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tv   News  RT  December 29, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm EST

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a with breaking news on our to international branded a trial of the century. elaine of maxwell now faces up to 65 years in prison. after being found guilty on 5 fixed charges and effects of trafficking trial linked to late convicted pedophile. jeffrey, at the americas budget priorities put the pentagon before the pandemic as president biden signs off on a massive $700000000000.00 defense plan or washington global vaccination campaign keeps running out of money. in german politicians want to ban popular messaging app telegram over hosting aids for each end to cope with conspiracy theory. however, moscow says that's double standards after the german media criticized russia for trying to do the same a few years ago. and
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a market leader plans australia's policy of automatically reporting new zealanders convicted of crimes. even if they have spent their entire lives in australia, it is not good enough that you deal and it's becoming a penal colony for australia and, and just deporting to your problem, why does not solve the problem of gangs and both australia and new zealand. a broadcasting live direct, more studios in moscow. this is our to international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. are now we start with breaking news, this our, the fate of glean maxwell a long time friend of late convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein is finally known . the jurors in her closely watched trial have found her guilty of all charges, but one she was accused of grooming teenage girls for epstein or he's been swan has more delay maxwell found guilty on 5 of the 6 counts against her. the jury took 5
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days to come to this conclusion. the judge actually ordered that they spend an extra hour each day deliberating because he said they needed to get to this before the end of the year. well, they have found guilty of several things. number one of sex trafficking of a minor transporting a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity. and 3 related counts of conspiracy. count 2 was the one count that she was, i'm not guilty on. that was the account of enticing a minor to travel to engage in illegal sex acts. now, as you probably know, not all counts are the same counts. one through 4 were the lowest number of maximum prison years in prison that you can get counts 5 and 6. those are the heavy counts . let me share with you though. so count 5 is the count of sex trafficking. and conspiracy that carries a maximum of 5 years in prison with it. but the big count, the biggest of them, all, that is count 6, count 6, is sex trafficking of an individual under the age of 18. and that count carries
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a maximum of 40 years in prison. this trial has gone on for over a month with the prosecutors calling more than 24 witnesses to the stand, bringing them forward, essentially to tell sorted tells of life behind the kind of behind the curtain with jeffrey epstein and glean maxwell maxwell more than just a friend and former girlfriend of epstein, she does believe to be the fixer, the one who would recruit a lot of these young girls and bring them to the properties in several different locations, including florida, new york and new mexico. now, going back to wells, attorneys had argued that this entire trial wasn't about her. it was actually about delay maxwell, dean on trial for the crimes of jeffrey f seen, but clearly agirri felt very differently about it. what's also interesting about this case is that there were only 4 women who were the kind of at the center of glean maximals, prosecution for women who would accused her of recruiting them when they were under age. on behalf of jeffrey epstein and sharing him with powerful friends. we also heard a lot from pilots who at one time worked for jeffrey obscene. and we also got
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a glimpse during this trial of that so called a little black book, the little black book being that list of famous people, powerful people and influential people. with whom jeffrey, i've seen had a relationship and had shared a lot of these young girls now going back to was not completely done at this point . she still faces by the way to charges of perjury. and there's another trial going forward or another case going forward that takes her out of this still surrounds jeffrey, i've seen, and that's the case. and prince andrew. course virginia go free. the woman who was accused prince andrew of having abuse her, she says that he did when she was under age. and again, that was all tied back to jeffrey epstein and going maxwell. so again, at a later time, there will be a sentencing hearing going. maxwell, by the way, did not respond in the court room, remain relatively stoic and locked out, should be sentenced at a later time. but again, facing up to 65 years in prison. going maxwell found guilty on 5 of 6 charges against her. and again, could be spending the rest of her life behind bars. for more on this were joined by
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illegal and media analyst line on line. all the shocking and atrocious story of jeffrey epstein is back in the headlines as is long time friend is laying maxwell. she's now guilty of eating the deceased convicted sex offender to abuse under age girls. what are your thoughts on this latest development? well, 1st of all, she's 83 percent guilty. 5 out of 6. so they, this one charged with the jury said, now we're not sure about this one. i'm wondering, thanks. you really cut a break. what i want to do was bring this back to reality. let me tell you what she's really charged with. and i have problems with his conviction, and we just say right up front, i'm no fan of hers. i think she's a despicable human being. and i can't believe we. we shared dna. that being said, she was charged with recruiting, could joly wheedling, grooming young women to have elusive sex not being present,
