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oh, just don't hold any you well, yes, to safe out disdain because the african engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah, the u. s. says k also weights the world without its leadership by many countries still reaping the consequences of american involvement. we report from war tony, theo picked were claims of fake news and unbalanced coverage in western mainstream media. being blamed for exacerbating the tomorrow. and the amazon work is rally over safety and working conditions, claiming the companies putting prophets over people's lives. workers work between 10 and 12 hour shifts. now we will go to the bathroom, not able to take a break,
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not able to come through, have time off the sick pay. no, nothing like of course people are going to die. ah, they're good to have you with. it's thursday morning at 10 this thursday. the 23rd of december i'm calling back with you well use from arte. first the future of the world without american leadership might be grim and chaotic. but suddenly, according to how secretary of state antony blynn conceit it but as all teeth nikki errands been finding out. there are quite a few countries reeling in the aftermath of washington's help. have you ever wondered what the well, it might be like without the united states? i say chaos. that's what it thinks when we're not engaged. when we don't lead, then one or 2 things happens. either some other country tries to take our place, but probably not in a way that advances our interests and values or no one does. and then you get chaos
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. yes, the us have use this magic cut to bring peace and harmony to many a state far and wide. one fine example operation enduring freedom, better known to you and i as the us invasion of afghanistan. following the september, the 11th attacks, the u. s. entered the country with a mission to hunt down the summer. been logged in and punish the taliban government to the law. most of the country since $996.00, the promise was one of retribution, the goodies defeating the bodies. we must rid the world of terrors, or children and grandchildren can grow up in freedom. we are not nation building again. we are killing terrorists. ah, [000:00:00;00]
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in the i they call it collateral damage to you and i, that's innocent. people in the wrong place at the wrong time when 10 civilians, including 7 children, were killed in an air strike. the military initially defended it only a month later, did they acknowledge it was a tragic mistake, and yet none of the military personnel involved will face any kind of punishment. then consider the hundreds of other similar cases exposed by wikileaks. in reality, the kind of peace, the u. s. has brought to the country, has left its people so terrified, they've run for their lives and the 6000000 off guns. i've either been displaced internally or have fled the country altogether. fueling a refugee crisis that continues to reverberate across europe. by the time it
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withdrew, it had become america the longest war, and yet in its wake, it left an alarming news to wet i washed money out of with . then there's iraq, as america ended as time in afghanistan, it's next step was to announce the end of active combat for its troops in iraq. though the picture won't change too much, some $2500.00 service members will remain on the ground even in the coming year. it was 2003 when the u. s. approach the u. n. to make the case for invading iraq, citing saddam hussein stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction. and we will remember how that ended. and yet, more than a 1000000 iraqis are estimated to have lost their lives as a result,
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along with thousands of american troops and the outcome, widespread sectarian violence and the rise of islamic state. and then there's syria. after humming and hiring the u. s. entered syria in 2014 shifting from working quietly behind the scenes to support rebels. so over displays of us force, i have resisted calls for military action because we cannot resolve someone else's civil war through force, particularly after a decade of war in iraq and afghanistan. the images from this massacre are sickening, a crime against humanity and a violation of the laws of war. big promises were made like defeating isis. by like 2014, the $500000000.00 spent training, what was supposed to be $5000.00 anti i says assyrian rebels had managed to successfully train about 5. so once again, why that is goodwill on both sides and the really good chance for success,
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the u. s has secured the oil among the many u. s. military for rays that promised always the same one of stability, peace and freedom. but with the growing list of foreign interventions, 10 fella, perhaps this time the u. s. consider a career change from the global policeman. tony blinking has a very difficult job and that is to try and put a good face on a, on bad policy on, on an administration that you know, promised the moon a can even launch. we haven't had a foreign policy success in decades or invasion of iraq in 2003, of course, predicated on over a decade of, you know, sanctions based containment of saddam hussein. that change the entire middle east, which in turn gains the entire world. not for the better either. so,
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you know, the united states has a problem. we are in a position where we have the, the power, the, the accumulation of power to, to make this stand and continue to make the stand. and right now, there's not too many nations that can stand up and prevent us from doing it. it doesn't make it right. we've seen the consequences of this. but for the moment, the united states, you know, is a, is a superpower. the lack of moral compass to ethiopia now where the authorities are demanding the western mainstream media stop spreading, fake news. they claim the unbalanced coverage of the civil war that it's biased towards the rebels fight to the government, to take to the streets around the world to support the elected ethiopian government . radi have also been held nancy and ends. los angeles bureau, people demanding the u. s. and it's western ally, stop interfering in the water country. auto policy explains the government. can people have a range of the wasted media coverage of what is happening with the media
