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tv   Going Underground  RT  December 27, 2021 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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elizabeth aircraft carrier coming towards your maritime borders. nato countries openly threatening your existence. ro, us as ronald reagan strike, carrier was sailing towards you. bad time for china. well, time to just celebrated the 72nd national day. a whole 3 hours in a mood of great celebration. i was very happy, very united the government. yes, of course. there have been lots of incursions for impulses that carry on the shops of all kinds and possibly so our ease into town or south sea and other waters around china. this is a very serious matter, and china condemns such incursions and they are not purely freedom of navigation exercises. they are using freedom of navigation as an excuse to challenge channel sovereignty and territorial integrity. and in such a way,
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china not only contends date, but will prepare the consequences for such violations of channels. national interest. i mean, then we will get more your video about the economist magazine on our youtube channel in widely quoted remarks around the world, the beijing correspondence saying, she jim being will try and unify china before he leaves office. what he may give, he is very popular among the chinese people. he probably will be very long, so be in positions now. the unification of china, that is china's mainland, with china. taiwan properties is a mega trend of our time. it will happen sooner or later. it will happen peacefully if we can, and not peacefully if it has to be. so we need to prepare for that day when the reunification will happen. and i personally believe all source,
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whatever from whichever part of the world will be able to stand in the way of chinese people's reunification. now, you know, repeated her expert opinion over the decade saying china's economy was about to blow up with poor growth. all the rest of it. we have headlines in nature, nation media saying you have massive power goods. you learn human rights abuses, engine. jang. whoa. i mean is the power on engaging? it looks like you have the lights on there. apparently cold stocks for only 15 days left for the 6 biggest power generation companies. 11.3000000 tons of the 21st of september. we're talking about the power shortage in china. i would say to a very large extent that was inflated by china itself. why? because china now has declared to the world and has informed the chinese nation the
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by 30, by 2030 channel, need to have a p t of the c o 2 emission by and the 60 challenge to achieve neutrality. r c o 2 emission. as a result of that, the chinese government is really put in a lot of pressure to coal style, coal bass power stations. and that actually was a big reason why there has been recently a big shortage of power in some places, abrupt county of power supply without informing the people in a timely manner should be corrected, i would say. and then the government and power suppliers need to figure out a way to make sure that while china is absolutely doing the right thing to the c o 2 emission by closing down some other kobe's, the power plants, how china can manage to provide enough, how are from other sauce is to the end users. that's
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a challenge that china need to going forward. the u. n says it's not gonna happen in time when they've, even in 2021. you're having problems with the fossil fuel emissions and are going to go down. obviously, china, the biggest, obviously you know, per capita over there. the biggest emitter in absolute terms. well, if you look at china's tracker, all the over the past 10 years, also the cap, the unit c o 2 emission for the chinese manufacturer inside the industrial side has been cut down. there is significant, significantly now for china, which is still enjoying very rapid economic development. this goal has its own pay, but i think different sectors and the whole population in china are ready to go through this very painful period to achieve the target on one hand.
