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tv   Keiser Report  RT  December 24, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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ah, in a world transformed what will make you feel safe, isolation, whole community? are you going the right way or are you being that direct? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, i am ash kaiser. welcome to a very kaiser christmas now i santa claus,
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and rudolph were scheduled to deliver a bounty of toys today, but due to supply chain constraints and the cost of feeding the reindeer, skyrocketing down through the chimney and into the living room, pop stand, collins, to explain all this to us, dan, welcome to our kaiser christmas show, merry christmas everybody. of course you also normally would bring a lump of coal, but there's also a shortage of supply of coal. so just have to accept your words, your pearls of wisdom, let's say here. so, you know, we look back at 2021 and we look forward at 2022 in this christmas special. it is christmas day. and normally, you know, most christmas presents here in the united states. anyway, come from china. we've had huge constraints in supply over the past year. that was certainly the biggest story i would assume. you're going to say if 2021 go
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a little bit further into what you think of that and other big stories of 2021 in that us china cities trap relationship. i think a 2021 is really exposed. kind of the broken economy in the united states. we are what i call warehouse nation. now, we are a nation, you know, as they called britain used to be a nation, a shopkeepers, the united states. now a nation of warehouses. we don't make anything anymore. we gradually lost our industrial capacity over the years. 2008 financial crisis was a real shock. we lost 50 to 80000 factories. those guys never came back to a host of different issues, but we're now a national warehouses. santa's reindeer back up at the port along beach can take 30 days. this year is stretched over 30 days now to get something off, a boat and onto a truck. all the ports the united states been backed up all the all year. the ports
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and china had been backed up. we've never seen any kind of issues like this where you can't get containers. shipping prices are all multiples. i mean, you know, 30400 percent. this year we saw the container price to go over $20000.00. they used to be 3500. so you literally are cracking the supply chain to a degree that everything is breaking down. there are products that no longer makes sense to shift because of the shipping costs. you know, we don't make anything united states, we can't replace them. so we're going to be in the situation where all of $20.00 to 2022. and till we can figure out at the root cause of what's going wrong with american capitalism and why a nation of 330000000 people can't make anything for themselves. well, you know, we've been talking about that for a number of years. it's easier to print money than to manufacture goods and try to sell them overseas. and so with that in mind, for the past 40 years, the u. s. no longer has that manufacturing base. and so they become beholden to,
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to china. and we're also seeing some interesting developments out of china. so in october, the balance of trade, a power change in china surprised u. s. intelligence by launching a hypersonic missile travelling 5 times the speed of sound. what's, what's the story and this is, there are reports coming out about this. is this been verified? what's going on? it is your slide. it is what some people refer to as a new sputnik moment. however, we've also used the hall a 5 g technology as a sputnik moment. i would call this a new cuban missile crisis. that moment, you know, the china narrative is change over the years. it used to be an economic story. it quickly went into a tech story. we start realize, wow, we're actually behind on the check, china's got 5 g. we don't, we have nobody making it. and now it's moved into a military story with such aggression going on on both sides in the cell chain of c
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. so this hypersonic missile, you know, a traditional icbm has a lower earth orbit art. that's very static, it doesn't change. this hypersonic missile went around the entire world at a very low earth orbit at 5000 miles an hour, 5 times the speed of sound. you can't track it. so the united states today, we have missile batteries in california and alaska, about 40 of them to try to take down a role icbm from somebody like north korea. this changes again, this basically means china, us will have mutually assured destruction. it's gone out this year, china's building $3.00 to $500.00 new nuclear missile silos. who knows how many really they'll have. these will all be outfitted with hypersonic missiles and technology. the united states doesn't have. china's literally passes not only in consumer tech, but now in military tech. they are showing a few areas where they're ahead of the united states. and in most weapons platforms, china can build the same thing except that 10 to 20 percent of the cost. and that's
