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ah, so no longer a beacon of democracy and perhaps never was a major international poll, revealed startling thoughts on americans in broad, especially as most countries question to taking part in a democracy summit posted by the united states. also to come, u. s. treasury threatens american journalists with had to find if they work for certain publications. one author, daniel is our shares, his story. us treasury powers. it is enormous of that of every individual freelance journalist. microscopic armed that some of them are so frightened or unwilling even to give interviews like this one found the number of countries registering the new one micron strain of co rid more than doubles to 57 since last week. the w h o
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talks to our see about the threat it poses. i'm really hopeful that 1st of all, the acts vaccines will work reasonably well. and secondly, that this doesn't prove to be a much nasty virus than the earliest dreams. ah, ah, hello there just gone 4 pm this thursday here in moscow you watching artie international that more than a 100 nations are taking part in our democracy summit over the next 2 days hosted by the u. s. president joe biden. but a head of the gathering thousands of respondents from u. s. allied nations. thing think that america is not a good example any more. more than 16000 people from 16 advanced economies took part in large scale research on america's image abroad. a more than half of respondents to think that the u. s. has lost its credibility as
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a leading democracy with almost a quarter saying it's never been one. well, according to china, america is actually lowering the bar, dividing the world into who it thinks that the good and the bad the u. s. claims to be a champion of democracy and human rights, but has him, its dark past and hypocrisy. today. the u. s. has no moral authority to judge whether the rest of the world is democratic or not. no matter how the us glosses over itself, it's true, face of seeking, had gemini, under the guise democracy, has long been exposed to the world. the so called summit for democracy will only go down in history as a manipulator and sabotage of democracy. rising corruption levels in the u. s. have also been on people's minds recently, and president biden's own son has been mind in scandals to for more about what else is apparently incompatible with democratic values. his ortiz keller poppy. the u. s . government sponsored summit for democracy has already begun. joe biden is
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presenting it as his glorious call to spread freedom and human rights around the world. in the lead up to it, a national anti corruption program was announced. our real estate markets are at risk of becoming a safe haven for criminals. clipped to crafts and others, seeking to pock corrupt profits by the planners say that money laundering the of the sale of paintings is very hard to regulate. this is something the white house may be very familiar with. joe biden's, son hunter biden, has just discovered some artistic talent. his paintings have sold for half a $1000000.00, not bad for someone who just started painting, although not everyone is impressed. the 3rd painting you may recognize this name is a 100 biden. now you may think that such an exclusive on that 100 biden isn't such exclusive company that he would have a background, you know, artistic training for example. but you would be wrong if you thought that or
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perhaps that he has been selling is works for years. and again, unfortunately, you would be wrong. this is not just a 100 bind story, it is a bite and family story and it's corrupt. and they're basically thumbing their noses at at everybody because nobody seems to want to hold them into account. hunter biden is a jack of all trades. it would seem, he got paid $50000.00 a month, vibrant. ma holdings a company in ukraine, even though he had never worked before in the gas and oil sector. and some people looked into this and thought maybe his father got him the gig, and that does not exactly re give squeaky clean politics. however, papa biden has always denied any foul play. we have great confidence in our son. i am not concerned about any accusations been made against him. it's used to get to me. under biden, also owns 10 percent of the chinese investment company, known as the h. r, though he now announces he intends to sell his stake. when asked to clarify the relationship, jen, saki,
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the white house spokesperson didn't have much to say. the president, son is not an employee at the federal government. so i'd point you to his representatives. joe biden just recently gave quite a bit of good publicity to broader electric bus company. now it just so happens that jennifer granholm, who he appointed as secretary of energy, is a major shareholder. given that status the up to $5000000.00 in value of investment, the secretary run home continues to hold him prosser inc. his position to increase in lights for personal, unsubstantial involvement in an aggressive, wide ranging untie this public relation campaign to promote electric vehicles. batteries on charging infrastructure with jo biden's, democracy extravaganza kicking off. it's worth noting that recent polling data shows very few. thank you. as democracy sets a good example, we decided to ask americans how they view their national leaders. do you think the american political lead is corrupt?
