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is the largest and most powerful employer in such a situation. it's remarkable the civilized his hours headline stories a child lost and by his parents during august's k. all take us withdraw enough chemist on may healthy invalid r t speaks to the family that took the boy in on joins this search for his parents to what suddenly i saw this baby on the ground crying in pain. it was too hot. the baby was just wearing a shirt, so it was difficult for me to leave him that m a u. k. video emerged as of key members of forest johnson's team. joking about a party in dawning street last christmas. but seeing as it supposedly took place during a lot done period, few are finding it fully thrown of iris restriction start to ramp up again around
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the world in the face of the new all me chrome very. and we hear from the world health organization, special cove, it envoy about whether there's calls for concert. i'm really hopeful that 1st to go the act vaccines will work reasonably well. and secondly, that this doesn't prove to be a much nasty virus than the earliest trained. ah 247 used from moscow. this is archie i'm you know, neil bringing you the big mid week stories. hello and welcome. during last summer's u. s. troop withdrawal from afghanistan, many were moved by scenes of desperate parents passing their babies to western soldiers to get them taken out of the country on child and was lost in the chaos had cable or port. and now there's a possibility that baby boy may have been fond nick. urine explains more the
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hasty us decisions are poor trips out of afghanistan. as the taliban gained a tight grip. so a wave of panic in the capitol as thousands, desperately tried to flee. amongst the chaotic scenes that cobble airport were merged, our commodity and his wife sariah and the 5 children, and the pushing and shoving the parents fit that tiny baby would be crushed and so handed him to a us soldier who offered to help. but amid the crowds of people struggling to enter, it took them over 30 minutes to make it through. and once they did, the hail, the baby was nowhere to be found for health parents who were now in the united states and still desperately trying to locate that son. and now comes a glimmer of hope out. he has spoken to one of the gun family, the johns, who say they found the baby amid the may have cobble airport. he's been well taken care of the john family named him mohammed and say he's become one of the most. i
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love my brother mohammed, he's too important to me and will never hand him over to anyone. my show. it was late at night when my brother asked me to help him drive to the airport when he was leaving for the us. when we were there, there was a big crowd. everyone was pushing to get inside the airport. suddenly i saw this baby on the ground crying in pain. it was too hot when the baby was just wearing a shirt, i was confused and it was difficult for me to leave him that he was dying. so i decided to pick him up. when i moved to each family i saw in the airport and showed the baby and asked whether the baby belongs to them. then i asked speech mother bird to feed him because he was hungry, but no one agreed. his condition was deteriorating, so i took him to some water and put it on his body, washed him and changed his nappy. i waited until 4 pm to find his parents, but couldn't. i had just one bottle of water and i gave him a few drops when he was crying because he was hungry. i was born because his
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condition was not good. it was too hot and he was lying under the scorching heat of the sun. then i contacted my wife and told her that my brother had already left, but i'm still stuck here because of a baby. i told her we are humans and i can't leave this baby alone here while his parents are missing. i also told my brother to leave, but i had to stay until i found the missing parents. let's take a look at these 2 pictures on the right is the missing boys, the hail arc monte. while on the left is the child found and cared for by the john family while there are clearly similarities. here is yet to be established. if this is the same child, the afghan man who found the boy saith, he's now in touch with the parents of been missing baby, english children. we kept the baby and contacted many people to find the parents. we contacted the bbc and many others, but failed to find them, then we uploaded his pictures on social media sites like facebook later. some relatives of a missing baby in barrack sean province contacted us and told us that the parents
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of the baby are looking for their child. when they saw the images, they recognize him, but they didn't know the whereabouts of the parents. finally i found the contact details of the father of this baby i called and told him about his missing baby and asked him to send me the pictures of his child. so i could verify that he was the real father. then he sent me the pictures and we confirmed your son is with us, don't worry. his father was so happy to learn about his missing son. we would love to see the hale reunited with his parents, that they were still trying to establish whether the hail and some hundreds are the same child. we've got to work on this. we've been in touch with both families, the neopost reuters the u. s. state department and the afghan refugee relief the john family say say they're eager to see the child were united with his family, although they are also happy to provide a loving home themselves. i looked up to him like my own baby. if we found his parents, we would not be able to keep you with us. of course we would hand him over to his