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because we've lost our industrial base, we have you study the defense industry, most components in the defense industry. you know, it's an oligopoly of the lockheed martin's and the boeing's and below these guys are all one factory making one part number, family owned, not competitive. we've this country's not making, you know, we're replacing half the naval fleet now in maintenance, getting repaired with train, stainless steel. we don't have the earth, we still have sensors. we don't have to have to have components. so it's a mess. this could be a new cuban missile crisis, but i assume the u. s. government will kind of ignore this, like they ignore most things and it will be an extraordinary success of some kind. it was extraordinary this october surprise. what's your call in a new cuban missile? crisis, we do have a sort of a lethargy and an entropy up at the top of our institutions. and there, i mean, the fact that they said that u. s. intelligence had been surprised by this,
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of course, you know, it, us intelligence has been completely gutted in china as you know, stacy, but came out earlier this year. the united states lost the entire network in china . there was over 30 people executed. they were hacked in all the cia assets or in china, had been gone for 2 to 3 years. so doesn't surprise me. they have no intelligence on this. i mean, we're under, like you just said industrial, we're in an institutional collapse of some current. you can see at the military, you can see it in the money printing. you can see in the lack of being able to get anything done. and that's where we're at also like if you turn into the cable news and particularly m s on b. c. like half of the tv presenters are like celebrity intelligence. bimbo. so they're, they're cia agents, f, b i, agents. and they're like on television instead, which kind of reminds you of the end of the roman empire, like there's a sort of bimbo vacation going on and you know, who doesn't want to be
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a celebrity instead of like going out there and having to track down you know chinese spies or something it's. it's just easier. well, you know, better paid and less likely to end up. i don't know, dad or something, but you know, i guess the most important part of this balance of power. yes. i think a mutually ensure assured destruction has in the past proven to be a positive for most people because it does and the chance of war. but there is that one thing of taiwan, you know, we had in 2021. the humiliating pull out of u. s. troops from afghanistan leaving beyond 1000000000 behind billions and billions of dollars worth of weapons. so what is the chance conflict over taiwan? because it isn't something that could happen. it's something that the u. s. can possibly even remotely when, if they can't even beat the taliban, chance of confrontation and extremely high. as you mentioned in afghanistan,
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we left point $80000000000.00 and equipment, the entire russian military budgets. 50000000000. so it's, you know, this was we were literally chased out of the, or the country by the taliban after spending $2.00 trillion dollars. that, that's an extraordinary success. if people think we can defend taiwan, they're, they're, they're lunatic. so china has so many land base cruise missiles that can go through the 1st island chain all the way down to guam. that's taiwan is in the 1st island chain. she jin ping has said before 2025. taiwan will be reunited. so i think taiwan is on the clock. well, how that's going to affect us is 40 percent of the world's semiconductor. still come out of taiwan. when china has control of that, we're going to have to big for chips. we won't be able to make f 150. we won't be able to, to do anything here without chips, i thought, you know, necessity would drive the innovation and the building of, of the manufacturing capacity. so like when everything a pandemic happened,
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and we saw the beginning of the shortages of things like toilet paper and face mask p p. i assumed that somebody would do something and we would restore some sort of manufacturing for these basic goods needs. pharmaceuticals, nothing ever happened with that. so you know, it, it, do you think it's related to the end of the us dollar? this system has kind of made us all that laying flat movement that's happening in china, where they're collecting their, the other side of the few dollars. we send them all our fee, i dollars and we, they send us their goods. the reason i ask that is because another big story of 2021 was china kicking the big queen miners out. now, this is the hardest money are created ever found in the universe. and immediately like, 2 years later, with the pandemic, we haven't figured out anything. we can't manufacture mask still. and yet within 3
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months, the entirety of all the chinese miners left china set up in cars, extend setup, and in the united states and texas. so as the i states is now the largest producer of bickley, they're the biggest mining operations there. so i mean, we do kind of follow that and think that's a truth that this is a kind of a lethargy setting in because of the end of a system. yeah, absolutely. so for 2 points on the 1st point, the, when we talk about the money printing has created massive miss price signals throughout the entire american economy. since $971.00, we are a paper empire, the paper aristocracy gets all that free money. it doesn't pay to set up a manufacturing plant. that's a real cap ex, right? they don't want to sell you a car. they want to lease you occur. they don't want to sell you furniture. they want to lease you furniture. everything is become financial like the private equity that takes 0 percent money, free money. there. first thing is a cut all the jobs, close to factories and out source it ok. our whole system is set up not to make
