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tv   Keiser Report  RT  December 14, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm EST

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writing to the new york times say they did not see the inflation coming. trying to clarify my own thoughts on inflation. i got inflation wrong. i didn't see the current such coming, but why? i didn't think the fiscal stimulus early this year would boost demand as much is summers that our predicted, and in fact, so far it hasn't. now, at this point, 60 percent of americans blame joe biden for the crisis. but mainstream media seems to disagree and tell them they should blame themselves, not the people leading the country. there's nothing that upsets american voters more than having to pay for ever higher prices that are going up dramatically by to mr. trish can try to blame the energy companies and private is all they want, but it's all happening under his watch. and i expect that the democrats are going to pay a very serious price for this and the next election, if we make it that long, we don't know what inflation is going to be at. by that time, i'm very much afraid that, that we're going to be facing
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a reckoning of without any kind of historical precedent and anybody's lifetimes. jeffrey albert tucker, wrapping up the hour, i'll be back off the top again in 30. but next, some more great programs get there. start in moments, stick close season. mm hm . oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safer?
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high selection, whole community. are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere which direction? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah max kaiser this is the kaiser report. what have i told you hong kong in a box? what does that mean? let's ask stacey macs a kind of sounds to me like el salvador is hong kong in a box. of course president who kelly himself is always saying, singapore,
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which kind of fits, you know, they, a country that is a very hot human tropical that turns itself into a financial power house. well, would you believe me if i told you max that you actually predicted this moment back in 2014 february 2014 with turn to mr. and he tweeted this comment and a link to this clip from kaiser report back in 2014. i'll read you his tweet 1st, he said, max kaiser and me predicting the emergence of big queen countries and cities. bitcoin shangri la, a place where the crypto cloud hits earth. and here's the clip. people talk about, we need a big coin shangri la, you know, we need a place, a country that will instead of fighting, bit going, embrace it for what it is. it's a fantastic, cheap way to send money to store value and it's a growth industry and itself, it creates jobs, obviously in new york, in san francisco,
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or anywhere in the united states are going to resist it because you've got entrenched oligarch, lee, they're going to resist it in europe, but in place like cyprus, the cyber is going to be the country that says, you know what, we're going to be the switzerland of crypto or the, the, the talk about the way i see bit corn is sort of like a benign virus. it's going to where the place where the resistance is least and that there are several places where the cloud could hit the earth and it could be cypress. we can also think about countries like panama, like on kong, switzerland, i mean time will tell, but, but what's for sure? i think it's going to be small country. there are nimble that offer a lot of freedom, economic freedom, and maybe have a background already in technology. let's talk about what it means to be born in the crypto cloud. what do you get if you're born into this crypto cloud? you get, you know, why would say off the top of my head just to get the ball rolling. here you get a real currency with a store, a value. that's a limited supply. that's similar to gold. you get transactions that are near 0 in
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terms of cost, you get all what, how would you expand on that? well, you might also good accounting, that's very air tight. we're not necessarily, everybody could see everything that goes on inside. but where you can prove mathematically that there is no fraud in the system, which is amazing for emerging economies, we can have think about all the startup city projects that are out there that are thinking about a city in a box. what if there is a country that wants to bootstrap an economy? they can use those concepts and crypto to it and really create something quite, quite amazing, like like an instant, hong kong kind of situation. you're bringing the knowledge from outside and you just and that's how you create a lot of international tax competition and those kind of things. right. well yeah, talk to mr. of course, is a great writer in the big coin space and great thinker and going back 2014. and even earlier than that,
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those who were in big coin in the community want to extrapolate late what big coin means, what it can do. the idea of it being able to run a country or in a country adopting it as legal tender and replacing the dollar and challenging the dollar really is a no brainer because it is the hardest money. it's those always going to scale beautifully. and i mean, look at l 5 adore, for example, than did not have to do anything with the recent tack root upgrade of big coin that all done for them by this global open source project. and they're already enjoying the fruits of a g. d. p. looks like it's going to boom. but anyway, going back to 2014. yeah, it was clear then that all took was a leader some, some vision. some, some a president who, who really was not afraid to see the truth. i mean, that's the key. you have to be able to see the truth for what it is, whether you're micro sale or
