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tv   Going Underground  RT  December 22, 2021 2:30pm-3:01pm EST

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distinctive reading responses and engage that are relevant to you. how we experience, reward and pleasure. while listening to some people looking this is a kind of an easy cuz it kind of choreographing of iron expectations loo. ah, because it will not shut national michigan. thank you. i'd like to start with moscow's proposals for a collective security framework and red lines on nato's eastwood expansion, which have been ignored by the u. s. correcting members. why has the block still remains san antonio proposals cross? they will rush or tolerate this way and will the west, except russia's proposals for peaceful coexistence, not the love of stock, but thus bessy boat. bruce, who she thank you. this is probably one of the most pertinent issue of today's
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little. i wouldn't say our initiatives are being ignored. president putin spoke about this at length yesterday at the extended defense ministry board meeting there . he said that they discussed this issue in the last video conference with which i wasn't biden to reform. president biden expressed his willingness to look at russia's concern life while we presented our ideas from possible agreements are one of the draft blueprints focuses on jewish russian relations, years of which holds the treaty between the united states of america and the russian federation of the security guarantees was pathetic control treaty aims to address the security issues between russia and nato russia. mr. stilton burg nato secretary general tends to make outlandish statements for, for his room. it to be leaving soon as his term ends this year for the central bank of norway washing or at least that's what he's hoping to do. surgery ahead of a central bank has to closely and physically follow and implemented an operational guidelines. you now going back to the european or euro atlantic security, you know, run risk. it relies on
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a number of guidelines that were agreed on and signed by heads of states. and with that, these are political commitments, including its cornerstone, the principle of equal and indivisible security. it's an explicit commitment by ahead of states. according to it, no o s c member shall strengthen their security at the expense of other parties on its last dates unfamiliar in the meantime. mister stilton, both publicly and arrogantly says that no one has the right to encroach on the open door policy for any aspiring nature member stipulated on the washington treat lately. however, we are not part of nato or a signatory to this treaty of europe. we are signatories are much more comprehensive regional framework that reaches the principle of political an indivisible security on should. if mr. dalton burg, indeed believes that nate's as a free to disregard this principle, enshrined in the agreement side by heads of state. and he definitely needs to get a new job here because he's not handling his current responsibilities well enough. his rhetoric aside, substantive responses for my u. s. counterparts have been business like we've had a series of talks between foreign policy advisors to russian and us presidents. we
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now have an action plan. the 1st round will take place early next year, when it will be a bilateral meeting between russian and american negotiators. and they've already been appointed and both parties find them executable. later in january, we hope to start the talks on the 2nd draft treaty, the one between russia and nato. a few days ago, the russian president also discussed this over the phone. the president micron german chancellor elect schultz lay to expressed interest in the myself. president putin reaffirm that will raise the issue of security guarantees, only owe se level shirts. the 3 tracks will working on each of moscow. washington definitely agree. this is the way to go. but i don't see why this approach would be at odds with the interests of any other country in this region. she, naturally, many people are asking why, what if the u. s. as that is willing to discuss a number of concerns we raised in the draft treaties out of a some of them are off on the table. apart from that they have concerns of their own facility. we are ready to discuss them, but we haven't seen the list yet. while we agreed on the modalities. so yeah,
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we have a lot of work ahead of us in terms of substance delicious, as the russian president said, though we can't wait forever because of the threats to us have been continuously growing of the last few decades, or nato military infrastructure is edging closer to our borders, we've been deceived on numerous occasions from spoken policies to political obligations set out in the russian nato founding. actually, to this time, like president putin said, we are pushing the legally binding guarantees. only that we know of course, that the west can discard those just as easily and simply pull out if they want to . like out on with the abm treaty, the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty, or the open skies treating i should still legally binding guarantees a harder to the actual downplayed and spoken promises on political obligations. you can, we're ready to work together on this. we'll do everything we can to convey opposition . well, i hope that all measures to ensure rushes defense capabilities will be a strong signal that they must take review seriously. cuz where they're at, there's a push still nothing less than awake authority lost the german language tv channels like the german regulator forced of the european satellite services they fret. the