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anything here because it damages or financials, because you're spending real money to build real plants. you look at the chips, intel just ask the government for $100000000000.00 to build a chip plant. but 6 months ago, they paid out $100000000000.00 in stock by backs. so they really want free money just to build a factory. otherwise, the financial roller culture just keeps rolling. and our signals in this economy is just paper money, paper, money, print that and flip it. it's not to build anything real, that's the root cause we got to get it to regarding the bitcoin mining. this is the 1st when united states has had against china in a decade. this is a win that's kind of the model is entrepreneurs. you know, big queen mining as you know, i had a big queen my, my so all industrial facility i saw you follow it. and these guys, what they did was pretty incredible. i mean, the hash rate collapsed and then was back in 3 months entrepreneurs, young, you know, new entrepreneurs,
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setting it up in the very industrial type process. you have to manage your electricity, your, you know, your, your heating or cooling these types of things. so getting the assets which are the miners setting it up. so i think that's kind of the new model. we have to look at the old ecosystem of all types of industrial and manufacturing and make sure the ecosystem makes work makes it makes it available for minors and it just, anyone in the industrial supply chain to rebuild the country. oh wow. this is a positive, not for sure. while we're going to take a break. and when we come back by with dan collins on our kaiser christmas fan banga special danco way, ah, ah, ah, working room or should next? she popped in. she said, well, i'm getting ready to go shopping for christmas and i wish
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there was a good you're buying another, shooting another safe part of american life. shattered by violence. the gunman was armed with an e r 15, semi automatic rifle. when the issue comes home, it's time to act. when we're silent on this issue, the other side wins. by default, the lady that lived over there. i was walking one of the jobs. why do you where again, we skip. nothing. but take it off of me. i think the people need to take responsibility into their own hands and be prepared if those kind of weapons were less available. we wouldn't have a lot of the shootings that we certainly wouldn't have the number of deaths. ah, ah, ah. you took a course to chill what tricycle is to chill to begin with. each one is
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a small window. let's use a garcia. well that's the key. missed that with water. we missed a couple of minutes when you i wasn't feeling that the appointment was for that if you can squeeze you machine that i did with no, i need to put that amount with the me of power. ah, which one you with with
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ah, welcome back to a very kaiser christmas with max kaiser and stacy herbert filling in for santa claus today is dan collins. and we're talking about jail politics and stuff like that. china america, dan. let's discuss the consumer side of this us china relationship. you describe the united states as a warehouse economy. if the u. k was a national shopkeepers during the last days of the empire, we are now a warehouse economy. as you have stated, this kind of our characteristic now, chip manufacturers, the u. s, spent tens of billions on share buybacks are now getting handed tens of billions of taxpayer to build foundries and the u. s. as that going to go well in china, they're kind of making fun of us because we are, we do have some boundaries on, in production, in arizona. they're building them up and they're kind of share pictures now on the internet. look at this plants a years later, the things happen. so in china they build it in 6 months, but over here it takes
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a year. we just have the foundation, doug. so that's kind of going around on in twitter now, especially amongst the chinese wolf or your diplomats or kind of laugh and like, and we forced to chip makers to come here. it's a good idea. we have to produce something here locally. otherwise, we're always going to be at the mercy of china for chips. speaking of chips and high tech for while way was in the news in 2021. and that came to a head with the arrest of the woman who is the daughter of the founder of while way . and i think she was the ceo. she was released at china, sent a jumbo jet to come collect her. and she was met on the runway by thousands of chinese fans of her. and it was a very nationalistic moment from what i can tell why do you think by then did this to, of course, if, if trumpet done this, this would have been a,
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everybody would have been up in arms. but what's that signaling to you in terms of the next 2 years or 3 years of his administration? yeah, she's a national hero in china. no doubt. i mean, it was like the biggest news for a week. and it's a, it's a sign of a potential fall between china us relations. i have information now that state large state own enterprises are negotiating l n g contracts with the united states . so that's going to help drive down the trade deficit. there's a lot of work to do, you know, boeing has not had orders from china in 5 years. so just by far the largest aviation market, so there's a lot of bilateral trade that could happen on a potential thought. now, however, the issues in the east tennessee, so trying to see what is, is kind of putting those kinds of things on hold. but you know, we will see as 2022 develops. if we're going to move into more of a falling in the relationship or it's just going to continue,
