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with also happening tonight. the fight continues in manatee county. jose, a company now wants to expand their mining operations, but many of their neighbors tell abc, actually news reporter adam weiner. they fear another environmental mess. it's not only just my organic farm, it's our natural resources. it's our very precious land and water dang was among the doesn't to spoke out against mosaic at the 2nd full day of hearings held by manatee county commissioners. deciding whether to change the zoning or the property called wingate east to allow mosaic to mine phosphate one drive through west central. ready rural florida, and it is clear that mosaic is turning our region into a banana republic. mm. anything that's coming from there, from jose vicente here, and come through all these properties. right?
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harrington garrett's an organic farmer, and he just lost his you sta, organic status, because mosaic was able to rezone $16000.00 acres in their own a mine, and that actually borders these wetlands that we're looking at. and the wetlands border garrett's farm. the u. s. government says that any a radiation exposure is dangerous to human health, whereas florida has made slightly different rules so that they can accommodate phosphate mining and agriculture. so garrett is decided to take them to court. you know this, i mean, it must be extremely stressful. this process all yeah. mining is stressful. fastly my freshman, what does it community, what does here, household, i mean my wife and i, we've had a lot of issues. you know i, she, she feels like he shouldn't try to take on a global phosphate giant. but you know, some things are, were standing for, i mean, they are fringed on my way of life. and i hate to me, this is more of a constitutional mm. was 8 matchers themselves. they then give
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them more details of those results to the county and, and the county says, okay, you met the criteria. those wells were placed in the conservation area where they filing their own work in one interesting aspect of music is their masters of disguise. so here's just a basic looking open fence and as we drive through it looks like there's nothing here. and what they do is they build these little teeny burns to keep the minds kind of out of public eye. so when you're driving by, you'd really have no idea these things were here. but then you just go up a teeny berm and opens up the destruction. what asked the guy is why there was no warning signs about the radioactivity or no trespassing signs. they said that all the locals know just how bad they are and how dangerous the air is, so nobody would dare to ever even drive involuntarily. i, this is
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a tower that a crew is at hand. i'm a former tower technician and i was, they were working on the carrier up above there. and i, i totally get out of here, man, this place radioactive, it out. and they, they were here for a week working on a project up there. and every day jamie shut them, you know, i just said, you know, this is a dangerous thing out here, but none of them there are no warning signs. when we're out here on property, they just say we can't trespass there is, there is a radioactivity in the area, nothing, nothing. this is one of the things that we're advocating for. so they, they just try to, they just try to sort of keep it a secret radiation so that way it's not even the topic they have to fight for. right. right, right now, like to talk about it and that, you know, we like, we like with
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what exactly are we looking at here is this phosphate extraction that took place in april by july they were out of here. okay, to see how much acreage they check out of here, over here is, is where they bring out the slurry and they hit it with the water cannons. and that's the result of that buy a product right there that they didn't take out of here. that is the actual product, right? they're mining is just so this is a ban. like, i mean they just stop production on it. go out, they're done or in another,
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they're right over here. now they're just they're, they're about half mile up. yeah. in that direction where your camera space are right in . so i'm back at home base. today we spent a lot of day inside of the right around the mines and i started to get really sick . and you can feel a swelling and a pain in the bed right out here, which i believe of lymph nodes. so that's the 1st thing and then how it sets in, within maybe being around that dust and that pollution within like 10 minutes, 15 minutes. i also have a headache and i started to get us a slight pain in my side. the longer that we were in those mines, so not really feeling well tonight. so the end result of that phosphate process is after you've cleaned out and separated the phosphate from the
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leftover uranium and other radioactive cancer causing toxic materials. they're released back into the water. they have no material that the ph says they're not even allowed to get rid of. so what do they do? instead, they build these giant mountains that are called photo chips. them stacks. and this water is some of the most toxic out there. pot zoom in just a little bit here. this preface gas to the bottom right of your screen wasn't here yesterday. so it looks like part of the wall is either collapsing or possibly this thing is expanding a little bit. second point recovering that 200. 15000000 gallons of contaminated water from the aquifer is a process that will take years. we've got some post on our facebook page from residents from claim they live nearby and they're concerned about the quality of their, their water. what can you tell them? i can sure everyone that the water quality, you know,
