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oh, good mountain, the u. k. over new restrictions being brought in to combat the fast spreading on the kron with even some conservative m. p. 's, comparing the proposal to that of nazi germany. the pentagon says it won't hold anyone liable for a botched drone strike in afghanistan that killed 10 civilians, including 7 kids. i want for my u. s. military drone pilot told us of his frustration over that decision. to see that nothing has changed, even when it's blatantly out in front of everyone's face, how we operate camp and no one's being held accountable. like we've been talking about this for 10 years now. also in the program, while the west urges russia to take the heat out of the ukrainian crisis. a washington sends millions of dollars of military aid to keith. we discuss why
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russia's concerns have gone completely ignored. the former austrian foreign minister says, says simply, a complete disregard for his sorry, can't contemporary morris on, on the russian side for ah, a busy program packed with your news today. welcome to it. this is our t international. the u. k. has started to record on recording the cases in the thousands, the variant. now accountants for 20 percent of old infections in the country and nearly 50 percent in london. the prime minister has tried to get ahead of the cobra way by bringing in his plan b of new restrictions and accelerated roll out of boosters. however, even members of his own party are not entirely convinced that the right way forward . we are not a papers please society, this is not nazi germany. well,
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the prime minister's lake is instruction to the nation is get to boosted and now the aim really is to get every single adult in the country vaccinate with that boosted job. by the end of this month, the is quite ambitious then really because that would mean a 1000000 people need to be jobs every single day. and i'm outside saint thomas hospital here in central london. and as you can see, the queue is really piling up. now this morning, in fact the, in a chances are telling people to stop trying to book their boost the online the system has totally crashed. and why may you ask about the acceleration of this booster program now? well, according to the house secretary, the on the chrome variant is now the dominant one. no very old code 19 has spread this fast. oh me pond. expect it to become the dominant code 19 found in the capital in the next 48 hours. so the 2nd of this week is to get a boosted now and it's all part of a drive of the plan
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b cove. it restrictions which parliament will actually be voting on later this evening. now that includes face miles being made mandatory, again, cope at passports, cove, it isolation rules, but also the most controversial one is trying to get the n 8 just to get vaccinated, making that compulsory now many people in the public se that's an attack on civil liberties that's something that some m p 's agree with. and so we're expecting a huge tory rebellion. many people saying compelling the public to get immunize is simply a step too far. not to mention the temporary emergency measures that don't seem to be so temporary anymore. we were told these measures might be left before santa took to his sleigh, and suddenly, before half the country was pinged into the gulag, there seems no lead up to this kind of self defeating dystopian logic. well, just yesterday, then the government put the owners back on the public saying we must all be playing our part. but that's quite a difficult message for the public to take, especially after last few weeks of revelations that some politicians don't seem to
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be playing their part in trying to get on the other side of this pandemic. and yes, i'm talking about those downing street christmas parties of being the headline news here in the united kingdom. but many people, as you can see, the key directly behind me, they are following the rules. they want to get that these to now perhaps is a long stitch effort to save their christmas is. meanwhile, there was a brief moment of panic earlier on tuesday. after in person pc, our tests were temporarily unavailable, as sites across england. as no pc, our tests were available to booker testing sites across the entirety of the country . the government's website has not been updated, showing new time slots. that's off to the same website, briefly stop providing lateral flow test kits on monday. we'll, let's learn more now. we'll start joined doctor's side limit clock, a micro microbiologist at the university of reading. joining us here with our tea international, a very good afternoon to you. so thanks very much for joining us. and we always seeing uh,
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we seeing some glitches apparently in the british government's efforts to ramp top ramp up testing is anything to worry about. do you think what it might mean? the targets is fascinating. everybody by the end of the month. next, if they're going to achieve that, then they've got to get some extra infrastructure in place. but it was always inevitable when you, when you turn up the volume on these measures, one of these things take time and that to you have to change what's available. and what's delivering that to that program, and i think that's what we need. but i'm going to, if this, this one undermine the government is part of that plan bay. i suspect that they will get the numbers out quite dramatically in the coming weeks. but i think they only just miss it and that doesn't think he will love the mine it because i think most people understand the necessity for the measures that are being put in place. where to ask you talk to the, the south africa and doctors the discovered alma croner basically saying that it's very mild compared to delta. they sang low symptoms or belly,
