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tv   News  RT  December 20, 2021 11:00am-11:30am EST

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he's willing to take responsibility in the rural nansen be prepared. is those kinds of weapons who are less available? we wouldn't have a lot of the shootings. we certainly wouldn't have the number of deaths ah ah plan. he's in violence in europe. his government's toughen restrictions to combat the new ramp code with varying on the chrome. also, this is frances, on the ballpark with amazon, i was a firms chief book to live raised that under cut locum stools to government even adopting a new bill to force the company to charge his customers more. and despite the lack of any police investigation, top american actor chris, no named 2, millions of sex in the cities, missed
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a big gets dropped by the agent and loses new critique teams that are for sex, assault allegations, against imp, ah, la, good. even just gone 7 here in the russian cap really watching art international starts out with breaking east t because 2 women have been taken hostage in paris spine armed assailant who is demanding to speak to the french minister of justice. a report say that the suspect brandishing a knife is known to have mental health issues and police are at the scene. that's all we know at the moment to cough bring you more details. asked me, get europe is enduring a new wave of anti lock down. unrest as governments move to tighten restrictions in a race to be the fast spreading, u. k. very. and omicron: tensions are particularly high in belgium. clashes erupt it at a huge rally on sunday.
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home . on sunday, thousands of people came out to protest against belgium, government covert measures in brussels, and they're particularly unhappy with the push that's being put forward by the belgian government to encourage people to come forward for vaccinations. what they've said is that there's a, a 3 month window for health care workers to get jobs between january and march of next year. otherwise, they faced losing their jobs. people up, the protest in belgium said they're really not happy with some of these measures that have been put in place. you'd have new ones, christina, but we were checked the society in which we live today. the one we're offered. it's
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not necessarily a question of vaccination or not. the polarized debate is what was our goal is to say, we don't want to, society looks italian. she called her, we're here because our freedom is under threat and we want to restore it after it has been lost for 2 years before it was i can't go up a whole and i fight for the freedom of the future generation. i'm ready to take to the street and lose everything to let them have their freedom, which is a fundamental right, wasn't, or this is fall from an issue just in belgium, all across europe. over the weekend just gone. we sold protests in austria, they turned particularly violent crushes between police and demonstrate as in austria, austria. of course, one of the 1st countries to insist that there would be mandatory vaccination from 2020 to those who don't get a vaccine from february next year. well, they face fines and potentially some jail time if they don't come through with that . we also see new measures put in place in the netherlands and then you locked down
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in place in the netherlands that came into force from sunday. what that means is, all balls and cafes will be closed. schools and colleges also, although most of those are already short for christmas, holidays restaurants are going to be limited towards providing take our meals. it caused a lot of unrest in a number of cities, including the hague, where we saw thousands of people out on the streets. thousands of people also demonstrating in germany as well in the cities of humber, dusseldorf, berlin, over cities as well. people coming out to say that their own happy not only with the measures that are in place, but with what they expect to call into force in the near future. on sunday, we heard the german health minister call lots of our thing that he wants to see mandatory vaccination in placing germany sooner rather than later. over the weekend, germany also joined france in finding old serious trouble from the united kingdom
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into the country. while over the channel into the u. k. swell, there was the micro variance of colbert 19 is pretty much out of control there. we saw the mayor of london city con, declare a major incident in the british capital. we also saw a large demonstration on saturday in which people were incredibly unhappy with what has gone on in terms of the actions on the british government. things turning quite enough to be there at ton the the thing is that oma chrome cases are increasing exponentially. the world health organization is warning that every 3 days we could see the number of oma chrome very in cases doubling. what we are seeing though is between the virus itself and the measures that countries are having to take to try and stop the spread of the
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virus. it's going to mean it's not a very merry christmas for many people across europe. page all of the reporting. now if you're vaccinated, recovered all tests negative full co ritual, perhaps wanted digital pass that allows you to get it bagged this christmas. however soon you may not need to share the q r code or on your phone. as a swedish company is now invented a k with pass, which is implanted under the skin in the form of a tiny micro chip. we talked to the people behind it. are there a versatile technology that can be used for many different things? and right now it's very convenient to have a passport for waste accessible on your implant. so in case your phone runs out of battery, it's always accessible to ah, the implant is readable. busy by and the smartphone that has and the
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function. so i can go to a restaurant or a movie theater. i just show them my arm and sweat me with the smartphone. and then that pops up the cobra. passport that i have on my chip. so you don't need a special ed for this kind of similar to a q r code. just up. of course, i don't want the cure code on my skin right? i mentioned that joined amazon is at loggerheads with france over the company's cheat book deliveries, independence stores and publishers to do say that they are being on the cart and could go out of business. and according to french politicians, the solution is to make cameras in charge their customers more. charlotte davinsky has the, the times, hours, all watch out. france is coming after you. well,
