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i ah, no longer a beacon of democracy and perhaps never was a major international polled and revealed startling thoughts about america's image abroad, especially as most countries question to taking part right now that democracy some it hosted by the united states. the us treasury threatens american journalists with hefty fines, if they work for certain publications coming up to them. one author, daniel, is a shared his story with us. treasures powers is enormous and battery to have an individual free that journalist is always microscopic. but some of them are so frightened or unwilling even to give interviews like this one. and in the u. k. reports no claim. members of the ruling conservatives of admitted the hosting, one of the parties in westminster headquarters during lockdown last year as a raft of similar downy street parties,
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are set to be investigated for breaching cobra rules. ah, wife, marty's will do. thank you. moscow will welcome it to a random 9 pm this and this thursday evening with me, kevin, owing 1st to more than a 100 nation, sir, taking part in a democracy summit at the moment of the next 2 days hosted by the u. s. president joe biden. but ahead of the gathering thousands of respondents from u. s. allied nations said that they thought america is no longer a good example of democracy. more than 16000 people from 16 advanced economies took part in said large scale research about america's image abroad seems more than half a responders thought that the u. s. has lost its credibility as a leading democracy. almost a quarter say it's never been one. and according to china, going even further saying america actually is lowering the bar by dividing the
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world these days into who it thinks are the good and the bad may if you're watching the food. oh good. yeah. the u. s. claims to be a champion of democracy and human rights, but has hidden its dark past and hypocrisy to day. the u. s. has no moral authority to judge whether the rest of the world is democratic or not, no matter how the u. s. classes over itself, it's true face of seeking how many under the guise democracy has long been exposed to the world. the so called summit for democracy will let me go down in history as a manipulator and saboteur of democracy. rise and corruption levels in the us have also been on people's minds recently. and president buttons, old son, of course, has been mild and scandal more about what else is apparently incompatible with democratic values. is kellum open? the u. s. government sponsored summit for democracy has already begun. joe biden is presenting it as his glorious call to spread freedom and human rights around the world. in the lead up to it, a national anti corruption program was announced. our real estate markets are at
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risk of becoming a safe haven for criminals, clipped to crafts and others, seeking to pock corrupt profits by the planners say that money laundering the of the sale of paintings is very hard to regulate. this is something the white house may be very familiar with. joe biden's, son hunter biden has just discovered some artistic talent. his paintings have sold for half a $1000000.00, not bad for someone who just started painting, although not everyone is impressed. the 3rd painting you may recognize this name is a 100 biden. now you may think that such an exclusive that, that 100 binders and such exclusive company that he would have a background, you know, artistic training for example. but you would be wrong if you thought that or perhaps that he has been selling is works for years. and again, unfortunately, you would be wrong. this is not just a 100 bind story, it is a bite and family story and it's corrupt. and they're basically thumbing their
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noses at at everybody because nobody seems to want to hold them into account. hunter biden is a jack of all trades. it would seem, he got paid $50000.00 a month by bruce ma holdings, a company in ukraine, even though he had never worked before in the gas and oil sector. and some people looked into this and thought maybe his father got him the gig, and that does not exactly wreak of squeaky clean politics. however, papa biden has always denied any foul play. we have great confidence in our son. i'm not concerned about any accusations been made against him. it's used to get to me. under biden, also owns 10 percent of the chinese investment company, known as b h r. though he now announces he intends to sell is steak. when asked to clarify the relationship gen saki, the white house spokesperson didn't have much to say. the president, son is not an employee at the federal government. so i had pointed to his representatives. joe biden just recently gave quite
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a bit of good publicity to prouder electric bus company. now it just so happens that jennifer granholm, who he appointed as secretary of energy, is a major shareholder. given that status the up to $5000000.00 in value of investment, the secretary run home continues to hold and prosper. ink is position to increase in lights for personal, unsubstantial involvement in an aggressive, wide ranging on tireless public relations campaign. to promote electric vehicles, batteries on charging infrastructure with jo biden's, democracy extravaganza kicking off. it's worth noting that recent polling data shows very few things you as democracy sets a good example. we decided to ask americans how they view their national leaders. do you think the american political lead is corrupt? sometimes not always. it depends on who the candidate is in which party you support . yeah. well, they're all serving their own self interest. and then on the american interest,