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even on our property is still very clean. just imagine florida lakisha nash bonds look to little holes in our lash roger, sit in the lamb stone bay. not water st. think is sleeping rat on down into a rat on through the ronald blue saying it's that labs don't acid each said a quickly so as eat a, b, b against a cave layer. quickbooks probably more worst roll processes, jukes insurance, because the suits the mastery of florida. for your students own more mill, jerking force going to be on the storm. the world for both we're boys and we're, you shouldn't offer those a newspaper is worse,
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it's cold before call for school or or i'm sure she resources were not to go for total war for angela contains for 40 for all, for going home to offer to you know, over and over with horrible people world over a i'm in polk county, florida, where the famous thing call happened. meeting up with luella phillips, who started to notice her water changing colors and smell weird after the famous thing call happened. so we're meeting up at the mulberry phosphate museum. ah,
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do you have a miniature indiana jones in your family? if so it's journey through the path when you visit them all very fascinating. over me the b. this is a big point of barry on things here for kids. a lot of things for kids. they have like a christmas time. they have santa claus here and you go cocoa thing. have arson. crabs here is probably one of the radio. radioactive places in mulberry because you had that you had the mosaic drag line right here. well, the bucket has been used and it didn't always say mosaic on it. it has in the past years, this right here is where they want the kids to you know, and look for sharks. they say this is the, this is average like level of the same sulfate and all that ph balance is higher than anywhere else in state florida. is average for phosphate mining area. doesn't
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mean it safe. it doesn't mean it's good. it just means because of this area, we have high ratings. and that's how they explain our water test and stuff like that. you know, you guys have it consistently getting the same numbers and yet people mosaic and the authorities are saying, well, the guy, your counters must be wrong or they're being used incorrectly. what do you say about that? i mean, i say they're full that it doesn't take a genius to run a geiger counter. it doesn't take a genius to know to know what's going on. it doesn't take a genius to be able to chase a metal. can you chase a metal on your mouth right now? oh yeah. on the tip of your top, like i've been chewing aluminum, you'll probably get a headache later. viet, we're living in this every day and it's higher radiation treatment. we haven't had our kids come here because of our health surveys. we found out people who just live within a certain radius and it gets back to stuff there. they're getting sick, their children are getting sick back then they didn't notice their children were getting sick because nobody knew they had cancer till you're older. a large percentage of the children is area have autism. there's a, there's birth defects,
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there's, there's miscarriages, and heart disease, high blood pressure to make one in this area. kidney figures are big when long cancer huge. i've had love to my breast. i've had to biopsies before i was 40, and i've had sister, it turned into 2 years on my ovaries. i had 2 boyfriends to one, died who returns 44, have lung cancer and frank cancer and throw kids. he suffocated did it. and then i had somebody else that was close to and he would have been 52 when he died. he died 3rd cancer. so you don't have to necessarily work at the mines. you have to live around him or drinking water, or near with the soil. they generate hazardous waste radioactive waste,
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but everything they dump calls into the ground and migrates, has to go somewhere and then migrates to example, lake okeechobee. it goes to the atlantic ocean and it goes to the gulf of mexico. the red tide that karen, the brothers, that's the one that's out in the ocean. knees, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and phosphorus is where the cross, which company is flow. 3 bedrooms, fax and the ground like this. it wells. now these cracks, like a bunch of roads and highways under the ground, you have fractures, a horizontal vertical in angles. and so it was produced. so the water takes goes up and says, i think i'll go down here and it goes over here, but ultimately got to the ocean.
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i mean, you must, it is so delicate in as you want to talk to. we stand together. we'll continue to stand together against russia, 80 in germany, repeat some of the errands that we doubtless made, say no to civilians as chunky dawson about their ability to influence other nations, france b, u. k. and even latin america and other countries in future than maybe know where to high from walk cycle alone with members of your household. please, please, please, please. we're going to continue to fight. don't go home, don't you just need to to do russia must not be allowed in germany.
