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is the largest and most powerful employer in such a situation. it's remarkable to survive what change in the winds, its appeal against a ruling block, and julian sanchez extradition to the us. his case, it may now return to a lower court to be re heard. we speak with richey leeks editor in chief. this is not a case that is being pulled on the basis of law. this is an absolutely, travis, do any legal process. as on his case, sparks anger around the world with rights groups noting it comes as britain takes part in a democracy summit that hales the west, supposedly freedom of the press, and a person talkative and threatening action. russia slams ukraine over an attempt to dangerously approach its maritime borders near crimea, taking tensions between the 2 states, to a new level,
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we get reaction from residence on the peninsula there. what god. he says blatant provocation. they wanted to paint the russia is guilty. they always blame russia for everything. those don't you deal with the program? they're likely doing it in person. think russia on the sheets of the jets is just the pleasure. why provoke, with broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow? this is our international and i'm john thomas. certainly glad to to have you with us. now, a london court has ruled that wiki leaks founder julian assange can be extradited to the u. s. washington one its appeal against a previous ruling that blocked assange from being sent to america to face trial on espionage charges. his fiance described friday's decision as a grave miscarriage of justice julian expose the crimes of caea tortures of
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ca killers. and now we know that those ca killers were planning to kill him too. how can this court how can these courts approve an extradition request under these conditions? well, to the san just now or step closer to being expedited to the united states as the u . k. high court has decided that it will be overturning a decision not to expedite to him to the united states. that decision was based back in january on medical grounds at the time the judge said it would be oppressive as jr decides that a high risk of suicide. of course, back in october, that was a 2 day harry, i was the united states trying to appeal over numerous grounds, including the fact that it offered an unprecedented package of assurances, as i saw it would not be held under the maximum security. the maximum security
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conditions in prison and that he isn't unwell is being, he's made out of continue to say that he is indeed a suicide risk. and that all of these assurances are meaningless and vague as they put it. they said that the united states can reverse any decision at any point. class is also concerned about the trustworthiness of america's guarantees. to pointing to one of those reports in the, in the cia i had talked to kidnap during the saw and put it to kill them. and even was spying and bugging him during his time at london's ecuadorian embassy. now june assigned as noise. what they say is, this is i'm pulling up evidence to not only throw out the court case entirely, but they say it's a 100 percent politically motivated. plus they of cause auggie that your and his son should be walking free. when did you go back in you to fight for sanchez
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freedom. it is unfair to keep him in custody when there is no crime or punishment for him. we continued to fight and this latest decision is not yet final. it's will take time. i remind you the text tradition hearings have been going on for almost a year, and it may take us long again to get a final decision. however, sanchez health continues to deteriorate and all of this affects his physical and psychological condition. i called the journalist is being prosecuted for publishing, reliable information about especially grave war crimes committed by the american military in iraq and afghanistan. and it is worth noting that the american court is not prosecuting the military who committed these crimes, but the journalist who published information about serious human rights violations . therefore, everything that happened became very indicative of the violation of freedom of the press by the american justice system in relation to other countries. now the united states on june is on for what they deem as one of the largest compromises of classified information in the history of the united states. and if found guilty and
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convicted, he could be sent to prison for up to a 175 years. thus because the us of indicted him on 18 counts under the espionage jacques for publishing. i pacified military documents all related to the war in iraq and afghani saba. most crucially, i got included claims that. c the military even killed thousands of innocent civilians. now, speaking outside the high court here this morning, we've heard from stella morris the partner. he's incredibly disappointed and she is saying why and how is this happening? how long can this really go on for? and many people have been supporting her outside here. many, many protests is that also are similar questions there who is a glimmer of hope that you know, the british justice system might actually prevail for once. the british judiciary has assistive on every level the u. s. campaign to get i 10 years,
