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just a much science by producing new evidence in science fighting science, allowed saudi ignorance is manufactured their attention only seeking to the rail science, rowing using sky gulf with shell. ah, stories is shake the way here in our t rusher and veil to list proposals to nato for maintaining joint security with moscow's deputy foreign minister. say the ball is now in the alliance is caught when it comes to the escalation over ukraine. also they say the pentagon says none of its personnel will be held liable for the butch drain strike in afghanistan last summer, which kill 10 civilians including 7 children. we hear from a grieving relative and alcoholism goth,
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nobody approached us, no one contacts those and we were given no information. how can they compensate us for our family members? all the wealth in the world means nothing to was now we've lost 10 of our relatives to play the rock and our for years. a flagging house is being false or misleading. facebook admit sin call that it's much wanted fact checks are actually based on opinion. and r t vows to keep fighting in response to a string of attacks against brand new german language channel. and the last few days, it's been taken off youtube and the keys to flatten the required license to broadcast in germany. ah hello, good evening, welcome. the latest developments look back to what's been happening over the last 7 days. you watching weekly here an hour tay now will this hour with breaking news
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because a blaze has started at a mine in russia's main coal producing region of cars, bass, the $128.00, minus at the scene, being evacuated from the west side beerin site and the location is not far from the mine that last month or so called 5, you remember killing more than 40 work, is that used your stint course? we're keeping an eye on it for you. okay, well let's go back to weekly because on friday that saw russia release a list of proposals to deescalate tensions with nato. amid fears of a flare up in ukraine among the demands are a scale back of military activity near russia's borders. west military block says it will consider the document, although it does insisted any outcome will require input from key f r senior correspondent, mcgasey f has more now what moscow has put forward for years now. we've heard the same thing. oh, things have gone too far. a, we don't want war, we want to be friends for both nato and russia. but things keep getting worse.
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escalating the russia has taken its step publishing proposals for the us and nato, its wishlist for return to normality. something to start talking about. and it begins with a call to de escalate, to end the constant threats and true build ups which only lead to more of the same . the parties shall not use the territories of other states with a view to preparing or carrying out an armed attack against the other party judge for yourself. where in previous years they threatened each other with, with sanctions or legal action. now, openly booth russia, nato, a talking and fearful tones about war, another cuban missile crisis. i'd like to believe that this is rock bottom, but as no guarantees and guarantees are what russia wants. guarantees, for example, that u. s. missiles aren't stationed within
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a few minutes flight time to moscow. the parties shall not deploy land based, intermediate and short range missiles in air is allowing them to reach the territory of the other parties. moscow sees nato slow and unexplainable encroachment towards russia's borders. as an existential threat, nato argues that it's peaceful but right then the u. s. military doctrine, russia is referred to as an adversary. the closer that nato and u. s. troops and tags and missiles moved to russia, the more unpredictable the game gets, which is why putin has set his red line. nato states commit themselves to refrain from any further enlargement of nato, including the accession of ukraine, as well as other states. not that nato things much of russia's concerns. not long ago, secretary general stockton, bergen announced that roger has no vito,
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no se nato operations and no right to any sort of security buffer or fear of influence. nato has proven over the last years that her, our open door policy is not on or something. we are support in words, bottles in deeds, a potter by inviting to new countries, montenegrin north m madonna to become members, so we have enlarged the line. so the last few years with 2 new members, despite protests wrong or from russia or, and also we are supporting ukraine in ukraine's efforts to a con, closer to natal membership, which sets us back all the way to square one. at the nip, it is not, this is not an attempt to revise the post cold war order. it's a response to western expansion which has been conducted in a hostile manner. be the gist of that proposal that, that the u. s. nato and russia have
