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overcome with with the death of innocence and lives destroyed in afghan whistleblower lift the lid on america's drone program in this country. they are operated currently and hiding from the taliban, spoke to marty's unheard voices, project, news leading belgium engineers left dismayed as the government decides to close all nuclear reactors within the next 3 years. even though atomic plants generate almost all the countries electricity. also on the way for you, i'm saying what i think, what the living room of
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a house that what i can piece together from what the neighbors are telling me use to be home. some pain people who now played nothing troubles to the battle grounds of the ongoing. busy civil war in ethiopia, speaking to civilians even caught up in the conflict. keep in florida say that the phosphate mining industries ruining their health with radioactive waste in a documentary that will later today and r t. the man behind not film told us about the things that we found that level and we tested the water radiation. they kind of run roughshod over everybody in the local areas. a good morning. pleasure to have your company watching r t international afghan drone operate is working for the united states. were kept in the dark about civilian deaths months, according to
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a whistleblower, who spoke to r t about his work during the u. s. war on terror. he's currently in hiding from the taliban in fear for his life and refusing even to contact his family in a bit to keep them safe. he shared with his his story, in ortiz, unheard voices, project. layout. we live in a horrible situation. very bad conditions. be honestly, i am fed up with my life that's out of it, so i'm in hiding alone. underground. yeah, i can't go outside. i'm hopeless. and when i ask myself, do i have the right to live a peaceful life in my own homeland will not let me save strength. i wish i had been born in a different country to me and telling me w m a pillow top. we had to operate our drones as an 8 hours today. and then the same
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at night there was a u. s. company and the afghan government was signed an agreement with he said we were employed by this company. they scam eagle with each month one pilots conducted $1720.00 drone strikes. it could be more than that, but not less with
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data throughout our operations, we were not told about any civilian deaths. nobody told us that we had hit the wrong targets. and the statistics on this were out of our control. we didn't have access to this data. ah, ah, ah, dominate the port. we lost a couple of our pilots in the last days of our work. after the taliban took over and one was arrested in cobble. and the 2nd, when he was visiting his family, some drone pilots were also beaten and humiliated. and 3 or 4 of our colleagues are missing was a even the closest relatives don't know where they are. sex, age stay blinking. is leading the continued diplomatic efforts to ensure a safe passage for any american afghan partner or foreign national wants to lead up
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against what we're doing every single minute of every single hour of every single day. it's working to create a safe passage for all civilians, including the afghans who worked for us to the airport to get them on planes and get them out. we worked intensely to evacuate and relocate and work alongside us and our particular risk reprise up, our commitment to them has no deadline of let me put it this way. yes. i've lost my own people. know i'm hiding at different places. i can't stay in one place. i can't meet my family. i don't even know how my family is doing now. i can't see them with my colleagues. we can't see or contact each other because we are afraid the taliban are tapping our phone. is me? i guess we have lost our way. what can we do and what will they do to us?
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we are counting our last breast because they might kill us today or tomorrow. i have one son staying with me and when he goes out to buy something to eat, he says he is afraid of being killed or kept. so there is no one to help us in this situation. i live in fear and i have to wonder why i was born in this hell. i am a human being. i have the right to free life. will the us lead mission enough? galveston defends the drone program, saying the african army can now operate without outside assistance from all stories on how the war on terror. enough gun is down, his change lives. check out all unheard voices project that's available to you. don't come paradoxical and counter productive. that is how belgian engineers of described a government decision to de nuclear eyes. the country over the next 3 years.
