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tv   News  RT  January 2, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm EST

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ah ah, police dogs and buttons are deployed against anti lock down demonstrators in amsterdam. it is mayor gave the order to break up the 1000 strong, illegal rally. and some of the big stories of the week just gone. germany shows down the hall with nuclear power plants, while belgian says it will close up all of its reactors within the next 3 years. as a transition to green energy is pe plus the 1000000000 death and destroyed homes and afghan whistleblower lift the lid on america's drone program. the formal operator currently in hiding from the taliban folks are on heard voices, projects throughout operations. we were not told about any civilian deaths,
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nobody told us that we had hit the wrong target. i'm in hiding alone for the way underground i live in fear speaking honestly, i am fed up with my life so you're watching the weekly here are not international. my name is peter scott, and i'll be bringing the latest. the stories that shape the news this week. first until law down demonstrators of clustering, the riot police in amsterdam, police, dogs and buttons were used to break up the illegal protest. ah ah.
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ah. 1000 people, as you saw, their rallying in the dutch capital on sunday, defying a ban. amidst the corona virus lockdown measures that have been in place in the netherlands for the last few weeks. now the right places you saw there with their battens and their shields were trying to break up. the crowds who had gathered in amsterdam to show. ringback their continued anger against the restrictions that are in place and also against vaccines that the local government, which had at lord this particular gathering had also issued an emergency ordinance which gave the police the right to head into the central museum square. and to clear those protesters from that, but to despite that protest is turned out regardless. now the netherlands has been doing this extended lockdown hour since december 19th. and as a result of that, restaurants, a shot and all known of central shops are also shut. and that's going to take place
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and continue going on until at least the middle of the month of january, public gatherings. as part of these restrictions means that no more than 2 individuals can gather at the same time together. so this protest was clearly outside of the, the block. it's absolutely against those cart measures. but despite that, we saw this chaotic scenes in amsterdam as the police and those protest as were clashing something we have seen elsewhere to know across europe. there is, is concerned that yes, we're heading into 2022. it's yes. many people who only think this is the time for fresh opportunities of fresh chance. but there are many people who really fear that the fresh restrictions that are coming in to force mean this will be essentially another groundhog here. as the authorities continue to try and grapple with the virus. just to give you an example here in france,
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there are new restrictions coming in to force. it includes a ban on eating and drinking on long distance trains and also a requirement now for children as young as 6 to wear a mosque i, when necessary. previously, it was only applied to children over the age of 11. that's a big shift here. and in, sometimes in cities, across france, there has been the regulation once again to have to wear masks outdoors. that something that is back in force here in paris. meanwhile, those who remain unvaccinated, there is some really bad news. the national assembly is going to continue debating this week a new law that would essentially curb the liberties of those who remain unvaccinated further at the moment, anyone who is not fully vaccinated, that 3 vaccines, the 2 vaccines plus the booster am, can going to restaurants and cafes, et cetera, if they show that they've got a negative p,
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c r m teaching test. but that's something that they can only hold for 24 hours and they have to pay for it. now the macro administration wants to change this yet again, essentially saying that if you're not vaccinated, it doesn't matter if you have a negative test antigen or p c, or you will not be allowed into balls, restaurants, et cetera. and you can imagine that that is going to cause a lot of consternation here in france, where around 10 percent of the population remains unvaccinated. there is anger here to resort with the new year's eve where they should have been celebrations. they were bound on fireworks on the shells, alisa and cool muted festivities. but in, despite that, there were crowds, the fewest on to the shoals, elisa, causing problems for the police there. and across the country, we saw a much lamented new year's tradition making a big come back. this is the burning and torching of cars. almost 900 vehicles
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were burned on new year's eve as part of that. now there was also, i'm good that's been felt in germany too with violent riots in some cities, including in one where they were cautious between the police and protest. is there something we seem to be seen quite a lot of in europe at the moment. the protesters setting up barricades, but then even set bo was a light. now the police say that they had to respond to almost $200.00 calls in just over 2 hours. so very busy new year's eve for police there. now all of this comes amidst another grim milestone. the pandemic shows that there have been over a 100000000 cases of covert a positive cases that have been quoted across the european region. however, to give you some light to this, this does come at a time when studies suggesting that on the chrome is less likely to damage lungs
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than previous variance, such as the delta variant or even the alpha beat of variance. and that it also provokes a less severe, adamant type of disease. so good news, but at the same time, with all the restrictions in place and the continued fear that we are seeing from authorities, many people will be questioning if this ongoing tightening of restrictions is in fact the right path to tried. germany shut down half of his remaining nuclear power stations on new years eve, thus part of his shift to more eco friendly energy in all these country with only 3 nuclear power plants, which are also plans to go offline by the end of this year. but the decision has been heavily criticized as a significant portion of german electricity does come from nuclear sources. the control now have to dramatically ramp up production from sustainable sources. and in the meantime, increases reliance on coal. busy opinions were divided among the germans. we spoke
