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a oh, working room or should she popped in? she said, well, i'm getting ready to go shopping for christmas. and i wish there was a good bye to another shooting another safe part of american life. shattered by violence. the gunman was armed with an hour 15, semi automatic rifle. when the issue comes home, it's time to act when we're silent on this issue, the other side wins by default, lady that lived over there. i was walking one of the dogs, which is why do you wear again when you scale and nothing but take it off it. i think the people need to take responsibility into their own hands and be prepared if those kind of weapons were less available. we wouldn't have a lot of the shootings that we certainly wouldn't have. the number a desk with
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a boom bought one business, so you can't automate that brand new board. and i'm rachel blevins in washington and coming up china central bank confirm that will cut it healing rate for the 1st time in 20 months. i mean, continue supply chain shortages and concern surrounding global demand. we'll take a look at how markets are reacting, what energy prices are storing in europe as temperatures continue to drop. well, that's got the latest on the fate of the north through your pipeline, and whether it could face new sanction from the last blog. the united kingdom has
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a post wrecked the tray deal without as it looks to build stronger tides of the nation. well, they're going to all those details. got a lot to get to. let's go. we lead the program with china central bank and now i think it will lower its benchmark when benchmark lending rate for the 1st time since april of 2020. now while the one year loan prime rate was only adjusted from $3.00 down to 3.8 percent, the news comes days after the peoples bank cut, the amount of cash commercial banks are required to hold signaling beijing's acknowledgment of its flowing economy. now the new sent asian markets reeling and the u. s. in europe weren't far behind as investors reacted to concerns that demand could be impacted by the spread of the latest cobra. 1900 barian. although the symptoms of the micron various have been mild, it's the speculations surrounding what could happen that has also impacted oil
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prices. sending brent crude features falling nearly 4 and a half percent. all of this raising the question of whether the year of record highs is coming to a very sun and, and as 2021 comes to a close to joining us on this gosh, i've been moscow host, christie, i and octavio marines, the ceo of openness, l l. c. kristi, let's start with you here. now china has recently said that it wants to focus on stability and just about every aspect of its economy over the next year. is this move to lower? it's a benchmark rate part of that process. in a way, i guess the people thing to china implement was prudent monetary policy in order to stabilize the growth of credit in order to support the real economy. so they're currently focused on maintaining the quality at a reasonable and ample level while they're also undergoing the changes in a tiny credit amongst risky assets and investment, such as speculative real estate. so the low crime rate primarily affects corporate
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and household loans. so by cutting a benchmark rate, it is tempting to keep enter the financing costs at a lower level. china also now, but they will double down on financial support from micro small and medium pipe enterprises. which, unless that will help to cushion the current downward nomic pressure. because while china was actually quite quick to bounce back from the initial one of ours outbreak earlier this year, the latter has been dragged down by muti consumer spending aging 0 tolerance policy for controlling subsequent outbreak and also title regulations, particularly on tech and real estate. so now the tools are being employed to try to balance out the economy back to equilibrium, while it also tries to rein in the credit and speculative sectors. however, some analysts do not believe the current measures are enough in order for trying to depend its g d p growth, 5 percent in 20. 22 does more is expected to continue in order to find out that the carry and job market and the mega hit to the real estate market. just that just now
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i want to get your take on this because as christy rightfully pointed out, the lp are dealed with lending rate for corporate in household loans and, and it's seen as an attempt to get to relieve lending pressure. but is there any indication that will actually have a significant impact? what do you think? i melissa this, run the numbers again from 3.85 percent down to 3.8 percent. and my book that's reduction of 0.0. 5 percent. i don't think that's going to make the difference one way or another. so this is a very, very small move. but what is really interesting about that is it takes people like china in the opposite direction that we're seeing other central banks around the world, considering and thinking about going to talk about the fed tapering and spawn purchases that will drive up interest rates in the u. s at least marginal 1st than maybe more aggressively afterwards. and european central bank is at least toy with the idea of moving that sense and direction. so we're seeing real dichotomy there between the people's bank of china and then the central banks in europe and the u. s move in the opposite direction, but i think more than i think it's pretty pointed out that they're trying to