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real parents. i looked up to him like he was one of my own. i have 3 daughters, but i love him too much. he was about 40 days only when we met him. we have seen difficult times with him. he's also and relock him too much. if his parents identify him will have no option but to hunt him over to them. well that's so like the parents of the child are unable to take him back and i am ready to keep his baby with me. in fact, i would not be happy to hand over the baby because we found him. right? so if they don't take him home, we will keep him with us. we love him here with our t where all how thing for a happy ending to the story. so we will keep you updated on our progress. another important story to bring you to day american journalists are being treated with must have fines, if they work for the wrong publications at to contribute to a site called the strategic culture foundation. receive stern warnings from the us
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treasury department. know this letter was sent to daniel as our on michael virchow, at least, maybe more people at both based in new york. it said the s c f is on the list of bond organizations accused of election metal. and that us persons who quote, in gauging transactions with the foundation are liable all fines of at least $311000.00. done, the lazar assured with the program what occurred. it was a warning regarding future articles. so essentially, if i write for sci fi and gauge and any kind of transaction, which i assume means a, an exchange of money i could be had with massive fines that were completely destroy my finances. so i was taken aback. i was, you know, concerned certainly, but actually had stopped writing for the yes since the previous, you know, 4 or 5 months earlier. so i didn't feel personally threatened. but others who,
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who want to continue writing for the f works dreamily frightened fair. they have all stopped writing from the site because really there's just, it's, you know, it's impossible to, to battle the us treasury in this kind of case. the us treasury is power is, is, is enormous. and that of a, of an individual freelance journalist as you know, microscopic that some of them are so frightened, they're unwilling even to give interviews like this one. so you know, so this is what it's showing effect means they're, they're unwilling to write and they're unwilling even to talk about why they, why they're too afraid to write the targets make are part of a targeted sanctions campaign and lunch by the treasury secretary back in april treasury will target russian leaders, officials intelligence services and their proxies that attempt to interfere in the us electro process or so bertie has democracy. this is the start of a new u. s. campaign against russian line behavior. the u. s. government claims the
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strategic culture foundation is controlled by russia's foreign intelligence agency, b, s b r about it's also linked to the russian foreign ministry. the foundation, however, describes itself as a research platform on new region global offers. we've reached out to the s c f for a response to the allegations, and we're waiting to hear back from the us treasury to we'll let you know if we get an answer. daniel is our, again, say it's a dangerous precedent in all this has been said. i think that the, that the at the s c f, the foundation hosts honest journalism. even though out i don't, i don't agree with much of it. this is, this is serious work by serious journalists and that as a supporter of a free speech and a free press, i believe that readers should have access to this. ready kind of stuff and, and yet the, the u. s. government is trying to close it down. and therefore trying to stop information,
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which is usually at variance with official us policy. from reaching from reaching audiences, including audiences in the us, to stop journalists from writing for these kinds of websites as a new step. and i think that and i was surprised because because the united states, in fact has a very good track record on when it comes to a free press. i mean, in america, we could say anything we want. yeah, i can write that with the most outrageous things about george w bush or joe biden and not have to worry for a moment about the search secret police crashing through my door. but now. 2 things may be changing slightly, and it doesn't or go well wanting outrage in the u. k. over a suppose a dining street party last christmas stirring tightened. pandemic restrictions has claimed its 1st scalp. the prime minister's former press secretary has resigned
