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tv   News  RT  December 31, 2021 8:00pm-8:30pm EST

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the news, russia rings in the new year, 2020 to moscow, is the scene of the country's most notable display with the capitals landmarks in red square, spectacularly illuminated by fireworks. while much of the rest of the world has already brought in 2022 with a bang, it's more of a fizzle in germany, where the public are banned from buying fireworks for the 2nd straight year. and a very warm greetings from the international space station astronaut celebrate new year 16 times as the orbit the earth. we've got a message from them. the broadcasting lives direct from our studio and moscow. this is rti international, sean thomas, glad to have you with us as we celebrate the new year. 2022. in fact,
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russia is now completely in the new year. it's vast territories from the far east to clinton. grad in the west have welcomed in 2020 to ortiz. danny armstrong was one of only a few in moscow's red square, where traditional celebrations have been curved because of coven. ah. the warmest of wishes and war, mister well comes from me on red square to everybody watching everybody back in the studio all over the world and all over russia. and i am, of course, one of only
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a few on red square. the authority, the senior fits, are actually close. and the venue entirely to the public care, of course, because of coven regulations. but about plenty to keep me company here as a just seen the fantastic firework salute light single. there must go sky over red square as the main clock on the main tower of the kremlin county down those last seconds at 2021 in china does in to 2022. now, there wasn't a 1st place in russia, a country of 11 time zones to welcome in the new year. of course places in the far east, like la devoss stock and come chuck have already seen this new year and there were people in and around red square that did break the cold, but minus 5 in the snow. and to get a closer look at the firework display, we talked to some of them before. nothing seemed to dampen their spirits. they were full of cheer and wishes and hopes for 2022 can see what some of them said or right
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now, just over several, a shirt learns i wish happiness to every one and that we finally overcome cove, it wear masks and get vaccinated than everything we find ever received their gifts in the new years as the issue, what the i have said in the new year we'll be traveling somewhere where to our case and not mandatory. and we can have a break from our masks and forget about the previous year. i wish every one happiness health a peaceful sky above their heads and for things to turn out better for people than they can even imagine to mr. the whole nation seems to have gotten through some, some real hard times at the moment, but they really are going into the new year with their togetherness and solidarity . as i said, for those watching that aren't from russia, this is the biggest celebration in the russian calendar. just imagine your birthday, the birthday of everybody, you know, and christmas all rolled in. so one that's how big new year is and those that have gathered around red square in moscow in the parks and wherever they can get to,
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they will be going home, maybe to eat a little more than they should be able to drink a little more than they should are, and perhaps to be with their, those families and, and be in the warmth away from this cold. as you say, russia has a met 2022 well and happy new year. 2022 is making its way around the globe. as time zones, of course, vary from country to country. the new year has been slowly coming in with a array of fireworks. here are some of the big displays. then these themes are coming from a hot due by where the burg khalifa famous skyscraper was lit up with breathtaking visuals and fireworks nearly 178000 kilograms of fireworks were reportedly used for the display. the next images are from australia and the seams make an equal competition to the ones into by a dazzling display and sydney harbor and comes after months of strict code locked downs and restrictions down under over in germany, there's a bit of
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a challenge for people celebrating the new year, their government has banned the sale of fireworks for a 2nd. here in a row to stop large gatherings and prevent the spread of coven. however, it has seen many germans outward authorities and pop across the border to poland to buy their festive supplies. with more, here's our europe corresponded peter oliver, the run, the birth date, the location for the traditional job and new year's celebration. it's also home to an annual fireworks extravaganza. the it's about the only place you'll see them lighting up the night. sky is the country rings in 2022. as the german government has found their private sale, as part of the last round of covert measures brought in at the start of december. it's hard to knock the reasoning behind the decision, les and hawk firewood displays between midnight and the early hours. less calls to
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the emergency services. also less people mixing and gathering those above on the sale of fireworks. doesn't mean no fireworks. people have been popping over the poland to stucco for fireworks are part of new year's eve. it's a tradition to set them off and it would be a shame if it didn't happen. while german paths may be rejoicing at the prospect of less frightening fireworks shops, selling them in poland and making hay. while this particular song shines at the moment because of the band in germany, we have about 300 customers a day. and we are pretty overloaded. they buy a lot, it varies, but on average it's about 200 years per person. the band on selling small fireworks is purely a symbolic policy. the available figures show that a band will not noticeably relieve emergency admissions, nor will infection rates be effectively reduced. it's the 2nd year in a row that covert has put paid to firework sales,
