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tv   News  RT  December 31, 2021 8:00am-8:30am EST

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ah, ah, pop up stories this hour joe biden promises us pointing to ploy. offensive strike weapons in ukraine during an hour long conversation with flood. imitated from the energy crisis to co visit. tonight. we thought to be hungarian for a minute, for a back, for defining moments of 2021 and determined to see in 2022 with the bank germans banned from buying fireworks for 2nd year because a tow truck to poland to keep the party with hello they're welcome. you're watching out international, this new year's eve. it's just gone for o'clock in the afternoon in moscow. now, with some of the holiday spirit in mind, the russian and us leaders have indicated that relations could be turning a corner after what spain an intense few weeks. joe biden and vladimir putin spoke
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for an hour by phone with the american president, even promising not to deploy offensive strike weapons in ukraine. phillip or franka takes us through now what they discussed. so now we do know the details of the latest phone conversation between the presidents of the us and russia. they have come in from both administrations and they're not strikingly different. but it could be felt that moscow and washington were emphasizing different things. what we heard from the adviser to president putin was that his counterpart made it clear that the west has no intention of deploying offensive strike weapons in the ukraine . now, this is something that is very important for moscow. this is something that the kremlin has many times called a red line for russia. besides,
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this says the kremlin of watermark potent told mr biden, that russia will defend its own interest just like the u. s. would if it was facing similar threats on its doorstep when mr. brewton heard about the threat of new sanctions against russia, he warned joe biden, that this could actually lead to ties being cut completely between the 2 countries . so next to the version from washington, joe biden, cold to deescalate the ukraine situation altogether. but also warned that the us and allies will continue to monitor all actions by russia and also maintained that they are ready for all steps that watermark putin could make when it comes to ukraine. plus, mr. barton talked about reinforced nato strength and said that ukraine will get
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extra military assistance from the lines. should the situation escalate? now it's really worth mentioning that this phone call falls proposals made by moscow for european security and stability. and one of the major points that goes making one of the things that russia really wants is at legal guarantees by the nato countries that the aligns wouldn't expand further east. that new weapons wouldn't be deployed at russia's doorstep at now. also, we do have to understand that in about 2 weeks, crunch talks on a european security will be held in geneva and we heard from both sides. the 2 leaders won't take part. however, they will be supervising the talks personally. now a little earlier we heard from the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman about what rushes looking forward to when it comes to these particular rounds of negotiations
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. what have you want to do? i said to me, during the talk to will ask us to ensure a firm, legal guarantees of security for russia that nato will not be able to move on the east. and that weapon systems that threaten russia will not be deployed near our border. there is no agreed position, but when all the western partners within the e. u. a nato european security is not a new topic since 990. we have been proposing not to allow the security of some countries at the expense of the security of others. and what was so interesting about the proposals which are currently being discussed if there was pretending that this is the 1st time they have heard about it. we already have written fundamental principles in our joint document and they were supposed to have been already implemented. so it is a fact that the heads of states are in touch more and more often. and we heard confirmation from both the ministration in washington and in moscow that these
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frequent contacts will continue in the new year as well. in a plank that will investigative journalist rick sterling says it is understandable why russia wants nato to stop its expansion eastwards. i think it's reasonable to say that moscow has very legitimate, legitimate concerns. it looks like the u. s. in the military. industrial complex is looking to to increase the conflict in ukraine. natal is already expanded into many countries. there are numerous countries on the, on a, on the border that, that were part of the soviet union. and there are no part of nato. so, given the proximity of ukraine to, to russia, given the proximity to moscow, only 460 miles of the russian demands, the red lines are completely understandable while from nato's tent relationship
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with russia to finding solutions to the coven pandemic, we have been speaking with the gary and foreign minister to get the you perspective on the baton events that shaped the past year for our central europeans. it's extremely important that east and west that the united states and the russian federation have a direct and continuous dialogue. we are very happy with the fact that the 2 presidents spoke again for nato and there i shall talk to each other, then there's a much bigger and better hope for any kind of common understanding and agreement about this part of the world. look, we really do consider the, the security situation of central europe as a crucial issue for us and anything that helps to resolve challenges here and ease
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tensions around the region service our interest. so that's why we are really interested in successful negotiations between nato and the russia at the beginning of next year. it is very easy for politicians to finger point on one specific country on one specific person on one specific decision. in order to push responsibility away, the russian federation on the gas from have always been very reliable partners from hungary. when it comes to the supply of of natural gas. all the contracts have been respected and the schedule was respected. the volumes arrived always on time, and as far as i understand, no one in europe complains about about why elating contract by