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not even having sex with them. but this is a federal court which is different than state and the charges are a bit different. next she was charged with transporting, moving these young women across state lines. these, this is called the mann act. and it was, it's an old statue that was, that brought down people like charlie chaplin and chuck berry and the like, here is the bottom line. this is nothing she is a nothing in this entire conspiratorial web between jeffrey epstein and the rest of the high and mighty who by the way, sean happened to vacation with him on his island and on his various properties. why? because of scintillating conversation of jeffrey upstream, no, because of his women, these young women who are these people,
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i think they're more important than delaine maxwell. we don't hear anything about them for a variety of reasons. up to and including settlement out of court, paid off fear. what have you. i know you mentioned those many people, many women have come forward to choose obscene himself of abusing them when they were young girls and he was friends with a lot of famous and influence. so people that you saw, they mentioned the little boy out of a thing. do you think that going, maxwell does lay marshall herself, might start naming names? well, if she does to great question, i also wonder about her longevity, there's an old expression we have in the south the says don't buy the green bananas . now let me just say something right now, jeffrey epstein. can you type this was oh sorry, i apologize. no, sorry, go ahead. continuing tightness, i can type if you would like. no, it's okay. i apologize. keep going. john, i can type this. i can also do hands on this. i love live tv anyway. the thing that
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some of the thing that the most interesting about this is that jeffrey epstein was, is alleged by the federal government to have committed suicide. up there. there is no way under any stretch of the imagination that what happened was a suicide, but they insist upon it. they assist upon it, by the way, let me remind everybody that would jeffrey epstein, the most important person in this international co ball and conspiracy of trafficking. when he was in this cell, the only video cameras that, that, that monitored him happened to go out right at that time that he was dispatched. oh, now what do you think delane maxwell thinking? she's thinking a, my, okay, in this, oh, you'll be just fine. going, by the way, did you bring your food taste or with you? and we will jog by this all you want, because right now when she's sitting there,
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she's thinking by herself. what am i, what am i looking at now? you heard before? the comments of she'd be looking at 65 years under the united states federal sentencing guidelines. there is a way of looking at what is a real presumptive said. she could be looking at, believe it or not, 12 years, 15 years, based upon her, her background, and the like. under the federal system, she must serve 85 percent of it. so if she gets 12 years, she'll do 10 years now that 70 when she'll get out. now seventy's a new 60 do you think shot in the course of this? she might be saying, these people are enjoying their life. i could bury them. i could tell the world, not only that, let me ask you a question, my dear friend, you know, i'm not going to type this either. i get of course dilemma. but all of the videotapes, all of the recordings,
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all of the hard drives and the thumb drives in the pictures that were taken throughout the decades of do botched, couldn't cupid and horror of this man is very sustained. where is that? why do you think those are, do you know what i could do if i happen to have a veritable library of, of, of a who's who of leaders, people around the world, heads of state, captains of industry, silicon valley, hollywood, in situations in flagrante delicto. and we say, where is that evident? this is the tip of the tip of the top for the molecule of the iceberg. this is just the beginning of it. now i'm gonna have to say something just real quick. we are to have no idea who those influential people may be named or not named or if they did indeed have any contact with jeffrey. i've seen that there's something that was gonna have to come out through the court system. but absolutely. what do you think
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the public mood is right now? are people content with delaying a gillian maxwell being found guilty or do they want to see the court also go after some of those bigger names that i have been named or not? or that have alleged to have taken part in any of this. well, 1st of all, let me, let me say one thing that you said, which is very important. this man was a social butterfly. he had the people at his house just just to enjoy dinner parties. so listen, they weren't on trial. the presumed innocent, i mean nobody's. nobody's on trial but her. now, what are people saying? let me tell you, gorb, it i'll called us the united states of amnesia. i predict baby 2 days, 3 days tops people will be talking about that. and then it's back to cove it back to close to stores and whether we're going to have new year's eve and this will be forgotten so fast, it will make your head spin. and the sad part about it was what the mainstream media in our country kept focusing on and pointing to all the time was this idea of
