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tv   News  RT  December 23, 2021 7:00am-7:30am EST

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moscow is doing everything in its powers to have power. i sensually said that gas pro brushes energy joint that is responsible for all the gas transit into the region. that in fact, it is fulfilling more than a 100 percent of its contractual obligations. it is sending up to 10 to 20 percent more gas in europe simply simply on, out of a goodwill. it's not because it wasn't something that europe had requested previously this volume. so and again, russia is kind a, it is, it is, well, it can't ship as much gas as your wants because the you, because ukraine is major gas transit state for russia here. and it's a pipeline system is very much outdated. so if russia try to squeeze more of this blue flu will fuel, excuse me, if i try to squeeze more gas through this through ukrainian pipes, they could simply best. and it could lead to a disaster, humanitarian and
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a well logical one. and while europe will find itself an even bigger mess if that happens. now of course, there's also no stream to a pipeline running from, from russia all the way into germany. a modern, a technologically will superior, very much superior to the other existing one pipeline. and so it is already, it is ready and it can be made operational but it cool, but according to live in europe is trying to kind of keep ukraine relevant in all this, you know, gas transit story. and so by doing so, by, for example, refusing to make no stream to gratian which would cell which would solve lots of lots of problems for europe, which you wouldn't bring a lot of gas to the market, bring the prices down and just give europe the gas it needs so by, by trying to keep ukraine relevant here in this is tory, a. europe is shooting itself in the foot because, well,
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it moved away from it moved away from a long term contract. a cold winter and a cold spring did not last did not allow europe to, to put as much gas in its underground storage facilities as it needs right now. so hands the shortage and again hands the, the conclusion made by the russian president that this crisis is of europe's own creation. so they should find a solution on the road as well. the spot should be ego. tell you that very cold weather is affecting many parts of europe. russia to russia has an obligation to make sure i reserved a full and can cope with the winter that know that people have looked at the weather forecast globally. but in russia, it's close to minus 20 at the moment, and that's all part of the equation that's making it difficult. yes, absolutely, and this is, this is most definitely part of the equation. and the fact that europe did not book more gas previously makes things, makes things worse because gas from it had to make the calculations. it has to,
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well, it has to kind of ration and balance out the output. so they're saying that during this season, so we will, we will be, we will, oblige, we will fulfill all of our contractual obligations by this date. so after this date, we can focus our output on the domestic market and well not let our rone russian household trees to death. and you know, in more rural areas. and even here in russia, a lot, even here in moscow, in the capital, a lot of a lot of houses have gas stoves for example. so they use gas here as well, quite extensively so, so all that, all that has led to europe basically what you are appointed to do. they wanted to kind of get gas food for cheaper. so they decided to move away from the long term contracts, and they figured out that they would be getting more gas and pumping. more gas in the storage is during the summer. and because in the summer, obviously the weather is warm and so on the spot on the market,
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the gas is cheaper because, well, the demand is low, it's a base, very basic principle of how the economy works. and so then this is what they wanted to do, but instead, so all of the factors that i've just talked about that you just mentioned, all of these factors they prevented them from doing so. so now it's winter. now it's very cold. and so now the demand for gas is high hands, the prices are going up, they're reaching $2000.00. so, so, so now they have no other opportunity, but to either pay a lot for the gas, or to well, to do the so called reverse pumping. that's when germany, when one of the few countries that it is that is still getting gas via long term contract. so germany gets this gas very, very gas now hundreds of dollars cheaper than it is right now, sold on the market on the spot. so it's getting all these gas and then it reverse, basically sells it to the countries that will do not use long term contracts like
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poland. so they resell it and they make an extra buck on the side because again, they can make, they can, they can sell it for, for more basically they can price it, they can put a high price on it. because again, on the spot it will be on the spot, it will be so, so expensive, but with a line on affordable. so again, vladimir putin mentioned to how the united states basically abandon the european markets for a more premium one. like for example, asia. so this combination of factors, now it is, well, it is unraveling into a crisis of world gargantuan proportions. and europe is, europe apparently feels it has a political obligation in front of ukraine. and so europe is paying you now for ukraine's relevance as a gas transit states. the solution i suppose to many logical people might be to open up the new string to. but as we said, that political bog down to, and i mean,