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at least after your cheap delivery costs for books in a fresh swipe, but the internet giant, french lawmakers, the amazon must charge more for book deliveries. one operator is currently offering almost free delivery of books regardless of the quantity and the amount of the purchase. while no other player is able to provide such a bargain to readers, it doesn't therefore clear that these commercial practices a new form of price competition, which no longer allows the law, the single price of books to produce its full effect. until now, amazon has been charging the legal minimum for delivery of books of a single sent, and that has left many french publishers and stores like this simply unable to compete. and that is problematic for a country where independent bookshops are big business. there are more than 3300 stores here, significantly more than in many other countries in the european union. this new law is being welcomed by booksellers who say it will help protect publishers. to
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independent bookstores don't sell the same things as other sales points. they have more 1st time novelists, more challenging publications that as a lot hundreds of publishers and writers to exist. amazon had robbie, it's hard against the law and says it's free deliveries were a boon to those who live in rural communities. today, 90 percent of french municipalities to not have a bookstore on their territory. and more than 40 percent of amazon's book shipments are destined for postal codes without a bookstore. the cost of such a measure and the purchasing power would amount to more than $250000000.00 euros per year. the reality is that this will see many people who not only use amazon, but other online retailers to pay out more. so are people ready to dig deeper into their pockets to support these independent stores? or should i be, i am ready to pay me or because i prefer to go to a bookstore to see several books and make
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a choice. i find it better. i prefer to go in buying the bookstore directly, and so here i think it's reassuring to the book industry outside of amazon, the learning amazon amazon shouldn't have a monopoly on international sales because you can feel it locally in from men. so if we can remington this unfair competition looked so much the better church as much as i think it's important in society to help local businesses and especially booksellers sample. i booked directly from the bookseller rather than amazon. but of course, it's also important to keep an eye on good value for money. i am ready to play more . our booksellers offer us a service which is not bad, and advised that amazon cannot necessarily give us. i think it's a good idea to help them. well, if i find that a sales platform cannot replace booksellers with their advice, but we must admit that it's extremely practical either when we're far from the points of sale or when i'm looking for a very specific product. and i know that on this platform, i will find it. nevertheless, we must maintain
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a balance of all sales channels and indeed one must not be able to kill the other. and especially folks, this is not the 1st time that france has had amazon in the firing line. the country has been gunning for the online giant is pay a minimum global digital tax. while european union regulators have also accused the site of using data from independent merchants to unfairly competing against them with its own products. amazon has also seen itself face spines for abusing dominant market positions in italy. recently, to all of this is making europe a much more hostile environment for the company. and it seems that this is only the beginning. it is a fight of unequal forces. legislators must protect the week from the powerful they are the gulliver's, and we are the lilliputian next to them. it shall be done through a law that has binding power. in this case, a law on shipping face, they are growing day by day. like all big tech corporate, this is exponential growth. how can we resist these almighty giant's monopolies
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become omnipotent, more powerful than states? this is alarming. we have become hostages. i hope the legislators will include a new anti monopoly law in that agenda. the question, these monopolistic structures which absorb everything like a black hole in particular small shops, it is a real wall. well, amazon argues is that it is hiring people for its warehouses, its platform, and its maintaining purchasing power by lowering the price. it looks like a strong argument, but that's actually not the case. after all, her small store need 3 employees. where are the big chain like amazon needs only one and 2 out of 3 individuals do not get a job. this causes unemployment, poverty, and social inequality. the american actor chris north is finding his career has been killed off as swiftly as the popular comb character he betrayed. after sexual assault allegations emerged. he is known to millions of mister big in the series sex in the city. but he's ro came to an abrupt end on episode one of the recent re
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boot the act that has not been dropped by his agent, while fellow stars distancing themselves from us despite his strong denials. and so far, the absence of any police investigation north is also lost. the $12000000.00 deal to sell is tequila. brand in the wake of the allegations exercise equipment company pallets, and there's also dropped it's foreign advert. featuring began to, while shortly after the sex in the city re boot premier to women anonymously accused north of sexual assault in 2004, and also with 2015. then a 3rd woman also came forward with a similar claim. or kristen off admits meeting the women, but insist that no lines were ever crossed. generous and commentator chad whitmore talk to us about how easy it is these days to ruin somebody's career before there's been any g process. the crime doesn't have to be committed in order for you to have your reputation road in hollywood. now with soccer, we don't know. there hasn't been me. criminal investigation yet hasn't been me
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trial, obviously we're not the evidences but that also kind of falls in line with a lot of what we're seeing with this sort of lead me to movement. where you have basically allegations that come after powerful men decades later years and years later. you know, that's never a good thing, especially when you're looking for evidence that can make someone, especially if chris not had actually sexually assaulted someone. there been plenty of times in which it's been proven that a woman all the excuse demand for vindictive reasons. it really discredits and does a grave injustice people who are actually victims of sexual assaults. we need to realize that there are actual sexual criminals out there and violent sexual vendors . you should be arrested. and the more that you sort of muddy the system, the worse it is for everyone and more of the people that get away with it. still had this out 100 the scientists including nobel prize winners call in the us to change its nuclear weapons strategy and to strike option what, hey,
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what's got them? so concerned just off and i oh, is your media a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation or community? are you going the right way or are you being led to somewhere? which direction? what is true was is great. in the world corrupted, you need to descend. ah, so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows.