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the sexual aspects and what, what they were doing between these 2, missing the point completely. and by the way, you did mention, it was mentioned regarding prince andrew. that's going to be a fascinating case because that is still going on in the new york court. and he is trying to extract himself from these particular endeavors because of a, of a legal reasoning i don't want to bore you with. not to mention, there are cross claims, very famous lawyers suing each other for libel, virginia, you fray. one of the victims, by the way, did not testify, are suing other people. this is, this is a veritable labyrinth. a hornet's nest of various cross claims like mud. let me just say the other people involved in this who have not been named will this will disappear because there is no effort on the part of anybody to get to the
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bottom of this child's sex trafficking, probation. i'm interested, it's over where there is a while we did it move along. and that's the sad part. all right, line, all, it's all is good to have your thoughts here. and again, we must dress that prince andrew or other people, different sound who has of course gate court case going on. it will be played out and we don't know of anyone else if they did or didn't have anything to do with epstein or resume in a sense the production of it is it's applies to that parish. so thank you very much for your thoughts. my friend. i always interesting to hear all the best avenue. all right, now, while the global coven pandemic continues, america has a different priority with joe biden. now signing a massive $700000000000.00 military budget for the upcoming year, even by america's own estimates. that's $100.00 times more than the cost of vaccinating the entire planet or she's what i got your comments. it's bigger than
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it's bad of an ever before. america's new military budget, $777700000000.00. so vos, that board doesn't monstrous, and it's still not enough. say the people who passed it are nations facing many threats right now to sri the paper every day china russia ran in yet that budget was actually pro a provided by the white house. was a cut, pretty dramatic code if you look at it as inger adjusted for inflation, it is remarkable. these lawmakers they'll, they'll sit there and argue for weeks months about maternity leave or building roads or bridges or, or walls. but the better part of a trillion dollars on a war machine back 88 for 11 against past and the next day that will come to work and to congress and. and they'll wonder where the heck all their money went. i also
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find it amusing that senator mansion indicates his worry about the deficit after voting justice week for a military budget of $778000000000.04 times greater than build back better over 10 years and $25000000000.00 more than the president requested $778000000000.00. i mean $700000000.00 is a decimal here. a decimal were rounding up and down by, by hundreds of millions, 16 times greater than rushes, military budget greater than the next 11 highest military budgets put together a sum that the human mind can barely comprehend. somewhat of the extra billions going towards the secretary shall take appropriate action to increase the use of low emission initial fee and net 0. initial energy technologies in the operations, programs, project and activities of the department provided these is cost effective on the lifecycle of the investment. there's also
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a new ranko position in the u. s. military. according to the n d, a draft bill. and that is gender advisor. so tubes can get help if they feel like changing genders. we can only guess how many millions that's going to cost. and of course, none of this would be possible without china and russia, because of whom the pentagon argued, if needed more money. in your sunday, we firmly opposed the u. s. slipping negative content concerning china or making an issue out of china for political manipulation issue not implements negative content and articles in the act that target china and damaged chinese interests or hurt overall, bilateral ties and cooperation and important areas. while the l g b t, q plus community may let out a sigh of relief, people that have been incarcerated. guantanamo bay innocence included without trial or justice for decades, will just have to wait a little longer. now one thing they didn't find any money for is, is
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a field doesn't plane tickets to send guantanamo inmates home or to court. unfortunately, he section 1032 of the act continues to bar the use of fonts to transfer a guantanamo bay. detainees to the custody or effect of control of certain foreign countries. and section 1033 of the act bars, the use of funds to transfer guantanamo bay detainees into the united states unless certain conditions are met. it would cost an estimated $7000000000.00 to vaccinate billions. those who still can't get the vaccine. one percent of america's military budget, just one percent, to potentially hold the development of new strains and variance of coven. but no gender advise us in the electric cars for the pentagon. that's the priority. the more the pentagon spends on insanity, the more military contractors make money, isn't we're not at war with anybody. and why we need a military budget. the,
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his bigger than the next over 10 nations combined. i mean that's, that's nonsense. now, if you just ended that military industrial compet use ended this massive military state and let people spend their own money as they see fit. you'd see people spending their money to help people far more affectively the u. s. a. i d ever does to provide health care for people overseas and not using that money to hurt people the way the military does. the popular messaging app telegram might soon be restricted in germany over claims. it's not doing enough to combat extremism content and cove. it conspiracy theories. it wasn't all that long ago, however, that german media were criticizing russia for trying to impose similar restrictions as moscow has been quick to point out. when in 2018 russian court imposed restrictions on the telegram happen prevented sending messages. almost every german media outlets reported about that so called violation of the freedom of speech in
