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tv   News  RT  December 9, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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well, she has become the fast, a casualty of their soccer, that we can easily expect more, especially as the police are now weighing in and potentially will be launching an official investigation into this matter. so this isn't the last, we hear of it by any stretch of the imagination, but as the saga was all unfolding just yesterday, in the midst of it, the government decided to announce the restrictions, the new restrictions plan b, meaning masks are backer, back as being mandatory and public spaces working from home is now advise hancock, cove passports are, will be enforced in large scale events. but the timing of this announcement seemed far to all the us as a distraction. but morris johnson insist, it wasn't one people say that, um, we're sort of making this announcement to you to coincide with events in, in politics. well, actually imagine if this step were to have been delayed because of a political, a events of one kind or another. what people say,
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then you got to act to protect public health. we spoke to former london america live in stern, who says the by nancy fresh pandemic restrictions. in fact, the provenance is simply on a dive, flex attention from mother downing street party scandals. while things have unfold as much like as much of the nation would have really gone fish without a proper planning of pretty consulting as many of the scientist children. and it's just to distract attention from all the news coverage about the parties going on in downing street. there will be a lot of people who do do that. they'll have their own private policies in film because they think it's a prime minister. can do this. why can't wait, but i think the vast majority of people in britain are aware of just how dangerous this viruses and they don't want to put their lives at risk, or the lives of their partners or their parents all over my country. here people
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are stuck home, i mean, they're isolated and then they see this prime minister organizing will be ridiculous, dangerous parties. i've been told they mustn't do. and of course, that's making a lot of anger. so i do think that there's a real prospect. he might be pushed out of office by his own. m. p. 's. the developing story if she's joining us tonight sir, and read, take her on your volunteer screen there. a ukrainian navy ships continuing to move towards the rushing boulder of crime is curt straight. the former soviet repair vessels has been described, hasn't sent a request to into rushing waters, the still ignoring demands by the russian borders service to change course. why that will be, we don't know at the moment, may be last may be got some communications issues. masika says the ship poses a threat either which way to navigational safety, 24 nautical miles from russia's border, but some reports putting as close as 18 nautical miles to the sensitive border. some a t civilian vessels are currently in the area according to the marine traffic portal
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is a map showing the location of the crating ship make it a bit clearer, but the logistics and the geography here, there's zoom in on just a 2nd. that ship was traveling from the ports in the according to city of maria poll before heading to the coach straits russian security services, say the vessel again is 18 nautical miles is the latest of a small update from what we're saying earlier on the 2 dozen from the straight, which is about 33 kilometers. if you're gonna work it out that way. the don't boss is a command ship and the ukranian naval forces is pretty old. it's a former soviet repair ship known in russian as a floating workshop built back in 1969, a poli shipyard. and after the break of the soviet union, it became part of the crate military fleet, and its name was changed to credit on since then in 2021, it was renamed dumbass as a part of the ukranian navy. the vessels repeatedly taken part in international
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military exercises. more on us, we get it less tech said some other news now it's 4 minutes past 11 o'clock in the evening. moscow times. kevin, i'm with you. you watching out international. more than a 100 nation to taking part in a democracy summit over the next 2 days, hosted by the us president joe biden. but ahead of the gathering thousands of respondents from us allied nations said they think america is no longer a good example. more than 16000 people from 16 advanced economies took part in large scale research, but america's image abroad seems more than half of responses think that the u. s. has lost its credibility as a leading democracy. almost a quarter site never be more in the 1st place. and the child is going to even further say these days america is actually lowering the bar by dividing the world into who it thinks of the good and the bad may probably go to the food. oh good. yeah. the u. s. claims to be a champion of democracy and human rights,
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but has hit him. it's past and hypocrisy. today, the u. s. has no moral authority to judge whether the rest of the world is democratic or not. no matter how the u. s. glosses over itself. it's true face of seeking how many under the guise democracy has long been exposed to the world. the so called summit for democracy. well, let me go down in history as a manipulator and saboteur of democracy. rising corruption levels in the us have also been on people's minds recently. and president biden's own sons been mud and scandals for about what else is apparently compatible with democratic values is personally new york city t. kellum, open the u. s. government sponsored summit for democracy has already begun. joe biden is presenting it as his glorious call to spread freedom and human rights around the world. in the lead up to it, a national anti corruption program was announced. our real estate markets are at risk of becoming a safe haven for criminals, clipped to crafts and others, seeking to pock corrupt profits. now the planners say that money laundering the of
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the sale of paintings is very hard to regulate. this is something the white house may be very familiar with. joe biden's, son hunter biden has just discovered some artistic talent. his paintings have sold for half a $1000000.00, not bad for someone who just started painting. although not everyone is impressed. the 3rd painting you may recognize this name is a 100 biden. now you may think that such an exclusive that, that 100 binders in such exclusive company that he would have a background, you know, artistic training for example. but you would be wrong if you thought that or perhaps that he has been selling is works for years. and again, unfortunately, you would be wrong. this is not just a 100 by in story. it is a bite and family story and it's corrupt. and they're basically thumbing their noses at at everybody because nobody seems to want to hold them into account. hunter biden is a jack of all trades. it would seem, he got paid $50000.00 a month,
