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tv   Boom Bust  RT  December 31, 2021 5:30am-6:01am EST

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don't get their hands on. some polish pyrotechnics we'll have to make due with the professional displace. peter, all of our all t. burley. i that's a for me for this. yeah, thanks for watching andrew farmer and kevin o n e o r t guides into the new year around the world, including the red square celebrations as we mob midnight. and moscow. for now, though, for me, call him bray. a safe, a peaceful 2022. from all of us here doughty international in the russian. ah . with 2021 rapidly coming to an end to this time for some reflection. what will we remember about this year? how did our lives change? also we look forward to the new year. what does 2022 have in store for us? will we be living in interesting cars with
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ah, don't we always been a child with people money, the neighbors and the way it's drawn up in vegas. when the mob ran vegas, you would see stuff like car bombings and people would just go missing. and then they'd find them a couple months later when they were gonna do a new construction site or something like that. so that's kind of the way it was. you're grown up in the early eighty's. ended up dead in a ditch in a desert. it was probably because you try to get in the way of the money. in vegas, that's just something you don't mm.
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in with . mm hm . my name is kate martin. i'm an attorney in san diego, california october 1st is
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a struggling point for me. in 2015. my mom passed away fairly suddenly on october 1st. so i was just kind of trying to put that out of my mind. so he got the cancer and we were just having a great time. there's something special going on. everyone so friendly there were some swings and you got a great deal with a friend and i were just having so much fun. i after coming home from 3 car tours 10 years as a marine my 1st concert as an adult. it's like my 3rd time to vegas in my life. oh, there is $22000.00 of us and god bless. to join last night with
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the lady in front of me said hey, is that good for us? and i think i'd recognize our marino's bill talk to you to be honest with her pop up or. yeah, so no, that is, i'm sorry we need to start moving through. i knew what the sound was, but i didn't know where it was coming from. and then when he ran off the stage, that's when everyone realize something is really wrong. and i knew people how do you know i was going through this toner right here, turned on my cellphone and then the echo in life.
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the lights went off and i looked back to the girl in front of me who had initially fallen and her eyes were completely blank and i realized that we were both playing and apollo finch that came rainbow. it's all over us down the brown with. so i was never getting away from the bullets you're gonna die any with i didn't know when that bullet was gonna come, but i almost felt like it was inevitable. i, i good with i was running so bad. my
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phone got stuck on the truck it and i flew my elbow and my elbow popped up out of my r, picked on my arm and a man ran up next to me and crouched down right beside me and said, as soon as the stops, you have to run when the bullets stop, i said i don't know where these bullets were coming from. as he turned to point in the mandalay bay direction. they're coming from over. and then i heard a pang and he fell backwards into my lap and i looked down at his space and there was a bullet hole above his eye. and i screamed and just kept running. m g m live nation, have concrete barriers randomly behind our booths. so when the crowd started filtering in, i got pushed over the concrete barrier from the booth because the people started tearing down big sick walls for us to get out in complete chaos.