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i don't want y'all to common leave, it's social out. so d, an outdated innovation, and the yes actually in the 80 the in office, mrs. gunston. 2 sons. are special gaps today. the only in the legendary mid fire stein, author of the planet ponzi match. nice to say, happy holidays. ah, laura means everything the best i've had on the water since i was a child. i live here in matlab shave florida, where are you choir? a life dream? only the small mom and pop motel i my captain. i do what are tours? so water quality is my sustainability. so in
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2018, our ground 04 red tide devastation, millions of tons of dead fish and sea life dolphins, vanity's marching up on our beaches all summer long. devastating are a mar mcnair economy as those phosphorus products to make their way in the waterway . and feed design, a bacteria, feed the red tide. it leads to an ecological disaster of millions of tons of fish, kills this year or $200.00 manatees over a $125.00 dolphins. there were $400.00 sea turtles and tons of miscellaneous fish that were killed this year. behind that was economic meltdown. the fort myers beach was a ghost town. people are lining up at food banks. the city of sanibel was losing $16000000.00 a day. people are not coming here. businesses are closing. people have actually
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committed suicide because of their business losses related to this. that phosphorus potentially even from the 2016 toxic spill into our sink hole in central florida. we're 260000000 gallons flushed into another talk over those aquifers eventually make their way into our, our coastal waters. freighting basically gasoline on a fire to feed the red tide as it approaches our coast. red ties naturally occurring, but the mass of blooms that we have a little more unnatural, and they're being fed by the unification of our waterways through phosphate nitrogen. hello everyone, my colleagues that they hillsborough county board of county commissioners and i are proud to walk on the mosaic company's headquarters to our community mosaic as a fortune 5 had our company and one of the world's leading producers and marketers, i've concentrated phosphate and potash crop new treatment,
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this is our 1st fortune 500 recruitment. when in march, the important milestone and our rise has a global business destination. hillsboro county has experienced tremendous growth and our financial professional services i. t and manufacturing sector about our cost paid industry, which dates back to the $18.00 eighty's continues to thrive. the export of phosphate products and related phosphate shipments played a key role in port tampa bay's growth over the last 100 years. so thank you mosaic . i'm just mad enough, adam said i was just going to fight him to the bay. i dive in. thank you to by having to put my body down here in a swap so that if anything happens after we're down and mosaic wanted this property, they can't big they own that property over to the side here and the property here, but they can't get a grant on it because it be too close to my house. mm.
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mm. i mean we watch a bunch more more. they said, oh, they say they don't care about it, but they spent what 1st 10 years or 12 years that we lived on the property of one of their buyers, pounded us, trying to get us to sale. but we loved that this was our home and really we didn't understand what, what was going to happen. you know, we didn't understand about the exposure, my grand kids and my children. i have half a thyroid now. and my daughter has how she motos my older son has parkinson's. my husband has leukemia. my grand daughter went to sleep at 13 and woke up the next morning. her eyelashes were on her face. that's how we found that her thyroid is gone right there, as long as she lives on the property mosaics. not allowed to touch with the
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brothers the dust. she surrounded on all 4 sides by mine, which you have off gypsy travels airborne to all the surrounding areas for my smile, which gives us radar, which is undetectable when breathing is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in the united states. killing over 20000 people. eager say it stay in the house a lot because he it with his own condition. he couldn't go outside or have we own 50 acres and 50 lease. and he could not glass at our house because we were held hostage to the death. ah all i was starting to feel on his heart. nobody from missouri could call me back. none of the doctors i reached out to would call
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me back in. absolutely. nobody would give me information on mosaic or environmental pollution. so i decided to try the freedom of information act i had heard mosaic also sells their uranium and found that their subsidiary cf industries does have a defense contract. so under the freedom of information act, i made 3 requests, one to the environmental protection agency, one to the department of defense, and one to the nuclear regulatory commission to see where the uranium was going in there was being tracked. and so i was told by the nuclear regulatory commission that there are no follows. i was told by the p a they would get back to me and i was actually called by the department of defense. good afternoon, i'm calling from god department. if you're like with derrick crown, i'm calling regarding a voided a request for a website. i haven't few did no question. they didn't give me a call back and my number 703-699-7576. i appreciate it. thank you.