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salvage, basically, the real estate bubble that has burst and it's causing tremendous amount of pain and china moment. i've seen that there is an ex really plummet, of course, the past i think basically since march or april of this year. and that's really causing a lot of pain for a lot of different companies. so they're trying to inflate that. but it's going to take more than a 0.05 percent change the interest rate. i think we're very interested because as we often see that the 1st move is kind of a signal for what they come. as you mentioned, many are going up while trying to maybe in the downward trajectory when it comes to interest rates for the time being. i want to kind of move on to some other points or because christy from markets to oil prices, we're seeing a strong reaction to the spread of the i'm a crown very, even though the symptoms have been mild but the spread seems to be wider. what is feeling that panic? i think a big part of that is actually just need your reaction from investors in the market because after all, it's better to be safe than sorry. so rather react 1st and then ask questions later . and i don't blame them because the market participants have lived through this
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blood back before the markets. and i'll go the legs when they read about a new new wearing, spreading around or new twitter post, they'll all start dumping all correlated access. because like oil, consumer destruction, a travel, leisure hotels, those are the industries that got hit the hardest during the 1st lockdown cruise lines as well. so the media also isn't really helping either. they're also blocking out panic, analog information to which causes map uncertainty in the populations, which then goes on to damp and consumer sentiment. so if consumers get worried about another variant, again, that means less than a less dining outlets problem less productivity. and that ultimately leads to a big slow down in the economy. so sometimes the market is like a big go chamber and things just reverberate until there is clarity about steps forward. until then, the market just going to be an uncertain limbo territory because it figures another massive slow down or are locked out. and while i think a lockdown is unlikely at this point in time. nevertheless,
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it is still an overhang uncertainty in certain regions of the world. certainly not . speculation plays a big role now. octavio, what do you make of all of this? i mean, when we see kind of this panic that goes across the markets last week we were talking about how we didn't really see any sort of tapered tantrum from markets when it came to the federal reserve. the latest announcement is that kind of playing into what we're seeing now, or does it have more to do with those concerns about demand and what could happen? well, i'm waiting to see the tape attention. i think it's on the way it's going to come, but it's really interesting if you look at the us treasury market so far, they've taken all this in their stride. so the yields on 10 year treasury is still holfram just below 1.4 percent. that hasn't really bugged since j power announced this tape or the 6 ration of the table. so that hasn't made its way through the market just yet. i think markets sort of half expecting the front to back down at some stage. and so we've got new problems. what new pressures on the well, the con, i'm going to have to read, restart the bon purchase program, and we have to,
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we made a mistake that we need to, we accelerate that jump back into the markets. but i think there's little doubt if he continues to basically turn the spirit often, reduce the bond purchases and really get to 0 and perhaps even reverse them increase interest rates. we will have seen the peaks of the market some time to come in. i expect a very strong reaction and i expect that on the downside, across asset classes, i don't see any way i spoke to hide a quiz. market will go down on price will go down. those will go down, we just take all those things, been pushed up enormously by monetary policy. and we'll see that going to reverse. now. chris, what do you make that i think is absolutely right away until january things out. because we are now, we're going to holiday, we're going to season or whining down the se positions, and it won't be until next year to really see the final results and what things are that. he has certainly a lot at stake here. we've got about 30 seconds left. i'm going to be the final word. well, like i said,
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i think it's really easy to see that the people's bank of china and the fed sort of going opposite directional on this. maybe the chinese are slightly ahead of the place where the u. s. economy is now in the, the, the u. s. equity markets and real estate markets. but it's interesting, you know, talking about these record highs. i don't think the chinese addressed or would see it that way at all. i mean, if you were chinese and i'm lucky enough to invest in the shanghai composite index back in lighted oaks over 2007, you'd still be sitting 14 years later on a 35 percent loss. so the highs in the chinese stock market slate way, way back a ticket in africa. so these recognize very much a u. s. phenomena to electrics at the european one. but we certainly see that only in the u. s. in this particular unfolding of the markets. going inside as always been less. christy i and octavia mirandi of openness, l. c. thank you both for your time. thank you and us, senator. ted cruz has secured an agreement for a vote on possible sanctions for the nordstrom to pipeline. now as part of
