminder, and i think that puts people even on more on edge because of the economy because they not only feel it, but they actually see it. well, not the thing,
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angela. who are they blaming for this right now? i mean, it isn't fair to put everything just after one year on one administration. well, i think that's the obvious place to put it because as the obvious place that this is coming from, and you've got to understand that anger is born out of fear. so when somebody gets angry, they're angry because they're afraid of filling the blank. so they're angry because they're afraid of. they're not going to be able to afford to provide for their families. they're not going to be able to afford the next grocery bill. they're not going to be able to afford to get back and forth to work if they are still working . they're not going to be able to afford to buy a home and a lot of cases in so bad anger is born out of fear. and it's because americans are afraid of what's going on. they're saying things i've never seen before. well, angela, but, and i think that blame them well, and that's the thing. and i agree with you. i think it definitely horn out of fear, but i want to just, you know, ask you this idea as much as they're afraid. at the same time, workers are record high amount. i've actually quit their jobs,
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actually will get 4000000 monthly, which i think just sounds incredible. considering the crunch we are in the economy . what has changed? she feel like the most in the present, the worker or the working conditions? i think a little of both. so if you look at the police officers or the 1st responders, for example, what changed here wasn't the police officer, wasn't there working conditions? obviously it was there working conditions. you have workers that were forced to start working from home and you know, using the video cameras and what not through their meeting is not being able to interact with workers. and then all the corporate changes that had to take place and they're frustrated. and the older ones, especially those closure they were to retirement or saying hey to heck with it. and i had, i've got a lot of clients that are airline pilots that were calling me saying if i'm forced to take is maxine, i'm going to be at your door because i'm walking out. so i think it's a lot of both that has changed. it is, is there is there job environment,
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but i think it's mostly the job environment, not so much the worker. well, the reason that you have work well, and that's what i say, and i want to go about that job environment. i will talk this over to steve because anger from workers at their situation, you know, decade to go and help created unions and it justified why they were there. they were fighting for the workers to have better working conditions. but as you needed zation the actual solution for disgruntled workers and the present day or present day unions actually adding to the problem. so i think the unions are adding to the problems because most of the things that the unions were fighting for before we're better working conditions were higher, wages were, were better retirement benefits. most of those things are already in place. there is, do you opportunities for a union to get actual better stuff for their union members than they've had in previous times. but i think angela has hit it exactly on the point, you know, the, the working conditions. we're not just talking about police officers and
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firefighters that are being abused by public, those that are showing up for work or having to do more with less because so many other people aren't showing up for work. you mentioned the people that have quit, some of them of quit because they're just so frustrated with being the one showing up while people are staying home and getting paid or because when they show up, the customers are angry because they're having to wait. the products aren't there because of the supply chain issues. there is a lot of frustration in the workplace, and then a lot of those folks are quitting because they don't want to get the vax and they're quitting or they're getting fired. and then we're, we're wondering why there aren't enough workers at the workplace. well, and that's very important. we look at hospitals right now. as you know, obviously the cove at numbers are up. people are also getting sick with everyday things like the flu or people who have not checked their health for the last 2 years because they didn't want to go the doctor out of fear. all of a sudden what they had in the past is coming back worse, but there's not enough people within those hospitals to serve them because they've been either fired from the vaccine or sick themselves. it's really this hamster will, we're in. but, and i want to go to you on this question because i know the both of you who
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probably go to grocery store and i've noticed the increase in prices, especially when it comes to me. now, president biden, this week has blamed this on this anti competitive behavior of the meat packing industry. and he's guess why wed presidency best they add more federal funding, billions, actually, to get more companies involved in meat packing. but the aren't one of those companies actually says biden is ridiculous because the prices are escalating mainly due to the labor shortage. is that a lot of the restrictions that are they're being forced to handle from the federal government? he fills this administer and actually keeping the product. do you agree with that? is that ultimately the key ingredient to keeping your meet live so high in the present? it's the labor shortage. i can tell you this from personal experience. i have one particular. he raises great grass fed beef. there's a high demand for grass and beef due to the shortage at the packing house. he's lucky if he can get one cow to the packing house a month and per month. it's killing his business. it's killing his income. it's