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a micro strategy or president kelly of el salvador. if you're comfortable seeing the truth, then you act on bitcoin. so he had said small nimble and economic freedom with the qualities that to look for at the time he was predicting panama. but definitely a salvador small and eat. bu kelly is proven very nimble. he smash buys every single day. anytime bitcoin falls by 101520 percent, he's out there, smash buying it for the nation. so the interesting thing as well, that is quite timely, is that in 2014, when turn to mr said you could see in the future a hong kong in the, in a box that bit queen enabled like an ikea foreign nation states and city states to emerge on a bit quite standard. but at that time 2014, hong kong was a financial powerhouse and the financial center of the known universe at that time,
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right. it is no longer that case and this is in the middle of this d globalization. this power struggle, the facilities trap between the united states and china and hong kong is ground 0 and they've been taken out. whereas at this moment, this new bitcoin era, this post fiano era in hong kong, was the center of the fi at universe. and now it's al salvatore's time, i believe, and they're nimble, they're small, and they're bringing economic freedom. that's what you see with president who kelly and big quite city in the 0 percent tax. and that no interference and just let bit pointers do their thing. yep. they already see it happening, g p a looks like it's going to do great next year or above 10 percent. fastest growing country in the world. and the, the, what it brings to the country in terms of a positive attitude is fantastic. and this is going to be the 1st mover advantage for el salvador, as other countries begin to wake up to this, it's only gonna help their position. and of course,
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they've got all that geothermal volcano energy, they're going to be doing the volcano bombs. so this is the beginning of an incredibly exciting story. let's also point to that moment that you just said of the tap room upgrade. that i think one of the more remarkable things that happened since el salvador did adopt a bit quin standard is that, you know, when you look at all these big g 7, g 8, g, 20, all these big meetings. and you know, when we have the financial crisis, the 20082009 all those, the treasury secretary and the fed meeting with all the heads of the biggest bang. so like, how do you fix this situation? and we see j power struggling with transitory inflation. that's become a permanent inflation. when we see that struggle of these, these small man, individual men or women trying to control these giant forces of huge amounts of fields being printed. but nobody actually knows how much is being printed,
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because all nations with fear are printing wildly. so here we had like the smartest people in the universe upgrading your money monitoring network in an open distributed system that all could verify and, and look at and determined that yes, this was like, this was a way to move forward to improve your financial system. yeah, all central banks, all banks, all on verifiable committees, all on verifiable centers of power are corrupt. some of them are very corrupt, some of them are extremely corrupt. here in el salvador, their money system is completely absent of any corruption because it's all the healing towards the pure monetary premium and truth of bitcoin. and on top of that bedrock of truth, you can build a fantastic country, fantastic culture, and loved what out of that, sorry, very just a channel to be who you really are in this case is going to be
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a central american power house. that's what they, that's what i'll salvador was meant to be, and that's what it will be whilst you had predicted of salvatore, essentially, back in 2014. you predicted this moment. we have also been predicting the moment that would be so perfect for our salvador to become hong kong in a box. in that hong kong. as part of d, globalization is being swept away and you see that in this wall street journal, i have mine here. retreat from globalization as to inflation risks. tariffs by american policies and lower immigration inflows. my add to cost pressures, so they add up all the. in the various tariffs, canadian, a lumber terrace of 18 percent have been impose polysilicon. a key solar panel ingredients surged more than $20.00 a key low, and the 2nd quarter, 2020 versus a $6.20
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a year ago. and all of this is these cost price increases are happening because of the d globalization and the trade conflict, and the the acidity strap between the united states and china that we have predicted for several years now. and we've chronicled there as it was heating up. and so this was a perfect moment for the life of our salvador. and i think other nations in that region of central america and latin america could soon follow. right. i'll salvador is the fantastic position to, um, like a little speed boat outmaneuver, the huge tankers that are stuck in, in, in the port, and without unable to deliver goods and services. here we have of self contained economy to a large degree, our agricultural, for the most part that has a very dynamic leader who's adopted a big coin standard. and this is i said before or the kind of like the new new world. i made a tweet that my ancient ancestors 300 years ago. you know,