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a deal to clear the way for dozens of by the nominees, the senate will vote on cruises, legislation on sanctions related to the construction of the pipeline by january 14th. it will need 60 votes in order to pass. now this, as europe has never needed the north stream to more than right now, electricity bills have surged as fears of a gas supply shortage drive up the price of power across the continent. joining us now discuss is our good friend, jose investigative journalist, ben swan. now ben, it seems that every country except poland and some of the scale, maybe in countries have recorded a price of over $300.00 euros per megawatt hour for the coming week. explain what is actually happening in europe currently. yeah, well, you know, we've been saying kind of tongue in cheek here for the last few weeks and months that winter is coming will now winter is here, right. the, the temperatures are in europe are falling dramatically. that means the need for more energy for heating is on the rise and the price of natural gas is on the rise
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. this. and there's a couple of really important points here. you mentioned about, you know, $300.00 euros per megawatt hour is what most countries are paying. but some countries like france or pay even higher than that closer to $400.00. and here's what's really incredible about all this is that europe has been for several years now. been buying their energy on the spot market, which means they don't have long term contracts a long term deals. this is been a huge criticism that russian president vladimir putin has had about europe. he criticizes the fact that they refused to sign long term deals with russia in order to bring down the overall price of natural gas. and instead the only buy from the spot market will because they're doing that, the spot market price continues to rise based upon one speculation. but to based upon the need of people who say right now, i need more energy in order to warm my home. and then there's a 3rd component to all of this. is that in france right now, there are a number of nuclear plants where nuclear energy is garnered from shut down because the safety issues,
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i think there's 3 to 4 of them. and so when you're no longer able to access that nuclear power for energy, the ship has all not on natural gas as well. and it's interesting to see how they rely so much on russia, but then almost blame russia for that. it's all all conflicting here. now there's been a lot of back and forth when it comes to this pipeline. i know we've covered its construction looking at every percentage of the way when it finally got to 100 percent. and then germany came along in november suspended approval for north stream to citing concerns over the operation of the pipeline. now, in germany's energy regulator said that the approval would resume once the nordstrom to company registered in switzerland, transferred assets and staffing its budget to its german subsidiary. but now in germany's regulator is saying that approval won't happen until at least the middle of next year. so even more waiting, but could that change considering what is happening with energy prices right now? well, in theory it could change and there's a couple of ways to change. one is that the,
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even the leaders that want to take long hurk and that there's a lot of political pressure, obviously applied to them. all right, and it appears we're having a little bit of trouble with ben swans connection, but that's okay. boom bus, spend swan, we wish you be that have your right now. but let's take a quick break here. so time for that quick break. and when we come back, the u. k. has entered a free trade agreement with australia in an effort to strengthen economic ties. where to take a look at what's involved in its impact moving forward. and as we go to break here, the number to the quote
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hello, driven by dream shapes banks concur. some of those with theirs sinks. we dare to ask in until late. you cannot do anything about it. it's now a self, a billing expansion event for the u. s. economy, sorry, america, but it's over because the ability to do what paul walker did raise right, is no longer on the table. because the duration rest, the fundamental underpinning of us kinda the bond market is so far out the outdoor
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that any little bit move up. we'll crash it anyway. so it's either crash or one way or crash it another way, but you're not gonna avoid the crash. technology is a very big industry and there's a lot of opportunities for hackers. libby that it's not him, but he didn't bring the law in the country you're dealing with and why rest in the major cybersecurity challenge is the sovereignty of laws. but cyberspace has no borders, new sovereignty, we ended up with, for example, the national health service in the u. k. the and a chest was completely wiped out from a ransomware attack. if you were coming into a clinic, because you had a test or you had an operation, they can't find your records. they had to go back to pen and paper with
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the walls and back the united kingdom in australia have signed an agreement that promises to add more than $13000000000.00. an additional trade this, as australia has faced sanctions from china, its largest trading partner, as tension between the 2 sides continue to boil over so according to reports, the deal were moved nearly all tariffs between the 2 sides. however, agriculture items like beef and lamp, will still have protections at the onset will also allow you k companies to bid for billions in public sector contracts, removing some visa hurdles if faith in the past. so what is the significance of the 1st trade deal to be negotiated from scratch, post breakfast? well, joining us now, this guy is hillary for, but board members with the british american business association. so let's start with that. what is the take away from all of this?
