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tv   Cross Talk  RT  December 29, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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the thing actually difficulty soon, we have in europe and them the main conflict us effectively. what is your pin secure security architecture for the russians? they're demanding. it has to be based on all our european secured agreements which suggest invisible security. so you know, made to, for example, once on how to expand their security at the expense of russia. well, the, and they was arguing your pediatrician to based on the principal of naples freedom to expand so. so this is the main main main main conflict of this, or having discussions about this, which is something that didn't didn't want to do in the past. but that being said, ma'am. and then us also said that russia has pointed out that it will intervene in ukraine. if you claim that taxed on bus or if there is studies, nato is expanding or even, you know, u. s. troops starting to move into ukraine. however, that being said, if russia intervenes, the american submitting cleared enough to respond and intervene on the other side.
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so it seems that the work can be avoided. that being said, that there's always this risk of my miscalculation so affecting the problem if someone wants to have a peace agreement, but they did this, that doesn't seem to be any room for compromise. and in the absence of disagreement, the parents who are my become normally alternative, imp, patrick, think the interesting time. right. i mean that the fact that they're talking ok the russian and said that big nato has been talking like this for 20 years. ok. the russians want it in writing. i mean, this is something new. it is a bit of a departure from their usual procedures here. i think that's why it's important that talk is talk, but we want it in writing and we want it to be public and transparent. go ahead, patrick. i think it rushes in a very strong diplomatic position because it's made it's intentioned well known. it's setting the pace us specially, boy, it's recent move in december,
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i was issuing it sort of demands against nato bush that the thing that worries me is you have a very week president in the white house and mind you this, if there is anything up in terms of aggression from the nato side or anything they would like to provoke, it's always on the table, just a question of when it's most politically opportune to do so. and if this administration is desperate in washington, they might push the button on something. i'm not sure what that something would be in order to resurrect it's flailing a poll numbers as has happened many times throughout history. so it's not anything that we should be surprised about. so, but i don't think there's a lot that nato can do, other than provocations and skirmishes as we've seen in recent years with the current straits and so forth. but what, what really worries me is there a potential for a, a misunderstanding or a false flag or a nother m h 17 type event. and in which case, the westwood,
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automatically blame or russia. and then that would most certainly trigger a new round of sanctions. and the point of that is, is the bigger picture here is about what the global agenda is or what the agenda for europe is. and it's to not allow the, makes records to be realised. and that it crates that sanctions oliver, that europe in the, in the west will continue to hold over russia. so, and this is part of a bigger agenda, which is to balkanized di, global eyes and di carbonized europe. so i think that's the bigger picture in the background, in what we're seeing on the, on the military skirmish front or the provocation front is really just an excuse for the, the west and the dominant interests in the west. to exact this, a new, a globalized urban, anti anti globalized, or globalist agenda, whichever way you wanna frame it. so, but it is a very dangerous i potentially dangerous situation hopefully could avoid of full
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scale conflict. well, will certainly be keeping an eye on it as we have always have a go to our next question here, glen, i don't know if this is exactly up your alley, but it's an interesting question. what is worse? corporatism in oligarchy, or neal liberal woke ism, it's a van tastic question. i think we could do a series of programs on it. go ahead. ok, that's a good question. i'm not sure if they're mutually exclusive. i mean, okay, a lot of this the new liberal walk isn't how to go submit hand in hand with corporatism. and i think that's one of the key problems in with, with the neo liberal like comics and oligarchy that follow this. and now that the political system hasn't been able to function as it shoots, so again, the political left to redistribute wealth, political rights can protect or redistribute, protected, a distinctive community is cochran, produce its own culture oldest, alyssa,
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regular, and his issues, which he will usually have been pursuing now. i think that the, in the absence of any of the political parties either ref, left to right. being able to address the main economic problems and, and the main problems are economic. i think it's more appealing to, to go into a culture war. so yeah, why, why do i talk about the economic inequality becoming the sustainable when they come talk about transgender toilets and you know, men competing us women in sports, all this nonsense. i think jack, i'm not necessarily mish mutually exclusive, but if i would pick, i guess the neo liberal booking some house it's, it has a greater challenge simply because it is yet deconstruct some of the most basic foundations of society. so yeah. okay. patrick, the same question to you. i mean if they,
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i tend to agree with glenn here. i mean the both are bad. that like choosing one of the other, go ahead, you give it a shot. well, i would have answered it pretty much the same as glendale regarding that they're not mutually exclusive, but the thing to point out which i think is really interesting as is the west has used, woke ism or used a culture wars to break down other countries. and to soften them up internally and to undermine a traditional of values and the sort of traditional or conservative or cohesive elements of a society. certainly the, the western media and the activist, global activist community and the vas network and so forth. i have done this to russia with regards to l using l g b t issues. they've done this to syria as well. so if you look at the target nations, iran as well. so if you look at the target nations that are on the west to regime change list, they've used this, but this is a bit of a genie that is been let out of the bottle and threatened to really destroy us.