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russia that now that political campaign is heating up in germany just what they are targeted with restrictions. telegram, well, it is all rather simple and to see telegram in a way it revolutionized messaging and it brought a lot of good to the world to the world and it has changed to things and it has changed the ways we will text each other. i should say, but of course, a telegram being one of the least regulated in apps for messaging. there's also another side for this medal it has harboured and has become a haven for all sorts of fringe groups. and while some of those groups might be rather innocent, others are not others or rather harmful. there are all sorts of extremists who are well organizing their there are all sorts of anti vax or movements to which are, well they kind of get all the information or the misinformation, i should say from this messenger. they feed each other with this misinformation and they kind of exist in this little bubble of delusion or that telegram basically allows them, allows them to exist there and to coordinate their like, protests,
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actions, demonstrations and so on and so forth. and basically drag and involve more people into the circle of covered their misinformation. and this is exactly the problem that germany has with telegram that it allows this sort of people to just exist and well to fester there. and so right now they are accusing telegram of hate speech or they are looking for will legal ways to somehow will influence the company and to have the company or if they can't influence it, than to take it down altogether. and of course, the german government here we can all understand it because pull harmful or societies, they should not be allowed to just really exist on any platform. but basically this is where the hypocrisy bit comes in, because when russia back in 2018, try to do the exactly same thing. the exact same thing to block telegram because there were terrorists and extremists plotting and you know, coordinating their actions there. nobody wanted to listen to russian. they weren't having any of that. germany was outraged. all of europe was outraged. this was
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their rhetoric, the blocking of telegram as yet another sound development concerning freedom of speech pluralism, and the right to privacy in russia. this is the sort of will rhetoric we heard back in 2018. well, compared to what germany is saying right now, we must quickly create a legal option for switching telegram. so hasn't been much react. there are very, very heated debates over world tower targeting telegram all sorts of all sorts of that boucher as he of hatred for example. right now those politicians, those german politicians, were calling for a blockage of telegram for to band the up. they are getting a bit of their own medicine. so now the public and their world politics, political rivals, they kind of fire back and they accuse them of violating free speech. it does not fit in with a free constitutional state to simply switch off digital platforms. this proposal fits into totalitarian regimes but not into our constitutional order. switching off
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an entire app is a form of state media censorship that we do not want in germany. so there you have it, and it's not the 1st case recently of germany being accused of, well, you know, are not being that dedicated to the freedom of speech. principal r t, 's sister channel in german. it has been banned in germany, even though it had every legal right to exist there and to well, to appear on the air waves. germany justified the decision by saying that the channel should have, should have received a german broadcasting license. even though there are no legal grounds to do that, we're being told by experts it received a broadcasting license in serbia, which is good enough for the entirety of the you. but germany wasn't having that. and so there have been some accusations of well that germany is not as dedicated to the freedom speech principle as it may be, wants to appear in indigenous liter in new zealand says, australia is using his country as a dumping ground. the national murray authority chairman wants camera to scrap its
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policy to putting new zealanders when they have been convicted of crimes. it is not good enough now that you feel and is becoming a penal colony for australia and just deporting your problem. why does not solve the problem of gangs in both australia and new zealand is not good enough just to say, well, going to stick a whole lot of people on applied on a government child applying and seeing them back to new zealand. that is not the spirit of friendship that you would expect between tonight was under our silly live foreign nationals are sentenced to more than one year in prison. they automatically lose the right to stay in the country that applies even if they have lived in australia their entire lives. the last couple of years have seen hundreds of people send back to new zealand. australia immigration minister has defended the policy saying the government will continue to expel for nationals who commit serious offenses. including new zealanders who according to a special agreement,
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are supposed to be able to visit live and work in australia. without restriction, matthew to khaki says, australia needs to work with new zealand to find a better solution. now, i also did that australian citizens, you know, it's easy just to deport the problem away. and australians won't exactly, but we won't. we won't safe communities. we do not want to say drugs being sold to our children. we are sick and tired of saying gun violence on our streets. one possible solution is a joint task force to address a couple of different things. and even though our police forces buy to share information, doctorate intelligence at the moment, it would be good to see if we could just increase and including beastie and joint resources. that that means also having a look at information and intelligence to find out where these drug supply and it works, establishing themselves across southeast asia, even into the pacific being let's do that job together as australia and new
