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tv   News  RT  December 30, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the tonight, so most an hour long conversation between russian leader poets in and you as president, your buddies just finished literally will take a closer look at what came out of that of the usual process. money as well. belgium suddenly back tracks and cobit measures and reopened theater, who said them is after its highest court said the restrictions with 2 excessive elsewhere. joe biden, distances himself from previous promises to shut down the virus and set it up between the visual states of whitehouse to thought we discussed his response. for upon them so far plus the special, we get a rare glimpse. and if i want to rush with mr. tories prison home and say to some of the countries most dangerous criminals in the wake of the soviet collapse back in the 1990 walking into his cell like this were all these hardened
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criminals give you. this look, been rejected by fellow prisoners and become, and a pariah with something they feared most the morning will come to us into national world news at 1 am for moscow. with me, kevin. oh, well 1st, then a phone call between russian leader legitimate poaching us. president joe biden is just finished in the last few minutes. barney lasted around an hour initiated by moscow, and was the 2nd conversation between the 2 this month with ukraine and nato expansion key topics. the call was held ahead of geneva, brussels meetings involving us and russian officials. let's go live to correspond leper trunk has got latest on it. morning alia. understand this, the private conversations, not too much. no, 2 reporters at the moment. probably though, of course, as i was saying how much big meeting of minds later next month to try and diffuse the current really high tensions. yeah, a kevin a true. well though,
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there's one thing that the we can say for sure. it is a fact that more and more often, the leaders of the u. s. in russia are in touch that the video conference call. they had a very important one. when was that about 3 weeks ago, and now they were on the phone again, a just ahead of new year's eve. both sides like you were saying, have remained tight lipped about to the exact contents about the exact agenda. but we do understand the context. so it is easy to guess and predict some of the things in when i'm talking about the context. i mean, the worries in the west about ukraine or what russia may, a potential a be planning for ukraine. and also worries here in moscow about the nato activity. also, this is something that follows a very serious proposals that have been made by russian officials for security and
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stability in europe. and one of the main points that moscow was making, one of the main goals that moscow was trying to achieve as legal guarantees by nato, that it won't expand further east or as station new weapons on russia's doorstep. now again, kevin, like you were saying this is happening less than 2 weeks before a major security talks in europe in geneva in particular. and we heard from the kremlin that part of this conversation will be about preparations for these talks. now also the russian foreign ministry spokesman murray's horror. i'll try to shed some light on what moscow will be expecting from these negotiations when it was in the bill. i've set you in to talk to us to us to ensure a firm, legal guarantees of security for russia. nato will not be able to move on the east
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and that weapon systems that threaten russia will not be deployed near our border. there is no agreed position, but we will do as some partners within the e. u. a nato european security is not a new topic since 990. we have been proposing not to allow the security of some countries at the expense of the security of others. what was so interesting about the proposals which are currently being discussed if there was pretending that this is the 1st time they have heard about it. we already have written fundamental principles in our joint documented up, and they were supposed to have been already implemented to well, kevin, for more specific sled suede for potentially some of the things that may pop up on the white house website or on the kremlin website. now i do also have to mention that for now it's not yet been planned, that the leaders will take part in the security talks that i've mentioned,
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but still other major officials will be there. and again, there's something that's a fact already that the contacts between the heads of states are intensifying and well. perhaps it is a good sign ahead of the new year celebrations. well, indeed, elia, thanks for that. thanks. bring us up to date on let's a conversation that just said, let's get some more thoughts. so they go live to talk to robert. good. she research or link us universities problem. the socio ology oh to be a flight of all server conversations. and i, i wonder, i mean, we just had a correspondent, we know, deciding points that we're a no doubt talked about. but i wonder what the who took the firm is the line there . so i put it that way and who spoke 1st in your view? well, i think one of the people that would have to answer some questions 1st would be joe biden, about why the us feels that needs to be fined by biplanes. again, over the border, using this technology more and more to,