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a tearful and a thought after a video emerged showing her joking about the events suggesting it did happen. arist johnson has ordered an investigation on face the grilling in parliament on wednesday. they knew there was a party. they knew it was against the rules. they knew they couldn't admit it, and they thought it was funny. prime minister has been caught right handed, wide, awfully envy investigation right now. but just admitting it, i've been repeatedly assured i publicly big news. bad news, but there is a risk of doing a great a grave injustice to people. i want to, frankly, obeying the rules with the prime minister, the government spent the week telling the british public there was no party. all guidance was followed completely. millions of people now think the prime minister was taking them for fools for many say this could be the final nail in the coffin
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for forest johnson as he's now being accused of lying or even trying to cover up an alleged christmas party that happened last year. ever met the kobe to restrictions now as you had that from the case dom as a leader of the opposition, he says the tory party have been caught red handed as multiple forces to fan that this party did indeed happen virus johnson. he insist that he's been assured that it didn't take place, but if you look into the wording of forest johnson, he didn't flat out, deny it either. now all of this commons after a number 10 officials were caught. joking about this so called potty or as they phrased it, this wine and cheese business meeting has the i t v exclusive video and she recognizes i went home is fictional policy was a business means i mean it was not associated. now if a party did happen, well,
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certainly the covet rules were broken because at that time, london was in tier 3 of the private restrictions, meaning no indoor mixing. of other households was allowed at the time. not to mention the day after this party christmas was cancelled, and title restrictions were then announced. now things have really escalated throughout the day today, in fact, so please, even considering launching an investigation into this matter of ours, johnson says he will assist with any probe that might potentially happen. but of course, this isn't the 1st time the tory party have been embroiled in such rural breaking sagas. if we look back to the heights of the pandemic dominant cummings, the prime minister's former chief 8. well, he travelled 270 miles from london to dharm to visit ball, nod causal. then of course, my hancock form a house secretary, he was seen, intimately embracing a colleague, both of which have been rule breaking. and that's really the problem. that's why so
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many people are angry that those people that are making the rules think it's ok to simply break them. while the political opposition, the house of commons, they say this simply can't go on. and the prime minister's time is up. don't st willfully broke the rules and the more the sacrifices we have all mean, the prime minister has a duty. the all right and bottle choice left to him. at his for his resignation. countless children now growing up without parents while parties were health. at number 10, it is an insult for everyone. he wasn't allowed to say that final design. my question is very simple. ah, how does the prime minister sleep at night? well, the reality has many people were an absolutely heart wrenching position last year. people that couldn't go and visit that dying parents simply because they wanted to
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stick to the rules. in the meantime, the tories were allegedly out partying without government scandal in the u. k. could potentially undermine plans for tough new cobit rules. the prime ministers amongst the so called plum be due to the new ami kron variants, including vaccine passports are public events. and compulsory face must. we ask the world health organization, special envoy uncovered for his perspective on the strain which has not been detected and 50 southern countries. people do not understand enough about this paris. nobody knows for sure how nasty ami chrome is that there's information coming through that it's, it's not too awful. ready and this is good, but it takes time to sort these things out and we're in a kind of odds on stage at the moment where we're breaking for the results of the research. what i want to say is everybody keep doing the stuff that you know what
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to do, even if you're bored a bit. and sooner or later we'll find out how bad only cron is. some companies saying they're vaccines will work other saying they going to need a booster for them to be effective. all this will come clear, it usually takes about 4 weeks and i anticipate that what happened but privately inside my. so just because you asked me, i'm really hopeful that 1st of all, the acts vaccines will work reasonably well. and secondly, that this doesn't prove to be a much nasty virus than the earliest trains. i've been involved in controlling disease outbreaks and pandemic since 2005. that's quite a few years. the one thing i've learned try never to force people to do things through various incentives like fines or even nastier things. mandates are
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a last resort and the use of vaccines in children is because that is thought that vaccination will help to reduce circulation of the barrison children. but right now, the world health organization sticks with its recommendation that vaccines should be used for people who are at risk of severe illness and death. there are still an awful lot of susceptible people around even when you've got 70 percent vaccination coverage. and this high right of cases are being driven by the susceptible. secondly, there does seem to be a capacity for the borrowers to re, in fact, people, especially if it is some months since they either had their previous infection or had their immunization, the protection doesn't last for life, it wears off. so that's, i think, the reason why we're doing the spikes,