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raising our prices because there's not enough workers to get this stuff processed. and i'm thinking, hey, as a, as an entrepreneur and saying, hey, here's your business, here's your business opportunity to start your own packing house. well, it has to be usd approved. right? once again, a nation and hoops to jump through to be able to do that. so i can tell you 1st hand looking at my client situation, that is the shortage of labor. well, actually i can get lucky one campbell month. you know, well, angela say we thought it was going to be the supply chain that was going to be the problem. but if you don't have a worker that doesn't matter how much product you have, if you don't have any way to actually process it through, not really a big best. and the only problem i was, yeah, there are no more can channel drives to get because of the packing house they're having to use vehicles. and that uses oil. it's all just one hand throughout the government solution is let's print more money. steve angela,
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thanks for joining us on this issue. did you know dr. voucher is the 2nd highest paid employ of the federal government and he is set to receive the largest retirement package in american history at $350000.00 per year plus benefit. now if that makes you angry, then you will not want to miss what we're going to talk about when we come back after the break, including all of the elements of frustration concerning the handling and restrictions imposed by the credit virus. and dr. valgy when we return with oh, often it oh, even children have been cared for the phantoms. house i give
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or take my mom with when i should is good. i mean you go and she only built a new valley. my mom is violet that dana mom. yes, a chef i can redeem i
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. yeah. oh ah, the timbers around the world are flaring as a people are protesting against a cove in 1900 measures brought in by their perspective. governments are here in
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the u. s. it is not any different with many accusing america's top dr. a flip flopping on policies as a new, i'm a crime. various spreads across the nation or 2 dogs for hell of it has this story . region, germany in violent protests in the netherlands. these are just 2 examples of many of the public being fed up with the way governments are managing the coven, 1900 pandemic, mom today i haven't restriction measures or nothing to do with my health. i miss there are people who want to impose the control upon us and takes all or freedom. i am here because i think that we all must be free. america is not immune to the anti government sentiments. tempers are on the rise across the states as dcs. top man and the war against the corona virus is seemingly flip flopping with his messaging on how to tackle the issue. the latest, just days ago, the cdc drop the isolation time for people infected with cove it from 10 days to 5
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. for anyone who has a symptomatic or has not had a fever for 24 hours. now, doctor anthony thought she is suggesting that before leaving isolation, americans can be forced to test negative. many have felt she's later statement as another example of inconsistent guidance from the government when it comes to cove it and there are those who believe that policies related to the virus are being formulated from a political perspective. for one example. some would say last tuesday, cdc decision to slash quarantine periods and half was driven by an effort to prevent another blow to the economy. instead of being scientifically driven. and there are other considerations when it comes to coven related government measures, such as their effects on mental health. a shocking result of the pandemic is that suicide rates have skyrocketed among young people. a surgeon general's report notes that emergency department visits and early 2021 for suspected suicide attempts was 51 percent higher for adolescent girls and 4 percent higher for adolescent boys
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compared to the same period in early 2019. and according to the children's hospital association, the number of suicide and self harm cases in the 1st 3 quarters of 2021 was 47 percent higher among 5 to 8 year old. and 182 percent higher among 9 to 12 year olds than they were in the same period in 2016. eric clark is a behavior specialist. you know, his just really anxious. not knowing what's going on at home and knowing what's going on the school. i seen a piece amount of self harm, thoughts with kids that they just feel completely overwhelmed. they just don't want to do it anymore. the bottom line, the pandemic has reached much further than just the direct effects of the virus. however, as the mainstream media and governments continue to sound the alarm on, on a cron. many experts are saying that the cobra in 1900 variate could be
