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issue a machine that i did with? no, i mean, unless you put that amount with power to start with ah, millions of people face christmas things in travel chaos, science cobit outbreaks, both that on the scrap their life leading people stranded at airport hopes for a new future off to a decade of turmoil dash thing lydia, where elections have been cancelled after walls. forgotten for riding around the capital for clinic. and we speak with award winning service filmmaker, amy students up about press freedom and germany decision to brought out this the shuttle all t d d much that interview exclusively on all
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t dot com and on all youtube channel will say soon for the big picture coming your way in just a few moments, i am well back in one hour with a worldly talk to global news headline to join us again with ah, just a year ago we were very ready to avoid 2020 in the rear view mirror. 2021 would certainly be less challenging, right? grab the armrest. the past year may seem tame as this new year unfolds. i'm holland cook in washington this week. what happened? and what happens next? in the big picture on our t america? oh
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i why we love the holidays. i things slowed down if only for a moment and as we reflect on 2020 one's busy blur are there clues about 2022. what's asked michael harrison, publisher of talkers magazine, the trade publication of talk radio and tv and pod casters. again this year michael is here to debut. the talkers 10. the 10 most talked about stories of the year. the 10th most talked about story of 2021 climate change evidence here in washington. as tourists find muddy walkways around the jefferson and f. d r and martin luther king memorials. and as the smithsonian is moving, the star spangled banner mohammed leaves boxing gloves the scripts from mash and other priceless pieces of the puzzle. that is us out of flood prone storage beneath
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the museum of american history. in november, november remind you we had 3. tornado touched down and rhode island where i live. last time we had a tornado. there was 1950 wild fires west are worse every seas and texas is braced for winter. yet cable news and radio voice is still called climate change. our hoax. it's like that old march brothers. gag who you're going to believe me or you're a lie and eyes. michael art media, climate change deniers risking their credibility well certainly they are. however, i find that most of them have modified their view over the past year to say that they see there is climate change. but what's not certain is how influential human activity has been in instigating climate change. it's the shift,
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the conversation is shifted to that because it is political. it doesn't involve industry and involves money and should becomes politics. but there are that many deniers that there is climate change anymore. it's more how is it being caused and it gets into carbon emissions and the rest, you know, every time i hear that hedge you describe, i expect to hear the sound effect of tap dancing in the background. the nights most talked about the topic of 2021 per talker is research crime and violence. michael, there have always been long hot summers, a term coined when you and i were young. why is it worse now? what we just had a long hot summer again back to the 2020 versus 20. 21 was at the summer of 2020 or was that the summer of 2021. we had race riots. and that has to learn together. so it has been particularly intense this past, you know, era has had, you know, violence in the streets. but basically the race issue is a part of it,
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but we'll talk about that as we move up charge. the really sure are police reformed versus police deep funding. and that has gotten kind of murky in terms of the definition of those 2 terms. topic of the year, number 8, usa china relations. michael being one yourself. you know how radio talkers and their listeners tend to focus on domestic issues. how is it that americans are now concerned about china? well, because the world is shrinking and cyberspace is local. and so much of the chinese relationship to the us is economic and has to do with the digital era. it is a domestic issue. our relationship with china is not some more on the other side of the pacific, or some hazy, murky political situation, that we don't fully understand me. the relationship we have with china effects each
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and every one of us in terms of our pocketbook, particularly as we have been christmas shopping lately with the supply chain. snaffle isn't following the way that conservative talkers have tried to brand the corona virus from immigration reform was the 7th most talked about topic on talk radio and cable news this year. as neil diamond sang, they're coming to america, michael. the left talks about cars and the right talks about effect. when you are hosting on talk radio, what are your callers saying? well, when i'm hosting on talk radio, most of the callers say whatever it is that, that stations political benches or the host i'm filling in for is in terms of his or her ology. so it's not like it's a cross section of the country. almost all talk shows are inherently tilted or biased. that being said,
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the conservative point of view basically dominates. and there is concern about obvious crisis situations going on along the border. so it's not so much and so tearing illogical discussion as it's a real problem and humanitarian level. and the only place that immigration is really being talked about is talk radio and talk television. you don't see that much about it in, in what's called the mainstream media, the mainstream press, whatever that is in 2021 going into 2022. we are counting down the talkers 10 the 10 most talked about topics of the year with talkers magazine publisher, michael harrison, himself. the talker hosting that michael harrison, a rap on a want to f. m here in washington and on stations across the u. s. a number 6 on the list is the 1st amendment and social media, michael donald trump, and others banned by social media platforms squawk about their 1st amendment