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some of these are countries or politically destabilize them from inside. certainly we're seeing this in the united states, and it threatens really to a vis rate of the current form of the democratic party as well. they cannot handle it, it's gotten out of control. so maybe maybe we're seeing the, the end of the arc of, of this and it might be turning in another direction. certainly it's next, a central crisis for the democratic party. yeah. way to allow this radical wing to take over. yeah. when these people are in a circular firing squad, just let him finish it off themselves. okay. it's rapidly go to the next question here. i can, this is probably, this is the most popular question sent to me i'm, i'm a little disappointed, but i'm going to give it to you guys. anyway. i do think trump will run in 2024. and if you do, do you think it's a good idea, glenn? well, and he has suggested that he, my drum i,
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but also hillary clinton has indicated she might run as well. so we might get a repeat of 2010th. i am, however, i'm not quite sure if you will run. it's still a while into the future and i guess it would depend on the mood of the country. so like he's argued in 2016, he wouldn't run to can you think he could swim? and besides, i think it depends on the support she has from the political party and from the voter snob. i, i don't, i don't think necessarily that the shooter simply because i think with united states needs the most now is it to yeah. bridge this huge polarization within the united states, which is say, you're getting out of control where the perceive the political position effectively to be an enemy. and this is something you have to trust. so you need perhaps a less polarizing figure. and you know, whether you're like or hate, donald trump, or i guess we'll can objectively say, he says quite polarizing. and i think that's
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a bit of an interest to take for the united states. i think the 2nd main challenge with united states is it needs to about to the new world order that is effectively been running the past 30 years on ideal of a liberal hedge money where the u. s. would rule the world under its own principles . and i think this has come to an end and it has to be some, oh, way of transitioning away from this. now i think donald trump is not necessarily rejected usaa global hegemony. and he simply believe that, you know, for funding, subsidizing allies were too costly and here under runnin with this on his own. however, he did reject the liberal hedge him on the part. so i think from that perspective or he, she is mean value i guess 2 years has been that his transitional figure. so i think that a lot of new voice hasn't come up in the united states since he became president.
