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tv   News  RT  December 9, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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[000:00:00;00] the ukranian navy ship approaches rushing waters in crimea heard from street without buddy mentally changes course. after moscow warns it poses a threat to navigational safety, no longer a beacon of democracy and perhaps never was a major international polls reveals startling thoughts about america's image abroad, especially as most countries questions are taking part in a democracy summit posted by the united states the us treasury threatens american journalists with heavy fines if they work for a certain publications one author, daniel is our shares, his story, us treasures. power is enormous if that of
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a have an individual that journalist, microscopic but some of them are self right. and they're unwilling even to give interviews like this one. i broadcasting my direct my studios and moscow. this is art international, and sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us. you start with breaking news tonight. russia says that a ukrainian navy worship was approaching its waters without authorization and posed a threat to the navigational safety of other vessels in the area. finally, it changed course, sailing away from crimea as courage, straight. or what i got to talk to my colleague earlier in kevin one about the latest developments. well, as everyone was expecting, that was the last we had seen were, were reports that this command shape of the ukrainian military was approaching the
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strait of coach a very well guarded, very sensitive area where. busy there's a bridge linking russia and crimea, and a very narrow passage with a lot of ships, 80 odd ships when the incident took place, waiting in line, waiting for their turn to pass through through the straight. and you had this ukrainian vessel or a big ship by any measure, making its way towards the, towards the straight toward the transit area without refusing all hail. so ignoring all hales, they had been contacted by the f as b rushes federal security servers, asking them if they planned that transit to the straight. they said, they said no, but again, just before midnight, the ship changed cause and row was on its way back to its permanent base. we've also heard from the russian f as b, which called what the ukranian ship did. how did provocative the comanche dumbass
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has reversed course away from the coach straight? it is not responding to enquiries. they actually cronyn ship's crew are regarded as provocative and endangering navigational safety, endangering because there are so many vessels civilian marine vessels lined up, waiting again for their turn quite close together for their turn to pass through. and you had this ukrainian ship gouging down the straight. well, almost the straight, just 1990 miles a nautical miles to go. and as you sang earlier, that border is marked by a railway bridge. brand new free much brand new company is old and a, a motive regional railway bridge. they're secure places. the worry is that you know what, what, what, what could be going on there are the vest this, this incident has happened before. ukraine has come out and said that, you know, where all final crew is fine. they didn't enter any sensitive areas whether they had, you know, look, look at the news they had were raised hell,
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just by approaching so close. so again, a very sensitive area because it, it's strategically important. millions of cars are all manner of trains, cargo, passenger passing to and fro across the street and begin only a very narrow crossing through it. but beneath these are these to these bridges, there's also much to be said about the timing the dope because it happened as president edwards came, president biden holding a phone call. apparently, according to zalinski biden told him what he talked to putin about the united states. also saying that they will provide ukraine with will the weapons they need to fight back a if what comes to was was comes to worse, whatever, whatever that means. but there was also a un general assembly session in which they cooled on russia. the un general
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assembly to guarantee the safe passage of all vessels from the black sea to the sea of as up and vice versa. so there's certainly a lot to be said about timing. perhaps if we were to speculate perhaps ukraine using the opportunity to say the headline, if that would be the case, there's preston set for so before, because a similar thing on a slightly bigger scale up back in 2018, didn't he didn't we were there for the next day i and our film qu, filming those ukranian vessels, which had tried to run through the, through the straight. and we found them and pounded. so there was 2 gun boats and a tug boat. they had again approached the coach straight from the black sea from the direction of the black sea, the other direction they had refused as well. oh hales. they are only inform the f as b. those guarding the to the straight that they were passing through. and that these were their territorial waters, referencing, of course,
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the fact that ukraine claims crimea as its own as its own territory. and it came out there was an escalation, there was a shoot out. fortunately, no one died, but the gradient sailors aboard those vessels were arrested the vessels impounded. both the crew and the vessels were later handed over uh to ukraine, but that was an international incident and ever since then. and also before that ukraine has abided by the rules of transit through the trade of coach. they have always filed a notification with russian authorities and for their intent to pass through the street. so in the attempt that ukraine makes to pass through the street without finding the notification, according to russia currently be viewed as a publication. the conflict in eastern ukraine broke out in 2014 and has been a source of tensions between kids and moscow. ever since these recently escalated