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any symptoms at all. in fact, the south african doctors who discovered on chrome this saying the whole world is over reacting, even singling out bars johnson and saying that he's overreacting what's, what's your view? oh, whoa. south africa is also admissions, have been going up there, intensive kind of missions to be going up. and there extra steps of been going on all of this a sort of finish this spring and enter this summer because it goes to southern hemisphere. so why, why does the south african say this without ever being challenged arm? slightly puzzled. we've got to remember the infection fatality rate previously and more recently have very, quite substantially in different countries. so i'm not quite so confidence as the south african tosses off. i think we need a lot more information that we should also be able to talk about as far as for about 5 weeks. so it's far too soon to be drawing conclusions. forgive me for
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playing devil's out. it's good if you're not going to trust the south african doctors. what about america's coven czar? mr. found she who's come out saying the recording is less severe than delta. do you still think there should be this locked downs being carried out? the masks being worn and, and then of the day, i guess mandatory mandatory vaccinations. i know, but i trust south african doctors, i think they perhaps misinterpreting what they've already seen as well. that says interpretation as well. i didn't have to agree with them and i'm not going to i think that what we see is, is government being nervous about leaving the stable door from for the horse to bulk because that's what's happened before. and they don't want it to happen again . i think also what i wanted to ask you before i let you go to the clock. i've been reading all the u. k. a websites in the past few days times telegraph god in you name it daily mail. of course i, when it comes,
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when they talk about homework on and when they talk about cope. if there's an awful lot of fear in the articles, it talks a lot. they took a lot about death and fear, but only when you get to the bottom of the article did the compare homework on a delta and saying the homework on actually is not as severe as delta. why do you think the u. k. media is hammering such a fia campaign because it's much more transmissible. so that trans miss ability could more than even take than any potential drop in, in virulence, inability to cause disease. if in fact, more people, then you'll end up with a big burden on, on society and on the health care system. but you know, it's journalism, it's what cells focused on the clock microbiologist at the university of reading. joining us live here on the international. thank you so much for your time and your insight. but democratic party alarm bells ringing in the key state of florida
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after republicans overtook them for the 1st time in modern history. that is when it comes to the number of registered voters and with the next 2 years crunch the midterm elections looming, democrats are now scurrying to try and reversed a historic slide, as reported. now, while corresponding caleb martin simply a matter of mathematics for the 1st time in modern history, the republican party has more registered voters in florida than the democratic party does. now, local democratic party leaders are at this point, reacting, realizing that something seems to be very wrong. of course, this price will not be easy, but it's about so much more than any $1.00 of us. and there's florida democrats. we have lost so many times that donors and ponders have given up on us. now florida's governor de santis gave a statement celebrating these new numbers, saying that this shows that the residence of his state reject government control from the democratic party and value liberty as put forward by his administration in
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florida and by the republicans. now at this point, there is a fear on the part of some figures within the democratic party in florida that national donors to the democratic party is lashonda, as well as national party leadership will at this point, consider florida to simply be a red state. they'll consider it to be last territory and, and not really work on fighting for voters in this very important state that has generally been considered a swing state and us presidential elections. it's not as if floridians can't be swayed one way or the other. we need more coordination with the national party. now this comes amid a drop in the approval ratings of us president joe biden, at this point, the approval rating of joe biden, when it comes to handling the vital issue of inflation, is pretty low, only 28 percent of american say he's doing a good job only 54 percent within his own party. and when it comes to the handling of coven 19, while he still maintains
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a 53 percent approval rating. that number has dropped 10 percent since july. now at this point, jo biden's approval ratings have been continuing to drop back in march. he was 20 points higher in terms of approval with the u. s. public than he is now. many wonder what the implications could be as the mid term congressional elections are less than a year away. no us personnel will be held liable for a botched drone strike in the afghan capital if and that was an all acoustic killed . 10 civilians including 7 children of the whole decision follows an internal review. do not anticipate there being issues of personal accountability to be had with respect to the august 29th here strike. let this go right here. was just a 2 years old. she was among the children killed in the s drive. you can see some pictures of them right here. now, 3 of the kids have been in the car when he was hit by a missile. as we said before, 7 kids were killed in total,
