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see type of infrastructure connected to the internet to clear the realizing there's disruptive potential to that. those countries can't ignore it because it threatens national security issue. but if we take the nato, you country, virtually all of them subscribe to certain doctrines and maintains selling but task forces. they are a cyber army on behalf of a country. that's their job. european gas prices, p kid, or time records is the constant face, is a double whammy of power shortages and freezing temperatures are to come to south. sure. please who do the current tension in europe is the united states for with eva had to respond to every step of your presentation. curtis eyes is america, and nato is east of an expansion, noting that moscow is ready to deal with hostile actions. that is russia's defense,
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cheap horns, private u. s. military contract is a nice to me, crying are preparing publications involving chemical components. and the british prime minister supreme writings permits her story low as the full ag, grimes eva revelations repeated violations of k with rooms last year. and added countries, health workers to aligning up to same exploitation the page, you know, they've done nothing to address the pay. there's been no, no ester, i've seen from the government to, to tackle retention within the workforce. ryan has fought in syria. right now. i'm getting ready to go to the firing range and what machine. it's called, but he's got wheeler kurtz, the russian army latest bid to stay ahead of the game through a cutting edge drive the fence system with
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oh, good evening, 6 o'clock. moscow you watching arte international now we'll start with breaking news because gas prices in europe have hit an all time high. rising more than 24 percent on tuesday. a hike? does. the price is now more than $6.00 times that june amount. these are all of a has the latest record breaking day when it comes to the price of gas in europe. that has topped $2000.00 per 1000 cubic meters of gas for the 1st time ever. it's come about after gas brawn, the russian energy giant didn't book any gas transit through poland on the moll euro pipeline in its most very basic sense. that meant no extra gas would be arriving in germany. now, gas prong continues to live up to the contracts. it has with european nations like germany and others, but what it's not doing is sending any extra on to the market. what that means is there's an increased demand and well,
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not the supply as i said. so that means that prices have gone right up. in fact, they've gone through the roof this month alone. prices have risen by 40 percent since the summer. they've gone up 300 percent in that they start to take a toll on energy companies and number of them deciding that this is just too rich for their blood. and they've had served while they folded. they've had to file for bankruptcy. the latest to do that is neck m, and strong. here in germany, they supplied power to some 13000 homes across the country. they'll not be doing that any more as they decided they just can't be part of this with the energy price . so high now i said that gas brown continues to, i live up to the contracts which it's signed. however, that hasn't stopped european leaders from suggesting that russia is using energy is using gas supply in an attempt to try and exert political influence over some countries in europe. rogers used energy as a tool for political influence, the for instance, in moldova. and while it is strictly speaking,
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fulfilling its commitments on gas supplies, many seats, current refusal to increase export volumes to europe, or to refill gas from own storage facilities as a means to exert pressure on the ear. and specifically, to secure the regulatory licensing of no string to the kremlin spokesman dmitri pest golf as said this isn't an issue or for the russian government that this is an issue between europe and gas. prominent questions on this whole subject, well shouldn't be directed towards the kremlin. they need to go to gas prom h q. what is the reason for the decrease in gas deliveries? fire the amal europe pipeline with gas now going in the reverse direction. is that a link between a suspension of supplies, the germany, and the north stream to pipeline? no, there is no link. it's a purely commercial issue, and it's up to gas prompt to explain the reasons. well, when you look at the prices, it's clear to see why this is such a big issue with $4.00 to $4.00 and a half time increases across europe when it comes to gas prices. as i said,
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huge demand for russian gas in europe at the moment. it had been hoped that the, the nord stream to gas pipeline would be able to, to slake some of that 1st for gas. the plan was that that would be able to provide as much as 55000000000 cubic meters of gas every single year, directly into germany, and then on towards the rest of europe. however, it's found itself snarled off in a bureaucratic process when it comes to certification. here in germany right now, we're hearing it may well not be approved until the 2nd half of 2022. this is after we had thought it would be up and running by well, now that was after the united states lifted sanctions against the nord stream to company earlier in 2021 that had previously called the let cause delays on that project. that private u. s. military contract is maybe preparing a provocation involving chemical components in easton, ukraine. at least that's the warning from russia's defense chief at his ministries