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there's 20000 people and we're all trying to get out. there were not enough exits in both the top of the fence. i just kind of rolled over the and when i had the concrete, i lost consciousness. ah, if i over 11 or you're brown. so after the final volley picked up the l. m t for 2 additional rounds. one is wired into the tank area and the engine sinks later on. another one takes us a revolver more towards the window in the last row with
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they don't know it. okay. okay, i've got another young lady that was shot for her in the car. i brought him back in and at that point a young lady was hit in the ard where you hit, where are you is i need to talk with people over to a hospital guy with new york, new york, new york, new york, a new york new york new york, we're all completion with the next thing i remember was someone shaking me and things slowly starting to come back and to focus on your seat. we finally got into hooters. there were bloody footprints everywhere. i get into hooters and there was people in there and they're bleeding and they're screaming and everybody is just complete chaos. my husbands,
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texting me, he's following instagram. he says, shooter headed towards her. he says get out at 1045, and we heard a noise from directly outside the as it closes to us, that sounded like another volley of shots. at that point, we'll catch the shot, sounded very close to close to be from the same source as this shooting at the venue. so that's when it really occurred to us. maybe there's more than one person involved or just following a big group into the tropicana then running into another world because somebody said they're coming, they're coming. and that's what i ended up in the m g m. it was like about midnight and that's when people he ran, the casino screaming like seeing there were shooters coming after them to i sat there crying in tears in the gamblers just sat there and smelled their cigarettes and just looked at us late. what's going on here? with these people, you know, gambling as soon as we got outside at hooters,
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it was vegas as normal. mm. it was like stepping into a different world. mm. i was completely covered in blood and all down the front of me tripping down my legs and no one seemed to notice or care. it was just so here's a customer. she needs a cab. let's get her into one. we drove to my hotel, a woman who was going up the escalator, looked at me and just turned green and threw up. because i literally looked like a zombie who had just come out of a horror movie. but it was real life. one side of my face and my hair was completely soaps of blood from when the shooting 1st started. and i had laid next to the girl in front of me, and the rest of my body was covered in blood. anxious,
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broke down, i was sterile. i was screaming i was crying, i lost all control my emotions. and a floor manager came up to me and he told me that i needed to calm down. i was drunk and that i had spilled. it looked, why could he thought looked like spaghetti all over myself, and that i should go up to my room and taken up and change and everything was fine when that may get it out to henderson hospital. swinging up as re m for surgery and my arm is at the same can move can with her weakened. that's all that i did was lay around for like 2 and a half months. here. i am in a way chair because i couldn't walk properly. i had hematomas the size of baseball 2 on each side. so i had 10 breaks in 7
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different bones, 3 bones in my rights were broken, and i had 3 pretty serious fractures and i called us in the evening. and obviously, i'm sure for jo lombardo from clark county, and i'm here to talk to you about the tragic event that is taking place at the mandalay bay. we determined there was a shooter on the 32nd floor. officers responded to that location and engaged to suspect at that location. he is dead. we are looking at an excess of 50 individuals, dad and over $200.00 individuals injured. at this point, there has been multiple, multiple phone calls, an accusations or conjecture coming through social media that there is multiple shooters at other resorts that has been proven to be false. within less than 12
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hours yet already dismissed the possibility of multiple shooters. he had already dismissed the possibility of it being terrorist related. we believe it's a social worker, a lone wolf type actor, and we have the place are under control. this crime scene included the mandalay bay . it included a venue that was 4 times as long as a football field. it included the streets around the venue. it included what people heard at the tropicana. there were people that passed away as far away as the street in front of tutors. so i don't know how it could have been investigated within less than 12 hours. oh, rado became
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a test bed for medical and then later recreational marijuana and it started with something so innocent. i was wanting to socialize. everybody does it? so i cannot. and then it just keeps going and going and going, i'm just going to do it was yeah. and that it's oh i'm just going to try this one and then you never do it again because they want my phone one and i'm right on inside. okay. and you surround yourself with people who are encouraging you to do it and not to stop. oh, it's all my life was over, jumped office about the balcony and died. he knew he just couldn't stop. the world is driven by dreamers shaped bankers are those with