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sealants and that, and say, experience should parents have more say and what their children are taught at school? well, according to nicole hannah jones, they shouldn't. she is the founder of the controversial $1619.00 project which aims to reframe us history in terms of race. and her views are divisive. i don't really understand this idea that parents should decide what's being taught. i'm not a professional educator. i don't have a degree in social studies or science. we send our children to school because we want them to be taught by a people who have an expertise in the subject area. and that is not my job. as a parents, i have every right to ensure my child isn't being taught lies despite what nicole 100 jones says, how can this be promoted? could share any one else to say parents don't get a say in our children's education. her position is faulty and should be listened to on. must have a platform removed. sorry, but parents must be involved. come on,
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you pesky parents just let her indoctrinate your kids in peace. hannah jones launched the 1619 project with the new york times 2 years ago. its goal is to highlight the legacy of slavery and the contributions of black americans throughout us history. indeed, content from the project has been included in school curriculum and at least 5 states. we discussed this with legal analyst, jennifer britain, to master and also with political activist anthony rogers, right? fortunately in america right now, the political faction is kind of taking over everything else including education. and i think that's some of the concern here because really what you're trying to do is refrain retrain, children's mind. and that's, that could lead in and then we're seeing this now the rise and anxiety from political issues in children getting younger and younger every year. and i think parents have a right to be concerned about that. the major issue who are here is that professor hannah jones is actually talking about the truth. and that's what's lacking so much
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in this nation right now. and it's really, really sad that even the most far right wing people in germany can accept the fact that there were nazis that carried out atrocities the fact that this nation was forge in college and of white supremacy. slavery indigenous genocide and land snatching is not a lie at the end of the day. this is a fear of the right from hearing and having to embrace the truth. it's funny that the people on this side, the i are also talking about are also talking about not the germany because not the journey was also the government and be ordered. but the leadership there that started to import this propaganda into the population to say, do you agree or you don't, that is what my colleague is saying here. that what some of these new educational politicians are trying to are trying to impose on children on young children. and all that's going to do with continue dividing the population because one thing has happened from this. they claim to be the moral high ground. it claims to be the
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beacon of truth, but all it's doing is dividing people confusing children and wanting children to turn against each other. i don't even know what just happened. that was a very interesting soliloquy. again, we're not trying to cheer people apart from each other. the truth is, truth. if truth is going to hurt people that's on the people. and what you just heard in the very myopic and silly a soliloquy is that it's some sort of political motivation. truth just is, is truth. you cannot deny what has happened in this country. what is happening in this country. and you cannot deny that this country was founded in the image and the lens of benefiting white people at the expense of other people. and that's just a fact you can absolutely talk and teach about history and about what's happened in this country. them the heretic, things of laboring without having to completely de do as completely unravel the fabric and the foundations of this country's history. but when it comes to truth,
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migrant, if we are so far from when that used to mean it's not a relative term as it does a for me, this are all due back in about 31 minutes. it's another full and fresh lecture news to with at the end of every year across stock, answer some of your many questions. not surprisingly, many of your questions, concerns politics, the current international situation, and whether we should trust legacy media will do our best to answer as many questions as exam was diagnosed with cancer in 2009. when the doctors told me the cancer was incurable. i knew i had to make a change, so i decided to travel to one of the most toxic places in america. florida. one of florida is biggest industries and best kept secrets,
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is fostering one and the biggest layer is $85000000000.00 industry. is mosaic, and i there are reports of millions of gallons of contaminated water now flowing into the florida aqua for a chronic. oh, well, you know, i don't want to hear that word poets, but that's what it is. i'm in 2013 my uncle, our family dog, my brother who was 21 years old, myself and my father were all diane. rob. yeah. problem with wow. yeah. the whole rock and the good plan. right? yeah, yeah. you know, maybe they'll actually learn more help is more important in a book that don't let you serves many positive purposes. is it hurting our children are.


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