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tv   News  RT  January 5, 2022 9:00am-9:30am EST

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that's getting away with murder ah, ah, rioting, sweeping at catholic stone over soaring fuel prices in the headlines who are naughty international. it's prompting the government to resign their presidents vowing a harsh response. according the protests, a threat for national security, the french president, emanuel mac, ron resorts, rather bad language to take a swipe and vaccinated citizens. his remarks to commit a heated debate in the national assembly on whether to bring in vaccine passes and charges against the former governor of new york. andrew cuomo has been dropped. he was accused of under counting care home deaths and the sexual harassment. as we understand some relatives of covert victims of furious what kind of society or
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when over 1000 people die horrible, agonizing gets along. my father died alone and there's no stanford simply counties with the largest out to 5 pm here on wednesday in the russian capital. this is our t international, straight to our top story, with a developing situation here on the program. so cost on remains in the grip of massive civil unrest. it's basically over soaring energy prices. a riots have engulfed several cities and the president is now promising a major security crackdown bank has been building since the government lifted a fuel price cap of the new year. and in the past few hours, and then some demonstrators stormed the administration building and the largest city. i'll mattie, ah,
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there are also been clusters in smaller cities, including for example, october. that's in the west of kazakhstan. this unverified video appeared on social networks showing a crowd trying to break into the administration building. there's no left up to the unrest despite the government 10 during his resignation. and the president reinstating limits on fuel costs. well let's, i show you more in the next video from our mattie. you can see what looks like a crowd surrounding a police officer that as we understand that they were seizing his firearm. well just a short time ago here on the program on ot see we did speak with our local tv journalist at gregory, but danco, he works very near that administration building in al mattie. he described the
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chaos that unfolded throughout the night time hours. alicia, much of which there were clashes between protesters and police in al my t at nights are working day began very early in the morning. it's about 5 a. m. we filmed the aftermath of the protests that the cities at central square was the epi center at the unrest. yeah, we saw many police offices by lunchtime, the national guard troops had left off before then there was relative calm, but people began to gather again. we saw about 2000 people in the central square. at 1st the protesters were quiet, but then fresh grenades went off and we saw a fire start on the side of the administration building, which was then seized by protesters. your people then began approaching our neighbouring tv station. we were evacuated from there. there were almost no police on the streets. half of the traffic lights do not work in al martino and internet blackouts have begun. there are few police in the city. there are fires in some
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parts of the city or the protests are clearly organized. they began in several cities at once, which has never happened and cassock stand before. leaflets are handed out to the protest as if there are demands for social and political change. about 10 demands, it's difficult to say who is behind them, but the organisation of the protests is very clear that you've got other we've got a deliberate drinker in the studio with us this afternoon, carrying us through this, our top story and ultimately breaking news from context on the latest design, the stand ilia, the catholic president, is now saying he's going to take a tough line on some of these demonstrate is, can you bring us up to speed worry ma? hi there again. well, the president is indeed making sure that the nation understands that he's leaving the capital because at one point there were rumors that the catholic leader might flee, nor sold time. but he also wants to make sure that the nation feels that he's taking decisive measures. first of all,
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the former president of can stand no real time. now as our bible is no longer the head of the nations security council, this is a measure that was taken by the leader. now, besides this, he promised a crack out like you were saying. so let's listen to the latest message to the nation from mr to clive. i'm going to share, it's notable that the hooligans are highly organized school and this shows carefully plan actions from polluters motivated by monday. so it's head of state and from today head of the security council i intend to act as harshly as possible . this is a question of national security. i am sure that the people of support, whatever happens, i will remain in the capital. it's my constitutional obligation to be with the people together. we will overcome this black period in kaz external history. i forgot that was again just by looking at the scenes in
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the countries biggest city, ahmad see it's got more. ready than 2000000 people population, then the biggest administrative building was stormed. we heard gunfire. soldiers had to flee a nearby square, and this wasn't only happening in monte and several cities across the country. we saw cars the porch turned around and the police for the soldiers didn't know what they could do about it. so these are the kind of scenes that perhaps he could have seen during the war, stays of the black lives matter protests in america. but in catholic stand, never before these kind of things happen. so let's have a look at the most dramatic scene from tuesday night ah .
