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tv   News  RT  January 1, 2022 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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the ah, the as will celebrate the new year was spectacular forward coming up this out. look at that with positive predictions. they made 2022 ways. but until experts forecasting the global economy said to grow, while inflation may be start to fall according to one major investment bank. and of course, we'll still review the year that's just gone with a look at some of the big political spots. hold it including a controversial defense steel. so from loggerheads with its allies the news or their lives more international, moscow milk and for world news at midnight with me. kevin. so the 1st,
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it's where the old name with a new 2020 to me. well, i'm truly, i should in, across the globe. and despite celebrations, being scaled back in some places for a 2nd year, because a coven, many capitals were at least able to bring in the new year with some spectacular fall displays. is there a quick reminder of it? ah? with
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the nice display of moscow law say to the russian capital of legitimate posing, gave his new year's address to the nation. he emphasized a pandemic had taught russians. he said to cope with certain hardships together and he wished everyone good health, we caught up with some rebel as he sent for moscow to get their hopes for the coming here. yeah, there were several is just learned. i wish happiness to every one and that we finally overcome cove it where masks and get vaccinated than everything we fine ever received. the gifts in the new year did issue. what the i had said in the new
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year we will be traveling somewhere where to our case and not mandatory. and we can have a break from our masks and forget about the previous year. what i wish everyone, happiness, health a peaceful sky above their heads and for things to turn out better for people than they can even imagine image. in britain meantime, prime minister boris johnson claimed in his new year's message that the countries in a much better position as pacifically when it comes to the coven crisis, happy new year. 2022 is almost upon us. and whatever the challenges that face continues to throw in our way, we can say one thing we've 70 opposition. this december. the 31st is incomparably better than last year. that said daily infections in the u. k. hit another record high on friday, and england is top health officials say the health services on a war footing. u. k. though of course, is not at all alone when it comes to struggling with a pandemic. nicky arrow looks back on the past troubled 12 months. if
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2020 was the year we love to cove it 2021 with the year life was supposed to get back on track. but i was always things on never that simple after months of lock downs and restrictions 2021. so patients reach boiling points with trust in lead. is it an all time low and people spilling onto the street in protest, despite officials warning inoculation was vitally important. ah! in the u. k, the government's reputation nose dived as p. m boris johnson flip flopped on guidelines, leaving voice confused and frustrated. where mosques don't wear mosques hug your friends, don't hug friends rust on your neighbors and cancel your parties as a p. m. was alleged to exempt himself from the roof
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with ah ah, there's a meetings of people at work to it, but this is where i live and so i work are those are meetings of people at what and surprisingly the country is predicting his faith in number 10 on now, none but i did elsewhere in europe and vaccinated people were banned from much of public life and they would take the germans made their thoughts on this heard ah,
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similar angry scenes and australia crowds opposing restrictions and vaccine mandates flooded the streets. ah, state side vaccine mandates recreating similar divisions as bind in announced that vaccination would be compulsory for health workers, teachers and anyone working within a team of more than a 100. again, a suggestion, many were unwilling to take lying down both politicians and ordinary citizens. ah, cove, it has become our common enemy rather than bringing as close it together. it became another example of the disparity between rich and poor vaccine make his sold medicine to the highest bidders. and rich countries promised to share but hoarded
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doses, the surplus destroyed. while the poorest nations of the world went without, there is no doubt that the in equitable sharing of those vaccines has cost many lives. while some countries are now rolling out blanket booster programs only have off w just member states. i've been able to reach the target of vaccine 1840 percent of their populations by the end of the year, because of distortions in global supply. meanwhile, the vaccine may cause the savings that the rich got rich themselves. new figures from the people's fixing lines reveal that the companies behind 2 of the most successful covered 1900 vaccines, pfizer by and taken the durn or making combined profits of $65000.00 every minute. despite receiving public funding of over a $1000000000.00, the 3 corporations have refused calls to urgently transfer vaccine technology and
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know how with capital producers and low and middle income countries. for those who was counting the money in 2021, the year was one of loneliness, anxiety, and depression, of epidemic levels. but those who we turn to when a need of care were experiencing a crisis of their own, various states won't have an impending health care system collapse with the national guard deployed for support on health care staff across the globe on strike over unworkable conditions. ah, and then we come full circle is hospital workers who object to monetary cobra jobs all fired regardless of their reasons to decide the mandates. i am being escorted out of kaiser permanente hospital for my religious beliefs
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because i don't want to get the job in 2020. we became armchair experts in epidemiology 2021 taught is more than we ever needed to know about corporate greed and poor leadership. some of the such a check a couple of years from may be forgiven for looking at 2022 through their fingers. a little uncertain of what the year will bring. well yeah, indeed. so 2021 may be a year. a lot of us want to forget, but it didn't stop people trying, at least as, as human nature to seek out some of the funny side. if i could take the online is like to look at the a just go ah, [000:00:00;00]
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a in a
