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tv   News  RT  December 31, 2021 1:00pm-1:30pm EST

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the ah headline, this new year's eve from moscow, joe biden promises the u. s. boat deploy and says strike weapons in ukraine through our long conversation, misled the met me while from shouldn't over night. so to the energy crisis uncovered, we've talked to the hungarian foreign minister about some of the defining moments of 2021. to me to say in 2022 with a buying german bond from buying firewood for a 2nd year because a covert lot. poland. good to keep the party going. the news. hello there. welcome to ortiz will use 9 for moscow with me. kevin, 1st thing with some of the holiday spirit in mind, the russian and us leaders of indicated that relations could be turning
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a corner for a difficult few weeks, joe biden, and left him a post and spoke for an hour by phone with the american president, even promising not to deploy offensive strike weapons in ukraine in portraying could takes us through what they discussed in more detail. so now we do know the details of the latest phone conversation between the presidents of the us and russia. they have come in from both administrations and they're not strikingly different, but it could be felt that moscow and washington were emphasizing different things. what we heard from the adviser to president putin was that his counterpart made it clear that the west has no intention of deploying offensive strike weapons in the ukraine. now, this is something that is very important for moscow. this is something that the kremlin has many times called a red line for russia. besides,
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this says the kremlin of watermark potent told mister biden, that russia will defend its own interest just like the u. s. would if it was facing similar threats on its doorstep when mister bruton heard about the threat of new sanctions against russia, he warned joe biden, that this could actually lead to ties being cut completely between the 2 countries . so next to the version from washington, joe biden, cold to deescalate the ukraine situation altogether. but also warned that the u. s . and allies will continue to monitor all actions by russia and also maintained that they are ready for all steps that wanna merge putin could make when it comes to ukraine plots. mr. barton talked about reinforced nato strength and said that ukraine will get extra military assistance from the lines. should
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the situation escalate? now it's really worth mentioning that this phone call falls proposals made by moscow for european security and stability. and one of the major points that goes making one of the things that russia really wants is at legal guarantees by the nato countries that the aligns wouldn't expand further east. that new weapons wouldn't be deployed at russia's doorstep at now. also, we do have to understand that in about 2 weeks, crunch talks on a european security will be held in geneva and we heard from both sides. the 2 leaders won't take part. however, they will be supervising the talks personally. now a little earlier we heard from the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman about what rushes looking forward to when it comes to these particular rounds of negotiations
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. critically, i want to do, i said to me, during the talk to will ask us to ensure a firm, legal guarantees of security for russia, that nato will not be able to move on the east. and that weapon systems that threaten russia will not be deployed near our border. there is no agreed position, but when all the west and partners within the e. u. a nato european security is not a new topic. since 990, we have been proposing not to allow the security of some countries at the expense of the security of others. what was so interesting about the proposals which are currently being discussed if there was pretending that this is the 1st time they have heard about it. we already have written fundamental principles in our joint document. and they were supposed to have been already implemented. so it is a fact that the heads of states are in touch more and more often. and we heard confirmation from both the ministration in washington and in moscow that these
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frequent contacts will continue in the new year. as well. investigative journalist, rick sterling, telling us it's understandable why russia was needed to stop its expansion eastwards. i think it's reasonable to say that moscow was very legitimate, legitimate concerns. it looks like the u. s. in the military. industrial complex is looking to to increase the conflict in ukraine. nato is already expanded into many countries. there are numerous countries on the, on a, on the border that, that were part of the soviet union. and there are no part of nato. so, given the proximity of ukraine to, to russia, given the proximity to moscow, only 460 miles of the russian demands, the red lines are completely understandable. so,
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from native tense relationship with russia, they're finding the solutions to the coven pandemic. next we've been speaking with the hungarian foreign minister to get you perspective on some of the main events that shaped the past year. for our central europeans. it's extremely important that east and west that the united states and the russian federation have a direct and continuous dialogue. we are very happy with the fact that the 2 presidents spoke again for nato and there are sharp talk to each other and then there's a much bigger and better hope for any kind of common understanding and agreement about this part of the world. look, we really do consider the, the security situation of central europe as a crucial issue for us and anything that helps to resolve challenges here and ease
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tensions around the region service our interest. so that's why we are really interested in successful negotiations between nato and the russia at the beginning of next year. it is very easy for politicians to finger point on one specific country on one specific person on one specific decision. in order to push responsibility away, the russian federation on the gas from have always been very reliable partners from hungary when it comes to the supply of of natural gas. all the contracts have been respected and the schedule was respected. the volumes arrived always on time, and as far as i understand, no one in europe complains about about why elating contract buy gas from. so what we can say is that the gas from the russian federation,