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10 years in the streets of london. public opinion in business, high sounds. but obviously the judge's decision is not on the side of public opinion. it's absolutely devastating. so she, this time of year to another christmas about, do you know that is children without their dad stay on to fight to free judy massage. that's what i say. we will prevail eventually. well, interestingly or ironically today is international human rights day. and many people outside as a high court to say, where is the human rights in the case of june assange, obviously listed on the foreground of the royal court of justice, that they call it the royal court of injustice. and just as i did was being announced, i protest even threw eggs at this side directly behind me, which just goes to show the sentiment and feeling here on the streets of london. it
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is a complicated back story, but briefly this is how the assange saga has been unfolding and recently years in 2019, he was forcefully removed by british police from the ecuadorian embassy in london. after quito terminated his 7 year asylum there, he had sought refuge in the building following sexual assault allegations in sweden, which have now been dropped. british authorities arrested him on a separate charge of fling justice in that case. america wants the wiki leaks founder extradited on claims of conspiring to hack a government computers and publish classified material. in january this year, a british judge ruled against extradited him to the u. s. over fears about his mental health but also rejected his bail application claiming he may flee. earlier we spoke with ricky leeks. editor in chief kristen reference was actually in believable. and so i run a good decision should be hunted on the united nations human rights. the united states had all opportunity in the medicine court to make those so called assurances
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. it's not, it's simply for some food that they lost in the medical court. in general, the united states had given assurances that they would to treat the julian fairly and he would get that treatment and be housed in an adequate jail and could even server the new sentence if he gets one in australia. all of these so called assurance and have been and been investigated by human rights organizations such as amnesty international and found that those are your months worth of paper. they're written on. they are simply not reliable. we are dealing here with a nation where individuals on the top level in langley, they're junior, the top level of the cia and in the white house contemplated, kidnapping were killing julian sons. this is not a case that is being fought on the basis of law. this is an absolutely try to steal
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any legal process. this is a political case, and the julian arrest us we have said for many, many years is a political persecution. the u. s. has been pursuing us on after he revealed classified information on american military activities during war's in denison and iraq. the with the right to me, the doctor. but i think you're very good medical
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the me in a major publications like the guardian in london, the new york times. they're spiegel, they all published this material, in fact one awards for it. julian, in fact, was leaked the material and did what any publisher would do, which is to put it out. he's never been charged with publishing material. it is false. are incorrect. there's a pretty amazing track record. but yes, it's very myopic on the part of us media outlets, not to understand that if julian is extradited, which is unfortunately looking more and more likely. this will set a legal precedent that any journalist who has in their possession classified material or any publisher that publishes classified material can be held in
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criminal contempt. it changes the game completely and eviscerate any investigation into the inner workings of power rushes. foreign ministry has slammed the courts. verdict highlighting that it coincides with in the end of a summit for democracy hosted by the us. this shameful verdict, in a political case against a journalistic and public figure is another manifestation of the cannibalistic world view of the anglo saxon tandem. the west marks international human rights day and the end of the summit for democracy with dignity. this news is devastating. the persecution of julian a sondors the disgrace. meanwhile, biden is holding his cynical democracy summit and the hypocrisy and the cruelty. we condemn today's u. k. high court decision to allow the expedition of julius on to the us, which will prove historic for all the wrong reasons. we fully believe that julian assigned has been targeted for his contributions to journalism. meanwhile,
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classified documents have been laid bare showing how the u. s. appears to have broken diplomatic assurances in another extradition case, similar to that of join us arch. david mendoza says that he only agreed to be extradited by madrid to america on the condition that he be allowed to serve the potential sentence in spain. he says he even signed a document with the american and the spanish governments assuring him of that condition. but the u. s. held him in jail for almost 7 years before eventually returning him and only after he took legal action against america. we spoke to a journalist, richard met hurst, who released the documents in this case. you know, they've told us that he can serve any potential sentence in his home country australia. they said the exact same thing to mendoza. they told him just just let him come to the us and he can serve any sentence given back in spain. in mendoza's case, the united states signed a contract, an explicit contract with mendoza,
