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tv   Cross Talk  RT  December 24, 2021 10:30am-11:01am EST

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truly have the reverse effect and draw more attention to that new channel. it will be. and now the question is just how go throughout the technology and to continue giving us the side that we don't see in the other mainstream media acceptance. don't forget, this is a huge drawer, it just started against russia and especially the way that you portray the people's lives. they don't want to see the truth. that's the, that's the point. they all want to see how one woman in iraq was just being molested by i says, and then she went to germany and then she went to the supermarket. she recognized the perpetrator. and when she went to the police, they said nothing to do with this. we want to see these programs in order to create a better world, but now it's not the question you want to do it. they don't let you. now it's up to
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you to, to, to fight for something the book proclaimed as the main objective of them to say. but i'm telling you my kids long time ago they, they can over the see mark it is the holy place in which they want to just make people are consuming the news. not just the good on found the new list which are going to create the world and the brain that is just functioning on the frequencies they installed. so it's a fight that you have to go forward. you have to find the ways to, to go forward because as much as they press you, you will have a more and more audience. so well, i mean, i really appreciate your comments then and here at r t, we will continue to uphold our mantra. question more whether it's our tea english espanol onto our bacon. and of course our t t. i made a course that the serbian filmmaker joining us live your analogy international.
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really appreciate it. thanks for your time. thank you. thank you. i thanks for you joining us as well here for the program on our t international. very interesting conversation just there and more and you still to come your way when we return at the top of the hour. ah ah ah ah ah ah ah a ah
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ah ah hello and welcome to cross stock where all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle . what is the national mood? i suppose it depends on what kind of media you consume to say the nation is divided in highly partisan is an understatement. this is certainly what the national media wants us to think. but are we really so divided on what really matters? i cross sucking the public mood. i'm joined by my guess, martha bernetta in palm beach, and she is president of both america 1st and atlanta. we have d. dawkins, engler,
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she is a political strategists and a former georgia state representative and in boston, we cross a rory riley topping she is an attorney, a conservative commentator and a contributor at the hill heart lady's cross hoc rules and the fact that means you can jump anytime you want and i always appreciate martha. you know, this is your 1st appearance on cross. ok. so i'd like to go to you 1st. i'm calling this program angry nation. what is the mood? because, you know, i'm a media attic, so i watch everything from cnn and miss nbc fox, everything you know, and i get the impression people are angry, but angry over what i'm not really sure. go ahead, martha in dc. listen, most americans, regardless of what side of the i'll, you are republican, democrat, independent undecided. most americans dealt with their pocket books. and at the end of the day we care about kitchen table issues. and right now, the cost of gas at the pumps is through the roof and every american is feeling it.
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it's affecting the cost of goods in the grocery stores. of course, the supply chain. he has not recover. there are still empty shelves in different parts of the country shortage on building products. and of course the cost of these items is through the roof. so from that perspective, it's really not a partisan issue. in terms of the, the, the unhappiness that americans are feeling right now in terms of the cost of goods and gas that is largely attributed to who's in the white house right now. but that is really the tone of the nation. well, it's interesting when you go to dean atlanta, i mean, martha just gave a prognosis or described what's going on. she didn't mention politics at all, which was, it's kind of interesting to me. okay. so d, i mean, are, is the country, are people really angry? and if they, if they are, as martha is said, is it just about the economic situation? go ahead and atlanta if you and i totally agree with mark those are the issues that
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were cassandra. this is why you have all female panel today because women understand the basis of what's needed when we push on all the parts of politics. at the end of the day, we want to make sure that we have access to quality health care and invitation for our children and be able to afford things at the grocery store. and that's what mazda and be able to few of our car to get our children, our families, where they need to go from day to day. and all this bickering is really not group of the country. so maybe what we should do is see a ship in and pull down all those people at the top or me and replace the women because we have work to do in america. and we don't have time for the product. it rory and i go to boston here. no, but i mean, that's not the impression you get from watching the national media. i mean, i think we're all in agreement and i'm not going to ask you to repeat what we've already heard here. but then it's just really about culture wars is that would really everyone's bickering about, go ahead, rory. well,
