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ah, wonderful winners. no animals, harrison ah ah, holding my breath. oh my god with mm ah ah, for the battle of sorts took center stage to day to soto county at issue these 14000 acres of land mosaic wants to mine phosphate here. commissioner is already shut that down, but as like to support a break, hollandsworth explains now to day they negotiate to mind or not to mine. a very
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simple we don't want any further soften after already getting shut down by the federal commissioners. last summer was inc. is once again talking with county leaders about rezoning property it owns within the county to my boss, fate. neighbors, voice environmental concerns at a mediation today, they're taking up in destroying from waste ads, the plants and trees and everything that protects them and felt his allotted. clark don't who live near the peace river also worried a mining fate will be crease. his property value, who we want to buy a home, it can be toxic mediation, even drawing in neighbors from surrounding areas. many say it's a topic that's bigger than dakota county. unbeknownst to miss residency, there's an accounting entity, counties in salt lake county, a portion of our drinking water on the surface water component is from the peace river in advance. representative says, the environmentally conscious and hoax,
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the mediation will help them reach middle ground floor is very strict regulation and we're very proud of meeting those regulations and we take very good care of the water. we are now in our back once we home and we've been collecting so many samples that we didn't do all the field tests because takes a little bit of time and, and precision. and we were jumping into places we necessarily were necessarily allowed to be. now that we had water from the mine itself, we were able to take a look at the different levels that it has. and what we wanted to do was test various bodies of water to see if they had matching levels, which would show that it was all treated water and came from the same spot. so this is some of the test water fell on my arm when i was transferred it over you created guys,
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everything south has this much phosphate. so there's a consistency, there's to be no phosphate in every single star spot. we grab it, everything is pretty consistent. which is weird because he's not the same body of water. but a mind not at my point. every single test that bases say that nice is nice and there's no oxygen, water. and then of user bodies, the connect and then coming down to sack same result. age is weird. the only thing in common, they all have mosaic out, ah, these tests prove to us that the high total phosphate and the low dissolved oxygen means it's almost impossible for fish to live in these waters. so we decided to send the samples into the lab for further testing. and what we found was astonishing. now the e p a has set the standard for $300.00 peak of curies per liter. and what we found
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was dumped in over 4000. ah, since the municipalities pull water from the peace river, we decided to test yellow menchie, school, water fountain. and what we found is that it was above the acceptable, safe limit of $300.00 and with the proven link between radon in cancer, it became very obvious. the mosaics ran off was affecting children's health all over the state and with so many cancer clusters, i couldn't figure out why the state would not even address a cancer cluster is a higher than expected number of the same type of cancer in a specific area over a set time period for a similar group of people. no, the physicians would be willing to speak on camera about the connection between environmental factors and cancer's. matter of fact, there was only one study done in 2010. and when it was given to the state, it was shill, so i found to catch up with cell 1000000000 fight for 0 dot org,
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who has spent the last few years, tracking cancer clusters and bringing attention to them. succeeding where the state failed in 2013 my uncle, our family dog, my brother, who was 21 years old, myself and my father were all diagnosed with cancer. my brother and i bought the same exact cancer, which is hodgkin's lymphoma like cancer. our uncle and our dog passed away and my father is still fighting bone cancer. you know, course everybody goes to the o it's genetic and you know, must run in your family. we have no family history. a cancer or our case was so unique. we were invited to get a genetic testing then, and the genetic testing showed that we had no mutating genes. so what that usually means is that it's environmentally cost course that that started me on my journey. so in 2014, i began this hold just crowdsourcing epr,
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and from that time frame until about 2018, i just continue to research collect information i collected anything. i could, everybody called me crazy. they said are waters fine. you're just paranoid, just because your family got cancer, doesn't mean it was caused by something, you know, you always hear those typical things. we're finding that there's her that have had, this is an example. somebody had lymphoma, they moved, sold that home, and the next room honors child had lymphoma. wow. and we're finding that not just with one home, we're finding that in several cases where people have moved from that exact home and it's a totally different family. and they're getting diagnosed with similar cancers. natalie, we decided was do water testing in those areas. let's do environmental testing in those areas. and that's when we found we started finding stuff in the water
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so we can kind of connect, you know, as a environmental health, it's always about environmental health. and so i created the man because i wanted to give us that vision and to be able to look in when i started getting up into the 400 mark and then the 800 diagnosed and one little zip code like one little area i started to wonder what is this normal one i even called the department of health and they tried to tell me yeah, because i said, is it normal for a whole family and neighbors to be getting diagnosed around the same time with similar cancer isn't and they're like, yeah, that's normal people get cancer, i got cancer, you know, so it was just like a really odd response to a concern that we had in we're, we're crowdsourcing this data and we're seeing why isn't, isn't that the state seeing this information wire, you know, what are they doing with our data because they're required, the doctors are required to change in all of our cancer diagnosis as to the state.
