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tv   News  RT  December 15, 2021 9:00am-9:31am EST

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[000:00:00;00] with, with headlines for this, our live on our teeth, russia dismisses as groundless. a german court verdict that a russian national was guilty of carrying out of murder on moscow's orders. the killing it goes back to the 2019. it caused a major strained relations between moscow and berlin. facebook parent company admits in court that it's 3rd party fact check said nothing more than opinions. it is fueling for the allegations of bias and censorship of process social media jail to try to protect young girl. denmark's act immigration minister gets 2 months behind bars for separating refugee child wives from their husband. if
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she was so worried about and then she diminished her, would have been something more humane reading, talking about trying to achieve 3 people. so i don't think it r chipmunks junctions. ah, well, an awful lot of new stories coming into while t international it most go today. it's a busy wednesday. welcome to your new a political decision, not back with any solid evidence will. that is how russia's ambassador to germany has dismissed the conviction of a russian national for the alleged state sponsored killing of a man in berlin. back in 2019, the court ruled the mode. it was carried out on moscow's orders. lot is peter oliver picks up the story lacorte in berlin its sentence,
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they russian national to life in prison on wednesday. vadim classic cough known by the alias vadim soccer law of according to the court was previously or had previously been found guilty of the 2019 murder of villa him hun. gosh, really now the court said on wednesday that the killing was directly linked to the russian government. something moscow has denied multiple times. hun gosh, really had been wanted as a terrorist in russia. he was said to have been directly responsible in the killing of almost 100 people in russia's north caucuses. he was also tied to the planning of the 2010 moscow metro suicide bombings. he had asylum status here in berlin before he was shot to death. in a park, in the center of the german capital, the ambassador from russia to berlin, and said again, a child has be far from happy though with the evidence that was presented in this case,
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the absurd thesis about the involvement of the russian federation. in this case was never confirmed by convincing evidence to accept pseudo investigations and unsubstantiated statements of the bias media such as belin, cat, an insider, and other speculations is at least strange. the time chosen for the announcement of the verdict is hardly accidental. obviously some one is interested in overshadowing the dialogue between russia and the new german government. while they're still being no meeting between all af sholtes, the new german chancellor and russia's president vladimir putin, either by phone or in person. there is a lot of issues between moscow and berlin right now, not just this case, but also we look at the future of the nordstrom to gas pipeline tensions over ukraine. and what we had seen previously in this particular case, was the expulsion of diplomats, of, from the russian embassy by the german government. now what court says here in burly in on wedding stay does leave a door open for diplomacy. there was some mention of the possibility that this
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russian national could be sent to russia in order to either serve out a sentence or any other or for any other purposes. plenty of work still to do all not. but what we heard from the russian embassy here in berlin, they all fall from happy. with this ruling on wednesday, facebook uses might have to reassess the information they've been getting from the site. author, its parent company, meta admitted in court. the so called fact checks are based merely on opinion. the revelation came during a legal battle initiated by a journalist off to his posts were flagged as misleading and entering the interesting story here. pretty fascinating say the least, unties as husky at taylor investigations. turns out the famous fact checkers who are busy labeling things false party, false misleading. i've actually been a bit loose with well, the facts. facebook yet again found itself in court. this time up against to john
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list. he didn't like the bay slapped partly full sticker on one of his post. so he food for defamation. i'm because facebook where he spent millions of dollars on legal fees over the years and got creative this time and claimed that front check has don't decide what's false or not based on fact, what to ridiculous idea, but on their opinion. hence the title, fact checkup and because opinion in america is sacred, you can't sue it. it's a very, very nifty loophole. but just to really escape any liability whatsoever. facebook double down on how it gives it. fact check has a very long leash so matter identifies potential misinformation, for fact checkers to review and rate. it leaves the ultimate determination whether information is false so misleading to the fact checkers. and though meta has designed its platforms so that fact checker ratings appear next to content that the fact checkers have reviewed and rated. it does not contribute to the substance of
