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tv   Dennis Miller One  RT  December 31, 2021 2:30am-3:01am EST

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joy sing at the prospect of less frightening fireworks shops, selling them in poland and making hay. while this particular sun shines at the moment because of the band in germany, we have about 300 customers a day and we are pretty overloaded. they buy a lot, it varies, but on average it's about 200 years per person. the band on selling small fireworks is purely a symbolic policy. the available figures show that a band will not noticeably relieve emergency admissions, nor will infection rates be effectively reduced. it's the 2nd year in a row that covert is put paid to firework sales, here in germany. and i should imagine it's left firework retailers. fixing one of the plus side to less fireworks is less clean up needed. in the aftermath, the german capital is usually smothered in a blanket of discarded munitions following the festivities. this year, revellers that don't get their hands on. some polish pyrotechnics we'll have to make do with the professional, displace peter all for all t. berlin. okay,
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what is you all celebrating? stay safe up next. and his men as plus one is actually brian bombgardener from the american version of a hits. it called me office. he's going to talk about getting the cost back together. that is next on. i'll tell you this new, easy ah ah, i became a test bed for medical and then later recreational marijuana and it started with something so innocent. i was wanting to socialize. everybody does it? so i cannot. and then it just keeps going and going and going. i'm just going to do it was yeah, and then it's, i'm just going to try this one said never do it again because they want my phone was on and i'm right on inside. okay. and you surround yourself with people who are encouraging you to do it not to stop or it felt like my life was over. jumped
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office about the balcony and died. mm. he knew he just couldn't stop with hey folks, next up. ziggy marley. dennis relo plus one love, this is dad. always loved the want to be. seems like he passed around to the boy who is $18.00 grammys over the years. and now is branched out in the children's literature. we'll talk to him about his new book, ziggy marley right after this. dennis miller plus one.
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hey, welcome to dennis miller plus one. and we're happy to welcome ziggy marley to the show. 8 time grammy award winner emmy winner philanthropist a. obviously the, some of the great reg, a pioneer, bob marley, and he's also now an accomplished children's author. he's co author. i think it's a 2nd book. personal is about his dog romeo new book called little john crow. that is out now and available where you purchase your books, the estimable, ziggy marley. how are you, my friend? good, good to be with you. nice. i agree with you. i'm always wondering, i think you born and 68 and i was always wondering, i thought certainly couldn't have been bad or they couldn't have been given the names of birth, but i always, maybe bowie, who was such a sponge, dug the fact that your old man named jude ziggy. he started esther,
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is that the reverse? you are baptized or born something else. and then you took they gave because you dug both, which one was an app or, or the egg or the chicken? and egg because i met david bowie once in new york. a. we're a new yeah. pretty much at the event and, and i met him were backstage and he actually brought it up here that i tell me, oh, when did you get in the him? oh, you get you to him and i like. so i told him unfortunately i wasn't named after you know, in jamaica we get nicknames were bon, we didn't, we got a nickname when we were born. some a fight, a give me that nickname from the get go. you know? yeah, i could just see the time difference the 4 years i thought of both probably love dissolve mad at via david sleeva. now i finally know the truth. thank you. clear that up for music. now listen, obviously your music speaks for itself over the years. what has i, i know your family man. i assume that brought your on to wanting to write some
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children's book. tell me about the when you decide to start doing and, and then tell me about little john crow here when we started doing children book when the 1st template children album, which was like what, 9 years ago called family time. and we took some of the songs from, from, from the alga and put them into books. i know people will see him, you know, my, find them people with kids at a time. we loved the album kind of love the books too. and so that is all i started turning songs into book and we've done that a couple times. but this story little john crow is our original story. there's no song fight, is there's a story that i wrote with my wife auto oath of my imagination. and out of the experience have grown a grown up iraq. vultures in jamaica, turkey, villages. you know, what i remember being off. i remember being around a quarter mile out. often a girl was standing on the most beautiful beach i'd ever been in my life. the water
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was lapping up again. you could go out really far and it was still shallow in the beach was so white, i've everything in this about as good as i've ever felt my life. and i wonder in jamaica must have been a groovy place for kids to grow up. right. well, yeah, and so groovy so movable. i mean, it's not, would it be she then just like the environment at a time, there was so much happening, so much creativity, so much revolutionary thought. and i grew up our own this i'll at, at the music coming up on like just like minds or not to see him time been our own at a child. and in jamaica, you know, going to the countryside and had been the fishermen bringing the boards when they go fishing is a low, it was a lovely, lovely experience for me and it does me it. it is still so much a part of who i on those experiences. you know that the rhythms there were definitely different than anywhere i had ever been. man, i'd go swimming than i'd go to the cong stand. get myself a nice lunch than i had to sit there and listen to some music in late afternoon.