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in good plaid as full year ahead. financial experts predict things could be looking up nice to hear american investment banks, morgan stanley, as a pretty positive outlook for the economy, and things inflation and major markets will rise, but then retreat. while the global economy should grow by 5 percent, i think the banks optimism doesn't stop barre. those supply chains are expected to recover. therefore, boosting commerce and driving down inflation throughout the world. emerging markets, they think of predict the grow faster than the global average, especially in asia, caveats that china's economy may slow down compared to last year, unless they will, the government eases up from certain regulations, including uncommon emissions. if those full cars do come true, they'll bring much needed relief to the many who really suffered an economic
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squeeze of to to coven light. it is during which prices of sold, especially for energy and fuel. we asked to economists of air predictions for the coming year. i mean, the one i'm most concerned about is going to be the shock that results from a u. s. sovereign debt and currency crisis, i believe, but that is inevitable. and that is going to be the biggest financial upheaval that the world has seen. i think the biggest issue in terms the markets is what's the alternative that people are going to turn to against the us dollar. it doesn't look as if bitcoin and prepped to currency so far have reached significantly wide enough acceptance to really beat the alternative that's needed. and certainly who wants to abandon the usa because the us dollar is at least a symbol of an economy that is consistently rejuvenate itself in favor, something like the euro, the next best option, when we see the europeans in mass locked on having gas problems, all sorts of other issues at home,
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which don't suggest that the euro currency is any more stable. i do think that the move towards green energy is going to slow down substantially as people realize how expensive that's actually going to be. i mean, if you really want to save the planet from climate change, if this really is the existential rad, it's going to come with a huge price tag. there's a situation, it's certainly in europe, in all the parts of the world, if you get inflation, we just have not been going off historically from large waves of the population of the course of the last 20 years. you're looking at a position where people are going to be squeezed financially. they may have energy issues and certainly their gas bill go up. what's the basis of politics? well, the engine romans told us, panam comes spread against the doesn't seem to be an awful lot of sunlight there to be had a lot dawn europe at the moment times to cope with 19. and if it's going to be more expensive to simply teach your home to light your home and indeed to have the food that you want in your home. some people are going to get very,
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very upset. and it's not beyond the power of reason that we're going to see an increase in the sort of general protest that has been occurring indeed in recent weeks of places like holland of tried to lockdown once again. but keep an eye out. now, still ahead here, nancy's world news at midnight with me, kevin, i went to decades of fighting only to disappear chaotically. within a matter of months, we look at how the ward, afghanistan's left veterans who served, asking was it worth it?
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ah what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk ah, i get
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a major international rift develop last you between old friends says it's so 2 countries on opposite sides of the planet, driven even further apart, australia and france fell out than after. the french was snubbed to the last minute when britain, in the u. s. woo destroyers. when you defense part charlotte events is more of the deal that turned really sour, triggering the nuclear option is always going to be risky. business as us trainer found out in 2021. we need to, so i did to, rene, gonna 56000000 euros submarine deal with france. so how did cambra elect paris? no. i friends offices bought a new and hands trilateral, security partnership between australia, the united kingdom and the united states. that i know when saw wrong, select flabbergasted, but it was not at a loss for words. see, but it's really a stop in the back. a relationship of trust have been built with australia and this trust has been betrayed. france, livid at that deal of
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a century wave keyboard. and i want to thank her that fell down under. thank you very much. bow pushes to progress. what's scrapped without a claims? only warning what followed was an a bomb of a diplomatic full lance. we had the president of france calling the prime minister stria a lawyer. we have a try block. we have the recall of ambassador and we have a very if the medic situation branch of the shooting the presidency of the a very significant fire in global politics and very hostile and a long memory and feel the tripe, even president by the way that it was managed with the clumsy, which is presidential for heading, hands,
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screaming camera. and if you see the things that things couldn't get any worse, then you'd be wrong. straightly, as prime minister tried to suggest that france was aware, the deal was doomed. i made it very clear that i conventional diesel powered submarine was not going to make a strategy as strategic require. we discussed that candidly. then one of those is a parent messages between the french and all the leaders was leaked. should i expect good or bad news from our joint submarines ambitions? oh yeah. oh, about when done with france? well, a bit like this of marine deal, inelegant crude confidence has been completely shattered. that's how the french sore it relations. hating a new,
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lo and it seems the whole debacle. having gone down to well in australia over the desire to acquire nuclear submarines will literally burn bridges with some of them. a long standing guidance will undermine regional security and will break a lot of the formal and informal regional understandings and cooperation a great. so they are profound implications for a strike financial maturity environment. so they're also very much about the same cost and completion and l. bipolar cells and how others in the region and the world shifting towards nuclear submarines raises of the questions to given that astray is a non nuclear power nation. the real concern to move by will
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priscilla title or original on rights. we've already seen expressions from japan and south korea. i and we would also consider all welcome a nuclear, how it's submarine option. and there is a real concern that this will now, right. i sort of understanding and lead to increased military expansion of pressure and technical capacity increases in the region while astray. it may, if hope that sampling up to the u. s. might have given it to boost on the international stage. what it seen is the reverse trade talks through the you have been kicked into the long grass, but in through all the stuff there is no worries kind of attitude so much so that it's just stuck up to thing is to french, designed helicopters to no one the front says the rift between the 2 countries
