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boeing, my life was over, jumped off the balcony and died. mm. he knew he just couldn't scarf with a 4 year old child is occident me, pap upgrade, and i'm seen vaccine launch in germany. countries across europe roll out harsh new onto po, but measures millions that sound destruction afghan whistlebury lift the lid on america's drone program. the puma operates f card, me, and pricing from the taliban, spoke to all teeth project. i'm had boy says through amazon operations,
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we were not totally back to the civilian deaths. nobody told us that we hit the wrong target. i'm in hiding alone. underground. i live in fear speaking. honestly, i am fed up with my life a little russian foreign minister, accusing nato, trying to grab eastern european territories and defunct claims from the alliance of russian aggression in you. craig, i had meetings belgian engineers, i left this may, does. the government decides to shut down, or you can to react, this wouldn't pre is even though atomic pong done right. with off all the concrete electricity a we're here on the hour, every hour. bring you the very latest all around the world as always. good to see, welcome to the program. well, 1st story for the south france on job,
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they are tightening the screws on the artifacts and aided introducing a raft of new and t covert measures, sparking angry street protests. now this is a picture playing out across europe where governance is struggling with record infection rates. paula says, explains what we've seen across europe is a surge of covert cases. if we start off in font, the country has hit a record high 100000 new covert cases a day, and the death toll there has now increased to well over a 122000 people. this is largely due to the omi con, very, and that was supposed to take it in south africa. but what we are witnessing is also a search in delta cases. and that is leading to quite a number of people having to be hospitalized. the government is looking to transform its cobit health, pass into a vaccine path. now we have heard from the french help, the french prime minister, who announced that
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a negative taste is no longer going to be enough for people to be able to enter bars, restaurants, and other cultural venues. take a listen, don't, don't. so she'll sit in france as in europe, the situation is extreme returns. the new wave is sweeping over our continent. we've reached a symbolic 100000 daily new infections. we adjusting a law that will transform the health path into a vaccination pass. if parliament votes in favor, it will be applied from the 15th of january. if we move across now to where i am in germany here, the government is considering tougher restrictions. and in fact, from monday, a number of german states have introduce type her restrictions. these include, amongst others, limited private gatherings, up to 10 people and that is 10 people who have either been vaccinated or who have recovered from cause at 19. the government has also shut down club, dance, they news, and other such public gatherings. not this comes amid a state of demonstration against the covert restrictions happening in civil cities
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and towns across the country. several 100 people were wasted at protests that took place in here in poland and also in swine foot. and in the latter venue police, they clashed with protesters and it became quite violent with police wielding batons and fire and pepper spray into the crowd while protest is to rocks and stones and spec on the police were about to show you while the disturbing images in which for your little child was accidentally pepper sprayed by police after her mother took her to the demonstration. the now the mother they had to appear before a judge. and this comes as the police complain that n 2 vexes are increasing me using more violent means at demonstrations. if we move
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now to the netherlands they, we have the health ministry suggesting a raw that innovative way for people who are nervous about taking the vaccine to deal with the vaccine anxiety. the health minister has suggested virtual reality glasses that will help relax during the injection. the afghan drone operators working for us while captain, the talk about civilian death starts according to a whistle post spoke. talk to you about his job during the war on terror. he shot at his story with our teens project. hold on hud voices. vallejo. we live in a horrible situation. very bad conditions, and it won't be honestly, i am fed up with my life that about so i'm in hiding alone with the way underground . yeah, i can't go outside. i'm hopeless for somebody. i ask myself, do i have the right to live a peaceful life in my own homeland or not it me said straight. and i wish i had
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been born in a different country to me at the decimal. got the telling me that would be like a pillow top, we had to operate our drones as an 8 hours today. and then the same at night there was a u. s. company and the afghan government was signed an agreement with he. so we were employed by this company, they scam eagle with each month one, pilots conducted 17. is it 20 drone strikes? it could be more than less, but not less. with
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data throughout all operations, we were not told about any civilian deaths. nobody told us that we had hit the wrong targets, and the statistics on this were out of our control. we didn't have access to this data. ah ah, at the port we lost a couple of our pilots in the last days of our work. and after the taliban took over and one was arrested in cobble. and the 2nd when he was visiting his family, some drone pilots were also beaten and humiliated. and 3 or 4 of our colleagues are
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missing was a, even the closest relatives don't know where they are. problem, sex, age they blinking is leading the continued diplomatic efforts to ensure a safe passage for any american afghan partner or foreign national wants to lead up . again, this is what we're doing. every single minute of every single hour of every single day is working to create a safe passage for all civilians, including the afghans who work for us to the airport to get them on planes and get them out. we worked intensely to evacuate and relocate and work alongside us and our particular risk of reprising. our commitment to them has no deadline of let me put it this way. yes, i've lost my own people. know i'm hiding at different places. i can't stay at one place. i can't meet my family. i don't even know how my family is doing now. i can't see them with my colleagues. we can't see or contact each other because we
