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[000:00:00;00] the with tonight, belgium suddenly back truck, so he's coven measures, and reopen stands is to them as after its highest cause said the restrictions were too excessive. elsewhere jo, buying distances himself from previous promises to shut down the virus. and that says it's up to individual states, not the white house to sorted out covenant. we discussed his response to the panoramic so far last few to will back of what's been a tough year for america's big tech, which for leading companies embroiled and political fights with both the republican i'm the democrat also, we got a reg glimpse inside one of russia's most notorious prison hoses,
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some of the country's most dangerous criminals in the wake of the soviet class. in the 1990 walking into his cell like this were all these hardened criminals. giving this look being rejected by a fellow prisoners and becoming a pariah with something they feared the most. the news hello, there will come to us in the national world news at 8 for moscow with me, kevin. despite europe struggling with a new army, chrome strain belgium tonight, suddenly you turned on some of its toughest toby restrictions. it comes off to the countries highest court, ruled the measures were too excessive by its judgment. the council of state suspends the measure of closure of the cultural sector facilities. it rule that this measure was not proportionate and cannot make it possible to understand why the attendance of theaters and cultural venues was particularly dangerous for the
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health of the population. essentially what to have is belgians highest administrative court saying that the government rules make no sense. and as a result, government will have to backtrack. this follows a legal challenge that was filed by a local theatre producer. and it followed a number of restrictions that the government had only imposed a short time ago, amongst these new restrictions where that all theaters cinemas, and cultural venues had to close christmas parties would have to close early, and sports venues would have no audiences. and this is in addition to already the mandatory wearing of moss and people having to work from home. but now we have a situation where everything's reversed. so the cinema's, the theaters and the cultural venues ought to re open. and of course, it raises questions as to just what kind of consistency there is to these government rules and regulations. jago, there are still months and months of the covered crisis ahead of us. if the public
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is not in our side because of a lack of sense in the measures, we will have lost the battle against the virus. now you do have a part of the public that has been very, very vocal in particularly demonstrating and criticizing these government restrictions in recent weeks, they've taken to the streets to voice their concerns. now in general, the curve it's situation a cross belgium has been relatively calm. they figures point to over 500 cases per day, per 1000000 people. but the situation is quite different just across the border. if we look at fonts, for example,
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font has registered an all time high of more than $200000.00 new cases per day, and that is a high for europe as well. as a result, the government has had to re impose restrictions. you have a situation where the french police are saying that everybody from 11 years and older. now when they outdoors have to wear mosque except if they're involved in cycling, if they do any kind of sports or if they're inside the vehicle. so you have within the block itself, different european countries dealing with these high covert figures in a very different way. meantime, the us still tops the global table. when it comes, the number of covert desperate president, by distancing himself from his promise to shut down the virus and says, the solution has come from to come from individual states rather than the white house. there is no federal solution. it gets found state level and then ultimately gets down to where the rubber meets the road and that's where the patient is in
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need of help or preventing the need for help. just over a year ago, biden slammed the trump administration's covert testing efforts is a travesty instead, americans vaccine rolla was well behind other developed nations. he then promised to change the course of the disease and his 1st 100 days in office locals. that didn't actually happen over 400000 americans have died from cove it now into biden's watch, with new cases, whole rigging around half a 1000000 today. you york's been the worst hit with case numbers, they reach an old time high since the arrival of the micro strain. see says can tailor tonight discusses with guests washington's response to the crisis. thus far vitamin said what for what that is no central solution. i don't think that is something that one wants to hand from the president. there never was a federal solution to a virus that spreads more easily than chicken box and with each to varian as becomes more and more of the early. the idea that there's some policy or some
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politician going to stop it, we should have been acknowledging that this is not a pandemic. and that this is endemic, at least a couple of waves ago. politicians that's a 1st duty is not only did g d p and inflation and everything, but basically saved the health of their, of their countrymen. and this needs to be done. this was not done. joe biden got elected because of donald trump's of failed handling cove. it in the minds of voters in coming up on the year that he was inaugurated and we have covered as bad as it's been certainly case wise. we can now add up all the rough weeks for biden to rough year for bite. 62 percent of americans now, double chad, they said that when we get to a certain threshold, everything's going to be great. that's how immunity we're going to be able to live more normally. in your opinion, is 62 percent in good enough. these terrible, i mean 62 percent is close to 50 percent and that goes to a 100 percent. the reason where we are not vaccinated is because people are misinformed. there was not accurate information, but is vaccines and