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and with spain saying that he must be returned to spain. he cannot be given a life sentence, he kind of tried for conscience structuring. they violated this, the u. s. kept him for 6 years and 9 months. the only reason mendoza was allowed to go back to spain is because he sued spain twice in the spanish supreme court. and he won and spain threatened to cut off the extradition treaty with the us. that is when the u. s. felt pressure, they wanted to keep extra dining people from spain. and so it's only because this was imperiled and in danger of being canceled that they then sent him back to windows was expedited for drug trafficking and money laundering. and he told me, if they did that to him, if the united states did that to mendoza, what are they going to do to julian a bunch? this is a common practice. the united states violates its assurances. it's diplomatic agreements, whether it's iran, nuclear deal, whether it's, you know, a prison transfer assurances for a saundra window that they're going to violate this. mark my words, this is going to happen. mendoza is certain of this because i interviewed him for this and he's seen dozens of people from spain, from columbia, from mexico, from all over the world, who've been given assurances. and once they get to the us,
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it's violated these documents that i published. they weren't seen by the court yet . they weren't submitted in court. and i'm convinced that if the judge had seen them, if the judge's study of these documents, they could not let this extra sure go ahead because they've accepted that a song just suicidal. they've accepted the judge, apply the test correctly, that he would be even more suicidal. he would, he would drive an extradition to deal with, drive him to take what makes up that all this. so the only reason they allow the appeal to go ahead today was that the judge should have allowed us to give assurances before and that they trust the u. s. assurances. well, i'm very sorry, but these classified documents say otherwise. russia is foreign ministry has criticized the wes for his behavior after ukrainian worship approached russian territory warning that it could even lead to conflict in europe. my colleague given 0 and got the latest from our correspondence, kill him up in new york, and eula shop of oliver, who was in crimea where we had to 1st. and not so long ago, we heard from the russian foreign ministry regarding the latest incident in the
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crimea coach trade, where the ukrainian ship called don bonds had approached russian territory, roaches, and then turned bank without reporting to the russian coast guard. also on saturday, december, the 9th russian flies his is hooted, 5 u. s. and french miniature aircraft over the blank. c. according to the russian national defense control center. and the russian foreign ministry added that nature supports ukraine, and it's aggressive actions instead of holding it back. mosca is concerned that nato complain was trying missile systems with a minimum flight time to russia on ukrainian soil. so let's take a listen to the ministry, had to say, a cruise has been set to draw ukraine into nature. such irresponsible behavior is an unacceptable threat to all security provoking serious risks for all parties involved up to a large scale conflict in europe. earlier the f s b has called the actions of the ukranian ship don boss in this sea of bizarre, a provocation, and
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a threat to the safety of navigation back. just to remind you not far away for where i'm standing in the crime me and see to have courage, a collision between the russian and ukranian fleet. and the curse trade have nearly happened. it started when they don't bounce ship left the port of mar you pull saturday morning and moved towards the curse trade. the ukrainian defense minister said they don't boss ship was in this see a result legally since it was a shed water area. express his surprise at moscow, so a threat from an unarmed search and rescue vessel. and also the ship incident took place at the same time when the talks between the president. so the united states and ukraine, joe biden, and of la demi zalinski were on the way crimean officials expressed consent and urged the you unsecure to counsel, to discuss the problem that can lead to a wide spread confrontation. meanwhile, here encourage local people also see the latest incident as provocation, and he has some of the opinions at the youngest of all of our gods. this blatant provocation of it was intended to show that as biden's lensky spoke. russia was
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restricting passage for ukrainian shelley through the country drains or cuz i am confident that there was a t b, a chrome board ready to comb, recorded bowl as it acts as deeper lay wanted to paint. russia is killed cream school. they always blame russia fell from medium close, fornia yellow that the lance little rock arkansas for the word that he greenwood continue with the provocation for work, and they are likely doing it on purpose. the anger, russia, all the sheet of jets is just a pleasant way, provoke, leave her a see you? yes, frequent, i'm at least with russia. so for example, he had told me to, and i say that always be of you would were heard freely of ever have feelings are running high and over the go see a sions and the diplomacy them going on that very day. so was this unexpected, this incident last night, given everything julius just said, these provocations haven't simply been going on for a couple weeks. they've been happening for quite some time. there's been quite a pattern of escalation of the u. s. media has been playing up this idea that