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continue to ratchet up up into a war 40. you spend the only one that spend right of all of the analysts on china for the last 101520 years. fortunately, you have been a friend of kaiser for and we've owned, we've been the only outlet that has called it right. most us media has said for the past 1015 years, they've had the likes of kyle bass on. and even worse than him in terms of getting it wrong, is that they've kept on saying like it's collapsing, it's collapsing, it's collapsing the housing bus. but in this past year we did see president, she really cracked down, genuinely on the big finance like ali baba jack, mom was something happened with him. we're not quite clear. but we also saw the property developers that crack down on them. so what is this actually going to be the moment that finally all those cnbc and, and bloomberg columnists and opinion makers are right or is this, do you think it's just a lot and nothing? you get a guy like cow bass, who's been wrong now for 10 years is hedge fund is shrunk,
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90 percent is discounted disaster and you guys i gordon chang that gets reeled out under the he's literally all in all for 200. 12 on chinese predictions for 20 years he wrote a book, 2001, the coming collapse of china. and i read it. it was like, she is like a child and written it was nonsense, but it keeps getting wheeled out there. you know. so these guys, what's happened in 2021, that people don't understand the root cause a china who really owns these companies qual way as a murphy ownership. okay. who really owns huawei and ali baba in ever grand are top top c, c, p, families, chinese communist party. there's an estimated 60000000060 billionaires in the communist party, you know, top standing committee. so there is hidden ownership and all these companies and what you have is fight amongst the prince lines. so all these guys have gotten no
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jack, my own ali baba. but there's 100 other owners that have big shares in the company that you don't know. ever grand, you can't do that kind of business without being super politically connected, but they have a front man up as an ownership. so what's going on is she didn't ping the premier, is battling other family dynasties in the see in the chinese communist party. that's what's really going on. you can't lose money in training property. you build an apartment for 6000 r b a square meter, and you sell it for 50000 arby square meter. what's happened is like in the evergreen case there get just gets they get a call on their debt. so she, jim pinks, people call the bank stop issuing credit, they have massive amounts of assets. it will not lead to a contagion even though it, you know, while while we're over here collapsing, we printed 40 percent of all dollars. in the last 18 months, we're in, we're under a hyper collapse here. but yet we focused on ever graham, the china just use a local governments to bail amount. some people, especially the foreigners, are probably gonna lose debt and evergreen may not work,
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could not continue. as it is today, as well as the whole property sector, but what's going on in the clamp down training company is really in fighting between c p c families. and that's what the western me i don't understand, that's why they get it wrong. every time, let's take a look at again on the big coin situation. people like in the china shutting down the big coin mining as the 2nd biggest mistake. they made a 500 years after they kicked burnt down their treasure fleet. under the main dynasty. you know, i think about what happened in the 1980 with the u. s. and japan, right at that time japan was about to take over. it was the japan that can say now every piece was about jap of japan style of management and manufacturing was going to eclipse the u. s. it was a foregone conclusion that with the international, the internet, japan, because it's conformist society, they did not have the intellectual capacity to develop all the creativity we saw on the internet. and that whole story died. as a matter of fact,
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the stock market peak, the property bubble blew up, and they've been in 20 years and recession. but with china is it, can you make it parallel here? because jerry, have big coin is the new internet internet steroids, and it's powering and revolution across the monetary networks of the world. and everything is being built on. on the big point is, are we going to see a replay of this 980 us japan story china? and i remember those days in japan. i still, you know, i had so many walk noise. so what happened with china though is 20 times the size of japan. that's the difference. and they're far above us technically. so i don't think they'll spade off as quickly as they say a japan regarding the big queen mining. i have said today we're at a trillion dollar asset for big point when it's 10 trillion dollars. i think the chinese may wake up and go, ok, we get to get back in this market. they still control the equipment manufacturing, but they have band mining and holding bitcoin because they want to pump out the
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digital r b. they want full control. so we're, we're really the world's going to go between full control and decentralization like what bitcoin is, the network. so i, i believe at some point we'll beat it won't be a year, might not be 2 years. but at some point they'll probably make a reversal and say ok, this is a 10 trillion dollar global asset. it's, you know, it's become a micro payment over the lightning network, ppo trade finance is happening in bitcoin and which is does today or a guy in nigeria, we'll just send bitcoin to a traitor. you know, to a guy in china who's got an account out of hong kong or united states, because it's so much easier than transferring the switch system swift system, the switch systems dying, brushing china want out of it. we've weaponized it, the whole world getting out of that. the answer is big coin is china made huge mistake. absolutely, because most of these guys are 80 years old that run china. i think in a couple years, they'll probably make a reversal at some point. has said, most of the people who run the united states are also in their eighties. it does