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a requirement for security as essential as food or water, that they must all equally respect. nato has received the proposals and says that that little disgust them amongst themselves and with input from ukraine. but there isn't much cause for optimism. russ's requests of largely been rejected, summoned in private, summoned public, consult mockingly for the cameras. but perhaps this time send swelled, prevail, nor against their their will, moscow's proposals to come in the west again, accusative, preparing to invade ukraine and demand a claim that sat strongly denied night h t for say, stress t cranes request to join. the alliance would be decided between keith notate and it's at allies alone. while at the same time, he highlighted what he called a pattern of russian aggression. gremlins foreign ministry spokeswoman says though, that remarks like that only create more tension. if a she no longer, this is
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a disinformation campaign, then it aims to crate. firstly, the image of russia is an aggressor, a secondly, additional passion in the region, including the black sea, the russia, green border, and se ukraine looks all this will not bring stability and security either in international relations or the regional janda diarrhea. it will undoubtedly complicate everything. meanwhile, journalists are primarily of course western during oil. really use the word aggressor for into our country over to you. what try to the have to do this. i try to understand this every time. when was the last time russia attacked anyone over, people need to back up the screen with arguments and how many times have needed countries the text her in states in the last 20 years and how many special operations were carried out by the nato countries that we would, can you show me something even close to that from the russian side is no more. there is nothing you need to figure out where there are faculty and where there is propaganda. what early this week i spoke with the full moral screen for a minister karen nicely about this. and she outlined ways which she believes could actually help overcome the current political deadlock between moscow and the west.
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ah, yes, we are in a stalemate. no doubt about that. but in such a stalemate, it takes people with some sort of creativity. that's what diplomacy is about an international relations and not only about self impaired digman, of national security interests and so on. at the moment we have bayside saying, russia saying, look, we've got grave security concerns about nato. we have eastern european countries, we've got great security concerns about russia and a potential invasion. so where's the meeting point where the meeting points can only be achieved by saba, pragmatic, diplomatic trust building, there is simply a complete disregard for historic and contemporary r worries on, on the, on the russian side. so that, that i think that should be taken into account and, and to overcome that stalemate,
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it requires genuine diplomatic creativity. also on the side of nato officials, you and, and the u. s. at mid special. we see that at all, anywhere. unfortunately, we are in times of our decline of diplomacy, diplomatic practice. it's, we are in a world of unilateral statements post afford it. this armament of words, i mean this terminology is kick, cannot be continued as, as it has been the case over the last few weeks. the media should act in a more responsible way of quoting this, this german paper, the bids which, which had as effect planets on. so there is many people are required to act in a more responsible way because the stakes are simply too high. such a language was not present in the cold war days in the seventy's eighty's. maybe because we still have people in office who knew what war meant. some of them well
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after the 2nd world generation, so did they, they wouldn't play around with or it's like nuclear attack or a fully fledged war because they knew what one was about. we have to seize this more moment now to do really something like confidence building back and her. i thought that the u. s. side. oh, what are, what put its priorities in a different way and that ever since the june meeting or some more saba and pragmatic approach or what, what, what will be on the agenda? i know u. s. military personnel involved in august botched drones strike in afghanistan were face any kind of punishment. 10 civilians were killed in the attack. most of them were children, but we got reaction from a grieving relative to this announcement that was made by the pentagon on monday.