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susan shut down the channel that you tube that took down our live broadcast channel on launch day later is russia's foreign ministry aware of these developmental canal . and are you planning any steps to support archie dirt and it's russian? journalist shannon was local mistook you secured, sue my, we are aware of the situation. where is the harvard commented on it? several times were following the operations, while journalists abroad very closely, especially given continuous discrimination against the nation. by the way, archie has still not been accredited. at lee alyssa palace neither has split necklace of president putin brought his up during his recent call with president macro and express hope that our french counterparts will do everything they can to ensure that russian media, including r c, are able to work in france as comfortably as the french media are in russia, we're going to promote the same price to r t d, and any other russian media facing discrimination reduced by finality d, case outrageous as it was, the german authorities who made every effort to create a negative image of arts in the public and among german is what you sions, of german officials have tried to distance themselves from the decisions on so called regulate is put, the blame lies with them. yes. as you remember,
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so started with a template, a denial to banking services, and then they denied for broadcasting lessons when they made luxembourg. do the same snake. now our colleagues in serbia, french, the german speaking archie chandler, in accordance with the european convention on transparency a television, germany is a party to the convention, so it has to comply with it. but now it looks like they're going to shift the blame . the social media love wants to youtube saying is that their discretion? and they rely on some internal criteria and the germans state does not have anything to do with it. but it does, it must have something to do a little bit. they signed all the relevance agreements and under took commitments to ensure free access to information. it was not youtube listed as for the government and wherever site arbitrary act take place. that is the government that shall put an end to them with the blood as we have repeatedly says, the russian media have faced the sort of discrimination for years. 3, of course we often attempted to recipient it, but until recently were held until i believe that i should not follow suit and go down this path. stifling the media ocean as our western partner lately. however, similarly to the issue of russia, security, patience always has
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a limit. so i do not know now that we will have to respond of this unacceptable situation, persists across a nationwide in your, in your, in our broadcast region left from america. the last just come to power in chile lane and you are the analysis and held power in venezuela and nicaragua ran these the continent, learning to better resist, yes, effort to control it. what, you know kinetic of prince bizarre over the past, 5060 years or maybe even more latin america seen major political shifts. so having to the left and to the right and back on. now there's another wave of healthy forces with a nationalist agenda coming to power is a symbol of a major failure of the so called neo liberal project. as to russia, we've never readjusted our actions to suit the gender of the incumbent, latin american governments. our goal is to forge friendship and when, when cooperation with countries and nations rather than with a particular government because of its political agenda. indeed, unlike the united states, we do not see latin america as a test trained for proxy geopolitical games. a current use of ministration no longer supports for trump national security. a john bolton claim that the monroe
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doctrine is alive use. but in practical terms, it seems to me this narrative of this mentality is still very much alive, including in the specific from policies that lewis remotely, as we work with every country, without exception, including sub regional organizations in latin america and the caribbean of the last year. alone, for example, i've had contacts with alex from mexico, venezuela, bolivia, brazil, guatemala, nicaragua, honduras cuba belize in new york on the sidelines of general assembly are met to representatives of the central american integration system. i've had a meeting with my counterpart from argentina on the sidelines of the g 20 summit. russia has always emphasized its interest in promoting bilateral ties without a political agenda as to multilateral institutions and organizations. of course we will defend like most latin american country of values, norms, goals, and principals of the united nations charter. by the way, last year, venezuela helped set up the group of friends in defense of the un charter. before long it numbered morgan 20 members for sure. i'm sure that other countries,
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including from latin america, will soon join this group. it is a response in a way to attempt by the united states on its close satellite to evade international law and to proceed in their statements, their rationale and their policies more and more often from a rules based world order that they themselves have invented. but these rules are shaped by then narrow circle, and no one shares alternative points of view. since there are no disputes, they can't expect to discover the truth. to paraphrase russian zane you're at the same time the current years have been situation is beginning to take a slightly more pragmatic view in particularly appeared to be mulling other actions with respect to venezuela. they beginning to realize that they will still have to have a dialogue with the government of president maduro re of eventual mandate in the latest election for the same is true for bolivia where genuine democracy has been restored of the somewhat dubious actions of the previous authorities. after i forgive you more examples, i very much hope the realities in the country let nicaragua will be embraced by washington. russia is calling an outside power to actively promote to latin american and caribbean identity as one of the major sensors of the emerging police