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sometimes not always, it depends on who the candidate is in which party you support. yeah, well, they're all serving their own self interest. and then on the american interest, american people's interests at heart. do you believe the corruption allegations against hunter biden? yes. if you read the news and you listened to see in an, you'll see how biden just did everything to cover up for a son. if they were more open about it and actually investigating it and found that there was nothing, then i'd okay. i'd be fine with that, but the fact that they're hiding everything makes me more suspicious. lots of big talk from the biden administration about fighting corruption around the world. but perhaps they should take a look a little closer to home caleb bobbin r t new york. george simoli from a london base think tank on international affairs to say that the sudden buzz around corruption is just another to, to control of the countries. the southern re occupation with corruption is a way for. busy the united states to control other countries and particular control
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. busy financial transactions, and this is the piece with the democracy summit. the united states government is now under the control, joseph biden. and his department of justice is treasury department. all take the lead from the president, and then i'm going to investigate from the, by many more than maybe investigator from the bison. all of this time, by national transaction, southern extremes, success as an office. i remember, the abiding, announced what was the sometime in the fall. busy of 2020. i think that well, he's been told that he's under investigation by the federal government. well, time is the last and this investigation is obviously going nowhere. american journalists are being threatened with massive fines if they work,
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what are perceived to be the wrong publications to contributors to a site called the strategic coach. a foundation have receive stern warnings from the us treasury. well, this letter, he's a reset, determine his r and michael virchow, who are both new york based journal. it says that the s c, f is on a list of banned organizations and accused of election meddling. and us citizens who engage in transactions with the foundation are liable to fines of at least $300000.00 annually as a shed his own experience with us. it was a warning regarding future articles. so essentially, if i write for sci fi and gauge and any kind of transaction, which i assume means a, an exchange of money. i could be head was massive fines that were completely destroy my finances. i was taken aback. i was, you know, sir certainly, but actually had stopped writing for the yes since the previous, you know,
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of 4 or 5 months earlier. so i didn't feel personally threatened. but others who, who want to continue writing for the f works dreamily frightened fair. they have all stopped writing from the site because really there's just at the, you know, it's impossible to, to battle the us treasury. busy in this kind of case, the u. s. treasury's power is, is enormous. and that of a, of an individual freelance journalist is always microscopic. but some of them are so frightened, they're unwilling even to give interviews like this one. so you know, so this is what a shilling effect means they're, they're unwilling to write and they're unwilling even to talk about why they, why they're too afraid to write with a threat to make out part of a targeted sanctions campaign. and i, it's by the treasury secretary back in april, treasury will target russian leaders, officials intelligence services and their proxies that attempt to interfere in the west electro process or so bertie has democracy. this is the start of a new
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u. s. campaign against russia malign behavior. the u. s. government claims the strategic culture foundation is controlled by russia's foreign intelligence agency, the s t v. and that is also linked to the russian foreign ministry. the foundation denies this, and course itself. a research platform on your asian global affairs. we've contacted the s c f to get a further response to the claims and we're also waiting to hear back from us treasury and we'll let you know when we get an answer from them. daniel is, meanwhile, says a dangerous precedent has been said. i think of the that the at the s c f, the foundation hosts honest journalism. even though out i don't, don't agree with much of it. this is, this is serious work by serious. ready journalists, and that is a supporter of a free speech and a free press. i believe that readers should have access to this kind of stuff. and, and yet the, the u. s. government is trying to close it down and therefore trying to stop
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information, which is usually at variance with official us policy, from reaching from reaching audiences, including audiences in the us, to stop journalists from writing for these kinds of websites as a new step. and i think that, and i was surprised because because the united states, in fact has a very good track record on when it comes to a free press. i mean, in america we can say anything we want, you know, i can write the most outrageous things about george w bush or joe biden and not have to worry for a moment about a, the search secret police crashing through my door. but now things may be changing slightly, and it doesn't the order well, the number of countries, whereas a new code very until micron is registered has more than doubled. and just over a week, the world health organization says that the strain has been found in 57 countries.
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so far, new policies are being introduced over faith that the rate of hospitalizations could rise. when we asked w h o special envoy on cobra for his perspective on the very people do not understand enough about this paris. nobody knows for sure how nasty ami chrome is that there's information coming through that it's, it's not too awful and this is good. but it takes time to sort these things out and we're in a kind of odds on stage at the moment where we're waiting for the results of the research. what i want to say is everybody keep doing the stuff that you know what to do, even if you're bored of it. and sooner or later we'll find out how bad only cronies, some companies saying they're vaccines will work. other saying they going to need a booster for them to be effective. all this will come clear usually takes about 4 weeks. and i anticipate that what happened, but privately inside my. so just because you asked me,
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i'm really hopeful that 1st of all, the acts vaccines will work reasonably well. and secondly, that this doesn't prove to be a much nasty virus than the earliest trains. i've been involved in controlling disease outbreaks and pandemic since 2005. that's quite a few years. the one thing i've learned try never to force people to do things through various incentives like fines or even nastier things. mandates are a last resort and the use of vaccines in children is because they just thought that vaccination will help to reduce circulation of the barrison children. but right now, the world health organization sticks with its recommendation that vaccines should
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be used for people who were at risk of severe illness and death. there are still an awful lot of susceptible people around even when you got 70 percent vaccination coverage. and this high right of, of traces you being driven by the suspect to bose. secondly, there does seem to be a capacity for the borrower to re impact people, especially if it is some months since they either had their previous infection or had their immunization, the protection doesn't last for life, it wears off. so that's, i think, the reason why we're doing the spikes, even though it's high vaccination, not a still head fee. the soft personal biden's migration policies are in the spot life again that after slammed in deportations and the reintroduction of a trump error policy that has led to a search at the border in arizona. we'll have more from there just after the break .