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it's your point about national media. i mean, the national media is driven by ratings. and how do you get ratings? you get ratings by having people disagree and bigger and show that they're angry about things. anger gets ratings. and this is something that all of the major networks know. you put a bunch of panelists on that say, yeah, you know, we're all in agreement. that's not going to drive the ratings that these networks want. so i think as far as the point about media driving this conversation, we do need to take a bigger look at that. mean things certainly look different back in the day before we had a 247 new cycle. you had 3 major networks and you had 30 minutes of news 3 times a day basically. and so what you saw was more neutral based in this is what happened and we're letting you know, as opposed to just having people sharing their opinions and disguises facts getting angry, that sort of thing. so, so absolutely, for people who are consuming lots of national media, that is influencing the culture wars and what we're seeing as both the marginal
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already said, i think that people are more interested in economic issues that affect their everyday lives. i mean, i do think we have to acknowledge that politics is interwoven with that because the politicians who are in charge implement policies that drive economic factors. so you have to acknowledge that politics is at play. but i think when you look at both of our major political parties, they don't have as much variance in some of their economic policy as they may be due on some of the social issues. and so when people are angry, they're looking for an outlet. they turn on their tv, and we get into this vicious cycle that we've been seeing for the last several years now. yeah, well, that's very interesting, martha. let me go back to you. i mean, i think, but rory said is very, very interesting because you know that we all feel the same pain. ok with the economics and all of that. but these, these cultural social issues is a cover. so you don't have to talk about who's really responsible for all of it here. i mean, i that,
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that's what drives me up the wall all the time because it turned on. and it's nbc or fox, you know, it's going to be the culture war. issue of the moment. okay. but it doesn't change the, the, the well being the socio economic well being of all of us. ok. wherever we stand on the political spectrum go ahead. martha? well, certainly, and you know, the political landscape has changed radically because we have alternative forms of media and news. right. there are influenced jurors that have millions of followers on social media that can change an election based on their opinions that they push out on, on social media platforms like twitter, instagram, facebook and, and these, these conversations are happening all across our country. and as more and more americans distrust mainstream media, they're looking to these other alternative resources for their use. and it's dramatically impacting the course in history, in america and, and around the world to that. and i think that i agree with worry in terms of,
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you know, how the new cycle is in play. but again, at the end of the day, there are basic issues that everybody wants for themselves and their families, excellent healthcare, a safe place to live in raise our families, got excellent education. you know, the ability to have enough money to pay the bills and put food on the table. and there is frustration across our nation, the pulling numbers for the city president, our historically rock bottom. and there's tremendous uncertainty. we have the horrific situation that happened with united states leaving and seeing those, those images on tv i think are forever ingrained in everybody, regardless of what your political party is. and it just brought tears to my eyes, seeing so many people clinging for the whole, the rescue from that canister. so,
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you know, there's that we still have a crisis at our border. there is great uncertainty in terms of the economy. i mean show, and all of this is directly affected directly impacted by who's in the white house . and so i agree with worry to that and, and that is that, you know, there's a reason why the president biden has be historically low ratings at this time. you know, d, martha talks about how they're growing, mistrusted them and the mass media with the mass media tells us to distress each other. i find that really worries them be. go ahead. what do you think? i like to say if we do that, the conversation is quite daunting and exhausting at times. but let's be very clear . i'm going to be the 1st to say that the democratic messaging is very poor. i mean, we really do have a very good plan and i believe in bill back there, i mean i've lifted the plan is there's
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a way and i think that it can really help many american citizens. but because report so polarized, people have to take the time to really look at the plan, which many of those things are carry. i was to some of the think the truck describe . for example, i, when you look at pharmaceutical companies, i'm saying we need better prescription drugs are just trying to pick our infrastructure. we don't even talk about this or the flip side with trumps of numbers below. he was really trying to get a back sit back the nation in place. people were, i guess it just because he was a republican president. we cannot operate like this. and the reason the economy is so bad by now is because we are in the middle of a global pen daily. then no one seems to want to step. this is not an american fe. everyone in the world is dealing with the same pandemic. and for some reason, america has seemed to colorado, one part to blame the other, which is absolutely utterly ridiculous. what will be you found? what i think you, one of the only normal democrats i've come across in a very long time. i observe. it's about that, rory, let me go to you in boston,