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they emigrated from germany to pennsylvania at the request of william penn who started pennsylvania. and that was the new world at that time. you know, al salvatore's the new new world and i may be immigrating back, you know, to el salvador for the same reasons that my ancestors immigrated to an sylvania. you know, this is the new opportunity, the new world, this is, this is the new nirvana, right? and you're going to see us heading further and further south is going to get hotter and hotter. these jackets will come off all that sort of what will be in just tank tops and little between shorts, very soon enough from el salvador. but you know, in terms of the new world old world, of course it's, it is literally from 2009. and the genesis block was a pre bitcoin world and a post bitcoin world. and the whole thousands of years of human history before that had been based on essentially gold standard,
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fia rode on top of the gold standard. now we're in a big coin standard world. and you saw that really a rob's in the, you know, i guess he's millennial president who cali versus boomer. peter chef peter shift hanging on to his gold, sinking down into the fi at the stink the sludge and the swamp. of all the fraudulent debts of wall street, and here we have who kelly had tweeted, el salvador just bought the dip. a $150.00 coins at an average u. s. dollar price of $48670.00. celebration phase party pat hash had bitcoin christmas cake. so remember we said small and nimble, so there he is nimble. he grabbed the dip. peter shift with his big giant bars of gold. and now that you can dance with, there's a lot more dips coming. he said, how much tax per money do intend to waste? and here is the, the millennial versus boomer moment right in this tweet response. but kelly had to
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boomer, chef. none were already in the green from our last purchase in less than 24 hours. you know, boomer, we have $44106.00 ounces of gold in our reserves, or $79000000.00 down 0.37 percent from a year ago. if we had sold it a year ago and bought big coin, it would now be valued at $204000000.00. wow, this is one of the benefits of being a big coin. it's a right of passage. everyone gets to don't compete or share. you know, we've been duncan on him for 10 years, almost. he's been wrong for dame years. he's the worst money manager of the century . and now president kelley gets at don, computer chef. it's fun. you know, everyone gets that opportunity and he seems to enjoy it. so he's the kid in class that enjoys getting, you know, beat up for whatever reason. anyhow, we're going to take a break and when we come back, much more coming your away. ah.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be an arms race. movies on often has very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully very critical dime. time to sit down. ha ah, with for welcome back to the kaiser report. i max guys are time now to turn to james church. he's a gold bug, he's also a big coin. it is yes. and as book is new, it's called money liberty. now james,
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turn in the book. you talk about the pursuit of happiness being more difficult because of a system of money and banking. i look at 800000 drug overdoses the past 12 months. certainly, that doesn't look good. can you talk a little bit about pursuit of happiness and that relates to sound money? you know, the pursuit of happiness is becoming more difficult because the monetary system is eroding from the way it should be politically honest money in order to look at it. and that's been a road in united states and many other countries around the world for many, many years and starting to accelerate. and certainly things got accelerating late, bad 971. when the gold window was closed in the u. s. seems like that was a seminal moment, james? yeah, absolutely. right. next it actually started though in 1913 with the creation of the research. that's why gold was $20.67. announce back then the dollars been debased
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over the past 100 years, but up from $971.00. forward to the present. it's been accelerating that the patient has been accelerating. a famous writer garvey dall, once said, and referred to america as the united states of amnesia. and you know, it seems like, while america is interested in erasing the past, it's, it's past the civil war, past and other events of the, of the past. it's also seemingly wants to forget things like sound money and when you forget big parts of your history and you don't remember other parts of your history. what's left, james? i really feel like this generation millennials and jen z have gotten ripped off because they're not really growing up in anything any way. thing like any of us grew up and, you know, you're absolutely right. max and i think are, but i had a good apps division as well. and one of the things that we're ignoring is the monetary provisions and the constitution. you know,