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ah, join me every thursday on the alex simon, sure. when i was speaking to get us on the world politics, sport, business, i'm sure business. i'll see you then. oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed? what will make you feel safer? isolation, holcombe, unity, are you going the right way? where are you being led? somewhere? which direction? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend. ah,
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so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, ah ah ah, well again now he governor, have us state of arizona, his calling at the biden administration either its migration policies. he says that board patrols are overwhelmed and national guards have been caught up because of what he calls biden's piecemeal policies. the biden administration's misdirection is encouraging migrant families to take a long and dangerous journey as thousands arrive at the border. local law enforcement is overwhelmed with processing this, so it creates a safety and humanitarian crisis for both arizonans and migrants where the port
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ations have dropped by around 80 percent during the biden presidency. according to a migration control thing tank, the center for immigration studies, analyze data for the federal agency that handles illegal entry, known as ice and noticed too that the deportation of criminals also fell. the direct for policy studies, the group behind report explain to us what's happening with the u. s. migration. were at a time of historically high, illegal immigration, and historically low enforcement when ice agents are not allowed to make arrests, as they were in the past, under the new policies. that means that to serious criminals that are typically the priority for enforcement are allowed to stay in american communities instead of being sent back to their homes. and when criminals are allowed to stay here, typically they re offend and create new victims and continue to cause problems in
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this country. so this is an unnecessary public safety risk and is damaging communities that have to absorb criminals who otherwise would be sent home. however, as a biden administration has back to pressure and reinstated a trump reprogram where my grants are returned to mexico to await the asylum decisions, the announcement of the relaunch 10000. so desperate people to the us border to try to get in before that policy started to work again. hence, the scramble we heard about in arizona. jessica and again says that more should be done to prevent illegal crossings. this is a matter of policy. it's not a matter of resources or immigration system is badly in need of reform. we need to have measures in place that result in more enforcement,
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more tools for immigration enforcement. more programs that allow state and local law enforcement agencies to help i do its job. and i think we need more money for enforcement directly at the border as well. more barriers to prevent people to keep, to cross and legally. so senior cnn correspondent has claimed that senior white house officials have been briefing, major american newsrooms on higher that should cover the economy white house quietly, trying to reshape economic coverage. the white house, not happy with the news media coverage of the supply chain and economy has been working behind the scenes trying to receive coverage in its favor. senior white house and administration officials have been briefing major newsrooms over the past week. where does ballooning prices and supply chain problems of hit american consumers? the biden team has been getting
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a rough fried from the public over 2nd. i'll make policies. cnn itself is rolled out. a few optimistic headlines with some going as far as stating that inflation could actually be good for the everyday american. although some people find that sort of optimism difficult to stomach. this sounds a lot like the start of a state propaganda roll out and the media is just proud lead meeting. they are part of it. cnn is actually bragging about this, which means c, n, n n y c m s, and b, c, y, po, we're all in attendance ready to take orders. what american journalist and commentator chad whitmore does claim that cnn issues pretending to give biden a tough time. what does make it strain does that it is a proudly reporting on this kind of ring that trying to reaffirm their commitment to neutrality and to pretend like they've been given by to destroy the time when it's nothing compared to what they do into the last president here and we're going
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to be very powerful, forces out of many that worked tirelessly to get this president elected and to trash and slander the former president into oblivion or so they taught me. don't forget. during the 2016 election, we had all those email leaks that showed that clipping campaign was colluding with reporters and presenters on cnn about what questions to ask during debate and how to frame certain things. and that to be what we're steering here with abided ministration. they show up to see it has offices and they explain, you know, they're unhappy with the bad reporting. the for boarding from that i think the real situation is probably much worse. the real, like a nomic situation in this country than even seeing that is reporting. well, the criticism of cnn is not coming from american the moment and the son to the a protest and gathered side cnn building to protest the networks coverage of an ongoing civil war. in ethiopia, demonstrators,
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and support you can govern claim coverage of the ty. gray war is promoting fake news. ethiopia, media authority claims reports and analysis by cnn, and others to assisted rebels have been fighting the government since november last year. and other world news is our priest and demonstrate this is scuffled outside parliament in london. i would government plans to curb the right to public protests . secretary does plan to give police powers to prevent rallies based on if they caused too much noise. the wide ranging police crime sentencing and court spill is described by critics as draconian needs in defense chief has been killed in a helicopter crash in sudden india. 12 of his also died fia has emerged showing a crowd at trying to extinguish the flames, while soldiers carry the sole survivor away on a, on an improvised stretcher. cause of the crash is not yet know