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or electric just for a moment. we just take us back just for a short 2nd here. how did this all start? was there a trigger? well, we mentioned this before, it's all down to a spike in fuel prices. now the, this country is heavily dependent on the wall and gas industry, in particular. the cities in the west of the country near the caspian city of c and a stand. i can tell you that this is a country that is considered the most stable among the post soviet republics of central asia. only once before, 10 years ago in the city of jose, then there was a big protest which led to dozens of deaths. but apart from that, it had been relatively calm and now this, so this spike and fuel prices, apparently this lead to other issues being on earth. and perhaps cobit is to blame here as well. and there you haven't. you can see people protesting and demanding
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the changes that ame government in a very cities across the telecom, public. our idea, thank you for that. thank you. or russia's foreign ministry. meantime, it has responded to the unrest in kazakhstan, expressing support for president archive. it also called for dialogue and an end to the st on breast and stress, the importance of context on is a strategic partner for moscow. i. let's approach out to some other stories for you here on the wednesday program on our t international. get out of the company, by the way, the french president has said he wants to irritate the unvaccinated, resorting to an explosive to make his point. his remark comes as the national assembly heatedly debates, binding the and job from boss cafes an cinemas. opponents have rounded on for that, but also for his use of language. a president shouldn't say that manual
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mcfarlane is unworthy of his office. is unworthy and irresponsible, remarked by the president. you shouldn't insult people when you're trying to get them to agree with you. 7000000 french people have to fall from medical care and access to vaccines on them to an astonishing confession from across. it is clear, the vaccine pass is a collective punishment against individual freedom was an extraordinary couple of days here in france. this is a bill that was supposed to glide through the parliament without a hiccup, but 1st on monday night, the debate was suspended. and that was simply because the majority party, this is president mack, one's own party, simply couldn't get enough bodies in the chamber for a show of hands to support a motion for the debate to continue into the wee hours of the morning. the debates resumed on tuesday, but following that extraordinary intervention by president mack on, people were gaston shocked. as you saw there at his words so much. so they demanded
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that the french prime minister get straight to the chamber to explain what the president had said. there was a fiery opposition already to this new measure here in france. covert measures of already seen massive divisions within society. and since 2020 windows restrictions 1st started, there have been mass protests in the country. ah. so what is this vaccine pass warden? why is it perhaps so different to the health passport that is currently in place in france and is already controversial? well, just give you an idea. if you're on vaccinated in france right now,
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you can pay to go and have a test if it's negative will be valid for 24 hours, meaning you can go to cafes or restaurants. this vaccine passport will change all of that substantially. it will mean if it's passed that those who are in vaccine it will no longer have the right to access any of these venues. it will even deny them access to long distance trains. the majority people have vaccinated in france, but they remain around 5000000 people, age 12 and over, who are on vaccinated. and as you can imagine, this is very divisive on the streets of paris. there was mixed reaction. i'm against the vaccine pass because it will not prevent the virus from spreading. freedom is restricted and it's affecting everyone. i don't trust the government very much. i don't think it's enough. if people take care and behave responsibly to care, i'm against it. i don't find it all right, that they take us from a health path to vaccination path. each individual should have
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a right to do with their body. what they think is right for them in natural immunity works just a little while i am for it. it's of my opinion that i am protected and i can go where i want and do what i want to so long as i present the pass. so on the left here, i don't think vaccine passports are a good idea because it infringes on our freedom. and i think that there is insufficient information to make an informed decision. as a young person, i'm left wondering what to do. i did get vaccinated because the alternative would mean i'd have certain freedoms taken away. what are not, from the government's point of view, it says this vaccine passport is needed to stop the rapid increase in covert cases that country is experiencing at the moment, mainly due to the new on the corner variant. however, given that intervention from macklin, there is a sense that those who may have been persuaded to vote for this bill in the past might be looking to change their mind. and it's not clear now whether this will pass at all precedent. mack,
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on his man who has been described as an arrogant president by many people over the last few years. something he himself addressed really in an interview where he tried to humble himself in front of the french saying that he had learned the lessons at his mistakes, the way he had spoken to french people and to the french citizens in the past. but it does seem from this latest outburst that that is a lesson he truly has not yet learned. with like a journalist, alexey pooler, he says, the french government is desperately trying to find a scapegoat for its own failures during covert. a june 15. good to say. there is a great deal of pandemic fatigue. one of the main issues affecting french citizens is officials bringing measures and non negotiable with public in a country where people are born free and equal the vaccination passports, inappropriate. it is unacceptable. despite the fact that 90 percent of the french population is vaccinated, we have $200000.00 new cases of infection per day. this proved vaccination passport
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will not prevent code from spreading. this virus does not care about these freedom curving measures, but the government has another outrageous policy, pointing the finger at the end, vaccinated and making them scapegoats for their own shortcomings. this destruction from the government's own mistakes and failures over the past 2 years. the real scandal, the uncertainty of the situation or of activating, we are not told in advance about new rules on the rules are constantly in flux. a loss of energy is being wasted at a time when we need to discuss a number of much more important issues. so charges have been dropped against new york's disgraced. former governor andrew cuomo stood accused of covering up cove and deaths and nursing homes. but also he was facing sexual harassment allegations of the whole announcement has fog a fair deal of outrage. today's news that the manhattan da wanting to press charges against disgraced former governor cuomo is yet another politically motivated