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russia is planning an invasion of ukraine, or russia has been adamant that they are not doing any such thing. we now have joe biden coming forward and saying that as a result of his recent talks with putin or the threat of russia supposedly invading ukraine, a has been lifted up. but we have various voices in us media who are saying they're not so sure about biden's effectiveness in terms of diplomacy. and they think there could be a danger of war on the horizon. here's some of what we've heard. do not discount no matter how far fetched it may seem, a hot war with russia. yes, that is a lunatic idea. but that doesn't mean joe biden won't do it. now these statements don't seem baseless. if you look at what's actually been taking place along the border, you can talk about the intensification of activity from u. s. strategic bomber aviation. and russia has come forward and said that the united states is actually, we're her sing dropping, dropping nuclear bombs near the ukranian russian border. this point,
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members of the u. s. congress are coming out and saying that they would consider bombing russia. now, there's been a firestorm of criticism from their colleagues. i would not rule out american troops on the ground. we don't do, you know, we don't rule out 1st use nuclear action. any one who would propose or even consider what he is saying as an option, must be insane. a sociopath or a status launch a nuclear attack that would start a war that would destroy the american people, our country and world, so that we can save ukraine's democracy. i mean, it, it literally is insane. now, the backdrop for all of this is the intense division within us society. i, we have a situation where the white house says one thing, other politicians are saying something completely different, will be waiting to see how this further develops. this comes as ukraine's president
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zalinski says he doesn't rule out a referendum on the dumbass region breaking away. meanwhile, the u. s. revealed on thursday that 30 javelin anti tank missile systems were delivered to ukraine in october or his correspondent, but august, yet takes a wider look at the ukraine. tensions the situation on the ground in ukraine is perhaps, worst of all because that is where people are dying. people are dying. people are suffering. people are going through through al and have been going through hell for many years now we have, we have seen the united states pacifically pumping weapons into ukraine for the ukrainian military. and these weapons b, b, b, they a javelin miss are supplied by the united states or by dr. drones supplied by turkey. these are, these are weapons that are flowing into you crate and immediately going to the conflicts of where the civil war is being fought and that he's of you crave. there are more than 2000000 civilians are trapped in the conflict soon in these than
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ukraine. and they're just having to brave it out. people going to sending their kids to school. they will have to worry about a tang cello, a mortar, round landing. they're on the grounds of the school. vladimir putin is like and what is happening to a war cry. so she, i should say the risk for me as the 1st step towards genocide and what's going on and on bass now very much resembles genocide. we see it and we know about it, or we hear about is these potential plans emanating from the she i of the white house, the british government. these plans that no one previously knew about that russia was planning to invade. a huge area of ukraine was unclear how they would be able to achieve this with, with, even if we believe the c i and others with, with such a small force. but let's look at what is happening again on the graph. you have the os c that reporting on c's for violation,
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so their work is constant and round the clock. ukrainian artillery enforces destroyed or damaged 5 times more civilian infrastructure at schools. that's workplace as that is people's homes. 5 times more infrastructure was destroyed and damaged by ukrainian forces, the vice versa. you also have the situation in which you, ukraine, still still 6 years on, refuses to negotiate with the breakaway republic. aside from that, there are also all manner of promises and assurances that you can keeps on hearing from, from britain, from the united states, that they've got their back, that thou help them, that they'll keep the russians awake. and what i, what that does is it emboldens you credit. and unfortunately, the situation is such that aside from very one sided coverage, you have a situation in which piece simply isn't desirable. we spoke to journalist and
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author thomas fast, bender, who thinks the escalation over ukraine must be stopped before it spirals out of control. there is something that has not been here for decades. that is the perspective of the re perspective of major european war. so you know, the key for a potential war in europe lives now 100 percent with the, the key of government if key, if the sites to provoke russian invasion. and there will be a russian invasion as soon as g of starts a major offensive against the break of a republics. in that case, automatically. busy the blank check will be full of. busy western support for the ukrainian side. so the wisdom narrative says that whatever crimea, whatever key it does to reclaim or even re conquer the breakaway republics, or even crimea, would be executing this sovereign rights on this over in territory. we should hope