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are afraid the taliban are tapping our phone. is me? i was, we also we have lost our way. what can we do and what will they do to us? we are counting our last breast. they might kill us today or tomorrow. i have one son staying with me and when he goes out to buy something to eat, he says he is afraid of being killed or kept. so there is no one to help us in this situation. i live in here and i have to wonder why i was born in this hell, i am a human being. i have the right to free life. the us lad, mission and off down install has now 100 over responsibility saying yes down all me can operated without outside assistance. now if you do want to hear more about how the war on terror in afghanistan changed lives,
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i don't know. but to all on this project, you can find that on all the rushes top diploma has the entire purpose of nato is to seize territories to its east sub gala. for also speaking of possible talks with the west and the lines. now this is just, she's the gilbert teach right now. nato is clearly a geo political project designed to grab territories left after the disappearance of the war. so packed, and the dissolution of the soviet union. first of all, let's remind ourselves what be worse or packed was it was a collective defense treaty established by the soviet union and 7 other satellites . it states, it was created in reaction to the integration of west germany, into nato, in 1955. so basically, the both are packed with like a mirror alliance to nato. but while the pack was dissolved in 1991 nato is still very much alive and kicking and expanding since the end of the cold war. so the,
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just a lot of the saying is, what is the point of nathan anymore? you know, he's post cold war gave, if not, as he suggests a geopolitical project same to collecting all of these countries with a lifetime ago. we're in opposition to nathan. now, nato has previously offered membership to a former member of the both pucks, which is poland which joined in 1999 to former soviet republics, such as the both 6 states in 2004. so the question of ukraine joining nato is a 10th subject because ukraine is, of course, the country. it's history, geography, and people are so intertwined with those of russia. now as we know, tensions between nato on russia been simmering for quite a while early this month. the head of nato young stoughton, but he rushed to be transparent about his military plans. this comes in mid phase that rushes planning see invade ukraine. moscow has dismissed these face. they call them alarmist and in turn complained of nato plans and activities in the region. so
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needless to say, there's a lack of trust between the 2 sides remain. there's nothing new. obviously, plenty of accusations flying around here, but as i understand russia is proposing a solution. can you tell us about that? absolutely. so, rather than letting things continue to fester and possibly worse, and moscow has presented the west with this draw agreement of security guarantees, essentially aimed at, you know, diffusing tensions here. but it's been translated in the west as demands rather than proposals. and these attempts, calming the situation of just being more or less shuns so far, and russia continues to be demonized as the aggressor. our cooperation with ukraine is defensive. it's not in the way it's set to russia, the aggressor, hey, it's russia. this is dave, going to russia even pulled back its troops from the ukraine border following drills there, which could have been seen as another olive branch from russia to see western leaders, but still bugs from data coating russia. the aggressive do you need?
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it's been saying for weeks now, the 100000 russian soldiers were lighting the border to invade ukraine. even the u . s. media was saying, a 175000. turns out it was 10000 soldiers doing drills near the border. do you think now we can actually expect any of these accusations to stop while one would hope it, but little me just a positive direction as yet fear mongering. the me the media, is it a all time high? they send full scale invasion talks. folks have another cuban missile crisis that continues to be a favorite topic. and there was still cause for sanctions on russia though the walls were not sure because it doesn't seem to have done anything at the moment. anyway. sanctions on russia, sorry. one on a list from sepa, former us ambassador, and i was even calling for sanctions on russia. pre, i'm seeing any possible moves from russia. current western policy is that if russia does something worse down and only then would the west adopt new sanctions, the dynamic must now be reversed. the west shoot, impose new sanctions now and agree to lift those sanctions. only if russia pulls
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back from military escalation to book, one of sugar, and just recently one think tank. he said, why wait until something happens? let's introduce preventive sanctions. and if russia doesn't stop anything will lift them. but it's clear that no one would ever lift anything. so this is how things stand as of now, a 10 by russia to com. things are so far being ignored. but this is something the russian side seems to have seen as predictable as lot of suggested in, not quote. nato's agenda is quite different to what one might expect. people in east ukraine's breakaway republics are still living onto the constant threat of shelling from his armed forces. despite a cease by agreement struck between the rebels on the goblins years ago, with nature full says open supplying the ukrainian military ortiz where costs have traveled to the dorm bath region. ah,