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just feel like kind of a co terminus thing right there, post it is going to be like. ready everybody keeps saying, well, you know, we have this, they said it is happened, china's arising power and blah, blah, blah. but that's kind of like an old model that we've had for the last few 100 years of big nation states. of course, china is more like a civilization rather than a nation state, but the coin is this is a civilization as well, right? it's its own culture. and as you pointed out, that the pioneer spirit of being able to just like pick up and move across the entire world with all your operations and set up and start operating somewhere else within months. is this unheard of anywhere else? so, i mean, can you see a positive outcome, like, you know, say city the straps are usually quite violent throughout history. but we could see them start to pass. and just like kind of collapsed together in
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a way. and we have this new paradigm post, $50.00 swift sort of system commanding control, centralized. we're going to have a more decentralized bitcoin civilization. yeah, i see though, the world's going into 2 orbits. you're in a china orbit or they're in the u. s. or it would be kind of be coupled. well though we're still highly dependent on china for everything. i kind of use an analogy that china has gone into 1984 and the united states is going to blade runner. so china is highly controlled, they're becoming more controlled, they're going to keep making mistakes like they did with bitcoin. they like they did in this year with the power shortage. you know, they told everyone to meet admission targets. they wouldn't let the coal producers, they wouldn't let the electrical producers increase your price. so the kind of slow walk electric production, all the sudden there's no power. they're going to be making these mistakes as a centralized. as i've said before,
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china grew from capitalism. they were the wild west to capitalism 20 years. finally, when they took over the world economy and they do own the world economy, keep in mind they produce twice. the electric chrissy united states does half of the world's raw materials flow into china for processing their economy is far, far bigger than the united states. it's just, you know, our g p numbers are like our inflation statistics. they're not real. we're just flipping goods to each other on paper services. so yeah, where we're going, it's going to be, we're going to have to re industrialize the united states with this whole bitcoin ethos, young entrepreneurs, technology, lightning network, you know, stripe, these kinds of thing. and use that as a model to re industrialize everything. well, i think that's a very positive note to end on this christmas. it's not all bad. it's not all good . it's more than one pull, right? tick, tock, next block. it's all happening on talked lock block. watch. thank dan collins,
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special thanks for filling in for santa claus this year. i know you have to go back to the reindeer. they're hungry and i believe there's some my chinese food on the money this year was rude off lunch. but thanks guys report merry christmas. all right, that's their due for this additional kaiser report with me max has are and stacy herbert again. thanks for i guess, dan collins until next talk via, ah, technology is a very big industry and there's a lot of opportunities for hackers movie that is not here, but he didn't bring the law in the country. you're dealing with. why rushed him that the major cybersecurity challenge is the sovereignty of laws that cyberspace has no borders. new sovereignty we ended up with, for example, the national health service. in the u. k, the n h s was completely wiped out for the ransomware attack. if you were coming in
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to a clinic, because you had a test or you had an operation, they can't find your records. they had to go back to pen and paper. oh, he came kind of a test bed for medical and then later recreational marijuana and it started with something so innocent. i was wanting to socialize. everybody. does it? so why can't i and then it just keeps going and going and going. i'm just going to do it was yeah, and then it's, i'm just going to try this was never do it again because i want my phone customers want to know right on inside. ok. and you surround yourself with people who are encouraging you to do it. not to stop. it felt like my life was over. jump office, about balcony and died. mm. ah, you just
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join me every thursday on the alex, simon. sure. but i will be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then a huge cuza dwindling us testing center. there's only chrome sweeps across the nation with a daily infection right there, increasing 7 fold. in some states. we have a search, we have to be vigilant, active, and we do need more testing centers. i mean, look at the blood. that is a horrible, honestly, you know, most of my friends have to wait on line for hours and hours to get posted. i've had to wait on line for hours to get the millions of people around the world face travel chaos this christmas is a huge covey.


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