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are we in a change phase? you know, everyone to be in every election. you say this is a change election, it's not a change election. are we going to change time right now? go ahead, rory. well, i certainly would hope so, but to be honest, i don't know that we're quite there yet. and he liked, he was just talking about it. pandemic has been an unforeseen factor. a lot of people didn't know how to deal with it, even though we're almost 2 years into it. people still don't really know how to deal with it. and so i think in terms of change, one of the biggest factors in the last election was people were just pro trapper anti trop. and i think that's what we heard the binding ministration is there election strategy was built for me? i'm not out. and so, you know, to these point, even though there are all these policy initiatives that they're working on that you know, on their face are good things. they spend so much time being saying, look at us, we're not trump, they didn't really focus on their messaging. and so that kind of got lost in translation. so i think, you know, now with that from talking about packet,
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he wants running 2024 in the democrats are worried. paris hasn't pulled well. they don't want her to run in 2024, but some people do. we've got this back and forth. and what gets me pretty much every election cycle is people on both sides. hate the other guys so much, but they can rally around a single person who's gonna unify their party the country that they could they have for years every time to get together and finding a good candidate. and then we have these primaries that are free for all where he's got 20 people on the same side fighting with each other. it does so much damage by the time that we finally get a candidate more in the election. i would love to see some changes in that process and i think that would help drive change. i mean, i don't think it's a, it's a bad thing to have, you know, different candidates in the primary process. but i mean, the, the fighting on each side. i think are really preventing some of this, this changed it we need. so, you know, as far as that goes,
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i think that we need to kind of look further downstream before we can get to a place where we're ready to embrace change. i for one would love to see it. i just don't think that we're there yet based on what i well, considering the candidates that are put up, it's really quite amazing. that's the best they can do. i'm going to jump in here. we're going to go to a hard break enough about heartbreak. we'll continue our discussion on the public louis. stay with archy ah ah, ah. oh, working her shirts in the back. she popped in. she was getting ready to go shopping for christmas. and we recently there was a good buy another shooting another safe part of american life shattered by
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violence. the gunman was armed with an e r 15, semi automatic rifle. when the issue comes home, it's time to act. when we are stylish on this issue, the other side wins by default, lady that lived over there. i was walking one of the dogs, which is why you where again we skip nothing. i take it off. i think the people need to take responsibility in their own and be prepared if those kinds of weapons were less available. we wouldn't have a lot of the shootings and we certainly wouldn't have the number of deaths. ah, welcome back to cross talk where all things are considered. i'm peter labelle, tremonti. we're discussing the public mood. i okay, in the 1st part of the program, we talked about what the problem is. now we're gonna do the hard part,
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how to solve it, a martha. the gentleman's name is already been mentioned in this program, but that person is donald trump here. now it's, you know, d even pointed out in the 1st part of the program, the democrats, i have a very difficult time. i mean, the perceptions, the democrats for the public is that they, they spend most of their time fighting each other. okay. which i think it's a pretty good characterization, but there's a whole lot of fighting. i'll get you to you don't worry, i'll get to you. when there's also the republican party is having a hard time here. it's to trump or not to trump. is that good for the party bad for the party? and how does it bode for the midterms? go ahead, martha. well, listen, donald trump right now, it's pulling very high all across our nation. certainly higher than our city. president, wyatt and you know, when, when president trump was in office, we had energy independence. unprecedented unemployment was at an all time low. we were secure and our borders are starting to be more secure and our borders we
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had, the economy was re, americans were hopeful, in terms of continuing to have hardy retirement plans. you know, not worrying about things like national security. president trump brought a booming economy job and, and really hope across our country. and i think now i don't think i know now that you know, we compare that presidency to where we are now with president whining. you know, there, there's, we have a problem. and some say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but you can't dispute with the pulling says right now. and that is that americans are not happy with the state of the economy. you know, they're not happy with what they're paying, as with their pain at the gas pump and the cost of general goods as new approach christmas. now, you know, prices have skyrocketed. many goods just aren't available because the supply chain
