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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  January 1, 2022 9:30pm-10:00pm EST

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when sponsored new service, that even the new york times ones called quote, a worldwide propaganda network built by the ca, unquote. so we can forget that meaningless source. next, the u. s. government, if you trust their claims, then you should probably just give up on life because the, the part of your brain, the questions, anything is dead and shrivelled. so we're done with that source. now, the australian strategic policy institute does not. again, no, i believe, you know, go back to playing bona rang and cooking kangaroo on the barbara or some next up, adrian then, now i've covered adrian's as before. he's a lovely, very nice evangelical christian from germany, who believes, believe that he's at war with china and that all jews will be burned in a fiery furnace. when the time's come, he really said that he also has been shown to completely misinterpret data. that's
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a nice word for lie. when it comes to accusing china of all kinds of crazy stuff, i'm pretty sure he said he had proved that china was indeed the cause of his small penis so. so across in him, off las wow, that is a northerly group of sources so far. that's like a friend just saying i have, i have it on reliable authority that user the best. all of your money in a craft crappy oak pudding because the stock is about to jump, 500 percent. and then you find out that the stores says for your friend stock tip are 3 tapio ca putting salesmen, a dog and an anti semitic pedophile. but that still leaves human rights watch, right? that's silly them. they salad yet, you know, but they to signed off on this extensive report. well, as the grades on points out,
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human rights watch was created in 1978, mostly as a u. s. presume chains tool, back then they come out to their time accusing the soviet block of human rights abuses. never noticing any of america's extensive list of human rights abuses. and to this day, human rights watch continues to almost exclusively accuse americans adversaries of violations. and they're mostly funded by our old friend, john. oh, but that's all stark. you. they can make him look a little more faster. man. like, i don't know much better sorrows is a hedge fund billionaire who believes he's that war with communism and that china is out to get him pretty odd that someone like sorrows who survive the holocaust is allied with adrian then who believes all jews will burn in a fiery furnace, but here we are. okay. the head of human rights watch is
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a man named kenneth ross under raw leadership, human rights watch justified the nato military intervention and livia, after to collecting, to oppose the us invasion of iraq. it is also refused to call for an end of us saudi assault on yemen that has produced the worst humanitarian crisis in the world . human rights watch has campaign ceaselessly for toppling leftist government across latin america. so kind of ross and human rights watch, defend all human rights. as long as it's not human being destroyed by the american empire, those human rights are a little less important. and by a little, i mean a lot. and by a lot, i mean, not important at all. so back to the big chart. oh, there are some sources for this extensive report. there are no awesome sources for this extensive reports. every once in a while, our military industrial complex looks at their weapons and goes. i wonder what they
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will do to large numbers of unsuspecting human beings. if only we had large numbers of human beings to test it on and then they go, oh my god, we have low demands is backing humans right here at home. this is someone citing, it's our lucky day. so let's begin. on september 20th 1950, a u. s. navy ship just off the coast of san francisco, used a giant hose to spray a cloud of microbes into the air and into the city fog. the military was testing how a biological weapon attack would affect the $800000.00 residents of the city. so they perpetrated a biological attack on american citizens to find out what would happen in a biological attack. great idea really is why i dropped the nuclear bomb on eagle
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by south dakota to see what the fall out of being that they're telling me that it's eagle butte. but we all know one man's blood is another man's beauty. and if you don't believe that and kiss my beauty, but no, i'm not making this up in one of the largest human experiments in history or military covered the people of san francisco with 2 kinds of bacteria. surveys show march the sens and back fill of global g. pretty sure i know that the gas attack thick and many and was known to kill at least one man according to rebecca crested at discover magazine. this event was one of the largest offences of the nuremberg code since its inception, because the cold requires voluntary informed consent to, you know, hit people with bio weapons. unless you're trying to kill them. in which
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case i think the informed consent is off the table. you gotta wonder who don't sign off on these projects, sir, we'd like to gas the people of san francisco. you may, you know, god damn queer repairs time. how many of them will die? probably just view. only a couple. o, too bad. go ahead and do it any way. we'll find a way to up those numbers later down the road. but that experiment was not the end of such things. it was just the beginning. over the next 20 years, the military would conduct $239.00 germ warfare tests. overpopulated areas, according to news reports from the 1900 seventy's. after the secret test had been revealed in the new york times, the washington post associated brett and other publications and also detailed in
