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tv   Going Underground  RT  December 20, 2021 8:30am-9:00am EST

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c u. s. prison camp guantanamo after this month's decision by british courts to exonerate the u. s. justice system when it comes to wiki likes his julian assange. this program investigates the alleged torture of missouri dicey by the usa, the author of don't forget us here. lost and found at guantanamo was swept up by us linked warlords and the cia in afghanistan. 18 year old missouri became detainee 441, and was held at guantanamo for 14 years without charge you a discretion was advised to so may be disturbed by us treatment of prisoners discussed in this interview. and for a daffy joins me now. from belgrade in sylvia. man, so welcome to going under ground. i suppose we better stop given the, i know from my lawyers that people watch this show in guantanamo bay, torture camp, prison, whatever. it's called a 1st a message i suppose from you to the people still in there. yeah. first of all, thank you for how are you today and is the 2nd time actually actually are to you
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one of their favorites. you're not going to know because it's just the other side of the wall. and before i start, i would like to send them a say a message or my brother at guantanamo de la, brought chair to hassan, too hot it to where had everyone. i shall assume you will. he will leave and we haven't forgotten about you unless you've had without a bless you all. and i any of those people, they're all welcome on the show to hopefully they get out of that hell hole soon. half your life destroyed. how did you even write such a book? so he, on the process of writing that book started at going to 2010 until 2013. but both, i like to address a documentary book in this book. then it was confiscated, it shared their team by the ministration, when the army took over, they let down us in their confinement and confiscated all our belongings. so and they took, they took it in the book. it was like, i was really had
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a screaming like bring my child back because they have worked so hard story is and i went to try it from different perspective and different angle and a different way. i went to write as a reader and as writer i wrote about the, the brothers, the garden that comes to the animals one as well. you know, i bought like a survival. oh, you know, and i'm, so i tried to, you know, like i said, if i can manage to capture those moments of deal with the on hub and bring it to like, when i tell you it was one of the great prison memoirs, regardless of the politics arguably, i mean, just just a recap and i know you've talked about this elsewhere. basically us public money was given to the cia used to buy you from afghan wall or a kidnapped to you. they walla, told you to say you were al qaeda. how many were killed?
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do you know, how many were killed by the cia before the transportation to guantanamo in the 1st place before they narrative is god's in the book. even, you know, this one of the challenges with, nobody knows how many people actually in prison like a cia or died under torture because and this is, have been as you know, what they call this is actually could now, did they in they had, they had many gales in like scans, dan paxton, jordan and, and elsewhere. i mean, when i was told, unfortunately, we don't know all the names of the countries. so why wasn't do it when i was writing stories about the book and then also my brothers, they inter again until shar, depot, everywhere in space on the atlas and the aircraft carriers with the ocean. the only way as i like, only this bass, they have some people to shut the door, shut them and get them believe that's it. because everywhere, everywhere in the book, details continuous to watch,
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a fake execution. the youngest detainee was 3 months old, the eldest, a 105 years old of you. i think what shocked people and it shocked us, i suppose is our, the red cross comes you say you say that you wrote to the, the road to have the international committee for the red cross to be removed from guantanamo, claiming that the red cross is only purpose was to give the jitter, missy, to what the americans would doing out they, they say they helped you, they, but do they know of your hunger strikes? you're feeding jazz, you're the weapon is ation of islam against you. the stars of david shaved into your head. i mean, did the red cross no help? you know, there's just basically when you come, when we are going to know that it's cross was, was there actually when we are right, the 1st woman, but they wouldn't do it and i was talking to them. what was going on here? we can do it. i think we can, we need a parcel right that. so after that,
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like months after we were talking to them said guys, look what happened last year. they said, we have agreement with state. we are not allowed to talk anything to the media to anyone else. and i think has to go to the media has to go 1st to the pin tag on i have to give us a position. so the media went like the thought was happening. the hunger strike the mr. ever was having the, i see, i see why there, but in the end, we know most of the things that we wrote like a letter to the i see, i see signed by around like 400 detainees. ask them to leave one in an official letter from a sick west because when they, when doing their, it just gets christie. i remember one day i wasn't the 1st feeding. and then 5 of a blood, one of the i c r c a. what mike said, any guy, when yesterday i call in when he saw me, like cover his eyes. what's wrong with it? he said, we are not allowed to see you guys because, you know, basically when we are or something or psychotic under stretching, used to move us to under the account that the i, c,