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respect the contracts which were assigned between european countries. european companies and russia and gas from maybe this is not the most sophisticated sentence you ever hear from a politician on energy or gas supply. but our understanding is that the, the more pipelines the better it has been an our agenda as well to, to see how we can further increase the number of those who get the vaccination. because we do consider that as the only solution for the crisis we in hungary have a very clear experience. more than 6 a 1000000 hungarians have been vaccinated. we have been using 6 different types of vaccines, including including sino farm and, and for western types of vaccines. pfizer rosters and come with the youngs and so
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we have a very colorful experience. i do believe that the fact that the new car has not been the recon lies by the international organizations is a purely political issue. you know, when i, when i talked to western european colleagues of mine, they always tell me that, well, they all know that the, the russian scientific community is out standing. they all know that the russian medical solutions are successful. they all know that the ration maxine are safe and effective and none of the vaccines are versed than any other centuries. old rivalry between britain and france made a big come back in 2021. there were disputes and over refugees and also fishing rights and also bickering over a controversial defense deal of france. correspondence shall davinsky looks back at
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a turbulent last 12 months. then france and the u. k. have been liked to squabbling neighbors for a millennia. at times. those disputes have descended into full blown wars, but for over a century there has been this relative, calm, not is until now. in the past, the u. k is had plenty of success against france on the high seas, but now the french are looking to recapture access to waters between the 2 countries. for fishing rights only going to print, didn't we still, since the beginning of this year, don't have the licenses did. we're not fighting with the english and we're engaging in dialogue to try to make our position understood so that we can get access to these waters. i think we may have to go further find other approaches that may not have been previously addressed. the agreement signed today provides for retaliatory measures. europe must apply those measures for boil official tail,
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so rotten that france even threatened to turn off the u. k. is electricity supplies, but was this about more than simply making waves over fishing licenses? i suspect also about that. there are many reasons why right now are having a spot between the british and the french is very convenient for both for a minute, for the prime minister of great britain and for the french president. of course, it is about more than fishing licenses. 98 percent of fishing licenses that were applied for were already granted. the french thing is about 40 vote. it's is just something to sort of keep it alive. her quarrels between france and britain are all serious, but that one is, is completing the manufactured. even though the u. k. has now granted more licenses . french fishermen are still unhappy and continue to threaten british imports.
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now that brings us to another bone of contention migrants the u. s. wholly still struggling to find a way to deal with mass, illegal migration. but the brakes think francis found a solution. turning a blind eye to those who try and cross the english channel. france is failing to police its coastline. we could fund double the number of french police, but they are not serious about intercepting migrant groups in broad daylight. it would further anger taxpayers here by throwing more good money after bad. i believe this reluctance to intervene. this refusal to get involved is a political decision president emanuel mac are on, is seeking re election next year and thinks dumping on the british will win in bots . ando was really stoked following the deaths of almost 30 people in the english channel in november. now they had been trying to reach the u. k. shores, but france hit back telling the u. k to stop it's latches. britain is in no
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position to be giving lessons to us. britain should stop using us is a punch bag in the domestic politics. correlations came to a standoff as british p. n. johnson, and his views on twitter. now that 3 french president mike on into a hissy fits just you shockley. to me today, i'm surprised when things are not done seriously. we don't communicate between leaders via tweets or publish letter, so we're not whistleblowers. come on some, but you know, all of this came on the back of a bumpy summer for france. a to just found out that it's dean of the century with australia to build a fleet of sub marines had been torpedoed in favor of a new one with the u. s. canada. and oh yes, the u. k. hotley recipe for success. but what the issues between the u. k. in france really boil down to might have more to do with the opinion the to leaders half of each other. i think it was really
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a political thing on the of the side effect sort of to, to stuff to abs fuel to the thigh, between france and great britain that was just an added plus. each of them may ruin mccoy and boys johnson sees. and the other, what they hate most bars, johnson is shambolic disorganized. he goes on the fly, he has a sense of humor amendment. my call is a control freak. he, he's a bureaucratic technocrat. he is, has attention to detail on both of them. they work in different ways and they despise the where the other functions they don't like one another. i mean it's, it's is rarely politics, rally, cost and all. but in this instance, each of them has got a sort of vision of how they want international relations to go, and it's not the others. and then it becomes personal francais, even try to get the, you invested in only ongoing squabbles taking a very one for all and all, for one approach. the e. u,