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to keep an eye on other sovereign nations for instance. so, you know, regardless of who, who is speaking 1st. i think that certainly is one of the questions on the door here of why do you feel the need or the right to send your planes over borders? to take a look at what we're doing when these may be domestic affairs. at this point, what we seem to do with our troops, the same with what the us does with there's yeah, the be that read list of red lines that cause the russia center so recently to america about need to expansion, etc, etc. no, russia standing firm on it, it's actually say this message for years and there's nothing new and it really but the thought is that you know, some of its non negotiable. on the other side, i want to, i guess this was a prelude to try to thrash all that out. yeah. yeah. i mean, i think, you know, since we won't be having these 2 expected to be sitting together in geneva, this is setting a tone for staff to put together on both sides. something that mirrors the
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expectations of their leaders. i mean, look, you know, 50 minute phone conversation isn't something to laugh at. that's a good amount of time together between these 2 leaders. but it also has to wonder, what is the performance here, right? we don't know what's going on in the room. we do think that it's setting a tone for the negotiations that are, that are coming up. but at the end of the day, there are some hard questions about what of the sovereignty of ukraine, the sovereignty of russia and the u. s. roland involvement to that. as well as nato, so i think that there certainly as in india, logical discussion that needs to be had about a month, citizens and viewers. what is this really about and, and who's, who's going to be going into that conversation? who wants mutual respect and consideration of each other's national interest? there is more to last friday that was the saw of a diplomatic path maybe being found forward. it certainly sounds more optimistic live last week than that. well yeah, i mean, i think that that's
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a good direction and that's maybe why the conversation was so long and i was expecting it to be a little bit shorter. and so i think that this is a good thing that we're moving in that direction. but ultimately, you know, it comes down to also the us and nato, i think, sitting back and asking the question on there. so i do, they have mutual respect for other nations, whether they agree with their political or economic systems, for instance. and so this is a case of a larger issue of what role particular does the us play in these international affairs, not to be a test for joe biden, coming out of the piano stand right now. ukraine's the whole topic by this pledge to support kiev. are they going to find a way around that? well, i think we're moving in that direction, but we have to see what happens in the next couple of weeks as well. i mean, things don't just go into a vacuum until people sit down at a table. what actions people take not only in terms of troop movements,
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but again in terms of the observation of troop movements and the rhetoric that's coming from its high and low levels within the white house, for instance. and it's the, the role of intelligence gathering. i mean, we are in a kind of a scary age of technology and information gathering. so how far we move our spyware, for instance, into things has, has influence on those negotiations. again, at the tone of the tenor of the trust that can be put forward, done through other goods she research lancaster university sits, apartment associates. thanks for coming on. it's short notice so late at night later. here of course somebody feel better or have a good evening. you just an ex, despite syrup struggling with the new on the chrome strain, belgium is suddenly you turned on some of it's tough as covert restrictions. it comes out to the countries highest court rule that the measures were too excessive by its judgment, the council state suspends the measure of closure of the cultural sector facilities . it rule that this measure was not proportionate and cannot make it possible to
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understand why the attendance of theaters and cultural venues was particularly dangerous for the health of the population. essentially what you have is belgium's highest administrative court saying that the government rules make no sense and as a result, government will have to backtrack. this follows a legal challenge that was filed by a local theatre producer. and it followed a number of restrictions that the government had only imposed a short time ago, amongst these new restrictions where that all theaters cinemas, and cultural venues had to close christmas parties would have to close early, and sports venues would have no audiences. and this is in addition to already the mandatory wearing of moss and people having to work from home. but now we have a situation where everything's reversed. so the cinema's, the theaters and the cultural venues are to re open. and of course, it raises questions as to just what kind of consistency there is to these
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government rules and regulations. jago, there are still months and months of the covered crisis ahead of us. if the public is not in our side because of a lack of sense in the measures, we will have lost the battle against the virus. now you do have a part of the public that has been very, very vocal in particularly demonstrating and criticizing these government restrictions. in recent weeks, they've taken to the streets to voice their concerns. now in general, the cove, its situation, a cross belgium has been relatively calm. they figures point to over 500 cases per day, per 1000000 people. but the situation is quite different just across the border. if
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we look at fonts, for example, font has registered an all time high of more than $200000.00 new cases per day, and that is a high for us as well. as a result, the government has had to re impose restrictions. you have a situation where the french police are saying that everybody from 11 years and older. now when they outdoors have to wear them off. except if they're involved in cycling, if they're doing any kind of sports or if they're inside the vehicle, so you have within the you block itself, different european countries dealing with these high covered figures in a very different way. yeah. meantime the u. s. still top the global table when it comes, the number of covert desperate president biden's, no distancing himself somewhat from has promised to shut down the virus and says, a solution has to come from individual states rather than the white house. there is no federal solution. it gets found state level and then ultimately gets down to