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do you have a long time to talk about this? we can really do a lot to touch back with you again, brenda rachel. but there's a lot here to unpack. i'm one of the things that's huge. of course, the u. k is predominantly a professional services economy and this is actually giving the okay for up to 3 years of what they're calling sort of the visa holiday. which means that there's a that can be a transference of the professional staff from the u. k to australia. that's a huge deal and it's extended, it used to be 30 years old now it's extended to 35 years old. so if you are a professional with a family to they've also lifted the restrictions on family employment. so your young professional, you have a wife or husband, you have kids, you can move to australia or vice versa to the u. k. so that's huge in terms of professional services. then in terms of a lot of products, it is actually eliminated all terrorists between both countries. this, to quote, the ceo of the british australian chamber of commerce date, david mccord re,
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this is a win win creation. there aren't any loses in this situation, particularly for the u. k. perspective for confectionary on products, cheeses, immensely, of course, and then whiskey, and a lot of the u. k. a micro cultural products going into australia and then from australia, of course, a lot of their products, especially in the meat products, the lamb and the beef going into the u. k. one of the hold ups always was the different standards, the different standards in terms of use of hormones. and that's an issue with a course the u. s. trade deal. but those have been sort of eliminated. and this has been a win win, like i say, for both nations. i think something that's interesting aside, back to here is this, as i mentioned before, what the more deals that the u. k. finalizes, it puts pressure on the u. s. y. because now the u. k isn't much stronger position to negotiate the u. s. u k tre deal because they're having all these other deals completed across the country. and you're right. this is the 1st one that's actually from scratch and eliminating all tariffs. but let's talk when she was secretary of
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trade, she did complete 70 other ones. so that's really important in terms of the u. s. one other factor, it's very important also in terms of the you case pivot towards asia. this is one of the things in terms of moving away from the e u. the u. k. wants to pivot to asia, that trans pacific, packed in terms of all those nations in the pacific region, australia was a member of that. so this is one step further to completing that agreement as well . so overall, huge. yeah, no, that's fascinating to see how, you know, i know you mentioned the buying and ministration specifically and putting that pressure on them. yeah, i think that they are actually really feeling that pressure on their end. is this something that they are considering looking at the u. k, looking at their success with australia and considering moving forward on that? well, i don't know, rachel, what i would say is that, of course, the by ministration. 2 things. one, when he was part of the bar administration, obama, of course and said, you know, practice, it goes through, you'll be at the back of the line. so we know that there was a sort of been stalling. the other thing is rather interesting. the u. s. as
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announced that caroline kennedy will now be the on basset. it was straight out. well, obviously, her irish heritage that the kennedys of all the renown for not being the best friends of the british and everybody recalls joe kennedy's pack for the nazis, should the u. k. lose the 2nd world war? so that's not a friend of the u. k. so the answer is i don't know definitively, but i would say if you are the u. s. trade negotiations negotiator wouldn't you think you'd want to kind of get moving because you're not going to get any stronger when the u. k. is finalizing deal off the deal off the deal, or a much better situation. they will. it's certainly hard to say what captured tie is up to the us trade representative and where we might end up going. and now you mentioned that of course, the head of the u. k. australia chambers of commerce says this is a win win. well, the one people, one group of people aren't exactly so happy about it, had it is farmers in the u. k. they are going to be undercut when it comes to prices from australia. good coming into the country. what does that concern that's
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really about it's about it's really only in the area of me. certainly not jesus, because the u. k. jesus all the buried and everybody remembers that monty python skipped about the cheese shop. there are so many types of british cheeses they're desperate for in australia. so for cheeses? no, it's not all farmers. it basically is pretty much the lamb and some of the be farmers and that has been no pun intended. that's been a big be for quite a long time. and that was really about, like i mentioned before, it's about the hormonal issue that they use certain hormones in australia and also off the 26. the commitment on the u. k. farming industry, the commitment they've had to make in terms of being eco friendly. and they don't have those same regulations in australia. the concern is that it's not a level playing field. that's a concern. now whenever it comes to you, i know we've talked a lot about these trade deals, but whenever it comes to the u. k, the economy, there still are kind of those concerns hanging over, especially about the latest variant of 19 and it spreads now even though the symptoms are mild, it still has led to a lot of talk that there could be even locked down again in the country what's the
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latest on that? and is that something that you think that the people would, would comply with if they were to be put in place? ok, a few things on that racial number one, you've probably heard that the netherlands is now totally locked down, locked down and the queen has just announced this is sort of hot news that she has counseling christmas with the royal family at sandringham. and that is huge. for her to do, the reason that's important in this whole mix is people across the u. k. everybody really looks at the creed we've talked about this before. it's really to like the countries grandmother. she's very solid, very stable. she's not an alarmist in the slightest bit that when she does something that sends a message to the nation. on the other hand, of course you have david frost, the former, you chief negotiator. he was lined on saturday, saying that he could not comply. he feels as a minister that he would have to be. it's a collective vote when you vote for something and that he does not support the locked downs and live neither does list lives trust nor dominic rob. so i think the nation is very divided over this as we all hit in the u. s. and when you asked
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about where people comply, couple of other issues, of course, as we met christmas party the, the revelation that last year there was a lot of reveling going on on chris. right before christmas 10 downing street. they had a party while the whole of the country was locked down. so people's grandmothers, an elderly parents passing away when they didn't get to see that people weren't able to see that family the christmas. that's negative for the tory party and then that's just come out in the last couple of days. the guardian really photographs of both johnson and his wife and a garden party serving cheese wine over the summer. and i think it was may often locked down. so to answer your question directly, the british public doesn't like you poxy, but they're seeing the queen being sensible and this is necessary. what it looks like going to happen. they're not going to counsel christmas nor boxing day, which is a day after christmas, very important to the u. k. but december 27th. it looks like that might be locked down and it's very likely that they could be some kind of locked down in january.