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protections. but those only pertain to government suppression, correct? yes, but with the changes in technology, we have changes in sociology and legislation often follows slowly behind. so it's like when the cars 1st went on the road, we had no traffic laws. we had no red lights, green lights, we had no motor vehicle bureaus and we had to then catch up with all of it because people were crashing into each other on the highways or on the roads and running each other over. so we're trying to come up with a way of legislating the enormous influence that these big platforms have. so when major platforms are able to control something as precious as free speech, and it's the only game in town or a handful of games, it becomes an anti trust situation. it becomes a monopoly situation and it affects the spirit of the 1st amendment. it's not
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directly the letter of the 1st event you hinted about the 5th most talked about topic of the year. it's a perennial race relations. how is this national conversation different now michael than it was a year or 2 ago? well, as i mentioned before, it's tied into police reform and it's tied into another another topic that's coming up on our chart that i'll tell you about it when we get to it so as not to ruin the anticipation but it changes with the circumstances in the news that affect race, and this thing we call the great reckoning today between the races. some people on the extremes say that everything is about race said that it's extreme one way or the other. and then there are those in the middle that feel we still have some type of systemic racism in america. some of it is within the bounds of human nature and you find it throughout the world and world history and other things are unique to
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our country with its history of slavery that we're still not getting over here. you know, so many years later, it's a complex issue and it's a very, very real one. and it's, it's a problem for, for our society. we have to eventually get ahead of 2021 topic number for voting legislation. no need to name names. one side wants to make it easier to vote, the other side wants to make it harder. they both accuse each other of cheating. and the congressionally election map is going to look different in november. if you liked the changes, it's called re districting if you don't there, jerry mannered. michael, if we've learned one thing in the last couple years, it's that anything could happen, but how likely the think it is that the 2020 to vote will not deliver the historically predictable a congressional gains by the party, not in the white house?
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well 1st of all, the, the voting legislation is the other major issue that's driving conversation about race relations because it's an extremely racial issue. it's, it's black and brown people that those who are critical of voting legislation say are being heard by it in terms of how it's going to affect the next election. that depends upon something that we've learned in recent years. the inside political people have always known it, but i think the media and the general public are 1st becoming aware of the importance of voter turnout. and it's all going to come down to that in terms of what happens in 2022. if it's traditional, then the outside party will take over enough seats in congress to change the balance. there's a very, very in line, you know, in the equation between the 2 parties, you know, a couple of seats, and we have a whole different power structure in congress and the senate. so i'm not going to go out on a limb and predict it,
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but i will say that those that do do so at their own peril. a turn out and as christine o'donnell taught us a decade ago in delaware primaries, it's been nearly a year since the attempted assassination of the vice president by a mob and what became a deadly riot at the u. s. capital the f. b. i is still tracking down insurrection just and deliberately doggedly. the house select committee is serving subpoenas and chasing down those who know show donald trump has tried everything to avoid release of white house records leading up to and on that frightening day. and just recently, uniformed masked white supremacist marchers showed up at the lincoln memorial chanting reclaim america. michael was january 6th, a story, or the beginning of a story. that was, it was the culmination of the story. it was a story and it was the beginning of a story. it was a major event along the timeline of left versus right,
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politics and the impact for good or bad, depending upon where you stand politically. and we are a divided country, and i'm trying to explain this on behalf of all sides where they stand. a lot of it has to do with where you stand on donald trump and his influence on the american political system. the 2nd most talked about topic of 2021 hits us every day in every way. the economy, michael, there's pain at the pump. yet we're having a very green christmas and the stock market is booming. give me some adjectives to describe the talk. radio callers you hear as regards the economy uncertainty or roller coaster ride. you have to have a cast iron stomach to be involved in anything having to do with the economy of beer of inflation. what is that going to do to my nest egg? what's that going to do to the value of my house?
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what do i do about it in terms of where do i put my money? there's a lot of surmise out there. i'm surprisingly, the story of the year is what may be the story of our lifetime. coven, michael, several notable casualties have been our brothers and the talk, radio family who were outspoken anti factors. we wish people were more skeptical about what's on social media. but if you hear it on radio, or if you see it on tv, it must be true. do media corona virus deniers, imperiled? the public? anybody who is deceptive or un engages in deceit for political reasons, or what i call the daily dance of affirmation telling people what they want to hear for political reasons. are they are in peril the public and it's not just the corona virus or the pandemic. it's, it's everything as you and i have made a living saying for several decades. stay tuned. michael harrison talkers dot com.