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vibrant, ma holdings, a company and ukraine, even though he had never worked before in the gas and oil sector. and some people looked into this and thought maybe his father got him the gig. and that does not exactly re give squeaky clean politics. however, papa biden has always denied any foul play. we have great confidence in our son. i am not concerned about any accusations been made against him. it's used to get to me under biden, also owns 10 percent of the chinese investment company, known as b h r. though he now announces he intends to sell his stake. when asked to clarify the relationship gen saki, the white house spokesperson didn't have much to say. the president, son is not an employee at the federal government. so at pointing to his representatives, joe biden just recently gave quite a bit of good publicity to prouder electric bus company. now it just so happens that jennifer granholm, who he appointed as secretary of energy, is
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a major shareholder. given that status the up to $5000000.00 in value of investment, the secretary run home continues to hold him prosser inc. his position to increase in lights for personal, unsubstantial involvement in an aggressive, wide ranging anti ellis public relations campaign. to promote electric vehicles, batteries on charging infrastructure with jo biden's, democracy extravaganza kicking off. it's worth noting that recent polling data shows very few. thank you. as democracy sets a good example, we decided to ask americans how they view their national leaders. do you think the american political lead is corrupt? sometimes not always. it depends on who the candidate is in which party. huge support. yeah. well, they're all serving their own self interest. and then on the american interest, american people's interests at heart. do you believe the corruption allegations against hunter biden? yes. if you read the news and you listened to see in an you'll see how biden just
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did everything to cover up for a son. if they were more open about it and actually investigating it and found that there was nothing, then i'd okay, i'd be fine with that. but the fact that they're hiding everything makes me more suspicious. lots of big talk from the biden administration about fighting corruption around the world. but perhaps they should take a look a little closer to home caleb bobbin r t new york. george somebody from a london base think tango and international affairs spoke to us about. he says, he says bugs around, corruption is just in his view and other til to control other countries. the southern re occupation with corruption is the way for. busy the united states to control other countries in particular control. busy their financial transactions, and this is the piece with the democracy summit, the united states government is now under the control,
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joseph biden. and his department of justice is treasury department all take the lead from the president and then investigate from the by many more than maybe investigated by all of this time by national transaction, southern extremes, success as an office. i remember the biden announced what was the sometime in the fall of. busy 2020 i think that well, he's been told that he's under investigation by the federal government. well, time is the last and this investigation is obviously going nowhere. just joining us . you know, i've been rolling the last hour. we're going to continue to, to bring up today on the developing story and seeing the red ticket below may or may not be big thing. this was still getting handling itself. but you know, which way ukrainian navy ship is tonight, continuing to move towards the russian border of crimea as curb straight, a very sensitive area. the former soviet repair vessel apparently didn't send
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a request to enter russian waters, which is the correct thing to do. this still ignoring demands by the russian border service to change course. now there's no implication either which way or no indication whether this is provocation, whether it's just lost or maybe it's a radio is broken down. as i said earlier on, it's a pretty old vessel. it's a soviet vessel bill back and $969.00 breed, which way you'd think that it's it being the ukranian navy, it would have pretty much up to date communications that wouldn't do this kind of thing, especially in such a sensitive area. while apparently it's ignored, demand spa, the russian border service to change course. as mentioned, moscow says the ship in his view poses a threat to navigational safety. there's been a blockade of any foreign ships going through the ever since russian naval exercises have been happening this year. think came to an end and october is still to be confirmed by senior correspondent. we're going to have in a minute and no less than 2 dozen nautical miles for russia's border. we think that
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the latest is it's about 18 miles, so i said less, but it's closing in some 80 civilian vessels are currently in that area at the time . at the moment, according to the latest we can see on the marine traffic portal we're gas t of so senior correspondent on this one tonight. yeah, this could be something big. it may not be something big. we really don't quite know what's happening there. but either which way it's about miscalculation to make and such a sensitive area. we'll look at this with a longer these drags on, the more it looks like a provocation. ra, a misunderstanding or a mistake. as you mentioned earlier, recap earlier, these, these, these vessel i want to break kid before i let you go, that we've now got some news because i was saying, we don't know what's happening. what's actually happened to approximate was mistake . i don't know who's reporting this to night, but after all that we're now hearing the ship has reversed its course so it looks like what was fast becoming quite an emergency in that area. for whatever reason,
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whatever the background was, mistake couldn't have been a provocation. no reason to think that could have been that they got lost. it seems that things are coming down there tonight. this ukrainian rather aged vessel called most lastly, the dumbass is no, we think about 18 column, 18 nautical miles from the curve straight rushes. borders are not very sensitive area, but we're now hearing morale. it's reversed course of any number of reasons why that could be tonight. well, this would, this would certainly be a very fortunate for all involved turn of events because i said previously in 2018 demonstrated that it take security at the coach straight at the crossing very seriously. back then 3 ukrainian, or army. the vessels attempted to pass through ram through the strait without falling a notification requesting access as is usually done as the ukrainian military usually does, it usually abides by all the rules of the care straight and passes through there.
