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ah, ah, unworthy and irresponsible friendship, politicians express outrage. president micron uses foul language to take a swipe unvaccinated. midday, hated debated the country's part of the weather took with charges against former governor of new york. andrew cuomo have been dropped. he was accused of under counting her death and of sexual harassment with victims of what kind of society, or a 1000 people die, horrible, agonizing dest, along my father, died a lump, and there's no stamps in the account with
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the can. 6 down government resides in the days of unrest over soaring fuel prices. it comes after stated the notice was declared in some areas on tuesday found in response to nationwide protests with a very good morning and appreciate your company here on the internet. ok, let's start with the use of outrage among french politicians after president emanuel macro resorted to swearing in a tirade against unvaccinated citizens that as the countries parliament debated rolling out vaccine passes the unvaccinated, i really want them off. and so we're going to continue doing so until the end. that's the strategy. a president shouldn't say that manual mcfarlane is unworthy of
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his office. it's an unworthy and irresponsible remark by the president. you shouldn't insult people when you're trying to get them to agree with you. 7000000 french people have to fall from medical care and access to vaccines on them to an astonishing confession from across. it is clear, the vaccine pass is a collective punishment against individual freedom. okay, go live now. so paris are corresponding, charlotte dubious sky. is the forest very good one to charlotte's? tell us more than about this vaccine pass debate in france. seems like it's getting quite animated. what exactly triggered the president's outburst? yes, that's right. was an extraordinary couple of days here in france. this is a bill that was supposed to glide through the parliament without a hiccup. it was supposed to be in place by the end of next week,
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but it's passage so far has been anything but easy. first on monday night, the debate was suspended, and that was simply because the majority party, this is president mack, one's own party, simply couldn't get enough bodies in the chamber for a show of hands to support a motion for the debate to continue into the wee hours of the morning, a hiccup perhaps, and the debates resumed on tuesday, but following that extraordinary intervention by president mac on with an interview that he gave to the french paper, luc, asean that ricocheted right the way through the parliamentary chamber. people were gaston shocked. as you saw there at his words, the fact that he used that swear word when he talked about what he wanted to do to the unvaccinated so much so they demanded that the french prime minister get straight to the chamber to explain what the president had said and what he meant about this and q another suspension of that debate. it really is pretty
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extraordinary here. now i am in those who were pushing ahead with that debate, trying to, to force this bill through for the government, including the health miss minister must be pretty much tearing their hair out right now because it is not certain at the moment that this bill will now be passed in time for it to come into force. next week. we know that there was fierce opposition already to it from many m p. 's in the national assembly and just like covered restrictions over the past almost 2 years, there is been huge division across the country. those protests that we've seen over at the last few years since 2020, over those restrictions have come up. time and time again. of people have said to the government, we are not happy with these restrictions as a result of coven 19. let's take a look at the protests that we've seen so far. ah,
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a with ok, so you might be asking, what is the vaccine passport and why so different to the health passport that's currently in place in france, which was already controversial will at the moment if you're on vaccinated you can go and get a conveyed $900.00 test if it's negative, which you have to pay for up to 49 years. you can go to hospitality venue such as cafes or balls. you can go to leisure facilities like cinemas and the gym. and you can do that within 24 hours on receiving that negative result. if this bill is
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pushed through in the parliament chambers, it will essentially mean that if you're on vaccinated, all of those things are no longer on the table. you will not be able to go to restaurants, you will not be able to go to boss cinema. you won't even be able to catch a long distance train. and that's why this has been so controversial just to give you a sense of where we are in france at the moment around 5000000 people aged over 12 and vaccinations at the moment. the majority of the population fascinated, but these proposed changes. some of all are essentially saying that this is a mandatory vaccination coming in myself maneuvers without the government taking responsibility for any for life as a result, this vaccine in the years, which will come all the decades to come. and that has been controversial itself. there's be mixed reaction here in paris. as you can imagine. i'm against the vaccine pass because it will not prevent the virus from spreading. the vaccinated
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should take recommended precautions, social distancing in hand washing, plus the vaccinated do not have access to certain public places like cinemas and restaurants, so they are not spreading it to the level, but the vaccinated our freedom is restricted and it's affecting everyone. i don't trust the government very much. i think it's enough. if people take care and behave responsibly, what was it called to check the so it's time against it. i don't find it all right . that they take us from a help to vaccination ass. this makes us lose our freedom. we are no longer in a country where we can be free. each individual should have a right to do with their body. what they think is right for them in natural immunity works. we were born to developed immunity gosselin, with what i am for it. it's of my opinion that i am protected and i can go where i want and do what i want talk to so long as i present the pass. so also on the review, i don't think vaccine passports are a good idea because it infringes on our freedom. and i think that there is insufficient information to make an informed decision as a young person at time left wondering what to do,