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though has remained relatively aloof, but that is a whole other capital of fish. charlie's even ski asi paris. diplomatic roused, bring between moscow of the self declared republic of kosovo after a russian diplomat working in the u. s. mission and kosovo was declared persona non grata the move was announced by the cost of an foreign minister on a facebook page study. armstrong reports tonight. no better for diplomatic fireworks between russia and cost for it comes as cost of all has declared a member a russian member of the un mission in cost of persona non grata. now that's an order that's come from a book straight from prime minister. i'll being curtsey relate through his deputy donica, drove all the shots she said in a facebook post that it was due to harmful activity of the diplomat that goes against them, violates the costs of and safety that can just get what she said in that facebook
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post just here now, the republic of cost of will continue to cooperate even more closely with international allies to prevent every destabilizing effort of the russian federation in our region. the declaration of persona, non grata means the diplomatic immunity will be lost by the diploma. it means that he could be prosecuted, there's no, there's no indication that he will be prosecuted. it could mean that it could be expelled from the territory, given his shot, to say that it was part of a big fight to stop russian influence and interference in the territory, the self declared republic of cost. oh sais, that russia uses that territory as a site for aggression against the u. s. against the west. all sorts of allegations of aggression. now, the russian embassy in belgrade has been quick to react to this. they've called the move in the latest and a long line and long series of anti russian provocations again, favor with the west. of course costco,
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and as grove elisha said in her facebook post constables path towards becoming a member of the e. u. the un nato is irreversible and they will do everything in their path to make that a reality. now, of course, cost of always ins recognized by $9.00 of the g 20 countries of them. russia only 11 do recognize the republic as independent. and the relationship between costco and russia have been worsening for some time. and with actions like this from cost 0 as the russian embassy. the latest in anti russian aggression is surely not going to make those relations any better. she thinks that was his violin should we 2020, to make his way around the globe as time zones, of course, vary from country to country. the has been slowly coming in with an array of fireworks capital off the capital town after the village of the village. there are some of the big display we should go here to the new year's eve, father show the lit up the capital one card and the elimination on skyscrapers in
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hong kong. what you see on the screen you year the chinese territories also been counted as well. the 1st time since 2018. some had russia over the far east of this vast country since again, places welcome to the new year. well, here in moscow we still got another about just a bit over 2 and a half hours away. in germany, it's been a bit of a challenge for people waiting to see the new year there. the government found the sale of fireworks for a 2nd year in a row to stop large gatherings and prevent the spread. the coven! however, it's seen. many germans. bit clever over it and hope across the board of poland. by the festive supplies. there's more is a europe correspondent, the run the gates and the location for the traditional german new year's celebration. it's also home to an annual fireworks extravaganza. the
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it's about the only place you'll see them lighting up the night. sky is the country rings in 2022. as the german government has found their private sale, as part of the last round of coven measures brought in at the start of december. it's hard to knock the reasoning behind the decision less ad hoc fireworks display between midnight and the early hours. less calls to the emergency services also less people mixing and gathering books above on the sale of fireworks. doesn't mean no fireworks. people have been popping over the poland to stucco for fireworks are part of new year's eve. it's a tradition to set them all, and it would be a shame if it didn't happen. while german packs may be rejoicing at the prospect of less frightening fireworks shops, selling them in poland and making hay. while this particular sun shines at the moment because of the band in germany, we have about 300 customers a day. and we are pretty overloaded. they buy a lot, it varies,
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but on average it's about 200 years per person. the band on selling small fireworks is purely a symbolic policy. the available figures show that a band will not noticeably relieve emergency admissions, nor will infection rates be effectively reduced. it's the 2nd year in a row that covert is put paid to firework sales, here in germany. and i should imagine it's left firework retailers. fixing one of the plus side to less fireworks is less clean up needed. in the aftermath, the german capital is usually smothered in a blanket of discarded munitions following the festivities. this year, revellers that don't get their hands on some polish pyrotechnics we'll have to make due with the professional displace patrol for all t berlin. now most of us get just one shot at midnight to ring in the new year. but of course, it's a very different story story when you orbiting the earth 16 times a day and the crew aboard the international space station always celebrated in
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style. his, the russian cars north, near message full of his back. don't lose. yeah. hi. dear friend from the international space station where cosmo on santano capero had better debris off sharing review this magical feeling of the upcoming new year. both here in space and back at home on earth. knowledge alive on the norm where wishing you a new year, 2022 of good health strength, prosperity and new achievements. just stay close to one another and be mary happy new year with them. yeah, same to you. 2 guys, love the half of the way of watch that mike. now a bit of a movie magic was created. this she had to own the i assess, a russian film crew went into war, but to produce the 1st of a feature length film to be shot in space. team spend 12 days a board before returning safely down to terra firma. and we were there to welcome back. ah, if you, our lab before we can find out what they have already on back there. national say