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are there yeah, contesting the whole idea of live ledger money, both of legal rights and political, less or bugs. and for him, the person to to run himself, i think, will be a member with my successor, made a lot of the problems on old united states, simply because the seems how to come to believe the class terrorist attack on the capitol hill. you know, he's on the age of the russia. i think it's very difficult to get to lead to such a divided country. yeah. in any case, if it was a rematch with a h r c, it would be a whole lot of theater, but it wouldn't solve anything or a gentleman. i'm going to jump in here. we're going to go to a hard break. and after that hard break, we'll continue our discussion on this year's q and a stay with our tea. ah, ah
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ah. one of the was deborah mass shootings in america was in las vegas in 2017. the tragedy exploded a little of the real las vegas, where many se elected officials are controlled by casino knows the dank as shooting revealed wet deal. vm, p d really is. and now it's part of the stem machine. most of the american public barely remembers that it happens, that just shows you the power of money and las vegas. the powerful showed that true colors when the pandemic hit the most contagious contagion that we've seen in decades. and then you have a mayor who doesn't care. so here is caroline goodman, offering the lives of the vegas residence. to be the control group, to the shiny facades conceal of deep indifference to the people. mice could have been saved if they were to take an action. absolutely keep the registering and keep
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the slot machines. dinging vegas is a money machine is a huge cash register that is ran by people who don't care about people's lives being lost. and it has to be rash, to be able to afford enzyme and find the luxury that for sure. despite having the most expensive health care system in the world, we have poor life expectancy. we have higher infant mortality. we have more deaths from treatable causes. so americans are suffering every day from it. it's as if these people don't count. i saw how you can choose your customers and dump a sick so also they can satisfy their wall street investors. no
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parents should have to see what i saw. so if you're denying payment for someone's care, your make life and death decisions and determine to get to live and who dies to me, that's best getting away with murder and then by drink shaped bankers and those with there's things we dare to ask. oh
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ah welcome back to cross stock. we're all things are considered on peter la belle to mind you were discussing this ears. q and a ah. okay, go ahead. add back to patrick here. patrick, you want to answer? should trump come back in 2024. your thoughts go ahead. i think on some level it's, it's inevitable if you take the temperature of half the country right now in the u . s. certainly all the signals are there. if you're watching a media and so forth. but you know, you have to consider a couple of extenuating circumstances. the 1st being is age. i don't think it's a, a major problem and compared to joe biden, it would be a 2nd term. so he's going into a 2nd term,
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or rather than his 1st term as opposed to biden, but the trump agenda is already kind of baked in to the republican party. so in that sense it wouldn't be i'd, i don't think there would be any surprises with the trump presidency in the 2nd term. i'm so i think it on that side. it's good. but ben, if you want to bring in new blood, it would most likely come via a vice president appointee on the ticket. so that right now looks like it would be . rhonda santas now would be an easy handover for the republican party after trump would finish a 2nd term. and mike pompei was going to run for president in the republican primary. ted cruz. i'm sure marco rubio and ran. paul tom cotton will also be in there as well. but there's such a polar, i swing right now. it swung so far into one direction in just the 1st year. the biden administration. and you'll see the midterms. bear bear outs, a result probably in favor of the republicans in the house and senate. so it is
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going to be a shift in politics. the question is, is that shift going to want to continue with donald trump or to bring in somebody younger and more dynamic? perhaps it has maybe a longer tail future and politics. we shall see. but it looks like to me, it looks like she is going to run, so will. but who knows what will happen between on i'm sure, on this program will revisit that issue a number of times here. let's keep with political personalities. here are many viewers asked the question, who's more of a failure, joe biden, or boris johnson? question to you, glen? oh, well, it's difficult to compare the 2 leaders. i guess there are the ruling. they're different, but they treat it. what they do have a lot in common, their failures, but that's, that's enough. go to thank god, i mean my mouth. well, i'm inclined to say joe biden, simply because he has a more challenging task ahead. i mean, the, like i mentioned before,
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the u. s. will have to adopt from this unit color arrow to, to the multiple are order, which is already here, which is having immense difficulties in terms of doing. and furthermore, the u. s. appears how much greater and challenges in terms of financial and economic crisis, the countries moving into. so the u. s. needs a lot of the hassle of painful reforms. it needs to carry through to restore fiscal responsibility. however, it do with us less room for maneuver because it also has this global empire it's carrying on his shoulder. so it has less sir ability to maneuver who to, to restore a lot of this. so fix a lot of this week. so i think you're failing, subdomain has been a more you had better mental while the failing. so am i, well, will the feelings all the worse? johnson has less impact the guess. and furthermore,