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still hasn't been repaired. and president trump wrote a booming economy and americans at the end of the day, as i said before, vote with their pocketbooks. so uh, president trump is now travelling across the country. he is doing many appearances and the walk for donald trump. ok, what day? i mean, we, we saw in the virginia gubernatorial election that playing the trump car, didn't work for the democrats. i mean, what is the thinking there? because again, i'm a media guy, so i focusing on the media and, and it's already been pointed out on this pro is said, you know that a, they look for controversy and when on trump's middle name is controversy. so, i mean, is that good for the democrats, or is it is it is something they're going to continue to play because, you know, he's out of office, he's gone, he's off of twitter, but the more i look at liberal media, they just, that's the bogeyman. they keep scaring everyone with with and i would rather like all 3 of you talk about the basic things that affect the vast majority of the
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country. instead of talking about the possible fate of the 45th president of the united states. go ahead d. and there's a very absent nation, or we cannot continue to use trump as the subject of our conversation, to be honest with you, the bill back better plan is really a good place for us to start and finish. now let's just be clear, her mom to talk about public numbers when, when trump was in his pregnancy around this time, his members were just as low and continued to be loved, the majority of his presidency. so we can't look necessarily at pulling numbers all the time. to be the end are to be all what we have to look at excessively is what is happening economically. so that part, i do agree with her and everyone else can worry. well, let's be clear. trumped in that he inherited a very good economy on president obama right now. president dime had to in here an economy that was right on the turn, a coming out of global pandemic. so that meant many things had to change. we had supply chain issues, people were not working good,
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we're at home because we're afraid it's a you cannot use the same test for president vine that you would have used for our president trump. that being said, we have to figure out a way then we have lots of conversations. like you said, i was the only thank them crash. i am convinced that most of them are insane. but that's neither here nor bad because for them to say that i understand that president mine is dealing with a global pandemic. i think he's been a phenomenal job. we just on the democratic fact have to do much better with that messaging because i'm messaging at this and that the people are going to continue to be unhappy because they don't know the great things rather than by doing, especially things that are in the b better plane, ok, we're already, that's interesting. i mean, i've come across this argument before it's a messaging problem. you know, my rule of thumb is new when the fitting president is there. all the problems are, in this case, his problems. you can say it was because of this administration before, not now. we were in the here and now you take responsibility for it here. but my
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question to you, rory, considering that it me, the democrats are in disarray, particularly in the poles. do the republicans have a positive message? i mean, it's very easy to pick on joe biden, to the point of being just merciless, which i buy and so counterproductive. ok, i'm a policy wall. i'm not really interested in, in tweets or if the guy is coughing or something of that. i did. people obsess over this so much here. so do the republicans have a positive message, or is it just easy to punch away at the democrats and biden go ahead in boston? well, i'm with you because i'm a policy want as well. and you know, i would like to see this from both sides of, you know, more well enunciated substitive policy platform. i think that yes, you are correct that the republicans are just doing a lot of looking for gotcha moments. i think the democrats are doing the same thing and we just get into this tit for tat on both sides. i think both sides are guilty of it. we just want to have this moment,
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we say how look the other guy did this and we didn't do that, so we're better. well, oh, that's a fairly think that that makes you more qualified to be in power just because you were able to have more. gotcha moments and there was bob dole, possum is up. it was just published in the washington post yesterday. i don't know if you had a chance to read it, but i thought that that was the very good point. and there was some debate that followed about the role of, of character. and yes, we want somebody who, you know, has the ability to, to message and have substantive policy positions to, to back that up. but i think one of the things that's been missing from this conversation is, is that role of, of character because somebody who has character is going to take responsibility and say, yeah, i inherited a bad situation. but you know what? it's now on me, it's my responsibility to do something about it. i haven't, here's why or here's what i'm working on. 8 here's what i hope to get to, and i think of that character element of leadership is, is really missing on both sides. it's not just about what it should alternately be
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about doing the right thing, what's best for the nation instead of just, you know. gotcha, gotcha. gotcha, and i feel like that's what we're seeing a lot of. so i would love to see the importance of character be discussed and you have more of a role in politics than it has right now. roy, that's such a excellent point and something i've thought about many, many times when we go to martha and palm beach here, i me and unfortunately because of the media, they, they what's producers, celebrity, where we don't get politicians anymore. we get celebrities. okay. and life style and you know, you have no idea what these people really stand for, okay? except for, you know, what kind of ice cream they like or where they go shopping or something. i find that just a completely inane and worthless here because the character issue, the leadership issue that rory was mentioning is so very important. and i think we've kind of forgotten. i mean, i wasn't a big bob dole fan, but he had integrity. i don't think anybody doubts that. go ahead, martha. well, you're absolutely correct. and i have to agree that you know,