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a blessing in disguise. it has become clear that alma cron is much milder than previous strains of coven 19 causing substantially fewer deaths and hospitalizations. with predictions that alma crohn will peak in the u. s. by mid january in that infections may rapidly drop after that, as they did in south africa, better days may be ahead sooner than later. and hopefully, the government will be able to manage that transition back to normal, better than it has the pandemic. for news views, he's an alex mileage. ok, i want to discuss why there's been so many moving parts to this fires from the very beginning. and if we, as americans should be angry at how the u. s. government has handled this pandemic . so let's forget our guest, doctor anthony. jason tell a professor, director of the doctor of health science program and our friend lionel of lionel media. thanks for joining me. thinking, so i wanna start with your doctors and tell it, you know, we have come a long way. i remember when this 1st started 2 years ago, you had to go to
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a medical facility to get tested. it was a long cute, it shoved right up into the brain. and if you were positive, you could always tell which car was positive because a guy come or coming out in a hazmat suit where you thought they're going to be taken away, would deliver the news to the car. and then you would see tears thinking it was the end of the line for them. now we have people able to pick up an end, take home test at your local drug store. why said your dramatic difference in just 2 years. well, 1st and foremost, thank you for having me to be here with you. you know, while the corona virus has done a new virus of families for, you know, we understand it now after 2 years of dealing with it, the early days, those 1st few months, it was chaos. you're right. there were long lines. people were confused. they were, they were not sure what to do themselves, and we've bought a lot in the past, almost 2 years with our ability to develop quick at home,
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those rapid energy tests to have effective treatments for people who are mildly symptomatic, to avoid hospitalization. we know the importance of wearing mass and other kinds of public health, medication strategies. so you know, as science has evolved, so has our public health guidance in mitigation strategy. and i agree with your science definitely on these issues fall is like i said, this is a cronum virus. i mean, you already had a printed on clorox labels that they, that they followed the crowd of ours, maybe not coded. and i need the time, but you're right, this is a family of viruses that we've known about. but one thing that's never entered into the corona virus debate before has been politics. so to bring on line are, you know, why do you see this dramatic shift in covered protocols and protocols? and it seemed like there's political pressure that's actually been involved as we've developed over the last 2 years. we've changed presidents change powers of political parties. do you think that's played a role? oh, of course everything. and by the way, i feel so sorry for the medical profession. you know,
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i've got friends and you've got friends in the doctors and nurses. they're doing the best they can, they're they, they, they have been consistent. so hatch off to them. but you have to ask yourself, imagine scotty if there's some, some life force watching us. and they're saying these people, they take vaccines. and when they take the vaccine, that's not enough, then they get a booster, and that's not enough. and then they get coven, and that's not enough. and they get tested. and that doesn't mean any they and, and it's just this number ending confusion. and also you see said you just disparate reactions in florida, they didn't know what code they did in new york where i am, it's the black plague. so is it, is it could, is it politics perhaps? is it control? is it the usual amount of chaos? but i got to say one thing, i think without a doubt, and i know you can ask doctors to admit this. but let's just say this. anthony foul
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g is a joke. nobody listened to what he says, this is the man who will help me. years ago says masks masks, you don't need a mass. they're not that help. and then the next the, you know, he's wearing toe of them and it got worse. next week, valgy is going to say tad to your forehead. nobody's gonna listen. we're going to say okay, fine. eventually we'll come to our senses. maybe they'll be better therapeutics, god bless the doctors and the researchers, the people who really know what's going on, keep the politicians out, and let's just hope for the bus. well and i, when i went, i went to what you were saying. you're in your step fair lydel. it wasn't the fact of just, you know, get the vaccine and then you'll be fine. it was beforehand they promised us. they said if you get the vaccine, you're not going to get the virus. and when i came from jo biden's mouth, if you, you know, to where a mass doctor, if i said, don't wear mass before i said, where am at my i think that's the problem. people were promised. so they did an action and then that didn't happen,
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including this latest when it's come. our doctor found, she said, this last week is that if you look at the children are hospitalized, many of them are hospitalized with cove id as opposed to the cost of cove it. and what we mean by that, if would show goes in the hospital, they automatically get tested for cove, it, and they get counted as a coven hospitalized individual. when in fact they may go in for a broken leg, or tend to siders or something like that. so it's over counting over counting for whole lid. that was probably the most honest interview that i have seen dr. foul, you do in 2 years. but as a parent who was concerned about these hospitalized numbers that were going through the roof that i was seeing every day. meanwhile, the kids in my own neighborhood were testing positive, but they had a sniffle. i was dealing with the flu strain a that was putting my neighbor's kid in the hospital. so doctors in tell, let me just ask you, why is this now just being fed and do you think down the road?
