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tv   News  RT  January 4, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm EST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, on rest sweeps conducted on over flooring fuel prices with riotous testing, police cars on fire and the state of emergency declared in some areas. european countries are divided over in new proposal to label nuclear and gas. a screen forms of energy with the new german government plumbing plan is green washing and snowstorms of grounding flights in america, with staff shortages due to cove. it also being plane for travel chaos with coming to you live from moscow, you're watching off the international. my name's peter scott here bringing the
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latest world news. now we start this hour with cass, i stand where there's been on rest over soaring energy costs. after numerous arrests and chaotic scenes, the president of the central asian country has announced a state of emergency in some areas, according to reports, clusters between via police who are heavily deployed and scores have demonstrated escalated with smoke grenades being thrown. busy and security vehicles, torched ah, [000:00:00;00] with it's not the 1st day it's been going over some 3 days now since this price cap on
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liquefied petroleum gas was lifted by the government that cause fuel prices to soar . and as we seen, people line the st in their hundreds, it did start off in the cities in urbanized areas such as are marty, the largest city in catholic, stan and north fulton because the capital formerly known as us. and it has also been felt in the west of the country. these places in out in a desert close to central asia, a place called the longest thou region. of course there was some backtracked by the government. they did say that we're going to re impose a limit, but that's kind of done nothing to bring any sort of calm with the people they've taken. not taking this lying down, they've come out as i say, in their hundreds to protest this. they've been torching police cars. they have tried to get in to the government buildings as well in marty president. so kind of
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has told those getting involved that they should not get caught in these protests in this unrest. he said that attacking the military is illegal. and as we already heard, the government did back track a little when they took that price cap of they did re and impose some limits for it hasn't done anything to kind of quell that rest. we can hear what president kind of says in his address to the nation right now, that i guess i just and you, dear compatriots. i appeal to you to show prudence and not to come to provocations from the inside and outside to protest euphoria and chaos. calls to attack the military and civilian offices are illegal. the government will not follow what was happening. now we've had media reports of over 100 arrests over the country in places like al marty that has been a state of emergency. and of course in the reason of longest hours, i just said there's also a few in our,
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marty from 11 at night to 7 in the morning there has been things like transport has been curved so people won't be able to get out and get in to our massive cause for the foreseeable future. unsticking with the theme of energy, brussels efficient, a backlash, the major you, nations, as we propose we categorising nuclear, natural gas, as green energy. the new german government economy minister brunt of the proposal, a form of green washing. that's after energy prices in germany have risen dramatically over the last 3 months. shaw davinsky takes up the story a new year and a new spat is brewing between new members. bickering has a rapid with state, split over how energy from nuclear and gas. susan should be classed in the future. you won't to categorize investments in some of these projects as being green,
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but others argue this is essentially green washing. label in nuclear energy as sustainable is wrong. this is a high risk technology. it is questionable whether these greenwashing will find acceptance on the financial market at all. we think nuclear technology is dangerous . we still think the waste issue is resolved. we expressly reject the assessment on nuclear power. under the commissions proposal investment, the new nuclear energy facilities should be classified as a group if they meet certain technical standards. now that lead to activations, that the commission is he destroying the credibility of the european eco label for financial investments with germany leading the charge of nations against these proposals, but could put it in direct collision. of course, with the blocks of the heavy weight that is france, 70 percent of energy here is generated from nuclear power. so convinces president,
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mac, nuclear is a way forward, he's announced a 1000000000 euro investment. expanding the industry will go home p. d, in order to guarantee france his energy independence to ensure our country's electricity supply and to achieve our objectives, in particular carbon neutrality in 2050. we will, for the 1st time in decades, will realize the construction of nuclear reactors in our country and continued to develop renewable energies on the house. the support from some eastern block nations with slovak is prime minister agreeing that climate neutrality just called b without nuclear energy. but australia is furious over the plan, saying it will take the commission to court if it moves ahead with them. will examine the present draft carefully and have already commissioned illegal opinion on nuclear power in the taxonomy in these plans are implemented in this way. we will sue because atomic power is dangerous and not
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a solution in the fight against the climate crisis. meanwhile, germany is also coming under pressure over its anti nuclear stance from the czech republic. berlin has just all the clues of haul from germany's remaining nuclear power plants, as part of a plan to withdraw completely from the technology. prague describes that as being a radical step. our government will have to work patiently and hard look for allies in europe and convince partners. finally, it also has to move forward with the construction of nuclear units and to encourage investment in other reasonable renewable sources. that is the way out of the energy crisis. the alternative is under development and poverty. and nobody wants that. all of this comes as europe is in the midst of an energy crisis, with some expert suggesting that the crunch will last roy the way until 2023. that