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here in germany. and i should imagine it's left firework retailers. fizzing. one of the plus side to less fireworks is less clean up needed. in the aftermath, the german capital is usually smothered in a blanket of discarded munitions following the festivities. this year, revellers that don't get their hands on. some polish pyrotechnics we'll have to make do with the professional, displace peter all for all t berlin. most of us get just one shot at midnight during the new year. but of course it's a very different story when you're orbiting the earth 16 times a day because space is cool and the crew on board the international space station always celebrated style. here is the russian cost, not new year message for all of us back down here on earth lose. yeah. hi. dear franz from the international space station where cosmo on santano capiro and better to broth sharing with you this magical feeling of the upcoming new year. both here and space and back at home on earth. knowledge alive on the norm where wishing you
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a new year, 2022 of good health strength, prosperity and new achievements. stay close to one another and be merry. happy new year old. and a bit of movie magic was created in 2021 as well. on the international space station, the russian film crew went into orbit to produce the 1st ever feature length film to be shot in space. the team spent 12 days on board before returning safely down to terra firma, and we were there to walk them back. ah, if you our lab before we can find, let me know if they have already on dr. national say that they already were guys heading back. i don't want to be a dad why. door? the landing spot. let's go. mm. we know the landing
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location in berry. so now we're gonna lie around. i feel we can actually see that as standing module and wait until it touches down with well, as you can see, the capitol is on the ground. the crew is still inside, but we've been told that they're feeling. all right. somebody is speaking with the crew, right? now, so history has been made a russian professional to a makers that just went into space, but also safely returned to earth. with footage for their 1st ever feature movie that has been taken in actual space. the whole crew are treated like heroes. with
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this is film director, clint shipping, co, safe and sound. just came from the space. the international space station is 400 kilometers above the earth surface and a returning spacecraft usually covers the distance in 3 hours. for the most part, it's freefall and the speed can reach 120 meters per 2nd. extreme acceleration baird with gravity taking in which the crew, her enormous physical stress. nonetheless, she banco seemed in high spirits. and i was where she, i said those are good, were soon wiggling, although olga bullock though, wish that she could be the glue, the who bloss margarita, she's working on one of the closure. my daughter, her mom, excuse knows what she knew by the name willis. dora munoz said rumors her for your more grief all is well with him, you to click the blue showing you but useful if she'll give her. she choose to
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initial the quantity of bush and you can use with ice cream calculate, of course most. why don't i, sheena bulus, shaneka me just go. sheriff's early was was i seen him as a minute, but that was actress. you like brazil has just received flowers. both you library sealed and cosmonaut alex levy ski had to act even before the laughter capsule. the landing location turned into a film, sat for one of the closing scenes of the movie about a doctor who sent into orbit to perform surgery after that very sealed. who plays the lead role laugher autograph on the capsule that not only brought her back home to day, but also sent her acting career sky work from now on. she is the 1st actress filmed in space in the back of us that she, she and i so hello scott, faithfully patterson. she'll be going if you want to go with know, maybe he is with another renowned rush, an actor of lady murmur, scott, who played a command or greeting the crew on the ground, sat the movie is
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a big leap forward for the world's film industry. for yet, and i saw my airbag in my little macros e voice. you gotta rely on hightail taurus, native cosmos, in order to get to zill or i see her know young as low. you're getting additional new visual, but couldn't reach out to me directly. smugly at this village of the social. i mean we're crucial. um we sure of none of them. no religious about his schooling. religion, me regret, theory is like a buddhist wish you religion limit as digital city educator. miss me out of michel lift jim store. i better get a note as jim is that oh miss thorne, yachts, nelly mistrusted wet spots out of, of the plan. you don't like them until yerra. let's get a closer look at the capsule. just look how actually burnt it is right here. because when the capsule hurdles through earth's atmosphere at a temperature outside riches, up to 2000 degrees celsius and it feels like you are inside a fireball,
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the mission is also a large tried forward for the russian space program which made space travel possible for 2 non cosmetic, after just 4 months of training and it's more than space tourism. it's about professionals from different areas and not just career cause menard's been able to go into space and do their job beat acting or something else. so as the had of rushes space agency to be, the mom would help out with your boss beside the scope of them, but that it was not to be to that the gutters almost done us. but others snellville which up but i am but got to bump some you all a cup but i am putting up in but, but that he was good percentage when i left on them, but got to him of plan. ah, there is a lot of food for thought in the months to come about that, but for now everyone here including us, is just extremely excited to witness something that will definitely go down in history as an erotic of reporting from as