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just on that point, that's not, it doesn't look like that's going to open and get all the sort of contractual contracts signed off for another few months yet. absolutely not. and it is not clear what is hampering this. it seems like there has been sort of a bureaucratic bureaucratic hindrance to opening new stream to basically germany is now demanding that gas problem opens a sister company inside of germany. because right now, i think gas problem has a says to company opened in switzerland, but this is not good enough to berlin. so berlin says, you know, you have to have a company operating under the german jurisdiction here to make this new stream to alteration. but it all sounds like now basically like a thinly veiled, well excuse to just protract to drag out this process very much bureaucratically because again, ukraine, poland, they have been very much against this pipeline. i mean, this pipeline, it has had
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a very rough, right? it has, it hasn't been easy to constructed in the 1st place because the united states, for example, they have land sanctions against numerous companies, even european ones that have been well involved in the construction of this pipeline of new stream to that, it even led to a diplomatic span between germany and the united states. otherwise, well, nato allies and countries that purport themselves, they okay, i'll stop you. there you go, because we've got motor gas the just about to put a question to vitamin aside. so there's a cancellation couch, bye bye bye. the renouncing the valley is that we all used to like mother or father or family or even jim there. maybe you her it about joe, when those are your routing. so we have in the harry potter actress are now making against her because of her radical stands. that man is a man, and the woman is a woman. yes. so what is your take on this new athletics?
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so will these new values drive to russia come to russia? but it's only an will the struggle of the state for a traditional values like it happened with the ussr world turned into fighting the subcultures with her. if you look at your lives, youth organization, slip your october, 3rd, look at the beginning. well, 1st of all, fluids similarity, all that that would come to us in a more, in the modern world, we're great internet with all the communications that we have. that's another total on linear got allows inevitable, as the coven 19 pandemic spreading across the world. we have new variance all the time. we can't escape this. we have to have our own, the curate to it, which is if we should be effective visually. but if someone believes that a man at males and females are the same thing, well, adams thinks about, but,
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but let's go, let's let sir. think about a common sense. i may be mistaken, but the guy live in the us. he is the alarm as sobchak by miss elisha so asked about her prison. i may be mistaken, but in the us please be kind to me. if i mistaking that there was an inmate who said a male inmate who said that he was a woman. ah, he announced that he was a woman, he was actually a convicted for rape and murder. and once he was moved to a women's prison, he immediately raped and killed his other cell mate machine. so he basically, he was 2 questions go, what's the point related or say for example, males say there are females and then participate in weight lifting competitions that renders the entire area,
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the entire area of women. sports meaningless. i will tell you to know, but what's the reason? i believe that the traditional roach is correct. male is male, female is female, mother is mother and father is father. soon as that our society has a lazy thee. but a geek dog molar only made armour and fee to protect us against this. as this is enshrined in our religion, nickelodeon and all of our religions. and that is the characteristic of russia, our string of the way is that, and russia was formed as a multi atlantic, multi religious society. and we had the time to learn how to live with mutual respect towards one another. and what does that mean? that means that we respect the cultures, the spiritual foundations of all peoples across russia, only remotely,
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every one has a his or her own moral one. monica diaz supports or moral pussy, the mutual defense against, with this kind of a stupid c l. o. com. again, that we should always summer earlier and gets kick, no lawyer into russia economy, everything that's the best across the world, even in the economy and the best technologies, best sir, humanitarian practices, best health care practices. we should adopt all of that from other countries, but globin immune look systems. i think that each nation should have its own immune system that protects itself against bad ideas. mostly against damaging ideas generally meant to fight against that. we should not just point fingers and shouted people,