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i call them back and they wanted to know why i was interested in mosaic and what i wanted to know about mosaic. they told me to stop that line of questioning and that they were gonna delete my request from the database. and i needed to get information on them and nobody would talk. so i decided to go ask my some saw stop by the office as his we closed at the moment. i may not be here yet. so we're going to head up why i was just getting some pictures around the area. i thought i'd stop by and introduce myself. my name is eric. i just want to say hi heather. hi. how you doing? hi. i'm trying to stop by and say in person hello. busy okay, i was just getting shots of like downtown, you know, getting a small town. so yeah. okay. what does that have to do with our business? so are you, i mean? yeah, what i'm hearing all town. yeah. well,
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not all of our operation. but why would be a better, i think, reflection of our current operations just because you've been mining so long and hardy county up here. oh, okay. yeah, we're looking to permit here or years away from having any operations or employees here in just oh, okay. so you guys are setting a camp for future shop for. yeah, i mean, yeah, we have an office here. we have an office that wants to, like i said, i was hoping maybe be here and you know, i could just say hi in person. so. okay. nice to meet you think? i'll email you. all right, no worries. have a good one. yeah . that still a touch confrontational, and she was not happy. she wanted to know what i was doing there. so i was at that building for under 2 minutes. and she showed up
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immediately to question me what was happening. why am i there? they don't have mining here. why would i be getting shots of arcadia so? so you know, it's interesting. they're definitely paying attention and definitely watching. so i'm starting to take heather's advice to go check out hardy county and although there's a lot of agriculture and firm work in hardy county, the major business there is mining mosaic as one of the biggest employers. it has such deep ties to mining. you can actually see a drag line in their seal, in 1081 at the e p 8 and an environmental impact study to see how phosphate mining would actually affect the surrounding areas. they came to the conclusion that if they were to go ahead and build these facilities, there would constitute a major federal action significantly affecting the quality of the human environment . yeah. but it was built in, according to the hearty county health department,
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the leading cause of death. here is cancer. when i received a message from a good friend last night saying that there were people inquiring about me. so we are on slightly more higher hyler right now, and we don't know exactly who those people worked for. the person that told me i trust the 100 percent. so i just, i, you know, again, because i noticed that i was starting to be followed by white trucks, mostly white pick up trucks. occasionally some g, m c's. but no matter where i went through his white truck, sort of in the background, when i put the camera up, they would usually drive away. so i had to be very careful while i was out there. i eventually find out that mosaic security company uses all white trucks.
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i've been told from numerous journalists about the harassment that mosaic does and how mosaic or it's really hard to keep an eye on anybody speaking out again, a samson with so this is part of us being followed always by these white trucks. mm. close. if they would be as if he stopped to visit us, the timing was really unfortunate because we excited to go back to the 4 corners mine and take a water sample and some geiger counter reasons to get a better understanding of how toxic these mines are. if we could get a water sample, this would be the 1st time anybody has ever gotten that information. so we are at the corners mine. we just went to the entrance and we're going to do
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a quick geiger counter rating and stealing a find out. just being here. it's deborah over there is actually manmade. it's where they put other dan dan, this goes with walker and being self regulated. nobody really knows how much radar and other things are dumping into the water and getting a water sample from inside the mines. the only way to truly find out normally these areas are off limits and today or opportunity had arrived. we side to go in and
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take a look. a join me every posted on the alex simon. sure. i'll be speaking together in the world politics sport, business. i'm show business, i'll see you then goodbye, dress shaped as in
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there's sinks. we dare to ask. oh, you can have a test bed for medical, and then later recreational marijuana and it started with something so innocent. i was wanting to socialize. everybody does it for why can't i and then it just keeps going and going and going. i'm just going to do it was yeah. and then it's, i'm just going to try this once, but never do it again because they want life. one customers want it, all right on inside. ok. and you surround yourself with people who are encouraging you to do it not to stop or it's all way my life is over just about the balcony
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and died. she knew ah ah, with with alice hold headlines off you international from civilian death and destruction and what's a blow a lift? the lid on america is grown program the former operator currently in hiding from the taliban po to walk. he's a special project unheard. boyd rushers, foreign minister accuses nato of trying to grab it, eastern european territory and the buttons the claims from the alliance.


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