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and also to make sure that the economy in general need to proceed in a normal way rather than suffering significant disruption. please keep in mind that china has enough power generation as it is. the real problem is, what materials do use if you continue to use a lot of coal as the primary source of power, then the government is very much determined against it. if you use other sources of power, for example, natural gas or crude oil or increasing the renewal source is solar we, it's address then the chinese government is very much encouraging that well hopefully overly more of the solar and wind and renewables rather than the oil. and gas, no one's measuring the fossil fuel emissions of all these warships from nato, the u. s. and u. k headed your way. what did you make of these revelations in washington general milli, the joint chiefs, us,
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joint chiefs chairman saying that he had to reassure chinese counter guard that there was not going to be a 1st nuclear strike on china. first of all, i think generally is highly regarded. i respect it from the chinese side. know what is happening in washington the congressional hearing and really is testimony. congressional hearing is a confirmation of one point that is very important. that is, there will be no wall between china and the united states, and that is in the as the interest of mankind. there are people who are very eager and agitated to provoke a war between china, the united states. and they are not doing that in the interest of the american people. some people in the united states even claim that china and united states needs to have a wall with each other. they are legal, i understand the consequence of a war g channel,
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the united states. because if it is a matter carefully to what henry kissinger has to say recently, he's basically saying any war breaking out t challenge the novice states may soon escalate into. i'm again, my hand is found anything, henry kissinger, anything it just says where the global south is usually usually a reverse barometer. arguably. i think, you know what happened in vietnam, cambodia in and allow you have said i noticed previously that australia will lose its privilege of not being targeted by chinese nuclear weapons. thanks to this surprise, august deal between washington london and camera. is that gonna happen? should there be nuclear missile upgrades to the nuclear submarines now being talking about coming from britain in the united states? well, 1st of all, this august is very much against the world because world today needs peace and stability. i possess you nuclear weapons, nuclear submarines,
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and they are kind of fine to me. it's a claim that is nuclear power summary. it is not overnight summary, but i would argue the difference on the hess richie is really very much artificial because a submarine is a weapon. and if it is powered by nuclear power, that nuclear power summary can strike or can be attacked in time of war and attacking a nuclear power summary. and we'll turn that summary in itself into a big explosion. and that's definitely will constitute a big nuclear weapon to start with. therefore, i would say, by possessing nuclear submarine either nuclear power summary, or nuclear weaponized, the submarine australia will no longer qualify as a member of the nuclear re south as a big song. so i would say the australian government is not informing the
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australian people 23000000 them sufficiently about what will be the consequence of office. because i believe the australian people do not want to lose that privilege and coverage it status of being a nuclear free country. leading in that big people or south has a big nuclear re song. because by losing that status, australia will be targeted with nuclear weapons. well, as i said out of scope morrison, the australian leader saying that if we know from nuclear weapons, but to just find the, i mean china has seemingly been supporting the federal reserve making bitcoin illegal. it's losing a propaganda war, arguably in the west completely as we get more and more articles in so called liberal papers, talking about the need to confront china and kamala harris with joe biden's, vice president said beijing continues to cause cause to intimidate and to make
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claims to the vast majority of the south china sea, you think the communist by the will remain calm. as the rhetoric is heated up more and more in coming weeks. listen, the americans should know better than many other countries because ink 1945 when japan unconditionally surrendered. japan surrendered all the islands aisle reefs in the south pacific sea to the republic of china. because at that time, china in the form of the republic of china, the united states and the former soviet union and grip, and to a lesser extent, france, we were the victor nations, after defeating nazi germany in europe and imperialistic of japan in the east and japan surrendered everything to charlotte in 1945, china in 1945 was the only independent country standing on its feet
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after winning the war against japan. so the united states knew this part better than any other. and just as a matter of fact, the united states dispatched it's only or forces to help the republic of china naval forces to reclaim all these islands and reefs in the south channel see from the surrounding japanese soldiers. therefore, we do not need to look beyond 1945. we just need to stop at 1945 and check all the historical records. and china has undisputable crane to moles islands and reeves, et cetera. and where you accuse china of violating other countries claims, where do they trace their cray back to 1945. we need to call a spade a spade. thank you. go. thank you. thank you very much. after the break,