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decision by left wing prosecutors. cuomo has blood on his hands, his victims and their families deserve justice. democrats allowed corrupt and disgraced governor cuomo to a state criminal charges for nursing home deaths however, they harris president from justice is not blind in new york. and shame on us for believing that the justice system would actually work for us. instead of helping cuomo cover up is crimes. listen, well, no, intentionally ordered a deadly virus into elderly homes. and that created co, the death chambers all around the state for our loved ones. now love ones had no chance. there is one man to blame. and that man is andrew cuomo. i mean, what kind of society or me, when over 15000 people in die horrible, agonizing death alone. my father died alone, and there's no sense of accountability. while in office, call him i was accused of letting people into care home with without testing during
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the early stages of cove. it is also been accused of under counting deaths by up to 50 percent of quote himself denied any wrong doing. he insisted the virus didn't claim more lives in nursing homes, but who ears? 3328 died in the hospital, died in a nursing home. they died. well, cuomo resigned in august offer a decade in office and made public pressure over harassment allegations to as mentioned, he was charged with that of groping an assistant. but a district attorney has now concluded that although the accuser is credible, there's not enough evidence to bring the case to court. we discussed the issue with lawyer and former candidate for new york city council money. allison. i think what the public needs to see is this is just another case of how the rich and powerful get away with crime. if you actually look at the, the players and the political landscape. the, the albany district attorney david source has been
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a long time alley ally of governor cuomo, you know, mr. sores was also part of almost transition team in 2006. he was also, you know, part of the moreland commission and you know, the public, many of yours might not remember this, but the morling permission you know, was created years ago in order to root out corruption. but then cuomo disbanded it when the corruption was pointing to him. so this is really a case of, you know, what political allies do, it shouldn't be just one person making that kind of decision. because that, that definitely leads to corruption. are plenty more still to come in the program roughly half way through to on this wednesday here at r t. so inflation is at a 10 year high in the u. k. it's not meeting some analysts to predict or quote, cost of living cooks hofstra. we'll give you more on that and the rest of your window wednesday, storage. we are back in about 60 seconds. ah
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy plantation, let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk a. all right, this one right now turning 20 minutes past the hour and nothing but bad news for workers in the u. k. a majority of economists now think that wages will be outpaced by inflation. that's according to an annual end of the year poll conducted by the financial times. inflation is already at a 10 year high in the u. k. a combined with new tax types as all hitting brits very hard. the case resolution foundation warning of a coming quote, cost of living catastrophe is shantia. it was actually takes
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a closer look. it's not so happy new year have been british enough. the eat or heat di lemme means households could find themselves. $1200.00 pounds a year was off in 2022. according to a leading. think tank. sterling wages plus soaring energy bills and taxes will cause a cost of living catastrophe. 2022 said to the year of the squeeze was real wage is said to be no higher next christmas than to day. and families face a typical income hate of around $1200.00 pounds a year from april. as a result of tax rises and soaring energy bills. come april, the new energy price cap will be set, meaning bills will jump by $600.00 pounds and the same amount will have to be coughed up due to tax changes all the while real wages will only grow by 0 point one percent. the result, particularly for low income families who already struggle to make ends meet, will be devastating. a lot of people announce turning up that food banking campbell and just see can help who ordinarily would not have even considered
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a possibility. maybe 6 months ago, a year ago, but most people are not showing up banks and asking for no passes, which means that they literally make the decision between heating, anything you know, that machine hands decide between getting food and having the means to potentially lease it. so up obviously gave me the impression that things were a lot more dire than my people 1st. well, the cost of living is continuing to rise and government don't call a couple of cups. then it's going to cause a loss of die, a hardship, hundreds of 1000, deleted death within the next 12 months. the hard the show should be, but will be the elderly, the vulnerable. i'm a disabled with a loss of low income, single parent families. feeling the strain and the squeeze, where in my opinion caught for
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a lot of people into criminal justice. survive as if all that isn't bad enough. inflation is through the roof, leaping to a 10 year high of 5 point one percent. the bank of england is predicting that it will reach around 6 percent by spring. so british rages a falling in the real terms, at least. but this current on income in the words of boris johnson is a change in direction lower that you towards a high wage high scale economy. there is no alternative the u. k has got to. we can do much, much better by becoming a higher wage, high productivity equality. so technically, we were warned but not everyone is buying it, including politicians on both sides of the spectrum. heating bills are going through the roof. punishing tax rises on the way wages stagnating, universal credit cuts have hit,
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struggling families hard. all world prices in the shops are rising and inflation risks, eroding the value of savings and pensions. rising. wages are great unless prices rise faster. inflation matters is about what we can afford and how families make ends meet in a tough month. and it's not just those in the house of commons that are calling for a policy change. the trade party entity u. k has demanded reducing the a t to cut the cost of bills instead, while the others say the government should fit the bill. so large this overnight cost of living catastrophe. that is hard to see how the government avoids stepping in top of the government's new year resolutions should be addressing a pulls energy bills hike, particularly for the poorest households who will be hardest hit by rising gas and electricity bills. if there isn't to you turn soon, 2022 will be a tough year for many whose bouts of already been squeezed by the pandemic, empty, and people's pockets. so it's struggling families are likely to bear the brunt.