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a fake news that are allowed on social media. basically lead to the fact that patients and people at the end of the day will doubt necessity of having a vaccine. there's definitely a lack of trust in the government as well as a lack of trust in big pharmaceutical companies, especially now that an increasing number of so hopefully vaccinated americans are being told. now if you haven't had a booster shot, you're not back need anymore. you as bad as all those people that didn't get vaccinated. vaccine mandate for domestic ad chapel. do you think that's the direction of a cutting and the vaccines are for your personal protection? we have seen less of evidence that the vaccine limits trans miss ability. if you don't have that part of the puzzle from a political message being and law making perspective, then you don't have the pretends to set up the mandate. put up other restrictions of occupancy restrictions or telling people that they need to wear a mask from when they walk in the building to least sit down and they can take it back off. none of this stuff is going to stop this buyer. we should be deciding for ourself the best way out of it. the sooner we're going to be able to find the best
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equilibrium that we're going to have in this new reality that we have here in russia, the daily cov, italy's been declining. but of course, that doesn't diminish the severity of the virus that is 600 patients are on critical support in moscow alone. the receiving vital supplies of oxygen countries been ramping up in production to make sure patients get with the need. oh boy own breathing. how does that person dream? we don't usually pay attention to breathing. we see it somehow attached to the body, a mandatory component of life. i remember the fear when i felt that my breath was about to stop that i was forgetting have to breathe. ah was going to put it all new oil. i would say the turning point occurred this year with
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the emergence in the delta strain. when it became clear that medical treatment required heisman to have more oxygen. on average one patient can assume 50 leases of oxygen from minutes if it's not intensive therapy, but if the case a serious volumes can rise to 60 liters per minute. imagine a commercial truck with a trailer that can produce up to $1.00 tons of liquid oxygen per day. thus the amount, the average russian hospital consumes daily. ah, it's just monopoly if we're now at a filling station where oxygen's pumped into cylinders under high pressure cylinders are needed by hospitals to help transport patients. today our country produces $2700.00 tons of oxygen per day. in the past we have had to and now we have to work in a manual mode. we have close ties to the ministry of defense rose cosmos, and ross adam. all the companies that help supply hospitals with oxygen
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with time was ticking every day. if not every hour matter, but we have been told to ramp up production to full capacity by any means. that's why as demand has increased oxygen production has also increased from 200 tons to 600 tons remodel, saw fit to so call me ah, wasn't fight for life, fight for oxygen. fight for all of us. for you. and for me, you can hope for is better the new year without international thanks to check it in tonight on the way here on. i will news at 8 with me, kevin. oh,
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in facebook face the tough here then to live politicians put pressure on the company. big time that more with me after the break with 2021 rapidly coming to an end to this time for some reflection. what will we remember about this year? how did our lives change? also? we look forward to the new year. what does 2020 to have in store for us? will we be living in interesting cards?
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with ah ah, my game face hooks, toughest every year, a sing politicians on both sides of the divide, putting pressure on the firm it comes off, exposes by whistleblowers, renewed concerns of the monopoly of the company. he goes down af, looks now at how america's big tech firms have become swept up and the countries polarizing political c from multi $1000000.00 fines to watching the lid blown right
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off some of their most sensitive secrets for big tech 2021 spelled big problems and facebook got the biggest kicking things started to turn sour 11 of its former employees when rogue and testified that the platform apparently exploited children for profits and failed to sends a hate speech. and there needs to be a radio for a home, or someone like me could do a tour of duty after working at a place like this. and, and have a place to work on things like regulation to bring that information out to the oversight. or if that have the right to do oversight, regulatory agency within the federal government. yes. taking kindly to whistleblowers is one thing that american officials absolutely can not put on their c v's. yeah. chelsea manning, julian assange, i'm talking about them. but francis hogan turned out to be a very different breed of whistleblower with billionaires and democratic party. top
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dogs sticking up for her after all. her demands filled conveniently in line with the government's own grievances against big tech. her testimony dovetails very closely with the democrat censorship agenda. their plan or their desire to heavily sensor social media and to take out their political adversaries. the kind of government intervention that was proposed by how again and those who were pulling her strings is going to take place an opaque fashion behind the scenes. and undoubtedly with input from the intelligence agencies which are by nature opaque and unaccountable to the public. when you're a, a real whistleblower ish, you are targeted by the government. you are silent when you are prosecuted and sent to prison. but if you are celebrated on capitol hill and finance, by independent companies, i'm sorry, but you're not a whistleblower europe political tool. her revelations got massive traction in the
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media and in the senate, you are a 21st century american hero. here's my message for mark zuckerberg, your time of invading our privacy. promoting toxic content and praying on children in teens is over. big tack is facing peak tobacco's moment of reckoning. mcg zuckerberg try to fight back. my view is that what we're seeing is a coordinated effort to selectively usually document to pay it all picture of our company. alas, his trials and tribulations did not. and that democrats, preston, calling for the tech jain to be dismember, chopped into separate businesses, facebook, instagram, and whatsapp. they also floated the idea that the platform, not just the uses, should bear responsibility for all content on its pages. and again, facebook try to say face will well rather put on a new one, re branding into meta. wait,