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after another week of u. s. u. k armed violence in palestine, we speak to the palestinian ambassadors in the u. k. about a new ultimatum for israel. all the small can we help? we bought 2 of going undergrad with join me every 1st day on the alex salmon. sure. but i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. ah, there is no such thing as you rely on security. all real security is always collected. this is precisely how russia used endless. western hostility and nato expansion. moscow is presenting ways to avoid conflict. here on security is the
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west asleep at the switch. welcome back. at the same u. k. labor party conference, we're anti jeremy corbin, leader to guest armor declared his body to be the party of nato, a motionless past calling for israel to meet because of the ongoing knock by in palestine. the motion that passed without much publicity called for an ethical trade policy and an end the u. k. arm sales to israel, progress after another week of violence in palestine and with the palestinian ambassador britain who sons omelet. ambassador, thanks so much for coming to the studio. i mean, we've had killings all week in palestine, kings of children by british armed israeli soldiers that had said last year was the worst with the palestinian authority before we get on the british issues. i mean, how bad is it there we go with and the occupation pretty very word. i mean, of course, are covered the has it palestine, the policy and economy as it did all over the world. but the particular, if you're wall situation, that is the occupation has really made things much,
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much worse, according to the same you and organization on the policy and economy was, is $2500000000.00 every year because of the israeli occupation policies, particularly the 5th of our resources, the control of our natural resources, land, water, and what have you and the crippling, a closures and processes that does not allow the palestinian economy to utilize its full potential. that the seizure goes over the last 416 years. in fact, the u on has estimated that all year since 2001 to 2017, the present economy. last, the $1000000000.00 because of israeli measures hostile adverse measures. that's more than please 3 times the size of the entire policy than in economy. and if you look deeper, you will see that the people focus more on the military aggressions of the
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occupation. there's a, the occupation, but there is economic waffa that has been happening for decades since the, the, the economic warfare has many tools that are not allowing us to trade. you know, the export on import are completely controlled by as well. not allowing us to have our own currency as, as in central bank, not allowing us to have any serious fiscal policies in addition to the movement of people. and would you say this to say this is james cleverly morris, johnson's foreign office ministers? what did, what did he say is britain arms, israeli army, that is killing your people? this is, this is, this is a very major discussion. a main point under discussion that, you know, we are not seeking aid here. we are really seeking trade and we are seeking to utilize our own resources that are being stolen on a daily basis in every sense, you know, of the didn't see of the west bank the occupied west back is very rich in mineral materials and resources and steves on a daily basis, it's
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a multi $1000000000.00 industrial exports. so those, of course, we discussed the issue of the legal trade with these settlements on resources that the u. k. must ban the importation of these programs. of course we discuss resume. we said no to that whilst proposing the settlement. they always acknowledge the legality of settlements. they say that we don't encourage our businesses to do any transactions in the occupied territories, but there is no enforcement. and this is what we insist on short of enforcement and consequences. the verbal commitment to international law means that elected, we've been at the former now 70 years. and there's a lot even here, these statements. well, great news though, at the labor party conference, when from the floor, ordinary members said no more on sales, no more sales from occupied territories. that there is an ongoing knack where the apartheid is there. what did you make of a lease? and then the, and the, i'm
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a leadership distancing themselves from the vote on the floor. you were there at the conference. yes, i was very disappointing. actually, an unfortunate because that was a democratic vote. the resolution, the motion passed overwhelmingly, which shows the depth of support of the labor based to the issue of palestine to the cause of palestine and with the national law. and then if you go back to the motion, you will read that it is primarily about enforcement of international law, about attaching consequences to legalities that the motion or it was very clear, a it for a finally, this is the 1st time such a language comes out that ok, we recognize the thought on the sort of legal, but we want to do something about that and therefore we must seize any trade with legal entities that exporting arms to israel must be in line with british law. and international law on israel is evidently in violation of all these laws, but more than that, it's also the narrative that they provide the framework for