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the american people's interests at heart. do you believe the corruption allegations against hunter biden? yes. if you read the news and you listened to see in an you'll see how biden just did everything to cover up for a son. if there are more open about it and actually investigating it and found that there was nothing, then i'd okay, i'd be fine with that. but the fact that they're hiding everything makes me more suspicious. lots of big talk from the biden administration about fighting corruption around the world. but perhaps they should take a look a little closer to home. caleb martin, r t new york. george somebody from a london base thing. tangled international affairs told us the sudden buzzer on corruptions just in the tool to control other countries. the southern re occupation with corruption is the way for. busy the united states to control other countries in particular control. busy their. 1 financial transactions, and this is the piece with the democracy summit. the united states
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government is now under the control, joseph biden. and the department of justice is treasury department. all take the lead from the president and then are going to investigate from the bio manual, the maybe investigator from the bison, all of this time, by national transaction, southern extremes, success as an office. and remember the biden, they announced what was the sometime in the fall of. busy 2020, i think that well, he's been told that he's under investigation by the federal government. well, time is the last and this investigation is obviously going nowhere. american journalists are being threatened with massive fines if they work for what's perceived to be the wrong publications, to contributors then to a site called the strategic culture foundation of received re stern warnings from the us treasury. this letter was sent to tony lazar and mike lever code,
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who are both new york based journalists. it says the f. c. f is on a list of band organizations, accused of election meddling, and us citizens who engage in said transactions with a foundation a liable. therefore, to fines of at least $300000.00. darnell is shared his own experience with us it was a warning regarding future articles. so essentially, if i write for sci fi and gauge and any kind of transaction, which i assume means any, an exchange of money i could be had with massive fines that were completely destroy my finances. so i was taken aback. i was, you know, concerned certainly, but actually i stopped writing for se yes, since the previous, you know, of 4 or 5 months earlier. so i didn't feel personally threatened. but others who, who want to continue writing for the f works dreamily frightened fair. they have all stopped writing for the site because really there's just, it's, you know,
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it's impossible to, to battle the us treasury in this kind of case. the us treasury is power is, is, is enormous. and that of a, of an individual freelance journalist is microscopic. but some of them are so frightened, they're unwilling even to give interviews like this one. so you know, so this is what it's showing effect means they're, they're unwilling to write and they're unwilling even to talk about why they, why they're too afraid to write. the threats may cut part of a target is sanctions campaign. and that's by the treasury secretary back in april, treasury will target russian leaders, officials intelligence services, and their proxies that attempt to interfere in the us electro process or so bertie has democracy. this is the start of a new us campaign against russian line behavior. while the u. s. government claims they strategic culture foundation is in fact, controlled by russia's foreign intelligence agency, the c r. that is also linked to the russian foreign ministry. the foundations
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denied that and called itself a research platform about eurasian global affairs. we contacted the s c f to get further response, more back story and we're also waiting to hear back from the us treasury to ask them when they do, we'll let you know what they had to say. but daniel is telling us a dangerous precedent in his view has been set. i think of the that the at the s c f, the foundation hosts honest journalism. even though out i don't, don't agree with much of it. this is, this is serious work by serious. ready journalists and that as a supporter of a free speech and a free press, i believe that readers should have access to this kind of stuff. and, and yet the, the u. s. government is trying to close it down and therefore trying to stop information, which is usually at variance with official us policy, from reaching from reaching audiences, including audiences in the us, to stop journalists from writing for these kinds of websites as
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a new step. and i think that, and i was surprised because because the united states, in fact has a very good track record on when it comes to a free press. i mean, in america, we could say anything we want, you know, i can write that with the most outrageous things about george w bush or joe biden, and not have to worry for a moment about the 6 secret police crashing through my door. but now things may be changing slightly and it doesn't or go well. all right, next select assistant turns recovered and things i want to tell you about more, more being learned about that super mutant on the chrome strain, which apparently is more than 4 times more transmissible. it's early stages and the delta variant of cov, it, according to japanese research, is this just in the kilt university study, also warns it breaks down immune systems more easily, including people who've had
