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tv   News  RT  January 3, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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ah ah, leave dogs and buttons are deployed against anti lockdown demonstrators in amsterdam. the city's murder gave the order to break off a 1000 strong on registered. rallied. also ahead on the program. big pandemic, big profits. we examined her former giants. how another bumper a year? also ahead 19 years head months 25 days on, which is american legacy. and archie looks back at all of that that finding moments of last year. the u. s. withdrawal from us down, for example, which brought the country to the brink of collapse with
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for moscow to the world. this is our t pleasure to have your company. my name's in our top story. kobe cases are on the rise across europe with infections breaking all time records. france last week reported more than 200000 new cases. 4 days in a row bout south governments are again, imposing harsh restrictions, especially in those who aren't vaccinated. and that is continuing to spark a lot of money or in amsterdam for example, people flooded on to the streets to protest against the locked on there. they clash with police who responded with dogs and buttons. ah
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ah 1000 people, as you saw, their rallying in the dutch capital on sunday, defying a band amidst the corona virus lockdown measures that have been in place in the netherlands for the last few weeks. now the white places you saw there with their battens and their shields were trying to break up the crowds who had gathered in amsterdam to show. ringback their continued anger against the restrictions that are in place and also against vaccines ever. local government, which had out mood. this particular gathering, had also issued an emergency ordinance which gave the police the right to head into the central museum square. and to clear those protesters from that, but to despite that protest is turned out regardless. now the netherlands has been doing this extended lockdown hour since december 19th. and as a result of that,
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restaurants, a shot and all known of central shops are also shut. and that's going to take place and continue going on until at least the middle of the month of january, public gatherings. as part of these restrictions means that no more than 2 individuals can gather at the same time together. so this protest was clearly outside of the, the block. it's absolutely against those cart measures. but despite that, we saw this chaotic scenes in amsterdam as the police and those protest as were clashing something we have seen elsewhere to know across europe. there is concerned that yes, we're heading in to 2022. it's you. many people when we think this is the time for fresh opportunities of fresh chance. but there are many people who really fear that the fresh restrictions that are coming in to force mean this will be essentially another groundhog here, as the authorities continue to try and grapple with the virus. just to give you an
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example here in france, there are new restrictions coming in to force. it includes a ban on eating and drinking on long distance trains and also a requirement now for children as young as 6 to wear and mosque was just about proper. it was very sad that we have to resort to such measures as well to protect the population adults should be vaccinated on our children office hours. this is a very good solution to this to. this will protect those children and adore that at risk for a password. if this measure protects us, especially children, why not those who remain unvaccinated? there is some really bad news. the national assembly is going to continue debating this week a new law that would essentially curb the liberties of those who remain and vaccinated further antigen or p c. or you won't be allowed into balls, restaurants, et cetera. and you can imagine that that is going to cause a lot of consternation here in france,
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where around 10 percent of the population remains unvaccinated. there is anger here to resort with the new year's eve where they should have been celebrations. they were abandoned by works on the shells, alisa, and the muted festivities. but in, despite that they were crowds, the newest, on to the shoals, the leasing causing problems to the police there. and across the country, we saw a much lamented new year's tradition making a big come back. this is the burning and torching of cause. almost 900 vehicles were burned all new years. eve is part of that. now there was also, i'm good that's been felt in germany to with violent riots in some cities, including a in one where they were clashes between the police and protest. is there something we seem to be seen quite a lot of in europe at the moment, the protesters setting up barricades, but then even set, lose a light. now all of this comes
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a mixed. another milestone. the pandemic shows that there have been a 100000000 cases of covert at positive cases that have been quoted across the european region. however, did give you some light to this. this does come at a time when studies suggesting that only crohn is less likely to damage to lungs than previous variance, such as the dell to bury into or even the alpha beat of variance. and that it also provokes a less severe adamant type disease. so good news, but at the same time, with all the restrictions in place and the continued fee that we are seeing from authorities, many people will be questioning if this ongoing tightening of restrictions is in fact the right path to tried. let's bring into germany where some protests are there. governments clumped on there are by targeting the offices of 2 m. p. 's with fireworks. one of the offices belong to the countries health minister. no one was