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all belonging to just one family. now was part of our project holder on the hood, voices which you can see on our website. and we heard from the bereaved father of the deceased 2 year old via saw the sandals belong to malika on the morning of the bombing. she came and kissed me and said, good morning father. it was our last meeting. i will never see her again. i just crossed the road and i heard an explosion. my daughter later told me that she saw a smaller craft at room moving around in a circle which then fired and miss tiled. that hitch or home i turned to look out of there was dust and smoke clodagh. it was a terrible scene. i went into my home on fun, my brother and a nephew. they were critically injured, but still alive and breathing was. they later died in hospital. my brother and 9 others were killed in this horrific attack. my brother's daughter who was soon to get married, also lost her life. now the pentagon initially defended the strike, claiming it was a targeting islamic state. more than 2 weeks later, though
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a tragic mistake was acknowledged. an investigation, however, found no laws had been broken, but rule that commanders could decide on accountability. now the pentagon says they won't be any. citing a communication breakdown as the reason for the civilian deaths. well, we discussed all this with a former u. s. military drone operator and mr. brandon bryant, you know, it's been 10 years since i blew the whistle on the u. s. drone program will be 10 years in 5 days, actually. um and to see that nothing has changed, even when it's blatantly out in front of everyone's face, how we operate and no one's being held accountable. like we've been talking about this for 10 years now. when i 1st started talking about it, people called me a liar. people tried to defame me, and now that we see it for what it actually is, innocence had been killed. not just innocent and innocent aid worker who was there trying to help. i really think that the united states has lost knowledge on how to
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conduct warfare. and it's now a business. they're not going to punish the people that make them money. they're just going to punish the people that are so the suppose it enemies in the ones that they test this, munitions on who should be punished are the officers. they said that there's a breakdown in communication, but that is mostly a lie. i am must have been that there was there, there must been someone miscommunicating something but they have everything should be in a chat program like it's not just a radio call instantaneous. you spin up your mess when you shoot. it takes like 5 minutes to get ready to shoot a messiah. this was not an emergency situation. none was under spire. no one was under duress, no one was under stress. and so they had all the time in the world to make the decision on whether to shoot or not. numerous, you, astro strikes, have left her well over 300 civilians to have enough gas down in recent years. that's according to the bureau of investigative journalism. as we understand at
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least $66.00 of those killed her kids, a brand and brian again reflects on the work of that of a military join operator. there is no way that anyone who has ever done this job and sit there watching these people live their daily lives. i cannot look at them and say, these are not people there. people because you go home and you go out into your own community and you see the same, keep same types of people doing the same thing. they're going to coffee shops there, go into bookstores, they're hanging out with their friends and family. there's no disconnect for a drone operator. there's so much connection. like if, if a drone operator were to go over there and to meet the people that they interacted with. visually, they would probably have a emotional breakdown and cry because they would see these people are suffering and no different than themselves. and that we're perpetuating that suffering because of our actions. we're doing it. the kremlin has condemned the flow of what it describes as aggressive rhetoric coming from american officials. it's spin repeatedly alleged that moscow was planning an offensive on his neighbor ukraine,
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citing russian troop movements near the ukrainian border. the kremlin insists that can move his troops wherever at once on his own territory, and it has no invasion plans. despite that though, the u. s. media continues to talk of war us intelligence officials say russia could invade ukraine as soon as january. and that's because of russian troops that are massed on ukraine's borders. the question now is there anything the west can do to prevent food from moving in to prevent a foreign policy crisis on the russia, ukraine border. the world maybe standing at the precipice of war between 2 nuclear armed powers, to s, to deescalate tension with the escalation mania, fi, the pitch. you think putin himself was lining up nuclear weapons and pointing them at ukraine. in reality, you've got russian troops doing drills and russia not a crime as far as i'm aware. in the meantime, one of those pointing the finger. c must go up to we did approved president by an
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approved a $60000000.00 security systems package. the final elements of that will be arriving in ukraine this week. a small arms and ammunition, small arms and ammunition, including, but you won't hear him say it. lethal element, such as javelin missiles that exist to blow up tanks, perfect for de escalation, which but he's public key. you promise you want. now the $60000000.00 is just washington's christmas gift to key at the latest bonus. because this year alone, the white house has to live at almost half a $1000000000.00 in assistance. but while biden's ruled out putting boots on the ground, moscow's health. so sure your ukraine has been pumped up with weapons. we're talking about direct delivery is about multi 1000000 and multi $1000000000.00 contracts for the future and total, they'll transfer militants under the guise of instructors. now, there are one or 2 voices out there who realize that arming up and cooling down don't often go hand in hand,