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a stand still to come in the program are cheese. look back at the rivalry between britain and france. halleck cranked up a notch after a series of spats in 2021. what's really bad after short breakfast? join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess of the world politics sport business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then. and i drink shaped bankers on those with
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there's sinks. we dare to ask oh, happy new year. special kaiser? it board with the one and only gerald salenti, originator of the transport, jazz man, you know, stuff ah, welcome back. this is art international and happy new year. looking back at more of the stories that made headlines in the last year, the centuries old rivalry between britain and france made a big come back in 2021. there were disputes over refugees and fishing rights and also bickering over a controversial defense deal. our france corresponded charlotte davinsky looks back, france and the u. k. have been like 2 squabbling neighbors for
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a millennia. at times those disputes have descended into full blown wars. but for over a century there has been this relative, calm, not is until now. in the past, the u. k is had plenty of success against france on the high seas, but now the french are looking to recapture access to waters between the 2 countries. for fishing rights only going to print it. we still, since the beginning of this year don't have the licenses side. we're not fighting with the english and we are engaging in dialogue to try to make our position understood so that we can get access to these waters. i think we may have to go further find other approaches that may not have been previously addressed. the agreement signed today provides for retaliatory measures. europe must apply those measures for boys have fishy tails. so rotten that france even threatened to turn
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off the u. kay's electricity supplies, but was this about more than simply making waves over fishing licenses? i suspect also about that. there are many reasons why right now are having a spot between the british and the french is very convenient for both for a minute. for the prime minister of great britain and for the french president, of course, it is about more than fishing licenses. 98 percent of fishing licenses that were applied for were already granted. the french thing is about 40 road. it's is just something to sort of keep it alive for other quarrels between france and britain are a little serious, but that one is, is completing the manufactured. even though the u. k. has now granted more licenses . french fishermen are still unhappy and continue to threaten british imports. now that brings us to another bone of contention migrants the u. s. wholly still struggling to find a way to deal with mass,
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illegal migration. but the brakes think francis found a solution. turning a blind eye to those who try and cross the english channel, france is failing to police its coastline. we could fund double the number of french police, but they are not serious about intercepting migrant groups in broad daylight. it would further anger taxpayers here by throwing more good money after bad. i believe this reluctance to intervene. this refusal to get involved is a political decision president emanuel mac. ron is seeking re election next year and thinks dumping on the british will win in bots. and go, was really stoked following the deaths of almost 30 people in the english channel in november. now they had been trying to reach the u. k. she was met, france. hate back telling the u. k to stop it's latches. britain is in no position to be giving lessons to us. britain should stop using us is a punch bag in the domestic politics. correlations came to a standoff as british p. n. johnson,
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and his views on twitter. now that 3 french president, my con, into a hissy fit shockley, the method, i'm surprised when things are not done seriously. we don't communicate between leaders via tweets or publish letter. so we're not whistleblowers. come on some but you know, all of this came on the back of a bumpy summer for france. a to just found out that it's dean of the century with australia to build a fleet of submarines had been torpedoed in favor of a new one with the u. s. canada. and oh yes. the u. k. hotley recipe for success. but what the issues between the u. k. in france really boil down to might have more to do with the opinion the to leaders half of each other. i think it was really a political thing and the of the, the side effect sort of to, to stuff to abs fuel to the thigh, between france and great britain that was just an added plus each of them a win,
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mccoy and boys johnson sees. and the other, what they hate most bars, johnson is shambolic disorganized. he goes on the fly, he has a sense of humor amendment. my call is a control freak. he, he's a bureaucratic technocrat. he is, has attention to detail on both of them. they work in different ways and they despise the where the other functions, they don't like one another. i mean it's, it's is rarely politics rally personal. but in this instance, each of them has got a sort of vision of how they want international relations to go, and it's not the others. and then it becomes personal francais, even try to get the e, you invested in only ongoing schools, taking a very one for all and all for one approach. the e u, though has remained relatively aloof, but that is a whole other capital of fish challenge, even sky
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r t. paris. and finally, on the last day of 2021, we spoke with the hungarian foreign minister to get the perspective on some of the main events that shaped 2021 from nato's tense relationship with russia to finding solutions to the covey pandemic. ah, for our central europeans, it's extremely important that east and west that the united states and the russian federation have a direct and continuous dialogue. we are very happy with the fact that the 2 presidents spoke again for nato and russia talk to each other and then there's a much bigger and better hope for any kind of common understanding and agreement about this part of the world. look, we really do consider the, the security situation of central europe as