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interested ordinance. and in that sense, we value are relations, as i said, with the regional and sub regional institutions in the region. 4, especially with the community of lesson american caribbean countries, there lack who we have established a framework for political consultations with junior pandemic. there was a bit of a pause, but now mexico, which is sharing select at this point was to resume such meetings. we were actively support that spirit. we worked together in such areas as high tech energy, agriculture, of course, space and nuclear power. and still in recent years we added medicine healthcare to the list. several countries in latin america including mexico, brazil, argentina, and nicaragua. already received our vaccine production technology under actually setting up production upset our contacts were lay the ground for a broader, more exclusive interaction in pharmaceuticals in healthcare and medicine. the bridge on the ema. so can your sla naga cross of phone melissa, latter of our arab, all the answers, a lot of questions for you. so i would like to ask you about iran. the west is accusing the run of going ahead with nuclear program which could lead to the talks, break it down or by tara says that it instead of re of dialogue that you use engage
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in, in this information. what is russia stance on it? and what would make the talk successful duck? my move most was learning marshals up of mubarak neuropathy, groves. unfortunately, a western partners tried to bend the truth. this reminds me of the 1st question i have answered to day one day to his fiercely pushing towards our borders. they continued to blame russia, but russian all forces a station completely on its territory regarding your question, the trumpet, ministration, unilateral withdrew from all agreements, and the g. c p o itself and the security council resolution that established it and the keep blaming run again and again. we 1st when trump did this, iran did not take any steps against the nuclear deal obligations for more than a year. only when it became clear that washington is not going to back down to tehran, resort to the provisions in j. c. p. o, a concerning their volunteer obligations they stopped implementing are only limited levels, job locations, and they often highlight that as soon as the u. s. goes back to the deal, ron would stop ramping up in richmond and producing more sophisticated centrifuges . this is the guiding principle of the ongoing giana talks,
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and that is how the parties see them 6 rounds to place reference to june. but the u . s. in iran never took directly from there was a coordination team, a little european foreign affair service, and chinese, russian, french, german, and you k delegation. all over all of the 6 rounds were worked out. the vision, giving us hope that an agreement is possible in the future. then we had an inevitable hold you to elections in iran and time needed to put together a new government. hours and counterparts were impatient. they wanted to get this done as soon as possible, pushing around to hurry up. reminded them that ron was waiting for a year for the us to revisit this dance. iran has lost his patience equipped the deal. now the election came. so it was natural. i did not want to make a fuss about it. would iranian seem as new, but they quickly familiarize themselves with their duties and proved to be professionals them. they came up with some proposals or western counterparts flatly rejected them 1st. but later they understood the proposal who were studying and this is what we're working on now. is reputation not substance. that was the biggest issue, are you who should be the 1st to say that they are ready to resume their commitment the u. s. or iran would run believe that it was up to the u. s. since they were the
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1st to quit the deal that the u. s. accused to run up breaching the agreement. they wanted around to make the 1st step. although washington totally neglected its responsibilities. russia and china proposed doing it in think and drafting a truant rapprochement plan or european counterparts agreed with us. this is what they are negotiating in vienna. they took a short pause catholic christmas, but the talks will resume before the end of the year. iran has confirmed that if the u. s. honors its obligations stops threatening. iran was sanctioned the ins compatible with the deal, and resolution $2.00 to $31.00 from iran will comply as well, including enacting the protocol additional to the agreement with the i am on comprehensive safeguards, i believe the prospects a good. however, the guiding principle is until everything is agreed upon, nothing as agreed upon this means when is good and wealth or self solution is in the solution, is feasible should ah ah
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oh, when i was showing wrong, when all right, just don't hold any world. yes, to shape out disdain becomes the advocate and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. join me every thursday on the alex simon, sure. i'll be speaking to guess with the world of politics, small business, i'm sure business. i'll see you then.