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to who lived near one of the power plants that was closed. i sat on a former tyler. it has its pros and cons, but actually here. and bergdorf we only saw advantages. other countries are building nuclear power plants to and the question is, where do we get our electricity from? i'm and it isn't the other thing. finally, it's happening and i'm very happy about it. because you never know if an accident might occur, ortho people might try to destroy it. of course, are people in the village that see things differently because the village has become rich on taxpayer money. if you drive through the village, you'll see how much was invested in it other than i think it's an important decision by us. i think we're not there yet. we can't get from renewable energy. what we're getting from nuclear power. many locals work sir, and we have to see where they will end up, but some people will definitely lose their jobs. and germany is not alone in facing out nuclear power. belgium has also decided to shut all its reactors within the
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next 3 years. and thus, despite the fact that nuclear energy generates almost half the country's electricity, engineers have slammed the decision as counter productive the government's decision to phase out nuclear energy, the largest source of low carbon energy in belgium and to finance new fossil gas power plants is paradoxical. and counterproductive, this decision would only reinforce the predominance of fossil fuels in the belgian energy landscape. and on top of all that europe is grappling with an energy crunch this so record prices last month. we discuss this with journalist charlie boyle and he believes the pacer which green policies are being introduced is more about political gain. it's all about, like a plan and seeing cool point score and politicians may well those beliefs. but as usual, the practicalities always take. now the reality is thinking,
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inflation, a huge demand search going into winter and we, we simply can't have a situation where energy prices are going up. 1200 percent here. we need to have a proper plan around the world, the country by country as to how they can transition to renewables. what the mixture is going to be, and we're going to need to be honest about me. so don't worry which are completely scott. while europe switches to green energy households that have been left grappling with the higher cost of living, and western politicians have seized the moment to blame russia, claiming its behind the spike in fuel prices. the dusky taylor has the details. how did it happen, though? rather who's to blame, because if there's one thing, every politician knows it's that every crisis needs a guilty party. and sure enough, brussels landed on a tried and tested one. we could on the european commission to urgently open an
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investigation into possible deliberate market manipulation by gas prom and potential violation of e u. competition roles. yes, sangree that russians were warm and toasty the you accuse stay tone energy giant gas problem of being cd. and then furious that moscow wouldn't just take pity and pipe over some free, extra gas and accused the kremlin of paint dirty politics. the increase in price is for energy has deep geopolitical roots. it's part of the geopolitical bottle, rushes on it all, it's contracts, it cannot be said they are not delivering when they said they would, but it has not increased the quantities contracted full. so now at biting by a contract is foul play. o, the things people will say to dodge responsibility. and so there is no need to shift the blame, like some of our partner said trying to do. sometimes you listen to what is said on the score. you are surprised. it's just amazing as if they don't see the numbers
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i'd like to reach rate. they don't see the realities. they just cover up their own mistakes. you know, maybe brussels shouldn't have gone all in on green energy before a long cold winter may be brussels shouldn't talk of banning long term contracts with gas from before a long cold winter may be brussels shouldn't rely on the notoriously volatile spot market before a long cold winter, but sure. luton sitting in siberia with his hand on the tap. in fact he's so greedy and mean that he wanted gas front to top up europe stored supplies all the while. a solution to this crisis lies idol ever heard of nord stream to the german regulators should make this decision. they have not yet decided. of course, if we expand supplies along this route, then 100 percent, i can say with absolute certainty, the tension on the european energy market would significantly decline. and that would influence prices. of course, this is an obvious thing,
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but with the green light still not given. it seems the ears not actually that bother about it. citizens off to rural, but it's not enough to negotiate with the russian bath. if it's any consolation to the europeans, it wasn't just valley, does his political shenanigans left people bankrupt and shivering, post pandemic oil prices skyrocketed, and americans will i fucking out more on fuel than they had since 2014, which would have been bad enough by itself. but then historic inflation hit, this is a historic inflation report, inflation has it a 31 year high with prices rising to more than double. we've seen in recent decades, everything going up and up in up in prices. new numbers showing inflation surging to its fastest pace in nearly 40 years. following up she came year though it's pretty windy outside, it's very windy. i almost felt coming up with myself. i didn't was determined to prove those haters wrong and show he was up to the task at same time,
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he obviously wasn't going to admit that his own warren oil was to blame, spoilt or not killing pipelines, halting oil nieces and proposing to tax the industry into oblivion all within the space of 11 months makes the market jittery. so instead he found, you guessed it, the guilty party, if you take a look at, you know, gas prices and you take a look at the oil prices. so that is a consequence of thus far, the refusal of russia or for the opec nations to pump more or of course it is, but to really make himself look the compromising innocent good guy. and all this he did make one little dredge announcing that the largest ever release from the u. s. strategic petroleum reserve till provide the supply we need, as we recover from this pandemic, guess how many barrels of oil a day the u. s. consumes around 20000000. how many barrels did bite and release?