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remains open. what strain is lead is may not be quick to co known just how big of an issue this could be. but a straight names themselves have been left wondering if they government is a few stubby short of a 6 pack solid, even skiing, all t paris. another major story last year, u. s. troops and their allies rapidly pulled that i've got installed for 2 decades of war. but for many who served there still that looming question was it worth it? as part of her on her voice is projected out. she don't call me, spoke to a u. k. on the veteran about the conflict, i can take my life last year. i was in a wheel by the way, my mind ended. i nearly lost my son, and i didn't know what to do. a lot of the guys i was with don't really talk to each other anymore. i mean there and to try to delete it and move away small. but quite a few people lives in the last 4 or 5 years. english reason is only
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a few months ago. i few been through hell and you're still living it. you just get a feeling of fear. somebody wouldn't understand, you know, and given the order to kill someone and stuff, you know, people get upset of it. things today that don't need to go up satellite. i want so i'm open my coffee, i really just drink the coffee. when i 1st went to the dentist on,
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we were told we were going to burn the poppy fields to the plumbers to work and do not. not pon changed them. we landed in our troops in a way that they haven't for many years are going to be fighting alongside other countries and situations. a great danger. soonish are very good at taking orders and just getting on with it or not questioning orders. but as you go through the years and you mature and you start to sort of have a brand new thing yourself and realize, okay, why are we here? what are we doing? we're not looking at gast, i don't think it was a pointless exercise. what's happening in the south of afghanistan, the residence about the taliban trying to get back power. ah, we want our way back and tell about her already. id and the grind that we already cleared. my friend, my really was just a couple,
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stood on one and died instantly lost his arms and legs. i believe it's 17 casualties all from, from our group out of each of those casualties. you've got quite a few guys affected by what they've seen. it's trauma, public trauma, as a consul heights about over weeks and weeks. and most of the u. k. troops and officials work round the clock to a remorseless deadline. it, thanks to that colossal exertions this country has not been processed, check vetted, and ended more than 15000 people to safety in less than 2 weeks. i mean, it's been a complete mess, hard by ins and ministration worked with the rational of his allies. it would have been, we were going to leave anyway, but we could have done up a systematic approach. for instance. you don't even need to have the middle of the
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mindset to understand that if you're going to extract from a country, you bring back all your citizens from the embassy, put them into secure bias, and then fly them. what you don't do your flyers, your military, and then go what about the one of the civilians, thomas and i got tional sick at home, be 616 weapon systems, 3 stars and bombs left behind. so that's munitions that can be used for id. like last night i was watching that i watch the video of taliban dressed as us special forces moving in behind her to take control of fortune x. which you know, it's just unbelievable. we lost too many people for situation which we just give up on what those guys have been through. well finally here in russia has share things up a bit the holiday seasons and just getting started with the orthodox christmas thing celebrated next friday. so it's going to going for a long time, the big holiday here with ornaments of the festival, to mr. not demand for decorations sort accident, but one pensioner is taking
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a particularly creative approach. me, what's your oh, i say you can't feel my legs. i can only sit lie. i haven't been outside for over 4 years. mm. i found a broken dollar credit when my wife's friend came over, she liked the dog so much that she took it home. that's when people start to see my baubles. ah
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ah, in yo, unless you started making compositions with animals and mushrooms, my friends began to come enough to buy them. i didn't refuse, so i don't charge him too much money with me. the most fishing boats i gave them to everyone in the summer. not bad, even cool ones came out. and for some reason the fish bice ah, the main thing to do is to make some remarkable. it doesn't take much, but from this junk, these things come out. i
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how clever tuffy said as well at home, and thanks for checking in that south internationals world news at midnight from moscow with me. kevin. oh wow. be new year special, kaiser? it for with the one and only gerald salenti, originator of the transport cast. man. no stuff ah live with
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welcome to redacted denied i'm li camp o e n g a. bob. it's been an insane year in which i've actually used up my fcc allowable allotment of curse words. so now i can't bong key not and use any bad words in this. god bless it. ap purcell fire dish sans lance. your fragile dazzle. but considering this year we bad. it's about time we looked back, the best of redacted. a night. 2021. we cover every aspect on this show of the corruption, the greed, the show, see up at the, the inhumane destruction of our world by a tiny group of dead taishan experts oligarchy was souls that looked like rotting corpse, fecal matter. total con, trig, hating morally. bankrupt ass, ha, ha, ha merry christmas. you get to point us on back the very best to redact of the
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night before i have an seizure enjoy in 2019 the worker rights consortium. put out an extensive report on the forrest labor in john. so where did they get all that information? where did they get it? i'm glad you asked the grade on, looked into it, and the info came from these sources. ok. first you have radio free a u. s. government sponsored new service that even the new york times ones called quote, a worldwide propaganda network built by the ca, unquote. so we can forget that meaningless source. next, the u. s. government, if you trust their claims, then you should probably just give up on life because the, the part of your brain, the question, anything is dead and shrivelled. so we're done with that source. now,


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