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read. take a nap, get up. have a great high dinner. i was super, super grade, but i do remember once i had a cab drivers, a, you'll love this. i'm coming in from kingston and i, i remember the cab driver went past the same lime green house 3 times i, louis i knew he was running me or i was like in new york. and i just remember saying very, i've never seen that color green before. trust me, you've got a. 2 man looks over sure. he has no problem with even what i was getting taken for. right. he was easy about it. right? or i did, you know, even you got him know, you know, who is dealing with at that time when you know, i, you and you, we are going jamaica is kind of like, we got the same, hostile must have been going, you know, a clock and read it, well i would say almost said brother,
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i would have went past the lime green house twice. i know this is royce williams. megan, but the 3rd time i'm starting to feel disappears. now my, it was the 1st, let's go back to the writing career. was the 1st one you wrote a my dog wrote me, i assume that was. busy what was that your childhood hound? who might not know is mom and dad just we've got him last year. right before the client in thing i'm. so i grew up with since i moved to eli with my wife. well, for kids living at one with us, and they have always wanted a dog. and so like 10 years, 10 years, oppression will finally given last year. and in the quarantine not know, we had a puppy and it was on when experience i got new is having like a baby you know, having a baby in the house. so yeah, i'm there, his name is romeo and we did. we had a album last year called more fun time, which is a follow up to the previous one and put a song about a dog on the album we made
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a book with that one that's for younger kids. little john cruise is for a little bit older kids, my dog room, you know, it's for like, you know, be a bizarre, that before 2 year old she, you know, yeah, get romeo, spayed or neutered man, because eventually the female dogs, we screaming. wherefore, art thou, romeo? next thing you know, you'll be, i next thing you know, really, you have a whole crew for the next about big family room. you know, a, tell me about the movement, ela listed. i have things i love about ally, but certainly a different vibe in jamaica. i guess a lot of it has to be career. maybe want your kids out here. i don't quite know, but i'd visit may, how you i hope you're getting back to jamaica lot because it's such, it's own its own environment. you must miss it when you're in l. i right? yeah, mm hm. is the vibe, jamica of course. yeah. but it was a woman that brought me to elena is does the story? the thought?
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yes, u l l okay. yeah, it was a beautiful woman and i'm stuck here. no, no, you're stuck in a cage, little brother. so when i read a very touching thing about your father, it at the end and i am trying to think geez, 12 years old. what a time to lose for any child the loser findable when did he 1st introduce you to music or did you just watch him and kids watch their dad and thing i want to do that? tell me, but when you 1st got the bug. so my earliest memory of being exposed to music by my father in my mother was a musician to so you know, music was always our own singing. i'm going to church or whatever, but i just the, my earliest memory i carmen will go into the studio like him, taken me just to, to, to talk to a producer. i remember the student. oh, i fantastic it was in the room. i remember that, that vivid in my, in my mind,
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i'm those 1st experiences then when i wasn't, when i was all i know we used to sit in, we just you, he used to love having us around me. i'm a young me, i'm a young about stevens, so we would like that my mother would be word god, we would be with him and his friends and it, we kind of crazy. what music sitting in under her cell, sit in an in studio. you know him writing songs are lots of, you know, we can, i got exposed to and the thing i think i take from it is that he was a very hard worker. he was a very committed to his craft, you know, mess and saw like that. so i am, no, i like i learned that we like you gotta commit to your crappy guy, committee to art what you're doing. you know, that's the only way going to be, get good at it. you have to keep committing to it after i 1st i did write in song that as a, you know, after, after my father possibly actually like 13 a year after. so i can, i started seeing the arrow to get her and you didn't stand, put some words together and in a feel like i started searching for like, well,