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where the rubber meets the road. and that's where the patient is in need of help or preventing the need for help. just over a year ago, button slammed the trump administration's cobra testing efforts. then as a travesty and said, america's vaccine roller was well behind other developed nations. then of course, promised to change the course of the disease in his 1st 100 days in office. but that didn't really happen over $400000.00 americans have died from covert under biden's watch, with new cases hovering around half a 1000000 per day. new york's been the worst hit with case numbers. they're reaching an old time high since they arrive of the on the chrome strain. t says could taylor discuss with guess washington's response to the crisis thus far? vitamin said what, for what that is no federal solution. i don't think that is something that one wants to hand from the president. there never was a federal solution to a virus that spreads more easily than chicken box and with each to varian as
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becomes more and more of the early. the idea that there is some policy or some politician going to stop it. we should have been acknowledging that this is not a pandemic. and that this is endemic, at least a couple of waves ago. politicians, that's the 1st duty is not only did g d p and inflation and everything, but basically saved the health of their, of their countrymen. and this needs to be done. this was not done. joe biden got elected because of donald trump's of failed handling cove. it in the minds of voters in coming up on the year that he was inaugurated and we have covered as bad as it's been certainly case wise. we can now add up all the rough weeks for biden, to rough year for by 62 percent of americans. and now a couple chad, they said that when we get to a certain threshold, everything is going to be great. that's how immunity we're going to be able to live more normally. in your opinion, is 62 percent in good enough. these terrible, i mean 62 percent is close to 50 percent and not close to 100 percent. the reason why we're not vaccinated is because people are misinformed. it was not accurate
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information, but is vaccines and the fake news that are allowed on social media basically lead to the fact that patients and people at the end of the day will doubt necessity of having a vaccine. there's definitely a lack of trust in the government as well as the lack of trust in big pharmaceutical companies, especially now that an increasing number of so called lead vaccinated americans are being told. now if you haven't had a booster shot, you're not vaccinated anymore, you as bad as all those people. it didn't get back to vaccine mandate for domestic ad chapel. do you think that's the direction that we're getting and the vaccines are for your personal protection. we have seen less of evidence that the vaccine limits trans miss ability. if you don't have that part of the puzzle from a political message in and law making perspective, then you don't have the pretends to set up the mandate. put up other restrictions of the occupancy restriction or telling people that they need to wear a mask from when they walk into the building to least sit down and they can take it back off. none of this stuff is going to stop this buyer. we should be deciding for
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ourself the best way out of it, the sooner we're going to be able to find the best equilibrium that we're going to have in this new reality that yeah. next scenario chicago's on the fire for wishing people happy ones the holiday that celebrates african american culture. but men are infuriated that should instead address the cities crime rate of 3 people was shot that had 23 injured over the christmas break. joyous quanto, chicago. i mean, i wish to extend a very beautiful and process to all of you celebrating as you like the candles and gather and unity. we hope your holidays filled with rejoicing unhappiness. how many people were shot this weekend? happy cleanser to the 4442 people shot in chicago in 2021. thank you for keeping chicago safe and crime free voting. blue works chicago,
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experiencing the worst year for murders in a quarter century with over 780 people killed has also been a significant increase in sexual assault from fests, i guess, agreed that the mer and other politicians in their view should be focusing their efforts more no, it solving the cry wave in that city. i don't think they're upset about the call for unity. i think they're upset that she chose to give that message as opposed to specifically address the crime the happening in their city over the over the last year. the fact that she's ignoring the fact that she again doesn't address the fact that over 90 percent of the victims are lacking, brown and over 90 percent of the perpetrators are like it. so i don't think it's the message that people have a problem with. i think it's are wanting disregard for the victims she wants to focus on the holidays doesn't really ignore. doesn't really address the fact that a lot of people are not spending the holidays,