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but they don't have too many funds at the moment. germany continues to build the north street to gas pipeline, and at the same time block our purchase of defensive weapons. this is very unfair. so to be clear, the us flying out web is to keep these a 2 countries in no way allied officially is for protection and only fire, but russian troops on russian land is a threat that must be contained, dislike, countless assurances that talk of invasion is unfounded. hysteria, because all the kremlin really once after decades of broken promises and threats to fly, the nato flag like a noose around russia's neck is a guarantee that nato's not going to set up camp right next door there 0 trust in relation to nato. many times we found ourselves in a situation when something is announced the day after something else a year later, another thing again, and all this is done as if nothing had happened. and one of the reasons why russia
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now demands legal security guarantees on the highest possible level. is that so far all of the promises all the assurances and even the political obligations have been overturned. but given how much goes previous suggestion to not deploy sat and missiles near it's european puerto, as long as washington and co reciprocate was met with stony silence. my guess is a deal with nato's a long shot, because it turns out that only really likes di escalation if someone else is doing it. and if that means it can keep its weapons, all fired up and ready to go. earlier my colleague andre farmer spoke to the former foreign minister of austria. karen, can i so about a while, a broad range of issues, but she did 0 on one of them that being the issue of a political stalemate. ah, yes, we are in a stalemate. no doubt about that, but in such a stalemate, it takes people with some sort of creativity. that's what diplomacy is about international relations and not only about self impaired digna's,
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of national security interests and so on. at the moment we have bayside saying, russia saying, look, we've got grave security concerns about nato. we have eastern european countries, same. we've got great security concerns about russia and a potential invasion. so what, where is the meeting point where the meeting points can only be achieved by saba, pragmatic, diplomatic trust building. and for that, we need a lot of back channeling, we need to creative minds who are not reading out only to speaking notes at, at a table, but really looking for converging, interests, converging and, and also understanding the other side. i mean, there's simply a complete disregard for historical contemporary are worse on, on, on the russian side, so that i think that should be taken into account and, and to overcome that stalemate,
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it requires genuine diplomatic creativity. also on the side of, of nato officials, you and, and the u. s. a administration. we see that at all, anywhere. unfortunately, we are in times of a decline of diplomacy, diplomatic practice. if we are in a world of unilateral statements post to for this looked at this armament of wertz, i mean this terminology is kick cannot be continued as, as it has been the case over the last few weeks. the media should act in a more responsible way of quoting this, this german paper, the bills which, which had as effect planets on. so there is many p required to act in a more responsible way because the fakes are simply too high. it's a stalemate. we see a sequence of unit actual statements by different protagonists,
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whether it's mrs on the line, whether it's president biden, whether it's different voices in the german parliament and old. that is, it's not very helpful to say the least because all of those unit actual statements feeding the media from german media, which even publish a question plans of tech plans from which day the russian army is going to invade. i mean, it's really getting, sorry out such a language was not present in the cold war days in the seventy's eighty's. maybe because we still have people in the office who knew what was meant. some of them well off the 2nd world war to ration. so they wouldn't play around with words like nuclear attack or a fully fleshed war because they knew what was most about. we have to seize this more moments now to do really something like confidence building back. and i thought that the us side,
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what would put this priorities in a different way and that other things, the june meeting some more. saba and pragmatic approach. what, what, what will be on the agenda? u. k, prosecutors say the wife of a us different about charged with killing a teenager will face criminal proceedings after all, answer coolers fled to america. after her car collided with motorcyclist harry done outside the pentagon military base in england, the tragedy happened actually more than 2 years ago. an answer cooler has been charged with causing death by dangerous driving right after the crash. mister mister coolers claim diplomatic. he and was allowed to leave the u. k. the done family then father expedition request, which was rejected by washington. lawyers acting out force a coolness have previously admitted that she drove on the wrong side of the road before colliding with harry done. they say that's because she had only been in the