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thanks again for stepping into the big picture as you have done every year at this time and happy new year. when we come back, we will remember the people we can never forget. this is the big picture on our t america. ah ah, ah ah
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. oh is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed? what will make you feel safer? isolation, oh community, ah, you going the right way or are you being that somewhere direct? what is true? what is faith in the world corrupted you need to descend, have join us in the deaths or remain in the
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shallows. ah ah, despite his renowned wit, then senator and eventual vice presidential and presidential candidate, bob dole struck summit as grouchy compared to his party's louder mouths to day. he seems downright cheerful, like joe biden, in his senate days dole had a gift for compromise. that got things done today. congressional sides are mostly dug in soldiering on with lifelong war, wound stole, was a prime mover at the world war 2 memorial here in washington,
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where he was often found chatting up fellow vets at with age recording their stories for posterity. patriot bob dole will be missed among others who shaped the america. they left us this year long time united states senator from minnesota, walter mondale served as jimmy carter's vice president. and was the democrats 1984 candidate for president, 4 star general colin powell became the 1st african american secretary of state. he explained the rationale for the iraq war at the united nations and later admitted that his presentation included substantial inaccuracies. donald rumsfeld was secretary of defense twice, making him both the youngest and oldest to hold the job. you have had an autograph in your pocket for years of george schultz, whose john hancock was on us currency printed well,
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he was secretary of treasury. later on he was secretary of state, and we lost senators mike mc of wyoming. johnny isaacson from georgia, carl levin of michigan and john warner of virginia. he was also navy secretary ramsey clark champion civil rights and liberties. as lyndon johnson's attorney general draft of the fair housing act in 1968, his dad justice tom c. clark, resigned from the supreme court to avoid the appearance of conflict of interest involving cases the federal government might bring to fill that c l. b, j appointed thurgood marshall, 1st african american to serve on the high court in 1972, with no end in sight to the vietnam war, ramsey clark met with communist officials and hand. oh, it publicly criticized american conduct of the war. in 1980 after americans were taken hostage in iran, he went there violating the travel band and criticizing the united states for
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supporting the shock. after max cleveland lost 3 limbs in vietnam, he served as georgia, state senator and secretary of state and ran veterans affairs in the carter administration before a terminate in the united states senate. we often saw our ed schultz interview richard franco, who was president of the united mine workers before becoming a f l. c. i o for us. no bill priest prize laurie at f. w declaring was south africa's last head of state from the euro. white minority rule, he and his government dismantled a part time hammer. and hank aaron, 755 career home runs, wrote babe ruth's record and stood for the next 33 years. another hall of famer was tommy le, sorta who manage the dodgers for $21.00. the world series twice, build word and also had 2 world series rings. after playing for the cardinals, and pirates and managing the asteroids, covey claim retired astro,
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j. r. richard. and there wasn't a dry fenway park when jerry remy throughout the ceremonial 1st pitch before the red sox illuminated arch rival yankees in the wild card game. wren dog played for the angels and socks before 34 years, calling the games on t v. as he was losing his long battle with lung cancer at 68, jerry remy warned. don't pick up the 1st cigarette because it's really tough to put down the last one. cancer also claimed tony esposito, whose name is on the stanley cup after he skated for the canadian black basketball hall of famer elgin baler played 14 seasons with the lakers was an 11 time and b a all star and went on to manage the clippers. perv cross was the 1st african american sports analyst on national television after a play and career with the eagles and rams. and li elder was the 1st african
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american to place the master term international boxing hall of famer marvelous. marvin hagler reigned as undisputed middle wade champion for 7 years, defeating 11 o points of one by a knockout and his fellow rolling stones continued a tour as they're pushing 80. but we lost drummer. charlie was 1st married wilson was one of the original friends who had hit after it when mo town own the char only j black jay and the americans could hold that a long note hit the end of car on me. and after seeing the beatles romp in a hard day's night, nbc knocked it off by rounding up the prefab for and just this past month, just a month after he performed with mickey dollars, mike nesmith passed the dole and now the old surviving member of the monkeys