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brussels will shut out all of us nuclear reactors and re direct investment into new technologies. the government's decision to phase out nuclear energy, the largest source of low carbon energy in belgium and to finance new fossil gas power plants is paradoxical and counterproductive. this decision would only reinforce the predominance of fossil fuels in the belgian energy landscape. well, currently there are 2 nuclear power plants in belgium containing 7 raptors. they generate almost half of the country's electricity. the authority say that avoiding nuclear energy will make power production safer and is in line with the common e. you go to go green, but it all comes as your grapples with an energy crisis. that scene price is soaring to record highs, neighboring france and germany known for the nuclear power capabilities. the cost of atomic energy spiked. that the power of close one of its plants and halted operations at another that over suspected security system faults, germany and intensive close all of its nuclear power stations by the end of next
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year, starting with the broken off side on new year's eve. enclosure will leave the country with just 3 nuclear power stations and germans have responded to that news with mixed reactions on a forefront enough time. it has its pros and cons, but actually here in brook therefore only so advantages other countries are building nuclear power plants to. and the question is, where do we get our electricity from? and it isn't the out of the finally, it's happening and i'm very happy about it because you never know if an accident might occur or thought people might try to destroy it. yes, of course. there are people in the village to see things differently because the village has become rich on taxpayer money. if you drive through the village and we'll see how much was invested in it, or i think it's an important decision, but i also think we're not there yet. we can't get from renewable energy and what we're getting from nuclear power, many locals work. we have to see where they will end up, but some people will definitely lose their jobs. we discussed this with charlie boilers, an independent journalist, and also around the clute. chairman of
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a german nuclear activist organization. solar and wind are not available 100 percent of the time while nuclear is so you have to fill the gaps with fossil generation. and this is a tremendous hom for the climate because belgium replaces a low carbon energy form by a common intensive form of electricity. and this is just the opposite of climate protection. what belgium is doing year it is, it is of no use for the climate. it's, it's not climate protection it's, it's arming the climate. and it's for purely either logical read reason of the green party. once again it's, it's all about lack of plan, but as a point to score and they may well lease. but as usual,
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the practicalities always take now the reality is sinking high inflation. a huge demand surge going in the winter. and we, we simply can't have a situation where energy prices are going up. 1200 percent. we need to have a profit plan on around the world, but i think it transitions renewable is what the mixture is going to be going to need to be honest about me. so don't worry which are completely new. un reports as an all part is in ethiopia. civil war have committed atrocities, including right, unlawful killing, and torture. the ruthless conflict is being waste by the trigger a people's liberation front on the open government as it goes from the pool asleep as traveled to the country and met with some of the victims. i'm a 135 kilometers from the capital city of addis ababa in a city called deborah,
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bet hon. now, this is the 1st city when you're coming from the capital where you get a sense of the impact of the fighting over the past few weeks. in the past few days, and that is because the victims rate victims, people who work that are soldiers, people who witness that to tennessee of the playground people's liberation party. and the supporters have been largely because the hospitals in the areas that were under fighting were completely destroyed. so this is the main hospital here. we're going to try and get in and see if we can talk to some of the victims and to some of the doctors about what is happening and they've witness so far. about $25.00 women where i'd meet that in order to be done. and the majority of women were treated in discharge you called the beta improvement and the remaining
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contain saturday to meet that here has been kind of easy to them. and one of the calamities, 80 years old woman. yeah. 8180. and she was raped. yeah, shaped and you kind of media cut the thing, she's not in our hospital by heating the news. it's very shocking to use ripping 80 years old woman, chancellor. it's the st. let's say that it was, it was also a it was all otherwise ecology calling. ah, can you often if they've okay to talk to us. yeah. that one into there. okay. there. okay. yeah. ah
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my nathan, that when i was asleep during the night he knocked on the door and sat please open the door then he punched me. took me down and rate me. i don't know him. he was a stranger with a gun. i'll never forget what he did to me ah, to be come at the well, they came to my home accusing me of being the wife of one of their enemies. i denied it, but they just burst into my home, tied me up and then 4 of them raped me. i wasn't the 6 months of my pregnancy and i lost the baby. i'm not sure if i'll ever be fine again. i normally do teaching on the high school teacher above, but up that was broke out. i just came here to head to this hospital as a volunteer. they kept younger. berman said i'd, she's best that it's best to, to not started to watch us. we see a cnn, the bbc delta 0,
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and we know that her francois any port or the national media, which are doing together with the t p, a live forces. because uh, we have seen in gold up place. there people who are a caught by the does this, the soldiers wars are not to the so just all it towed, but it'll just, they said we are formally told by our leaders still waiting to be on a banner for so uniforms and andre people key and cbs, whatever, to in blame day to be on the soldiers. okay. as they produce perfect movie, they produce fica effect pictures from different, but it just places and they think they're on government. the government is bombarding a talk to send marcus. ah, well now we're going to go to a nearby town. well actually most of the right victims come from during their harrowing stories. we now go and see the actual damage that was left behind.