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but i did get vaccinated because the alternative would mean i'd have certain freedoms taken away. but i haven't made my mind up yet about taking a 3rd dose of them, but they broke off it. now the furnished government says that they spec, seen past what is needed because there is this rapid spread at the moment of cobra, 1900, throughout the country that's been fueled by the con variance. now, just to give you an example, almost 300000 cubic post of cases were coded in the past 24 hours is a new record here in france. and when we look at the i c u unit here in front us intensive care, they are at around 72 percent capacity. and as a result of that, the government says it is still determined to push through with this bill and there will be new debates on wednesday. however, after the extraordinary intervention by president mack on, it is pretty much turned many people off. many people who may have been thinking about voting for this bill in the past may not be rethinking about whether that's
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something they want to do. and it's not clear at this stage whether they still can pass through parliament. if it doesn't, that will be a severe embarrassment to the macaroni administration and the president himself who is expected to seek reelection for the presidency in just a couple of months time. and on a personal level. this is also perhaps an embarrassment for the president. this is a man who has been described as being arrogant throughout his 4 and a half year term so far in office. and that's something you dressed recently in an interview saying that he had learned his lessons about the way he spoke to the french public. clearly from this latest outburst, that is a lesson that has not been learned. many thanks, charlotte shall adobe scale correspondence in paris with the like. a journalist alexis pooler says, introducing the vaccination passport would be inappropriate, teases in france, a june 15. good to say, there is
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a great deal of pandemic fatigue. one of the main issues affecting french citizens is officials bringing measures a non negotiable with public in a country where people are born free and equal the vaccination passports, inappropriate. it is unacceptable. despite the fact that 90 percent of the french population is vaccinated, we have $200000.00 new cases of infection per day. this proves vaccination passport will not prevent code from spreading. this virus does not care about these freedom curving measures. the government has another outrageous policy pointing the finger at the end, vaccinated. i'm making them scapegoats for their own shortcomings. this destruction from the government's own mistakes and failures over the past 2 years. the real scandal, the uncertainty of the situation or sacrificing. we are not told in advance about new rules on the rules are constantly in flux. a lot of energy is being wasted at a time when we need to discuss a number of much more important issues. the question, well, the new year's got off to
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a good start for the embattled form. a governor of new york and cobra. 2 charges against him had been dropped, of covering up cozy deaths and nursing homes and all the inappropriately groping in aid the announcement at the manhattan district attorney's office sparked outrage. today's news that the manhattan dow went to press charges against disgrace. former governor cuomo is yet another politically motivated decision by left when prosecutors, cuomo has blood on his hands, his victims and their families deserve justice. democrats allowed corrupt and disgraced governor cuomo to a state criminal charges for nursing home deaths. however, they harris president, trump justice is not blind in new york and shame on us for believing that the justice system would actually work for us. instead of helping cuomo cover up is crimes. listen, well, no, intentionally ordered the jelly virus into elderly homes. and that created called the death chambers all around the state for our loved ones. now love ones had no
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chance. there is one man to blame. and that man is andrew cuomo. i mean, what kind of society or me, when over 50000 people can die horrible, agonizing deaths alone. my father died alone and there's no sense of accountability . while in office karma was accused of letting people into care homes without testing during the early stages of the pandemic. he's also been accused of under counting care home covered just by 50 percent. promo himself has consistently denied any wrong doing. but who years? 3328 died in the hospital, died in a nursing home. they died or cover resigns in august after a decade in office submit public pressure over harassment allegations. as mentioned, he was charged with an appropriately groping an assistant, but the district attorney has now concluded that although the accuser is credible,
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there is not enough evidence to bring the case to court. roddic speak live that sumani hollis as a lawyer and the former candidate for new york city council. thanks so much for joining me, mani. we heard a quote from des cuomo. he sounded very dismissive and indifferent to the details in which the circumstances in which people died that itself seemed quite damning. yet prosecutors in manhattan up said that they just don't have the evidence to push forward with with these charges against andrew cuomo is that? i mean, legally, presumably that is the right decision to make, regardless of how public sentiment might be. well it's, it's not the right decision, but i think what the public needs to see is, this is just another case of how the rich and powerful get away with crime. and so if you look at the big picture, number one, there are no charges against promo for distorting the numbers of destro nursing
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homes. i am sending the l a v as an elderly to their desk. number 2, there are no charges against homo for the unwanted groping of brittany. come up to me. so who is our executive assistant in albany? and number 3, there is no charges against andrew coma for the unwelcome advances to a state trooper. ah, and then then you take the exhaustive report by the attorney general tish james, who oversaw an independent civil inquiry that found andrew court had sexually harassed 11 women and a pattern of inappropriate behavior and a toxic culture in the governor's office. so wow, you look at all this, you're like, what is going on? and really it's, it's the rich and powerful getting away, getting away with literally murder and you know, and it's, it's a really unfair system. and it's, and it's really unconscionable behavior if there is sufficient evidence, a cool case surely has to go ahead. so what's falling down here? is it, is it a failing of the prosecutors to take up the right evidence of the wrong charges