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we can see this apply to the percentage of adults who were hospitalized. could they have gone in for something else and tested positive for cove it. what's the difference between now and children and the past with adults? so 1st, let me just clarify the disagree with my colleagues here. i don't think dr. out she is a joke, is someone who's committed his entire career to viral logy immunology, fighting the good fight with other issues, up public health significance like h i p, and i will say there's a lot there could be room for criticism with the way the federal government, including people like dr. dr. burke's not there is, has kind of accepted that political pressure to, to change their message and to kind of comply with these kind of norms and standards that really weren't meant for the american public. but yes, you know, data is nuanced. that's, that's what those of us who study public health and everything. the ology,
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this is what we do. and so it is a extremely challenging task to communicate, really detailed data to the general public. when most people don't have that kind of level of data literacy, it's not to say to people or don't understand or can't understand it. it's a lot to give that message in a very short sound bite. and so what you're hearing now is that people are, are rightfully asking more and a lot of questions, some of those detailed responses, like how do we really capture and measure hospitalization? is it a true cobra? hospitalization, meaning that coby drove them to the inpatient or outpatient facility, or was it something else like someone broke her arm or gotten a car accident or had or had something else happen? and they found out about their cobit status while they were in a doctor's office or hospital, whatever the case may be. so yes, those you want is, are important. but i wouldn't make that, you know, take that credit or saying it's just, you know,
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people are asking the questions and they're getting the responses. right. and i hear you, doctors have a real quick line. i've got about 30 seconds of the only thing that i have to think about this though is that there is no longer that dollar attached to the corona, virus cases and deaths. or maybe it still is. and it's just not being publicized that we saw for the last 2 years that we know hospitals made some good money off of these corona virus cases. but real quick line all in the end. do you think that we're ever going to get legitimate numbers? do you trust the numbers that we're seeing right now and is that a part of the frustrate of america 15th? never, never, never, never, never. and the fact that anthony found she is still who he is. is a reason way. carmella harris is still vice president. there's a reason that jen, saki is there, there is some think there's some, apparently, some kind of masochistic sadistic don't light, that the government loves when he speaks okay. and that's what we're going to into with you guys. thank you for joining me. thank you. and that's all for today show, i want to get his conversation on twitter and i want to know what america has made
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you the most angry or the last to year. treat me your answer at godaddy. you use the hash tag, team and vh. and for all the program here at r t america download the portable dot tv app on your app or android device. most importantly, importantly, i'm counting on you to say happy stay healthy and stay informed. ah, what else seemed wrong when o please? just a sheep out disdain becomes the advocate. an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves will support. we choose to look so common ground. ah, it's safe. it has to be rash,
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to be able to afford enzyme, and find the luxury good for sure. despite having the most expensive health care system in the world, we have poor life expectancy. we have higher infant mortality. we have more deaths from treatable causes. so americans are suffering every day from it. it says if these people don't count i saw how they can choose your customers and dump a sick tone also right and satisfy their wall street investors. no parents should have to see what i saw. so if you're denying payment for someone's care, your make life and death decisions and determine to get to live and who dies to me this best getting away with murder.
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mm. ah. rioting sweeps celtic over storing fuel prices, prompting the government to resign. the president is blowing a horse wristbands for several police officers are killed in the chaos. the central asian country has imposed a nationwide state of emergency with curfews on de reported internet ship time. while in one time, protesters topple us out to the former president. and also ahead french president emmanuel mccall and resorts to swear words, 2 tickets swipe it on the vaccinated citizens. his remarks come amid a hated debate in the national assembly on whether to bring in vaccine.


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