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. annual meeting present person also spoke there to outlining concerns about native easton expansion and saying that the block will be responsible for any tensions just place with the current tension in europe is the united states fault. russia had to respond to every step at every step. the situation was getting worse and worse look, and today we're in a situation where we have to make decisions. those shows are both vladimir putin and defense minister showing go outlined the security and defense situation and russia where things stand the piece of modernization. they also mentioned that the degree of modernization, as in russia's military, is one of the highest in the world. but they also spoke about the challenges facing russia. missed the show go, for example, mentioning that more than a 100 american private military contractors were currently on the front lines in the civil war in ukraine, which is very close to russia's borders,
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how liberal they're instructing a ukrainian military personnel there. and also, mister shaw, you mentioned that they have information that perhaps are american private military contractors, a preparing a chemical publication where those are so a and i took, continues it in military assimilation of ukraine's territory does. it's been established in there currently more than a $120.00 employees of us private military companies, crescent in the finance region. here they are equipping firing positions and the residential buildings and, and public facilities assisting ukrainian special forces and radical on groups of her family room hostilities, some canisters, with an identified chemical components with the liberty to carry out publications in the region. that is your room with regards to international themes, vladimir putin himself spoke about the continuing encroachment of american un. nato forces towards russian borders. he reminisces about the past, for example, spoke about with how close her relations were between rush and the united states. a
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scott decades ago when cia offices good, we're openly advising the russian government, telling them of what steps to take, what policies to personal to pursue. where now, american military personnel was stationed in russian nuclear silo, overseeing things there. how can cosy relations between the united states and russia were at the time? but then things began to collaborate. lady by lit the united states, he said because and perhaps high on victory, a presumed victory in the cold war. we began funding, separatist and terrorist movements and organizations in chechnya for example, which led me to misery and countless debts. he said new things since then had grown worse and worse. we have sheep continued the waves of expansion, nato expansion towards russia. despite the fact that nato promised russia,
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but that wouldn't happen after the collapse of the soviet union. the situation since then vladimir putin says, has continued to work with nato, a considering ukraine's application to join, which potentially means american missiles stationed in ukraine. the flight of those missiles would be at 10 minutes flight time to moscow. they were hypersonic missiles, 5 minutes launch from ukraine to reach moscow, which for russia is entirely unacceptable. it leaves no time to react, which is why russia has low, has drawn its red line, which is why russia now demands security guarantees that noted native won't expand its infrastructure into ukraine. this is a matter in which russia is prepared to take the most the severe measures that may put in also said that even if security guarantees are given, that they can't be trusted. because the united states has a habit of manipulating or, or using international law to,
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to suit its purposes when it needs the un. it uses the un, if mentioned visitor, it remembers it when it suffered he, the u. s. and forgets it exists. and similarly, the united states pulls out of in dash lobster to other cheeses at will from the intermediate nuclear forces street, here from the open skies treaty. we've all, without explanation. and vladimir putin says russia stands ready to guarantee its own security. would you? but those renew, in case our western colleagues continued to push their clearly aggressive line, we will respond with an appropriate notary and technical measures. we will provide enough response to any unfriendly moves, and i want to stress, we have the full right to do this. all morale let we appleton also said that the russia doesn't want any bloodshed at once. stability once peace and corporation, but that it will take steps to ensure its own security, as he said,
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is that it is russia's right as it is the right of of every state. you also are made sure to measure the brush doesn't want exceptional special conditions for itself. all at once is for its security to be guaranteed mcgasey then our head of the torch, the defense ministry, put a brand new submarine from the pacific fleet. through its paces, launching an underwater caliber cruise missile weapons successfully struck its target on mainland russia. after travelling more than a 1000 kilometers from the sea of japan, while the russian military is ought to be showcasing its 1st strike thrown and we'll be having a closer look at that a bit later on in the program. the beleaguered british prime minister's approval ratings. her nose dived to a record low forest. johnson currently has just half the support he had at the start of the pandemic. most people poll do now believe that he won't be leading the