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there's martin. i think he's in the middle of a perfect hey mark. i said, let me put my game based on so i can beat you. you'll be able to work out a new world even against in a i was a good, persistent state virtual object laid on an interactive pastor environment. oh you are. yes you are. our company is now met. well, goofy robots may have impressed a bunch of 4th graders, but certainly not. the democrats met as in where a cancer to democracy matter sizing for a global surveillance and propaganda machine to listen authoritarian regimes and destroying sheila society for profit. facebook wants us to start calling it meta, but we're just going to keep calling it what is a threat to privacy, democracy and children. republicans gave facebook
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a good walloping to the social media giant, brought the roth upon itself. well, by blocking donald trump, of course, as twitter did to, if they can band president trump, all conservative voices could be next. a house republican majority will reign in big tech power over our speech for every liberal, celebrating trump social media, been the big tech oligarchy can muzzle the former president. what's to stop them from silencing you? twitters bumpier ended up in a change of leadership project. dorsey stepped down amid reports of growing discontent among investors making way for the new boss to rog wall, a man who seemed to have put twitters use a policy above free speech. our role is not too big but was madman, but our role is to serve ahead liberally, conversation, and our moves and reflect. there are things that we believe were healthier,
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public opposition. the kinds of things that we we don't to worry about. this is focused less on thinking about free speech, but thinking about how they have changed each year yields big tech scandals in abundance. 2021 made no exceptions here. raising questions, if there's any way at all to tame the big tech as big oil once was done for their next semester. chicago's under 5. wishing people happy kwanza holiday that celebrates african american culture, but many are infuriated that she didn't. instead, address the cities crime rate of to 3 people was shot dead and 23 injured over the christmas break. joyous conference, chicago, i mean i wish to extend a very beautiful and process to all of you celebrated the see as you like the candles and gather in unity, we hope your holidays filled with rejoicing and happiness. how many people were shot this weekend?
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happy cleanser to the 4442 people shot in chicago in 2021. thank you for keeping chicago safe and crime free voting blue works while chicago is experiencing the worst year for murder. is it a quarter of a century with over $780.00 people killed? there's also been a significant increase in sexual assaults and theft. guests agreed that the mer another politicians should instead be focusing their efforts in solving the crime wave in that city. i don't think they're upset about the call for unity. i think they're upset that she chose to give that message as opposed to specifically address the crime that's happening or city or over the over the last year. the fact that she's ignoring that the fact that she again doesn't address the fact that over 90 percent of the victims are black and brown and over 90 percent of the perpetrators are lacking. so i don't think it's the message that people have
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a problem with. i think it's the are want in this regard for the pixels she wants to focus on the holidays doesn't really ignore. doesn't really address the fact that a lot of people are not spending the holidays with their loved ones because they have to come to well being murdered and being killed. the way a lot of politicians think is that if they ignore bad news, the bad news goes away. whereas if they address it, it keeps it in the headlines. and it perpetuates the new cycle rather than ignoring it, hopefully it falls out of the new cycle. busy and reporters in the media and the general public moves on to other topics for a lot of things that are happening in american society. i think that the public in general is getting tired of politicians going platitudes and basically not doing anything to solve problems. here present post his sack rushes present chief last week. his reforms got on the way in the wake of damming video that showed widespread abuse in the countries jails. ok, sorry next. so we visit
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a notorious former prison in st. petersburg. there's no been replaced with a much more modern facility. the old jail was infamous and the 1990 isn't it was home to. so russia's most dangerous criminals with the chaos that followed the collapse of the soviet union. and his constantine rose. coff has been given rare access to it just to warn you. his special report coming up does contain graphic descriptions of violence. me were in saint petersburg and in front of what used to be rushing most infamous for them for more than a century. this was the largest incarceration facility in the whole of europe were the country's most notorious and violent criminals were being kept. now we're going to check out the jails, darkest parts that have been hidden from the general public. for decades. this looks like a perfect sat for a horror movie. even after 4 years since the prison was shut down,
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its empty cells in corridor are still sent chills down your spine. this is one of the solitary confinement cells that were widely used during stalin's role in the thirty's and forty's. and you can see how small it is, i think 3 times smaller than a regular cell. you can, i mean, you can't even fully stretch out of your arms while inside. you have to spend days and weeks in a cell like this where it can effectively only stand for sit on the edge of a small metal bed. garza, lying down during the daytime is forbidden. well, then it becomes how on earth the prison was billed at the end of the 19th century as the most advanced facility of its kind in russia. firstly, because of its iconic architecture. feet cross shape of the 2 main buildings not only gave the jail its unofficial name,
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but also made it easy for guards to monitor and access every corner of that prison . at a time when cctv cameras were the most of its history, the prison served as a pre detention facility. yet in the soviet times, there was also a dedicated wind for those found guilty of the most violent crimes, like multiple murders and rapes was probably the darkest part of the prison death row. behind the field gate. there was a small basement where they were sentenced to death were executed. brazil came to nationwide notoriety in the 9290s when the severe economic crisis of follow the collapse of the soviet union and crime rates through the roof. russian streets became an arena of bloody wars between newly formed criminal gangs. what are you looking at? what are you doing here anyway? who do you think that you're going to cover that cache you?