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but if you, if it is true, as you say, that it's confirmed that this vessel has turned around, certainly people will be breathing at back in 2019, the ukrainian military chief said that there would never be an attempt ever again to cross the russian border. and that re sensitive area by military ships, as he did in 2018. and the thought was my, well maybe has that somehow change given the tensions that are currently happening in the, in that whole area could that change? but that thought is actually probably, it hasn't changed, this is a mistake then. what a good look at it this way. today, the un general assembly passed the vote, calling for russia to secure to make sure that there's unhindered access for all marine traffic through through the black sea in from the black into the as of why they're important by the way, cuz people are around the world we watching, trying to get a handle on this it's, it's a small area of straight, but it's important logistically, but the as off as of see the very shallow sea salt. so we'll to see and that the
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board is both ukraine and russian. there's a lot of marine traffic trade mostly that passes through that as well as g, ukrainian, and russian naval ships. so these are military love, i prior arrangement on the credit. look at our 1st year. of course, that is how things have worked. that is how ukraine has conducted itself in. busy previous years as well they, they follow notification to pass through the trade because it's very small and incredibly busy. as we speak there about a dozen vessels park, both north of the straight in the as of and south of the straight in the black. that wasn't the case back in 2018, never to wonder if lessons were learned since. well, they certainly have because after the incident in 2080 and before it, the ukrainian or military, both the grading military and ukrainian marine traffic abided by the rules set in the current trade. so they will follow the prior notification requesting access to
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pass through the current trade. if the eat is necessary, is absolutely necessary. much like the straight from the mediterranean into the black sea, because also there, there's a huge amount of traffic and the very narrow street. so the v, my with the rules are nice across it as well. exactly. exactly. and given their threats that ukraine is, has made ukrainian officials, the queen, in military threats against the crimean bridge or the russians. again, take it, take security, they're very, very seriously that bridge. it's about 5 piece of architecture. it crosses from both sides. where does that completed couple years ago? now remind me, i believe in 2017 and the bridge was completed. it was and is back with around actually is below it. pretty much. yeah. the water line is brokers. there's actually 2 bridges, a rail, a bridge, and a bridge for kathy. that's why a co security around it is important either on ships or people going around that
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even on what they're doing in that very sense. where i'd just like to say last time . when those 3 korean a naval ships, one tugboat, 2 gun boots, attempted to pass ram through the, through the strait. those of course a shoot out a shoot out. there was a huge chase. the vessels were impounded by the russian navy to butts it video, can remember it. exactly. i was there, i was there. i, i went there the day after it happened we we reported with those vessels in the background. but the thing here is last time. what happened when this incident began to unfold? ah, the russians put a huge tank, a ship were a cargo ship in front of the crossing that yet to block it off. and so perhaps they may have done so this time. what? because all marine traffic is at a standstill, apparently that the street has been shut. i wonder what happened there tonight. i wonder if there was some sort of face off whether it didn't get that again, we won't know for a while, i suppose. what would it serve,
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as you said initially. busy they had been trying for hours to talk to the ship. when they did respond, they were asked the are you planning on crossing the street cuz you have to fall. so no radiation was working early, they were working, they were working according to the russian federal security service. they were working, they talked to them and they said no, we have no plans to pass through the shred. and then they kept on going, going and going for the straight until they had reached the point. as we heard the last update. 18, i believe. 19 nautical. yeah. and the, and the update is, but i want to get this from somebody else or just this some, the top line to me. but i want to see who say it is, but apparently i'm just as you started talking, i was saying the ship has now a reversed course. this soviet era, 1969 ship has been inherited nobody ukrainians. all that said, the reunification of the crimea, the building of the bridge, the fact that that be invisible line is now where russia begins that that whole
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area the see of as a what is the crank? think about it. will ukraine hasn't been happy about it since the onset, when they began building this, this bridge, this is gotten back, the soviet union never built the bridge they, they saw it as unfeasible as to a risky venture. ukraine had ridiculed the bridge. this is a big thing back in 2015, 16. they didn't believe it be billed. and when it was a status symbol to isn't it of course was, is incredibly expensive as well as a, an engineering mega project. this bridge and money was fit, the ukrainians weren't too happy about it. obviously, because a, they claim a crimea and b because they would now have to seek permission or, or at least follow request a pass from the black sea into the, as of see they had dancer previously and hinted now they would have to check in with russia as far as ukraine was concerned, was it ever going to be workable, that they had that they had asked permission to go into?