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so what exactly are they doing with that that i mean for me i think that's really important information to take into consideration for the health and safety of communities across the entire state of florida. i was really surprised when stell was talking about the department of health reaction. i mean they defined themselves as a department that is there to prevent disease of environmental origin. so i decided to take the water test we had done and go visit the department of health myself. i wanted to see what they thought about the water test results. talk about the geiger counter results. see what test protections are available for citizens and what the state is do with all these cancer diagnosis. and it turns out the department of health is on a park property where mosaic had paid for other innovations. ah, and although phosphate is natural for bodies too much of it, like the levels we found in the test that we ran,
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can cause kidney damage and osteoporosis. ah, and finding out more about the wire service. do you guys have anything that tests for radiation? we haven't had that and i try a fussy person in thank you. appreciate you taking water samples. you found incredible one phosphate because a lot of people love sincere concern, especially to so you know, with the possibility of my screen and they won't. and maybe you can help me. the reason that i'm curious, i'm working on the documentary about what's happening here in just the mining is have any effect of the whole health public relations. okay. okay, thank you. it's interesting that as soon as i
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mentioned mining, i went to the peer person. oh yes. hi. yes. nice to meet you. phoenix valley. thank you so much. now our mission, just a quick question for you. okay. well mm. ah, it became really obvious that the state of missouri worked together. there's a cancer in the body politic. and the watchdog for the industry has now become on their guard. doug, you developments in a breaking aid on your side investigation of big apology from mosaic to its neighbors, the community and polk county for keeping a contaminated little secret. so why the big case a, we're sorry. well, for failing to timely notify people living near us, new wells planted mulberry of a sinkhole that suck hundreds of millions of gallons of radioactive water into the
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aquifer. senior investigative reporter, steve andrews, broke the story last week. he's back tonight with an important update that includes that over do a policy at this point today. hey, this whole is getting bigger, it's widening. it appears as all the walls are eroding cracking, separating it looks as though it's about to collapse a florida department of environmental protection claims. it's all over this, but the guardians of our environment. i've been dead silent about this. all of this from the get go. po county officially became aware of the single september night. it failed to notify the public to did you do enough? as far as notifying our constituents the, the problem is what do you tell them? you know, we had hospital danger coming your way. join me every thursday on the alec saline show, but i'll be speaking to guess of the world of politics, sport business,
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i'm show business. i'll see you then o s, things that have happened in the world were being done by people who had a great vision of how society could be better. but that great vision is typically the less than the sheer representation is not real. it doesn't take into account any of the complexity of reality, the subtlety of how various and complex people are put them into categories as this lot is bad. we'll get rid of them. you know, and change is an organic process. change is an evolution and the opposition is not between the status and everything must stay the same and everything must be radically changed. a radical change is not the way that kills.