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welcome to match hazard financial survival guide. looking forward to your pants window, the ice. this is what happens to pensions and brittany. go at this app of you watch kaiser report. oh, valerie summoned a british diplomat after its embassy in london, was attacked on sunday, leaving a member of staff badly hurt. the statement from his foreign ministry says he was treated for various injuries, including a broken nose. lowly nicky iron brought me up to date with an incident involving a country getting used to finding itself in the limelight. valerie claims, a group of people which they describe the stream, it's attached to the embassy building and then attacked
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a group of diplomats and one of those. diplomats, he said to have been seriously injured, suffering a broken nose, a broken tooth and like concussion. now, we also know that a particular mat in minutes has been summoned by the bell of russian foreign ministry over the incident. and the investigation has been horrible. i wonder the vienna convention considered the host countries responsibility to keep foreign embassies safe. so this is something that valerie will be taken quite seriously. i expect them to keep ellery also in the spotlight too. after a pony soldier says he, i won't meant to give him asylum an unusual case. what's the background to this? well, like you say on the bell, ruth has really been in the media spotlight quite a lot this year and even more so. in the last week or so, off to this, poli soldier defected to bell of ruth, where he seeks political asylum. now you might remember, we ran this story last week after this man gave an interview to a local fellow russian tv station in which he made some chilling claims about what
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goes on along the polish border. now you might remember having to leave earlier claims that polish soldiers had shot and killed 2 volunteers. his latest allegations is that he, along with the other drunken soldiers, took a man into the forest and shot him dead in cold blood. and another disturbing admission. he also describes when he claims he shot migrant himself for the 1st time, the 20th maya it was at the end of may, it's impossible to describe the faces of the people will be remembered with rebecca for the 1st, the 1st one and then the other faces of those who would kill, you know, the look at the face name of the chest. the 1st group showed them kill them. and the 2nd group, and they were all, and i did that to fired. now these horrific allegations made by the soldier hopping strongly disputed by poet into a thought to discredit his claims by detailing his checkered past. it's been rebuilt by the polish military police that he has recent convictions of violence
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against a family member. and also in december, he was detained for driving while intoxicated. now he faced as a criminal investigation for desertion and could face up to between one and 10 years in prison. a soldier who went missing had serious problems with the law and resigned from the army. he should never have been assigned to the board of service . i've asked for an explanation as to who was responsible for this. well, this case has been big news in the polish press as well, who have painted him as a drug addict and alcoholic as someone with mental health problems, which leads us to question why unmanned with such a reputation was allowed to join the border forces in the 1st place, let alone the armed forces, perhaps a question that somebody else has been asking because all of the military commanders have been fired in the wake of this scandal. now we reached out to the polish ministry of defense among other authorities for comments. we'll get back to you with the latest as soon as it comes in. the latest is that the deputy interior
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minister has a rubbish to be the soldier claims, as copper gander from $700.00 scientists, including $21.00 naval prize. laurie it's have signed an open letter to president biden, calling for changes to u. s. military strategy. they believe that washington should declare that it would never use its nuclear weapons. first. we urge you to declare that the united states will not use nuclear weapons 1st, under any circumstances, by making clear that the united states will never start in nuclear war. it reduces the likelihood that a conflict or crisis will escalate to nuclear war. while under the current strategy, the u. s. pledge is not to use atomic weapons against non nucleus states, but it gives washington the right of 1st strike against nucleus states in extreme circumstances. and these include after non nuclear attacks on the, the america or its allies, including that infrastructure. this relation is between making nuclear power is to
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remain 10 security concerns of drone. since the intermediate range nuclear forces treating fell apart. and that was one if the key packs between the us and russia and the band, the possession and production of short and intermediate range crews and ballistic missiles. however, in 2019 the us withdrew from that treaty, we spoke to one of the scientists appealing to president biden about their concerns . i hope the spirit of what we wrote is understood and that is that we need as world powers to have an awareness of the danger of nuclear weapons. you know, it's approaching much century since we had her. oh shit. and i think memories of the press, most people who make policy at present time have very little memory of what that was. our ability to make something much, much worse than her ocean. it's apparent and i think the fear of that is
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it's great. it's, it should be 20 micron has cancel his christmas visits. he french troops and molly cheese, who are to teary 18 k with 19 situation back home. the trip was planned for attendance time and relations with france, planning to almost have the number of his trips in molly's north to 3 sized and by 2023 just last week. local forces to cope with the running of the city of timber to from the french. you have now been in the saw how region for 8 years. it was the 2nd base and that you had it written area to be handed over the share after french soldiers left north kid dow, in mid october, or r t reporter in paris, explains why france didn't succeed in its efforts quite the way it intended. it hasn't been a good week for president mccall diploma. t creech in west africa. and particularly here in marie on the part of the maryan. well it's, it's interesting to see that are in the marlin street as well as in the