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that the you should invest more in its military development to avoid the risk of lagging behind other major powers. that is the warning from the blocks foreign policy chief. he says a significant gap already exists. we did appear in union and a member to stage. we need to do much more together and we need to to do much more together. right now we cannot wait because the choice for us is simple. either we invest a lot on defense innovation or we will become defense. irrelevant of the european defense agency is a body responsible for military cooperation and development within the block. and it says the you spent a record 198000000000 euro on the fence last year. even despite pandemic, hardship. however, only one percent of that was actually allocated to the research and development of
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new technologies. when the goal was to spend a back double that amount, what's more, 7 times less than what america or spend snack among other proposals to strengthen the u military. there is also a document called strategic compass, and it revives the idea of the creation of an independent european army that can be rapidly deployed to tackle any crisis. the paper author stresses to the need for a common approach to military issues and crease and increase spending on it. german m p. we spoke to says that the supposed military threat, though, is far from being the used main challenge right now. from the beginning of the developing of the european treaties, there was always included the idea to have a own strong military arm that they are most of the european union. now of the military thinking very much developing and the european union though
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they are pushing for have, having higher expenditure on military issues and to have more who are in military capacities. but that was for a, for to be the question of protected against tool. i don't think that the european union is at the moment under current stretch from from mid to terms from anybody we. ready have problems the cove it and i don't see that anybody is now trying to attack the military the union. i finally saw everything from robots to spy gadgets, all developed by young sciences here in russia, the world and artes you go to donald, have been getting a glimpse of the future. so we are at a young scientists congress, which is essentially a very upscale version of a science fan. we all know and well, some of us love. and so we've come here to see what some of the young visionaries
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have brought to this show and tell, ah, okay, so this start hair shows off all sorts of, exoskeletons, from full on terminate to like, suits well, for the lack of a better analogy to some of the move, well rug sac looking types there intended to be utilized in such fields as construction agriculture, basically with any type of a hard manual labor. and well, i'm about to try one of these on. ah. okay, so i'm just, i guess some might be looking like a full but this is very tight. like you can feel that is very good form. you know, if you need anything to keep your back straight, if you need, if you have any sort of back problems, this is already a solution. and well,
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let's say a firm. if it's going to be good enough for me. if i, if i find it easier, lifting any sorts of weight. so these are about 5 kilos. and again, i've been told that it doesn't make it doesn't make stuff lighter for you, but rather it redistributes the weight that you're holding. so certain contraptions here they are, well, i'd say borderline spyware. this here is a fake base station. so what does it scans the area for the existing cellular towers? and then it imitates one of them, pretends to be one of them. so when say your mobile device connects to it, it thinks it is connecting to a legitimate, nothing out of the ordinary world base station, but instead and connects to this one. and apparently you can do and manipulate a lot of things using this vice ah. busy i
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check out this dude here because this, this is one creepy android. so this device here has been designed forbes scientist, essentially, whenever they inject a lab animal with anything with sarah, they're studying. it helps them show and helps them see where the substance that they're studying, the substance that they're injected. a mouse in this case where it travels, if it accumulates in the right spot, like here. and if it accumulates in the right amount, the developers, he are telling me that it has great potential for medicine. while this conference, it wraps up the official year of science here in russia. but the organizers say that, well, yes, they come and go. but there are developments they are here to stay makers done of reporting from sochi. oxy. thanks watching us this afternoon. that brings you up to date. the linux is half full in the afternoon in moscow. back again at the top of
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the oh so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk. the dynamism of the ecosystem of planet earth predictably is dying because there's too much pollution, whether it's landfill pollution, pollution or the river's pollution in the oceans. pollution in the air, chemical pollution, permanent chemical, pollution, all the bio systems are dying. so humans effectively estimating mass suicide from
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their species is becoming interesting. ah, mm . welcome to the alec sam issue where we examine the consequences of cop 26 in glasgow. was that much delayed and much handle did summit a success or failure and just our planet saved or didn't do these kinds of crisis is stimulates great art. we've talked to 3 young oxidative poly a couch and stared class where it has been inspired by the climate emerging on 8th of the glasgow summit. we asked you it hazel dean, professor of carbon.


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