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labels belonging to the tiguan people. i have been boiled in a battelle wall, trying to overthrow the democratically elected governments, instead of remaining neutral mainstreamed, western media has chosen to take sides a majority. here, pin's, any here appear as well as a broad, strongly feel that cnn has covered the conflict over the past year in a manner that is highly biased and detached from context. and you times insist on repeatedly falsely claiming that it was the government of prime minister at b. uh cnn has in fade a much better. 8 news anchor with the law just e p. o can television channel has monitored and reported on the false reports, the channel continues to spew out. for example, when t p a live march used to be sub, you know,
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they are up the 60 kilometer away from ibis to and nana reported that i'd be sob about is under siege by t p. a live this completely tech news and that the used tech picture. another. the chip in i lies is transferring. we can talk to great region, but impractical be keeping i had lies is not doing that to use factually, but see enhanced furnace method in order to attack the cio pin economy. i want to say about published a video clip on facebook with the hating thousands of to grand a wasted in ethiopia. it shows a video of vigilantes and states that they are looking for to grands. but what it doesn't mention is that these such an teeth were heating a quote from the government to go out and protect their own neighborhoods against to grands who are coming in, looting and telling people on november 26th, the french state owned international media office,
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france 24 reported that some tpr prices have reached deborah sina some 50 kilometers from edison on the back. it was simply untrue. as picked up. i fact finding organization in the capital city. yeah, wants to sailor falsity. but it's, it's, it's becoming that the really fucked heart becoming boarding experts agree the mainstream. chris is talking with one voice suggesting a coordinated effort behind the scenes and not only the media. they enjoyed the rights groups like amnesty or who my rice, which they also collect these reports in the sample, assembled a report and then today congress man, date of pan union and then they use it to impose sanctions be easier. can government isn't clear that when the media is wilfully and deliberately choosing to misinforming audiences?
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it's unfortunate because during war time, no impact, credible reporting is urgent policy. our team at is at the beth. yes. yes. you're in high commissioner for human rights, says both the government and the rebels have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity during the crisis. now for more on the mainstream media impact in ethiopia and who might be profiting from it had to our website. but else that to as well, the under reported will and award winning programs at r t dot com s c m, which you mentioned bit earlier on is also in the spotlight in the u. s. after a former long time producer for disgraced star, chris co pleaded not guilty to child sex trafficking charges. court documents reported by fox you to lead the john griffin. try to pay off witnesses, including that he offered a woman $30000.00 in january and also sent $4000.00 to a family member of a 9 year old. he's accused of assaulting. griffin was indicted to this month on
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allegations of attempting to lewis minors for sexual activities and coerce girls as young as 70 years old to go to his home. he faces a maximum life sentence in prison. have convicted cnn says the charges against john griffin, at deeply disturbing now is by far from the 1st sex scandal at cnn in recent times this month, and i work fide, chris co for alleged misconduct after he helped his brother, andrew then new york's governor to fight off sexual harassment, kate cnn house. don lehman was recently accused of sexually assaulting about ended . and last year, c n. n. legal analyst jeffrey toobin was alerted in court performing a sex act during a work related video, cool, hearty contributor, lauren chen suspects the scandals. will bentley and ends ratings the charges that john griffin is facing, they are not capricious. they are not merely based on a. he said, she said, situation. there are evidence of payments at text messages that duly people to believe authority, specifically that he has been up paying underage girls of for sexual favors,
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as well as trying to involve their mothers to varying degrees. he is engaged in grooming, and some would argue as well sex trafficking, many mainstream media outlets not just seen on themselves. have, i think, been a little bit hesitant to talk about this issue. even though we can only imagine what the reaction would have been if this had been someone, for example, on the fox news team or the trump team that had been discovered doing the exact same things overall as cnn's credibility has been shipped away, specially over the trump administrations years, a lot of people just no longer believe that they are a fair and unbiased source of news. and it's just not a good look for a network that is already struggling to keep up a positive public appearance. and sadly, the only time cnn has been, i think, really disgust widely lately has not been for their amazing journalism or content. it has been because of these, these negative new stories involving their personnel. if the feds are alleging that not only did john griffin engage in these terrible behaviors, but he also then try to pay off
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a witness to remain silent. i don't think we have much reason to take john griffin at his word. and i think the fact that he has engaged in these things shows that as a person, there is not much he is not willing to do when it comes to preserving his own freedom. friction between you and one of its members, states is again threatening to boil over with brussels, now launching an infringement procedure against poland. every challenge to the supremacy of a low the commission considered that these rulings of the constitutional tribunal are in breach of the general principles of autonomy, primacy effectiveness and uniform application of union creating a controversial chamber of the supreme court devoted to disciplining judges or that rob brussels which claims warsaw as effectively stripped the judiciary of independence. but refusing to gail in october, poland ruled that e u membership did not give the block superior legal authority. and warsaw as an alone in his confrontation, either hungry escalated a feud with brussels on wednesday by announcing it won't change its immigration