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hurt though there was some damage to property. the authorities, san investigations been launched in wealth, the number of colbert cases how serge the in the united states with the week, the average surpassing 360000. through the pandemic, the world health organization stress, the only way forward is through mos vaccination. and while americans, i've been suffering there is one sector in rude health. the pharmaceutical industry, 3 companies, pfizer, by on tech, madonna, between them have reportedly been wrecking in over $90000000.00 every day. you're shorty. southgate tiller, 2021 beer. we discovered that ready? no. cure for greed, just off big pharma, pfizer is forecasting $15000000000.00 in revenue from its covert vaccine. this year . it is our 1st profitable quarter, hitting that 1900000000 mark
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a majority of which is their cobra, 1900 vaccine. of course, $1000.00 every 2nd, pfizer by our tech and model. and i made $1000.00 every 2nd. but it turns out that drug companies like to pump 2 pills at once, money and power and were better to wield one's power than in washington. d. c, introducing congress says biggest lobbyist, big pharma, which last year dropped a cool $266000000.00 to sway america. lawmakers though, given how the holy trinity of fires and madonna biotech was averaging over 900000000 a day last yet it's really just loose change less than 3 days. walk. in fact, for the rest of us though, it's an awful lot. you know what, there's also an awful lot of in the u. s. capital big pharma lope. yes. then brought so many, but they are number congressmen. 3 to one. so what does all that cash exposure get them? well, pretty much anything they want. this is a very powerful industry with significant lobbying clout,
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is very good at knowing exactly how many votes they need to kill pieces of legislation and figuring out a way to get those votes. it's funny though, because you'd think that with a democrat run house and senate pharmaceutical giant would have had a tough year after all thing years the party's been promising to fight the greed. first, we'll take on the drug and insurance companies and hold them accountable for the prices they charge and the harm they cause. it's called valiant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. we're gonna stop this. this is predatory pricing, and then we'll tell the pharmaceutical companies thanks, but no thanks for overpriced drugs pay the highest prescription drug prices of any developed nation in the world and enough is enough. the greed of the pharmaceutical industry is killing americans and making many of them much sicker than they otherwise would have been. it has got to stop. so we need congress to finish the job, to come together and make a difference in people's lives. turns out though,
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making money is so much more fun than making a difference in people's lives. in fact, 60 percent of big farmers not be money, goes to democrats. so when in april upon was proposed to knock down truck prices surprise it got voted down one of the people against that, new jersey, senator bald mendez. you know, how much menendez is pocketed from the drug, sloppy this year? $80000.00. then along came the build back bat act, which among other things wanted to make medication actually affordable a ridiculous idea. so what did big pharma do? it splash some serious cash to block the bell? big farmer will spend, do, and say whatever it takes to defeat any legislation that will curb its unilateral power to dictate prices of prescription drugs. apparently the big pharma roles that leave almost one and for americans unable to afford their regular medication is
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necessary. because while research, we have an obligation to ensure that the sale of our medicines provides us with the resources necessary to invest in future research and development. and while the lobby is $1000000.00 ad failed. build back bachelors on the rocks anyway, so fingers crossed, be know what came as a real shock. other than politicians, putting money for people and pharmaceutical giants. not caring about public health . the fact that big pharma pays diety 1st drug companies have raised prices with abandon, especially when they succeed in delaying a blocking competition. in some cases, tied to higher pay for executives. second, companies have manipulated the peyton system and marketing exclusive. it is to extend their monopolies. 3rd, all the companies, the committee investigated, have employed anti competitive strategies to suppress generic competition. really does no one i'd rather have in control of like saving medication. also,
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it wouldn't be matter. the pandemic costs are just a little while longer. they got on a path and they want to keep this path there. and these other therapeutics aren't really going to make them a lot of money. politicians and big pharma harder walk in d. c. say them lives, solving the people and showing each and every day that there's no drop, more addictive than money power and everything in between. moscow has lush, starts up, the u. k. after leaked, documents revealed that britain plans to spend millions of pounds to promote its agenda an influence society in russia. the papers purportedly from the british foreign office were published by the investigative group underside on its website brushes. foreign ministry spokesman broke down the trove of data that was exposed. the under side archives contain dozens of documents with project descriptions. lists of names are going is ations and all of the accounting fraud. the numbers
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boggled imagination more than one point. 3000000000 roubles have been allocated for the period from 2020 to 2020 free to finance programs to influence public organizations. and for them, government agencies and transform the course of russia in the direction. great. britain needs a troop of lead documents that are being published online by this group on the side, appearing to reveal this evolved network of and job to receive grants or funding from the british or authorities for dozens of projects within russia. sensational revelations. here is the creation of a toe horse, 25 elite who could go on for leadership roles. it could be passive, strategic change within russia. according to the documents, the aim would be to work with tensions within the country. now, if accurate, these are, of course, serious accusations, say we're talking about russia accusing the u. k. of meddling. and it's internal affairs, unusually, as we know,