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years we have been talking about peace process and underlying process. so for 30 years since 199130 years, exactly. we have been stuck with the all international partners, including the name of often by the way about this discourse of cause is beyond anything under the jeremy corbin label. but these process, speech process, speech process, and whenever we tell them that we are accepting the piece process that the last you should go back to the negotiating table. what is the new about this, this new motion? it redefines the situation and it's real terms and it's real narrative that this is a colonial part, that this is why that is no clearly defined as an hides gene controlling largely on civilians and the for the palestinian people have the right to protection and to resist i mean, you say apartheid that, you know, that's a guess thomas warren, secretary of orange act release and then the said, just to condemn israeli atrocities. and we know that scores of women and children
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were killed in main. garza is to be anti semitic. what did, what did so kiss darma say to you, did you have a good chat with him? yes, i met him and we have, we have very good job in the, in searcy our is the human rights lawyer. he knows exactly international law. he knows the values of labor, the values of the, of the u. k. and therefore, you know, there's, it's obvious that is a gap between the leadership and the base. and hopefully that will be bridge because then we know he's bankrolled by israeli lobby. is that correct? you didn't raise the fact that he's from the leadership campaign was financed by someone who supports israel. the key matter here is how to present that of the leadership of its own base and how representative the leadership of the values of labor. these values are the values of social justice, of equality, of internationally. those are the one's words all the time. you only there at the
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un general assembly. and what did you mean? what did he mean when he said, i give israel a year to get out and abide by un security council resolution to we will recognize israel, something about the international court of justice. you'll go to the international court of justice in a year's time. why don't going out why given israel another year? and there isn't a national community, it's a national community has invested heavily in the project member. the 2 state solution is an international requirement, and israel has field that international equilibrium that international division legitimacy. and today he's our president, our people are throwing back the ball into the international in a year's time. israel be much worried about that. these are all denies it as well. and boris jones, when you mentioned the i c. c, investigation, boy johnson is clear and says that is an attack on israel. the i, c, c, the independence of the i. c. c is very important and i don't think politicians should intervene. what judges,
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this court was established exactly for issues like ours. so war crimes are prosecuted, the war crimes or criminals are held accountable. so if the prime minister is johnson has an issue with this, i think he may have issues with international legality. i mean, it's not just about johnson and joe biden. the united states also says the i c, c has no jurisdiction. it's very unfortunate, it's extremely, unfortunately some of those of the so called free world, the for the very same countries that established these laws. and these conventions, and these courts would doubt it's legitimacy and its independence. and its relevance is, is extremely unfortunate. and i believe this is this going to be on palestine. this is about this kind of wall. we want to lever and the kind of world we want to leave for our children and country. and i think it has caused a lot of damage because of the special relationship to our global system. you mentioned leadership there. i mean, is there ever going to be an election in your country?
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i mean, when we, the bus ended is german to indiana. we are one of the very few in the region. my friend who convenes here and through and transparent kind of actions. we are one of the few who really base our legitimacy on the democratic new york. so happened. unfortunately, it was absolutely key in on creating all the divisions of leaving garza low, the so called will roll at 2005, creating the vacuum. regrettably since then. we were not able to convene a proper a comprehensive national elections, but we agreed all political parties into the fact that has to convene national elections as you remember earlier this year. and then we had the obstacle of this is easy to again. yeah, i mean, you know, you know what, i asked some people in the last somebody will know even in the last. and you might have seen the un security council talking about palestine the other day. they said that your father, how people are cooperating with israel in coordinating assassinations. they talked
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about news or by not abducted on the 24th of june, 42 injuries inflicted with metal pipes. well, what is going on here is, is you are, is my, with a bus in, with israel against the palestinian people. i don't accept this question or shot because you need to hear those are the prime minister only a few days ago in washington and in the new york. when he said he will never ever meet president a bus because a bus is deploying a guest district. and he is, you know, this kind of does not well, did you guys kill him? mistakes happened. the incidence was very unfortunate. the palestinian offered to talk responsibility. there was investigation, the 14 soldiers, all you know, police policeman, rest of them were actually invited and prosecuted. and there is a court going on there are president met all the heads of the human rights