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dramatically and amid nato drills in the black sea and ramp at media speculation about a possible russian invasion earlier invited me put in warned the current situation in ukraine's east resembles genocide. so some way i should say that, russo phobias the 1st step towards genocidal. so food was going on and on bass now very much resembles genocide. we see it are we now cross life, dave, linda founding editor of the news site. this can't be happening. thanks for being with us as always. sure, having me. so i'm in your opinion, does this look like a potential provocation by ukraine? i mean, in your opinion, why do you believe this incident could have occurred? well, i think clearly it's a provocation. let me look at look at that they are succeeding in their efforts to try to get the united states more involved in their challenge to russia. and it, as we're seeing, the u. s. apparently ascending to destroyers towards the black sea biden has
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announced that he's not going to put us troops into the ukraine. but the navy, and, you know, they have the excuse that the black sea is international waters. so they get to move their ships and which is provocative even though they presently have a right to be you know, in international waters. so ukraine is taking advantage of this to create a situation. united states is now moving and i, i my question, and i don't know the answer to it is whether the united states put ukraine up as having a ship movement of their ships move in to, you know, make this provocation or whether ukraine is doing it on its own to try to pull the u. s. in more into the crisis. so it does seem like there is more international involvement. as i mentioned there, the un recently adopted
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a resolution calling on russia to provide freedom of navigation in the black sea and the sea of as of could this incident have been linked to that in some way and understand the politics of the us. and i mean that that's not a security council resolution that would be, you know, from maybe the general assembly that there's typically, you know, everybody's on board with freedom of navigation on the, on the high seas. so, given that the black cs in an international waters of mart mar also are, you know, have to have freedom of passage for ships. you know, i can see them passing that resolution. but, you know, there are boundaries that the russians have the right to declare that are their waters within the black sea and see if my moral so you know, i mean it, it's all
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a question where the lines are indeed another ukrainian border police dictated that they had no information about the naval ships, maneuvers. how is that possible? why would enable ship move independently of the authorities? doesn't happen. doesn't happen at all. now you take it a step further. you came, president, was conducting talks earlier with joe biden, as this was playing out might be ukrainian navy, have somehow felt emboldened by the fact that the 2 leaders were having conversations. yeah, i mean, it's quite possible. it's quite possible that they figured this was a good time, you know, because they could put some pressure on bite. and i mean by just not going to want to look like he's backing down and he's unpopular enough in the us as it is at this point. so the last thing he wants to do is have people saying he's caving into rush. after all of the, you know,
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the propaganda about john wooten being assigned and all of that. so, you know, we can't do that. and so it's a good time to put pressure on on him to look tough. indeed. now the, how can the russian side react, especially as tensions are already so high at the moment? it really is a tense game of chess. yeah, it is. it is, and the yes doesn't play just that well, it tends to be and i think clumsy are at this kind of stuff possibly because of concerns about public sentiment within the u. s. and how they have to deal with that. um, so you know, i think it, it's gonna have to be handled very carefully on all sides to avoid a collision that would be a catastrophic on, you know, ironically i'm just completing
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a movie with steve james mark mitten about the teenage spy in the atomic bomb project in the us back in 4445, who gave the secret to the plutonium bombs implosion system to the soviet union. definitely helping russia get its bomb sooner. and one of his reasons for doing that was because he felt that 2 nuclear powers would not attack each other. whereas one would use the bomb. i think he was right. but in ways that he hadn't intended, you know, you created mad instead of a banding of the bomb. but mad has given us 76 years of no nuclear bomb being used in war and no head to head war between nuclear powers. and i hope that that works out to be the case this time to that, you know,
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both rush and the united states will be seen enough not to attack each other directly. they've been using, you know, the other countries to do their fighting for them. all those years and i hope it stays that way. right, dave, linda, our founding editor of the news scientists can't be happening. i was interesting to hear thoughts and especially now during some tense moments on the high seas. yeah, indeed. right. let's now take a look at some other stories. now this, our more than 100 nations are taking part in a democracy summit over the next 2 days, hosted by the us president jo button. but ahead of the gathering thousands of respondents from u. s. allied nations said that they think america is no longer a good example. more than 16000 people from 16 advanced economies took part in large scale research about america's image abroad. it seems more than half of the respondents think that the u. s. has lost its credibility as
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a leading democracy almost a quarter say that it's never been one. and according to china, america is actually lowering the bar by dividing the world into who thinks are the good and the bad may fall y'all, that they don't watch out. the u. s. claims to be a champion of democracy and human writers, but has hidden it's paul and hypocrisy. today, the u. s. has no moral authority to judge whether the rest of the world is democratic or not. no matter how the u. s. losses over itself, its base of seeking again many under the guise democracy has long been exposed to the world. the so called summit for democracy will let me go down in history as a manipulator and saboteur of democracy. rising corruption levels in the u. s. have also been on people's minds recently, and president biden's own son has been mired in scandals for more about what else is apparently incompatible with democratic values and commentary. heres are to give