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they're not looking at the reality. the reality is that they can reduce energy places, they comb with the warm home discharge. well, they've got to look at the individual people, me, individual families. they've got to look up the cost of living. the cost of living is way above the cost. now that's the price rises and the way to arrive is not coming through quick fall. if you put wages, you're going to rise rate inflation, but don't raise interest rate. you've got to look up the only option to reduce the price of living costs. food costs of the, the cost, the cost of fuel costs that needs to be use to come back and with the income people this country is going to go back very quickly. back to our top story here, we're in arlington, national with a recap and an update on the latest unrest from context on its way the government
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has resigned and made writing over soaring fuel prices. now the contact president has addressed the nation casem jermarta. i've described the protesters as quote, hooligans who posed a threat to national security. his bout harsh security response. that's after a mob storm the administrative building and the largest city almighty. the. and these are pictures from just the last few hours are showing the administration building on fire. a gun fire could be heard and security forces. what were treating from a nearby square that all fled up a new year when the catholic government lifted a capital, the price of liquefied natural gas, or l n. g. it's widely used cars and cars expanded has been heavily subsidized. the price left the entire economy felt the impact. ah,
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just amazing creatures coming out here on our see international that the demonstrations of spread through a smaller catholic towns and cities of this unverified video appearing on social networks, showing a crowd their protest was trying to break into the government building. and toby, that's in the west of the country, and police could be seen using water cannon and strong grenades. now, of course, you're at odds international. we are staying fully on top of this story from kazakhstan, both on air and online at odd c dot com. if you missed any of the latest videos from the i just check out ortiz youtube channel for the meantime. thanks for joining us. we are ah . join me every
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thursday on the alex simon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess what the world politics sport business. i'm show business, i'll see you then. mm. while our officers are facing in increasingly dangerous environments, we are seeing a growing debate about so called warrior cops a term that i've heard in the militarization of police. this is an amber vehicle we acquired through the 1033 program and very free program and the government program that follows military property that is no longer use to local law enforcement with building an army over here. and i can't believe people. i see the thing an agency elder care can think of terrorism me because it began a feeling that hey, you have to deal with our practice who you putting in a uniform cover bands. it'll pop it from. tab is like money. it played tricks and people mind, they think they got the bad news. the walk is out the door very bad. johns are
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coming. good news. yep. job security. because the world desperately needs what you have. mm hm. with i'm action or it's and see. and you're watching going underground the team, and i will be back for a brand new season on wednesday, the 12th of january. but until then, we'll be showing some of your favorite shows from this season coming up in the show 48 hours after another court hearing in the case of julian, a son, jesse on the verge of being freed from bill mush prism, we ask the un repertoire of torture,
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who continues to allege the world's most famous publisher is being tortured by u. k. authorities and is called 26, get some to way in blinds go. why did you k p. morris. johnson's x, goldman sachs chancellor, just slashed taxes on fossil fuels and champagne in the country were wanting children live in poverty, told us some were coming up and today's going underground. but 1st, let's go straight to the case of the world's most famous publisher. joining me now from switzerland at this pivotal moment is the un router and torture niels meltzer, whose evidence has been used in julian sanchez defense. thank you so much, niels for coming back on. you have been told by british politicians. i understand not to interfere with our court system in this specific case. are we now know the do the joe biden administration, the crown prosecution lawyer here, proxy lawyer here. now james louis qsc says julian assange, his health is fine. he can be expedited to face a possible 175 years in a, in the united states in jail as you are on traveling you back on the show. i'm,
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you know, obviously you would expect to say that right. ember appealing be the 1st instance decisions. i can to, you know, based on extensive medical evidence that by the way, corresponds exactly to the findings that, you know, began to with my own medical, cheaper visitor julian, a 100 bell marshy bank of may 2000 my cheese in no position to be extra either to a prison system or you know, as the one in the us and, you know, i just like to take a step back here. the actual discussion is that he should not even be in prison. why? why is he being, you know, and neither in the 1st foot, given that he's not committed any crime was, you know, this is what it's better. uh, better as you know, he's a flight risk because he sought to political asylum and gained it in london. and all his journalism as it were, does not.


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