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dares sinks. we dare to ask who they are it states we have to be rich to be able to afford enzyme and luxury good for sure. despite having the most expensive health care system in the world, we have poor life expectancy. we have higher infant mortality. we have more deaths from treatable causes. so americans are suffering every day from it. it's as if these people, towns, oh, i saw how they confuse customers and dump
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a sec so also satisfy their wall street investors. now parents that have to see what i saw. if you're denying payment for someone's care, your make life and death decisions and determine to kiss to live and who dies to me, that's best getting away with murder me. my name is my tara former intelligence in the air force. i was a senior intelligence analyst, and over the time that i did that job, i acquired a certain skill set and it becomes rather useful. and the type of situation that i found myself in, in las vegas, in the very 1st task that was given by the attorneys, was to determine how safe for how secure their service elevators were. the
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aftermath of 1 october and jim resorts in mandalay bay promised to increase security, especially around the guest and service elevators. the service elevator is how the 1 october shooter got his weapons into his hotel room. you might think that elevator would be very closely monitored by the hotel, but perhaps not new key required. i was able to go up and down those service elevators at will without anyone ever asking me a question. this is my target making the same trip to the hallways and up the service elevator. something he said he's done $27.00 times since the 1 october shooting. this is the same service elevator paddock. he used to transport his arsenal to his hotel room. he actually had help with a valet, bringing the weapons into a cart and up to his room. metro police here in las vegas confirmed a bump stock was added to the weapons pictured in those exclusive photos that i obtained several images of stephen patrick were lead to the media. what i can tell
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you is, i'm very troubled by it. we have an internal investigation occurring, as we speak on how those photographs retain public share from bartow promised a comprehensive investigation, would be put out to find out the source of those damages. ah, the farmer has worked in the night to do this. i all the sunday, these mass shooting at the roof. no more harvest vessel. all but 3 big. we still have an active seen as a ground near manually big. there is a wonderful guy. his name is great. he made all of these way cross the city a crosses and displays at the las vegas. welcome side. i'm planning to put every name on these crosses. i'm trying to get every single photograph on these crosses, and this just shows everybody, the severity. what happened here is what i'd like to just show everybody that we're
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sick and tired of murder here in america. we're talking about the largest man shooting in the history of the united states. 58 deceased victims. we have determined there is 851 individuals injured directly related to the 1 october and the funded the sheriff. and i said yesterday has also passed 53000 individual donations. so $3700000.00, biggest drawing was a go fund me fundraiser. that was started by steve to select jo lombardo steve says, a leg running for governor and jo lombardo, who was running for reelection for sheriff clark county. so at this point, i want to thank the community. i want to thank you for let me be your sheriff and biggest strong. he's pops up all over since the 1 october shooting billboards posters and of course on the internet as a hash tag vegas strong more than just the phrase now
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a symbol of the city unity. we put the very strong up on the building just to kind of show no unity with the training that we are part of the movement along with a lot of other local businesses, we put the vegas strong up and we want to support the movement and help raise money for the victims the healing guard, and this is regarding dedicated to the victims of the october 1st. the hearing garner is located in a nowhere of las vegas. there is no foot traffic in the world trade center $911.00 memorial is that you know, on a river somewhere or is it near central park? no, it's on the side where that occurred. it's highly unusual to have a memorial site, 7 miles from the site of the massacre. me. ah
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ah, my 1st initial reaction is that i feel like it was overdue for las vegas only because after 911 when i was still. ready a motor sergeant and a lot of reports came in that they might be trying to bring a tanker truck down the strip and crash it into something be an easy way to make a giant explosion, kill a lot of people after 911. so 1st time my life i ever went down to strip and i didn't see any taxis, hardly any cars, and no people when it's a saturday and it should have been packed and that went on for weeks. so they're definitely aware that if people thought there was a terrorist attack being carried out in las vegas, i think the room cancellations would be coming in fast and furious. there are multiple reports or multiple shooters coming from all over the place. how are you
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louis area. there any are new york where there is radio reports, but it's, you know, it's not like we haven't gotten false radio reports and they turned out to be unfounded. and so you can't totally rely on a radio report aren't getting really, and there might have been 3 shooters. right now there's a now walking in with the rifle, bellagio employee entering i believe that i heard a 2nd shooter at hooters, which may or may not be correct, but that's what i strongly believe that i had heard. and i know i wasn't the only one. so i called the las vegas police, and i told them exactly what my experience was included in the fact that i believe