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government and he is time. or the main reason seems to be the almost daily damning revelations. am photograph suggesting that down the street staff, conservative party workers, and even the prime minister himself violated cove with restrictions last year slate . his picture published by the guardian. they show boris johnson with his family and staff, sharing wine and cheese in the downing street garden. when the rest of the country was under strict laws and social mixing during the 1st slot down, despite the fatal evidence. so johnson rejects, there was any wrong doing do you normally have wine and cheese, or were meetings with people at work? those were meetings of people at work today, but this is where i live and where i work are. those are meetings of people at work talking about work. what i and heavy british prime ministers rose is an open letter by national health service staff accusing his government of exploiting them is after he asked maddox to help her delivered the fastest and biggest vaccination drive to stave off. the surging on the crown code with variant health work as
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though do say they are being asked for more and more, but it getting nothing in return. we would like to ask each and every one of you why, despite our incredible efforts, you continue to exploit us on behalf of the whole n h s workforce. we want you to acknowledge the damage. you have cost apologize and let someone else fix your mess. the n a chest needs to be removed from the political playground people's lives aren't again. or we spoke to an n h s nurse who are scaled back her work because of the immense pressure she was under. and she says that she sees no effort by the government to tackle the issues medical staff are facing where we're already seeing like widespread shortage. is that all having a massive impact on patient care? and not only that, i think working under those conditions where you are short staffed, then impacts the workers as well and, and it's kind of like a cycle,
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it becomes unbearable. and so that i think is a massive reason why i just stay and people walk away and drive. i myself have left the road. i was in a contracted role. i've left that now and i just do agency type nice thing. the paid, you know, they've done nothing to address the pay the 3 percent that they have given you know, inflation that she has 4 percent so it's not felt by, by the stuff you know, why would they stay under this pressure doing this thought? what if they're not being paid fairly and they don't feel valued? there's been no, no s that i think from the government to, to tackle retention within the work. i way i know so many colleagues walked away. the fact that we haven't had to pay addressed the fact that way with now asked to increase the amount of in a booster jobs that we get paying and not is going to have an effect then on the services that we can offer. it's a lot,
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a lot of pressure at the moment and people are tired, they all devalued that demoralized and i can't see anything that this government is doing at the moment. to address that model. the british medical journal, one of the world's leading industry publications as lashed out to the face at facebook for incompetent fact checking that lead to one of its articles being block . well, it was reports, we got a missing context flag for it's report or major flaws in the 5. the vaccine trial shot which dashti reports. the british medical journal, which is one of the world's most prestigious, is now roasting facebook for inaccurate, incompetent, and irresponsible fact checking us even legitimate information like their own as being branded as this information. readers began reporting a variety of problems when trying to share our article. some report had been unable to share it. many others reported having their post flags with warning about
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missing context. we find the fact check before and by lead stories to be inaccurate, incompetent and irresponsible. it fails to provide any assertions of fact that the b m g article got wrong. so this was all in relation to a journal that was published earlier last month by the b m j themselves and shed on social media. the article included materials revealing a host of paul clinical trial research practices that they all you could impact that data integrity and of course, patient safety all within this contract research company that was working, helping to deliver the 5 the vaccination. now, according to the bmc this article really had trouble being shared online and somewhat even branded with these warnings, saying that they were independent fact check is the same as information could even mislead people. obviously they were very, very angry indeed,