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but they're like ones because they have to come to well being murdered and being killed. the way a lot of politicians think is that if they ignore bad news, the bad news goes away. whereas if they address it, it keeps it in the headlines. and it perpetuates the new cycle rather than ignoring it, hopefully it falls out of the news cycle. busy and reporters in the media and the general public moves on to other topics for a lot of things that are happening in american society. i think that the public in general is getting tired of politicians going platitudes and basically not doing anything to solve problems. facebook, toughest of the year is sing politicians on both sides of the divide, putting pressure on the firm a comes off for expose days by whistle blowers and renewed concerns of the company is monopoly to he goes down off next, looking at how america's big tech firms have become swept up in the countries polarizing political c, from multi $1000000.00 fines to watching the lid blown right off some of their most
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sensitive secrets for big tech. 2021 spelled big problems and facebook got the biggest kicking things started to turn sour 11 of its former employees, one rogue, and testified that the platform apparently exploited children for profits and failed to sends a hate speech. and there needs to be a radio for a home where someone like me could do a tour of duty after working at a place like this and, and have a place to work on things like regulation to bring that information out to the oversight. or is that have the right to do oversight? regulatory agency within the federal government? yes. taking kindly to whistleblowers is one thing that american officials absolutely can not put on their c. v's. yeah. chelsea manning, gillian assange, i'm talking about them. but francis hogan turned out to be a very different breed of whistleblower with billionaires and democratic party top dogs sticking up for her after all. her demands filled conveniently in line with
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the government's own grievances against big tech. her testimony dovetails very closely with the democrats censorship agenda. their plan or their desire to heavily sensor social media and to take out their political adversaries. the kind of government intervention that was proposed by how again and those who were pulling her strings is going to take place an opaque fashion behind the scenes. and undoubtedly with input from the intelligence agencies which are by nature opaque and unaccountable to the public. when you're a real whistleblower rich, you are targeted by the government. you are silent when you are prosecuted and sent to prison. but if you are celebrated on capitol hill and finance, i know that by independent companies, i'm sorry, but you're not a whistleblower europe. political to her revelations got massive traction in the
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media and in the senate. you are a 21st century american hero. here's my message for mark zuckerberg, your time of invading our privacy. promoting toxic content and praying on children in teens is over. big tack is facing the tobacco's moment of reckoning. mcg zuckerberg try to fight back. my view is that what we're seeing is a coordinated effort selected. we usually document to pay for a picture of our company. i lost his trials and tribulations did not on them. democrats, prestone cooling for the ted joined to be dismembered, choked into separate businesses, facebook, instagram, and whatsapp. they also floated the idea that the platform, not just the uses, should bear responsibility for all the content on its pages. and again, facebook try to say face, oh, well, rather put on a new one. rebranding into meta right. there's martin. i think he's in the middle
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of some high. perfect. hey mark. i said let me put my feet on so i can beat you. you'll be able to work out a new world even against in a i was a good, persistent state virtual object laid on an interactive pastor environment. oh you are. yes you are. our company is now met. well, goofy robots may have impressed a bunch of 4th graders, but certainly not the democrats matter, isn't. we are a cancer to democracy, matters to sizing intake levels here, villians and propaganda machine for boosting, authoritarian regimes and destroying civil society for profit. facebook wants us to start calling it meta, but we're just going to keep calling it what is a threat to privacy, democracy and children. republicans gave facebook
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a good walloping to the social media giant, brought their roth upon itself. well, by blocking donald trump, of course, as twitter did to, if they can band president trump, all conservative voices could be next. a house republican majority will reign in big tech power over our speech for every liberal, celebrating from social media back, the big tech oligarchy can muzzle the former president. what's to stop them from silencing you? twitters bumpier ended up in a change of leadership. jack dorsey stepped down amid reports of growing discontent among investors making way for the new boss, the rog wall, a man who seemed to have put twitters, use a policy above free speech. our role is not too big, but was man, man, but our role is to sir, we're heavily bully conversation and our moves and reflect. there are things that we believe were healthier, public conversation,
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the kinds of things that we we don't do. what about this is focused less on thinking about free speech, but thinking about how they have changed each year. yields big tech scandals in abundance. 2021 made no exceptions here. raising questions if there's any way at all to tame the big tech as big oil once was present, post his sack rushes prisoners chief last week as reforms got underway in the wake of damming video that showed widespread abuse in the countries jail. so on the tail of that up next, we visited the taurus former prisoner some petersburg has now been replaced with a more modern facility. the old jail is infamous. in his day back in the 990 s. when it was home to some of russia's most dangerous criminals, amid the chaos that followed the collapse of the soviet union, his constantine rose coff has been given rare access to it just to warn you to. his special report does contain graphic descriptions of violence.