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but we should support our own traditional values. and this is something i've always stressed before because it is a bit of jumps for government or for urine is william william as of right. so let's not forget about federal media. says with some of the good afternoon ladies for talking with mister carly, allow me to go back to the internal this agenda at the beginning. you said that you're satisfied in who worked for a government satisfactory. so let's talk about individuals, who is your favorite minute truth? who has already gotten the bonner's and, and lot of mount maybe, and here was scolded the most by you. so who did use cold behind closed doors, mix of it was on we all so. okay. how you went on vacation with shy, go to tiger. why don't you take me justin with sal for your sake michigan with us are a member of or i just listening there to vladimir pacing, continuing to talk for just over 3 hours now that his annual lat press conference
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here in central moscow. and just failed the question to the new york center from am our own moderate gas d. m. an interesting question. i mean, not so much political culture was really and the difference rushes take on. what's going on in coach? was it people to just union? i think the question is about what she will take and transgender is in biological mouths, biological females. and he gave an interesting answer. yeah, well, and this is actually a very interesting question. it's all often discussed here in the rush mediately is that back in the survey times the divide between russian, the west was mainly ideologically driven, and now it's civilization really trevon. it's ultimately about what it means to be a human being and how wild many people in the west like to talk about human rights . i think many in russia believe that the west has sort of gotten itself into this a neo liberal discourse, almost post human discourse because i'm sure there is a,
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there's the progress science that we all think of ourselves as enlightened. but our psychology, our basic biology hasn't changed that much of a de la hue doesn't millennia. and there are certain distinctions they're given as leaves that said predominant year in russia. and i think this is something that i hear a lot among russian analysts. this could be actually the basis for the not so much venue ideology. freshman, but russia defines itself as a forward looking conservative country and conservative. what it means is not a certain lifestyle, but certain basics human basic like there are men and women. you know, family is a good unit for raising children. it's good to be individualistic and develop your own personality. but it's also great to be embedded in the community and serve your community in that way. and all of these discussion about the, you know,
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like thousands of genders and how people present themselves in public. i think there's a strong view here in the russia that many policymakers and in the west are using it as a way to sort of make their populations more neurotic and more of the manipulative being. she see the western headlines to morrow. what he's just said here because he did use words to pretty well, it's not just stability, but i believe from the russian perspective, but it's also very dangerous ideology as well or rather satisfied the ologist make people psychologically. i think that's the, i'm sorry for being blind here and not politically correct, but i think that's, that in russia, at least, that's seen as a way of keeping your populations on. and, and, you know, keeping that collective 5 energy on agile all the time. and therefore,
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manipulating and directing people in a way. but he hasn't said anything new. i mean like he is pretty conventional in that regard. believing that now men, women are women, mothers, and mother and father. if others, as he said today, that doesn't me. and by the way that, i mean, you know, certain types of abuses and discrimination should be allowed all the while it is not something put forward more tolerant v behaviors just, i thought, i mean, the russia has to watch some of the strongest historically strongest women. and for like a, it's one of the most feminist countries in the world in terms of women's representation that you know, their role in the workforce or how much they are representing in the societies. but it's not about that. it's about, you know, a certain things on it. we've got to go back to the pe some thinking. okay. because okay, sorry, he's talking about russia, italian relations that gene in to what he's saying on that with that, but give me,
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i think they're there, go beyond party preferences and party lines. they go beyond the present political forces, leading williams could either easily feel or russia bellagio aim total bill was a we was within the rules communion, develop the don't believe the things that were laid at the foundation of our relations by president berlusconi. and yet, it was him who introduced a number of long term projects including in small and medium sized businesses and enterprises. career took illinois, that senior, my cousin is that happens regardless of any short term decisions by the government and with that, so that is a consensus. this supranational consensus is the key aspect of relations between
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russia and italy. and naturally, the italy is a member of nato. and a member of the european union. but look, this does not preclude us from having a very productive partnership. and so with mr. druggie, i've had several conversations on the phone. very, my friendly contacts and cycles, and very, very productive contacts. we discussed the entire range of inches that are in the interest of both russia and italy. we try to develop our economic ties that we've gotten in the through and english, have nurturing italia with that friendship in mind. i think that italy could play a very important role in normalizing are relations between russia and hero. i would have caught her in the me and in fact, it could even play a role in the upcoming potential negotiations between russia and nato. has been an amazon and the video is to get them to the initiative with them. although at the