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ah, i'm standing in what i think was the living room of a house that what i can piece together, what the neighbors are telling me use to be home. some 10 people who've now fled and have taken refuge with family in addis ababa in the capital city. i mean, the town of attire and the playground people's liberation front and the allies came here at least a time. so that's a different occasion. and the last time they stayed for 18 days. so as you can see, they've completely destroyed homes like this. i mean there's absolutely nothing. so not only did they lose the home, but they also burn it when they lift and not only are people feel afraid to come
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back, but there's really not much to come back to. i mean, if you look yes, even the window frame. absolutely. everything has been taken everything. ah, the wall has been raging for just over a year and the government keeps promising. it will in soon. but for people who live here, it's already too late. they've lost everything hoarsely, a r t e c o p or the u and human rights council, lily a voted for an independent investigation into atrocities committee by all sides. and the government drank down ethiopia, itself is reclaimed, the decision politically motivated and refused to, to operate exit so that they will need a year in which to collect evidence and build prosecution cases. the german restaurant, sir says he will not change the name of the establishment,
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which has been called racist by some locals will be hearing from the owner of the more said himself after this break. ah ah ah ah, our special guest to day, the old and the legendary mids fire stein, author of the planet. pansy met nice to see happy holidays. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation. let it be an arms race move is on offense. very dramatic or development only personally and going to resist are those 3 how that strategy will be
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successful? very critical time time to sit down and talk with you ah, welcome back. soaring cancer rights, deteriorating living conditions and pollution health the mining giant accused of polluting the waterways is planning to open another site. later today or to will our a documentary about situation is a preview. one of the most toxic places in america ah, florida, one of florida's biggest industries and best kept secrets is fostering in the biggest player in 80. $5000000000.00 industry is mosaic. and i,
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there are reports of millions of gallons of contaminated water now flowing into the florida offer a chronic, i called and i work towards me, but that's what it is. i'm in 2013 my, all our family dog, my brother, who is 21 years old, myself and my father, we're all a problem with a good player. right? yeah. maybe they'll actually, we're, that far hill is more important than the company responded to accusations made in that documentary by saying that it doesn't accurately portray cancer risks associated with mining early this year, a 1000000 gallons of waste water from one form of binding facility belonging to another company leaked in florida, the state is building an injection mouth to pump out the remaining water that
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something environmentalists say could also layton dangerous consequences for the states. so mike eric crown, who made that documentary so previewed, explains why he made it as i was traveling around the world, doing a lot of direct action conservation work. i started to see that right in my own back yard. we had these issues where we were questioning children in a way that regularly is actually regulated and allowed for cam. so, you know, as soon as i saw that i thought this is something we can stop. and if these environmental answers, if we're able to stop them, it's our obligation to investigate and stop them for continuing. one interesting thing is they're allowed to do their own testing is fast, so they simply do their own tests and then provide the results to the state. so there is no oversight. you act on this entire industry statewide. and that is where we're finding the difficulties. you know, i was able to come up with it by going through the public records of the different
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counties that have mining and mining areas and they're all their leading cause of death was cancer and their rates were extremely higher. i spoke to a lot of people that had been silenced by them by music directly. as a matter of fact, one person who spoke i recently had a gag order placed on them where they cannot speak publicly about mosaic, which i just thought was crazy. actually, the gag order said you're not allowed to speak about music on facebook in for somebody to lose the 1st amendment, right. like that. that shows a lot of influence in the area. you know, we find that most it goes through and they kind of gain the favor of a lot of people by putting a lot of money into the local communities. but at the same time they're, they're presenting this nice picture while they're also getting everybody sick at the same time. you know, and it was, it was maddening for me because we did find cancer causing chemicals, and it was proven in the movie. we even found one of their outfalls had, there's a level that they're not supposed to go over and we found that level and we tested
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the water of radiation. so we're finding that there's, there's just, again, there's no oversight into this type of an industry. and they kind of run roughshod over everybody in the local areas. and you can catch the full version of that documentary a little later today or not channel as well as tomorrow, right through the day next, the restaurant owner in the german city of keels refusing to change his establishment name from the morse heads which local village is racist andrew on the web builder originally from nigeria told us why he's sticking with the night or the morning cough i don't feel discriminated against in any way. warren coff has not races to me. morrow. moore's head has no degrading meaning at all. the name more has a positive connotation. some black people consider the name races, but not many. some of those black to see the name as discriminatory, were pushed in that direction by clueless german trying. those blacks have no self awareness. i'm old enough and have the knowledge and brains know when my feelings