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do not anticipate there being issues of personal accountability to be had with respect to the august 29th here strength lock, the key operation. the news came as a shock is humiliating for us to hear that no one will be prosecuted. they should have kept their word. we hope that the people who ordered and carried out this attack would face justice. the americans claim that they can spot the need on the ground from their satellites. so how could they not see the innocent family they were about to kill? they found no connection between us and islamic states is a why didn't they do those checks before launching a vomit us? it looks like no other country is forcing them seek justice. there is no one to challenge them because they're superpower. that's why the americans have failed to keep their promises. when the americans promised justice and compensation and then they would take us to the us. we found out on the news that they would take some measures, but nobody approached us nor contacted us, and we were given no information. how can they compensate us for our family members? all the wealth in the world means nothing to was now we've lost 10 of our relatives
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. my brother was working for foreigners. he was innocent. all of our children were innocence. what did they do? on walla, roger, they could tra. while this girl was among the children killed in that strike, she was just 2 years old. 3 the children had been in the car when it was hit by missile and in total, 7 youngsters were killed or from just one family. now the pentagon initially defended the couple strike claiming it, targeted members of his namak state or than 2 weeks later though it did acknowledge that a tragic mistake had been made. we discussed the developments with for me, u. s. military drone operator brandon bright. you know, it's been 10 years since i blew the whistle and the u. s. drone program will be 10 years in 5 days actually. um and to see that nothing has changed even when it's blatantly out in front of everyone's face. how we operate. um and no one's being held accountable like we've been talking about this for 10 years now. when i 1st started talking about it, people called me
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a liar. people tried to defame me and now that we see it for what it actually is, innocence had been killed, not just innocent and innocent aid worker who was there trying to help. i really think that the united states has lost knowledge on how to conduct warfare. and it's now a business. they're not going to punish the people that make them money on them. they're just going to punish the people that are so the supposed enemies and the ones that they test this, munitions on who should be punished or the officers. they said that there's a breakdown in communication, but that is mostly a lie. m, m must have been that there was there and there must been some when miscommunicating something or but they have everything should be in a chat program. like it's not just a radio call instantaneous. you spin up your mess when you shoot. it takes like 5 minutes to get ready to shoot a messiah. this was not an emergency situation. no one was under spire. no one was
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under duress, no one was under stress. and so they had all the time in the world to make the decision on whether to shoot or not. the couple incident does add to a long list of similar disasters. according to the bureau of investigative journalism, up to 900 afghan civilians have been killed by u. s. strain strike since 2004, including dozens of children. while the new york times found that hundreds of civilian deaths were unaccounted full by the pentagon and, and brian again shared with us his experience of operating, baffled writes. there is no way that anyone who has ever done this job and sit there watching these people live their daily lives. i cannot look at them and say, these are not people there. people because you go home and you go out into your own community and you see the same, keep the same types of people doing the same thing. they're going to coffee shops there, go into bookstores, they're hanging out with their friends and family. there is no disconnect for a drone operator. there's so much connection. like if, if a drone operator were to go over there and to meet the people that they interact
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with. visually, they would probably have a emotional break down and cry because they would, she, these people are suffering and no different than themselves. and that we're perpetuating that suffering because of our actions. we're doing it. facebook uses my have to reassess the information. i've been guessing from the site that offer his parent company, meta admitted in court. the so called flat checks are actually based mainly on opinion. the revelation came during illegal battle, initiated by journalist off to his post were flags is being misleading with more in the story, his husky type turns out. the famous fact checkers who are busy labeling things false, partly false, misleading. i've actually been a bit loose with, well, the facts. facebook yet again found itself in court. this time up against a john list. he didn't like the bay slapped partly full sticker on one of his post . so he sued for defamation. and because facebook where he spent millions of
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dollars on legal fees over the years, it got creative this time and claimed that front chequers don't decide what's false or not based on fact, what a ridiculous idea, but on their opinion, hence the title, fact checkup. and because opinion in america is sacred, you can't so it, it's a very, very nifty loophole. but just to really escape any liability whatsoever. facebook double down on how it gives it fact checkers a very long leash so matter identifies potential misinformation, for fact checkers to review and rate. it leaves the ultimate determination whether information is false, so misleading to the fact checkers. and though meta has designed its platforms so that fact checker ratings appear next to content that the fact checkers have reviewed and rated. it does not contribute to the substance of those ratings. now you won't find any of these details in the giant fact checking section on facebook