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laws despite a european court ruling last month, the e, you ruled that a hungarian asylum law that excluded people. if they arrived from a country where they were deemed not at risk, fail to fulfill its obligations under the blocks law. or the route means that hungary could miss out on billions of euros in e funding. doug alam candidacy teeth back in copy you, you has no legal rights to keep payments and participation and the recovery im resilience facility from hungary or from any other member states. the whole process from the point of view of the unity and future of europe is the most brutal sabotage. this is what breaks apart the e. you can chat open some of your a european politics expert. we heard from says the e u is stepping well beyond the dream. it, it is the outrages ah, what kind of freedoms are people in the brothel administration are giving to themselves, to even think of trying to create
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a colonial style to do to tell of june country that their laws are, are not the highest laws or they're all over the highest laws on their own countries, european commission, which is a institution that is imposing on it. so will our members faith while ah, it does not come from any democratic legitimacy. so we're hungry and all they're doing is that they are exactly saying that they don't want to be part of such system. well, those rouse rumble on europe is also facing a winter energy crisis right now. and with price is sitting all time highs this week. gas tank is initially heading to asia, a being abruptly turned round mid journey to take advantage of the premium price is being paid by the europeans moscow's project. a claim that is to blame for the crisis. while ukraine is pointing the finger at russia's gas joined, gas promised sharply reduced its own gas sales on the european spot market despite
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growing demand and limits the ability of other companies to supply additional gas to europe and compete with gas prom. this is one of the key causes the crisis and the record rise in prices in europe. gas prom supplies gas according to consumers, requests and full compliance with the current contractual obligations. there's been a 6 fold leap in european gas prices since the summer, as the continent prepares for the worst of the winter cold. there also fears the countries reserves are insufficient and the shut down for french nuclear plants in recent days is also compounding worried. august premiums, salsa, rose, off the germany suspended, approval of rushes, an old stream to pipeline, to europe. some european politicians are trying to block the project altogether over russia, supposedly preparing to attack ukraine claims the kremlin denies. international and strategic affairs. expert frances perez believes these economic problems have taken on serious political over times. when you off i, again, she prices,
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especially gas. so our prices are, it becomes a political and a social problem. it's not the lead economic problem. it doesn't impact on the consumer. so he doesn't mean back to you or piet, the best reason at the strong box us foss, european companies are on site just problem and venue. russia eith, respecting each contractual commitments, us foss, gus exports to europe and market our concept, but varies another question. the gas, good gas from an russia supplied mo gas to rock outside the contractor and framework. and yet the discussion is very, but if you go east gas problem, russia, we've all deemed some gas supplies a fall economic a very i try season all and all jupiter teach reasons, but you cannot save up guess from his duck exporting. for gas,
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it is going to keep twixt fault, but you've got to explore. whoa! what you are committed to? around 200 austrian doctors threatened with the sack for informing patients about the side effects of coven vaccinations have penned electric and plate to the head of the countries medical association. dear mister president, like a dictator, you have defined how in your opinion, the professional duty of a doctor should be determined when the president of a medical association behaves this way. we lose the credibility, entrust of our patients. the data on the efficacy and safety of covered 19 vaccines available in austria, are far from uniform and unambiguous and are subject to constant change. people should at least be eligible for free and honest medical information. are many the doctors are employed by schools and universities and being investigated by the education ministry, i will ask a live now see one of their signatories, daughter,
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andrea so dixon. he was fired from his position in the department of general of family medicine at vienna university. welcome to the program. can you just explain briefly force, how will you fired? what were you told about what you supposedly did wrong? well, the, the university claims that the firing doesn't have anything to do with the letter, which obviously is not true. but it's not allowed in austria to fire a university professor because of his scientific opinions. and obviously the firing is in, connects to my position, my scientific position in the covet crisis, which is not which does not correspond to the university's position. austria course has got one of western europe slowest vaccination rates. do you think the government has to do something serious in order to try and get more people vaccinated in australia,
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in some way on helpful if side effects are not highlighted or over highlighted bringing attention to it? well, i think this is a, this is a discussion of principal medical ethics and we, i'm, i'm a strong believer in evidence based medicine and evidence based medicine. it's david sec. it founded it in the ninety's is based on 3 columns and one only one column is research evidence. the 2nd is the clinical expertise of the doctor. and the 3rd are the patient values. so the patient has last word in terms of a decision, what is done with his body and his mind. so any medical procedure needs, patient consent and needs a clinical expert, a doctor explaining to the patients the pros and cons of the procedure. and this is
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exactly what the president of the austrian physicians association tries to forbid. which is outrageous. i think how can a, this is an 8th, a doctor's association whose job is to organize the medical system, the doctor system. but he has nothing to do with telling the doctors how to practice medicine. for practicing medicine, we need guidelines. we need the evidence of course. but then we also need a d individual patient doctor relationship to come up with the best decision for each patient. now, back to your question, whether it might even be necessary to hide side effects,
