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tv   News  RT  December 31, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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the, the, a russia welcome to the getting a 2022 all region across the vast country of the car and goes red square was lit up by huge fireworks display food. so much of the rest of the world ready brought in 2022 with a bang. it's not visible in germany with a public fund, from buying fireworks for a 2nd straight and a very warm greetings. the instructional playstation astronauts celebrating new year 16 time as they all but the we got a message from them as well for the by the morning. a welcome to ortiz world news. one i am from moscow with me, kevin, with this fairly new year's day morning, as it is with us now. russia finally welcomes in 2022 with
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a western region of collision grad now of enjoy the rest of the country in 2022. well, the other tuesday armstrong is one of the few books. a coven that in red square, and shares how new year was celebrated this year. the wall miss wishes and want to welcome from me on red square to everybody watch and everybody back in the studio all over world and all over russia. and i am,
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of course, one of only a few on red square there thursday the scene. it fits actually close. are the venue entirely to the public eye, of course, because of coven regulations. but i've got plenty to keep me company here as he just seen the fantastic firework salute lighting up. there must go sky over red square as the main clock on the main tower of the kremlin, counted on those last seconds at 2021 and changes in to 2022. now, there wasn't the 1st place in russia, a country of 11 times those to welcome in the new year. of course places in the far east lake lady was talkin, come chalka, already seen this new year in there were people in and around red square that did break the cold, but minus 5 in the snow air, to get a closer look at the firework display. we talked to some of them before. nothing seemed to dampen their spirits. they were full of cheer and wishes and hopes for
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2020. to can see what some of them said or right now, we are cautious over several, a shirt learns i wish happiness to every one on that. we finally overcome cova, where masks and get vaccinated than everything we fine. everyone received their gifts in the new years as the issue. what i had said in the new year will be traveling somewhere where q r case and not mandatory. and we can had a break from our masks and forget about the previous year. what i wish every one happiness health a peaceful sky above their heads and for things to turn out better for people than they can even imagine to mr. the whole nation seems to have gotten through some, some real hard times at the moment, but they really are going into the new year with their togetherness and solidarity . as i said, for those watching that aren't from russia, this is the biggest celebration in the russian calendar. just imagine your birthday, the birthday of everybody, you know, and christmas all rolled in. so one that's how big new year is and those that have gathered around red and in moscow in the parks and wherever they can get. so they
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will be going home, maybe to eat a little more than a should made to drink a little more than they should, and perhaps to be with their, those families and, and be in the warmth away from this cold. as they say, russia has a met 2022. well and happy new year. yeah, that was done on the phone with a seller all no, over my shoulder saying live picture company, more fireworks going on. it's going to go with the lights. i can tell you, i won't get any sleep deny of michelle. these are coming in from central moscow again. russians love the fireworks. it's really snowy night bucket in with snow earlier on. i'm see so clear for a minute with just thought we'd show you these of my shoulder that we go. and if you've not had fireworks yet still to come, london of course, display is happening there. but normally crowds, because of the coven thing that just goes on and on, doesn't it? but that's all for better times in 2022. and that this whole coven problem is effective resorts. the fact that it's all nice is to slowly
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a bait. with all those families as well. well, if we're celebrating that have lost their loved ones and it's also time damage. so as we can take and watch those pictures, 2022 continues to make its way around the globe and time zones. of course, very if we come to the country, the new year has been slowly coming in with an array of fireworks. let me show you some of them want to go to that. well, these gorgeous seams coming in from hot dubai. with the verge khalifa, the famous skyscraper, there was lit up with them. some fabulous fireworks looks amazing. doesn't it? now? we'll just sydney harbour bridge. they're always guaranteed of fabulous display. and no let down at all there. and equal competitions the ones into by let's look at a bit more of what we've got a i think we've gone past as you know where we got no idea at all really up and this is sort of the firewood. i ok. well over germany, there's a bit of
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a challenge for people waiting to see the new year there. the government has banned the sale of fireworks for a 2nd year in a row to stop large gatherings to prevent the spread of covert but it so many germans boxing clever. they've hoped across the board of the poland, by the festive supplies to go off with a bang is more with a europe correspondent, the brandenburg gates the location for the traditional german new year's celebration. it's also home to an annual fireworks extravaganza. the it's about the only place you'll see them lighting up the night. sky is the country rings in 2022 as the german government to fund their private sale. as part of the last round of covert measures brought in at the start of december. it's hard to knock the reasoning behind the decision less ad hoc fireworks display between midnight and the early hours. less calls to the emergency services also less people
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mixing and gathering books above on the sale of fireworks. doesn't mean no fireworks. people have been popping over the poland to stucco for fireworks are part of new year's eve. it's a tradition to set them off and it would be a shame if it didn't happen. while german pay may be rejoicing at the prospect of less frightening fireworks shops, selling them in poland and making hay. while this particular sun shines at the moment because of the band in germany, we have about 300 customers a day. and we are pretty overloaded. they buy a lot, it varies, but on average it's about 200 years per person. the band on selling small fireworks is purely a symbolic policy. the vailable figures show that a band will not noticeably relieve emergency admissions, nor will infection rates be effectively reduced. it's the 2nd year in a row that covert is put paid to firework sales,