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one could also point out what he does discuss that you society so profoundly divided in by them. you can also see that he would, are he failed of the fast, i mean the router or that they are assuming unity. from the beginning it became obvious that unity would require the other side. so the republicans to repentance and the line themselves by ms devices, policies. so and they can, this is the problem with the political position is deemed to be an emmy and it's not really into more room for compromised. and so i think that these are all key problems. and also he, he didn't actually do any of his born diagnose either he was gonna go back to the nuclear deal with the wrong gas been that he was gonna correlations with china as much follow the trump calls is there as well. and then also i yeah, russia isn't, i've been able to improve men of the relationship with, with that relationship either. so i think you're yeah across the board. he. so this
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is, is his found it or patrick? same thing. i say now let's go brand in our budget, which ones were us go ahead. this is a really difficult question to answer, but it's actually quite a profound question because there is, there is a kind of an answer in there. these are both. these were both gimmick leaders, they both effectively ran on a gimmick. joe biden ran on. i'm any bun, but donald trump and managed to garner a quite a few of votes just on that basis. and arguably, that would have been his a margin, albeit slim considering the other, extenuating, our electoral challenges and so forth. but boys, johnson ran on the gimmick of breck said, and a lot of people wouldn't realize it just months before the referendum in 2016 boris johnson. was a committed euro file, he had been his whole career and all the sudden, p, p came mister breck said, it was a bit of a marketing sensation, politically. so, and that's how he got his mandate. and right now the people, the remain are, is,
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are very disenchanted with or is johnston. it really has to do with a kind of draconian policies around to cov ed and around vax vaccine mandates and so forth. he's really just basically hemorrhaged a lot of the support he had and the miracle of getting the northern working class to vote for a tory a leader. and he had trounced in with this massive mandate. that's all but gone now . so in a way that they're both similar in that they both ran on a gimmick and in, in some ways as well, especially biden. he, it was already a failure before he was even sworn until office because of the circumstances in which he was elected on many different levels and boys, johnson again that it's basically, he spent his political capital now. so, but over i would say, um, i would say on some level bores johnson is, is a bigger a failure because of this sort of paper mandate that's now been shredded. yeah.
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yeah. i don't think either one of them have much of a future. her is going to our next question here, viewers, and go to glen here is mc crown capable of leading the e. you with the departure of frau merkel go ahead. i would say no. i can definitely see why he believes he can take over leadership. because, you know, germany is running into some economic difficulties now and its own political problems with the partial mckeyan micron also has certain ideas in terms of creating an e u army, which would make france obvious leader with him to you by having him or militarized to use or however, the problem is always that my con wants to be a leader, but nobody really wants to follow it. so i think that his policy is not more focused on the french leadership within the u. s. coastal clear vision. how the u. s. whole can regain its relevance in the world. so for example,
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of not seeing any great ideas or at least a great and is able to push forward in terms of establishing greater technological sovereignty and competitiveness within the use. also the foreign policy, i mean, he's been making suggestions, perhaps the you should start to patch things up with russia about it is never able to move anywhere. and again, i think this is the maimed difficult in problem, but she's not able to give any clear benefits for, for the you only the last case now with this northern, with, nor stream to, for example, it is allowing l d, u s. s. all is europeans to, to obstruct that is pipeline, simply convincing the russian stuff. issue chief, the gas to asia. so as a consequence, your industry will not be competitive against asians have a future. so you don't, you don't have any, i don't see him being able to make the relevant. and by doing what's needed to be
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done. so i don't, i don't see the handbook. and again, there's a lack of alternatives at this point. yeah, that's a they a you did. does that all the time? no alternative and i think that's by design. fortunately, patrick, your thoughts here because mac round is actually and i've never been a big fan of the, the french president he has matured in office. he is, he's a lot more articulate and, and willing to take some chances here and place these up for reelection in the spring here. so, i mean, maybe it's not the right question. is france able to do it instead of micro and i don't know what are your thoughts a just looking at the internal domestic political situation and france up. that's going, it looks like a tall order for a lot of reasons. the french at movement in france is also very strong, arguably a strong or stronger than any other european country. so there is a lot of disenchantment with brussels. not only that,