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ah ah, and we have a process to booth considerably as mister lovegrove could you please comment on the statement by the french foreign minister shall even, tucker, he won't, the russian authorities have extremely grave consequences if russia invade ukraine . might you think a western counterparts of opted for another ending string of threads lately? let him know the loo. sure, and explicit manila, but you should probably address this question to them or doesn't give me any pleasure, but it doesn't evoke any negative emotions either. we used to the condescending tone from our western counterparts and their statements, showing that they perceive themselves of divine judges, infallible, irredeemably, self righteous politicians. frances repeatedly said that it was you
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a de marketing dialogue with russia. that is, they will demand something from us. that's what they're doing, they're demanding. but in recent weeks, both the president of russia and the senior russian officials of repeatedly touched the topic of so called escalation, for which they are threatening to punish us. and i think they've been even preparing a package of sanctions just in case just to have it on store. i think social media now have a service like that where a person can buy something to settle roughly. well, i guess our western counterparts believe this approach is applicable in politics as well. we've repeatedly explained what our armed forces is doing on our territory. and at the same time, we've raised the question, what the americans, canadians, the british doing war to their offensive weapon system, while they're combating crosland right at the russian borders. specifically in the baltic states, what their ships doing in the black sea deviating significantly from the rules laid down in the montrose convention. we do not get any adequate explanation or they just carry on with threats and more threats. i think our european counterparts should focus on the direct responsibilities rather than make threats about
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something that does not exist in france along with germany in this case, should make key of implement the minutes. cuz agreements instead of trying to distract attention. christina, this smoke stream bungling rushes escalate attentions and is about to conquer all of the dumbass because the ladon basil, all in my train, mustard, it's obvious just as the lens can his regime keep hammering the same points about crimea for dear life. that wasn't the case a couple of years ago, i got a couple of years ago, there was still hope the kid will somehow be able to implement the medical agreement, which is what the landscape promise when he ran for president. when he became president, he realized that he, that didn't want to do it or couldn't do it, or would not be allowed to do it by nea nancy's and other ultra radicals and then to distract attention from their complete inability to implement the mince, greenland. they've brought up the subject of crimea as almost the main symbol of ukrainian foreign policy from that's what the crimea platform was all about, and everything else that was happening around it does nothing but lip service and hot air. and everyone understands it very well, including our western counterparts to keep playing this game. what they have to do in earnest though without playing any games is to make zalinski implement security
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council resolution to $20.00 to a motion doth minsk agreements. and they stipulate in no uncertain terms, what must be done by whom and in what order, who a key of donates can lugens. what is amnesty special states us holding of elections under conditions agreed between ki, of dynette can le ganske and under the auspices of the o. s. e. and only then the ukranian armed forces would, would regain control over the entire border. now they proposed to do the opposite, you give us the border and then we'll see what happens next. whether we will have some kind of special state as procedural, whether we'll have other solutions will look at the draft law. the president has repeatedly spoken about with president macro and chancellor merkel. and yesterday he mentioned that the chancellor left shelter as well the draft lore on the state policy of the transition period. the training government has submitted to the parliament which prohibits ukrainian official from implementing the menstrual agreements. it introduce illustration instead of amnesty and introduce the civil military administration as to have a special status. and of course it doesn't mention any special actions. the pardon
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was agreed upon shortly they just regained control of the occupied territories as they referred to them. and despite promises but where the french german it is swayed zalinski from promotion this law, they've already said legit to process in motion. and they sent a query to the council of europe and the venice commission told them that everything was fine. there were just some technical legal issues, but the venice commission did not say a single word about it directly contradict than the security council resolution. so kindly request my very good friend john eve latree, on my german counterparts office. i met with anna, lena, bear buck on the sidelines of the i. c ministerial council. she too has shown interest in the implementation of the minsk agreements, so everything favors it now. this will probably distract them from their concerns contrived concerns about the non existent escalation. we start to napoleon suddenly barbarossa for this, the law. if i asked an additional question or do you personally think of the situation might escalate to an armed conflict? how would you ministry respond on such a scenario? was nodes not sure? so to governor, our philosophy is well known and has been known for