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congressional testimony from the 1970s. after it came out, the government explained that the goal was to deter the use of biological weapons and be prepared for them. yes, of course we want to deter biological weapons attacks on americans by dropping biological weapons on americans. first, our enemies will never see a carbon plus, why would they attack us with germ warfare? if we do it to ourselves, we're crazy. you can threaten to kill a man if he wants to die. we're a country, a 1000000. why? gold? who know what? we're going to do brilliant, just brilliant. of the 239 biological and chemical warfare test by our military. some were done across the midwest to see how the pathogen would spread throughout the country. and what asked why military planes were dispersing unknown clouds of
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over cities. they claimed they were testing a way to mask the cities from enemy bombers. yeah, yeah. we're just, we're just covering the shady ob, from, from the bad guys. she's covered with a warm blanket of bacteria. there's a go protective germ blanket all cozy and say from from the, from the bad guy who are not on the bed. a bad guy and other people who are not currently hitting you with bio weapons that are not knocked down later them now or later them later them just later we're just doing our part serve in our country. a platter of germs. many across the country. a calling right now, the strike tobar. tens of thousands of us workers are either on strike or planning to go on strike soon. that's so interesting. you know, you, you treat workers like for
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a long time while the rich get richer and richer and richer and richer and richer and richer and richer. and apparently a dumb hole in the work is, go you. oh, good. govern. you'd need a mad gate ball. we'd be more dues doors room and a main ring to see that common. can the ring tell you what kind of mood the countries workers are right now? it jolly it jolly kellogg nabisco. john deere, parts of hollywood and more hospitals in california, are bracing for strikes as workers, protests, staff, shortages, as weary health care workers enter the 19th month of the pandemic 1000 walking off the job and onto the picket line, demanding more staffing. even m b. c. news says many low wage workers have had enough, they're demanding increased wages, meal and rest breaks better benefits and shorter shift they want male bribes.
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what did they just get their nutrients the way my hard working band happy did to up them, but that's a manly way. or maybe maybe that was a tube down the throat and something else up that doesn't matter. i can't remember, it doesn't matter. pulling it meal break to lose or wimps and some mafia, king pants, that it. or maybe just maybe american workers have been crushed long enough. maybe the strikes are a sign of a grave illness in the system. a sign that the workers aren't willing to put up with being treated like property any more. and behind every strike. we can all feel the potential for a much larger revolution because every strike helps define the 2 sides, the workers, versus the capital. it's owners a strike even if it doesn't achieve everything is set out for remind everyone who are the exploit in it and who are the exploiters?
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any explain cur. the ruling elite have a lot of tools at their disposal. they on the court, the police, the mainstream media, and they have the ability to hire desperate people lovingly called scabs to try and break the strike. john deere, whose workers were on strike this week, have tried to use scabs. but on the 1st day of doing so, here was the theme outside the factory. oh, it seems that the went wrong. yeah, so it turns out experience workers are useful when building heavy machinery don't say i thought a john deere tractor was put together like an i k, a futon. you just look at the picture and yeah, and you don't do what the frowning face is doing. in 1980 the american petroleum institute, internal c o. 2 and climate task force meats and science. as john lockerman reports
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in 2005, they'll be a one degrees celsius. rise in temperatures that would be barely noticeable by 2038, 2.5 degrees celsius. rise with major economic consequences. 2067. a 5 degree celsius. rise with globally catastrophic affects. wow. if only someone had listened to him or i don't know. told the general public this is still what we're talking about is still to decade before george w bush was making fun of al gore for acting like climate change was real. also in 1980. the american petroleum institute publishes to energy futures, a policy booklet that advocates expanded coal, oil and gas production for decades in the whole booklet. they don't mention their understanding of the harms of climate change. so this marks the 1st known public climate dis information. then in 1981, exxon concludes
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a c o 2 study and internally says in direct control measures such as energy conservation or shifting to renewable sources represent the only options that might make sense. yet, even as they're saying that internally in their own goddamn offices outside, they're telling everyone else having a 5, what are you talking about? he said, planet now. don't look down. no, it's not 80 degrees in february, and it's called burger. i'm cold. i need, i need to find my scar. no, no, no, i'm not sweating profusely. no, those are face. i think on the face, sickle and drippy drippy phased circles were toto, quite brag, but i'll be right back with the rest of the best redacted. tonight. 2021. so driven by a dreamer shaped bank for some of those with
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there's sinks, we dare to ask in a test bed for medical and then later recreational marijuana and it started with something so innocent. i was wanting to socialize. everybody does it? so why can i and then it just keeps going and going and going. i'm just going to do it was yeah. and then it's, i'm just going to try this was never do it again because they want my phone was in the morning and i have you right on inside. okay. and you surround yourself with