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i'm with a my, with water, with machine that i did with no, i mean logical, but that amount with power to start with the
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commissioners, i've spoken with feel was up to mosaic, to make use of the sink hole and aquifer contamination. public constituents don't let mosaic, they elect you folks to the county commissioners and county commissioners as far as i know, or polk county government didn't let the public know that your responsibility, anna, ah, morally, yes. tallahassee. today, d e p agency, responsible for guarding our environment. couldn't risk deputy director gary clark away fast enough for mar mike vassal and we can set something up please. oh, you haven't. we've tried to reach you for 3 or 4 days and you don't return our calls and you are avoiding this. again, i just don't understand why i don't want to say we made in the same calling to know that i was chuckling about 1st of all. mm hm. and aside from local politicians and mining areas, they spend a lot of lobbying over $480000.00 at ballard partners over $830000.00 on a lobbyist that has one person and they reach out and get people at the state level
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that can deregulate enriques, that's a great example. after removing $700000000.00 worth of protection money for florida's waterways, he then gutted the entire f t p replacing it with lobbyists and corporate insiders . that normally worked on getting the permits for mosaic and other corporations. he shrank the permitting process from 44 days down to 2 days, got ordered, his new staff, quote, where noncompliance occurs despite your best efforts and education and outreach. your 1st consideration should be whether you can bring about a return to compliance without enforce. this approach started the hands off of the f t p, and the creation of compliance assistance letters instead of finding the polluters, the d. b actually worked with them in order to ensure business continues is huge for the doors mixed up and was a revolving door between hopping green and sams,
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which is mosaics lawyers and the f d e p. and i actually got to see the relationship mosaic and the state 1st norma kilburn, he called me and asked if she could use one of the water reports that we got from the mine to give to jon codes from the f t p. because mosaic was trying to renew, apparently, turns out john codes actually called the lab. when i heard this, i reached out to the lab myself. and they confirmed that john coach had contacted them. and they had told john codes that they do not look at the source of the water sample. in order to get a true reading, junko then writes to norma that he has spoken with the program director, who indicated they did not know the sample was collected from surface water. and their test is designed for reporting rate on exclusively from drinking water samples. he said this test is simply not applicable. so one shot codes was able to discredit the high rate on level of that report. he was then able to give a generic answer back to norma and approve the permit for mosaic after all. now
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a little bit of the food chain from john codes is adam blaylock. now adam blaylock used to be a mosaic lawyer. now he's the deputy secretary and he is in charge of all 5 state water management districts, water supply, planning, water use, permitting, any overseas ecosystem restoration, which in mining is called reclamation watch, reclamation ecology come on. i'll show you with there's a, it is a global leader in the science of reclamation, the colony we're putting in the word right here at home, innovative environmental technology, natural habitat for native landline and sometimes reviving streams that haven't existed for a century for science and stewardship the science of mosaic, when mosaics applying for permits and different counties, they have to submit what's called
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a reclamation plan. and this is the idea that when they're done mining, they're going to put the land back to use and turn it into nature. so in essence, in their philosophy, they're only borrowing the land to extract the minerals and then return it as was, and sometimes even better. the reality is far different than that. a lawsuit filed in federal court claims developers and pull county failed to notify thousands of new homeowners that they are living on contaminated land. the lawsuit claims no one including drummond, notified the plaintiff class, members of the significantly elevated cancel risks posed by the presence of radon gas, gamma radiation or concerns raised by the federal e p. a. it goes on to say in 1975, the e p. a administrator informed the governor of florida that the e p. a had found elevated levels of radiation in buildings constructed on land reclaimed from phosphate mining areas and recommended that construction of new
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buildings on phosphate mining lands be discouraged. and in 2022 more community sued after being built on reclaimed land and a lot of the tenants getting cancer. we visited a community built on old mining land, 2 blocks away from the communities that are suing currently. and you would have no idea how radioactive it is on these lance. how many homes are very sold in the neighborhood? 1010. not only are family homes built on former mines, but still are public parks. this is one of the more popular ones, hardy lakes park, ah leg and for green community they go time thing, but any kind of community that ms. a is around. we've had 1st birthdays here in history and even made it more exciting to have 2nd and 3rd, and 4th and 5th birthdays here that really get opportunity for i can come there and get together and compare. what reclamation can eli and not many people know that it's not many people know that it's reclamation. i think this is really the problem
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. they take up all the fields, becomes radioactive. they placed her back on top of it and then turn them into public areas with no notification possible side effects of radiation. one of the interesting signs here is you can see that all the trees are at the exact same level. when they reclaim land, they plant the trees the same time. mm hm. now aside from just covering the land with some dirt and planting trees at the same time, they also bring in what's called reject rock from the mines. this is the rock that's left over when they pull the phosphate out of the ground and separated from the uranium. so once mosaic has this radioactive rock, they can't sell it. they gave it to the counties who then use it, adding it to rose band and i've heard of a famous rock pile here in hardy lakes park that the kids like to plan. okay,