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50000000. 2 and a half days was not exactly a big when about big enough to come out looking like a decisive leader taking action. after all, sometimes all that matters is that you'll seen to be doing something, even if you do fail to win them all over. the reason gas prices are going up is because the oils and louisiana and taxes and the dipstick sir, and wash the say 2021. the people prayed the lights wouldn't get caught. also, the year politicians showed that it's a crime that to let a good crisis go to waste of gun drawn operators working for the u. s. were kept in the dark about civilian deaths. that's according to a whistleblower who's spoken to archie about his job during the u. s. warrant terror. now he's currently in hiding from the teller. been in fear for his life and even refuses to contact his family to keep them safe. but he shut his door without his own heard voices, projects, ballet all. we live in
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a horrible situation. very bad conditions within i honestly, i am fed up with my life that's not about so i'm in hiding alone with the way underground. yeah, i can't go outside. i'm hopeless for somebody. i ask myself, do i have the right to live a peaceful life in my own homeland or not it me said straight. and i wish i had been born in a different country to me at the decimal. got the telling me the only one mm. for pillow top, we had to operate our drones. i was an 8 alice today. and then the same at night there was a u. s. company and the afghan government was signed an agreement with them. so we were employed by this company, they scam eagle with
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each month one, pilots conducted 17. is it 20 drone strikes? it could be more than that, but not less with data throughout our operations, we were not told about any civilian deaths. nobody told us that we had hit the wrong target to that, and the statistics on this were out of our control. we didn't have access to this data.
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ah ah ah, he said, i mean at the pool we lost a couple of our pilots in the last days of our work and fin after the taliban. so cova and one was arrested and cobbled. and the 2nd, when he was visiting his family, some drawing pilots were also beaten and humiliated eligible and 3 or 4 of our colleagues are missing with a even the closest relatives don't know where they are in problem sex. age stay, blanket is leading. the continued diplomatic efforts to ensure safe facets for any american afghan partner or foreign national. who wants to leave afghanistan. what we are doing every single minute of every single hour of every single day is working to create safe passage for all civilians, including the afghans who work for us to the airport to get them on planes and get them out. we worked intensely to evacuate and relocate afghans who worked alongside
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us in our particular risk. reprisals are committed to them. has no deadline. oh, let me put it this way. yes, i've lost my own people. no, i'm hiding at different places. i can't stay in one place. i can't meet my family, follow. i don't even know how my family is doing now. i can't see them with my colleagues. we can't see or contact each other because we are afraid the taliban now tapping our phones. eulu, now we all hopeless. we have lost our way. what can we do? and what will they do to us? we'll counting our last breaths because they might kill us today or tomorrow. i'm a, i have one son staying with me and when he goes out to buy something to eat, he says he is afraid of being killed lot yet. so there is no want to help us in this situation. i live in fear and i have to wonder why i was born in this hell. i
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am a human being, i have the right to free life. the u. s. lead mission in afghanistan previously held the drone program as a success. instead, he provided the american, but after all me, with the capability to operate the system on its own. for more stories on how the war on terror enough going to some change lives. feel free to head over to our on heard voices, projects that are t dot com. britain's daily cove infection rates hit more than 160000 on new year's day. and with the health care system, a full stretch is claim the pandemic is. think of the patient sidelines and their lives puts at risk parents and campaign to say vulnerable children are being discriminated against to for your bed space while also highlighting a spike in do not to be so states orders for children with down syndrome and autism
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. we spoke to one mother, he was asked to sign one for own song when she said it, all right, well just in case because, you know, and that's my son's life that you're asking with each site or no, no. i haven't been asked that. my other 2 children, i mean, she has down syndrome, but that's got nothing today when we're shipping tight. so now he was in the right and she was asking him a lot of questions. and he a con i, he's a, he understands. and i think luckily for him and i, and i asked me because he was, i'm 16 anyway. i wanted to say are the parents. i know there are 7 children say in one respects i was glad he was on the 6th day because the others where i was
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16 and where else themselves do not miss the state's orders off. it's a people who are gravely ill and won't signed. doctors won't perform cpr to help we start the patients heart. but in the u. k, do not wish to state orders are increasingly being offered for teenagers with autism. a condition that affects some 700000 people in britain, teenagers with down syndrome are also affected over the national health service in says it is not discriminating and says the blanket policies are inappropriate. cornwall, it begs to differ where every child and every ad though, it's got the right, especially to life. and i just don't understand why there's a difference in society for anyone, discrimination, of even the question b, a n n. why are people with adults children elderly while we why on trade differently with the lack of he must say,