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u. k for 3 weeks and took the right hand lane. instinctively, well, let's learn more and cross live now to rob seger advisor and spoke suppose in full, that done family. thanks so much for joining us here. we're naughty, international, great to have you with us. we understand that a mrs. a kudos will be attending the trial by video, not in person. so can justice still be served while she remains stateside? do you think, rory, good afternoon, look, or, or, or, or position all along. as victims of this crime is didn't a, you just don't get to do this sort of thing and walk away when we're less concerned about what the outcome of any criminal proceedings are. we're more concerned with that point of principle and it's now up to these, to the british authorities to see that justice is done and, and the family will just play their part about as the victims of a crime. it's not up to us. but, you know, speaking honestly, on behalf of the family how justice is done,
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it is less important than than it being done, particularly in the middle. ready of the pandemic and the family have never had any wish or desire to separate, and mrs. secures from her own young family. how does, how does the done family feel about the latest progress in the case? can you tell us? well look, you know, and you and colleagues have covered the story right from the start. it, we sort of feel this is the combination of almost 2 and a half years now of relentless, tireless campaigning. and for this appalling decision by the u. s. government should deny mary's family justice and it's the culmination of all that hard work. and i think the news that we got yesterday from the crown prosecution service was everything that we had been fighting for and the family are feeling extremely relieved now and, and fully vindicated with the progress that they took. now. so coolness is the wife
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of a u. s, intelligence officer, but the u. s. is now saying that she herself, is an intelligence officer. what do you make of that? and does that help to explain the refusal to extradite? how do you think we still don't know, rory, why this decision was. ready taken, of course the, the u. s. government never talk about their intelligence officers never confirmed, but that was confirmed by her own lawyers in the courts, in virginia when the parents brought a civil case. so yes, we understand that she was working here too, as an intelligence officer. we don't know why this happened. all we know was that it was a, it's a terrible decision on the part of the u. s. government and supposedly, or strongest ally, why you would want to condemn a totally innocent family to, to this torture. this mental torture is beyond me, but we're very pleased now that i'm with your help and your colleagues help in the media debt that they have. now clearly been left with no choice other than to
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change their decision and allow justice in whatever form that takes to now take its it's natural course. mr. sega is a u. s. argued at the time, as a kudos had diplomatic immunity. do you think diplomatic community should apply a toll when basically an innocent person's life has been taken? look, you know, we've always disputed that she had diplomatic immunity, but even if she did, had the benefit of it. and this is a complete abuse of the vienna convention on diplomatic relations which governs the issue of diplomatic community. we all know that it's a very useful tool to have when one of your nationals is in a hot spot country when they're in trouble, maybe being falsely arrested or kidnapped, or one of their family members are that the intention of the united nations countries was to never use diplomatic community in these circumstances, and it was so selfish, grotesque, active, you really barbarity in my view. and i'm very pleased that president biden has not,
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has cleared the path to justice because in a rules based society like ours in the u. k, where we're living in a democracy, things go wrong. but in our system we are entitled as victims of a crime, to accountability and to see that justice is done. so it just didn't work from the, from the start and we're so grateful. not, not only the british people, but millions of people around the world, including in america who just just just didn't see the sense of this. and you know, we're nearly there now and it's time to help his family and try to move forward. all right, read seeka adviser and spokesperson for the don family joining us life, her naughty international. thank you very much for your time. we have a good thank you and i thank you for your time as well. thanks for joining us. aeronautics international, nearly half past 4 in the afternoon. now here in moscow, more if you're new still to come, when we were ton at the top of the ah,
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[000:00:00;00] with ah, ah, the obesity epidemic as the most important international health problem. let me thought that the new policy to waste control official and then the only thing that differ from the fact that it's
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a man made tragedy. earlier my life, i thought that my weight was all my fault. i felt like a failure and frankly unworthy. ready and it took me awhile to really start questioning those beliefs and challenging those thoughts like well, are you really a failure? and the answer is no, i'm not. i'm not. but it took a while to get to that point. ah, obesity. a blob of our arrows fantasies caught in a web of prejudice. it prompts scolding for poor choices and accusations of laziness. omnipotent genes provide an alibi. what if obesity were a collective failure?


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