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the series of the other 30. it's usually other countries accusing russia of meddling like you can accuse rush of meddling in the elections and 2919 for example . now in light of these revelations, the foreign ministry spokesman marie as a however, the key london of increasing polarization within russia. let's take a listen. the british are directly spending money on the build up of the internal political situation in the country. how else to explain the existence of a grant plan that involves sponsoring involvement in demonstrations and political rallies, as well as mentioning the growth of social tension and the reservation of society. so these lead documents also appeared to reveal a focus on the promotion of the l g, b t q plus a culture pushing for its acceptance in russia. also, the documents described russia as homophobic, is particularly unfriendly to this community. what was just big statement really, aren't they coming out there? these accusations direct an issue that was talked about specifically in the past number of weeks by the president as well. he made it very direct that. that's not
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the case. well, like you said, yeah, try to impute in just a few weeks ago, he talks about russia being a traditional society, not exactly homophobic, not alone, and not correct. exactly. exactly. but as these documents revealed, the aim of each of these projects is to deliver change within russia. also listed in the document via one of these programs, russian and ga, would be encouraged to rehabilitate to support migrant entering russia illegally. there's also talk of a change to the system of training lawyers, and this is all across russia on my card. now talking about this group, which is made these revelations that publish these documents on the side, we don't know too much about this group as yet. however, with such remarks, when the foreign ministry spokesman is looking like it's something which is being taken very seriously. now, so far, london has not commented on the issue. we have sent them an email, however, that the email inbox is full apparently, which is very unfortunate. however,
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when we do receive a response, we will bring you up to speed. in the meantime, maria, the however is urging the u. k. to respond one way or the other. the british for an office has only one way out to publicly declare that all this is fake misinformation. and of course highly likely or to confirm that there are plans to interfere in the internal affairs of russia. repent change a tank to a yellow submarine, and lay low in bruise, nicking to get me through that story earlier still to come on the program, a closely guarded settlement between convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein on his accuser. virginia defray has been made. hopefully. we'll see what it said after this short break. ah, i what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation,
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let it be an arms race is on often bearing dramatic development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very critical time. time to sit down and talk to world is driven by dream shaped band concur. some of those with there's things we dare to ask in with
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it in minutes into the program. you're welcome back details of a settlement between convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein. on one of his accusers virginia to fray has been made public the move as part of mister phrase sexual abuse lawsuit against britons. prince andrew were on this were joined live now by ortiz, kill up my been killed questions now as well over whether the no public information offers and insights into other people linked to sex tribes involving epstein take us through today's developments. sure, well we now have the document, the agreement between virginia roberts do frey and jeffrey epstein that was made and that document contains no references to royalty or to prince andrew. so he is
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not mentioned in the document. now it's been released today and it is the following day, tomorrow will be the day where it will be determined, whether or not the case against prince andrew will be thrown out of court or not. now, at this point, it'll be up to the judge to determine whether or not prince andrew is referenced. if he is included in the vague statements about 3rd parties and other potential defendants, that'll be up to the judge. but there is no direct mention of prince andrew in the document. now just to review for those who may not be aware. we recently saw the conviction of delane maxwell, who was a british socialite and the ex lover of jeffrey epstein. she was convicted on 5 counts of abuse of minors. she's been accused of sex trafficking, young girls for jeffrey epstein. and at this point, her defense is arguing that she may receive a lesser sentence if she comes forward and names names about who participated with jeffrey epstein. in his activities,
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if she were to come forward and give that information. now, virginia roberts to fray has accused prince andrew of having sex with her. when she was 17 years old, she claimed she was forced to have sex with prince andrew. now, prince andrew denied these allegations you fray has also filed a lawsuit against an american lawyer and a harvard professor who denies any wrong doings. prince andrew also denies these wrong doings, so we shall see what the judge decides. 8 as to whether or not these court proceedings will continue, but the jeffrey epstein case and his subsequent death. and now the conviction of going maxwell, i has raised a lot of questions. many are looking on this case with a lot of interest in what revelations could be coming down the pike. our teeth kill him up and taken us through the thanksgiving. okay, let's try with some more world news starting in around american is relief lines are being burned into around on the 2nd, the reverse re association in general. he was killed in iraq. fire drew strike an
