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ah ah oh oh, under a month's in the u. k. where new restrictions being brought in to come about the fast spreading all may cross, coven variant, some n p. o 247, use live from moscow? this is archie. my name's unit leo. on your welcome to the program, the u. k. has started to record all me chron cases in their thousands, the very it now accounts for 20 percent of all infections in the country and almost half in london. one death in total has been confirmed linked to the so name and strain forest johnson has not brought in his plan b, near restrictions on an accelerated rule out of booster jobs. but many members of his own party are not convinced it's the way forward. we're not
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a papers please society, this is not nazi germany. well, the prime minister's lake is instruction to the nation is get to boosted and now the aim really is to get everything go at all in that country vaccinated with that booster job. by the end of this month, the is quite ambitious than really because that would mean i'm 1000000000 people need to be jobs every single day, and i'm outside saint thomas hospital here in central london. and as you can see, the queue is really piling up. now this morning in fact the in it chances are telling people to stop trying to book their booster online. the system has totally crashed. and why may you ask about the acceleration of this booster program now? well, according to the how secretary the on the chrome variant is now the dominant one. no very old code 19 has spread this fast. oh me pond. expect it to become the dominant code 19 found in the capital in the next 48 hours. so the 2nd of this week is to get a boosted now, and it's all part of a drive of the plan
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b. cobit restrictions, which parliament will actually be voting on later this evening. now that includes face mouse being made. mandatory again, cove at passports, cove, it ice elation rules, but also the most controversial one is trying to get the n h just to get vaccinated, making that compulsory now many people in the public se that's an attack on civil liberties. that's something that some m p 's agree with. and so we're expecting a huge tory rebellion. many people saying compelling the public to get immunized as simply a step too far. not to mention the temporary emergency measures that don't seem to be so temporary anymore. we were told these measures might be left before santa took to his sleigh, and certainly before half the country was pinged into the gulag, there seems no lead up to this kind of self defeating dystopian logic. well, just yesterday, then the government put the owners back on the public saying we must all be playing our part. but that's quite a difficult message to the public to take,
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especially after the last few weeks of revelations that some politicians don't seem to be playing their part and trying to get on the other side of this pandemic. and yes, i'm talking about those downing street christmas parties as being the headline news there in the united kingdom. but many people, as you can see, the q directly behind me, they off following the rules. they want to get that booster now. perhaps as a long stitch effort to save that christmases. meanwhile, there was a brief moment of panic earlier and choose their after in person p. c. r test where a temporarily unavailable at sites are crossing and the government's website has not been updated showing you time slots. and despite u. k efforts to ramp up testing to come to the new omi cron variant. there are still plenty of questions over how potent are otherwise it actually is. we spoke with simon clark and micro biologists that reading university in the u. k. is inevitable when you, when you turn up the volume on these measures,
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one of these things take time and that to you have to change what's available and what's delivering that for that program. and i think that's what we need. i think that what we see is, is government being nervous about leaving the stable door from, from the holster, bolts, because that's what's happened before. and they don't want it to happen again, much more transmissible. so that trans miss ability could more than take any central drop in virulence, inability to cause disease. in fact, more people how then you'll end up with a big burden on, on society and on each health care system. none of the us military personnel involved in a bought drone strike and i'm gamma stone, which killed 10 civilians back in august will face any kind of punishment. the pentagon making of and i spent on monday do not anticipate there being issues of
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personal accountability to be had with respect to the august 29th here. strict o. busy busy busy d, u. s. military has described the drone strike in kabul as a tragic mistake caused by a communication breakdown. we spoke with former u. s. military drawn operator. brandon bryant, he said he's not surprised by the lack of accountability. you know, it's been 10 years since i blew the whistle on the u. s. drone program will be 10 years and 5 days actually. um and to see that nothing has changed, even when it's blatantly out in front of everyone's face, how we operate them and no one's being held accountable. like we've been talking