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gas from so what we can say is that the gas from the russian federation, respect the contracts which were assigned between european countries. european companies and russia and gas from maybe this is not the most sophisticated sentence you ever hear from a politician on energy or gas supply. but our understanding is that the, the more pipelines the better it has been an our agenda as well to, to see how we can further increase the number of those who get the vaccination. because we do consider that as the only solution for the crisis we in hungary have a very clear experience. more than 6000000 hungarians have been vaccinated. we have been using 6 different types of vaccines, including including sino farm and,
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and for western types of vaccines. pfizer rosters and come with them and youngs and so we have a very colorful experience. i do believe that the fact that the new car has not been the recon lies by the international organizations is a purely political issue. you know, when i, when i talked to western european colleagues of mine, they always tell me that, well, they all know that the, the russian scientific community is out standing. they all know that the russian medical solutions are successful. they all know that the ration maxine are safe and effective and none of the vaccines are versed than any other. meanwhile, the centuries old rivalry between britain and france made a big come back in 2021. that were disputes over refugees and fishing rights. and
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also bickering over a controversial defense steel france correspondence shouted davinsky looks back now with a turbulent last 12 months cross and the u. k. have been like 2 squabbling neighbors for a millennia. at times those disputes have descended into full blown wars. but for over a century, there has been this relative, calm, not is until now. in the past, the u. k is had plenty of success against france on the high seas, but now the french are looking to recapture access to waters between the 2 countries. for fishing rights only going to print debris, then we still since the beginning of this year, don't have the licenses did. we're not fighting with the english and we're engaging in dialogue to try to make our position understood so that we can get access to these waters. i think we may have to go further find other approaches that may not
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have been previously addressed. the agreement signed today provides for italia, 3 measured europe must apply those measures for boil official tail. so rotten france even threatened to turn off the u. k. is electricity supplies, but was this about more than simply making waves over fishing licenses? i suspect also about that. there are many reasons why right now are having a spot between the british and the french is very convenient for both for a minute, for the prime minister of great britain and for the french president. of course, it is about more than fishing licenses, but 98 percent of fishing licenses that were applied for were already granted. the french thing is about 40 votes, it's, it's just something to sort of keep it alive for other quarrels between france and britain are all serious, but that one is, is completing the manufactured. even though the u. k. has now granted more licenses . french fishermen are still unhappy and continue to threaten british imports.
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now that brings us to another bone of contention migrants the u. s. wholly still struggling to find a way to deal with mass, illegal migration. but the brakes think francis found a solution. turning a blind eye to those who try and cross the english channel, france is failing to police its coastline. we could fund double the number of french police, but they are not serious about intercepting migrant groups in broad daylight. it would further anger taxpayers here by throwing more good money after bad. i believe this reluctance to intervene. this refusal to get involved is a political decision. president emanuel mac are on is seeking re election next year and thinks dumping on the british will win in bots and go, was really stoked, following the deaths of almost 30 people in the english channel in november. now they had been trying to reach the u. k. shores,
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but france hit back telling the u. k to stop it's latches. britain is in no position to be giving lessons to us. britain should stop using us is a punch bag in the domestic politics. correlations came to a standoff as british p and johnson. and his views on twitter now that 3 french president micron into a hissy fit. jesse shockley de method, i'm surprised when things are not done seriously. we don't communicate between leaders via tweets or publish letter. so we're not whistleblowers. come on some but you know, all of this came on the back of a bumpy summer for france. a to just found out that its deal of the century with australia to build a fleet of sub marines had been torpedoed in favor of a new one with the u. s. canada. and oh yes, the u. k. hotley recipe for success. but what the issues between the u. k in france really boils down to might have more to do with the opinion the to leaders half of
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each other. i think it was really a political thing and the of the, the side effect sort of to, to stuff to abs fuel to the side between france and great britain that was just an added plus each of them a min mccolan boys, johnson sees, and the other what they hate most bars, johnson is shambolic disorganized. he goes on the fly, he has a sense of humor and amendment. my call is a control freak. he, he's a bureaucratic technocrat. he is, has attention to detail on both of them. they work in different ways and they despise the where the other functions, they don't like one another. i mean it's, it's is rarely politics rally personal. but in this instance, each of them has got a sort of vision of how they want international relations to go and it's not the others. and then it becomes personal francais, even try to get the,