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move by germany including nuclear react is also could push up prices even further. and as prices in german neil was twice as high as they could be. there is an energy crisis that the prices of the rising. rising cost means that the industry need more energy and that heating your home becomes expensive. we need cheap stable at any politician. that run our country a lot focused on the interest of jim and industry and german customers. but that's the holo ideological agenda. and they follow to audiological agenda. the 1st is that they thing they don't meet get because they want to do everything with the nubile update. it's a kind of magic. they believe that they can do that again. as the 2nd ideological agenda, they follow that there are hard core intro,
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rushing one solution to that coin. this could be the approval of the nord stream to pipeline that would supply us directly from russia to germany. however, with tension tie you between the you and moscow, the green light for that project is far from certain, leaving the scrambling to find the money to pay increasing energy bills while members remain bitterly divided over the future of energy policy. charlotte, even sky artsy, paris, and staying in the e u. the 2nd section of the under the pipeline linking bullshit to germany, has been filled with gus. men in the channel is now ready for exports, but ears, specific ation is taking longer than expected. our senior correspondent, mirage goes via looks at all the force surrounding no stream to 2020. what was the year that the great green dream that's
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a rude awakening. we all felt it in our bills, but no. where like europe, power gas prices are up for 500 percent in a year. this wasn't what your average green party propaganda, booster promised. europe was supposed to go from a dirty oil burning wasteland to a green renewable paradise just like that, which was never going to happen. this isn't hindsight, this was foresight 11 years ago when german business leaders laughed at the very idea of german society doesn't like nuclear energy. and i don't want to comment on this, but i don't understand how you hit your homes. you don't want gas you on developing nuclear energy, what are you going to do? burn firewood. you don't have even that he doesn't go to siberia to get firewood avoided, doing jokes aside. pragmatic minds knew that the transition to a carbon neutral society would,
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would take decades, and it wouldn't be easy. they built newer, clean power plants and new pipelines. natural gas will be a crucial part of the energy mix in europe for a long time. new projects like nurturing to are needed to ensure that europe's mon furniture is met to reach in on them eyeing the land this project, regardless of how you feel about the gas pipeline or a back, russia is legally opposed. and constitutionally approved project must be implemented in germany. we then, and what's not stream to is not the projects of putin. rather, it is a project where a lot of european companies take part that should serve to assure the gas security of europe nord stream to has been without a doubt, the most politicized energy project and recent history. they called it an opportunity, a try a break. so a catastrophe. everyone just had to have a say, germany is a captive over his positions. like to get rid of the colon kia,
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the nuclear, they get a so much of the oil. yes, from russia. i think it's something that nail has to look at. the oddest thing is neither nato know the us had much of a problem with the 1st pipeline which runs parallel to nord stream too. which right now supplies germany with gas, which is $5.00 to $7.00 times cheaper than market prices. i, would anyone have a problem with that? well, aside from the competition approval of additional liquefied natural gas experts from free port, ellen g furthers this administration's commitment to promoting american energy, american jobs, and the american economy. i am pleased at the department of energy is doing what it can to promote an efficient regulatory system that allows for molecules of u. s. freedom to be exported to the world. at is arguably the gist of it. they threatened to sanction german companies, a nato ally, which didn't go down well in berlin. european energy policy is decided in europe
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not, and the usa. we fundamentally reject external interventions and sanctions with extra territorial effect. much has changed since the pipeline was completed. washington backed away from sanctions and a new government was elected in germany with energy prices at record levels. there were no rush to get gas flowing as things presently stand. this pipeline cannot be approved because it does not fulfill requirements of european energy legislation and questions of security or stop and signal seems like that one statement helps and natural gas prices 10 percent higher. and europe, which of course european families and households and businesses are going to have to pay, but at least the government saves face. and the meantime, let's join european leaders and bureaucrats and prayer, and pray together that the energy prices somehow magic themselves back into the
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realm of affordability. america is buttoning down the hatches as a winter storm pummels parts of the country. it's causing chaos for flights with around 5000, cancelled over the weekend alone, leaving hundreds of thousands of would be travelers unable to fly. the conditions also forced federal officers in the u. s. capital to close on monday. that's the latest forecast, the predicted. oh, to 8 inches of snow in the region with airlines haven't just been grounding flights of the inclement weather. the latest on the con cove it outbreak has been having an impact to while back in october. busy southwest airlines canceled almost 2000 flights. just days after a pilot union sued the carrier over a vaccine mandate. the biden's team has been trying to reach a cove, its shot targets of 2 thirds among american workers. a move this been resisted by senior government figures. the bind administration has to follow law,