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r c. o mit mit us or stopped us even even the in belgrade or in other places. when the c, i used to hire the chain, they would own business, they would take him to other places during the i see i see visit i he has, he knows about it. but as long as they do see it, like they cannot to coordinate. well the, i see, i see say that the role of it is an independent non judgemental humanitarian organization to regularly assess facilities speak with attorneys, maintain ongoing dialogue with us authorities in order to offer observations and make recommendations where appropriate. while the i see, i see monitors the conditions of internment, guantanamo the responsibility of an ensuring the person who's held there, indeed treated you. may me lies with the u. s. authorities. i mean, if you go to back to the report, talk about the torch. i was going to have it everywhere and i see i think what they're watching ever the game they know that have been there since years and years like on the i c r c because there was no any kind of rule for because during even
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like when you know, mean on the way, whatever the one second house with an m i c r c was there in the same time they used, they were like the business we're writing from different parts of the world. and i see you see them. we were hunger strike, there's a lot of case in the comes a fuse, but 1st grade became shouting, yelling. i see, i see a lot about it. but as i told you, they cannot be our santa who can tell what they have with the idea by the us government. and you say that that has been used against prisoners who wrote to family members. the red cross says messages contain only family news and a check by the us authorities to ensure this is the case corresponds to standard worldwide practice. you mentioned jeffrey miller, the general who won the distinguished service medal after his activities in guantanamo, you're actually working on that one who has you know, what,
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when he went to what he did, he's the one who started to even other places there. so actually he started to enhance interrogation technique or the at once, and then after that he went to a to get with it. you mentioned your friend, whether and or your asking the red cross about his death as you know, i mean tell, tell me about your friend. and obviously they said it was suicide, and i understand what that it, that they broke his back while he was being forward, you know, 11 of the team leader who actually started it was in line before that started, you know, gathering people and a hunger strike or a dozen people can find the cam sick. and he was also left by a suspect from the guards and everyone. so at that time they didn't want to
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kind of like a protest. her 2nd that was going on because we 2009 we will move to so that you can find me in 5. i'm sick. so am i start running the people try to, again to night to read us our situation as well. he was moved to the when they call it be it's you behavioral health unit or the 2nd unit, what they, psychologists actually are function. we heard the news that he's on hunger strike and he was cheated. i want the letter to the general back on for like 4 pages, ask him to bring what black back and we we will take care of him. but he was sick. and so after that i was in like the 1st feeling and we get the new was done by back was broken by a see. and he got to, to walk a chair and i think yes he was calling his me 2
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weeks later we heard the news that he died. so i took the brother who was with him in the same place. i said to some possible, la quinta, kind herself because he was what they called under direct watch. what like 24 hours the guys watch him and like to cameras in the cell. so when i talk to the i, c r c s like some possible because they have to investigate the brothers. i have got to work there. i have actually the medical stuff. and one of the brother he said, you said like no like they took 45 minutes until the medic arrived to actually to, to respond to it, to the coal and he was left there. so basically it's still, it's a mystery. is that what they call them? like, oh god, this has gone, can i call them a mistake that? yeah, well, you name names in here and obviously there are lots of death. many people did die. do you think michael bum gonna killed the 3 day tany, or was it a cover up