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that's what's being talked about. and the moment the minutes of the still divided m p 's. but i think you'll probably see them get on board but something them, but so far boys, johnson said no to those scientists. all right, i got 32nd about lives trust as the new brexton negotiator. what does this do is they're negotiating the northern ireland protocol. well, they're hoping that will be less prophy with you because of course, held a tough line i will say about let's trust. there's pros and cons of the pros, all. she is tough and she get things done. i think she's extremely pragmatic. that's how she was able to get 70 of those trade deals on. so from that perspective, i think also it gives the u. k. a sort of an out to, to change pause a little bit with you and we already know they've, they've suffered a little bit in terms of the european court of justice, being able to really know that on. and so my prediction is you'll see something finalize with less trust at the help of the british american business. so thank you so much pressure ration. and finally, as we have talked about it, it's been
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a huge year for the auction market in 2021. and famed auction house other base has reap the reward breaking in $7300000000.00 in sales this year. a 46 percent increase from last year, and the highest number in it's 277 year history. so these credits the record year to quote, an influx of younger tech savvy collectors who are interested in the hi, valerie luxury goods they are known for and the prevalence of an f t. now, in fact, the auction house said 44 percent of bitters we're doing. so for the 1st time, when it comes to an 80 percent of those making offers. we're 1st time bitters, while they say the digital assets make up only a small portion of their sales and april event created a dramatic expansion of its audience. this is fascinating. i know we've talked about and she's a lot this year and a lot of times we kind of talk about them and more of the ridiculous sense specifically how much people are willing to pay for them. but. a are they here to stay? i think so, but i think if look at them as a way of onboarding something,
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whenever there is something that's huge in the news, when there's a lot of talk about it, if you start to go, okay, here's a digital collector's item. this isn't at a t, but at the end of the day, you may say, hey, that's not right for me, but i've learned a lot about maybe this good or this is what the store of value is when it comes to even, you know, sports collectibles, have become in a huge thing this year. so i think for a learning experience, i think sometimes when the not so good option is there the better option kind of come to your top of your mind that absolutely, and it's fascinating to see. so the b is really getting in on the trends, staying up with the times, and i'm sure we'll see even more of all of this in 2020. and one of the other things they pointed out there was over 50 percent of their audience, especially for a piece was under the age of 40. so when you're bringing in young people, i don't know a lot of people who are going to auction houses regularly. so that's, that's all we know, and that's it for this time you can catch the bus on demand on the portable tv app available on smartphones and tablets. you google play in the apple app store by
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searching portable tv and be sure to update the app is for the tv is even getting better than ever. and we'll see if we can be downloaded on samsung smart tv, roku devices or simply check it out a portable tv will see you next time me ah ah, when i would show the wrong one, i'll just don't rule out the thing because after an engagement equals the trail when so many find themselves will depart, we choose to look for common ground in
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oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way, or are you being led somewhere? which direction? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend. ah, so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. oil and gas, manufacturing, electricity, telecom transportation, all of them now have io
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t type of infrastructure connected to the internet. so clearly realizing there's disruptive potential so that those countries can't ignore it because it threatens national security issue. but if we take the nato e u countries, virtually all of them subscribe to certain doctrines and maintains, sorry, but task forces. they are a cyber army on behalf of a country. that's their job here . paying gas prices pay kid all time records is the constant face is a double whammy of power shortages and freezing temperatures. all start to come to the south, just police who do the current tension in europe is the united states for with eva had to respond to every step of president. those incur decides is america and they say is east of an expansion noting that moscow is ready to deal with hostile actions. that is rush.


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