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that they already somewhere i padding back a dad why doors the landing spot know me. there will be a landing location in berry. so now we're gonna lie around. i feel we can actually see that as standing module and wait until it touches down with well, as you can see, the capital is on the ground. the crew is still inside, but we've been told that they're feeling. all right. somebody is speaking with the
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crew right now. so history has been made a russian professional to a makers that just went into space, but also safely returned to earth. with footage for their 1st have earth beach or movie that has sort of shaken in actual space. the whole crew are treated like hero a this is film director, clincher benco, safe and sound just came from the space. the international space station is 400 kilometers above the earth surface and a returning spacecraft usually covers the distance in 3 hours. for the most part it's free fall and the speed can reach 120 meters per 2nd. extreme acceleration, baird, with gravity taking in, puts the crew. her enormous physical stress. none the less she benco's seemed in high spirits, and those were shattered. those records were soon wiggling. although olga
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bollicheck though, wish that she could you be the glue who? bloss mcgarvey, she's working on one of the closure. vadar occur, mom excrete knows what she knew by the only in bullet doro, a moon garcia, room of sheer 3 or more carefully. so that with him, you to click the blue, showing you for choose tools. here you go to choose to initial doc were in in the bush and you can then use with ice cream. got it. of course most. why don't i shing bullet shaneka me just go sheriff's early was because i seen him as imminent for cheaper one. that was actress, you like brazil has just received flowers. both you lately sealed and cosmonaut alex levy ski had to act even before the laughter capsule. the landing location turned into a film, sat for one of the closing scenes of the movie about a doctor who sent into orbit to perform surgery after that very seal. who plays the lead role laugher autograph on the capsule that not only brought her back home to day, but also sent her acting career sky work from now on. she is the 1st actress filmed
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in space, in the back of us that she, she and i saw a glow, scott st. joseph patterson. sure. but can you only go with another renown? russian actor of lady murmur scott, who played command or greeting the crew on the ground, sat the movie, is a big leap forward for the world's film industry for yet. and i saw my airbag in my little macros, the e war seem katara on hightail, taurus, native cosmos, in order to get his ill. or i see her know young is low. yeah. getting additional nischelle but couldn't reach out to me directly. smugly at this deal, which of the social for me, my girls with a mature of nobility, isabella's schooling, religion may of she let barely decor, buddhist wish you religion? no much as digit. i'm city educator, this me on the chef lithium store. i better get a noti zoom, is that? oh and you're starting out, smell mistrusted, wet spots out of the plan. you don't like them until yerra or let's get
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a closer look at the capsule. just look how actually burnt it is right here. because when the capsule hurdles through earth's atmosphere at a temperature outside riches, up to 2000 degrees celsius and it feels like you are inside a fireball, the mission is also a large tried forward for the russian space program which made space travel possible for 2 non cosmetic, after just 4 months of training and it's more than space tourism. it's about professionals from different areas and not just career, cause menard's been able to go into space and do their job, meet acting, or something else is as the head of rushes space agency to be the mom would help out with your boss beside the scope of them but that it was not to be to get the cutterson lowest denise, but other bisnel rich up for i am but a got to him. but i'm some you all a cup, but i am putting up to him but, but that he was quit son engineer. and he just on them, we'll get to him a player. ah,
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there is a lot of food for thought in the months to come about that, but for now everyone here including us, is just extremely excited to witness something that will definitely go down in history. as in a rush, got reporting from guys are stand. yeah, and that south seas world news at 9 from moscow with me. kevin. oh in this is a thanks for checking in for me and the team on duty here. we will wish you a great 2020 to oh, is your media a reflection of reality?
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in the world transformed? what will make you feel safer? isolation, whole community. are you going the right way or are you being led to somewhere? direct. what is true wharf is great. in the world corrupted. you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, ah, you're forced to chill patristic. always the chilled begin follows with which one is. i was just my william. like he's a good i see what was left the game is that
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with water with junior was, wasn't it that the appointment was put in that if you can squeeze you machine that i did with no, i need to go put that amount with the female power source for any with ah, las vegas was the last resort. it was like tombstone territory, where old outlaws go to die. the mob was real generous with everything they gave the rooms away. they gave the drinks away. the only thing they were concerned about
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was just making money on the gambling table, food and rooms and all that was just seen as the service to keep the machines turn . and you always felt welcome, even if you were poor, because you're all totally locked out the door for the most part, right. it could lose all the money that you had and you'd be, can't dinners and breakfasts is and rooms and everybody was a high roller when they came to vegas, you come back, you know, the next year and blow your money again. the main crime was skimming, and the lobsters detected their turn to the extent that they didn't want to draw attention and the st. criminals drew attention. so they stopped and got him out of town. he put them in a shallow grave. over in san bernardino county, the old mom didn't allow street crime when the mob ran the town. people didn't lock their doors at night. it was considered to be a safe town back then. ma upstairs or skimming money off. the casino.


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