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here in germany. and i should imagine it's left firework retailers. fizzing. one of the plus side to less fireworks is less clean up needed. in the aftermath, the german capital is usually smothered in a blanket of discarded munitions following the festivities. this year, revellers that don't get their hands on. some polish pyrotechnics we'll have to make due with the professional displace, peter all of our all t, berlin. well, most of us get one shot at midnight to ring in the new year. but of course, it's a very different story when you're opening. we are 16 times a day in the true a bold, international space station i was celebrate. install there for is the russian cosmonaut. knew your message for us all back down on f. lose. yeah. hi. dear franz from the international space station were cosmo on santano capero and petra broth sharing review this magical feeling of the upcoming new year. both here in space and back at home on earth militia live on the norm where wishing you a new year,
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2022 of good health strength prosperity in new achievements. stay close to one another and b mary happy new year. yeah, absolutely. and the same to you guys up there and everyone else with you as well of the now, but it moves movie magic was created in 2021 on the i assess the russian film crew went into wal bit to produce the 1st of a feature length film to be shot in space. the team spend 12 days a bull before safely returning, but terra firma with the to welcome home. ah, if you our class before we, if i let me know that they have already on back there, national say that they already somewhere i padding back. i don't want to be a dad why door, the landing spot. let's go. mm
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. we know the landing location in berry, so now we're gonna lie around. i feel we can actually see that as standing module and wait until it touches down well with well, as you can see, the capital is on the ground. the crew is still inside, but we've been told that they're feeling. all right. somebody is speaking with the crew right now. so history has been made a russian professional to the makers that just went into space, but also safely return to earth. with footage for their 1st ever feature movie that has been taken in actual space. the whole crew are treated like heroes. with
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all this is the film director, clint shipping, co, safe and sound just came from the space. the international space station is 400 kilometers above the earth surface and a returning spacecraft usually covers the distance in 3 hours. for the most part it's free fall and the speed can reach 120 meters per 2nd. extreme acceleration baird, with a gravity taking in put the crew. her enormous physical stress. none the less she benco's seemed in high spirits. and those are she. i said, those are good. were soon with willing old olga bullock though. wish that you could you be the glue the who blossom again, she's or can on whether the closure for daughter, her mom, excuse knows where she is by the name willis, doro, a munoz garcia. guru monsieur, for your more grief all is well with him. you don't like the boucher but useful if she'll give her since she was doing this should occur in the bush when you go to
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then use with ice cream. got it. of course most. why don't i shing bull official like us, me just go sheriff's early was because i showed him as anyone in particular that was accurate. he'll i brazil has just received flowers. both you let the sealed and cosmonaut alex levy ski had to act even before the laughter capsule. the landing location turned into a film set for one of the closing scenes of the movie about a doctor who sent into orbit to perform surgery after that very sealed, who plays the lead role left her autograph on the capsule that not only brought her back home to day, but also sent her acting career sky work from now on. she is the 1st actress filmed in space in oklahoma that she, she got, i saw a glow sketch just patterson, she began usually go with no, with talking with them. and now the renown russian actor of lady mary mush scoff who played command or greeting the crew on the ground, sat the movie is
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a big leap forward for the world's film industry. brianna, my back, my little macros, the eve or theme katara on hightail tourist name of course, mission over to get to 0 or i see her know young as low. you're getting additional nischelle because then reach out to me dear. we're smugly at this diligence from from a cruise with a mature of interim nobility, isabella's schooling, religion. me. i'm actually glad you're away. is that a buddhist wish? your religion? no much as digit. i'm city educator. me? michelle. lift kim store. i got really ms. battle me of starting the new stuff to the rest of the plan. you know, when i get them, which are let's get a closer look at the capsule. just look how actually burned it is right here. because when the capsule hurdles through earth's atmosphere at a temperature outside reaches up to 2000 degrees celsius and it feels like you are inside a fireball, the mission is also
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a large stride forward for the russian space program which made space travel possible for 2 non cosmos, after just 4 months of training and it's more than space tourism, it's about professionals from different areas and not just career cosmic not being able to go into space and do their job be acting or something else. as the head of russia space agency to be more open to more specific, but that it was not to be to the cutterson that was done us. but not a bit so no much. but i got the some of you all a cup, but i am but i got them but that it was good percentage and you have left on them. but i, there is a lot of food for thought in the months to come about that. but for now, everyone here including us, is just extremely excited to witness something that will definitely go down in history. the new rush got reporting from guys are stand,
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magic moment from 2021. still to come. what we're talking about. let me see is world news one i am with me, kevin, but we look back and saying that was not magic. the rivalry between britain and france really cracked up a notion of for a series of spots last year. we're going to re live after the break news the oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? high selection community. are you going the right way or are you being led to somewhere? direct? what is true?