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middle, actually i see a heart on one of the posters. could we go there with that? there was a hard their garage, it may be, they're going to say something nice. heritage company, derucia level heritage. so her, the one with a hard players held it higher. so here at the mike, is it usually is this the wrong heart? i shall please please to go. the bottom of i didn't know much was that a guy got the president come from, but my name is good as much mister president. love our city, our region of look recently he signed the order. so the great 10400 over 3 of our city this for mission. i would like to know how you would support. okay,
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we're listening to let me pay to talking to this annual that press conference in the center of moscow this afternoon. he's been talking for just over 3 hours. perhaps you could go for another hour or 2, yet he has been feeling plenty of domestic questions. that was a case in point. but before that, he did also talk about italian russia relations. and to talk about this a bit further joined by a boy, came in the studio again. and he made some interesting points that didn't get back to italy didn't talk for too long, but he did make it very clear. we've got a very strong positive relationship there. well, and it's not just a political relationship, it's a cultural relationship. it's a, it's a relationship between people in italy, still, one of the most preferred destination for the russians, and its culture has influenced the, the russian society a lot. i think the last time i checked the talent was, i think the 3rd preferred foreign language for the russians to study. and i don't have to tell you what the russian women think about the italian man. it's, it's,
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it's a different story. but i think politically, there has been some connections, especially with the previous governments, but. 6 you know, how many people in the you always complain that moscow is trying to. so the seeds of discords within the e u. that government was pushed out, but still i think what the crumbling wants to the strategy, the big problem is pursuing is it deals with the when it asked to deal well. busy with it as a whole, but it also tries to develop a multilateral or rather bilateral ties with each one of its members and with italy . it has that has better relations with been with the most i would say in germany is number one and italy's perhaps the 2nd preferred partner for the crumbling but it is sort of made the point isn't the look is okay, it's a good pilot relation. this can actually help us in our relations generally with you and even even nato. he said, well, but if the parents are, you know,
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ultimately on who makes the decisions in your vicar's answer, you can talk to talk with many bilateral on partners and to some extent that has been successful. it has good working, despite everything, despite the of crane, it has a functional relationship with germany, with austria, with france, with italy. but i think the ultimate question comes down to how much say they themselves have in their own faith. and if it's up to brussels, learn to determine that how things are in the wrong then there's not much more spoken tuesday or who used to do. okay, well let's go back to one of the domestic issues he talked about because he was with you did have to answer tricky question about revelations, about torture within russian jails. these revelations coming out over the last 3 months or so, and i think it's something like $300.00 prisoners had been tortured during their time incarceration. and we can just listen to it,
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grab of what mr. payton said about my work with them switch. but in this particular case, concerning what you asked me when making an assessment of the situation, we need to see what the investigation is doing. there is an inquiry, there are 17 cases. i think there are dozens of cases. criminal charges have been brought already. the problem exists, but we need to be very careful, meticulous going about lead, addressing this issue, investigation, everything carefully looking into those crimes that have been perpetrated. and these as the investigation has to be completed so that everyone understands that people responsible for such crimes will be held accountable. of course, he said book you'd expect him to say there will be a thorough investigation. but is there a wide, a point here in that, how could this have gone on for so long and so many people get affected by this and then have to rely on a whistle blow to expose it all. well,
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i think the context is even wider institutional abuse has long been the problem in russia, not only during new russia times, but also until the times and even before that exact time. and russia in general has that has issues with, with the tanner of institutions and they transparency of them and the, the way control discipline is applied there. i don't think that he was trying to sort of ignore the issue. first of all, it was asked why a daughter of his former associate subtract was the 1st really elected mayor of st . petersburg and who's done a law for human rights causes. and you know, closing wanna fresh is most notorious. the reason i myself from st. petersburg, so i'm very keenly aware of the influence of the present culture. okay, we're back into the press conference. thank you. how to get this. yelled you ready