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them up and the u. s. government sponsored summit for democracy has already begun. joe biden is presenting it as his glorious call to spread freedom and human rights around the world. in the lead up to it, a national anti corruption program was announced. our real estate markets are at risk of becoming a safe haven for criminals. clipped to crafts and others, seeking to pock corrupt profits by the planners say that money laundering the of the sale of paintings is very hard to regulate. this is something the white house may be very familiar with. joe biden's, son hunter biden, has just discovered some artistic talent. his paintings have sold for half a $1000000.00, not bad for someone who just started painting, although not everyone is impressed. the 3rd painting you may recognize this name is a 100 biden. now you may think that such an exclusive that, that 100 binders in such exclusive company that he would have a background, you know,
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artistic training for example. but you would be wrong if you thought that or perhaps that he has been selling is works for years. and again, unfortunately, you would be wrong. this is not just 100 buying story. it is a bite and family story and it's corrupt. and they're basically thumbing their noses at at everybody because nobody seems to want to hold them into account. hunter biden is a jack of all trades. it would seem, he got paid $50000.00 a month, vibrant. ma holdings a company in ukraine, even though he had never worked before in the gas and oil sector. and some people looked into this and thought maybe his father got him the gig, and that does not exactly re give squeaky clean politics. however, papa biden has always denied any foul play. we have great confidence in our son. i am not concerned about any accusations been made against him. it's used to get to me. under biden, also owns 10 percent of the chinese investment company, known as b h. r, though he now announces he intends to sell,
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is steak. when asked to clarify the relationship gen saki, the white house spokesperson didn't have much to say. the president, son is not an employee at the federal government. so i'd point you to his representatives. joe biden just recently gave quite a bit of good publicity to broader electric bus company. now it just so happens that jennifer granholm, who he appointed as secretary of energy, is a major shareholder. given that status the up to $5000000.00 in value of investment, the secretary run home continues to hold him prosser inc. his position to increase in lights for personal, unsubstantial involvement in an aggressive, wide ranging untie this public relation campaign to promote electric vehicles. batteries on charging infrastructure with jo biden's, democracy extravaganza kicking off. it's worth noting that recent polling data shows very few things. us democracy sets a good example. we decided to ask americans how they view their national leaders.
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do you think the american political lead is corrupt? sometimes not always, it depends on who the candidate is in which party. huge support. yeah. well, they're all serving their own self interest. and then on the american interest, the american people's interests at heart. do you believe the corruption allegations against hunter biden? yes. if you read the news and you listened to see in an, you'll see how biden just did everything to cover up for a son and they were more open about it and actually investigating it and found that there was nothing. then i'd okay, i'd be fine with that, but the fact that they're hiding everything makes me more suspicious. lots of big talk from the biden administration about fighting corruption around the world. but perhaps they should take a look a little closer to home caleb bobbin r t new york. george sam welly from a london base. the think tank on international fair says the sudden buzz around corruption is just another tool to control other countries. the southern re
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occupation with correct caution is a way for. busy the united states to control other countries in particular control . busy their financial transactions, and this is the piece with the democracy summit, the united states government is now under the control, joseph biden. and his department of justice, his treasury department will take the from the president and then investigate from the by and then he will then maybe investigate the bike all of this time by national transaction, southern extremes, success as an office. i remember the biden announced what was the sometime in the fall. busy of 2020. i think that well, he's been told that he's under investigation by the federal government. well,
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time is the last and this investigation is obviously going nowhere. american journalists are being threatened with massive fines if they work for what are perceived to be the wrong publications to contributors to a site called the strategic culture foundation have received stern warnings from the us treasury. this letter was sent to daniela's arm and michael, a virchow who are both new york based journalists. it says the s c f is on a list of banned organizations accused of election meddling, and that us citizens who engage in transactions with the foundation are liable to fines of at least $300000.00. daniel is our shared his own experience with us. it was a warning regarding future articles. so essentially if i write for the, for i find gate and any kind of transaction, which i assume means any, an exchange of money i could be hit with massive fines that were completely destroy my finances. so i was taken aback, i was, you know, concerned certainly,
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but actually had stopped writing for se, yes. since the previous, you know, of 4 or 5 months earlier. so i didn't feel personally threatened. but others who, who want to continue writing for the f works dreamily frightened fair. they have all stopped writing from the site because really there's just, it's, you know, it's impossible to, to battle the us treasury in this kind of case. the us treasury is power is, is, is enormous. and that of a, of an individual freelance journalist is microscopic. but some of them are so frightened, they're unwilling even to give interviews like this one. so you know, so this is what it's showing effect means they're, they're unwilling to write and they're unwilling even to talk about why they, why they're too afraid to write the threats make up part of a targeted sanctions campaign announced by the treasury secretary back in april treasury will target russian leaders, officials intelligence services and their proxies that attempt to interfere in the us electro process or so bertie has democracy. this is the start of a new