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what is great in the world corrupted. you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. oh, driven by drink shaped bankers and those with theirs sinks. we dare to ask whoa, happy new year. special kaiser report with the one and only gerald salenti,
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originator of the transport gas man, you know, stuff ah, i guy looking back at more of the stories that made headlines in the last year. in fact, it was one of the toughest political conflicts of the last 12 months. the centuries old rivalry between britain and france, but a big come back in 2021. it would dispute sofa refugees and fishing rights, also bickering over a controversial defense deal of france. correspondence, shallow depend, sky reports, france and the u. k. have been like 2 squabbling neighbors for a millennia. at times those disputes have descended into full blown wars. but for over a century, there has been this relative, calm, not is until now. in the past, the u. k. is had plenty of success against sprawls on the high seas,
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but now the french are looking to recapture access to waters between the 2 countries. that fishing rights only going to print it. we still, since the beginning of this year, don't have the licenses did. we're not fighting with the english. we're engaging in dialogue to try to make our position understood so that we can get access to these waters. i think we may have to go further find other approaches that may not have been previously addressed. the agreement signed today provides for italia, 3 measured europe must apply those measures for boil official tales, so rotten that france even threatened to turn off the u. k. 's electricity supplies, but was this about more than simply making waves over fishing licenses? i suspect also that there are many reasons why right now are having a spot between the british and the french is very convenient for both for a minute, for the prime minister of great britain and for the french president. of course,
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it is about more than fishing licenses. 98 percent of fishing licenses that were applied for were already granted. the french thing is about 40 votes. it's is just something to sort of keep it alive. her quarrels between france and britain are all serious, but that one is, is completing the manufactured. even though the u. k. has now granted more licenses . french fishermen are still unhappy and continue to threaten british imports. now that brings us to another bone of contention migrants the u. s. wholly still struggling to find a way to deal with mass, illegal migration. but the brakes think francis found a solution. turning a blind eye to those who try and cross the english channel. france is failing to police its coastline. we could fund double the number of french police, but they are not serious about intercepting migrant groups in broad daylight. it would further anger taxpayers here by throwing more good money after bad. i believe
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this reluctance to intervene. this refusal to get involved is a political decision president emanuel micron is seeking re election next year and thinks dumping on the british will win in bots. ando was really stoked following the deaths of almost 30 people in the english channel in november. now they had been trying to reach the u. k. shores, but france hit back telling the u. k to stop it's latches. britain is in no position to be giving lessons to us. britain should stop using us is a punch bag in the domestic politics. relations came to a standoff as british p. n. johnson, and his views on twitter. now that 3 french president mike on into a hissy fit shockley to me today. i'm surprised when things are not done seriously . we don't communicate between leaders via tweets or publish letter. so we're not whistleblowers, come on some, but you know, all of this came on the back of
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a bumpy summer for france. a to just found out that it's dean of the century with australia to build a fleet of sub marines had been torpedoed in favor of a new one with the u. s. canada. and oh yes, the u. k. hotley recipe for success. but what the issues between the u. k. in france really boil down to might have more to do with the opinion the to leaders half of each other. i think it was really a political thing on the of the, the side effect sort of to, to stuff to abs fuel to the fight between france and great britain that was just an added plus each of them a min mccolan boys, johnson sees, and the other what they hate most bars, johnson is shambolic disorganized. he goes on the fly, he has a sense of humor and amendment. my call is a control freak. he, he's a bureaucratic technocrat. he is, has attention to detail and,
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and both of them they work in different ways and they despise the where the other functions they don't like one another. i mean it's, it's is rarely politics rally, carson, all but in this instance, each of them has got a sort of vision of how they want international relations to go and it's not the others. and then it becomes personal francais, even try to get the e, you invested in only ongoing squabbles taking a very one for all and all for one approach. the e u, though has remained relatively aloof, but that is a whole other cattle of fish. charlie's even ski, asi paris. and finally, for now, in the last there they had just gone. we spoke with the hungarian foreign minister to get the you perspective on some of the main events. that shaped 2021. from nato's tense relationship with russia to finding solutions to the kobe pandemic. ah, for our central europeans,