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about this for 10 years now. when i 1st started talking by people called me a liar, people tried to defame me, and now that we see it for what it actually is, innocence had been killed. not just innocent and innocent aid worker who was there trying to help because of a decision that they wanted to kill, that they were scared they were trying to hurt someone. you know, tactics haven't changed. i really think that the united states has lost her knowledge on how to conduct warfare. and it's now a business. they're not going to punish the people that make them money. they're just going to punish the people that are so the supposed enemies in the ones that they test this, munitions on who should be punished, are the officers. they are the ones that should be held accountable. if they said that there's a breakdown in communication, but that is mostly a lie. i'm a must have been that there was there and there must been someone miscommunicating something or but they have everything should be in
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a chat program. like it's not just a radio call instantaneous. you spin up your mess when you shoot, it takes like 5 minutes to get ready to shoot a missile. so while the crew was preparing all the decision making should have already been made. and there should not have been a breakdown communication there. this was not an emergency situation. none was unders fire. no one was under duress, no one was under stress. and so they had all the time in the world to make the decision on whether to shoot or not. well, here in or it's a we've been speaking with people who lost their loved ones and not bombing raid on the eve of the u. s. withdrawal from afghanistan, there are still hoping for justice. you can watch those interviews in on heard voices available on art c dot com in
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a lunmark court case. facebook has admitted that it's 3rd party fact checks are just opinions. journalists, whose posts have been flagged as false, are waging a legal battle against the social media giant, accusing of defamation, or t. southgate tiller takes up the story. facebook might have got a self and new name matter, but it seems that it's up to its old trick, the age old question of whether it's a free and open platform. or in fact, a giant tech company that is to censoring anyone. it does like, has yet again, re and much now, the latest rob resignations transpired from a neural suit, filed against facebook by john list, and not because one of his posts from about last year's californian wild fires, was fac, checked, and labeled party full. so he sued for defamation, as he said, but the social media platforms response has been to lift up his hands and say, when it can't be defamation, because they slack, check us, we're packing out to rid the world of nasty misinformation are actually surprise
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3rd party people who decide what is false, not based, not on franks, but on opinion. because this is america. opinion is sacred. still. so claims focus on the fact check articles written by climate feedback. note, the labels are fixed through the facebook, but for the labels themselves are neither fools nor defamatory to the contrary. they constitute protected opinion. so facebook has essentially admitted that, for fact, check, has facts, opp, optional. and of course, it does have a right to do this facebook as a private company, so it's policy is an internal matter. but the point is, is that it does have responsibility on accountability before it's roughly 3000000000 uses worldwide. and actually speaking of that and undoubtedly who feel misled at best, and maybe downright night to it was, they've been sharing that take on these latest developments. court filing, facebook admits it's fact checkers. don't check fact. he's facebook admitted here that it's fact checks are not really fact checks it oh, but merely opinion assertions. also by facebook clement, it's labels constitute opinions than doesn't that make it at publisher. facebook,
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your opinion piece is not exempt from being fact checked, even when they are clearly labeled as o peds or editorials. also, facebook or fax labels cannot be false or to pharma tree because they constitute, protects it opinion, even though we present them as fact. we don't facebook's got a whole section on its website dedicated to fact check, isn't it ready, does salad. while you know, a 2 organizations watching 60 languages fighting lies together. it's a rigorous process and that process involves identifying the problematic post and then reviewing it. and apparently, and want to decide whether this post is actually or not, it goes straight to the source it into these people consults data and then on the basis of these findings that determines whether that content needs to be filtered or allowed to circulate. so it really does sound like a thorough a scientific process, no way in all of that. and bleeping actual lives of tool through that was a lot of it is absolutely no use of words like opinion, subjective, you know, personal perception, judgment is nothing like that. speaking more widely, you know,
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if you do listen to some of the top bras at facebook, you believe that they never really filter any content because that's such great champions of free speech. if your democracy can't tolerate the speech of people, i'm not sure what kind of democracy it is. i do believe in giving people more access to information and more access to connect with one another and not reserving those as tools for some small number of a lead people. i don't feel comfortable at all saying they don't get to have a voice because i don't agree with what they said. our ability to know what is misinformation is itself in question and i think reasonably. so i think many people would agree without a party sentiment from him, but the question hair is, is facebook trying to get us out out of a tight spot with this will soon by suddenly amending the job description of fact jekka in order to escape any liability or has it actually just been lying on its website for this time? by the way, it's not good enough for the company. and it's often does absolutely nothing to count all those accusations with all these years that they have been silencing