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organizations in palestine only a few days ago actually couple of weeks ago. the precise and they are not old enough to make sure that our basic law, our constitution. i mean, he was that are respect to human rights is going to be implemented between the civil society and the leadership. so that was a mistake and you get a bill and a good, but that does not deviate from the major fact that every the goes of pills. 5 and palestinian. there is a lot of efforts by the israeli lobby, the machine to describe the situation as into understand the internal even rushes always said that russia is always the you in general, a nationalist at the security council said the problem here to an extent, obviously there are lots of, there are violations of un security council resolutions is not unified. why is it, there's not a joint press conference with the boss and the am us authority and guys are altogether showing unity to unify them. this is absolutely a requirement and the prerequisite egypt is mediating between all the office as we
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speak. we met in istanbul, and in cairo we agreed on all the details. i tell you the, the, the heart of the matter, the root cause of all this is an occupation that is in control of everything. when we were very close to elections and then you will all the traffic process establishing a nation, you know, to go a month, they pull the code of, of jocilan. they're denying us the right to convene election. although in fans, joe biden is saying he's saying he's opposed enough to have a ben. it's idea of not allowing us to mission in ramallah. he didn't do anything about that. i myself as a part of the numbers that he went to, the british government, we went everywhere coding for them are foreign minister, came to london just days before postponing their lectures and pleading with the government. a book partial news went to allow us elections, and is your sort of foss is you listen, it is the occupied camera kind of fun. it's time, it's the compass of the palestinian people. you see, every time you will sort of start and thought people are focused on united defense wilson. so that is no way we could actually allow for all of them across the process to go ahead without our campus without our heart. and without the telephone,
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especially, like what trump has done a couple of years ago, you know, recognizing the top you with us. so we couldn't. and therefore it is important that you're asking these questions to pinpoint that of course and actions are important . but we are doing elections and we are doing palestinian institutions for an over or national objective, which is independence, which is a return our rights, the end is johnson and then is our, our state. and our rights is going to make us a continue in an endless process. and in that process chip to take away your loss of them. now this and this election will not allow you to compute elections in your occupied capital. and by the way, you will sell them is not a city that weekly jocelyn was a city we own more. the 50000 by the study is on every church. every more, every shop, every house in jerusalem and then next long, they will tell you ok elections without janine it shows with what kind of accept
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this is crucial to continue with our friends with all this, the national support, you see what happened to me, the inspiration in the streets of london and the streets of washington, chicago, new york. got it. all right, thank you very much. that's it for one of your favorite shows of the last season. we'll be back on wednesday, the 12th of january, but until then stay safe. and you can watch all our interviews by subscribing to our youtube channel and falling us on all our social media ah, in colorado, became a test bed for medical, and then later recreational marijuana and it started with something so innocent. i was wanting to socialize. everybody does it so i cannot and then it just keeps going and going and going. i'm just going to do it one. yeah. and then it's, i'm just going to try this one and then you never do it again because they want my
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phone because i'm on and i'm right on inside. okay. and you surround yourself with people who are encouraging you to do it not to stop or it's all like my life is over. jumped office about balcony and died. mm hm. with for christmas, the traditional yuletide on a day this year making this traditional with a special christmas guide me christmas tolerance, diversity guide. busy we all know that christmas is a family holiday and make sure all your parents are properly numbered. i this year. follow the agenda, and make us know woman instead of snowman, or even better,
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that this new person designed for themselves. oh ah, now gift. no don't. so teddy bears prepare your children for the brave new world. and remember, diversity is not a t i o is no longer an appropriate costume. this is appropriation. 0, a logical appropriation. offensive to the dear community. mm hm . and obviously center not to be cancelled. i because he is a why says gender male who amuses mrs. close, discriminates against children based on behavior, whereas red, which is a communist color, makes children sit on his lap, makes people destroy trees and exploit sales. so sorry kids sandler is
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not coming to town anymore. i follow these instructions. stick to the spirit of christmas. you decide. i i, a 4 year old child, as i said at ne pappas braden and teen back in march in germany. countries across the yard roll out harsh new antique code that matches the belinda found to destruction afghan with the lead on america's drone program.


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