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to achieve a certain goal. well, in a way you may be true, you may be right, but, but the truth about the coverage vaccines is that neither the efficacy nor the safety has been, has been demonstrated in a very convincing way. the studies we see from the very beginning the, the, the studies for the approval that were handed to the administration, f, d, a or in europe. and they are incomplete . and that is why the trucks were the, the vaccines were only approved in an emergency approval. so they don't have full approval and how can you force people to get vaccinated with vaccine? the does not have approval for the lack of important safety data, but,
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but equally doctor in terms of medicines. i could be argued that these vaccines, the public know more about these vaccines and i do any other meds and even some of the stuff that i can get over the counter and pharmacy that they take happily without reading the advice she it, people are more clued up on this than ever and in the country like australia, it's called such a low vaccination, right? with on the cross spreading as it is. is it not in any way dangerous by the medical profession, showing even some resistance to this when we know how many lives have been saved by the faxing? oh, that's, that's a good question. how many lives have been saved by the vaccines? because of the studies that show the number of lives that have been said are see very flawed, but it, let me, let me go back to the vaccination rate. the vaccination rate in austria is not low, it's about 70 percent now. and. and so we are very, very much in the international average. of course,
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there are some countries that have higher vaccination rates. the only problem is that just recently a study has been published that showed very clearly there's no connection, no correlation between the vaccination rates. and the covered cases. so this demonstrates very clearly that this, this vaccines i not efficacious in preventing covet spread. we had a, a 4th wave of color infections in austria, this fall. and it is now almost over, and we have gone on to a very low infection rates, but it has nothing to do with the next look. but talk to the, well, the vaccines don't say you can't get infective. all they do is stop people potentially getting seriously a lot dying even that i seriously doubt we have data from various countries like the u. k. like israel, that show
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a very clearly that of ex vaccinated people who have a almost similar risk to get it to have severe cases, severe cove. it and even today it's, it's basically a in transparent data. we have from austria here, people, so claim, or some hospital people. so claim that it is a wave of they unvaccinated, but this is basically not true. and so what would you, what would you suggest that you do that? and it's due to the way of counting unvaccinated, that the, that they count people that whose vaccination is more than 6 months old, they count as an vaccinated people who don't have proof of the vaccination. when they come to the hospital, i counted as unvaccinated for that's how you get it on. if that was the case, talk to. so dixon,
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the chancellor wouldn't to be forcing mandatory vaccinations. austrians next february. so what is he and his advisors know that you don't? well, i don't see any reason for mandatory vaccination to tell you the truth because from another point that that proves very clearly that the vaccination is not effective is that they are now calling everybody to get the booster. if, if the, if the 1st 2 vaccinations had been effective, we wouldn't need the booster. but the booster data we have so far are from studies in israel for example, who lasted just 4 weeks. so we don't know really we don't know anything about the effectiveness of the booster, and i seriously doubt that it will be effective against the army come variant. and even the chief executive off of bio entech tells us very clearly that they're working on an i'm
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a chron vaccination because the existing vaccination will not help sufficiently against a micron and, and, and they are preparing us to get 3 more vaccinations against america. this is not that there's, there are so many lies. i've been told regarding the vaccination and the side effects of the of the vaccination are played down and are under reported in a very serious way. but any side effects from any medicine is a risk, isn't it? dr, because everything that you take is a essentially trying to get your body to react to something. so the people who've suffered from side effects and yes, that had been one or 2 fatalities, but they're in the very, very low percentages. but very low percentages compared to the hundreds of millions of people who've had a dose of vaccine. so the side effects are extremely minimal and rare. and usually any people with preexisting conditions m,
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you always have to relate the, their risk of their side effects to the risk for covet, right, and covet. now up to now, even though austria is the champion in testing, in kava testing, in austria, during the past 20 months. i'm 118000000 p. c. our tests have been carried out for 9000000 austrians. so every austin has been has been tested. so many times them and still we have only 14 percent test positives of the total population. so covet does not affect the total population. ok, so a and those 14 percent includes double measurements, includes or false positives and includes a lot of symptomatic peep people who didn't even have covered too. okay. but test
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positive which oh so let's say we had about 3 or 4 percent per year. okay, doctor said which which i'm running out of time here. all right, getting getting covered. oh, can i get that? sorry doctor, i'm gonna have to maybe last what i'm needing to run out is i'm going to have to cut you off that i do apologize for that. i really appreciate you sharing your views on this with us. we like to hear all views on this extremely contentious, well dominating subject. of course, i will to say that the w h o still says that vaccines are the only way out of the pandemic. we'll talk to andrea senningson. thanks for joining us on our t. thank you. next, another chance to see the russian foreign minister phil questions from artist correspondence from across our networks. ah,


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