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given the health care system i deserve on the social system, i did that, i get the and i just was painted under extreme cab again today with higher than the and i just isn't as the government needs to pull their finger out. and so, you know, just out and isn't it not easily our kids to say, oh, your children are not valuable with everyone else's children. so they're not going to be put on that list. list i was arc isn't it will lead you out. the dumbest idea, because there's not a lot of, we're not so fair. an indigenous leader in new zealand is accusing australia of using this country as a dumping ground for criminals. the national mario authority chairman, was camera to scrap its policy of deporting new zealanders when convicted. it is not good enough that new zealand is becoming
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a penal colony for australia and just deporting your problem. why does not solve the problem of gangs in both australia and new zealand? it is not good enough just to say we're going to stick a whole lot of people in applying on a government chat, applying and seen them back to new zealand. that is not the spirit of friendship. and that you would expect between 2 neighbors. under australian law, if foreign nationals a sentence to more than a year in prison, they automatically lose the right to stay in the country. that's applies even if they've lived in australia their entire lives from new zealand. does. the removal of that right is even more troubling as both australians anew zealand is supposed to be free to visit live and work in each of the countries. the last couple of years though, have seen hundreds of new zealanders sent back home australia as immigration minister has defended the policy saying that governments will continue to expel foreign nationals who commit serious offenses. although matthew to khaki says it
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will be better if they work with new zealand to find more appropriate solutions. now i also did that australian citizens, you know, it's easy just to deport the problem away. and australians want exactly what we want. we want safe communities. we do not want to say drugs being sold to our children. we are sick and tired of saying gun violence on our streets. one possible solution is a joint task force to address a couple of different things. and even though our police forces, they do share information at data or an intelligence at the moment. and it would be good to see if we could just increase and including investing and joint resources. and that, that means also having a look at information and intelligence to find out where these drug supply networks are establishing themselves across southeast asia, even into the pacific. and then let's do their job together as australia and new zealand and had an experience. and thus,
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the way the weak loads here on oxy international, my name's peter scott reporting live from moscow. thank you for watching. mm hm. with ah, louis. things that have happened in the world were being done by people who had a great vision of how society could be better. but that great vision is typically the left hemisphere representation is not real. it doesn't take into account any of the complexity of the reality. the subtlety of various and complex people, i post them into categories as this lot is bad, we'll get rid of them. you know and change is an organic process. change is an evolution and the opposition is not to gene the status and everything must stay the
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same and everything must be radically changed. radical change is not the way that tooth this isn't an orphanage. even to see children have been kid for the funds house. i have come about my, my mom with much of these kids. i should many goals. michelle, in the middle nation. i shannon nanny's violin. mom was violet that dana mom. yes. my city with
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knowing it. i me okay. allow me to buckle a book. i love you flow voluble. i love me. i mean it's not, i use a hotel, i'm checking on, you know, some young under discussion on, on the shuttle. i can the demon feel feel i got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on, often very dramatic development, only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult, time. time to sit down and talk also
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happening tonight. the fight continues in manatee county. jose a company now wants to expand their mining operations, but many of their neighbors tell a be see actually news reporter at a wider. they fear another environmental mess. it's not only just my organic farm, it's our natural resources. it's our very precious land and water dang was among the doesn't to spoke out against mosaic. the 2nd full day of hearings held by manatee county commissioners deciding whether to change the zoning of the property, called wingate east to allow mosaic to mine phosphate one drive through west central. ready rural florida and it is clear that mosaic is turning our region into a banana republic. mm. anything that's coming from there, from missouri beach into here, and come through all these properties right here. garrett's in organic farmer. and
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he just lost, as you sta, organic status, because mosaic was able to rezone 16000 acres in their own mind. and that actually borders these wetlands that we're looking at, and the wetlands border garrett's farm. the u. s. government says that any a radiation exposure is dangerous to human health, whereas florida has made slightly different rules so that they can accommodate phosphate mining and agriculture. sir garrett is decided to take them to court. you know this, i mean, it must be extremely stressful. this process all yeah, mining is stressful. foster my stress or what does it community, what does to your household? i mean, my wife and i, we've had a lot of issues now. i, she, she feels like you shannon try to take on a global phosphate giant for, you know, some things that were standing for, i mean, they are fringed on my way of life. and i hate to me, this is more of a constitutional machine. mm. mosaic matchers themselves. they then give
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them vales of those results to.


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