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dot com. instead, you'll learn about how they interview thought, says and consult data and look for facts you know, to really drive home. the point about how it's all based on opinion. i think some of it's 3000000000 users worldwide. one, very pleased, after all, many of them had probably used these fac, jacqueline martin with their friends. and now it's turned out they were just quoting some random person's opinion about embarrassing railing, so that campaigning for facebook not to be let off the hook. court filing. facebook admits its fact checkers. don't check facts. is facebook admitted here that it's fact checks are not really fact checks at all, but merely opinion assertions also by facebook clement it's labels constitute opinions than doesn't that make it a publisher. facebook, your opinion piece is not exempt from being fact checks even when they are clearly labeled as op eds or editorials. also, facebook, all fact check labels cannot be false or defamatory because they constant sheet
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protected opinion, even though we present them. as fact, my question though is, what does facebook need these opinionated fact checkers for anyway, after all, over the years, it's proved, it's committed to free speech. it loves giving people a voice, especially donald trump. it's dedicated to openness, transparency, and of course, democracy. i mean, it says all the time, if your democracy can't tolerate the speech of people, i'm not sure what kind of democracy it is. i do believe in giving people more access to information and more anxious to connect with one another and not reserving those as tools for some small number of a lead people. i don't feel comfortable at all saying they don't get to have a voice because i don't agree what they said. our ability to know what is misinformation is itself in question and i think reasonably so fact checkers. facebook's favorite friends protecting it from defamation, setting it free from accountability, someone to hide behind and times of trouble, but most importantly, always ready to get their opinion. asked. i then i still to come few on the weekly,
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the omar concave, which train is now in nearly 90 countries, causing alarm and more loft. dan's after the break, we discussed the threat. it's phasing the world health organizations, regional director for your hulu. all. oh is your media a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation in the c o. u going the right way, where are you being led to somewhere? what is true? what is great?
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in the world corrupted, you need to descend. ah, join us of the death or remain in the shallows. ah, join me every 1st day on the alex salmon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess all the world politics, sport, business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then. oh, well, come back to the weekly now health experts in the u. s. a warning that the new covey door micron variant could be the dominant strain there in a matter of weeks and can potentially overwhelm a health care system. is also spreading in europe to the netherlands, is imposing the toughest locked down measures across christmas and into mid january and britain is also seeing a surgeon the virus with the london mer declaring
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a major incident which does mean that the capitals, emergency services and hospitals cannot ensure their usual level of response. now the world health organization does say the new variance is now in $189.00 countries . however, despite his rapid spread early studies from south africa and hong kong, do you suggested omicron is less likely to cause severe illness than the delta variant, and very few deaths have been linked to the new strain. so far, that said though, countries worldwide are ramping up their vaccine and boost to campaigns, parties really per tranquil, gets more details now from the w. h shows regional director for europe. how much more do we know about our micron at this point? we know much more and we have to tours and about all mcclung. it's to, it's the latest valiant. it's spreading much more faster, but i always tell we're not in the business of fighting one variant when the
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business of fighting all variance and stu, delta is dominant. what we need to do is to implement what they call fife. bon demik stabilizers. number one. increase vaccination coverage. number 2, boost boost, boost number city. double. the number of people varying marks. endorse number 4, ventilate, particularly in classrooms, keep the schools open and fife, implement new treatment protocols. how valid are the concerns that vaccines might prove ineffective against on the chrome? where we know as of to date, that vaccines are still effective for the 1st or the 2nd dose may be little bit less, but it recovers with a cert dose well on the european union. specifically, we've seen a range of different approaches. why aren't we seeing a more uniformity from the block? in particular, the uniform has been growing over time. but i take the point that it's still really
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aleck, off uniformity. what i called political here is, and it's confuses the people. that's why dublin was advocating to establish a bung european health city council at the high level to half uniformed in policy, but ultimately still health is a national competency. it's a decision by the country of speaking of sputnik v, a r t. we've heard from a number of experts that the issue has been politicized. is that true anyhow? house including vaccines. go beyond politics. we should never take into account the country of origin. i shared the optimism of the president of the russian federation that this dub ritual emergency use listing for sputnik will be there soon. a brand new german language channel, artie d began broadcasting this week, but it didn't take too long for us. may campaign to kick off the channel is being