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a job that's got like so much. professor dr. thomas zachary's, she's the president of the ostrich medical chambers on the line with this. now, sir, thanks for your time. while it's not great to hear this news in from kyoto, but it was kind of expected. but how worried should we be because what you've heard this now it's 4 times more potent, etc. but we've also heard the people who've had it so far. i've had pretty much mild symptoms, but of course the world is still finding out about it as it stands tonight, i worried should we be actually, we don't know enough. we don't go enough to be worried. and we don't know enough to be relaxed at the moment. we very much hope that the vaccines bert and prevent a severe illness. however, we need 3 showed so far we've seen in order to be effective. ok, i'm wearing some grim predictions about what the next few months. my bring in europe. lot of hospitalization is the worry being over, but what,
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what she got feeling on it. i know you said we don't have enough information yet, but is the view that we, we should be cautious anyway. we should be cautious and has to be cautious. and what we have to do now is to vaccinate as many people as quickly as possible. in particular, provide this 3rd shot or the protection. but of course we all, we've seen the kick back about people that don't want to get vaccinated for various reasons. i don't believe in the science behind it. they don't believe that they think the government's in control of etc, etc. we know that w h o said it's the only way forward, but you've just had a huge lockdown in your country. and of course, for a few people, lot of people that had austria had the vaccine. they did everything, the government told them to do better days. we're promise, but you're back into a really state lockdown again, it's going to beg people even more a suspicious, i guess of taking the vaccine. there was a point, you've got a real bad p. our job here. i'm you to, to try and build up this message. you're probably right. we have 6566
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percent explanation rate, which is both probably enough to stop this pandemic. and you're right, we had to lock down and we hope that we can achieve however, explanation rate in order to avoid further locked up. yeah. hope but what you want reality is it going to become reality? that's the thing everyone's asking tonight, isn't it? that what we're going to do is there was, during government is decide, think know when you law, which will force people to be become vaccinate what you think about. but it's not a good plan on all. i think it's allowed to month plan. we don't have another option beneath 2 in truth to vaccinate vaccine nation rate. otherwise, we will fall from lot one, lock down into the next and that's no option at all. as a scientist, i mean if you kind of expect saying we've either what the headlines are going to
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bring every other day. dia on the crown appeared, bingo at the blow off the delta a could any worse? come, could that be potentially worse mutated versions of this virus along the way? everything can atman. on the other hand, we are able to reduce new vaccines, new effective vaccines against that numeral mutated viruses. and we do have an upcoming several drugs which might be able to prevent severe illness. but back to the question about how to get the i'm believe it believe as if you like vaccinated. it's a heck of a job, not on your country it's. it's a world wide problem. well, that's in the countries that have actually got some of these vaccines. 3rd will countries, they don't have enough, but going back to your country, how or no, let's brought it out to europe. it's fine. you could do what you like, but you can't keep travel on hold forever as a country, we've seen a,
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i've not been bumped whitley for 26 months now and counting, it goes on and on on. what is going to give here? we have to convince people to get vaccinated, then you have the, the social media, which is full of fake news about the vaccines. and yeah, absolutely right. it's going to be a very difficult job to motivate some of the people who don't want to be vaccinated because they believe in fake news, which are spreading smoothly. yeah, i'm hello, is this whole cycle? do you think going to go on for i've been hearing lately may be a whole 5 year cycle of this thing from beginning to end. does that sound realistic as a pie in the sky? no, i. busy hope it's shorter than that. on one hand, we hopelessly convex in it as many people as possible. on the other hand, many
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o strengths went through the illness, and some of them are severely ill, and some of them die. one in 100 die of coverage, which is a very high percentage. so i hope that the population and the people can learn. and, and we'll see that the best way to be protected is to be vaccinate. going back to trying to get the message across to people who don't want to get vaccinated. i don't know what you think about it, but every government calls the had said their own message to put out about it and the whole world's had to play catch up. it's. it caught everyone by surprise 2 years ago, didn't it? if you like. but the messages have been as far as the public concerned, mixed it with those confusion if you're a vaccinated, could you still then maybe catch it, spread it on, but be a symptomatic yourself. i am no clearer to he is in about the actual answer to that the, i, the government messages have been confusing for people and they, yeah,
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obviously they have been in south counters. they were more successful, especially encounters with the pandemic mates as the serious problems, like in spain or italy or brought to go to another, come through, sing every managed that, and they're making a without serious problems. you have more people who are reluctant to be vaccinated than to believe in fake news without been to scientific. i'm to, for a bachelor. so why is on the chrome so infectious? if they are severally mutation, send this spike area, the virus which obviously called the more infectious straight brain. but on the other hand, we hope that the eldest is not so serious who used to be, but it will have to wait for a couple of weeks in order to be sure about that. go but your country again,