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that, that both washington and moscow and of course, also also paris and berlin, understand that there is a real risk of a european war here. an explosion has erupt it at a palestinian refugee camp in southern lebanon, reportedly killing several people. the blast reportedly occurred at an ammunition storage facility used by mos militants in the port city of tire. a local news agency reputed it to maintain close ties with that organization, said it was not munitions that exploded, but rather an oxygen canister used for treating covered patients. lebanese authorities are now investigating as us concludes its summit for democracy, a virtual event billed as a confrontation against the world's dictatorships. joe biden underscore is that maintaining democratic values is
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a defining challenge. the democratic world is everywhere. autocracies can never extinguish the number of liberty. and burns in the hearts of people around the world and every portion of it knows no borders. alright, while the u. s. is busy promoting democracy and other countries that might need to pay more attention to what is going on at home. that's as a stock home base to think tank published its annual review of democracies around the world. and for the 1st time put the u. s. in the backsliding category and the democracy submits a guest list has also raised some questions with participants such as zambia pakistan and nigeria classified by the index as hybrid regimes, not democracies, participants, iraq and knees. air were even declared as authoritarian, and the democratic republic of congo was nearly at the bottom of the list of the least democratic countries. meanwhile, the u. s. national security adviser says american policies are less and less guided
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by the revere global institutions of the un. i m f and the world bank. he says the us needs more flexibility. we have entered a phase, i believe in foreign policy and international relations where it's no longer the formal, you know, the united nation and the i, m f and the world bank. and so forth. we now have more of a complex mix of structures. there is no power the united states isn't establishing its authority, it's a guy, it's a nation on the decline right now. and the amount of trickery will change is divided ministrations, attempt to, you know, put its imprint on the role that the theory of american democracy plays as if the world today is ready to rally behind a model that failing as we speak. i, there was a lot of people that old job i'd not to hold this summit focused on repairing american democracy here at home. that before you go out and you sell a product to,
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to an international community, you have to make sure that the product is actually does what it's advertise to do. and as we've seen, the united states has a lot of problems with this democracy is an illusion. it's hypocritical in the extreme, it's not, it's not achieving what the bad ministration wanted to achieve. america is pumping more money into its military, as congress decides to allocate another $25000000000.00 on top of what joe biden had asked for. that's almost 3 percent more than this year's budget coming after repeated statements about how costly it has been to wage war is not a low grade, low risk or low cost about any war is timed in the war in afghanistan. the war continued for longer than it should have much longer. the united states continued to lose tax towers lives and any attachment to their original
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goals, all at the same time. last august, march to the end of the longest and most expensive war america was involved in. yet there is a paradox, as congress just made the pentagon budget even bigger. it's a unique formula. no war means more spending on war. west benedict, a former director of the libertarian national committee, says america should stop pumping so much money into its military. the military is a government program. and when you have a programs run by government officials who get paid depending on how many employees they have and what the size of the organization is, it seems like there's always pressure to keep doing more of finding new. the budget should come down, but it's not surprising that politicians in the military are finding new ways to spend money and wasted in my opinion. i think it's time for the america to back off of the world. we're. we're the ones who keep invading other countries,
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bombing people, and saying that there's a risk to americans when too often it's actually the world that is a red at risk from america's aggression. so i, i think it's, it's a shame, it's a terrible thing and we need better leadership and america that will stop spending so much on the military. stop claiming that everyone is out to get a stop being paranoid. save money, and cut our taxes here at home. that does it for me, i will be back with your headlines in just about 30 minutes. you're watching art international. glad to have you with us. ah, you as president joe biden is hosting a virtual global summit on democracy. apparently, washington intends a new crusade to save the world for democracy, at least as the foreign policy blob understands this political term. critics of
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this claim, it's all about strategic polarization and an attempt at values based diplomacy. so we've talked about the rising chance of civil war and america. and it could either be between the ab yachts and the have nots. it could be between the big coin states like texas or florida between the non bitcoin states. but the rising tension is comparable because the rising genie coefficient as is found, they spread between the very top and the and the bottom is getting extremely wide. a, [000:00:00;00] a


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