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those ratings. now, you won't find any of these details in the giant fac tech inspection on facebook dot com. instead, you'll learn about how they interview thought, says and consult data and look for facts, you know, to really drive home. the point about how it's all based on opinion. i think some of it's 3000000000 users worldwide, one, sorry, pleased. after all, many of them had probably used these fact jackson martin with their friends. and now it's turned out they were just quoting some random person's opinion and then embarrassing railing, so that campaigning for face may not be let off the hook. court filing, facebook admits its fact checkers. don't check facts. is facebook admitted here, that it's fac checks are not really fat checks at all, but merely opinion assertions also by facebook claim in its labels constitute opinions than doesn't that make it a publisher. facebook, your opinion piece is not exempt from being fact checked, even when they are clearly labeled as op eds or editorials. also,
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facebook are fact check labels can not be false or defamatory, because they concede sheet protected opinion, even though we present them. as fact. my question though is, what does facebook need these opinionated fact checkers for anyway, after all, over the years, it's proved, it's committed to free speech. it loves giving people a voice, especially donald trump. it's dedicated to openness, transparency, and of course democracy. i mean, it says all the time, if your democracy can't tolerate the speech of people, i'm not sure what kind of democracy it is. i do believe in giving people more access to information and more access to connect with one another and not reserving those as tools for some small number of elite people. i don't feel comfortable at all saying they don't get to have a voice because i don't agree with it at our ability to know what is misinformation is itself in question. and i think reasonably so fact checkers. facebook favorite friends protecting it from defamation, setting it free for accountability, someone to hide behind and times of trouble, but most importantly,
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always ready to get their opinion. facebook has found themselves back against the wall and if they try to cling to the idea that they are fact checking in court, they're going to lose. and not only is it going to cost them big time, but it's going to open the door to a flood of similar lawsuit in the near future. and it could be more than they can handle. i think they're hoping that by admitting that fact, jack just means opinion jack, when facebook puts a label on there, hoping to get out of this lawsuit without harm. and then just sink the story into the daily fountain of news events and hope people forget about it. in due time and in the, in the future, you'll see changes in their labels. they'll stop using the word fact and they'll come up with some other way to express it where they still exercise their dictatorship right to control speech on their platform. but it won't be a false presentation like the word fact jack is false. that you can read a more analysis about these latest revelations, from facebook revelations,
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seemingly happening every couple of weeks now. read more about it, just a few clicks away. r t dot com will a clash of cultures have seen denmark's x immigration minister sent to jail. now she's been sentenced to 2 months for illegally separating refugee couples. back in 2016. under danish law couples can only marry from the age of 18. but during the migrant crisis, girls as young as 15 who had legally married in their home countries arrived in denmark. the then minister ordered the young wives to be separated from their husbands. a danish court ruled that was unlawful as the decision was made without consideration of individual circumstances. however, anger storybook says she was only trying to protect children and she has 0 regrets . yeah, minay accuracy and yeah, i can only see that a very, very surprised by despair date and it is as it were, the only scenario i had not prepared for the fall way because i thought it was
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completely unrealistic. i mean, but here we are and i take my punishment and they do it without bending my neck wound. oh boy, magna said her notable. no, there is nothing over that. so, i mean, simply one has a moral and compassionate obligation to protect the girls, and that was what i did, i guess debate of the issue, whether other danish or x minister's decision was justified, or whether it's not to me, nobody is above the law is as simple as that, and she has been only sentence for 2 months, not for 2 years. and we also know that she will not go to the present. she maybe get a strap on on her leg, you know, and that is that with the data. i think the lessons learned from the office say there is a lack of proportionality, a on behalf of the danish minister. but also i think on behalf of the tool, because we already told you about 23 people. so i don't think our mom sentence,
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most of the girls who are in this 24 cases give our 1617 so they were not child. right. like 5 years, 6 years, 7 years and more girls were already married with the compass and to separate those people. i think that if she wanted to do something human, she should have gone to the court and some come pretend expert who had given her some good advice. but she didn't do that. i think they didn't take into account their service. there is a good play trying to protect the diag, describe why she might go slightly in my food and how it got members also having economic time since syria which is contributing to so many of them coming to denmark didn't know that, that they didn't know what became as asylum seeker, how would they know the loss of the land?