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being pursued? they, there's also a lot of smoke around cuomo do they just right find the right points where they can actually find something that sticks? what's, what's failed? right, right. well i think one of the biggest problems accessing with the current case with brittany camila case is that the district attorney david sores. when you look at his statement he's at and it actually didn't make any sense. he basically said there was no reason for her case to go forward. so here she is. she's a credible witness. she's cooperative. ah, there's a question of fact whether she, whether andrew cuomo broke the law, which was the forcible touching statue, which is part of the state sex crimes law. ah, and you know, he basically says it doesn't make sense. and this is completely, you know, if you actually look at the, the players and the political landscape the, the albany district attorney david source has been a long time alley ally of governor cuomo. and, you know,
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mr. sores was also part of almost transition team in 2006. he was also, you know, part of the moreland commission and you know, the public, many of yours might not remember this, but the morling commission, you know, was created i years ago in order to root out corruption. but then cuomo disbanded it when the corruption was pointing to him. so this is really a case of, you know, what political allies do. you know, david stores is the, is the gatekeeper. and he can decide whether a case goes to trial or not. they're, they're sort of like fixers. but the problem is, is that this is really a valid case that should go forward. and here, here's an example of, you know, of a woman who is not going to get relief b because of this. and just moving to the issue of her death as i understand it, the deaths that occurred outside of homes, for example, in hospitals,
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people who be moved from care homes because they were sick to hospitals, then died of code that they weren't being counted initially. as part of the figures of the numbers of people who were considered care home desk. now clearly that's disingenuous at the very least. how is that issue not being addressed in some way? clearly, the numbers were being massaged in some manner. why is there not a prosecution taking place? i mean, it's completely unconscionable that that is not being prosecuted. i actually have no answer for this except really, it's ah, you know, it is a political ally, you know, the albany district attorney, you know, not allowing the case to go forward. and it's, it's really unconscionable because thousands of people died and, you know, it's, it's, it's terrific. i mean, one thing that i've actually been sort of thinking about is, you know, you have a district attorney that makes a unilateral decision on whether a case goes forward or not. and you have really one person, one person making that kind of decision. you know,
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one thing that you actually could do is, ah, you know, create kind of a system where not one person makes a decision. maybe other agencies, other state offices actually have to say. but it shouldn't be just one person making that kind of decision because that, that definitely leads to corruption. everyone. yeah, no legal expert from what you've described though. that sounds like a system that's broken to me mani. appreciate. yeah, i'm not we'll have to cut it off. i'd love to speak to you again about this my guess marty hollis off. who's a former candidate for new york city council and a sofa lawyer. thank you. thank you. ah. the government's resigned in kansas star amid widespread unrest of restoring fuel costs, which the president is blind on the cabinets. he's ordered an investigation into possible price fixing. the protesters boiling point on tuesday with violence classes to right place. and schools have demonstrates
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the protest triggered by rise in the price of liquefied gas in the central asian nation since sunday in response to presidents now imposed state regulation of fuel prices as well as prices for essential food. a state of emergency has been declared in several regents where things have turned violent. almost a 100 offices have been injured. more than 200 people have been detained. danny armstrong has a story. people line the street in their hundreds. it did start off in the cities in urbanized areas, such as are marty, the largest city in catholic, stan and north fulton because the capital formerly known as us and what it has also been felt in the west of the country. these places in, out in
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a desert close to central asia, a place called the longest thou region president. so kind of has told those getting involved that they should not get caught in these protests in this unrest. he said that attacking the military is illegal. and as we already heard, the government did back track a little when they took that price cap of they did re and impose some limits for it hasn't done anything to kind of quell that unrest. we can hear what president kind of said in his address to the nation right now, that i guess i just and you, dear compatriots, when i appeal to you to show prudence and not to come to provocations from the inside and outside to protect you for you on campus calls to attack the military and civilian offices are illegal. the government will not talk about in places like marty that has been a state of emergency. and of course in the reason of your style is i just said
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there's also a few in our marty from 11 at night 37 in the morning there has been things like transport has been curved so people won't be able to get out and get in to our massive cause for the foreseeable future, the inflation is that a 10 year high in the united kingdom, combined with new tax hikes? it's all hitting brits hard with the case resolution foundation warning of a coming cost of living catastrophe. that's in chain with bank of england prediction saying that inflation will get worse next spring. not too shabby. i just actually looks at the impact that he's having on already struggling british families. it's not so happy new year here in britain eat or heat dilemma means households could find themselves. $1200.00 pounds a year was off in 2022 according to a leading thick tank. sterling wages plus soaring energy bills and taxes will cause