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they have follow constitution, their implementers of the law. they can't just make it up. and in this case, they're forcing american workers to decide between their health and their job and they just can't do it. it's just wrong. the u. s has registered over 1000000, you covey cases in the past day alone. caleb morphine takes a closer look at so job biden's efforts to tackle the pandemic. many will remember joe biden's harsh words to donald trump during the presidential debate last year, and he won his response from that many dish should not remain as president of the united states of america. when those words were said, the cova death hall was around $220000.00. we'll since then, coven death numbers have risen to about 800000. the united states just set a record high for corona virus infections. remember, when biden said that he would quickly and easily solve this problem? how's he doing? now back in may,
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joe biden set his goal to partially vaccinate 70 percent of the population by july . well, fast forward and that 70 percent has still not been vaccinated. what vaccine mandates have achieved is to further polarize the country. a large number of professionals in vital industries have lost their jobs. protests of shaking the country. ah, human reading may be what we're doing here today, and that is writing. yeah. ah, we with
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a large number of medical workers have been suspended. is kind of surreal, honestly, because i love my job, and i have been a coven nurse for since the beginning of the pandemic. i've been a nurse for 10 years. i work for kaiser for 5, and when the pandemic happened we, we were scared in the beginning, like everybody by it is this amazing time to where we have really these people. i work with amazing doctors and nurses who set up to work every day. and just rolled up their sleeves and faced their fears and walked into these rooms. not knowing if they were going to get cove it or bring it home to their families. more than 2000 flights. got canceled by american airlines due to a pilot shortage line for us. meant has also been hit my reductions. it's not the issue that the public wanted or the, the politicians said they're going to deliver. they'd want this black and white issue. it's
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a gray area between you're going to have this big gap between qualified police officers who are trained your season new cops coming in the, the quality of new cops coming in is going to be held to a lower standard. so you're not going to get the best candidates, so do up patrol your streets and keep you safe. it's going to be a very organic living, breathing problem that has nas no solution in sight with so many things going wrong, jo biden's approval ratings are now in free fall. the japs haven't slowed down either. in fact, more people have died of covered so far in 2021. then in 2020. so this year biden's 2 main plans. rebuild the people's trust and better fight coven have failed to come . true. caleb, martin, r. t. new york. and now just a quick reminder that news package, the w h show and the mainstream medical bodies say the vaccination is the best way to stay safe. ah, now it's been a happy new year so far,
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the embattled former governor of new york, andrew cuomo, 2 charges against him, had been dropped. those of covering up coven dessie nursing homes and inappropriate groping an aide. the announcement from the manhattan district attorney's office spots outrage. the new man hadn't da as excusing our former corrupt governor of several charges. he was facing regarding nursing homes and sexual assault. there are still investigations underway with f. b i. d o. j. eastern district, in ag, but there's no doubt they're making deals with the devil. today's news that the manhattan doll won't press charges against disgraced former governor cuomo over his coven nursing home scandal is yet another politically motivated decision by left wing prosecutors. cuomo has blood on his hands, his victims, and their families deserve justice. while in office until coma was accused of letting people into care homes without testing during the early stages of the
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pandemic, he's also been accused of under counting care home cove death by 50 percent. cuomo himself has consistently denied wrong doing. but who hears 3328 died in the hospital, died in a nursing home. they died. the obligations on the nursing home to say i care take a covert positive person on too crowded. i'm too busy. i don't have enough p. p. e . whatever the answer is, doesn't matter is if they say i can't take the person, they can't take the person. when we didn't provide information, it allowed press people, cynex, politicians, to fill the void. i just want to be sure people know, these are the facts. these are the facts ah, everything that could have been done was done. coma resigned in august after a decade in office amid public pressure over harassment allegations. and as we just
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mentioned, he was charged with inappropriately groping and assistance. but just some hours ago, a district attorney concluded that although the accuser is credible, there was not enough evidence to bring the case to court. well, earlier we spoke with lionel immediate legal analyst, who reflected on the ex governor's handling of the crisis and what the future holds for him. gun finished toast. it was another issue during the course of this when he was absolutely the way he was basically abandoning his position. he writes a book on leadership about how he handled this coven nightmare. during this crisis, it would be manifestly unfair, manifestly incorrect to hold him to, to pay to painstaking levels of accuracy when the entire world was falling apart
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by virtue of this pandemic, he would allege that in retrospect, yes, this was incorrect. it's, it's not, at least at this point tangible enough direct enough. there's not enough of a approximate cause for him to be held liable. but there is also civil ramifications. and there were people expert who will come forward and said, the last thing that you do, no matter what is to take people who are covered positive and to put them into these. basically these, these homes of the most are vulnerable with co morbidities in age. i mean, if that's not criminal negligence, nothing is so it's going to be a battle of the, of the lawyers. the cove infection rates in the u. k. has sits in all time record with 220000 new cases in the past 24 hours alone. is expected to pile further pressure almost already been described as an overloaded
