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did they brought a kid a whole lot and they could play right? yeah. well yeah. maybe they'll actually we're, our help is more important than money with who doesn't. and then you must give us the gary leave. it is up, believe you, and you must do it immediately. president total his at nato's east would expansions, eons. his questions during his annual news break thing me while rush is present all to respond to a question about the energy crisis. note, europe's paying record price is after ditching affordable gas contracts. when you look when they're away, but not with the european commission, we wasn't use monkey on the market will regulate that. well,
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the is always regulated. go square of $2000.00. 1000 meters. you're welcome. also ahead, the u. s. says chaos away the world with access leadership, despite many countries, still reaping the consequences of american involvement. and we report for more tony theo pierre, where claims of fake news and bias in west and mainstream media is being blamed for exacerbating turmoil. ah good. even just on 6 o'clock in moscow, you watching naughty international. now the n u n. d v media briefing by the russian president vladimir titan has wrapped up and it lasted more than 4 hours. aunt is more at cast, it goes through the key. she's this is an opportunity for, for journalists from all manner of outlets small, large international for, to gather together and to ask, puking, ah,
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the most pressing questions that they have. but that includes a journalist from small provincial outlets in russia. people forget, have vast. russia is 11 time zones at spans, and there's a lot of questions the journalists want to ask. so we heard questions ranging from, from issues with mortgages and provincial towns to big hitting questions. lou did questions even from foreign journalists, asking vladimir putin if he can guarantee that russia won't attack you, craig. so will you guarantee unconditionally that you will not invade ukraine or any other southern country, or should easterwood as erections will not depend on negotiations. they will depend on unconditional compliance with russia. security, in the sense we've made it clear that any further movement to the east is unacceptable. we're not threatening anyone. we didn't come to the u. s. a. u. s. borders. no, they came to ours. not an inch to the east, that was a nato guarantee in 1990. so what became of that,
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they fooled us. we've seen 5 waves of nato expansion and you keep demanding some guarantees from us. you must give us the guarantees it is up to you, and you must do it immediately right now, instead of talking about it for decades, they also spoke about the other thing that russia has been charged with, or suspected of manipulating. and that is the guy gas markets in, in europe. he says, well, what we're hearing from various outlets is baseless and senseless. germany for example, is buying gas at $57.00 times below market price. we're and then they're using that gas to perhaps celadon, to poland, which is paying an entirely different price because it insisted on trading with russia at market prices. now, the gases are the above $2000.00. well, it is ruinous, ruinous for both e. you citizens who have seen their household built for electricity go up for 500
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percent ruinous also for businesses which year which as she and even larger rise the world to him with by it and what they are lying to us. they're confusing. every one gets promised shipping the entire volume request is like counter agents in accordance with the exec for our contractor. they're even increasing the volume around the 20 more since they're increasing shipments to europe in it. i believe the gas from is the only company that you have that the u. s. suppliers and not supplying the european market enough europeans in. i think they had premium market with that they were left behind. really, we're talking about leisure, quite natural gas. the americans are transferring their shipments to the premium markets unlikely. america, brazil, china, south korea, from japan. and the prize is tampa saying we must not miss roy long term contracts, but no users that are european commission, we must use mortgage terms or the market will regulate it. well, here's how is regulated eliquis or $2000.00. 1000 that have been leaders of you're welcome to the other thing that popped up here was
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a shoe of recent scandals and russia involving jails. prisons and the torture of suspects headed inmates by prison authorities at these were both, both incidents were shocking because there was graphic footage of it happening. there are more cases where we haven't seen footage. this is something that has been a sore point among russians for, for many years. and vladimir putin was asked what is being done about this. he said that the russian government is taking action. there are a number of criminal proceedings against her former prison institution. the staff members as well as the fact that peter, this isn't a problem only in russia, this is a problem in even in developed countries, had it is very difficult to put an end to it of them. sl, which in this case is necessary festival to rely on the nature of the investigation . 17 criminal cases have been initiated and are being under investigation that you have named only one or 2 people. but there are a 1000 or more than a 1000,