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voice says arbitrary blocking conton, quite frankly, straight and to the dangers tonic territory of censorship. the british government is planning to reform its human rights laws by adding a healthy dose of common sense. that's how the just and secretary justice sector, excuse me, put it any way. some of the proposals have long been called for including deporting foreign criminals, but i've drawn a wave of criticism from the opposition on rights activists. this bill represents the biggest legal assault on international refugee law ever seen in the u. k. a future where the u. k. brakes is international law, obligations and ox out of human rights protections is a very bad future. these conservative governments attacks on the rule of floor must stop. the human rights ad does not stop as depaul in serious criminals threatening to weaken people's ability to challenge the government. just because the course sometimes rule against you is the act of dictators and despots. not democrats,
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they proposed changes will apply to the u. k. human rights circ, which has been in place for 20 years. among other things, the conservative government wants greater powers, the curb foreign criminal's ability to appeal deportation and to give british courts more flexibility and interpreting rulings from the european court of human rights. less welcome on to the pro gonna option returns a host of a going underground on our tea pleasure to have you on this tuesday evening option . we just heard some pretty extreme language from people who oppose the reforms. what's all the fuss about viewers around the world? they're going to say, you know, this is just coming days after a british court accused of corruption by some are overturned to previous judgment, that the julian assange of wiki, these can be sent to the united states, to raise a 175 years for revealing war crimes, so why,
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why so soon after we learn of that our judgment and his stroke in a high security prison? do we suddenly hear a reform or consultation document on the human rights act, which will, which will and on the table is a reform of you european human rights court affiliation of the british system. just a 2nd normally grab her who actually satirized here for not knowing where dover is arguably or how important it is as a port will you transport. secretary says he will remain the u. k. will remain a party to the european convention on human rights. but civil tennessee said change reform revise. we will make it crystal clear that the you can court are under no duty to follow strasburg case law. which itself does not operate a doctrine of precedent, thus opening the way for any possible position by junius and his defense lawyers. should a court decision here declare him a fit to be rendered to the united states or to
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a virginia court for revealing war crimes? is it a, is it just coincidence we, we don't know, we know that he himself is justice. a secretary has been on the record for saying, i don't support the human rights act and i don't believe in economic and social right. it's one thing for britain to make is you being an aircraft carrier of the united states. quite another may be for changing its own laws for julian assange, i should also say that i'm also suspect that megan markel may be involved because that the daily mail, the newspaper here in britain, which the government relies on to be elected as far as governments seem to think in this countries, the politicians at the daily mail lost a case i recently against megan marco over letter to her strange father. and that that too would come under these reforms. so it is suspected at the moment. if we take at face value, one of the reform, it's one of the main points of it is that the u. k. wants to make it easier to,
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to port foreign offenders. that's something that a lot of conservative voters have been asking for for many years. why should that one be a problem? i mean, the numbers of foreign offenders that have been coming to britain. if you look at statistics, our minuscule entails of overturning the entire human rights act. one could maybe say that britain is acting quite intelligibly about this britain, after all, knows exactly the scale of the refugee crisis from countries that it participated in. the annual bombarding of it was britain, of course, that destroyed africa's riches per capita. country libya on the mediterranean, there were thousands untold thousands of drowned. and of course, england and france were involved in that. we have refugees drowning in the english channel. and of course, england and britain was responsible partly for the aerial bombardment of iraq,