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health care system. since the arrival of the only con, variant covey to little hospital admissions have risen, 50 percent, and medical unions have called it a national emergency. although the british prime ministers resistor caused further restrictions, which has received considerable public support on the chrome is milder than previous variance. so while hospital admissions are rising quickly, with over 15000 cubic patients now in hospital, in england alone, this is not yet thankfully translating into the same numbers needing intensive care that we saw in previous waves. we have a chance to write out this on the chrome wave without shutting down our country. once again the added burden, our hospitals in the u. k. comes amid severe staff shortages. the british medical association has won that throughout the coming year, one in 6 doctors and nurses, and likely to be out of action due to cove it and unions of cold on the government
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to urgently res, salaries or face industrial action. now the national health service says the pandemic has created unprecedented pressure and in his doing all it can to support doctors and nurses. what we spoke with senior and a chest consultant psychiatry started jess, barbara and he said, medics remain under a huge strain. the chess front line workers are the front line rotors i should say, have put in a huge shift to be a shift of looking after patients, many of whom are very the very ill. it's very, sourcing mental stuff. if you need any effect to cope with themselves, many of them have been effective because good friends, relatives, colleagues, have died from clover. those delays, a huge amount of stress and anxiety within the system. i think the prime minister on charlie says that everything needs to implies that everything is ready and ready
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to return to normal. and i would say, well, no, not yet. those be the white rice in infections around december going into january. we have. busy record number of admissions in hospital and we will not enter that he's vaccinated. so 60 percent of your patients are at the moment on fax and they took 90 percent. haven't had to step and staying with the u. k. more than 600000 people have found a petition against the knighthood awarded to tony blair. they want that rescinded us mainly over the former prime minister's role in the 2003 invasion of iraq. tony blair was personally responsible for causing the death of countless innocent civilian lives and service men in various conflicts. for this alone, he should be held accountable for war crimes. we petitioned the prime minister to petition her majesty to have this honor math. despite been
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a hugely successful politician winning 3 consecutive elections. bless, legacy has been overshadowed by support for us, lead interventions, aside from iraq. he also and british ships the costs of over and sierra leone, and more significantly, off gun is done where they stayed for $2.00 decades. over the past 20 years, tony blair's views on the rock have shifted, although he's never expressed remorse for the invasion. with years of brutality, oppression, and fear, the death and torture cancel the barbaric prisoners me. ah, ah, still right, you're losing long since given up and trying to persuade people who is the right
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decision. i apologize for the fact that the intelligence we received was was wrong. ah i think they'll do everything they can to avoid debating in parliament. they certainly should be because this is a terrible decision that clearly fries in the face of what the vast majority of people in this country believe. and i think, i mean, the polls show the majority of people in britain and actually in the united stud mistake the britain is made in certainly in, in modern history, we're talking about about a 1000000 people dying in iraq. we're talking about huge numbers of people having to flee their homes. we're talking about a rack becoming a failed state. the whole region actually thrown into thrown
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into disarray and chaos as a result of, of, of the invasion. so it was an absolutely catastrophic decision, and the vast majority of people know that it was wrong. and it's not only that he took this decision age that he lied to the british people. he lied to parliament. he went behind the back even of the cabinet to make this agreement with george bush . and so in that sense, he corrode days and corrupted. the kind of pretty political process as well that you're buying up the day with the latest news from around the world. i'll be back again with another bulletin in just over 30 minutes. thanks for watching. ah. what else shows the wrong one?
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i'll just don't move. i mean you world is yes to shape out. disdain becomes the african and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah ah, ah, ah. hello and welcome to cross stock. were all things are considered on peter lavelle, london love polls, particularly when polls further a certain political agenda,
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but polling has a checkered history. as of late the last 2 election cycles tell us as much, should we put much stock into polling any more. it's so then why i cross stocking the public mood. i'm joined by my guess, richard barrett's in gainesville. he is director of big data pole and in los angeles we a party and he is a strategic planning consultant and equity advisor, as well as an independent economic analyst part gentleman crosstalk rules and effect. that means you can jump in any time you want. and i would appreciate it. all right, let's go to richard hurst in gainesville, you're the master of poles. your polling is actually quite good. but your, your competitors and your peers are not nearly as up the snow. but before we talk about polling, richard in, you get a human touch the,


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