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why was austria so badly affected recently? and read so that you had to go into this locked what went wrong in your country country, particularly with hindsight, the straight went into a low grade to make the growth. ready of the infection numbers, so they doubled within a week or so, and therefore we had to look down. and now we can see that the numbers are going back again, and the government is going to open up next. by next week, i would say more more countries, as you mentioned earlier on considering mandatory vaccinations, what about people's natural freedom? those build choose what they want to, don't want this thing in their arm. i suppose the flip side of that is all right, when you got your freedom, you take in somebody else's freedom away because of lot of times they can't get out even if they've been vaccinated. and the argument goes out in a circle, but are mandatory vaccinations being forced to take a vaccination? read the way forward. you know, they are not forced, but they have to find if they are not going to be vaccinated,
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it was the, the only way out of the situation. the government didn't want to to go into the direction of mandatory vaccination. but this was really the last possible step to take the professor, dr. thomas decoration, president of the austria medical chamber. thank you so much to make a baton with us not live in alta international. we should good evening. thank you. thank you for invitation. no trouble. hidden britain, city members of britain's ruling party, reportedly admitted hosting a westminster get together last year during the strict national long term. the revelations, putting pressure on boris johnson again, as he denies a separate similar event at the street with stuff also apparently disregarded anti cove measures. in total, 3 parties are going to be looked into for breaking cobra rules, but about $2000000.00 k shudder. edwards, dash, the reports. well, things have unfold as much like as much of the nation would have really expect it
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to be honest, more and more revelations and allegations of gatherings and christmas parties. now the conservative party has reportedly admitted at least one party took place last december, 1 december. the 14th, when the prime minister was hang the rest of the country to think very carefully about what you do and how you can protect others. obviously though, the big wanting question is the party, the allegedly took place on december the 18th, even though the restrictions at the time were no end or mixing with any other households. now, boys johnson is accused of lying and trying to cover a top. but the leader of the opposition says the prime minister and his party have been caught right hand it. they knew there was a party. they knew it was against the rules. they knew they couldn't admit it. and they thought it was funny. prime minister has been called right time. why does me envy investigation right now?
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but just admitting it, i been repeatedly assured, i probably think big news of the guy who's there is a risk of doing a great a grave injustice to people. i worked to, frankly, obeying the rules of speaker, the prime minister, the government spent the week telling the british public. there was no party. all guidance was followed completely. millions of people now think the prime minister was taking them for fools. well, as the prime minister, taking the public for fools because the reality of it really is the very fact that the next day a christmas was cancelled. that was the announcement from the government, meaning that people couldn't even go and visit people. they love in the hospitals was worse though, for the public with all of this is not just the fact that the government may not been following their own rules, which is bad enough. but the very fact that people in government with law thing and milking about their situation as a leaked video, showed
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a former press secretary to the prime minister law thing. when being asked about this so called downing street party and she recognizes, i went home is fictional policy was a business meeting. i mean, it was not associated well, she has become the 1st casualty of this soccer, but we can easily expect more, especially as the police are now weighing in and potentially will be launching an official investigation into this match up. so this isn't the last, we hear of it by any stretch of the imagination, but as the saga was all unfolding just the essay in the midst of it, the government decided to announce the restrictions, the new restrictions plan. b, meaning mosques are backer, back as being mandatory and public spaces working from home is now advised hancock cove at passports. i will be enforced in large scale events, but the timing of this announcement seemed far too all v as as a distraction but bars. johnson insist,
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it wasn't one people say that um we're sort of making this announcement to, to coincide with events in, in politics. well, actually, i imagine if this step were to have been delayed because of political or events, one kind or another, what would people say? then you got to act to protect public health. we spoke to former london america livingston. he says the premier looks increasingly out of touch with voters now he's alienating more and more people. people want to see a prime minister who's in downing street because they want to make life better. the whole country, not just to look after himself and perhaps the promot himself and get nice and rich in order that he's the most dishonest politician i have ever come across. he just lives and lies all the time. i don't think he's really a politician. i think he just wants to be a famous celebrity. he should are going to show business. i'm. he said no clear