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love. oh my god. wow. he's playing oh, dr. right up with the paper, the truck we were really surprised to see the white truck following us still, but we want to let him go by before we jumped out with the geiger counter. ah, ah ah . with children thing on this, right. well, we had to know how radioactive it was in 100 is the maximum recommended safe limit for exposure. at this level of radiation,
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these kids are very high probability of getting cancer, maybe notches from one visit, but from repeated exposure. ah, this is one of the highest level of c p. m. 's. we've seen since we've heard the geiger, ah, we are just right behind me. are all the rocks that they bring from the mines. and we just hear saddam and they're reading over. busy 450 and these children of implying here to high school, high blinking my hopes that we could get them to remove this. this is not natural here that they brought this here from the mine. it's rejected, rock that fell off the side while they were getting it loaded or whatever through the process. they didn't want it. so they loaded here as a dump site. this is not natural, this is not good road, it's on all these roads. all the cam flies if the boat ramp, it's at the playground. it's at the store at 4 corner. so if they get,
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they can remove this to lower the radiation levels here than 8 out the all right, but they're just ignoring that they're not doing anything. they came out here to the health department and experts came out here. they see that it's high levels of radiation, yet they don't, they just kind of like, you know, ignore it. mm. ah, let check it out. it's the geiger counter. these rocks come from the phosphate mining company and they dump them here. then it's, yeah, we get this, we're already up 280100. is anything over 100 dangerous, prolonged exposure. how are you? that's great if we wanted to bring it down and test this area cuz everyone kept here. i mean, it was, it wasn't like like long enough almost 400 in wow. yeah. and
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here the whole rock. yeah. only kids playing it right. yeah. well yeah, yeah. we just went to the rock. my measured over 4050. he's always claiming. yeah, i always the kids in there. ah, i could not believe what i've seen every single place we went and put a geiger counter down or every place. so we took a water sample from had cancer causing levels. the people in florida are actually fighting a few cancers, the 1st being the disease which still remains the number one cause of death in florida. and the 2nd is that mosaic moves like cancer. once it's used up the resource, it has to expand for its own survival. but the 3rd one may be the deadliest of all the cancer of the body politic. for people that were regulating are polluters,
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have now joined them into every day. they allow cancers that can be stopped to continue to happen. and as our only defense is eroded away, we pay the price with our health. and with mosaic and the state having such a cozy relationship, the only people that could step in were the federal e p a. but when the e p a started to be run by a former coal lobbyist, they actually deregulated all water protections, leaving the people in florida to fend for themselves. but this problem is bigger than florida. it's not only nationwide, it's worldwide 24 hours a day. factories are pumping cancer, causing chemicals into local waterways, all with the government's approval and over 1000000000 people a year pay the price by getting a chronic illness. and even though a lot of these polluters are multi nationals, the way they do business can be forced to change by the voice of the citizens and with childhood cancer rates up 30 percent since the 19 seventies and access to
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clean water disappearing day by day local communities have stood up to these giants taking their environment back. and joining this world wide movement is easy. it begins when you asked simple question, what in my water ah, ah ah, ah, ah,
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ah, ah, ah, to what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms. race is often very dramatic, development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk what happened? i make no sense. you know, borders and blind to tease and
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you parish as a merge, we don't have a charity, we don't on the back seat. the whole world needs to take action and to be ready, people are judgment. 2 common crisis with we can do better, we should be doing better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great, the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with back. kaiser's financial saliva. no, they say maybe the girl i wanted to do this is our central bag support. donna gonna
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call them right now and say stop the mad. oh rado became a test bed for medical and then later recreational marijuana and it started with some things. so in a say, and i was wanting to socialize, everybody does it? so i cannot and then it just keeps going and going and going. i'm just going to do it was yeah, and that it's oh i'm just going to try this one and then never do it again because the one my phone was one and i read on inside. ok. and you surround yourself with people who are encouraging you to do it not to stop or it felt like my life was over, jumped office about the balcony and died. mm. he knew he just couldn't stop.
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ah, police dogs and buttons are deployed against anti locked demonstrators in amsterdam . the city's mayor gave the order to break up the 1000 strong, illegal rally. and in some of the big stories of the week, just gone. germany shut down half of its nuclear power plant, while belgium says it will close all of its reactors to within the next 3 years. as the transition to green energy gathered pace plus civilian deaths and destroyed homes and african whistleblower, lift the lid on america's drone program. former operator, currently in hiding from the taliban talks to ortiz unheard voices project. speaking honestly, i router operations. we were not told about any civilian deaths,
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nobody told us that we had hit the wrong target. so i'm in hiding.


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