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people who are encouraging you to do it not to stop or it's all my life was over. jump office about the balcony and died. mm. you just couldn't stop. i was diagnosed with cancer in 2000 lives. when the doctors told me the cancer was incurable, i knew i had to make a change. so i decided to travel to one of the most toxic places in america. florida. one of florida is biggest industries and best kept secrets is phosphate and the biggest layer is $85000000000.00 industry is mosaic i. there are reports of millions of gallons of contaminated water now blowing into the florida aquifer name from there's a chronic i don't want to hear that word poets,
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but that's what it is. i'm in 2013 my all our family dog, my brother, who was 21 years old, myself and my father were all diane, rob did. they brought a black hole and they could play. right? yeah. maybe they'll actually learn more help is more important than welcome back. redacted denied. i'm still the camp, and here's the rest of the best redacted denied 2021 slate. i mean prison. labor may not exactly sound wholesome, but it is the smartest way for these companies. to get their employees back, instead of offering their former workers' more money and safe conditions, they can just say fine, you don't want to work for us at these wages. we'll just wait for you to get poor
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enough to be swallowed up by the criminal justice system and you'll end up having to work for us anyway for even less. who says crime doesn't pay. some of this work though, pays even more than on the outside. in kansas prisoners from the topeka correctional facility get paid $14.00 an hour to work on a russell stover. candy production line. that's almost twice the federal minimum wage. that $14.00, though does come with some licorice strings attached. the state of kansas also deduct 25 percent of prisoners pay for room and board, and another 5 percent goes toward a victims one. the prisoners also must pay for gas for the nearly 2 hour bus ride to and from the plant. in kansas is defense. they do have a lot of victims who have been impacted by a wide range of disasters, especially around small ville. elsewhere, states like texas in delaware are setting up work release programs with the restaurant industry that will train convicts when they're in prison, then hire them once they get out. it's
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a group on level deal for the restaurants anyway. usually, companies have to pay trainees, but not anymore. and i'm like, all those ungrateful coven quitters living off on employment ex. cons won't have any better options, so bosses can pay them next to nothing. it'll probably get awkward. it's shake shack when a customer asks is my order ready? i just heard buzzing, and they'll have to say no. that's just my ankle bracelet. contracts negotiated between prisons and private industries, stipulate that a certain number of prisoners will always work for these companies. meaning there needs to be a certain number of people who become prisoners in the 1st place. these perverse incentives have created a vicious self perpetuating cycle of crime and incarceration. pretty soon, career counselors are going to be saying the kids be considered counterfeited. you sure know how to work a printer? no. russell stover didn't pay me to say that. of course, it is a good thing for the incarcerated to receive help finding work when they leave
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prison. but their pay and working conditions should be the same as everyone else's . the real motivation behind these programs isn't altruism. for capitalists, the point is to drive down wages overall by forcing workers to compete with literal slave what i mean. prison labor. just something to think about when you're reading russell, still, that 30 energy companies are using the energy charter treaty to sue countries for future earnings. an obscure clause that allows companies to see when a country harm stir investment. it was meant to secure richer nations foreign investments in developing countries with unreliable legal systems. and we governments like the u. s. what the canadian company t c. energy is suing the american government for $15000000000.00 in los profits
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after the byte in administration cancelled the very unpopular project, the keystone ex l pipeline. hey, this treaty was designed for richer countries to take advantage of poor countries. not for a canadian company to treat the u. s. like a deadbeat dad. we're not going to pay we pipelines support for this pipeline. we never had. plus, we already have our hands full with the enbridge pipeline, the other canadian oil company in the us. if these mega corporations can frack, drill down per pollute, as we usually do, they will take our money another way, by holding us hostage until we pay them to leave oil companies spend decades building influence and they're trying to cash in on that right now. but their future earnings are a little difficult to calculate because renewable like wind and solar tend to be cheaper. so who knows that they could even compete in the market big nonetheless,
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the u. k. oil company, ron copper, could force the italian government to give them $325000000.00 because the country band offshore drilling close to the coastline. $325000000.00 they didn't earn. while that's capitalism. when a company fails, you can always count on the invisible hooligans who will come shake down on potential clients so that company can survive. we all know big pharma is currently making record breaking profits off of a global pandemic. we all know they deal intellectual property and profit from publicly funded research, but did you know they have even stolen someone's body? who spooky october halloween episode? in 1951. henry at lax miraculous cells. the 1st to be able to survive outside
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the body were taken without her knowledge or permission. and have since been used for many, many medical breakthroughs from the polio vaccine to h i. v. treatments to cope it. vaccines to the now famous flex tape, flex a, the super strong water. please have the item might have made up that last one. but these breakthroughs have earned corporations billions of dollars in profits all from stolen cells. now, her family is suing the pharmaceutical company, thermo fisher scientific and demanding reparations. so you might be thinking, how could it takes 70 years for this grave injustice to finally be addressed? well, a clue could be found in this picture. you look closely, you'll notice that henrietta lags was black. welcome to the world of investigative journalism, also medical racism,