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afghanistan of syria. britain knows where and why refugees are seeking solace and asylum from countries whose economies and whose entire populations have been destroyed. so why would britain not want to stop refugees? from taking asylum in a country like britain, just as secretary, rab also says, i'll shinny once more common sense in u. k. human rights law is common sense something we can expect from this government . well that open to another for a lot of questions. i mean, boris johnson will know the delay truly there, there are some marginal seats that are associated often very a seats that have a much disproportionately less immigration to which often are ram harnessed by some groups on the right to exacerbate the tensions between
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communities in britain. that that does, of course continue. but also this comes with a slew of other pieces of legislation. the police will, the critics say, who prevent people being able to protest a suff flores, which will allow police to stop people without reasonable suspicion or a whole slew of, or of new laws. notably, if i be a limitation on prosecution of british authorities in these same countries from where refugees come, the violations of human rights, whether they be torture or murder or rape, the changes hadn't been passed through just finely option. do you think they will be a bar strengthen as a huge majority in this country, lee or opposition? body tends to agree with them on most matters. maybe not on these matters, but certainly despite a little uptake in this, above the opposition boards, johnson is one of the most popular prime ministers this country has had,
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arguably in recent years option, thanks very much for your time to the option returns a host of going underground live on our t international u. k, prosecutors say the wife of a u. s. diplomat charged with killing a teenager will face criminal proceedings after all, answer coolest. fled to america after her car collided with motorcyclist. hurry done outside the pentagon military base in england. the tragedy happened more than 2 years ago, then mister coolest was charged with causing death by dangerous driving. right after the crash though, she claimed diplomatic immunity and was allowed to leave the u. k. that family filed an extradition request, which was rejected by washington, lawyers acting for cyclists on previously admitted that she drove on the wrong side of the road before colliding with hurry done. they say that's because she had only been in the u. k. 3 weeks and took the right hand lane instinctively. rod seager, an advisor from the done family earlier spoke to the program. he thinks their long
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campaign for justice is finally making progress. we sort of feel this is a combination of almost 2 and a half years now of relentless, tireless campaigning for this appalling decision by the u. s. government should deny mary's family justice. we don't know why this happened. all we know was that it was a, it's a terrible decision on the part of the u. s. government and supposedly, or strongest ally, why you would want to condemn a totally innocent family to, to this torture. this mental torture is beyond me, but i were very pleased now that i am with your help and your colleagues helping the media that they have now clearly been left with no choice other than to change their decision and allow justice and whatever form that takes to now take its it's natural course, i think the turning point was. ready when president biden came into office and we
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know he suffered a, a similarly similar family tragedy himself. and we, we, we learned from, from him that he was going to take a different approach to under president truck took, i think my other theory is that inevitably, governments, when they make a decision, find it very difficult to change their minds. but the, the courage of this family in the help of the media all around the world, the americans ultimately were left with no choice and other than to change their decision. these things, unfortunately do take a lot. ready of time, there's no let up to america's inflationary spiral. wholesale prices in november were almost 10 percent higher than a year before, according to the latest dates and analysts have come up with some at rather surprising advice for castro consumers as caleb martin reports with prices on
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almost all goods and services rising. some media have come up with some advice that isn't going down too well. they say copy inflation ravaged argentina and simply blow all your money before it evaporates. in high inflation economy. money that sits in the bank is losing value each day, those $100.00 and deposit by a little bit less. as a result, many argentines spend their paychecks as soon as they receive them, cards in a way, weeks worth of groceries in a single shopping trip. even if some of it excess me chicken fish will sit in the freezer for months. so won't burg offers asked to spend more. that's as consumer inflation costs of jump 6.8 percent the highest and 41 years. no doubt, many have pointed out how disconnected from reality such a solution is. in the weimer republic, the price change so fast. the customers bought beer for the whole day in the morning. it's coming. or the fed can stop printing trillions of dollars,