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are hurt. i don't the white people to explain to me when my feelings are hurt of the turn, nor has schools control the see before in germany. activists of decried it's a ledge colonial connotations, successfully petitioning to get, for example, berlin's former, more st. re night. the influx of migrants into germany in recent years is made some the increasing aware of the possible offence. certain words might cause it even traditional children, songs of being scour to the popular 3 chinese with the double bass. will that lead to legal action over its alleged racial overtones. there's not just the germans, the are being commission is cause quite a full by issue in guidelines on inclusive language. it's just it avoiding supposedly loaded words just christmas, a man made politicians from the right will. they pounced on that initiative and got it cancelled. a straw to andrew on leg began. explain why the idea was misguided from the start. the much dimension, most people need to realize the police in
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a language does not prevent racism, that i've been in germany for almost 30 years now. and i wonder who are the victims of the language that is spoken here every day about it's not the black people. i can't imagine a black person here getting his high school diploma. then wanting to study at university and someone saying, you're not allowed to study here. that doesn't happen much, much, much if you are entitled to a post. no one will say, you won't get this post because you're a blacker error, asian. there is no such thing. you shouldn't import that from the u. s. to germany . that's why i think this discussion is wrong, shameful, and absolutely ridiculous. what is being said by politicians and the public is the wrong thing to do. racism in germany is being fought in the wrong way. us cities are seeing crime rates comparable to the $900.00 ninety's with some of his breaking all time records when it comes to homicide. and it's prompted to jump off the d from the police bandwagon chicago notorious for his problems with violent crime among those now looking to boost levels of law enforcement. again,
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serious crime makes headlines. it seems almost every day, most recently, a mall shootout in the suburbs and the double robbery of high and brown stores that was situated opposite each of the local media report. shootouts are happening even in once safe neighborhoods, chicago malory likes to previously wanted to slash police funding now says the situations forster to do the opposite. i have formerly asked the attorney general of the united states merrick garland too, with all deliberate haste, detail atf agent to chicago for 6 months. so that we can increase the number of gun investigations and seizures in chicago. or according to chicago police, there were hundreds more shootings in the city this year than last, when there were more than 3000 murders have also seen a significant spike in numbers. $793.00 committed so far this year. san francisco is also battling a crisis drugs last year. it's mad promised to retire at millions of dollars from
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police. now though she says the city needs to enforce a little more aggressively from a police officer dominic his o says vilification is made it harder for police to do that job. the crime in chicago is out of control. if you are considering coming to the chic city, chicago for vacation, you've never been here. do not come here. do not try to enjoy the streets of michigan avenue in state street. your chances of being mugged carjacked shot, stabbed, beaten, are extremely high. chicago is out of control, the police are not allowed to do their jobs. when the police do their jobs are vilified by the media. they're vilified by the local government. they're vilified by the mayor's office. there will abide by the citizens. you are not safe if you come to chicago, so until the state steps up and does their job, you're going to have complete utter, lawless, and chaos here. and chicago is going to, it's, it's, it's drowning it's, it's drowning. and i don't know if it can be saved, it's laughable. it shouldn't even be up for discussion why we're looking at, laurie lightfoot, who refused the help from the federal government when
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a different president was in office. but now, because one of the lines of her political view, she does it, this is, this is offensive. it's very sad. we have to remove all emotions when we talk about this so that we're not looking like we're taking a person's character. but we have to attack with the person is or is not able to do . she is not able to lead. she is unqualified. she is, she is an utter utter failure, who needs to be removed from office. and that brings you right up to date you watching out. he really appreciate you company and don't forget you can check out more new stories. you've had tall website, auto dot com. mm hm. with a became kind of a test bed for medical and then later recreational marijuana and it started with some things. so in a saying, i was wanting to socialize, everybody, does it?
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so why can't i and then it just keeps going and going and going. i'm just going to do it was yeah. and then it's, oh i'm just going to try this one said that never do it again because they want my phone was in the morning. i have you right on inside. ok. and you surround yourself with people who are encouraging you to do it and not to stop or it felt like my life was over. jumped office about the balcony and died. mm. he knew he just couldn't stop with
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i'm after a fancy and you're watching going underground team and i will be back for a brand new season on wednesday, the 12th of january. but until then, we'll be showing some of your favorite shows from this season, going up in the show as 1400000000 people wake up up to china is national day celebration is, will as nuclear weapons now be targeting not any cities in nuclear, inter nations but australia to after the biden johnson morrison nuclear submarine deal. and as you, caleb elitist, a guest armor declares his party, the party of nato. we ask the palestinian ambassador to new k if he has any hope for her majesty's opposition when it comes to fighting for the palestinian people after another week of u. k. u. s. armed violence in palestine. the 1st is the day after mainland, china's national day celebrations, which mark 72 years since the establishment of the people's republic of china after the chinese communist party won the civil war against the u. s. backed nationalist
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party. this amid controversy of revelations of phone calls by u. s. general mili to re insure china of no eminent us nuclear strike. and a surprise, australia nuclear submarine deal with london in washington. joining me now from aging is the center for china and globalization, vice president, victor gow. victor, thanks so much for coming back on. as i said, as the day after, um, you have a britain's, a queen liz, with the aircraft carrier coming towards your maritime borders. nato countries openly threatening your existence, ro, us as ronald reagan nurse strike, carry a force sailing towards you. a bad time for china. welch, i'm the just celebrated the 72nd national day. oh, and 3 hours in bold of our great celebration. i was very happy.


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