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a crucial issue for us and anything that helps to resolve challenges here and ease tensions around the region service our interest. so that's why we are really interested in successful negotiations between nato and the russia at the beginning of next year. it is very easy for politicians to finger point on the one specified country on one specific person on one specific decision. in order to push responsibility away, the russian federation on the gas from have always been very reliable partners from hungary when it comes to the supply of, of natural gas. all the contracts have been respected and the schedule was respected. the volumes arrived always on time, and as far as i understand, no one in europe complains about about why elating contract buy
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gas from. so what we can say is that gas from the russian federation, respect the contracts which were assigned between european countries, european companies, and russia and gas from maybe this is not the most sophisticated sentence you ever hear from a politician or pipelines, the better it hasn't been an our agenda as well to, to see how we can further increase the number of those who get the vaccination because we do consider that as the only solution for the crisis we in hungary have a very clear experience. more than 6000000 hungarians have been vaccinated, we have been using 6 different types of vaccines, including including sino farm and for western types of vaccines. pfizer ross was
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gonna come with the youngs and so we have a very colorful experience. i do believe that the fact that has not been recognized by the international organizations is a purely political issue. you know, when i, when i talk to western european colleagues of mine, they always tell me that, well, they all know that the, the russian scientific community is out standing. they all know that the russian medical solutions are successful. they all know that the russian vaccines are safe and effective, and none of the vaccines are worse than and the other. why that does it for me this hour in about 35 minutes, i'll be back with another lecture news that brings us to happy new year. 2022 from all of us here at our international it was
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good. is your media reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation for community. are you going the right way? where are you being that somewhere? direct. what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows.
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ah, us things that have happened in the world were being done by people who had a great vision of how society can be better than that. great vision is typically the last time that she had representation is not real. it doesn't take into account any of the complexity of reality, the subtlety of how various and complex people i put them into categories as this love is bad, we'll get rid of them. you know and change is an organic process. change is an evolution and the opposition is not between the status and everything must stay the same and everything must be radically changed. and radical change is not the way that that kill oh, became kind of a test bed for medical and then later recreational marijuana and it started with
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something so innocent. i was wanting to socialize. everybody does it? so i cannot. and then it just keeps going. and going and going, i'm just going to do it one. yeah. and then it's, i'm just going to try this one and then never do it again because i want my phone was on and i'm right on inside. ok. and you surround yourself with people who are encouraging you to do it not to stop or it's all my life is over. jump office about the balcony and she knew the just look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we
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should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously, is to create trust rather than fear a job with artificial intelligence. real, somebody with a robot must protect its own existence with think this is jim. bye. sure. you can't afford to mess. i'm rachel. and i've read too boring. watch a kid coming up. we have a very special program for you today covering public debt. the united states has
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seen it gets di rocket at the debt to g d p ratio it the highest level in world war 2 will go over. who holds that debt? what could happen if the nation default and it's not just the us global public debt has risen to nearly $300000000.00 as government worldwide have injected massive amounts of stimulus in their economy in response to the curb. and we have a panel of economists on hand to dig into the details. let's get started. and we leave the program with the state of federal debt. here in the united states, democrats and republicans in congress started warding in september, that the debt ceiling would need to be raised above its $28.00 trillion dollar limit, or the country would risk defaulting on its debt altogether. but this fight is really nothing new. that's right, the decision to raise or change the definition of the debt ceiling has been made by
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congress 78 times just in the last 60 years. and while republicans have been the ones resisting it this year, the overwhelming majority of those changes have actually been made while the republican was in the white house. in fact, the national debt hasn't hit 0 since the andrew jackson administration in the 830. but major event such as world war 2911 and the great recession have added to it significantly over the years. and many may remember when the national debt hit one trillion dollars for the 1st time back in 1981. the ronald reagan administration combined an increase in defense spending with tax cuts. the deficit increase slightly under the clinton administration and it stood around 5 trillion dollars with george w bush took office. but it in his administration more than doubled that number, bringing to overtime.


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