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making us all poor in the process with a decline and currency that also works. yeah, you definitely should start live in a hand to mouth because of temporary blip in inflation. it's not the only example in a recent washington post article, a leading columnist, aptly suggested, not expecting very much. rather than living constantly on the verge of throwing the fit and rescan taken it out on the la welm service, struggling shall pony later ivan delivered it pupil. we'd do ourselves a favor by consciously lowering expectations. a recent article from locks recommended reducing holiday requests in order to not field a crunch of by nomics. the mission to buy last with more intention is achievable for everyone, especially f land shoppers. it's incumbent and americans to welfare people in the world to car, back on and be crucial of their consumption. many c biden's policies as being directly to blame while an infusion of treasury bonds may have been necessary at the beginning of the pan amex. this strategy of printing money seems to be
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backfiring. everything costs more grocery stores, of pretty much everything universally cost more. everything's got up gas, food, everything. so it's not dead. i'm a small, you know, black home business owner and all the prices. i'm a products have a coffee shop in brooklyn, in prime grand coffee and like all the, all the beans or more expensive and it's harder to get like even little products like napkins and cups and all those stuff. so it's kind of bad. you know, i don't think biden has been handling any situation. i think biden has just been sitting in office, says, kind of a doddering man. joe biden seems bored of explaining how he sees it, not too interested in defending his actions. if we were all going out and having lunch together and i said, let's ask whoever, whoever said in the next table, no matter how were what restaurant ran, have had them explained the supply chain to us. think that understand was what
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we're talking about. why wouldn't biden be trying to stop inflation if apparently he's the only one who knows what it is, but even economics nobel laureates writing for the new york times say they did not see the inflation coming. trying to clarify my own thoughts on inflation. i got inflation wrong, i didn't see the current surge coming, but why? i didn't think the fiscal stimulus earlier this year would boost demand as much is summers. that's how predicted. and in fact, so far it hasn't. now at this point, 60 percent of americans blamed joe biden for the crisis, but mainstream media seems to disagree and tell them they should blame themselves, not the people leading the country. there's nothing that upsets american voters more than having to pay for ever higher prices that are going up dramatically by to miss patricia. try to blame the energy companies in private this fall or want, but it's all happening on his watch. and i expect that the democrats are going to
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pay a very serious price for this and the next election, if we make it that long, we don't know what inflation is going to be at. by that time, i'm very much afraid that, that we're going to be facing a reckoning of without any kind of historical precedent. in anybody's lifetimes. moscow has condemned europe's new sanctions against the private military firm, running them and legitimate b e. u is targeting severin russian supposedly linked to wagner over its role in ukraine and african this is the news on monday, the european union brought in sanctions against the private military contracts as a wagner group and also accused russia had been implicated in that in the course of wagner group involved in conflicts in syria, the syrian civil war, and ukraine also in africa. now, as regards that accusations that russia is implicated with the group, sergey lover of the minister of foreign affairs in russia has said that this group
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doesn't belong to russia. it doesn't have any relationship with russia. murray, as a, however, from the ministry of foreign affairs, also has gone as far as safe as those implications. and those allegations that russia are involved with the group as a baseless and the sanctions against the group itself. as illegitimate, she is also going on to say that the country is that the wagner group is involved in a cause, syria, ukraine, africa, had been victims of western democracy. and that could be something to do with the west. in his theory, of course the, the sanctions against the wagner group, and consequently, those allegations of russian implication and deeper dive into the other. and any of those stories can be found an rti dot com or was fresh content lively discussions to be found there as well.
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ah scientific knowledge has never been so readily available to everyone across the globe, but overwhelmed by information. can we distinguish the real science from the one being imposed upon us? we're living in a world where there are many people who have a vested interest in finding information, finding scientific evidence, and discredited. even the notion that science could provide the truth about the natural world in the pursuit of business goals and large corporations. a challenge strongly by scientific evidence, if you are emotionally invested and free markets, them climate change is a serious emotional threat. because dealing with that means we have to change our approach to business industries or on the war bar, attempting to debunk legitimate science by producing the evidence in science
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fighting science. that's how ignorance is manufactured, their attention only seeking to the rail science. this rolling, using sy, with shell oh, is your media reflection of reality? in the world transformed? what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way? where are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend ah.


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