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there are 2 specific things in the constitution. other critically important. the federal government has received the authority from the states to coin money, not to print money, or to create money out of bookkeeping entries, but the klein money and regulate the values that are up and what that meant was that they could fix the gold. so the ratio so there was so it's sufficient met all of those gold and silver on hand to create coins. and i think one of the attractions of script the occurrences among the millennials backs, i just saw a survey. that's something like 20 percent of millennials on, on some type of chris crypto currency is because they feel that the monetary system is not working to their advantage is changing them. and that's what the framers wanted to prevent. you know, 1st, courtesy of the country, most people don't understand was the continental and it collapsed and hyperinflation. and one of the reasons they created the constitution are put together have the monetary positions and there was to not have the country against basic collapse or the other paper currents you'd like the continental or the terms
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like the continental, you mention states right there. and it seems like states are becoming more of a factor when it comes to money and monetary policy, particularly with bitcoin. some states are very pro bitcoin like texas and i arming and setting up for a showdown between states and the federal government over money. james? yeah, you know, there's something if this is actually been brewing for the past 101520 years. the states are starting to understand that the federal structures and balance and the face have a lot more authority under the constitution than what had been, you know, accepted in the 20th century. and the states are starting to recognize that there are issues from a monetary point of view. as a consequence, what they're doing is they're moving starting movements toward child money, you know, taking silly things like sales taxes of gold, of sales and to individuals and, and other things that they're taking. i think we're going to see more of this as problems with the dollar increase received and the migration patterns,
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a lot of people are moving from states like how fornia in new york, they're moving to texas and they're picking up professional seats as a result of it. so politically, this is having an impact, we may say a big coined presidential candidate in 2024 with someone like ted cruz getting back to gold for a 2nd because of course do, and i've been talking about gold and then big coin now for, oh, my gosh, almost 20 years now. and so where it is, where does this statement fit? and michael sailor over a micro strategy. of course he just bought a morbid coin. he's got close to $6000000000.00 and big coin is quoted recently as saying, quote, the best thing you can do is sell all 10 trillion dollars worth of gold and buy bitcoin gold is a dead rock and quote, your response james church. yeah, go guys. a big claim or crypto guys really on the same side, it's us versus the currency. and my view has been the crypto cursors are educated
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in millennials. about money, you know, criptos better than fear, but it's not as good as gold. the thing about gold is that it is a physical asset, you can hold it in your hand and as a consequence, there is no counter party breast. that's the disadvantage of crypto advantage of crypto is that you cannot be confiscated based on current technology, which is the disadvantage of gold, which has been confiscated many times history. so what crypto guys and go guys should be doing is fighting the same fight to get rid of the currency. and once we do that, and i think ultimately, you know, the role the gold is played historically for 5000 years will emerge to the forefront. you know, i've been watching this debate go on with the gold bugs and the big claim folks, for a long time it seems that the big coin people really are ambivalent about gold. they, they're happy for people to buy gold. they don't really care one way or another because their conviction and big coin is so high, they don't really give it
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a 2nd thought. whereas on the, on the gold side of the debate, those folks are vehemently opposed to bitcoin and they seem to take a really active position against bitcoin, thinking somehow it's evil to some degree almost. why do you think that is why, why would there be more ambivalence on both sides of this debate? i think it's just the lack of education about each other's products. i mean, remember, mx, you know, back in the early days i was very skeptical. and once you know, we've had a number of discussions, if i can this, it was a $100.00 announced and had a role to play. and i've been a believer ever since. but do i see bit quite as the ultimate long term solution. i say go really is judgment long term solution, but i do see that 2 different types of currency, complimentary to one another. remember it's called crypt currency for recent stuff, crypto money, currency and money or 2 different things. we use the same words, explain it, but currency is a banking product,
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and money is something fundamental to nature. nature provides everything. humanity needs to best including money. and that's that natural money or nature's money is gold. that's true. just from an interesting kind of thought experiment, if the market starts to dump gold and buy bitcoin doesn't, that doesn't really matter what one's predisposition is toward goal the market has spoken. i believe that the market ultimately wealth make the final determination air. and at the moment we say to a lot certain degree, james, some de monetization of gold. we say money in cash flows pouring into bitcoin. but the question is this. the market ultimately may decide that big coin is a winner take all and it and good monetize gold down to its utility value. that's possible. you're just saying a fall. likely. yeah. you know,