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ah. 7 civilians were killed and 32 wounded on the territory of the self proclaimed the next people's republic. this year alone, the total number of foot noncombatants who perished in this civil war is now well over $5000.00. while ordinary people who live along the front lines continue to suffer, many of them say they don't see their future will ukraine any more? what the me a month ago, a woman and a man were very badly wounded, and another man was killed just before that. what can i say? they are often showing us statement. they say we are not needed that by yet everyone is afraid of god because the shelling is going on throughout the summer. they were shelling day and night. so nothing good is happening to most listen to runaway orders in september,
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a shell fell on my street. 2 little children living near by that place. when did you lose our dcea? be id chesko. there are los periodically escaped. then shelling returns little. we are tired and looked at little one residence in larger cities like the republics capital of the nascar, farther away from the war, both physically and mentally there also desired, however many speak about the constant feeling of uncertainty and express hope that the conflict will soon end so that they can be free to choose their own fate. was the push to watch because the new year i wish for strength and patience because we live in an unstable situation. so it's generally very unpacking. i'm tired of having a curfew. women done teach us was in the study, are now used to living in this chaos, but i really want all the bad things to antonius mesa, we're afraid something can happen to the children. and so in general, it's just a relief to be alive, missouri, after years of living on the brink,
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people just want this war to ends and returns to living and normal violence, free life. vermont costs are of artsy. don't ask. phil had on the program, a new u. s. documentary trace is the story of one small town in florida. why residence claim high council rate is called by local phosphate mining. we delve into that of the show break. ah, for is your media a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? hi sir. lation for community. are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true?
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walk this way. in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. but i'll be speaking to guess what the world of politics, sport business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. ah 3 now come back. paradoxical and counter productive. that's how belgian engine is described by government decision to deny tries the country of the next 3 years. the
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reaction came off to brussels, announced his pan to shut down. or you can reactors and redirect investment into new technologies. the government's decision to phase out nuclear energy, the largest source of flow, carbon energy in belgium, and to finance new fossil gas power plants is paradoxical and counterproductive. this decision would only reinforce the predominance of fossil fuels in the belgian energy landscape mccartney. there are 2 nuclear plants in belgium, with southern reactors, and they generate almost half of the county's electricity fuel thorough to say that avoiding and nuclear energy will make power production safer and is in line with the common you go to go green. however, it all comes as urine grapples with an energy crisis that seen prices saw to record highs and neighboring france and germany known for their nuclear power capabilities . the cost of atomic energy has spiked off to paris, closed $1.00 of its plants,
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and halted operations on another over suspected security system faults. as for germany, while it intends to close on its me killer power plants by the end of the year, starting with its broken off site on new year's eve, the closure will leave the country with 3 nick kit up house stations. germans have responded the news with mixed reactions. as i found a force on enough time now it has its pros and cons. but actually here in bergdorf we only saw advantages, other countries are building nuclear power plants too. and the question is, where do we get our electricity from m and it is me of us is finally it's happening . i'm very happy about it because you never know if an accident might occur or thought people might try to destroy it. of course, are people in the village that see things differently because the village has become rich on taxpayers, money. if you drive through the village, you'll see how much was invested in it or other than i think it's an important decision, but i also think we're not there yet. we can't go from renewable energy or we're
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getting from nuclear power. many locals work, sir. we have to see where they will end up, but some people will definitely lose their jobs. we discuss issue with charlie, boil independent journalist, as well as with the rain, our current, the chairman of the job, nick hill, activist organization. solar and wind are not available 100 percent of the time while nuclear is so you have to fill the gaps with fossil generation. and this is a tremendous hom for the climate because belgium replaces a low carbon energy form by a common intensive form of electricity. and this is just the opposite of climate protection, but belgium is doing year. it is, it is of no use for the climate it's, it's not climate protection it's, it's arming the climate. and it's for a purely easier, logical read reason of the green party. once again it's,
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it's all about like a plan and seen a missed call point score and politicians may well those beliefs. but as usual, the practicalities always take now the reality is sinking in a high inflation, a huge demand surge going into winter. and we, we simply can't have a situation where energy prices are going up. 1200 percent here. we need to have a profit plan around the world. but i think it transitioned to renewables. what the mixture is going to be in need to be honest about me. so don't worry which are completely in florida for in cancer rates and pollution. now being blamed on phosphate mining, but it's local point for their health. a mining giant accused of peer to waterways,
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pounds to open up another site. later on he will be, are in the documentary about the situation. but for now, here's a quick preview. one of the most toxic places in america, florida, one of florida is biggest industries and best kept secrets is phosphoric. one in the biggest layer is $85000000000.00 industry. is mosaic, and either reports of millions of gallons of contaminated water now flowing into the florida aquifer. my problem is that chronic. i don't want to hear that word towards me, but that's what it is. i'm in 2013 my uncle, our family dog. my brother was 21 years old, myself and my father were all a hola and a good plan. right? yeah. maybe they'll actually, we're,