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accused of not having the necessary documentation to broadcast in germany. however, archie management does say its license was obtained in accordance with all european laws and regulations. what has been rocky star for archie da than e channel was taken off each of the very day launched on thursday a. technically there's no connection between that and the t. v. broadcast dispute in germany, where o one media watchdog official, had some ominous words for the fledgling channel. the license must be issued in germany and the application must also be filed her. first of all, this is a real irritant, and we will take care of it. he called her r t d, essentially a peskin and little nuisance that is, are, are going to be taken care of. so that is some are interesting language out there right off the bat. but the, the crux of the issue is that are in his view, we are have no business broadcasting in germany. he,
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he screaming ah, incorrectly, that the r t d news channel is actually based in berlin, when in fact, it is based in moscow, are quite literally down the hall from our, from the studio. and the news programs are coming out here being filmed here, edited put on the air and so forth. and they are, are there doing that via a license or through another country to serbia for another european license and are in full right to broadcast across all of europe, including in germany. our license was obtained under what is known as the european convention on trans frontier tra, track frontier television, which i, under of that convention, gives us the right to broadcast to $33.00 countries across europe. and as long as you go broadcast from moscow, and those countries include germany,
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but they also include other countries with majority of significant german language populations, such as austria, switzerland, luxembourg, and so forth. this is where the separation is really important. the legal action is being launched against our tv productions, which makes some, you know, make some of the shows. our tv productions does not need a license, because our tv production is not a channel. it channel is our tv that is coming out of here. and thus moscow, our headquarters, our parent company applied for i applied for, for that license in serbia. the amount of pressure that a new german channel has faced even before it went on the air. difficulties with banks, difficulties, not just with licensing, but you know, the pressure on, on our guests and so forth. has been really unprecedented. yeah. pressure again, as you've mentioned, the beginning on our digital platforms, we are ready to keep
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a ticket fighting. what was the latest member fiarty family getting flat then from many sides already we spoke to to high profile janice to hear what they think you can't separate what's happening. rti is chinese television with other broadcasters, from the political situation, poor relations between germany and russia, right? now, for relations between united states and russia right now, the poor relations between stated tribal, all rubbish is linked in my view. it's purely politic. there is a sense i can only speak here in america where archie has been sanctioned in the past, by being labeled as something of, of the foreign agent regulation act. launching 38. you have the scene application to change television. you have a situation where the nations did not have good relations with united states or germany, yet penalize journalists who are not in iraq tend to people in power,
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are called propaganda us. oh, it is. are we should always have an adversarial relationship to power. that's what journalism is about is about shining a lands as much as possible on the inner workings of power. so the public knows what's going on. but i, i actually blast one. and when i read it, i thought it was funny. i mean, i guess not funny in terms of the consequences, but i just thought it was a show how utterly naive or tone deaf he was about the role journalist. okay, well, before we go this i, let's just bring you an update. then an are breaking news because a blaze has started at a mine in russia's main co producing region of cas bass. the $128.00 miners at the scene are being evacuated from the west beerin site. the location isn't far either from the mine. that last month also caught fire killing more than 40 work is there course will. her have more on this story since that more information comes in. just commit to half our sex here in moscow. even watch in the weekly back again,
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in half an o. whelan, gas, manufacturing, electricity, telecom, transportation, all of them now have i a t type of infrastructure connected to the internet when you clearly realizing this disruptive potential so that those countries can't ignore it because it threatens national security issue. but if we take nato e u countries, virtually all of them subscribe to certain doctrines and maintains selling but tell us closes, they are a cyber army on behalf of a country. that's their job. who, who are all driven by dreamers shaped bank, concur. some of those with
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there's sinks, we dare to ask ah, with who welcome foils. apart from millennia, poles and the loss of half muscles over the nature of law. and why do people succumb to it? but the opposite question of why people hate and killed maybe even harder to answer
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