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u. s. campaign against russian line behavior. no longer a beacon of democracy and perhaps never was a major international poll reveals startling, talks about a good american image abroad, especially as most countries questioned are taking part in a democracy summit hosted by the united states. i think of the that the at the s c f, the foundation hosts honest journalism. even though i don't, i don't, i don't agree with much of it. this is, this is serious work by serious. ready journalists and that as a supporter of a free speech and a free press, i believe that readers should have access to this. ready kind of stuff and, and yet if the u. s. government is trying to close it down and therefore trying to stop information, which is usually at variance with official us policy. from reaching from reaching audiences, including audiences in the us,
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to stop journalists from writing for these kinds of websites as a new step. and i think that, and i was surprised because the united states, in fact has a very good track record on when it comes to a free press. i mean, in america, we could say anything we want, you know, i can write the most outrageous things about george w bush or joe biden and not have to worry for a moment about a, the search secret police crashing through my door. but now things may be changing slightly and it doesn't the order. well. all right, now some technical difficulties. we've already moved on to a different story, but this is live tv. sometimes those things happen now. moving on, senior members of britain's ruling party have reportedly admitted hosting westminster get together last year during the strict national lockdown, the revelation is piling pressure on board johnson, as he denies a separate similar event at downing street where staff also apparently disregarded
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anti cove measures. in total, 3 locked down parties will be looked into for breaking covered roles, shot edwards, dusty reports. well, things have unfold as much like as much of the nation would have really expect it to be honest, more and more revelations and allegations of gatherings and christmas parties. now the conservative party has reportedly admitted at least one party took place last december, 1 december. the 14th, when the prime minister was hang the rest of the country to think very carefully about what you do and how you can protect others. obviously though, the big one in question is the party the allegedly took place on december the 18th . even though the restrictions at the time were no endo mixing with any other households. now boys johnson is accused of lying and trying to cover a top. but the leader of the opposition says the prime minister and his party have been caught red handed. they knew there was a party,
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they knew it was against the rules. they knew they couldn't admit it. and they thought it was funny. prime minister has been called right handed. why does me envy investigation right now, but just admitting it, i been repeatedly assured, oh, i'll probably be good about that. but there is a risk of doing a great a grave injustice to people. i want to, frankly, obeying the rules with the prime minister, the government spent the week telling the british public, there was no party. all guidance was followed completely. millions of people now think the prime minister was taking them for fools. well, as the prime minister, taking the public for fools because the reality of it really is the very fact that the next day a christmas was cancelled. that was the announcement from the government, meaning that people couldn't even go and visit people they love in hospitals. was worse though,
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for the public with all of this is not just the fact that the government may not been following their own rules, which is bad enough. but the very fact that people in government with law thing and mocking about this situation as a leak video, showed a former press secretary to the prime minister law thing. when being asked about this so called downing street party. and she recognizes, i'm at home is fictional policy was a business meeting. i mean, it was not associated well, she has become the 1st casualty of this soccer, but we can easily expect more, especially as the police are now weighing in and potentially will be launching an official investigation into this match up. so this isn't the last, we hear of it by any stretch of the imagination, but as the saga was all unfolding just the essay in the midst of it, the government decided to announce the restrictions, the new restrictions planned. b, meaning mosques of baca,
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back as being mandatory and public spaces working from home is now advised hancock cove, if possible. i will be enforced in large scale events. but the timing of this announcement seemed far to all the us as a distraction. but doris johnson insist it wasn't one people say that we're sort of making this announcement to, to coincide with events in, in politics. well actually imagine if this. 2 step were to have been delayed because of a political, a event to one kind or another. what would people say? then you got to act to protect public health? we spoke to former london mayor ken livingstone, he says that by announcing fresh pandemic restrictions, the prime minister is simply trying to deflect attention from his downing street party scandals. his long stress without a proper planning of pretty consulting as many of the scientist children. and it's
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just to distract attention from all the news coverage about the parties going on in downing street. there will be a lot of people who do do that. they'll have their own private parties in song because they think it's a prime minister can do this. why can't wait, but i think the vast majority of people in britain are aware of just how dangerous based viruses and they don't want to put their lives at risk, or the lives of their partners or their parents all over my country. here, people are stuck at home, i mean, they're isolated and then they see this prime minister organizing all these ridiculous dangerous parties. i've been told they mustn't do. and of course, that's making a lot of anger. so i do think that there's a real prospect he might be pushed out of office by his own m. p. 's. or that does it for me? i will be back in about 31 and a half minutes. another full, fresh look to stay with us is our to international
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