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me were in saint petersburg and in front of what used to be rushes most infamous for them for more than a century. this was the largest incarceration facility in the whole of europe were the country's most notorious and violent criminals were being kept. now we're going to check out the jails, darkest parts that have been hidden from the general public. for decades. this looks like a perfect sat for a horror movie. even after 4 years since the prison was shut down, its empty cells and court are still sent chills down your spine. well, this is one of the solitary confinement cells that were widely used during stalins rolling the night in the thirty's and forty's. you can see how small it is. it is, i think 3 times smaller than a regular. so you can, i mean you can even fully stretch out your arms while inside. you have to spend
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days and weeks and a cell like this where it can of actor, we only stand for sit on the edge of a small metal bed. lying down during the daytime is forbidden. well then it becomes how on earth in the prison was billed at the end of the 19th century as the most advanced facility of its kind in russia. firstly because of its iconic architecture cross shape of the 2 main buildings. not only gave the jailer unofficial name, but also made it easy for guards to monitor and access every corner of that prison . at a time when cctv cameras were mostly with history, the prison served as a pre detention facility. yet in the soviet times, there was also a dedicated wind for those found guilty of the most violent crimes like multiple murders and rapes, which is probably the dark part of the prison death row behind the field gate.
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there was a small basement where though sentenced to death were executed. he came to nationwide notoriety in the 9290s when the severe economic crisis that followed the collapse of the soviet union and crime rates for the roof. russian streets became an arena of bloody wars between newly formed criminal gangs. what are you looking at? what are you doing here anyway? who do you get to cough up that cache you? i mean, oh, watch you that that would, that was kind of talk was colon back then. there were dictionaries of criminals. lang was out of radical islam. my escape used to run among russian criminal circles in the 9992. he spent 8 months in this prison on record during charges. i. yeah. boy of the businesses. someone told me money for went off to deal with the
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guy. i didn't go to raise the meeting broke guns. almost everyone had gone to that time. arrived at the meeting place in the police to meet with the crime rate was so high in the ninety's, europe's largest prison quickly became too small to fit in all the mob stories and violent criminals. a popular word, whether if the door opens and i filled the ugly mugs staring at me, their faces of hog criminals. yeah, that's all i sat down on the edge of the bed. places sit down these guys looking at me like that. a little cigarette and off of these gangs is a smoke they took over the whole pack for me. so we smoked together and talked so i realized is going to be okay. my next warden who served in this prison at the time recalls some of the night mary scenes he witnessed every day at work for me to have caught up to 14 people used to shed this tiny cell. is it true that some in
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even slept on the floor under the bed? otherwise it was impossible to fit. everyone in people slept into shifts. a lack of funding had left a prison without the most basic things like toilet seat inmates ended up rolling their blankets to have at least minimum comfort growing up in russia, in the ninety's and seeing videos of this business over crowded cells. i vividly remember how terrified i was when i imagine what it would be like, walking into a cell like this were holidays hardened tattooed criminals give you this look as the door slams behind you. and some of the former inmates recalled that i've been rejected by a fellow prisoner isn't becoming a pariah, was something they feared on most some times in more than solitary confinement or punishment from the guard. it was awful. i missed that this is a terrible place that ruined the loss of people's lives. what's your order? what's your february? came out to these dogs. they were mentally damaged. is kalia taylor ticket?
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oh yeah, i mean a. so how young guys will rate, but old mobs does a couple of times they raped young guys simply because they wanted sex. the country's future president vladimir putin visited the crosses in 1992. he was particularly shocked that prison dentist pulled out inmates teeth without painkillers. the decision was made to shut down the notorious jail altogether and build a new one from scratch. in the next episode, we're inside the new prison that has replaced the old one in the city. or the most important can be is that we have a restroom that you can look from the inside. has any prisoner travis feel and i from you, with what happened. i couldn't cope with my anger and i killed the mice, strangled in leadership tuition. really want to be back with you.


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