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mine started opening up. i started to search for religion and ideas and philosophies and inspired my thought and i started to write more songs based upon that. and then nina does get inspired. now we're in. that's how it works right now . just kind of in, i'm inspired to write all this and i think many children and i've seen you use the word in the interviews i read with you. i learned from their parents by osmosis, but definitely he was such an evocative, groovy, cat. i mean, i'm just a fan obviously i but from a far i used to always look at him and saying, wow, what a groovy cat man. what a nice approach to life, what a sweet soul. so for you to be sitting at the knee of that. but it must have been washing like a beautiful wave. no seriously, cause i resent that 4 leg so many pictures of me and him together in different situations. and i, i mean, i don't remember to ford has been taken as i go, i was sitting there with him in the middle of that. oh,
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i was there. a mom is like right by him sitting down doing something there. so yeah, yeah, i think that is the way that is where he wanted it to be commer on and pick up what i can pick up. you know? yeah, that was your return address back then ziki right off my old man's knee. you were sitting right there, sac. yeah. the love sucking up the knowledge. and it was a funny for a kid to realize that their dad such a, well, i guess that's what, why parents and kids love each other. they keep them in a gravitational field. it's traditional cause you know, the whole world like pot marley and it must been nice to see my dad not always really, but he's a good dad and he loves me that. that's a, it's a beautiful mix man. yes, no, no you. i mean, he was a good father, he was a discipline father. do i mean not mine has and respect and all that stuff. i am a wine said disability money e, give me a couple beds and about that. but i was all right. you know, a good, good, good, good. i love to play. you love to play around. he loves to play around. yeah. beautiful. we're talking to ziggy marley. and he is now writing children's books.
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first one, as he said, little more for juvenile, but he, maybe he's learning the craft at that point too. it's about his dog romeo, my dog, romeo. and the 2nd one we're moving it up. it's like the goose bumps books. this move in up for a little young adult literature, something little john crow, maybe not young adult, but a little older than juveniles. and it's a new book, a little john crow that is now available where you purchase your books when it come back little and talk to think about his mood, his music career. i also want to pick his brain a little bit breast, a fairy and faith, which i'm fascinated by and, and we will talk to ziggy marley right up to this one. dennis miller plus one ah,
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i was diagnosed with cancer in 2005, when the doctors told me the cancer was incurable. i knew i had to make a change. so i decided to travel to one of the most toxic places in america, florida. one of florida is biggest industries and best kept secrets is fostering mine and the biggest layer is $85000000000.00 industry. is mosaic, and i, there are reports of millions of gallons of contaminated water now flowing into the florida aqua floor. a chronic evening. i called don't let that work towards me, but that's what it is. i'm in 2013. my uncle, our family dog, my brother, who is 21 years old, myself and my father and we're all diana rob with black hole. and the good way. yeah. maybe
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they'll actually learn that our mill is more important than others, financial survival guys. i don't buy a i guy on the futures. this wasn't the friday at the last time. i buy it from the future. so franco watched kaiser replace it states, it has to be rich to be able to afford enzyme and find the luxury good for sure. despite having the most expensive health care system in the world, we have poor life expectancy. we have higher infant mortality. we have more deaths from treatable causes, so americans are suffering every day from it. it's as if these people don't count.