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a scott horton, a journalist for you? thank. in the book alleges that of course, general michael bomb gonna says it was a blatant misrepresentation. you know that colonel, he is the 1st one who v a brake, our hunger 2nd, 2005. after he bought the hunger strike, he was talking about there is like i said, i am one of the brothers. he said, we have heard that you have some like dishes or dreams that you, whenever you want to 10 of your favorite any like here, like what would it be an answer to that after a few weeks where like the of the brothers died the same way hen got their hand tied behind him at the same time, it's impossible to coordinate such at the same time, like in the same manner. i was in the sand like when they thought, when like that me like 12 o'clock. and then night, like like, like any other day. but what i notice when i wake up there's like different gun in
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the same gun like different guards that the oh you know that much. it was a little there anymore. that admitted him. and i heard the one is 3, when i hear what they were screen like was going on there and like they said yes, night like nightmare. no, we don't have it because then when i wasn't when they took, yes it from your so some possible because the man is i'd be had his back both his liquid tight and he's like they took a washcloth from his mouth. so basically this the way they used to gain any mentor and they failed, stop you that more from for, we're going to how to mo, detainee, for, for one after this break, ah
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ah ah, welcome back. i'm still here with months or a day he older of don't forget us here. lost and found to guantanamo, tell me about when you were interrogated. i mean, so many times so many hunger strike. so many meetings in this book what, what you thought when you saw israeli badges on the interrogators? what were the israeli interrogated doing where they is right? and then to get to sometime they became like, wearing a uniform with the sinus patch and there on the uniform. and those instigators, they see army in english. so i'm not just that like i'm but like when,
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when the 1st meeting i was talking to the one of the nurses and she told me, i told her i didn't want that nurse to me personally. she said, what do you mean as like stuff, but they didn't where they ever been and sundays are you one? i said what so basically it is a facility for, for cheney garza gates are saunders psychology is everyone. and so i guess that there was like a satanic room, a dark room, and there like a snake. sometimes they cover us when you like, when we pray, they would cover us with american flags, right? if that is kind of like communication and try to block, you would try to pressure to that, to the edge of sanity. it wasn't, it wasn't about information, wasn't about american america was more city, you know, a place where there's no accountability and a place outside the law. so they found
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a place where they kind of think develop their techniques and that's it. yeah. they would drugging your food. you mentioned the behavioral health unit. what about the sexual abuse? we've heard a lot now in the supreme court. i think there are different cases talking about it . use of female torture is. i'm buttoning their blouses and then calling you how kind of they don't look at your breast, continued for enforce nakedness. what was the role of female torture is at guantanamo payment. it was use again. it's attorneys because you know what was the case. we came from a background that like our fi, our, you know, and i think would bother you. i think we're here to you and think will will bother you and they will do, you know, you know, giving us like it isn't one of the easiest things, like just anybody that got even kind of a psychologist that once they make it in famous investigators, you know they, they, they used to also make it, they used to show their press, you know, one of them,
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one of the, to get the, she was in some, her pre, a to blood. and what isn't that one of the detainees face? and they used to also sit in the detainees or land, some of the gators mid on female will print, and they have a sex in the, in the room sometime that was to make it open the licks entertained. like would you like to be to have in many, many stories and like, you know, some of the problem they don't want to come out that they could still get to legal issues like it had been their sexual, her rate had been wanting to well they, they they certainly weaponized to slum, throwing the crohn's around, and destroying them, and so on. i mean, what is it your understanding they were brainwashed or the u. s. education system is, is useless. i mean, it comes out they, they know nothing about the rest of the world, the less than you came from yemen to study information technology wanting
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a career in them in information technology. you were a they were able to joke with one of the interrogators about aladdin and sorcery just because it was thundering outside the weather. you know, those guards. well, if people want to get a quote to go on and on when they have no idea, you know, they have your files know for those information for 5. i think garner also at the same time, like with the army guards, they came from, you know, people who have in good education or they have no idea about this now or are out of control also the way you know and ministry, they also engineer the mindset that the guards on the song gets to be loyal to the cause of the system or whatever. so before they sent them to blanket, they would take them to the ground 0 in york, and they would tell them the one who did this at one time on that no one who did this a bunch of them. so no gosh, those got to the right one time,