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even though it's high vaccination, still ahead us pharmaceutical companies, remain reluctant to share their technology with the developing world. despite calls from the w h o to do so on the soaring profits pocket. and during that time, and we'll get into that and more besides ah ah, well, i i, i, i,
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[000:00:00;00] i when i would show the wrong one, i just don't the yes to see out the same because the aptitude and engagement equals the trail went to many find themselves worlds apart and we choose to look for common ground in this just approaching 20 minutes into the program. welcome back us vaccine producers in
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particular have enjoyed bumper profits since the start and the panoramic. a trend has accelerated since the army cron variant was detected. but the major players are still resisting calls from the world health organization to share their secret formulas and boost a global job uptake. the wave of proposal is based on the incorrect notion that vaccine access is limited due to current levels of manufacturing. the industry is already well on its way to produce and our vaccines for the entire world by the middle of next year. if you let the current industry are industry now, work hard and do what they need to do, i think that it will be sufficient. it will take different companies so much longer . after the new cobit strain emerged in southern africa, the top 8 pfizer and the, during a shareholder saw their personal wealth skyrocket by $10000000000.00 in just a week. the ceo of madonna was one of the biggest winners caching into the tune of
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$800000000.00. but despite hugely lucrative vaccination campaigns in the west inoculation rates elsewhere in the world remain that base levels on the w a chose director general say about how to change low and low and middle income countries are not the 2nd or 3rd priority. the health workers, older people and other at risk groups have the same right to be protected. i will not stay silent when the companies and countries that control the global supply of vaccines think the world's poor should be satisfied with leftovers. the director of online activism, group global justice. now, nick, geared in questions, how companies can put profits before the health of millions and developing nations . when you're talking about life saving drugs, when you're talking about medicine, the people that are going to make a difference in pre life and death. and i going to prevent enormous suffering, and i don't personally believe that they should be business opportunities,
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but family. what we've seen is the richest countries on earth and sticking on track scenes that they're never going to need with no plan to even donate them. meanwhile, blocking the ability of other countries to set up and protect their manufacturing bases. so they may be able to make that road vaccines and coming in at the world trade organization to prevent a way forward intellectual property here in my country, refaxed and coming up to 70 percent of the population in part of the african continent. you know that the figure is as low as 3 percent. i mean some of the countries in southern africa, wherever it's the leaf the on the chrome and merged and was spread only 3 percent of the population. a vaccinated one in 10 health workers in the african countries, continents for vaccinations, but simply can't be running. another story we're across to day and effort by us democrats to use inclusive language has left hispanic voters all impressed. a recent pull fun,
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not the latin american community overwhelmingly rejects the latin ex label, used by liberal pundits and politicians. the term emerged more than a decade ago as a gender neutral alternative to latino or latino. the survey found not among hispanic voters who are aware of the label just to percent self identify a lot. next, while for intent, people say they're actively offended by it. another disappointment for liberal politicians is the 30 percent said they'd be reluctant to vote for a candidate who refers to themselves as latin x on the for years that democrats something using the label. something that's clearly riled. many in the hispanic community. pleasant eggs is turning ration latinos against the democrats. democrats keep getting more extreme to please their call me marks as base and americans are turning away. dear democrats, we are latinos or hispanics not lead. next. and most of us are conservative. they tried to make latin ex, a thing,
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but hispanics have spoken and hated by had the latin ex word. we're latinos are hispanic. that ex word is just left us liberal term. that doesn't identify me at all. the term lots next gain prominence over the last few years, especially among progressive academics, politicians, corporations on news outlets to despite that's only a quarter of latin americans, i've actually heard of it earlier. we discussed it's use with hulu. rivera, a political analyst and journalist. this is regardless of the origins of the term, because that's something that's been debated. you know, where it actually came from. is it research to some scholars actually point to it having been used actually since the 1900 seventy's and some writings. but ultimately, i think it boils down to basically the spanish language and basically it's very big on gendering nouns. i mean, that's something that's very common. i'm how i feel about it is i think that the
