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melissa mud mud. so with the facility to place on be some continued ashley heights and infinity dash. the one with dr. jarvis will be on info on my line will be melia the bottle in which was a, a load up, a hockey. my thought the homeowners weidler heavy on with the la be those. yeah. i mean okay. they if which other does, but these are i look up a month ago,
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but i had the oh cuz he bought them a bad little company. him at the i 9 phone. okay. let me uh why that, that j. lady dawson, i'm gonna help you. hello. so in our della saudi stuff couldn't was up, but he couldn't allen from the somebody and i'm yeah, more to be sally. you know, home, maybe more hot or measure knuckle and hockey euchre fell on out of it for love a dealer to shed. and what i said, well yeah, you know, was i had a vehicle when i guess the shuttle and the suit listed on friday. i left about a year, a saudi in with harbor there. ah, with . mm hm. can you and also if you had multiple multiple gyms or more kind of america. so that gives you how show leo,
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missouri a year or so via the obama shows a year with them to set aside. well. so we found to be on the show the anesthesia on, cuz i feel a you can hear me. diamond out of letting you know what we run with a live with a either with a high level feel any
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with when there was a nicotine, stephanie already on the called what it does, i don't do it. i look, but still with that article that a for the something that almost a decade. yeah. well, yellow, a town and must met banassi la has jo, physician a yeah, [000:00:00;00]
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a lot of them are going to be the only one that had been a put up she one union with a data ma, give me a shout. if we'd be dropped. can i help you with your model? them a lot to both of us to be another bottle too much from like the excel sheet on when i'm thought about what my video. so a, sorry, sorry you said a few comments with
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i'm told fan lives in that. that is, how does she any so called so a how does she only saw a consensus that we talked about was just so i know and i've been bent portal and he said that my think self. a lot of i see that the one hour i'm a been kind of a short i don't want a law. who else to look will you mind built on? i define the audi dominey a while to clear. yeah. me a
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little you can assume to cook. i can when actually a with the mother of and to have these and pick it up or what i can look a b wise man a dr. joe
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with wow, i mean are a moment. if you see a hello, a, a, a,
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a hyphen then with the hand of ours on that at about a lot that will happen. as i human have let is all one or a full essay i that id been on. as i knew, not land has involved. no one about this on the not able chabot. i wake up. i had that lovely as la are on the about this a mom, but his i'm at the balance of the whole and i don't on saturday, 9 to mean not on the studio by then. i do wanna and how do, mike, i'm not doing
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a demo with a find a mac and by the way, nasty, no initial we any to see about last i i, i need don't on the phone on there, but they're not going number. they give me a call back. they bought a a, a bye. i sent over yesterday. it had been a i'll adam picked it up on my car in
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for tonight and i think in my life and hong has somehow come home. i live with my then kathy says she home and are there by then it's a shift alone or a for sure. first going on what i will not i can i then i had the hasn't had them awesome. and hong is only has on the hollow. so i thought when i had them, i'm a sunday heck, and it's got on the whole lot. one lot in did in the sitting there,
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saw savage as well. i can said, debra a know forgot to make on the up and up see was done. you should just on the bait american with phone, had that i was about out of our blues. it was at the shift of all fuckin, missouri, jani at martha, rob, i thought a saw up come on fina o'connor. poland where they had they don't have a debit. that'll come on the bottle bullshit. emailed her. she can she, sheila, yourself go on and on the star not found. okay miss, so do you have to definitely help. oh, i
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had the one with the bill. hello. lazy on with this with a studio mot, they'll let you know let's just go on a nevada
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with him about that info on that as well. so he is on administrator can speak just hold on. mm hm. yeah. jonathan hi. so about our team, about how many to list with off come on. yeah. i know i'm always job. i'm about a sort of help me out with ah, working, remember shirts in the back. she popped in. she said, well,
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i'm getting ready to go shopping for christmas and i wish there was a girl to buy another, shooting another safe part of american life shattered by violence. the gunman was armed with an a r 15, semi automatic rifle. when the issue comes home, it's time to act when we're sorry i was on this issue. the other side wins by default, lady that lived over there. i was walking one of the dogs, which is why do you wear again? were you scared of nothing but take it off of you. i think the people need to take responsibility in their own and be prepared if those kinds of weapons were less available. we wouldn't have a lot of the shootings. we certainly wouldn't have the number
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a desk with ah, penny on says and i ah, a studio with a,
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a the a palace mine a mean. just gotten a static my father had the i had had enough that's gonna come in the background and how begin. not that my name is john, ester mcmullin, and happy in or, oh, not debach, any of those. i allen. i suggest you with a lot about what he said, my med, that means you feel better yet the studio and i think i can look for the 40 for me
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. okay. buddy. mist walk and it had a few minutes other than that one was about the a yeah. i know. i said, i mean i oh, it's no hope like i'm of done minute here now and look line up. spin us. not the lights or finance and i had little up the magic was cush had it. i'm those are my like getting a a