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i mean, it was you that, that with this kind of talk was colon back then there was dictionaries of criminals . lang was out of radical, and love base get used to run among russian criminal circles. in the 191992, he spent 8 months in this prison on record to your charges. why? yeah, below the business and someone told me money. so i went off to deal with the guy. i think goes on the raise, the meeting broke guns. almost everyone had come to that time. we arrived at the meeting place, the police for me, did you run the crime rate was so high in the ninety's, europe's largest prison quickly became too small to fit in all the mob stores and violent criminals are popular. whether it is the door opens, i felt the ugly mugs staring at me. their faces of hog criminals. yeah, that's all i sat down on the edge of the bed. it was a place to sit down these guys looking at me like that. yeah. as i lit a cigarette and off of these gangs was a smoke,
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they took almost the whole pack for me. so we smoked together and talked, so i realized is going to be okay. next warden who served in this prison at the time. recall some of the nightmarish scenes he witnessed every day at work for me to have caught up to 14 people used to shed his tiny cell. is it true that some inmates had been slapped on the floor under the bed, but otherwise it was impossible to fit everyone in people slept in 2 shifts, a lack of funding had left the prison without the most basic things like toilet seat inmates ended up rolling their blankets to have at least minimum comfort and growing up in a rush in the ninety's and seeing videos of this prisons over crowded cells. i vividly remember how terrified i was when i imagined what it would be like, walking into a cell like this were holidays hardened tattooed criminals give you this look
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as the door slams behind you. and some of the former in mans recalled that had been rejected by a fellow prisoner soon becoming a pariah. was something they feared on most, some times, no more than solitary confinement or punishment from the guard. it was offline. yes, that is a terrible place that ruined the loss of people's lives here. what's your monument order? what cerebral under came out of these doors they were mentally damaged. it's clear to me it. well, yeah, i mean as to how young guys will rate, but old mopes does a couple of times. they raped young guys simply because they wanted sex. the country's future president vladimir putin visited the crosses in 1992. he was particularly shocked that prison dentist pulled out inmates teeth without painkillers. the decision was made to shut down the notorious jail altogether and build a new one from scratch. in the next episode, we're inside the new prison that has replaced the old one in the city. some are the
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most important convenience is that we have a restroom, but you can look from the inside. has any prisoner travis feel and i from you. with what happened? i couldn't cope with lang and i killed the mice, strangled in leadership yoshi fish what really want to be back with you. please wait for me. while changing times i wrapping up our international world news today from moscow with me, kevin. oh it i can tell you news views. hughes is on the next. thanks for watching our channel on for me and that's a very best seasons. great. ah ah christmas. the traditional yuletide on a day this year, making this traditional with a special christmas guide. me christmas tolerance diversity guide. we all know that christmas is
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a family holiday. so make sure all your parents are properly number. mm. i this year follow the agenda that make us know woman hands, dennis, no man or even better at this new person designed for themselves. ah, now gift. no, don't. so teddy bears prepare your children for the brave new world. and remember, diversity is not at i o is no longer an appropriate costume. there's an appropriation 0, a logical appropriation offensive to the dear community. mm
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hm. and obviously santa no has to be cancelled. i because he is a white, his gender male who amuses mrs. claus discriminates against children based on behavior was red, which is a communist color. makes children sit on his lap makes people destroy trees and exploit cells. so sorry kids sandler is not coming to town anymore. i follow these instructions. stick to the spirit of christmas. you decide. oh ah walker. nick jam bruna to the show for this christmas week. special nick was casey research for a long time, but he started his own company focused on helping people to see the big economic m
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geopolitical picture to survive and thrive. the changes ahead ah, technology serves many positive purposes. is it hurting our children? our teeth been swan ways then was, is promoting transgender sports a slap in the face to women's rights, and is by didn't preventing the american people from alternative treatments to cope at night team. and as the cdc actually have our best interest at heart by lowering recommended isolation, time our panel will discuss mostly with the census shows the top places people fled from over the past 10 years. i'll tell you what they all have in common. i'm attach a suite in 1st cardinal hughes, and you're watching the news you choose right here on our t america. ah, i'm younger generations are becoming more tech savvy than ever. some recent
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incidents are questioning if it's even safe,


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