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they were running for their lives in the country. they were seeking asylum somewhere and they came to denmark. and if she was so worried about them, then she the minister would have been something more humane. talk to them and explain to them. well, i think if you go by what she said, she said she was defending daily. these protecting child bodies. it is not a matter of one day or one year, you suggest a matter of subjecting those poor people who are seeking asylum and under garment and the minister is subjecting them to come unbearable pressure. and that is, i think, personally for me is absolutely terrible. so the main reason people come from sherry, i'd say to places like the denmark and the is the all for each make sanctions which
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literally agree on my so you never passing me today. repeat your name and i'm extension. so maybe it's a little bit more bearable. meanwhile, another prominent woman who's also landed herself in trouble is that of the harry potter author j. k. rowling. she has infuriated the transgender community by criticizing the police in scotland for this the police in scotland when i allow rape suspects to identify as women. that's even if they haven't legally or physically changed that gender rolling tunnel, the george orwell in 1984 on twitter to make a point where his peace freedom of slavery, ignorance is trans. the meanest individual who have to is a woman or feminist activists sharing. rawlings concerns saying the new approach to rape suspects will distort crime statistics and thereby render them useless. the authors face the heavy backlash for her views. vast majority of sexual souls are
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committed by men who don't identify as anything other than men. perhaps you might consider using your public profile to come by this. instead, you created an entire universe filled with wonderful characters, fantastical beasts, magic and wonder, but can fathom the trans people exist. he has gone downhill from the inspiring woman who wrote harry potter from her call. why does it sound like your mood said about trans people and rapists till like you pro, it is a wrong here baby. when it's not the 1st time rawlings been rounded on by trans activists in 2020, she was accused of trans phobia. after ridiculing an article that used to phrase people who menstruate instead of women that prompted protests outside her house, the writer insists she has nothing against transgender people. lolia neil harvey spoke with the director of the project keep prisons, single sex who believes as
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a dangerous practice to substitute biological sex with agenda identity. i think this is another example of institutional catcher of our public and private institutions by the transgender, low bay. the intention was to then be able to roll out to other sectors. so i think the capturing of the criminal justice system, whether it's crime statistics or it's the prison service, has been a very key tactical made within the crime statistics. we know that sex is an incredibly important variable for analyzing the causes of crime. and the response to crime. so if you substituting gender identity to biological sex, you're really messing up the data right at the beginning. and you can never formulate an appropriate response. so men are just exploiting a loophole here to get themselves into female prisons and that there's great danger to the family mates. i mean, how do you feel about that side of the argument?
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once you start pretending that biological sex doesn't matter, then you start opening up space is team males to men into boys on the basis of what they believe about themselves on the basis of gender identity. and that puts women at risk as j. k. rowling says, this is fundamentally, it's about protecting the rights of women and girls is about protecting the safety of women and girls. i still to come in the program here, one r t pledging to hold it in the hands, the ties that bind that to nations or the russian and trying leaders log on for an online chat. but what did they chat about details after the break? ah. oh, is your media a reflection of reality?
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in the world transformed? what will make you feel safer? isolation, whole community? are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. join me every thursday on the alex, simon, sure. but i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then.