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a cost of living catastrophe. 2022 said to the year of the squeeze was real. wages said to be no higher next christmas than to day. and families face a typical income hate of around $1200.00 pounds a year from april as a result of tax rises and soaring energy bills come april, the new energy price cap will be set, meaning bills will jump by $600.00 pounds and the same amount will have to be coughed up due to tax changes all the while real wages will only grow by 0 point one percent. the result, particularly for low income families who already struggle to make ends meet, will be devastating. and people are now turning up the food banks in general, and just see can help who ordinarily would not have even considered a possibility. maybe 6 months ago, a year ago. but most people now try to banks and asking for no policy, which means that they literally make the decision between heating,
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anything you know, that missing hands decide between getting food and having the means to potentially be it. so obviously gave me the impression that things were a lot more dire than most people. first of all, the cost of living is continuing to rise and the government don't or capital costs. then it's going to cause a loss of dia, hardship, hundreds of 1000, deleted death. that within the next 12 months, the hard associated but will be the elderly, the vulnerable disabled with a loss of low income, single parent families. feeling the strain and the squeeze, where in my opinion, he called forth a lot of people into criminal justice. survive as if all that isn't bad enough. inflation is through the roof, leaping to a 10 year high of 5 point one percent. the bank of england is predicting that it
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will reach around 6 percent by spring. so versus wages, a falling in real terms, at least. but this current on income in the words of boris johnson is a change in direction lower that you towards a high wage high scale economy. there is no alternative. the u. k has got to. we can do much, much better by becoming a higher wage, high productivity economy. so technically, we were warned but not everyone is buying it, including politicians on both sides of the spectrum. heating bills are going through the roof. punishing tax rises on the way. wages are stagnating, universal credit cuts have hit struggling families hard. all world prices in the shops are rising and inflation risks, eroding the value of savings and pensions. rising wages are great unless prices rise faster. inflation matters is about what we can afford and how families make ends meet in a tough month. and it's not just those in the house of commons that are calling for
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a policy change. the trade party entity u. k has demanded reducing the a t to cut the cost of bills instead, while others say the government should fit the bill. so large this overnight cost of living catastrophe. that is hard to see how the government avoids stepping in top of the government's new year resolutions should be addressing a pulls energy bills hike, particularly for the poorest households who will be hardest hit by rising gas and electricity bills. if there isn't a u turn soon, 2022 will be a tough fear for many whose bouts of already been squeezed by the pandemic, empty and people's pockets. so it's struggling families that are likely to bear the brunt the not looking at the reality. the reality is that they can reduce the energy places they through comb with the warm home they don't. but they got a lot of the individual people, me individual families. they've got to look up the cost of living. the cost of
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living is way above the cost. now that's coming in the price rises in the way, rather not come through quick fall. if you put way job, going to rise inflation. but going to raise interest rate. you've got to look up the only option to reduce the price of living costs, food costs of the, the cost of the cost of the few needs to be use to come back and with the people in the this is going to go back with. yes, we saw inflation cost to living, becoming a concern for people in many countries around the will bus. see the news hour as a stands for you. thanks we company, i'll return with updates in 30 minutes from ah ah, ah,
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is your media reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? high selection, whole community. are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. while our officers are facing in increasingly dangerous environments, we are seeing a growing debate about so called warrior cops. the term that i've heard in the
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militarization of police. this is an amber app vehicle we acquired through the 1033 program, very free program with the government program that follows military property that is no longer use to local law enforcement. with building an army over here, and i can't believe the people. i see those thing an agency. i was with terrorism here because it began a feeling that hey, you have to deal with our practice. who you putting in the uniform of the beds is a powerful thing and for him to have like money in play trick people might think the bad news was out the door very bad. you on the good news, you have job security because the world desperately needs that you have to get in with
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you on the little girl and started york, i need to go to the one i started with me on a small and i'm a baby coming exam again, i will post a welding and many of them, but they have a pen. yeah, i wouldn't have even made mostly of it for them to begin with a new proposal from list of little capacity with sandra you with a mission where no more than a studio which now looks on. that was actually
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the she shared a group on my guy to weaken a sick day with with a chill with tristan school and used to the child. did you wanna do it for you? then each one in, by the name of tube quickly come to the show. so because there's not a tumult, so you've got got very well as far as it is an talk. when you've done, you don't want to propose to put a meal to you but a suited other than just based on the spirit seminar them. freeman benjamin.


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