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with a other why not giving us a beside as you had the back with me in the a c r l. is it the by love, le le, buddy, a chicken name and number to call to may done for 40 pound has yourself. i believe me. so if you monkey, good my lula a month a month a she has me can. i mean, most who had to her and get amazon. i forget who they left. i kind of suffering from
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a few of us. ah, with a half of it allows me the most has up my father. i love to the foreigner and not necessarily nor fee. i'm not sure how that was i'm so selling this house on it delivered a month ago,
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and it's asked my ink in sr form in canada. he had had the lead that didn't sell them. i can fit them, sit on that him and he'll hang up, or when the shackle. sure, joe, hey, i can get an opinion and i know you're like no mac, my mac got a bed up among the younger normally had to hear the lounge dude by with no in the song carvajal here. mr. know, here i've been a nurse calls. why did you know, how does she could mark, you know, could among national know, could managed charm distribute been a long time ago. i the and medina as eddie, i come out to say do guy, this is alice buddy. i studio had our goal was to i'm not totally at martinez at that. he, i la dina. on them
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a ah give accessible that you do inside the mom on a bed with a lovely a model you have been also see the highest for food, a left hand to put on on that have been like on the suit. what is it? but i had so much with a lot of data that show awesome how long of how long to slap miss lahall
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how to do this. hello sue the afternoon for for you a bit. and i want to get with you on a brief standing behind any sharlena now, but all the while a company or less shoot me. hi, be an a honda i'm becky can see under is t. debbie le had not. lemme ask him, you know, what, then to have that in a black hole with gimme a look at it, but i can be a bit on him. what the can my a little before
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with i'm how will end up that about that amendment. mccully, i'm sure, as on monday, and so the way the non, i'll sort of a me a bit of not he must have a laugh loudly hold on at the g at homage to see what are the hampton inn and met. i believe it had been months ago. you had the unlimited amount of time the survey it was on the horn a how any company in shaheed or a company in missouri, shonasha that i just hardly understand a little and to had it. danny, mechanical been up for home, but at the map that she jumped was or been a mountain on the corner feedback. think how out of that let you may, danny below, bill paid on and the bad if we knew we had to look,
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we should because i fact when we knew that a min amphlett law firm, we're kinda baffled hazard in that we like any thought nessie and the b b no big a fast at them. honestly not our burn them. so with that of the last. so i and i will, i can have the limit them the sub to be a she won't, has a machine further officer pays law. the how would it's lana for mr. had a stan, it's an ideal need. this one have been talking to them on that and he wanted lucky and that if this had a late for me, that is with a manila that other than that i said, are you more in the 15? 0 no, you haven't on the school either. act better has
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a mother cannot learn the lessons and the love, the, and the bessy than not the beat grandmother to. so he didn't wanna assess for the mother get theater kind of torn above. now i don't know who nasty along on law bob . a snack lee, i'm more thinking i would what i say, a sort of an empty heidi china, a feed up female.
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a lot. a b, i need to have a legal fees wait. when i was at a hot leaky market, i can assure you again, it is the whole flemish wave a little. i can hardly hear them now to welcome night . bye bye. uh huh. i want a
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quote with us. this is a with me and i, we should maybe have me love it and maybe help me with those you have with them. i will be back together and then we'll let that there was a bill or literally doug. hey, can you hey, will economically. i'm ready,
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i'm ready. who is a a b ah, scientific knowledge has never been so readily available to everyone across the globe, but overwhelmed by information. can we distinguish the real science from the one being imposed upon us? we're living in a world where there are many people who have a vested interest in finding information, finding scientific evidence,
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and discrediting even the notion that science could provide the truth about the natural world in the pursuit of business goals. large corporations, a challenge strongly by scientific evidence if you're emotionally invested and free markets, them climate change is a serious emotional threat because dealing with it means we have to change our approach to business industries are on the war bar, attempting to debunk legitimate science by producing the evidence in science in writing science. that's how ignorance is manufactured, their attention only seeking to the rail science rolling using cy itself and financial survival guide. daisy, let's learn about the allowed. let's say i'm a true, i can agree. tom grief on face of the site. wall street broad,
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thank you for helping with joy. 6 that's right, fill out this slavery. join me every thursday on the alex simon, sure. and i'll be speaking together from the world politics sport. business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then. mm. ah, breaking news this our and archie international. our sister channel in germany r t d e has been blocked by you tube. it comes on the very day it launched its 1st broadcast in that country. heavily armed men surround libby and government offices in tripoli, with militia threatening to scaffold the upcoming presidential election. the 1st such vote, the war ravaged african country in 7 years. the world health organization warned


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