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but matter has hit back saying that best park check has a working around the clock to look at information and see. but if any content has any missing information they will be affected. of course, the missing context label applies to content that while true or real might still be misleading because crucial information is missing. we would like to point out the lead stories are not involved and enforcing said community guidelines and that we agree, this content probably should not be blocked. while they also went on to say that and to vaccine use this article as proof that the entire clinic trial was fraudulent, and indeed the vaccine was unsafe. but for the b m. j, it's simply unacceptable. they are, of course, highly reputable as source of information here in the united kingdom, and obviously are allegations like that will seriously discredit them. they also say what they're presenting is fact. however, facebook may be looking at it more like it is fiction that finally it is
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that time of year for taking store can planning ahead and for the russian defense ministry that does main staying ahead of the technology game. but believe this, i with archie, julie chef of oliver, who takes a look at the military's latest drug system. ah, with we're showing this british for the 1st time odyssey film, the moment a guided missile launched by rushes around unmanned aerial vehicle and moving at target a ryan of the russian on his fast multifunctional recognizance and strike the if pass a number of stringent tests has now been ordered by the defense ministry of russia
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and is in mass production. mm ryan also performed successfully in ministry operations and syria. iran is the production name, but in the russian army it's in a hold it which translates as pacing horse or ryan or in hot it's true, has a maximum take off weight of more than a ton carries a payload of 250 kilos. it's 8 meters long and has a wingspan of 16 meters. it's flying. duration is more than 24 hours. it's ottomans can be placed on 3 attachment points. it kind of use corrected and then guided bombs and guided missiles. in terms of it ties and capabilities, a ryan can be compared with the american and key one, c great eagle. these railey home is 900 and the chinese wing, but the tank is joined by iraq tanelle in russia for its participation in the now gordon, a car back and see we're in conflict as well. it's 4. it's used by neighboring
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ukraine in the don't boss is home to size that voice carrying capacity is also half as much. welcome to drone began in 2011 to come for the 1st time in 2016. and in april 20 to 20. it ended said this with the russian army, stay in a hotel turn has been a real combat in syria. it's, he's in service with the russian army while it's younger, yet larger brother, ellen with other trains are being developed by the concept company here in moscow. i really need the 1st domestic unmanned aerial vehicle belonging to the international nail clause, which stands for medium altitude, long endurance, u, a v. as mentioned earlier, it can stay aboard for more than 24 hours. initially its mission was to conduct aero recognizance, dand night in a wide variety of climates including in the arctic and and the desert. today, a ryan is he's not totally for reconnaissance, but also for strike purposes. one ground control center. i can handle several
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aircraft at once. the complex comprises for several air crow 6 there are up to 6 large drone was in one the complex of at the same time. the complex allows you to maintain your fleet controls and ensure the use of up to door drones in the air. what the now we're working on a new modification. it will allow one control point of is a provide simile, tenuous control plan coordination of up to 20 aircraft. or in fact, this is already small technology also, and the complex includes a ground take off and landing point b, a ground control station and ground support facilities. this machine can lift to 150 kilos. these are optical electronic systems. video cameras and radars was trying purposes it, he's as both standard small caliber albums and weapons designed specifically for drain 5 i standing near by the chat with engines on you will hardly be able to hear
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me around a different distinctive feature is the low acoustic signature which makes the device almost silent. one implies 1000 meters above the as the enemy can be taken by surprise. in order to choice can fly for such a long time, the device must have a perfect ira dynamic platform. in particular, a wing of high aspect ratio is designed on that plant if engine has low fuel consumption. iran is powered by a piston engine, which is also assembled internally by the manufacturer. that our complex has an open architecture ethic, which allows integrating almost any payloads due to winning weapons in accordance with the customers requirements because we produce both domestically or abroad. and the most important thing in the u. a. v is software, both on board and external. 90 percent of it is produced in the constant group of companies. and this is the most vital and expensive work. this is a unified ground control center 4, medium and heavy. you ease from here,
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the aircraft is prepared for flight systems are tracked and if necessary, it's mission is controlled during the flight. also, the control center has the function of a built in simulator. so operators have the opportunity without lifting the aircraft into the ad to train the control of its target loads. communication between other vehicles and interaction with other types of troops. wheel at the ground control center, which is capable to guide all the drones produced by the crunch type company. therefore, they call it a universal control center. a lot of official intelligence is used here. and this is how the real, what happens, a ryan is during his combat mission flying over the firing range billboard is controlling remotely. it is about to capture and find a target by the way they do by asha november 2021. the company rolled out