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full pay and grades and thinking they are, you know, there were, there was also tell them, this is the front line you are in. this is a war zone here. and imagine that the docs towards it is on here. and any action might detainee what they can be as like an actual tourism, like they used to put on a cell. and going to know if we're going to her cycle, what does they did like your nose and you had against a mistake? you're trying to bring a country down like even doesn't to get us on kind of those and got him because he like they have the same narrative, some of the gods when they live with us, like for a few months, observing, dance, watching us. they have a change, you know, they sound like they were contradicting about what's going on there. because anyway, you wouldn't know a person. is he a killer or a bad person? but we live with that person for a few months, watching them stealing, eating,
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praying, crime, torturing as him. i guess they are human after all, or before all. so you have your own judgment. so some of the got some funding with us. some of the like actually starting to follow the rules, but the system is set up a victims of the system with one of them because not just the tennis or brought us was it going to what kind of but also some of the guards from them to get us some kind of stuff or so victims because they were forced to something that again, is there a loss or are there personals and some of those guys were forced to for sure. any. so when we really they had the d. s. d from toys in was the u. s. has been defeated in iraq and afghanistan because you see them revolves around you with this so long. you know, one of the sentiment at one time i was some of the guards that was oregon and we call them so when they went to tor sorta,
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so when they can back when they came back, they're going to send person again. you will see a broken so not the broken person person. and this with like a book and he so something that happened to them. so we're, we were talking about, we were talking about those doris. what happened to them? because we remember the worst, the god got, some of them get killed, some of them come into side, something became homeless. some of them, you know, listening limbs. so actually, you know, those guard where are those soldiers weren't train you to fight, but they were never structed or give any advice how to do with their math. so basically they were using and they are id, they also a victim of assistance. well, the upper classes in that class system arguably, obviously deny them. they are the names in the book general michael dunn, lady of mcqueen that the navy says an interrogation. this is an erie times news
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article in 2011. he says interrogations were consistent with the geneva convention . he won the distinguished service medal as well. just as an adult mcqueen. in general, the navy became a judge in pennsylvania. what, what do you say to the fact that these people are always saying that the geneva convent, i presume you mean the geneva conventions because there's no one where abided by. you know, i think it's american version, you can fix it. they had their own version because what you like about the ones that i wanted or shouldn't exist in the 1st place to place out of sight of the instead of call them if you should call them prisoner. and then actually, but they call them the chinese to they didn't have to write, you know, at one time we, we have seen on that, not that much of problems with them. if you commission and song, because it's no law apply at one time, like a law will be a loan of get a confession and condition of lo. basically, when they say that,
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i mean you have confession, i didn't think you need to convince you, allow to a prisoner a mentor to the history for 20 years and different petition without you right of trial or, or was it fish that was kind of what i'm going to now is a simple oh for sure, who just this lawlessness of power in the detention. you know what? i don't know. like it's different kind of get pushy too many places around the world when the black sites may be open. we don't, we don't know, and you say biden is not shut it down a black site and local, but i would like to ask if you ask those you don't video. so we have like a confession, the black sites, even if you die, you die in the way unit conversion the same time. so erotically, that's what it, how was it an education for you? i know one time you tell a cell neighbor as a carrier that they can tell you anything because a 105 year old is a bus. latins driver a cook, a professor of our big agenda. israel g here,
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i presume. so may judge. i was in education for you, is that why you're going to become one of the great writers of this century? who knows? you know, the question is just to every human being, that's what lifted person as a person like you just because you know the worst thing to continue with right now for worse as time to starvation concern because it is the dark side with. so it was like, since i was a kid a one time when i found myself in 2010, you know, i spent, i know, 8 years behind the instructor confinement and i thought i told myself, i don't want to be the same person for that for the rest of my life. so we started with them stations for education, for english class is to get to plus s r plus as leg skills. and so, and also when i send the bill again to 110,