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dismissed in their criminal cases, opened against them. yes, there is a problem we need to work with. it's a malone or conscientious, fully fledged investigation of those crimes. and these are clearly crimes that have been committed, them will to bring it to an end so that everyone understands the punishment for these offences is inevitable to play. i was lucky enough also to be able to ask vladimir putin question. my question was about cancelled culture them for no, no, do as well as my walk. this is that heavy, so palladium west of all of them sometimes in very extreme forms, for example, with her for example, the incident with j. k. rowling. and how the axes that she made famous with her harry potter movies have turned against and asked vladimir putin of what he thinks about the social justice culture and whether it is coming to russia as so, bill is natural. chester, the peculiarity and strength of our millennial society lies in the fact that russia has evolved as a multinational and multi confessional state. and we've learned to respect each other. and this means to respect the basis of our traditional spiritual journeyman
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or the peoples of the russian federation of a certain internal moral protection against such retrogression from world. this must be fortunate by direct instructions and shouts, or by the support of our traditional he is not, not the biggest crowd that attendance today because of her pandemic safety measures there's social distancing in effect here. there's mass mandatory masses, of course there was also humidifiers and all sorts of antiseptics, pres, inaction today, but there were much bigger crowds and previous years. nevertheless, this, the session lasted for fear for 4 hours, 3 hours, 56 minutes. i believe though, people defer on how long. exactly. and this is this year's vladimir prudence press conference mcgasey that will present patients. we heard answered 55 questions during an annual press conference, and one of them is on the recognition of afghanistan's new authorities with no one at his artes oksana boy kat. it's a question now for the west,
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but for the united nations, because there are a couple of resolutions not recognize taliban as, as a terrorist organization or as an organization involved in terrorist activities. and for that to be removed, they have to be an international consensus and, and actually looks like this consensus may be within the reach because for all the disagreements, let sound the ukrainian issue, the russian authority has happened quite complimentary. the reason why the russians have sort of played along with this new situation is that they believe that they've regional consensus will be much helpful in if not bringing peace to. i've got some down at least making sure that the tire risen doesn't spread beyond its borders. and bigger goal would be to how the eurasia sort of to raise the center of erasure
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from the poles there you have china and want to pull. you have russia on the other pull. you have india there as well. so there is a hold that the local players, regional players can agree of not supporting various kweisi actors there. then perhaps when you time the taishan can calm down and develop in according to the local cost of traditions and social conditions rather than trying to build something that could not be supported from, from the grassroots. he also talked to the question about anti russian sentiment. let's just listen to what he said about that i don't recall of what's going on is the creation of an anti rush. you're on the territory with a company of weapons and a brainwashing of the population. you might have lots of different constantly live with an eye on what new weapons or whatever the cover of weapon system radical as being pushed to resolve the issue in don, in a military,
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he clearly sees the conflict, the ukraine as a consequence of the sustained drink it's long a time to contain russia, as he put it, he strongly feel that there is a strong tendency in the west to try to mass up with russians development or china development. and it was once again calling for putting it aside and allowing each country to develop in accordance with its own history and culture, its own value system, its own goals and its own abilities. but we also spoke with japanese colonus right, rufus, about this, he says that the west needs to take, crushes off of dialogue seriously. for russia, this is a really crucial issue. and the west should understand that point president putin is making when, in fact, that the further east, what expansion of nato is a red line for russia. because he has, of course,
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the 1st duty to protect the geopolitical interest of his country, which are also legitimate security interest. what we have seen in the last years was a very dangerous escalation of relationships. i mean, the war of faction between east and west have harmed a lot the economy above all in parts of europe. and therefore, we should immediately return to dialogue and to find a reliable solution because the 5 past east, what expansion, what use of nato, of course, have undermined any trust that russia may have had into natal promises. this is an offer that the west should take serious usa, you have made the 1st steps also in entering into dialogue. and the european union would be well advised to get on board and solve this problem immediately. and in