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with ah, you went those stories here one ot well consumer prices are hitting new highs in america with inflation reaching a nea for decade peak just earlier this year. and recent media advice for americans is to spend that money before the savings to you value. let hasn't gotten down to well, especially among those who are already strapped for cash. everything costs more, the grocery stores of pretty much everything universally cost more. everything has gone up gas. ah, food, everything. so it's not good. i'm a small, you know, black home business owner and all the prices are my products. i have a coffee shop in brooklyn, in prime grand coffee. and like all the, all the beans are more expensive and it's harder to get like even little products like napkins and cups and all those stuff. so it's kind of bad, you know,
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with prices on almost all goods and services rising. some media have come up with some advice that isn't going down too well. they say copy inflation ravaged argentina and simply blow all your money before it evaporates. in high inflation economy. money that sits in the bank is losing value each day, those $100.00 and deposit by a little bit less. as a result, many argentines spend their paychecks as soon as they receive them, cards in a way, weeks worth of groceries in a single shocking trip. even if some of it excess me chicken fish, will sit in the freezer for months. so won't burg offers asked to spend more. that's as consumer inflation costs of jump 6.8 percent the highest and 41 years. it's not the only example in a recent washington post article, a leading columnist, aptly suggested. not expecting very much, rather than leaving constantly on the verge of throw in a fit, and rescan taken it out on the la whelmed service,
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struggling shall pony late arrive and delivered it. people will do ourselves a favor by consciously lowering expectations. a recent article from locks recommended reducing holiday requests in order to not feel the crunch of by nomics . the mission to my last with more intention is achievable for everyone, especially aflac shoppers. it's incumbent and americans, the wealthiest people in the well to come back, come and be critical of their consumption. many c biden's policies as being directly to blame job. i didn't seems bored of explaining how he sees it, not too interested in defending his actions. we were all going out and have lunch together, and i said, let's ask whoever, whoever sent the next table, no matter how were what restaurant when haven't had them explained the supply chain to us. we can understand what's what we're talking about. at this point. 60 percent of americans blame joe biden for the crisis. but mainstream media seems to disagree and tell them they should blame themselves,
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not the people leading the country. there's nothing that upsets american voters more than having to pay for ever higher prices that are going up dramatically by to mr. trisha can try to blame the energy companies in private. this is all they want, but it's all happening on his watch. and i expect that the democrats are going to pay a very serious price for this and the next election, if we make it that long, we don't know what inflation is going to be at. by that time, i'm very much afraid that, that we're going to be facing a reckoning of without any kind of historical precedent in anybody's life times. spaniards could be in for a bit of a shock when they get to their next electricity bills. power prices are set to hit a new record, despite government assurances to rein them in to 2018 levels. the cost of a megawatt hour is full cost to be $7.00 times higher than last december. experts
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say that's partially due to surgeon gas prices. now, spanish electricity bills in november, we're up 50 percent year on year, and people across the country are really starting to feel it. i'm yet thought. hm. yeah. well, it valerie's movement. it changes everything. if you have a sorry that only cover certain things, it affects you and everything else. if you how 500 euros and spent a 100 another through city, he barely have anything left. all worry. what are people going to do? if i were in church, i would if people in government a low salary and see how the cope look shawl is reached this level because no one regulates it. glad albert again, of course, if you pay a lot for electricity and charge your clients a low price, it affects you a lot. if you charged lions 15 euros and you have to pay round electricity cetera, what do you have left you? so we're struggling to make ends meet, but hopefully things will be fixed good. the reason i gave them chief investment
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officer at sucks. so bank osteen jacobson discussed europe's energy was on the latest addition of. so if you co visionaries i, we're going to be playing in here on our, to, on friday, but for now a preview. a we are doing right now with the way we are executing east at we are a choosing on getting more money, more flow at taxonomy in terms of the you, which is entirely billed and green transformation and investment. but when you are d cup and icing, you are major licensed economy. and then on top of that, which is the single most i outstanding issue, it's going to be colder. and the stores of energy is low again, also, which means that the inflationary pressure, the energy crisis, as a concept is already there, the ability to do a bass load energy generation in europe is of all time low. this week alone, we had the highest energy prices ever in france, basically for the europeans ag sector right now. we ha, more dependent on the flow from russia than ever before. as the saying in among the