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and use. but even though our old parents eligible gather is a kind of married sanity because only now we're region. we have 333 children. we bill died in the lower tier of the letter that was to below cash college to in order to increase the number of people the number of kids that are, that i can receive that support. that's why we have the only circle of kids 20 foundation established daughter. she but them logins and i think that everyone must know that. and i may, i will remind you that she, the foundation, is that if it is financed by increasing the tax for individuals that should move there, the sub wish receive imposter any more than the ball in general, public across the country. so these are wealthy individuals who pay a little bit more taxes when i show like to you to help these kids. he and since
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the very start, we said that all of that money will be running. they are marked for helping these kids with conditions such as a spinal muscular atrophy, a group or difficult land. earlier among the him did he should, i believe 74 people across the country received the support this money. oh, with the idea by you look attributes. this help 1st over across the country and one here, but now we have tons of times more people regards to wish and kids receiving are these grew a teacher at le, this household were pros and fact i discussed this with my colleagues not long ago just yesterday and they believe that the after you should move on the 1st step since the all the fund has been launched and i won't go into details about the
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operations and all that is found because initially were wanted. so non governmental organizations engaged in ms. a recently lady at the end the process was these would be independent people that sir, do not have any ties or any other obligations that people will have her reputation in our society theorem. people of good tribute fill them out of water and overall i was told that's the work. there is a number or 2 very much going. it's very effective in pharma, which is that we have shown the state of services, web site. rob ross, just me. you can clear up some of the details you should or him, but it's not just about them. these are technicalities. i think that you as a person who deals with subsidiary way to who is closely
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connected to these families with feels there. i'm laying over their pain and the pain of their families is you know, what needs to be done, but it's not just about that. it's about the age at which the kids can receive that help right now are children up to the year when you them up to the age 18 can receive such help, but using therapy and maybe some other new ways to kick to, to deal with that disease or would be able to improve antonio prolonged the life of people afflicted vital. and we need to think before hands on what you need and what we can do and how we can help people once they reach age 18. but for now, it's just so important for the ages below 18. but we will always, sir, continued to address this problem. this is what i'm important bernice them. that was part of it was especially that i still
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didn't load, mister malik chucky crimea 24th nap or a thank you for the superintendent to, to ask you a question. and on behalf of all our republic, i would like to thank you for the changes that are happening in 70 years. a lot has changed to infrastructure wise roads are being billed keener gardens nursery schools. but unfortunately, the telephone connection is still at the same level. enlarge, there's a new mobile carriers, they can't handle our region. is there any way to resolve this matter at the state level, and can we expect it to be result in the near future to see some large scale carrier as seen the republic sunk to me. okay, we're just off i for it. well, maybe 3 quarters is why 3 vladimir patients annual press conference being held in central moscow at the moment. he's been failing questions for about 3 and a half hours covering many international issues, but domestic ones to, as you heard,
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one about development in crime is let's go through some of the big ones he's been talking about with equals donna joins again, eagle, good afternoon, night ukraine gas all up there, weren't they? with the main topics of conversation. let's just start with the, with nato morty, said there. well indeed, andy, i would stop short of saying something along the lines that the subjects of nato stole. the spotlight completely just fell just short of doing that, but still it heavily dominated at least part of this media event. and essentially, as letterman, who was giving his response, he was getting more and more animated as the subject seemed to have cruel, deeply, under his skin. it's something that you don't see often from the russian leader. and basically, his message has been rather unequivocal that the military alliance should give, should give guarantees of unconditional security and safety of russia. and that.


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