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a long time and can be found in the lines of the famous song to the russians want war. we do not want war with president putin. a said once again that we do not need conflicts, and we certainly hope that no one else is conflict. as a desirable course of action, rush will take strong measures to ensure it's secure to using any means it deemed necessary. we would like to send the warnings to hot heads. there are lots of them in ukraine, and some western politicians are trying to fuel such aggressive sentiment in ukraine. their idea is very simple, the more irritating fact than our borders, the more they hope the russia will be thrown off balance that does not get in the way of their geo political expansion. the president putin said it very clearly. at the defense ministry board meeting, we have all the means to provide an appropriate response, including military response to any provocation that may happen around us. i repeat, we would not like to go down this path at all with the ball is in our partners court. and even though there are still a great measure substances work done with the fact that the u. s. leadership has agreed on the action plan so swiftly is a positive step was coming appropriately just before new years to pursue money or the muslim the person to lose you as well as the national lottery. would you fed
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recently review of our friendly that the united states is actively giants in france for at least average world order by field army alliances. partnerships of an institution are designed to work in water whose interests. but how much of a threat to these attempts, pony, the rushes influence and global standing? what a volume and what concrete steps are being taken by rushing diplomats under countries leadership, which is to prevent a breakdown or decrease in the effective use of the un structure. new hit the new norm. no word serious is not a new issue in the beginning of this interview. amend overnighted states as a international law is said, they claim that everyone needs to respect the rule based international level. this is similar to you and have numerous programs, foundations, especially with regional economic regulations. now we're all countries are represented as dorothy distributions are open to all of you and members. but the west is establishing various platforms with the same functions outside the u. n. the paris peace column, for example, as lonesome journalism and media freedom initiatives,
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and many others like say for cyber spatial, international humanitarian, autotech, sheldon, or international organizational unesco, the un human rights council and others. if you deal with all these issues, it again, universal rules that we can establish under this umbrella of new and chart is a document that contains rules. we have nothing against the concept of news, but these have to be ruled. everyone agrees with how western colleagues i will feel like their interests are threatened in some areas including media, freedom for you, access to information and cyberspace issues are. but so trying to work our rules acceptable to everyone in the universal context of the you and would jeopardize the interest that they would like to prioritize unilaterally. you. that's why this is happening with and besides government, they tried to bring the business community in civil society to the level of develop the new york village of doing this. they will shout the main factor that make these agreements last armed into governmental nature. because he says the policy agenda, they are actively promoting and we think that they are wrong in their interpretation of what international relations in a day my counterparts. secretary state lincoln said yesterday, i think that american leadership matters of america has to lead and set the rulings
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of your world today and apparently face to face, meeting with counterparts in every, to level the world of lincoln. his that they glad that the united states is once again leading and ruling over there was he said something to that effect. adding that when america doesn't lead one of 2 things happening in the world, either some other country tries to take its place or you get a calles that philosophy a self issue. in order to flip this trend of returning to the will take the ship had germany, president putin, to close the summit of permanent un security council members, which is not are, these nations are more important than others. but according to the un charter, they are responsible for international peace and security. and together, they're supposed to come up with ideas that will help maintain this order. i'm sure that such recommendations will be welcomed by the rest of the insanity will continue to develop and promote this idea. right now we're doing preliminary work and discussing specific parameters who of course, rush will protect international law by leveraging its rolling other international organizations precisely un, including a cs, tioga liberation, economic union, c i as briggs plan, the se, oh, and the g 20. by the way,
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because this group of 20 to represents the whole spectrum of you and members, if only include the leading western powers, the g 7 as well as bricks. countries and their allies is a good platform for developing recommendations that would lead to be discussed a more universal format, like the u. n. program for over the viola mh samosas, the district court in the hague. in the m h. 17 trial has rejected the request of the defense to disclose the details of witness as for 5 and provide a transcript of their interrogation during which they stated that the missile that's shot down. the malaysian boeing was not as easily placed bolingbrook she gave me, i'm sorry, i missed the scott. when will the decision on this case be analysis and handle russia react? the accusations of leveled against them from their booth or go slow to shania, and we, who will most likely make a statement when the ruling is announced. for now, we're closely following the trial, 1st of all, because it's russian citizens who are these keys don't. of course, who says they've been attempt to create an impression that it's not a criminal case or the state level problem of some kind. the frosh control these