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what's russian territory was ever going to work? or this was this kind of thing and a far off, intimately, over the years. it has worked, that is a thing. ukraine has abided by all the rules of transit through the current straight for years. for years and years again today, as i mentioned earlier, the un general assembly voting call him and russia to provide safe passage for all ships through the current treading. there you have ukrainian military ship a command ship 1969. as you said, it was a laid out passing or attempting to, to navigate towards the strait without seeking collision. not you. you could add, this is speculation at this point. you could add one and 12, and 2. and you would see how this could potentially have been a publication. i want to get on to that in a minute or just a bit more news coming. surely token emerett and we hadn't heard much from the craney inside of not being told that the ukrainian border authority says he's got
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no information on the ship dumbass, which you think is a bit where do you think they should have it? so part of the military and there's another statements that come in from the russian fs. b, as you mentioned earlier on because they're in charge of policing the borders, they are confirming tonight that ship the don't boss has reversed course. so after approaching as close as 18 miles, it see it went back another line in as well, from the ukrainian defense minister. now chipping in saying the see of as of is shared water area, ukraine's presence there is legal which goes back to what we were talking about just now. yes, it was workable, but no, a lot of ukraine was never happy about it. given him view, their poll backstory going on at the moment of the tensions the that the worries in the west about russia, as it's been reported building up may be of a 100000 military on, at the end of the day. what is russian land that can do with the light within the borders like it or not?
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and but you know, there's a whole back story here about tension worries. it might kick off if this was planned tonight, if it was a provocation or reason to think it is, it could have just got lost. but bearing in mind what the crane defense miniature said about this see of as of his share, this come from high up. it's a shared water ukraine's president, ukraine's presence. there is legal. i wonder if it was just pushing the boundaries a bit to night and maybe war more more was more to it than just a vessel that was all of a sudden incommunicado just got lost. look, look at it this way, the ukrainians know what they do. they know what they're doing, they've done this many times before that he's passed through the street. if you have a vessel and it is very strange to hear that the ukrainian and military doesn't have any information on this incident. considering that this is a command ship of all things it has been, it was previously a repair ship, has been retrofitted updated to a combined ship many years ago now. so if there's
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a cup, a breakdown, and communication between the ukrainian or military and one of its ships are command ship no less than they have. yes. serious, serious problem, right. we're reporting from, from russia. what, what would the west expect russia to do tonight? what, what, what would you train of wanted russia to do tonight? if say this was a provocation, there is no reason to think that it is like what happened in 2018, but it is saying it's a bit weird, isn't it? they couldn't communicate with their own naval vessel or they could, than they couldn't than the they're saying there's no information known. and then we get that statement from ukraine defense minister saying that that see of as if shed it didn't make any comment about where the permission should be given that to, to, to be there. but ukraine's presence there is legal. we have, i do not solicitor you not a legal person, but legal if they've asked permission. first. it is, they only need to seek permission to pass through the straight lines through the straight under the bridge, which is a regulated area. it has to be because of all the marine traffic with dozens and
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dozens of vessels there in the vicinity of the, of the bridge at all times in the vicinity of the passage. yes, the are as of see the she of, as of is shared part of it's a part of the coasters is russian territory. part of the coasters is ukrainian territory. but the, the, our authority at the transit point, ease russia and it's pretty similar kind of thing. you have to get permission if you want to go into the suez canal, these kind of important a cut throughs, is that it's a normal thing to ask permission here. if you don't own that territory, what of course it is, it could be dangerous, attempted to attempting to pass through you by yourself without anyone to see you who help you navigate, because it might be dark, you your or whatever machine, you know, a computer navigation system that you're using could break down. you could ram into a pillar, the bridge hurt yourself, you ship and the motorists that are the trains above,