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i would say his popularity. now you have not just disapproval you probably have or by any one's estimation, you're upwards of 40 percent of the french public that strongly dislike a manual mac cron. ah, because of the recent policies and again, it goes back to a basic freedom, liberty, fraternity galaxy. there's a lot of french citizens that do not believe that micron holds those essential, repub, french republican values. that's how disconnected he is with a large part and important part segments of the french population. so if you don't have the support at home, one says how can you lead the european union worse, angela merkel didn't have that level of disdain in germany for her during her tenure at the time. so i think that's a difficult one for manual macro on. he was elected as a technocrat. he is a goldman sachs type candidate. he's a mart, maria young mario druggie,
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or mario monte type that saw what the people who backed, and they envisioned that he would play that role. so we'll see. i don't see him in terms of populism, having the sort of appeal any more than he barely got elected on the 1st round. i think he's gonna run into problems. he might squeak by in the next election, but he doesn't have the mandate. i think that's required to say that he's really going to be a strong leader for your well it's, it's finish up. i'm a cow at a gland. i mean, it's really interesting is that he's having to have to grapple with his re election is to appeal to the populace that mean, it's really quite amazing that damn, this is, that's going to make that, that's the tiebreaker in all of this here. the left is completely collapse and now it's who is going to be able to appeal to the, the populace. right. and yet micron wasn't designed to do that kind of thing. that your thoughts right before we end the program, go ahead one. well, i agree, i think the french have lost some of their appetites for the you. so for him to
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position themselves as the champion. but you know, at the same time winning over the french population, it would require a lot of a paradoxical stanza. and a lot of dishonesty and i think the french up to that a small so i yeah i so i don't think i don't see it happening. i think you wouldn't even have a heart. i'm struggling to remain the leader of france. which pudding leader. but you, i mean it's making it much more difficult. yeah. well, i mean, we have a whole lot more to talk about in the new year gentlemen. i wish you both a happy new year. that's all the time we have many thanks. so my guess and i'll slow in plymouth and thanks to our viewers we're, we're watching us here at r t c. and next time. remember cross federals ah, ah, i became a test bed for medical,
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and then later recreational marijuana and it started with something so innocent. i was wanting to socialize. everybody does it for why can't i and then it just keeps going and going and going. i'm just going to do it was yeah, and then it's, oh i'm just going to try this. one said never do it again because they one wife, 11 and i'm right on inside. ok. and you surround yourself with people who are encouraging you to do it and not to stop me. it's all my life was over. jumped office about balcony and died. mm. he knew he just was diagnosed with cancer in 2000. when the doctors told me the cancer was incurable, i knew i had to make a change. so i decided to travel to one of the most toxic places in america.
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florida. one of florida is biggest industries and best kept secrets is fostering and the biggest player is $85000000000.00 industry. is mosaic, and i, there are reports of millions of gallons of contaminated water now flowing into the florida aqua floor. a chronic. oh, well, you know, i don't want to hear that word poets name, but that's what it is in 2013 my, all our family dog, my brother, who was 21 years old, myself in my father, were all diane, rob, rob jeff. the problem with a good plan, right? yeah. maybe they'll actually learn more help is more important than with
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children. did wanna deal with which one is a better way to assess my with water with issue with no, i need to put that on a new with the in the
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news breaking news on our to international branded a trial of the century lane maxwell may face up to 55 years in prison after being found guilty on 5 of 6 charges and effects trafficking trial linked to the late convicted pedophile, jeffrey americans budget priorities. put the pentagon up before the pandemic as president biden signs off on a massive $700000000000.00 defense plant. while washington global vaccination campaign keeps running out of money. the german politicians call. busy to bandit the popular messaging app telegram over hosting speech and coven conspiracy theories over moscow says that's double standards after the german media to criticize russia for trying to do the same. a few years ago. and a,
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my worry leaders plans, australia's policy automatically deporting new.


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