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people is absolutely unacceptable. and these are attempting to learning proper means. these are essentially criminal proceedings, review them as such as i understand an impartial lawyer can see that this is the case. may have been a huge number of inconsistencies, lack of respect with the rules for a fair trial, as well as the standards of record keeping and conducting witness interviews. almost none of the witnesses identities are disclosed, including the one you mention. one has be able to shed light on the facts that have been ignored by the investigation so far. and the fact that the defense counselors request is denied without any explanation is also telling. i wish i would even with yes and the fact that the field experiment indicated by amazon's hey, which prove that the prosecution claims regarding the type of missile you are not cooperating evidence. and the fact that our ministries providing documents showing the missile was manufactured. i think in 1086, the one was sent to military units stationed in ukraine and remained there until it was used because all of these flags have been ignored. however, there are other back room or political in nature, but nonetheless, very convincing. after the crash occurred, the 1st pitbull on the scene were foreign team, a team from malaysia. it was their aircraft than their airline working together
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with the militia, those who are being separated terrorists and so on. while i found the flight recorders and the militia handed over them for review, not trying to hide the muscles, but by the way, i think those black boxes were said to london for eggs. but assessment much until this day. no one has seen the results because then that as i say, the militia acting of their own accord, helping in handling the situation in the 1st hours. often the crash that showed up much later by his the interesting part, the netherland felt was trailer and ukraine, created a joint investigation team a malaysia was not invited. in fact, he was only invited to join the team 5 months later, although the rules of the international civil aviation organization required that the country that owned the plane must be on the crash site from the very beginning . the 3rd factor, stuart, look no by those who accused the russian states that it was russia who initiated the un security council resolution adopted a few days after the tragedy in instructing the international civil aviation organization to organize an impartial investigation and setting up the guidelines already most of them, by the way, that the organization has had little involvement in the investigation,
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which was you search by this joint investigation team with malaysia only in white with joined by the end of the year. in addition to the cremeans, i mentioned the field experiments organized by amazon, save the results of which were simply ignored by the investigation. russia provided rural data from its re dollars, which will also somehow reject it, even though they constitute evidence that is absolutely irrefutable. at the same time, no one has asked you, trained to disclose is rate on data short coaches except it gives explanations the right does not working at that time. at the moment. no one is asking ukraine to provide conversations between an air traffic controller and mh 17. the girl who picked up the phone and the control tower somehow got missing. there are very many questions to be all set again. no one is asking americans to provide the satellite state to which as they say, irrefutably proves that the investigation is correct. the investigation that we know to that the u. s. has stuff to watch images and this state moves quite enough of the investigation is the list of such absurdities. the blatant violations of the principle of impartiality with obvious factors being swept under the carpet, goes on and on. and then when the relatives in netherlands tried to file
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a lawsuit against ukraine for not shutting down his ass basement, it was dismissed as irrelevant to the case. let's take more recent events, the little offspring. when we saw the 1st wave of accusations against russia for conduct, the military exercise close to our western florida, those were just war games went any hostilities and said you couldn't have been but still the u. s. officially recommended the airlines to avoid this area. so the u. s . government to leave but military exercises were enough of a reason to issue a warning back in july 2014. when everyone knew there was actual raging on in the dumbass, the air space was not closed. now everyone just keeps their mouth shut about system says that it has nothing to do with anything that ukraine shouldn't have closed space anyway, double standards all over the place. not just like in many other cases where the west is involved and it's thrust my o news
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to what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very critical time. time to sit down and talk more when i was showing wrong when i just don't a whole new world. yes. to shape out this day because the advocate an engagement, it was betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground.
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join me every thursday on the alex simon, sure. and i'll be speaking together from the world of politics, sport, business. i'm sure business, i'll see you then ah, to night and an exclusive interview with our teeth brushes for a minute to says moscow will react to a flagrant attempt by berlin to block our teeth. new german language channels of to europe's leading satellite provider removes it at the request of the country's media regulator, which would be news. we cannot tolerate it any longer. and we believe if this unacceptable situation will go on and we will have to respond to it. so you'll have rob also questions the impartiality of the ongoing trial and from the downing a flight to make.


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