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eccentric phil spector, crafted the wall of sound that influenced music to this day. the produce the ron, that's the crystals, the righteous brothers and the beatles. among others, he died in prison, convicted of murder and music. local walter, yet no cough guided the careers of billy joel earth, wind and fire, bruce springsteen and barbara streisand. he lured paul mccartney and james taylor to his label c b s. records, which sold over 40000000 copies of michael jackson's thriller. 9 time tony winner. steven sondheim gave us west side story so much more jazz composer, a musician chick, corea, $125.00 grammy awards d m. x was the only wrapper to have his 1st 5 studio albums, day view, and number one. after a lifelong legal and financial and health issues, he passed in april age 50. ed asner, peters. go laurie,
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how holbrook cloris leachman sicily tyson, jessica walter and charles groan started on the big and small screen committee. and jackie masons the world. according to me, one a tony award and, and, and it was 161 man shows he wrote and performed on broadway. but his stand up back on the ed sullivan show was cut short. so president lyndon johnson could announce that he would not seek re election before his decades on network tv, john a willard scott was a d j until the weather on tv here on washington, where he was the very 1st ronald mcdonald. but wait, there's more, there always was when ron po peel invented the tv infomercial. the hock is other ron co inventions it slices dices, set it and forget it. ted kennedy might have become president if he had
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a simple answer to the most obvious question. why do you want to be president? well, i'm after years at cbs news man, roger mud, co anchored nbc nightly news and meet the press and went on to p. b. s. and the history channel. he won 5 emmy awards. we lost the 1st 2 voices to hit a big in the early 19 ninety's talk radio revolution, f b i agent turn chief operative and the next on white house plumbers unit during watergate. g, gordon liddy was convicted of conspiracy, burglary and illegal wire tapping. and he was a natural on air after soldiering on during nearly a year long battle with advanced lung cancer. rushman bought died on ash wednesday at his final state of the union address. donald trump presented limbo the
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presidential medal of freedom. our year here at r t began with a salute to the king. talk. i worked with larry king for different places and his genuine curiosity and interview style was a gift to viewers and listeners. and a big influence on me, yet health challenges for years, but worked until he was $87.00 other radio talkers pay the ultimate price for scoffing it's coded and dissing the jab fil valentine and nashville and mark. bernie are, and dick farrell and florida were in their sixties. and when prince philip passed an age 99, the royal family few paused amid several scandals in the saddle. lone and church and demons use it. fair. well, very different. princess diana's funeral. as life goes on, it is less uncertain the same time. last your doctors you have seen here tell us
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that like the flu. this covert will be and damn mac, meaning that like the flu. we're going to get vaccinated every year. we hope this pandemic was the story of our lifetime. meaning nothing worse happens. but what we've learned is that anything can happen, and how we respond is how we survive. so let's begin. 2022 was what we were reminded. as 2021 began harry stan and the shout of the capital don't. as was mentioned earlier completed amid the civil war, when the union itself was literally hanging in the balance. yeah, we endured. we prevailed. here we stand. looking out in the great mall where doctor king spoke of his dream. here we stand 180 years ago at another inaugural thousands of protesters tried to block brave women
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marching for the right to vote. and today, we mark this word as a 1st woman in american history, a lecture to national offers vice president cromwell hired. don't tell me things can't j. ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, i mean a so delegated and as you want to talk to, we stand together. we'll continue to stand together against russia,
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even in germany. repeat some of the areas that we don this made say no to c, v, this chunky dawson. it's about their ability to influence other nations, french, u. k. and even latin america and other countries in future than maybe they were to high from cycle alone with members of your household. please, please, please, please. we're going to continue to fight. don't you just need to. to do the russian must not be allowed in germany. i don't want you have to common leave. it's social ok, so didn't add enough asian 5 on the yes actually indian api, the novice missiles gums until sunday. a very kaiser a christmas bow of santa claus, and rudolph are scheduled to deliver
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a bounty of toys today. but due to supply chain constraints and the cost of feeding the reindeer, skyrocketing down through the chimney, it's a living room pops dan collins to explain all this to us. dan, welcome to our kaiser christmas show. mary. great news. everybody. welcome to so think of visionaries, me filthy shevardnadze and art assigns and meanings of spiritual expression. music is all of the things. so how do mere vibrations of they are become such a powerful medium for us? well, we talk about the neuroscience of music with elizabeth margulies had of the music


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