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harmony with russia to issue the future of the world without american leadership might be grim and chaotic. according to the secretary of state, anthony blinking, but his artes nicky. aaron has been finding out there are quite a few countries railing in the aftermath of washington's help. have you ever wondered what the world might be like without the united states k off? that's what it thinks when we're not engaged. when we don't lead, then one or 2 things happens. either some other country tries to take our place, but probably not in a way that advances our interests and values. or no one does. and then you get chaos. yes, the you asked have use this magic touch to bring peace and harmony to many estate, far and wide. one fine example operation enduring freedom, better known to you and i as a us invasion of afghanistan. following the september,
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the 11th attack, the u. s. entered the country with a mission to hunt down the summer. been logged in and punished the taliban government of the law. most of the country since $996.00. the promise. 7 was one of retribution, the goodies defeating the bodies. we must rid the world of terrors, or children and grandchildren can grow up in freedom. we are not nation building again. we are killing terrorists me in the, in the i they call it collateral damage to you and i, that's innocent. people in the wrong place at the wrong time when 10 civilians
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including 7 children, were killed in an strike. the military initially defended it only a month later, did they acknowledge it was a tragic mistake, and yet none of the military personnel involved will face any kind of punishment. then consider the hundreds of other similar cases exposed by wikileaks. in reality, the kind of peace, the u. s. has brought to the country, has left its people so terrified, they've run for their lives and the 6000000 off guns. i've either been displaced internally or have fled the country altogether. fueling a refugee crisis that continues to reverberate across europe. by the time it withdrew, it had become america's longest war, and yet in its wake, it let an alarming news to wet a wash money. now, with
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all the gold on then that iraq, as america ended his time in afghanistan, its next step was to announce the end of active combat for its troops in iraq. though the picture won't change too much, some $2500.00 service members will remain on the ground even in the coming year. it was 2003 when the us approach the you went to make the case for invading iraq, citing saddam hussein stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction. and we will remember how that ended. and yet, more than a 1000000 iraqis are estimated to have lost their lives as a result, along with thousands of american troops and the outcome, widespread sectarian violence and the rise of islamic state. and then there's syria. after humming and hiring the u. s. entered syria in 2014 shifting from working quietly behind the scenes to support rebels to overt displays
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of us force. i have resisted calls for military action because we cannot resolve someone else's civil war through force, particularly after a decade of war in iraq and afghanistan. the images from this massacre are sickening, a crime against humanity and a violation of the laws of war. big promises were made like defeating isis. by late 2014, the $500000000.00 spent training what was supposed to be $5000.00 anti isis syrian rebels has managed to successfully train about 5. so once again, why that is goodwill on both sides and the really good chance for success, the u. s. has secured the oil among the many u. s. military to raise the problem is the way the same went of stability, peace and freedom. but with the growing list of foreign interventions, 10 fella perhaps if kind the u. s. consider a career change from the global policeman. tony blanket has a very difficult job and that is to try and put a good face on a,
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on bad policy on, on an administration that, you know promised the moon of a can even launch. we haven't had a foreign policy success in decades or invasion of iraq in 2003, of course, predicated on over a decade of, you know, sanctions based containment of saddam hussein. that changed the entire middle east, which in turn gains the entire world. not for the better either. so, you know, the, i did, states has a problem. we are in a position where we have the, the power, the, the accumulation of power to, to make this stand and continue to make the stand. and right now, there's not too many nations that can stand up and prevent us from doing it. it doesn't make it right. we've seen the consequences of this. but for the moment, the united states, you know, is a, is