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there was a 2nd shooter. i hooters. they told me that my recollection must be incorrect. perhaps they had been drinking too much that night and that they were not interested in pursuing any leads that involved the possibility of it not being alone, wealth attack a at that point felt like i wasn't being taken seriously. and i called the f b i, i told them the same information and they told me, you need to stop saying that there was a 2nd shooter. if that's not what happened to your, the shooting, and then i pan up and you can see that stroke. i thought that was the shooter right there on the 10th floor. so here i am coming up here. and this is where i stopped. and this is where i was hearing the shooting. and of course, right above is room $134.35. most of the shooting that you hear through your
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recording. it sounds fairly distant. it sounds like it's coming from up there. there's one burst in where it's really loud. the f b i came over and it was 9 days later and they said, oh, we're leaving no stone unturned and we just want to let you know that there was only one shooter and he's dead. and i thought that's kind of weird. why did you just tell me 5 minutes ago that you're leaving us don't and turned in and really, you know, looking things up and now you're telling me there's only one shooter. i think the f b, i saw that people had seen my video millions of times and i'd been on in some interviews and wanted to make sure that i was telling people that there was only one shooter. he's dead. so, you know, come on back to vegas,
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spend your money the machines are working. if you're not pulling the one arm band it, they're not making no money. and i think that's what they're afraid of. i think they're afraid of a period of time where people say it's not safe to go to vegas to china. very, very difficult time for us. and as we look forward to continuing, when our great city does that, we offer a safe place. this is a crazed lunatic, full of hate. we don't know much about his background, the brother of the suspect isn't down. we are in contact with him along with other family members. my goal was to try to help the cops. i just tried to help them understand steve. psyche better and how people like us are, we're not normal people. oh,
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my dad was on the 10 most wanted f b. i was for 9 years. there was no trail east, never done all your normal who goes out and shoot some people does. she was a very smart guy and i was in business within for 30 years and we did it right. i mean, we ended up with a bunch of $1000000.00. oh, working our way out from a duplex in north hollywood. do a 110 unit. oh, my building in mesquite, texas. he was retired and live playing freaking video poker. when he was 40 years old. he was in the grid w x, whatever they call their fancy club. he wasn't doing it to get any richer and he
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was doing it because you get to hang out. now tell it is nice and the people bring you drinks and they bring in, i spat shrimps and you get a really good restaurants. the goal was to gamble effectively enough to pay for all that stuff. so it didn't cost him anything. at the, at last we took over the whole top floor because he brought my whole extended family there for a week because he had a bazillion points and he knew it was coming to an end there because i had started crunching down a little bit and they pushed him out of reno by just cutting off his constant stuff . there was one place where the average person to come and they were treated like kings, with the mob of people to fly this and all the desert, to spend their partner and money. john and james, you citizen making $30000.00 a year would come to las vegas and $3000.00 and lose it. they got great rooms,
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comped and they got free drinks. ah oh, happy new year. special kaiser? a board with the one and only gerald salenti, originator of the transport, jazz man, you know, stuff who's diagnosed with cancer in 2000 lives. when the doctors told me the cancer was incurable, i knew i had to make a change. so i decided to travel to one of the most toxic places in america, florida. one of florida is biggest industries and best kept secrets, is fostering in the biggest player in $85000000000.00 industry. is mosaic, and i,
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there are reports of millions of gallons of contaminated water now flowing into the florida aqua for my. there's a chronic. oh, well, you know, i don't want to hear that word poets name, but that's what it is. i'm in 2013 my, all our family dog, my brother, who was 21 years old, myself and my father and we're all guy. sam rob, problem did the problem with wow, yeah, there's a whole lot and the good play, right? yeah, yeah. maybe they'll actually learn more help is more important to join me every 1st aid on me, alex simon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess of the world politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then
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a ah, the headlines this our joe biden promises us wont deploy a fence to strike weapons in ukraine during an hour long conversation with vladimir putin also to come from the energy crisis decoded tonight to wait till the hungarian or a minister about defining by 2021 and determined to see in 2022 with the bang germans banned from buying fi works for a 2nd because it is it for up to poland to cape the public. ah. either well can be watching out international this just gone to o'clock in the afternoon. hey mom scott now with some of the holiday spirit in mind. the russian
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and us leaders.


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