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order of that. then you asked president donald trump millions, regard, sullen money and hero, and it's battling against terrorism on monday, around revenge for the general assassination. unless donald trump is put on trial for the killing. severe flooding her for thousands in indonesia to flee their homes. at least one person is dead with streets and businesses dated at levels as well are expected to keep lising. last month, the country ensured a similar disaster that calls must the destruction of love to cypher america. finally, drivers in an argentinian province of how to navigate through dense smoke from wildfires, no casualties have been reported, but emergency services are struggling to contain the fires that have been burning in the country for weeks. now
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a scanner stand remains on the brink of a humanitarian disaster. millions are facing starvation, winter temperatures plummet, and the country's economy is on its knees shrinking by almost half in recent months . last summer's hasty, u. s. military exit sore, tragic things on ah, well, thousands of afghans tried to flee the country during and after the u. s. evacuation that led to chaotic scenes ad campbell's reports as well as panic across the capital r t senior correspondent, the rap against the of was there at that in 2001 it began with, with righteousness and pump and vague of got to start to fight for freedom to fight
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terrorism and make the world a better place. 19 years, 10 months and $25.00 days on. this is america's legacy. destroyed and sabotaged equipment. a country brought to ruin and still in control of the talbot. that is the ultimate tragedy of the afghan war at was entirely and violently pointless. years and years of an obliging little questioning media. fooled billions into believing that there was progress that america could win total victory over the taliban to taliban flat. the end of the taliban taliban leadership on the run. and now the question is, how do you handle that success with
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it wasn't supposed to be this way. the taliban wasn't supposed to sweep the country in mere weeks. the pentagon spent a decade preparing to leave of gaston, and even they weren't ready for this. together with our eyes, we will complete our mission bear. by the end of this year, i announced a timeline for drawing down our forces. we are working to finally and america's longest war, his time ended forever. america's proudest movement of the afghan war wasn't supposed to be a humiliating evacuation under the guns of the taliban. but it was, there is absolutely nothing else to celebrate. the united states ended 20 years of war in afghanistan, the longest war and american history. we completed one of the biggest air lists in history. with more than 120000 people evacuated to safety. no nation,
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no nation has ever done anything like it in all history. the only the united states had the capacity to will the ability to do it. and we did it today. where was the afghan army, where it was the west and backed government? where did all the money go? the united states sunk more than a $100000000000.00 in her rebuilding of gather stock for reference adjusted for inflation. that is more than the united states spent on the marshal plot to rebuild europe after world war 2. and the tragedy of it is that for a civilian the side from all the american weapons and the taliban fads berries almost no evidence that any of that money ever passed through here from broken roads that lead to nowhere to abandoned hospitals from twisted contractors and corrupt leaders have janice duncan arguably be called the largest money laundering
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operation in human history. the united states is also committed to playing a leading role in the reconstruction of afghanistan. ah, ah. ah. the taliban now has more black hawk helicopters than 85 percent of the countries in the world. ah, al qaeda and isis k still exist in our growing and afghanistan, and eventually they acquire these weapons.
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ah, we now have americans stuck in afghanistan to tell van in charge the smoke more weaponry they've ever had in the past of order that is, of the taliban now controls more of the country than it did before. the u. s. invaded at new government. these field with one dynamo, bay inmates and terrorist mac dean, who even have american bounties on their heads. what washington achieved was the absolute opposite of what it intended. the bombing at campbell airport during the evacuation epitomized the afghan war, a senseless act, devoid of reason, which needless, he cut short so many lives. we will not forgive. we will not forget. we will hunt you down to make you pay.
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we've heard the same promise before 20 years ago when america was united, and when it thought that it could change the world when it thought it was invincible. and when the people believed a president's promise more, i guess the f r t couple of data start. all right, tom and no one's for another visit to the cross talk studios. find out what's got peter and guess talking today, right after the shooting me with a chill logistical list. a chilled beginning. one. is it then each one. is it all right about now? i suppose, yes, my william, he's got
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a can i see with water with a couple of minutes when you was, wasn't it that the appointment was praying? that if he's excuse you wishing that you would not recommend them wash when he gets here? no, i mean, unless you put that amount with me is power so on you with with
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with it say has to be rich to be able to afford enzyme and find the luxury that for sure. despite having the most expensive health care system in the world, we have poor life expectancy. we have higher infant mortality. we have more deaths from treatable causes. so americans are suffering every day from it. it's as if these people don't count.


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