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political strategy. we were the last country in europe to going to, i locked down. we had thousands more die because of his failure to tackle this crisis really early, which is what a good politician should do when he 1st emerged on the political se, negroes massively popular. but in the 8 years he was mayor of london. he did virtually nothing. and he doesn't really do anything as prime minister. i do think i knew that there's a real prostate that he might be pushed out of office by his own. m. p. 's. ukraine's for a minister says keith is ready to talk to moscow and make concessions to secure peace, but want to that so the country will not compromise on fundamental national issues . the comments come off to russia's foreign ministry spokeswoman said negotiations where the country had stalled and accused of a massing troops in its east. a correspondent, daniel hawkins as the latest tonight. well,
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at 7 of the tensions are at their worst points in many months. the conflict in the mass is a frozen one with the regular flare ups and as a result, casualties both military and civilian on both sides of demarcation line. it is now a focal point for global attention, especially given the meeting between president suppose and, and board and on that subject on today's announcement by the foreign ministry spokesman murray as a kind of a, it's certainly no cause for optimism. she mentioned that not only had talks stalled, which implied they could be restarted the word fused were the things had reached a dead end. and that's especially concerning. given these latest announcements about village troop filled up. this is what you have to say. i want to buy need and what will you to me or negotiations entered a peaceful settlement? have stolt a special o s, the monitoring mission recourse that keith is transferring troops and heavy arms, including artillery and armored vehicles to the eastern border. well, to put this into context, this is come,
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i made multiple accusations from both sides and what i say, both sides, i mean, accusations leveled at russia. that is a massive troops on its western border and preparation for hostile actions against ukraine, with russian officials denying the saying that any troop movements on its territory on its own borders are simply a response to hostile actions and truth bill up from nato on the russian border and now the ukrainian side has been accused of the same thing as we said earlier, moving heavy artillery tanks to that key demarcation line between ukraine and those breakaway regions. and while no open conflict, recursion has occurred. this is of course, a great cause for concern because the ministry agreements diminished protocols, prohibits both appointments. so foreign troops in the breakaway region and was the presence of heavy weaponry on either side on the location line, which is so fragile to hold both sides of the keys, each other breaching these agreements, both politically and militarily and provoking,
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threatening each other with these troop deployments and this is of a concern because a lot here is at stake, 1st and foremost that human life civilians, as i said on both sides of the medication line, face daily danger from skirmishes between rebels and government troops. and 2nd, you politically, of course, because multiple actors and states are involved in this very tended situation. and any sudden movement by either side, which can be chatted as a hostile action, as some sort of thought of a conflict could lead to global ramifications which go well beyond just this region . so the world be watching very closely what happens, overcoming days and weeks had done. okay, sir, and i saw teas, world news at 9 pm, live from bosco reporting for you. it's been kevin. oh and thanks so much for checking in this evening. wherever you are checking in from around the world, stop by to if you can stick around for taylor made shows for you and your part of the world after the break.
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ah ah well come to the alec salmon. sure. where we examine the consequences of cop 26 in glasgow, was that much to lead and much heralded summit, or success or failure and as our planet saved or didn't, and do these kinds of crisis, it stimulates great art. we've talked to 2 young actor talia tactic, and sarah class whose work has been inspired by the claimant emergency on the eve of the glasgow summit. we are steward his old professor, carbon capture and storage at the university of edinburgh for his hopes for the
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summit. no, you the tones to the shoe to provide the expert write down on the successes and failures of cop 26 bud breast. 13th e mails and messages in response threshold last week with large seca i member. 7 of parliament angus brandon mcneil, owners, i'm in relation to the house of lords, andrew david williams says, you mean what they're doing is wasting time. taxpayers, money and effort. doing things apartment has already rejected and will reject again . charming door says peers give added power, county gone. there's been an extreme depletion and what integrity there was since the days of david cameron, my computer says another exempt program i relaxed, mature, introduce banks to test me and alex, and finally william nickle who says, please try and give step support. i mention alex and his me now always a brilliant show. i've been watching crops in government for far too long. no. they go into government with good intentions. i.


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