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you know so and this is again a very narrow passage. what about the recent we touch on? i just just know if she, when it's by the current straight to been locked off to civilian ships, this isn't a civilian ship. and i were talking about a ukrainian naval ship and white had been learned closed off to civilian traffic. most recently was it because of a believe it was because of ongoing for i think that finish now think the blockade was up or maybe in october we got more on that to my why was it closed that area to civilian ships, but they sometimes close it down temporary suspended a passage for maintenance work in for example, they dredge the c bed. for example, if there's a build up of soap as maintenance work on on the pillars that support the bridge. but there's also ad time security or military exercises in the area for which they were, you know, we got in place that night was that in place, and that was open to civilly transit and either so i can replace barry the more
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little detail coming in there. a dozens of civilian ships of the lineup. next to that straight to night, the official position of its night. it was temporarily closed off. what what, what happened tonight then? no, the officially, there was no last i had seen there was no official, no. a statement that the straight had been closed down, but we saw on a naval map live tracking locations of the vessels, the marine vessels lined up outside the strait. they were, they were all still. they were at anchor rushes, a big country. russia is not stupid, russia doesn't want a huge fight if they can avoid it. diplomacy will always try when the day and it's not in any was interest. but what happens if russia was really pushed here? what will happen to know? absolutely no one has any illusions as to what would have happened if that ship had tried a ram its way through the straight. there there, there would have been an installation there. but could it of him some potentially
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well i doubt. subclass many different ways to disable a ship, especially something as as huge and the slow as this without resorting to it as sinking it at some certainly i wouldn't say it would have been sunk, but they would have tried to slow it down water. stop it too. arrested as they did in 2018. okay. and so, so they wouldn't be worst case scenario. we're going to shoot that the water and other other ways of dealing with it come into play. first problem is this, as you mentioned, this level of hysteria and over a potential military escalation in ukraine, which, which began in the united states and is now being a rush hour. a mindful of that, of course. yes, yes, like mere putin, the russian foreign ministry. the russian ministry of defense of all come out and said tom and tom, again, this is alive. this is propaganda. this isn't true. we are planning on invading
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ukraine as, as the, the, she, i, a, all of the intelligence agencies in the united states of great britain seemed to believe seemed to trumpet, who all over the world all over the press. we've been hearing this that russia is building up huge stores of, uh, vehicles. so there's a lot of troops being built up in the areas near you. craig move also. she, the tabloids, various maps showing how russia would invade ukraine, which consisted largely of a map of ukraine and loads of red arrows from all directions to it. whether the russians are going to march into you credit. none of it, none of it has been backed up by, by any evidence. and the russians have come out and said, why, why would we do this? uni the uni point that we want to mention, the russians have said is that ukraine must seize its own build up, which the
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o se monitoring mission apparently i had seen has, has detected a huge build up artillery tags. troops in of thousands being sent to easton ukraine to the conflict line with the break away republics. there. this is according to the spokesperson of the russian minister for ministry as a harbor. couple of other things on the to plot excited this um that the background ukraine says president had talked with joe biden very recently. yes, i believe the u. n. also, literally was in the days adopted a resolution addressing what called the militarization of crimea and called on russia to provide freedom of navigation in the black sea and the sea of as of timely then that this happens tonight. again, no reason to think there's any connection. but sam, timely, but there, there is a whole, a whole lot of advantages. if you look it like that for ukraine, if there is something in the headlines, isn't it?
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well, it certainly does 1st headlines. i mean, you have biden cooling zalinski after after talking to vladimir putin, after talking to his closest allies and he calls you, craig. and he says that the united states is going to provide ukraine with the sort of weapons it needs to fight back. this is in their latest film called just just now released just now. whatever weapons those will be is anyone's guess. the united states and various european nations have already provided ukraine with an arsenal from, from boats to vehicles, to artillery to night vision equipment, javelin, very advanced, very expensive anti vehicle misses. they have provided a whole host of weapons. the united states i believe, has just approved hon.


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