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says, the best way to get lower prices is to get higher prices. what, what, what we, what, what the market means. but at is that when the market price, it gets high enough. the marginal cost of energy gets so high that supply needs to be unable to problem. we have specifically for energy is that it is under the guidance under the sort of the containment of the s g label. no, professional investor, no sovereign well fun, no pension fund is today able to actually invest into the fossil energy sector at a time where it is the most needed. we'll need that. the for the capital available, the march of cost of capital available for the energy sector needs to come down. and that is the big fight that the politicians will have to have with the climate groups. vladimir putin and his chinese count of oz, egypt ping of held a highly publicized video conference of both publicly committed to strengthening
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that ties in it increasingly strain relationships between the east and west as guess in details is our corresponding eco's done. it comes amid as both nations, they face very similar geopolitical challenges, and most of them are coming from half the world away from the united states, both nations, both russia and china, are no stranger to nato, bolstering its military presence, either close to the national borders, or when it comes to china in the asia pacific, hence in an area, the china that bay ging views as its own backyard. here, both vladimir putin and changing ping. they criticize the so called all cause deal saying that while essentially it undermines the well, the global nuclear stability and that it is essentially a threat to global security. have a lesson concern was expressed by the activity of the americans in re configuring the current situation. in the asia pacific region, and in this regard, both from our side and from the chinese side and negative assessment was expressed
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about the creation of new alliances such as the indo pacific court and the american anglo australian union orcus basically, this orkin deal is the united states and the u. k. uniting and helping a se, trailer create its own basically expand its nuclear capabilities, expand the nuclear capabilities of its fleet. so this is an attempt by washington and london to make a se, trailer, into more into more of an atomic superpower. in fact, on the side note of this deal has already caused quite a scandal between the allies. because initially, france was about to do more or less the same, but washington and london, well, they muscled out their partner, their ally, paris, out of a very lucrative contract. but going back to the meeting between our herb, going back to this virtual conference between vladimir putin and teaching ping, they also express a desire to move further away from exchanges in dollars when it comes to bilateral
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trade and well increase the volume of deals or in our local currencies, in fact, staying was there, the subject of economy. vladimir putin, has revealed that more than a 150000000 of doses of russia's vaccines against covert. sputnik v and sputnik light will be produced in china as contracts with 6 chinese firms have been signed and in general, during 2021. the or the amount. the volume of bilateral trade has increased by 31 percent, which is basically it has reached to levels higher than before the pandemic. so there you have it, it seems both lead as they well they see i to i and this meeting, this virtual summit seems to have lamented the alliance between moscow and beijing . that discussion continues online right now at r t dot com. just click on the weld section. what? thanks for joining us, wrapping up the news cost for this our here on our table. we are back soon with
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more of your wednesday stories. ah, ah ah, ah. ah, london love polls, particularly when polls further a certain political agenda, but polling has a checkered history as of late the last 2 election cycles. tell us as much should we put much stock into polling any more if so, then why? i mean,
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ah, i'm african return senior wasn't going underground. 8 years ago to day the south sydney's civil war began a conflict seen in the west as the result of ancient tribal rivalries, but of these resentments actually the result of decades. and in some cases, centuries of colonial rule, a new book by one of the greatest living public intellectuals. my word, ma'am dani looked at the roots of religious and ethnic conflict and shows how the colonial powers that facilitated them for their own gains have also warped and narrowed the mechanisms through it's justice and equity can be sought. the book neither settler nor native, the making an unmaking of permanent minorities is out now and my mood ma'am now joins me from new york. thank you so much for them. i'm not even coming on. i better start with the fact that, you know, we hear people talking about rescuing those,
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the collaborating with nato invasions of afghanistan. and there's always, you know, talking nuremberg in that case. but you are alone, dissenter on the african union commission into su dawn, tell me how nuremberg emerges as a climax of imperialism, rather than justice after nazi defeat. since nearburg rules, we often talk about them on this show. following orders is not good nor a book is held up as the greatest achievement that came out of terrible time. supposed $945.00 nuremberg it said to be the 1st international court. a richer upheld the principal or individual responsibility of hello. this is coming on the responsibility in the course of that nuremberg overlooked. den just overlook, must compete,


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