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i saw how they can choose or somers and dump the sick. so also a to satisfy their wall street. investors now has to have to see what i saw if you're denying payment for someone's care, your make life and death decision and determine to get to live and who dies to me this mess getting away with murder. hey folks. welcome back to dennis miller plus one. we're talking to the esteemed author, children's books, ziggy marley, new book, little john crow. that's now available where you purchase your books. and so yeah, i wanted to pick your brain for a 2nd about the rastafarian faith because i'm sort of fascinated by it in that they chose such a good man. but indeed, a man haile, selassie to be the he is the,
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is he not the it you explain to me, i put it this, you put it as well. is it christians of jesus christ that jesus christ of the man who walked on earth. right. he was crucified. all right, so is there the connection with his lassie and salam, untrue to the jewish culture. he's a descendant of solomon. so it's a who are prophecy. it's so it's biblical, it's, it's connected to the by it is connected to jesus. it's all connected on so during the time of the, the realization of this, this person, especially from a jamaica perspective memo, we just coming out of slavery. we just got independence. but still, we were under british rule and we were still, we still there was that there was that consciousness going on about like turning against the colonial mindset turn against the colonial lessons. christianity was
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one of those lessons and there was always the idea of, you know, the god being a white guy in the thinking of that 10 was like more revolutionary like we, i mean the, we've been to some of that we have to believe in this white guy as god and so they started, people started looking for their own idea of what god is and your own identity to their own identity and reference in biblical passages. there was a passage about the king of kings, the laws of those who this man was crowned eyes and saw you was in that connection as phone the identity of a spiritual being in this mine. yes. as people cite in christ, are people seating somebody as the aside in this month and that that is the origin of it, right? but my live, my life as, as using that as my foundation is not, is not confined to any sort of an idea of
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what, whatever, when it institutionalize, it's not an institution. it's a, it's a, it's a mindset that is free. i'm free to evolve is not not written in a book that it has to be this. we are that we are one we we are, we are designed to evolve our consciousness. and so for me as an individual, i speak for myself. i don't speak for every roster far i ever want to be sure in that i speak as an individual with individual consciousness that it was on its own . and so that is my foundation, but i'm not limited to that in the way. am i not the right you know, i'm, you know, i always find just such a joyous man. and yet i, as i said earlier, i alluded to the fact that i, i can't imagine a harder time for a young boy to loses. beloved father, what do you feel your father at the end that he encourage you to go lead a joyous and fruitful life that he is such a like a set of hard seen for
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a young kid. but you seem so i imagine you live a joyous life to serve his memory in some way. here. what is who we are? we are dennis and then the, the last time i saw my father was in the hospital in miami couple years before he passed away. i'm so she was in like an intensive care place. so i was like kind of chance of pete to the window. you know the door and i'm like looking up like this. and he goes like this. he's on his a bit and he goes like this because men. so come in and i'm calmer right beside him and him kind of whisper is saying like him say young bob, i have a song for you. and he said these words to me said on your way up, take me up on your way down. no, let me down. and so that was the last thing he said to me last time i saw him and some in, you know, we are, we are, we are part of one. and we like, you know, i feel like i'm a part of the muse applied to me and we help each other. oh,
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you know, it were here. i had him, he has me. and i said we're a part of one, especially in the consciousness in, in that might, in the mindset. especially the, or, you know, yeah, that's the good thing about cosmic consciousness. i think he is very welcoming in a way there's work. there's room for all. there's like, it's a big welcoming room with your children now. do you refer to any of them as young bob? that's such a sweet name for it. i hope you pass that on. that's such a beautiful. if i was a kid, i would big that name, young it. tell me about more family time. the children's album, what? like i said, i can see that the family is all to you after the music and i assume i don't know the kids must love it. that there's a children's album. yes, i am love it man. i mean did. so the album we did album last year, right. they everything up last year like the current in us jasmine,
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a lot of to come. right. so we're all home. i mean our own them to find stuff to do . we're always active. i've been trying to find fun stuff to do and music apart today. and then they were in the studio with me and we just had a blast making that record. and i had a lot of good guess artists who are called up on it, been oper. sure cru, alanis, morissette, angelica you busta rhymes, tama of a bunch of people and your friends like we are. it's funny, like last year was the most ever reached out to people, you know, like during the car and tina, you know, noise, man, you know, we don't things on there that there, that in the next ripple man, it's so weird to me that what you can reach out to each other due to the dictates of the world at any given moment. everybody gets everybody starts to reach an odd boy. the unintended consequences of human life is unbelievable. to me is 8. let me ask you real quick because i'm,