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that far hill is more important than what the company responded to accusations made by the documentary by saying it doesn't accurately portray the council risks associated with mining. well yeah, this year's we had not kept 1000000 gallons of waste water from one former mining facility leaks in florida. the state is building injection while to pump out the remaining water that something the environment to say could make things was filmmaker eric crown, who made the documenting just for snippet from explains his motivations. as i was traveling around the world doing a lot of direct action conservation work, i started to see that right in my own back yard. we had these issues where we were questioning children in, in a way that regularly is actually regulated and allowed. so, you know, as soon as i saw that i thought this is something we can stop and if he's environmental cancers, if we're able to stop them,
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it's our obligation to investigate and stop them from continuing. one interesting thing is they're allowed to do their own testings, so they simply do their own tests and then provide the results to the states. so there is no oversight on this entire industry statewide. and that is where we're finding the difficulties. you know, i was able to come up with it by going through the public records of the different counties that have mining and mining areas and they're all their leading cause of death was cancer and their rates were extremely higher. i spoke to a lot of people that had been silenced by them by music directly. as a matter of fact, one person who spoke of recently had a gag order placed on them where they could not speak publicly about mosaic, which i just thought was crazy. actually, the gag order said you're not allowed to speak about music on facebook in for somebody to lose the 1st amendment, right. like that. that shows a lot of influence in the area. you know, we find that most it goes through and they kind of gain the favor of
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a lot of people by putting a lot of money into the local communities. but at the same time they're, they're presenting this nice picture while they're also getting everybody sick at the same time. you know, and it was, it was maddening for me because we did find cancer causing chemicals, and it was proven in the movie. we even found one of their outfalls had there, there's a level that they're not supposed to go over and we found that level and we tested the water of radiation. so we're finding that there's, there's just, again, there's no oversight into this type of an industry. and they kind of run roughshod over everybody in the local areas. like i said, and he can watch the full document later today or not channel as well as tomorrow throughout the day. oh, i'm fine. yeah. now, some americans might be alarmed by the colossal scale of government spending during the pandemic. sen around poor has highlighted some of the bizarre ways taxpayers dollars of being used. one example, half
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a $1000000.00 on research into pigeons for a very specific habit. and it's part of these pigeons have a gambling addiction, pietro's playing slot machines, think that's a bad acid trip. nope. it's a portrait founded by the american taxpayers. and it's one of many in the charts, a wasteful us initiative. the research allows pigeons to expand the safe or gamble tokens could prove very useful if only pigeon gambling was a real issue. do kids prefer trips to broccoli? always going to double check? another state funded research prove the bug is a more appealing faith john to make them gain weight. this is an experiment with taxpayers. money well spent. how does bad knees affect your mood? take the scientists to figure that out. u. s. funded study. find that bad news schools is happening to jump down. it's not
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a waste of time if you've learned something. well, goodbye from me for today. daniel hawkins is here. ready? safe home. so stop by a bit later on us me. ah ah, there is no such thing as unilateral security. all real security is always collected. this is precisely how russia views, endless western hostility and nato expansion. moscow is presented ways to avoid conflict. sure, all security is the west suite at the switch a
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with national and senior watching, going underground the team and i will be back for a brand new season on wednesday, the 12th of january. but until then, we'll be showing some of your favorite shows from this season, going up in the show as 1400000000 people wake up up to china's national day celebrations. when it's nuclear weapons, now be targeting not any cities and nuclear mentor nations, but australia to after the biden johnson morrison nuclear submarine deal. and as you, caleb elitist, a guest, alma declares his party, the party of nato. we ask the palestinian ambassador to new k. if he has any hope for her majesty's opposition when it comes to fighting for the palestinian people
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after another week of u. k. u. s armed violence in palestine. but 1st, it's the day after mainland, china's national day celebrations, which mark 72 years since the establishment of the people's republic of china after the chinese communist party won the civil war against the u. s. backed nationalist party. this made controversy over revelations of phone calls by u. s. general mili to re ensure china of no eminent us nuclear strike. and a surprise, australia nuclear submarine deal with london and more. joining me now from aging is the sense of china and globalization, vice president, victor gough. victor, thanks so much for coming back on. as i said, as the day after, um, you have a britain's, a queen, elizabeth aircraft, carrier coming toward your maritime borders. nato countries openly threatening your existence, ro, us as ronald reagan nurse strike, carry a force sailing towards you a bad times for china. welsh under just celebrated the 72nd national day. oh.


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