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a superpower. the lack of moral compass accounting to national going to take a quick break, monique and team. ah oh, so it begins 2 weeks of our christmas and new year's, the specials, in which we look back in the year. that was, and parents in the future was some of our roster of amazing guests, all heterodox thinkers, that would be caught dead on raytheon finance, corporate media. first up, james, powered concert. mm hm . ah
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ah ah ah, to ethiopia now where authorities, they're demanding that west and mainstream media stop spreading fake knees. they claim there is unbalanced coverage the civil war there and that it's biased towards the rebels fighting the government. people have taken to the streets around the world to support the elected. the fin government rallies have also been held near
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cnn's los angeles bureau with people demanding the u. s. and it's western allies stop interfering in the war torn country. and he's for a slip report snack from the ftp and capitol the government and people of he, p o p at all of range over the wasted media coverage of what is happening in this country. the more any yes, rebels belonging to the tiguan, a ration on either tpl aid, had been embroiled in a bit helped war, trying to overthrow the democratically elected governments. instead of remaining neutral mainstreamed, western media has chosen to take sides a majority of the options. any european, as well as abroad, strongly feel that cnn has covered the conflict over the past year in a manner that is highly biased and detached from context. and you times insist on repeatedly falsely claiming that it was the government of prime minister at b. uh cnn has in fate. a much better 8 news anchor with the law. just
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e p. o pin television channel has monitored and reported on the false reports, the channel continues to spew out. for example, when t p a live march to, to abbey sub, you know, they, they are at the 60 kilometer away from this c and nana reported that i'd be saab about is under siege by t p, a live this completely tech neos. and that the used tech picture another the chip in i lies is transferring we can to, to great region, but impractical be to pin i had lies is not doing that to use factually. but see in from this method, in order to attack the each your pin economy i want to say about, published a video kept on facebook with the heading thousands of to grand a wasted in ethiopia. it shows a video of vigilantes and states that they are looking for to grands. but what it
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doesn't mention is that these such an teeth were heating a quote from the government to go out and protect their own neighborhoods against to grands who were coming in. looting and killing people on november 26th, the french state owned international media outfit. france full reported that some t. p l. a fight has had reached debra sina some 50 kilometers from addis ababa. it was simply untrue. as picked up by fact finding organization in the capital city. yeah. wanted to sell her falsity. but it's, it's, it's becoming that the really fucked hard becoming boarding experts agree the mainstream press is talking with one voice suggesting a coordinated effort behind the scenes and, and not only the media. they enjoyed the rights groups like amnesty or human rights, which they also collect these reports in the sample assembler,
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a report. and then today, congress man data plan union and then they use it to impose sanctions be easier can government if it's clear that western media is woefully and deliberately chasing misinforming audiences. it's unfortunate because during war time no clinic, ever credible reporting is urgent policy. i r t addis ababa care of you and high commissioner for human rights says that both the government and the rebels have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity during the crisis. for more on the mainstream media impact in ethiopia, and who might be profiting from it, do go to our website at r t dot com. cnn is also in the spotlight in the us after a former long time produces described star chris cuomo pleaded not guilty to child sex trafficking charges. court documents reported by fox news do alleged that john
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griffin tried to pay off witnesses and offered a woman $30000.00 in january is claimed. he also sent $4000.00 to a family member of a 9 year old. he is accused offer. so thing griffin was indicted this month and allegations of attempting to do a minus for sexual activities and co skills, as young as 7 years old to go to his home, he faces a maximum life sentence in prison. if convicted cnn says the charges against john griffin are deeply disturbing. this isn't the 1st sex can lee the cnn has faced recently this month, the network 5, chris cuomo for lead misconduct after he helped his brother andrew, who was then new york governor to fight off the sexual harassment case. cnn host on lemon was recently accused of sexually assaulting a bartender to and then last year, c n. n. legal analyst jeffrey toobin was allegedly called performing a sex act during a work related video call. art contributor lauren chen suspects the scandals will