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i'm to make it look good because i think he's a, he won't be able to close it. they miss somebody can date recommendations around like 40 pages to change to like 110. i'm a most of the thinking recommendation again, we actually weren't like a hunger strike then many people only brought us to join us with the conversation. i feel like we got at least what we need. we wanted and we knew what we're like to know what i wasn't going to close. so at least we can have, you know, the some piece of that place. so we have a, we have some of your work, i think. yeah, yeah. so some of the artwork. so what when you started talking to the, i'm kind of about the class. you said you guys are a tourist, you know how to pen. you know, is it ok i'm,
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we ask them another still been something. can we show them? i like that. oh yes. then we started like after class, it was a lot of you know, the mending and asking and typing it well. i think i'm easy honestly, and this was the one that would want to know the kind of like rules rules changed every, almost every 2 weeks. it does, it does have 16 days over what they call standardization. whoever seizure, gender on $84.00 times like average once, if we so when you kind of, when the new administration arrived on one of them mentioned yes. even like any of this year when by didn't when the election. it wasn't war time at one time in your calendar, right. and they have their own a mission and vision. how for him to come, that you the rules. and it is hard on the brother of 20 years after 1000 years to come to change the rules and making us all these animals and instruments. and if not, well, let us know of information as you headed from you saying one done one to the by the
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ministration. i know you're wearing the guantanamo orange color there in belgrade, you know, under the castro government and they said, god, john always occupied cuba. tell me, i suppose finally about how cuban iguanas say with you because the market, like i think at least year them in different sort of in about the human rights in human in time. they committed one of the major a violation in the, in the, in the p. b, a 70 went to them like our end. so, you know, and want to know when you, when you live in such a confinement. i mean, as i told you, everything can design their dual banking to separate your mind of your body. i think like i bought control, i guess what, you control control everything,
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the air, the water thought the life time everything. so we aren't allowed to talk. they both really loud and big fan vacuums, internet earth, everything. and so the confining, i couldn't talk to one of the brothers, so i must feel. i'm a social person. i like to talk like a social people. when i get out to the bay area was close games are still those the glass looking looking for for food. so yes, i start talking to them and i just a normal conversation. he good listen. so actually saying listen. so in that i was like, he was like, i have a mental, a problem. i'm thinking of that they got that unit and i asked if they need to get that they have to talk to my investigators. well, i thank you. thank you so much for having me today. and any of the shit or guys that's for the show will be back a wednesday for a season finale when we speak to the legendary pink floyd front by roger waters,
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who by the year of nato nation and justice, including the torture incarceration of wiki leaks, found a julian, a sorry job to reports of his stroke in a london prison until then keep the judge, my social media. let us know whether you think good time obey will ever close. ah with ah ah
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ah welcome to max hazard, financial survival guide, looking forward to your benefit go yeah, this is what happens dimensions in brittany. does this happen? you watch kaiser report? i mean, you must either so you deleted and as you want to talk to, we stand together. we'll continue to stand together against russia. 80 in germany repeat some of the arrows that we doubtless made say no to civilians as chunky daughter subaru. miller influence other nations, french, u. k. and even latin america and other countries in future, there may be no where to high from cycle pollute with members of your household. so
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please, please, please, please. we are to continue to fight. don't do anything you just need to to do it. russia must not be allowed in germany. i don't want y'all to common leave. it's so short. so dean l t, the innovations and the yes actually indian ha, the innovation mrs. gun simple son's ah, clashes and violence in europe is government tough restrictions to combat the new rampant cove. it variant on me kron also. this is frances, on the warpath, with amazon. i with the firms chief booked to live bracelet undercut local stores with the government, even adopting a new bill to force the company to charge its customers more.


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