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the landscape has changed radically. i mean, frankly, i don't care what play racing the president consumes. i want to know what is being done to create more jobs, more opportunity to put america 1st to make sure that, that american household feel hopeful for the future. to feel like we have a secure nation to feel that, that there's opportunity here in america and americans are being put 1st and show to that. and i agree wholeheartedly that at the end of the day, you know, we need to be focusing on policy. i, for one, was very involved in the virginia race and the only message that mccall of brought to the table was, you know, you know, trump back, that was all the messaging every day american people were bartered with commercial after commercial. with donald trump, there was no focus on issues, policy, creating more jobs,
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putting virginia on the map as be open for business. show to that and you're absolutely correct. i'm looking forward to the candidates coming on board that want to run and focus on the american people and make it more about putting americans 1st. you know, you know, you've been on this program before. and like i said, you're, you're a democrat. i can talk to, i mean, the, the fact of the matter is that a lot of democrats rank and file and a lot of republicans, even trumpeters. they all have a lot of similar concerns, but they're leaders in each party and the media always make they always focus on what's different or exaggerated. and that drives me up the wall. and that only works for the elite, you know, at the end of the day, status quo works pretty well for them. and they entertain the rest of us. ok with, you know, you've got to hate this person. this person hates this part. and it, you know, that's what this is all about. i get very frustrated with the elite in both parties because people are hurting out there. and we spend so much of our time attacking
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each other. go ahead d. yes we do, and i just want to say it is some good in refresher to actually be in a conversation when i'm fighting back a board with the opposite fact i'm it's really made my day quite pleasant this morning. but at the end of the day, we do have a lot of cultural differences are social is it is different if you can just be honest, i'm a democrat for the most part we really do think that people should have the choice of whatever they want to do in life, whether it is you know, whether they want to have the choice, right, to choose what reproductive freedoms or whether it is, whether they want to use recreational marijuana, whether they think that people should love it, man who they want to. we really do believe in those basic things, but once you get past that, the bottom issue is how we're going to pay our bills. and i think we need to have more conversational have we want to do that? and i'm a matter of fact, i tell my children's park on cars because there are like cars of him are going cars
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. it by this day still, you know, because i don't feel like paying all this money for this day of this year. this is ridiculous. and, and it's going to take away from me when you go my next trip. ashley won't, but still, that's the thing i'm telling them because it's ridiculous. and i really want us to come together and have a conversation on how do we change that, dana? and what do we need to do with independence? and i'm products when a few democrats who actually believe that we should do some offshore drilling. i mean, i mean, i care about it, but it's saying that it would be great in america, you know, move to so i don't know what we're going to do. we got to do some. well ladies, thank you for being on this program. i think we're going to have more female panels because nobody is yelling and screaming at anybody talking about would really it's important to all of us and families and working people. so i congratulate all 3 of you from coming on with the courage of having different points of view at the same time. that's it. many, thanks them i guess in palm beach, atlanta, and in boston. and thanks to our viewers for watching us here,
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darky. see you next time, remember? ah, ah ah, i mean, you must get a certain delegated and as you want to talk to, we stand together. we'll continue to stand together against russia. 80 in germany. repeat some of the areas that we doubtless made say noticed vinitez, chunky dawson, it's about their ability to influence other nations, france b, u k. and even latin america and other countries in ginger, there may be no way to high rung cycle pollute with members of your household. please, please, please,
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please. we're going to continue to fight with justin to russia must not be allowed in germany. i don't want y'all to common leave. it's so short. so didn't al td innovation and the yes actually indian api the not hi mrs. gunther until sunday. i hope headlines. but it's our live on our t hopes for a new future. after a decade of turmoil dashed in libya, where elections had been cancelled off, the war lords began for riding around the capital tripoli over a half of adults in britain, a too scared to express their real opinions openly for fear of falling victim to that of the council culture, so we hit the streets, the capital, the gauge reaction point of being in a coach now a.


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