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it's extremely important that east and west that the united states and the russian federation have a direct and continuous dialogue. we are very happy with the fact that the 2 presidents spoke again for nato and there i shall talk to each other, then there's a much bigger and better hope for any kind of common understanding and agreement about this part of the world. look, we really do consider the, the security situation of central europe as a crucial issue for us and anything that helps to resolve challenges here and ease tensions around the region service our interest. so that's why we are really interested in successful negotiations between nato and the russia, the beginning of next year. it is very easy
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for politicians to finger point on one specific country on one specific person on one specific decision. in order to push responsibility away, the russian federation on the gas from have always been very reliable partners from hungary when it comes to supply of of natural gas. all the contracts have been respected and the schedule was respected. the volumes arrived always on time, and as far as i understand, no one in europe complains about about why elating contract by gas from so what we can say is that the gas from the russian federation, respect the contracts which were assigned between european countries. european companies and russia and gas from maybe this is not the most sophisticated sentence
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you ever hear from a politician on energy or gas supply. but our understanding is that the, the more pipelines the better it has been an our agenda as well to, to see how we can further increase the number of those who get the vaccination. because we do consider that as the only solution for the crisis we in hungary have a very clear experience. more than 6000000 hungarians have been vaccinated. we have been using 6 different types of vaccines, including including sino farm and for western types of vaccines. pfizer rosters and come with the youngs and so we have a very colorful experience. i do believe that the fact that has not been recognized by the international organizations is
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a purely political issue. you know, when i, when i talked to western european colleagues of mine, they always tell me that, well, they all know that the, the russian scientific community is out standing. they all know that the russian medical solutions are successful. they all know that the russian vaccines are safe and effective, and none of the vaccines are worse than any other good day, right. and so starting a brand new year here. that's all tease world news. a 1 am for moscow with me, kevin. now in this early new year's day morning, thanks for checking in for me and all the team work in tonight. we wish you a great 2022. ah
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ah. a lot of became a test bed for medical and then later recreational marijuana and it started with some things. so in a say, and i was wanting to socialize, everybody does it? so i cannot and then it just keeps going and going and going. i'm just gonna do it was yeah. and that it's, oh, i'm just going to try this one and then you never do it again because they one wife, 11 and i have you right on inside. okay. and you surround yourself with people who
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are encouraging you to do it and not just stop or it felt like my life was over. jump office about the balcony and dyed t u. he just couldn't stop a ah hello and welcome to world to part a russian outage has it that one can take the girl out of the village, but never the village out of the girl. the story gets even more complicated when
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the girl grows into the states woman and the village into one of the world's most entitled countries. what it's like to acquire russian citizenship after the live of public service to the united states for america, ought to discuss that. i am now joined by suzanne massey, former adviser to president ronald reagan on russian affairs. matter, massive great to sir. it's a big on our big privilege for me to talk to you. thank you very much for inviting me. we are recording this conversation on the eve of our new year, and i'm sure it's gonna bring some novelty into your life. because as far as i know you're about to receive a russian passport. yes, but i have only one reason. i re book. i am a writer. i've written 7 boats. 5 of them are about russia. one of the things i was wanting to do, and it's the only reason this is happening is because i wanted to be able to write my next book, which i'm working on right now here. and not have to wait and in
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and out. the kids be able to come in easily stay as long as i needed to to do my work and go out. and that is why i have a russian fresh boy. i call it a russian past ford because i am a switch citizen. i am an american citizen and very happy to join that chill russian. so you described yourself as a writer, but i'm sure you're being very humble here because you're not just a writer, you're person who's done a lot for the bilateral relationship between our countries. even though you did it in your private citizens capacity, don't you think that this decision of yours to acquire the russian passports, for whatever reasons, even for the reasons of convenience, will long produce some uproar in your own country? it gives me will not because i had informed the americans from the beginning, i don't lose my.


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