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administration when you talk to civil server and sir ministers are which we have done all we care. ah, then there's a little bit of resentment towards the french. oh, this is perfectly understandable on the margin point of view. why? because at 1st you have to remember france intervene in malley, in 2013 through a code name, operation, survival, and back then the whole country were threatened by jihad is colon coming from the north. the forts are present here, the operation morphed into bar can in a much wider spectrum going all the way from mery tanya, to chad. and you had 15000 troops. uh, you know, to overlook, ah, a territory. the size of 1500000 kilometers. so that's a lot and that's one of the reason of, of one of the reason of the failure of pacification in sale. and even a is in around me. sure. the head of by can recognize that the,
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for the force has not be able to perform as it should have in the terms of pacify the old country. after 8 years of presence of france and since the situation as not turned into a, you know, a better job out coming for 1000000 people. and it, they tend to blame it on the occupying forts with a c. now, as an occupying force, meaning the french, which out whole and historian and author gave us his thoughts about the yeah, grievances on france, his presence in me, sir, how region? well, certainly, the french presence in africa is a vestige of colonialism. of france was like a vampire draining blood from the body of africa. so in some ways, france is responsible for not only the disaster and libyan, but for the disaster. and molly, as well, a going back a decade,
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when in lot league with us imperialism and the north atlantic treaty organization, nato, a bombing campaign was launched in neighboring libya. as a result, what happened is that tons of weapons leaked from libya into molly. these weapons then were grab by these religious zealots and then went on the warpath in molly and that helped to instigate in ignite the french intervention in modern france in the north atlantic countries. sea africa, as it's private, reserve, france would like to tell the international community that it is welcome in africa . but when you have these significant protests against the french military presence that seeks to erode and undermine of that particular or notion,
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like i, let's just give you a reminder of our breaking news this out before we gave because 2 women have been taken off seeking power spine on to silent and demanding to speak to the french minister of justice reports. they say that the suspect brandishing a knife is named to have mental health issues. that's what we know at the moment you're up to date. you watching our tap next. it's getting undergrad. ah, ah ah .
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ah, a with time after in return say we're going underground. 20 years to the day, the un authorize the international security assistance force in afghanistan to prevent a supposed safe haven for terrorism. less than a month later,
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the u. s. u k with rendering suspected terrorists us prison camp guantanamo after this months, decision by british courts to exonerate the us justice system when it comes to wiki leaks is julian assange. this program investigates the alleged torture of months who are a di fee by the usa, the author of don't forget us here. lost and found at guantanamo was swept up by us, linked warlords and the cia in afghanistan, 18 year old man. sure became detainee 441, and was held at guantanamo for 14 years without charge you a discretion was advised to so may be disturbed by us treatment of prisoners discussed in this interview. ventura. daffy joins me now from belgrade in sylvia. man, so welcome to going under ground. i suppose we better stop given the, i know my law is that people watch this show in guantanamo bay, torture county prison, whatever. it's called a 1st a message i suppose from you to the people still in there. yeah. first of all, thank you for how are you today and is the 2nd time actually actually,
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are you one of the favorite channels going on because the other side of the world? and before i start, i would like to send them a message to my brother, a le bratia to everyone and shell as soon you will. he will leave and we haven't forgotten about you unless i hadn't, without a bless you all. and i any of those people, they're all welcome on the show to hopefully they get out of that hell hole soon, half your life destroyed. how did you even write such a book? so he, on the process of writing that book started at going to 2010 until 2013. but i like to address a documentarian book in this book. it was confiscated inter company and share their team by becoming stacy with the army took over. they let down us in their confinement and confiscated all our belongings. so and they took,
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they took that they committed to book it like i was really had a screaming like bring my child back because they have worked so hard story is and i went to try it from different perspective and different angle and a different way. i went to write as a reader, as writer, i wrote about the, the brothers, the guard that comes back. the animal is the one as well. you know, i bought like a survival. oh, you know, and i'm, so i tried to, you know, like i said, if i can manage to capture those moments of beauty and hub and bring it to light. when i tell you it was one of the great prison memoirs, regardless of the politics, arguably, i mean, just just a recap, and i know you've talked about this elsewhere. basically us public money was given to the cia used to buy you from.


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