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tend see an end ratings. the charges that john griffin is facing, they are not capricious. they are not merely based on a. he said, she said, situation. there are evidence of payments at text messages that duly people to believe authority, specifically that he has been at paying underage girls a for sexual favors, as well as trying to involve their mothers to varying degrees. he is engaged in grooming, and some would argue, as well as sex trafficking, many mainstream media outlets not just seen and themselves have, i think, been a little bit hesitant to talk about this issue. even though we can only imagine what the reaction would have been if this had been someone, for example, on the fox news team or the trump team that had been discovered doing the exact same things overall as cnn's credibility has been shipped away, specially over the trumpet ministrations years, a lot of people just no longer believe that they are a fair and unbiased source of news. and it's just not a good look for a network that is already struggling to keep up a positive public appearance. and sadly, the only time cnn has been, i think,
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really disgust widely lately has not been for their amazing journalism or content. it has been because of these, these negative new stories involving their personnel. if the feds are alleging that not only did john griffin engage in these terrible behaviors, but he also then try to pay off a witness to remain silent. i don't think we have much reason to take john griffin at his word. and i think the fact that he has engaged in these things shows that as a person, there is not much he is not willing to do when it comes to preserving his own freedom. i'm as americans have rallied in new york over what they say, the company's reckless disregard for safety and union busting policies has been away with criticism to over how it treats its staff after 6 died when a warehouse collapsed during a tornado in illinois. early this month, milken report. so we're here in times square, and as you can see behind me there's a large demonstration of amazon workers and their supporters. now the name talking
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pointed, this demonstration is workers' health and safety. i hear the new york vase, amazon workers want adequate protections from coven 19 as they go to work every day . but the whole country is reacting to the incident where we saw a tornado that hit an amazon warehouse, killing 6 amazon employees. that was earlier this month. december 10th, and the country is still reacting to that horrendous news. many questions are being raised about jeff days over the billionaire ceo owns amazon, and whether or not he's really concerned about the safety of his workers. this is what some of the protesters, amazon workers and their allies had to say to us when we spoke to them earlier. those workers were not allowed to leave. they weren't allowed to have their phones . we saw the screenshots, amazon is letting us leave. the van driver said they were told that if they didn't come back with their vans empty, they would not have
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a job. the next day. they were saying we need to go. there was a storm and the manager say no, you have to stay, you are not allowed to eat. that's like a 100 years ago with the triangle shirtwaist factory. workers work between 10 and 12 hour shifts. totally isolated on the outside world. and we are here. so there man, among things hasn't paid. amazon has shown itself to be incapable of protect the workers, lives incapable of doing anything but putting prophets over people's lives, over safety. how many more people in our class after di, how many people have to die to be working this inhumane like this at the speed in these warehouses to get these packages out there? this is impossible. i actually post now you will go to the bathroom, not able to take a break, not able to, to have time off know sick pay. no, nothing like of course people are going to dine now pro gesture of also been highlighting the fact that while the pay of amazon employees is considerably low,
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jeff bezos, the billionaire ceos seems to have avoided the tax bill and is not really paying his fair share of taxes, he recently spent a lot, a lot of his own personal well on a trip to outer space. now the protesters here say that the conditions in amazon warehouses are unacceptable. worker's rights are not being protected. many people calling out this huge international corporation. kayla martin r t new york. just can it's a half of 6 that thanks watching tonight, but back again in 30 minutes. ah. join me every 1st day on the alex simon. sure. but i will be speaking to guess of the world politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then i
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ah hi, welcome to the guys report. i'm nice taiser. and so it begins 2 weeks of our christmas and new year's specials, in which we look back in the year. that was a parent to the future with some of our roster of amazing guests, all heterodox thinkers that would be caught dead on raytheon financed corporate media. first up, james howard consular stacy. right. james counsellor, welcome to the kaiser port, christmas special year. our 1st guest. how do you feel? i feel whoa, whoa, whoa, and it's a pleasure to be here with you. right. so you are the author of the geography of
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nowhere, a history of american suburbia, an urban de.


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