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i'm down in l. i to doing an interview or in separate parts today. but i got to know before i get, i want to talk about urge, but i, i do have to know where do i get? good, jamaica, los angeles brother, where's it at? where can i find a food for this one? spot named juice is joseph. there are no. do you don't use it? no. what, washington, what is called juicy. that's what you get all of our. yeah. and i usually get, i usually get my ra produced to that, like jimmy comes on stuff, so i can't cook. so my to them on their food and they have like the wrong stuff too . i love that i love the fact that you look out for everybody in your look at out for others with the unlimited resources giving enlightenment. i love the i love the urge and explain the foundation to the people and what you're doing up there. so the phone is showing like when the tour is like, where is it like when i,
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when i think it is sole, in most of the shoes, would take like a dollar from each ticket and put it in that foundation. so my shows would have tried to work what a charity itself is focused on children. um we have, we have been education, we have other charities. we job without a charities, we have a charity or in any colla, which does after school program for kids. we work with them on so we really is just transfer and you give kids who don't have the opportunity for a good education or even good dental care or whatever they may need to be helpful in, in, in that part of their life. so it's, it's broad, but it's focused on children. i and that's a call you just, you know, i, when i sometimes look at people who are a great artist, i often think boy, they get to be a great artist. and then they have the even amplified gift of being able to help
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people who follow them and don't have as good a deal in life. it really, it really is the great side hi. so of being famous and being talented isn't that you can you can pay it forward other people it's quite yeah, it definitely is. yeah. i couldn't do that. i asked that's just that's what we are a little we are. we have to, you get not and torn to share. what you got. plan for 20, let's say 2022. this one's almost unbelievably these years click by like that. what are you shooting for in 2020, to say, where are you going to go? i'm here to know to the still getting women to are coming up in june for the summer with another artist. i think we're, we into unknown stuff, but he's a, he's a big artist. we're going to do some together and, and i'd be heading to europe. i do some show celebry to my father to where do i actually sent from his shoes to someone to shoes are a boat. my father and in other shows are, does a rip my regular shoes. what size venue is he looking for like theatres and stuff
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like that? is that what you yeah, we do. yeah, we did some this we did some few weeks ago. so we did like outdoors, amphitheaters, type of stuff. it's funny and i think i'm a comedian on the side, and when i go out on the road, i used to go out on the road and hated so much. and then when i noticed the same thing about the pandemic, how it teaches you odd lessons, i'm everything and i try to mystery and out on the road it. it's that that was unexpected because when i was on the road for 30 years, i thought i got to get off the road. then i was on the road. i thought i kind of missed the road. so you never know, do you use to an issue that you got, isn't it, it was an adjustment for me to not be out. dear. different, an adjustment say. interesting. yeah. all right. we've been talking to ziggy marley . good kat, he's at a time grammy award winner. emmy winner and a philanthropist. obviously he is a bob son and he is a new accomplish children's author. the new one is called little john crow. and i
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don't know when the show's coming on. i think it'll be on an early november. obviously a nice christmas present for your kids and it's out now available where you purchase your books. you're a good spirit, man. i was such a fan of your old man. it hurt my heart a lot when he passed young. but it's nice to see the vibe and the spirit and the soul is going forward. i assume you're going to revisit on your kids. and we will have the, the beauty of the marly spirit in perpetuity. my friend could you say good, that good to see it is. thank you so much better. all right, thank you. marlene is dennis miller plus one. ah mm mm mm mm mm. ah,
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it goes to chill. tristan's goal is to chill, did wanna deal with which one is more about the way it was just my way. let's use a curriculum. well that the game is that with water with a couple of minutes when you i wasn't at the department for that. if you can squeeze you machine that i did with no, i need to put that amount with me. is power thorn with
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ah, then he gets the headlines from see joe biden promises that the united states won't deploy offensive strike weapons in ukraine during an hour long conversation with the demon potent as the crisis over the country stretches toward another year. growing chasm of vaccine inequality leading charity lays back how poor countries struggle to manipulate against kobe. wealthy nations let the father reap astronomical prophets and determined to see in 2022 with a bang german fans from buying fireworks for a 2nd year because of cope. it flocked to poland to keep the party going. a good, happy with its friday,
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the 31st of december. my name is colleen bray. welcome to your wealth news from out the international.


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