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you invested in only ongoing squabbles taking a very one for all and all, for one approach. the e u, though has remained relatively aloof, but that is a whole other capital of fish challenge even sky r t. paris. i still had view this new year's eve reforming rushes prisons. we visits and mucus in placing europe's largest and most notorious, pre trial detention center. that special report to come just after the break blue. ah whoa at the new year special kaiser at bart with the one and only gerald salenti, originator of the transport gas man. no stuff
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ah, you are things that have happened in the world were being done by people who had a great vision of how society could be better. but that great reason is typically the left hemisphere representation is not real. it doesn't take into account any of the complexity of reality. the subtlety you various and complex people are, it puts them into categories, is this lot is bad, we'll get rid of it. and change is an organic process, changes on evolution. the opposition is not between the stages and everything will stay the same and everything must be radically changed. a radical change is not the way that kills. ah, welcome back. now 2022 is making its way around the globe at the moment and it's
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times the very from country to country, every nation to center the new year at a different moment. will these pictures from australia that was one of the 1st to see in 2023, with a spectacular fireworks display here in sydney, the event was ticketed fire free ballots, and there were 4 celebrations. i used to make it safe. last year, if i were accept, were canceled across the country and then a and enabling zealand restrictions buttons think this week to let people enjoy the celebrations despite on the chromos scare. with however, over in germany has become something of a challenge for people waiting to see in the new year tonight. because the government has banned the sale of fireworks for a 2nd year in a row. now to stop large gatherings and prevent the spread of cove. it, however, it has seen many germans hop across the board to poland to buy their festive
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supplies with more on the story, his peter oliver, the run, the birth date, the location for the traditional german new year's celebration. it's also home to an annual fireworks extravaganza. the it's about the only place you'll see them lighting up the night. sky is the country rings in 2022 as the german government to fund their private sale. as part of the last round of covert measures brought in at the start of december. it's hard to knock the reasoning behind the decision less and hawk firework displays between midnight and the early hours. less calls to the emergency services also left people mixing and gathering those above on the sale of fireworks. doesn't mean no fireworks. people have been popping over the poland to stucco for fireworks are part of new year's eve. it's a tradition to set them off and it would be
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a shame if it didn't happen. while german paths may be rejoicing at the prospect of less frightening fireworks shops, selling them in poland and making hay while it's particular so shines at the moment because of the ban in germany. we have about $300.00 customers a day and we are pretty overloaded. they buy a lot, it varies, but on average it's about 200 years per person. the band on selling small fireworks is purely a symbolic policy. the vailable figures show that a band will not noticeably relieve emergency admissions, nor will infection rates be effectively reduced. it's the 2nd year in a row that covert has put paid to firework sales, here in germany. and i should imagine it's left firework retailers. fizzing. one of the plus side to less fireworks is less clean up needed. in the aftermath, the german capital is usually smothered in a blanket of discarded munitions following the festivities. this year,
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revellers that don't get their hands on some polish pie retake nicks will have to make due with the professional displace, peter all of our all t. berlin. now, yesterday we got our rare look inside when of russia's most notorious jails, and some of the horace phase 2 by the inmates at the now closed facility in st. petersburg. well, today we visit the modern jail built to replace it, which is so big. the prison guards can walk up to 20 kilometers in a single day. with his seconds. special report is constantly brushed off in the previous episode, been rejected by fellow prisoners and become an a pariah with something they fear on the mouth. this is a terrible place that ruined the loss of people's lives. is it true that some inmates even slept on the floor under the bed? otherwise it was impossible to fit everyone in. so this new prison has been done across the field and is also inherited the title of the largest incarceration
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facility and the whole of europe. ah, the new jail so big it has moving walkways just like in big airport to guard and cover up to 20 kilometers a day by simply walking down the prisons long corridor. i had a new idea now about or what are the sales for? is arbin every time guards and re sell old prisoners must line up with her hands behind their backs. unusual, actually written, typical cell in this prison has to do for beds, sake, tv, and small fridge. although it's not what inmates appreciate the most, some are low. no, not for the, for the most important convenience is that we have
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a restaurant there and you can learn from the inside of other preacher. essential sinners. don't have this, but here we do frankly, the place doesn't look often good. a pass for hostile or student dorms, if it weren't for the bart windows and bats bolted to the floor with the new prison looks much better than the old one. some quarters even have cosy christmas decorations, but he can still see c, c t, v cameras through layers of 10. so everything that's going on in the prison quarters and sales is monitored by the guards 247. the only place we're inmates can have a little private see, is a restaurant, but not for too long was just in. if it's more than 10 minutes, it's a call for concern. i may call in regards so they can go and check on the email for the be po to the administration says the prison foods also get better as we walk into the vast kitchen with mashed potatoes and are in the menu tonight. you'll know what have dinner is over,