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we don't know how the future is going to unfold backs and right now bitcoin has been winning. but remember, the coin started from very, very small market cap and the, the nurse who bought the car in those early days. very much like that's the nurse who bought apple or, you know, google back in their early days. only to realize that the value of those investments that they made ultimately were something that the market life in the market. if you know, put their arms around the product and started paying more for it, how it's going to move forward from here. i don't know. but what i have been recommending who own bitcoin is to think about taking some profits along the way and put it into real things, farmland. timberland, gold, silver you know tangible assets because what we want to get a rote get away from now do we want to start moving away from financial assets which are overvalued and into undervalue tangible assets? that's typically what happens during a period of increasing inflation. right, well again,
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the market seems to be moving toward the meta verse. we're the virtual reality is taking precedence over the quote unquote physical reality. another problem with golf mill, you might have an opinion about this, of course, is that it is over li, concentrated in the hands of central banks. and the central banks are this, this allowing real price discovery, as we've talked about many times of go, gold should be much higher. right now, given the inflation. but it's dead in the water because the central banks and member banks are manipulating the price. james? yeah, they're keeping a lid on that as best as they can, but you can go against the market. the market is bigger than any central bank or cartel of central banks. and ultimately goal will go higher just like it did in the 1960. you know, they tried to keep an eye $35.00 to now, so they distorted $10000.00 tons of gold from fort knox, and then attempt to do that. and ultimately we broke through that 35 level. we went a 150 in the next 10 years. similar type of things going to be happening soon,
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because we've been fighting, you know, central banks have been finding gold low, but it's just become so undervalued that it's inevitable that you're going to see a much higher gold price. all right, so let's talk about your book, money and liberty. so those things are consistent in the entire debate, money and liberty. and you've been writing about yes for decades and give us the look we got about a minute. give us a little peek inside. what will people find when they turn the pages here and your new book money and liberty, james turn? well, you know, i talked a lot about the financial benefits of gold for example, and that's a gold bus to show you amount of energy as it did 70 years ago. if you measured in terms of crude oil, what i don't, what i haven't really talked about a lot in the past is, what are the political aspects of gold? why did go become money, you know, and be money for 5000 years and why has gold still money and useful in economic calculation. but the key that they get at is that in order to have liberty, you have to have politically solve money. and ro,
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gold has fulfilled beautifully over us, hundreds and thousands and thousands of years. and we need to move back to go. the other thing is that gold is nature's money. if you don't use gold as a means of economic calculation, you end up with over consumption and environmental degradation. that's what we're saying these days. so there are many reasons to go back to gold. that's what i've tried to lay out in the book, but the principle one is that gold and liberty go together a face a little bit. i'm a speech by howard buffet. warm up, it's father delivered in 1948. he was a real liberal lover of liberty as have i, and a lot to that speech in terms of learning, the relationship between gold and government. right, howard buffett, of course, was a big gold bug. also unlike his son warren. all right, james chart. the book is money. liberty. thanks for. come on kaiser report. thanks back. pleasure. all righty. and that's gonna dare for the suggestion of kaiser
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report with me. max kaiser and stacy eric la think august james, turn author of the new book. liberty and money. money, liberty. until next time bio ah ah ah ah ah ah
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ah, or headline stories this our facebook admits in court debates 3rd party fact checks are nothing more than opinions fueling further allegations of bias and censorship on social media. also ahead. i said, i'm grandma in the u. k. over new restrictions being brought in to come about the fall spreading all me chrome. cobit very and one m p even compared the proposals to nazi year in germany. and the pentagon says it won't hold any one liable for a botched drones strike enough. ganawe them that killed and 10 civilians including 7 children. one former u. s. military drone pilot told this.


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