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democrat should focus less on putting people into little boxes and pandering to different communities. i think that that's part of the bigger issue. you know, they want to create a certain set of rules for hispanics, a certain set of rules for black, a certain set of rules for gays and transgender, all of these things. and what they wind up doing is they wind up marginalizing the idea that we're all americans and that we all are living under the same set of rules and the same constitution. canada has become. busy the latest country to join a diplomatic boy counts of the upcoming winter olympics in beijing over a ledge. human rights concerns the u. k. a non stay similar move earlier in the day though. bar johnson also made it clear he doesn't agree with the fleets being caught in the crossfire. there will be effectively a diplomatic boy because of the, there will be a diplomatic voice out of the, of the winter. the big invasion,
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no ministers are expected to attend. i do not think that supporting boycotts, all sensible, not remains the policy of the government. several other nations are considering keeping their officials away from china during the february game, while still sending their entire sports teams, the vice president of the european parliament. i said he's in favor to the u. s. on the street. he started off the trend highlighting china is a legit mistreatment of the weaker muslim minority. the st. lympics chief has distance himself from the campaign, saying it's got nothing to do with the athletes. the diplomatic boycott is a metaphor government. since the united states government got other governments around the world considering a diplomatic boycott, that is that way at the ambassadors and ministers of the country don't attend the games. it's entirely up to the government and not a metal for us, as we are politically neutral and it's about the athletes. and the same for the i say, we spoke with benjamin show an asian,
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the 1st expert. he sees the olympic diplomatic boy count as a futile gesture by then and the station is running out of options. the trying to get a whole, a whole of any single opportunity to embarrass china. since 2008, the relationship between the us and china has worse and the us seeing china as a competitor. now that us, you're seeing that china is able to wire to power peacefully and in many areas compete had to had with the states. so it might be something that us is currently worrying about the idea of putting, citing sports and welcoming for many countries. and it's indeed strictly forbidden . in olympic charter it's
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a remote russian village buried deep within the dense forests of the urals. but every year, more than a $100.00 and tourists make the arduous trek there, why? the answer lies in the mysterious mix of strange powers abnormal activities and claims of u. f. o landings, ortiz constantine rush, cough went to see for himself you can catch his trouble logging full on our youtube channel. what we're doing here is we're looking for glowing balls in this forest because we are in the i look anomalous zone. go for an alien, han deep in a rush and forth. it's pitch dark time in the middle of the woods. goose bombed guarantee. oh, pretty heavy with a ah indeed, shaw, the light, the tiny shining shimmering rolls and the woods are numerous reports of
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mysterious fine objects of different sizes and forms rowen balls. busy and human shape figures there used to be a pagan altar, an iron mill, a good lock ham. and now was just an unassuming russian village in the middle of nowhere that still keeps fascinating. people from across the world. ah, i can confirm or correspond midnight in one piece. more great programs had going in moments here in our to find out what is showing in your part of the world right after the shortest of breaks. good bye. blue. ah, managers finance is a viable guy. liquid assets are those that you can convert into can quite easily
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the keep in mind know as the main to inflation datawatch guys report a huge key is lucia law. and me will be see see more. i mean, really, the condition is a very long she did a bunch of issues with the legal team manages to get the case discussed at the united nations. and sweden begins to feel the international political pressure, especially from that in america. promoting and respecting human rights for all women, men, girls and boys is a core value and a central priority for the swedish government. but she a dealership question. when you don't you know the quick here, but a so not a good year or so good. yes, rick, us,
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those have the near grid issue here to put the heal. amanda. so i see i don't wanna move on. good, i thought,


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