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a new automated workstation, if several such workstations are installed in a grant control center, it will be possible to control as many as 20 drones at once. and finally, another challenge for a ryan's manufacturer is, is the very tight deadlines that the ministry of defense, the says for the company, that's all in order to increase the production volume of this and other larger size drawings. a new blonde is being billed and deb nanette, moscow, it's launch is scheduled for the end of this year. so it's obvious that business got off the ground and very soon flying robles will god and protect us. u dash above oliver aussie ah ah
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no one else showed the wrong when all just a sheep out becomes the advocate. an engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground. ah working room or should in the back. she popped in, she said, well,
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i'm getting ready to go shopping for christmas. and i wish there was a gun to buy another shooting another safe part of american life shattered by violence. the gunman was armed with an a ar 15, semi automatic rifle. when the issue comes home, it's time to act when we're aspire on this issue, the other side wins. by default, the lady that lived over there. i was walking one of the dogs, which is why do you wear again? were you scared me? nothing could take it off of you. i think the people need to take responsibility in their own and be prepared if those kinds of weapons were less available. we wouldn't have a lot of the shootings that we certainly wouldn't have the number of deaths. it's too late, you cannot do anything about it. it's now a self,
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a billing extension event for the u. s. economy, sorry, america, but it's over because the ability to do what paul walker did raise rates is no longer on the table because the duration risk, the fundamental underpinning of us kinda the bond market is so far out the outdoor that any little bit move up. we'll crash it anyway, so it's either crash or one way or crash in another way, but you're not going to avoid the crash. so driven by dreamers shaped by control center. those with think me, we dare to ask in ah,
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when you refuse to move in life, call it stubborn. however, when involves the principal or subject you believe in, it's called scanning your ground. but standing your ground more often is going against the status quo or the majority. and this can hurt your popularity, but doesn't matter if you achieve your ultimate goal. take senator joe mentioned, who is standing his ground and has single handedly stopped president bite into $1.00 trillion dollar build back better act well at least until the new year. and we will discuss this with our panel. and if the democrats, my trade different approach, which will involve some of their friends on the right, instead of trying to reconcile with their own. and remember when it seemed many other countries of followed in the u. s. his footsteps and elected a conservative president. well, could there be a power shift to liberalism?
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now that president biden is in office, we're going to have our chillies, newest and youngest president who valve to tax the super rich in its own country, as well as other leaders around the world who are shifting to the left. and j. k. rowling has come under fire for her comment regarding a trans ideology. however, she is not caving and the council culture seems determined to destroy her legacy. this time going after the sport, her harry potter series created and changing the name and truck drivers are standing up for what they believe was an unfair sentence, given falling a devastating crash which killed 4 individuals. now the trucker say it was not intentional as the brakes failed and the young driver could not do anything to prevent. all we're going to give you the details of the case and why truckers are turning around as a color state line. i'm sky now. he's these stories are more on today. the news is
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use right here on our t america. ah, it's all the real president. it is country joe mentioned the joe biden matter wife for the con charlemagne. i realize it's job by chance. no, no, no, no, no, it's joe biden. and don't start talking like a republican about asking whether or not he's president, do you think you'll make a job? and it's joe biden, and i'm vice president, and my name is comma harris, who the vice president give a very a saucy response and clarification. but you know, something is wrong with the messaging. if your own a friendly media is questioning, who actually holds the power in the white house? now all of this happening for good reason, because a joe mentioned says no, therefore the bills back america is a no go. but a senator chuck schumer,
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delays the vote until after the holiday, mainly be.


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