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a rich but often overlooked history. that's part of our country is greater overall races. history. we'll get more into that later. the cells were taken at johns hopkins university, which was segregated at the time, or as a johns hopkins website, put one of the only few hospitals to treat african americans. it seems like johns hopkins university is trying to whitewash its races past, but we'll get more into that later. henrietta lax had died from cervical cancer at age 31, and her family wasn't even notified when she died. in fact, they only learn about her miracle cells by accident 20 years later. now, i know what you're thinking, but how's thermo fisher doing? well, they've earned billions of dollars in revenue, and they're giving back to the community by creating the just project. partnering
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with historically black colleges and universities to provide free coven 19 testing and diversifying the thermo fisher work environment. how about you give back the billions of dollars you made from exploiting black bodies. also, johns hopkins school of medicine, named after the famous abolitionists. maybe you could provide reparations for the cells you stole, or at least reparations for the slaves. your abolitionist founder owned 969. a finish occur and several of her comrades were charged with a laundry list of $156.00 trumped up conspiracy to murder charges. in a case that became known as the panther. 21. athenian the panther's face to potential 350 year prison sentence. initially, they were to be defended by reknown civil rights attorney william counsellor. but he had to be replaced at the last minute by the lesser known carroll left court.
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this was concerning to a finished court because left court had a tiny, squeaky voice of he thought aloud. hell know she can't represent me. the judge won't be able to hear her object to corps best option was to represent herself and the panthers in court despite having no legal training. not only were prison conditions awful. a feeney was dealing with sexism in turmoil and the black panther party and her personal relationships. on top of that, she had only had to learn how to be a lawyer. but 7 months before the trial of feeney became pregnant, when the trial came of fini was ready. the prosecution's case rested on the testimony of undercover cops who would infiltrated the organization and claimed it was a militant terrorist shell. but your corps know that these informants had seen no such thing. when the informants took the witness stand shook or asked them pointed questions about what exactly they had witnessed that was illegal and the officers came up short. she'd asked, did you ever see me killed some one?
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and they'd say, i never saw you kill any one. did you ever see me blow up anything? i never saw you blow up anything. did you ever see me rip off that mattress tag that says do not remove? yes i did, but you just passed the statute limitations on that. damn you sure core. i made up that last one. a finish core now 8 months pregnant gave a powerful closing argument against the unproven charges. on the day of the verdict, the judge spent an extra half hour figuring out security arrangements because he assumed the panthers would be found guilty. much to his surprise, the jurors announced that the defendants were not guilty $156.00 times, which left them with a whole lot of extra jumpsuits because of the incredible actions of one brave woman . a small act of justice was able to burst through what deeply unjust system of all the amazing music that to patrick or mate. perhaps his greatest collaboration was
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in that courtroom with a feeling that the show but join i think 2022 is the fight continues for a better world and a mainstream media that doesn't suck the whole rugby teams worth of goc tails down . they drink a lot like like long island ice teas and stuff like that until next time. good night. keep fighting. ah a wrong one. i just don't know. i mean you have to flip out these days because the applicant, an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves will
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depart, we choose to look for common ground. ah, one of the worst ever mass shootings in america was in las vegas in 2017. the tragedy exploded a little of the real las vegas, where many se elected officials are controlled by casino knows the dank is shooting . revealed wet d, l, v and p d really is. and now it's part of the stand machine. most of the american public barely remembers that it happens. that just shows you the power of money in las vegas. the powerful showed that true colors when the pandemic hit the most contagious contagion that we've seen in decades. and then you have a mayor who doesn't care. so here's carolyn goodman, offering the lives of the vegas resinous. to be the control group. to the shiny facades conceal a deep indifference to the people. mice could have been saved if they were to take
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an action. absolutely keep the registering and keep the slot machines dinging base as a money machine is a huge cash register that is ran by people who don't care about people's lives being lost to ah, the ah ah
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ah, as the world celebrates the new year, financial experts come up with positive predictions for 2022 forecasting that the global economy is set to grow while inflation will start to fall. and in the year that has just gone, one of the big political spats that unfolded solved controversial defense deal. that left france at loggerheads with its allies in 2021 was many things, but it also gave the online world plenty of ammunition to have fun making means from bernie sanders and his mittens to a boat stuck in the suez canal. and other top events of last year deemed worthy of digital market. so your headlines at this hour. i'm john thomas. i'll be back.


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