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but you are still hungry or not. you can have sandwiches with d and his blog only though. sentence for minor crimes, and we have an excellent reputation among the guards are allowed to work in the kitchen even so all knives and other sharp tools are stored in a metal, save the kitchen supervisor documents. every item that's handed out. and a special book really has any prisoner try to steal a knife from you. i have been working at this institution for 5 years. so far there has been no such tamp. another place that has cut and, and stabbing objects is the prisons dentist office the administration sounds, the office, both the ladies medical equipment and qualified specialists. the only thing that sets it apart from a city clinic is a prison guard who must stay close to the patient. at all times, the only time when inmates can hide from the constant surveillances during the prison visit. each convict can have his wife or another close relative stay with
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him for up to 3 nights in a special visiting room. hi, good afternoon. my name is ego facility. i am the head of this department. if you have any complaints, please let me. no, no, no complain burned. li with interrupted this couple right in the middle of their date, throw sort of 3 days enough for a date in the mall. not enough time, twice past. the head of the regions penitentiary system who shows the surround, says everything here is done to make prison visits as much like home as possible. but it's a separate like nothing but its spouses rise like move the beds together. this is of the discretion. there is a separate kitchen, were inmates and their visitors can cook food, brought from the outside. this woman brought her husband, he's favorite snack chocolate, a doors, or whatever. i want to wish you a happy new year and that you see your husband back home soon. yeah. i want him home, it may be nice,
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we'll handle for there is no place like home. the prison staff are always outnumbered by inmates when we walk through the jails corridors. we saw a guard is 43 men who in theory, could have easily out howard him. but instead of giving firearms to the guard which may be risky in case of an escape attempt, the prison has alarmed buttons on walls every 10 meters. but it's not a gun, any guards, hand, or bars, and windows per se that prevent inmates from running away. the most important thing is each prisoner is mindset that there is no escape from what you did. the prisons church that by the way, among a few places without cctv cameras, is there to show inmates. they can be truly free. only after the redeem themselves by doing time behind bars. look at them. say that being locked up in prison is how on earth do you agree? no, it all depends on the prisoner's hell and heaven are inside. every one about god,
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fight safe and every time and the battle plays out and people cause, ah, this prisoner looked nice and friendly. and when we sat down for a cup of tea, he kindly offered. i couldn't even imagine why he'd been sent here. over the whole countryside and goes into a fight with a man and it led to tragic consequences. what happened? young israel says i couldn't cope with my anger and i killed the man strangled him to show some nice you know, divided into the fool. and just because i'm here, you know, one beats me. if what i did, i'm just left alone with myself alone with my hatred. ah, the next hour we met a man who was reading a letter from his 10 year old daughter. he hadn't seen for 9 months there. when did
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i miss you? very much. i came from the doctor because i have all his classes with dad come home . i really wanted little sister to your sister. overwhelmed by motions. he couldn't keep still. his hands were shaking faces. so do you remember your last chat with your daughter? what did you tell her? i asked her for forgiveness. austin, to wait for me. i said i love her. how did she react? last time you saw me. i was in handcuffs. it was painful, both men seemed to fully regret what they did yet. there were still waiting for their dain cord, which will most likely be followed by a prison sentence. but it's not the bars barked. wire worst, shrieked prison regimen that they fear the most. it's the time they're going to spend away from those the love and that stir true punishment. lou, we promised these guys would hear everything they want to say to their families
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waiting for them outside that are thus into the reform though, she's in a room sorted at least that if that's how it was her daughter, which had goal, was it by reason sandwich so which i disabled for health through jump to could you are you good. good tonight was was you know, blue the ocean which were the rules of the shipper. oh oh, i miss the traditional yuletide holiday this year, making this traditional with a special christmas guide. ah, christmas tolerance diversity guide. we all know that christmas is a family holiday. so make sure all your parents are properly number
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news. this year. follow the agenda that make us know woman hands, dennis, no man. or even better. that this new person designed for themselves. ah. busy ah, now gifts. no, don't so teddy, better prepare your children for the brave new world. and remember, diversity is not at i o is no longer an appropriate costume. this is appropriation. 0 a logical appropriation offensive to the day community. mm hm. and obviously santa not to be cancelled. i
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because he is a why his gender male to abuse is mrs. close discriminate against children based on behavior. whereas red, which is a communist color, makes children sit on his lap, makes people destroy trees and exploit sales. so sorry kids center is not coming to town anymore. i follow these instructions, stick to the spirit of christmas. you decide. i oh, you can kind of test bed for medical and then later recreational marijuana and it started with some things. so innocent, i was wanting to socialize, everybody does it.


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